Friday, January 30, 2009

We have a new home! Crazy Sexy Life!

I am so excited to announce that our sparkly new blog/website and forum face lift is finally here! is packed with goodies, including a goddess-filled Blog Posse, tons of enriching resources, rockin' videos, tips on going green and becoming a Veggie Vixen, and much MORE!

For moi, this launch signifies my shift from a Cancer Cowgirl to a "Prevention is HOT" cheerleader. The Crazy Sexy Cancer world has evolved into Crazy Sexy LIFE, where we can ALL learn, gab, and laugh together. There's no better time to devote my holistic-love-fire to a wider audience of health seekers. The blog is the center of this new world and it is going to be more active than ever!

If you are a "follower" of my blog, please be sure to update your blog roll, Google reader, rss feed, and other techno fancy stuff with our new blog feed:

Goodbye Blogger. Thanks for the memories. Hello NEW blog!

Come visit...Make it your home page...Have fun!

Peace & veggies,


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Goddess Group

Hi Happy Fasters!

So it's Wednesday again, time to flood, flush and FAST. This week I'm adding a little something to chew on - well, not exactly.

At Jivamukti, (my yoga school) we always offer our practice to something or someone and each month there's a different focus. The focus could be on "ahimsa" - the foundation of the yoga practice - on joy, meditation, it can even be something like gossip (who doesn't need to work on that!). When I focus my attention I get really grounded. Spiritual life takes work and my mind is a terrible thing to waste - especially on negative thoughts or delusional actions.

For all you glorious Goddesses out there, I'd like to offer a "Focus of the Day". If my focus feels right, swim in it. If not, create your own. Even if you decide not to fast with me, how about committing to a SUPER healthy day? Note: This is a comfort free zone so be willing to push beyond your voices.

Today's focus is DOUBT.

Truth be told, I was hoping a really soaring word would come to mind, something that invoked fire and inspiration. Doubt? Yucky. It's so yucky that it's right on target. I don't know about you, but I need to peel doubt down to it's teary onion core. Under my doubt lives fear, in my fear lives low self-esteem. "I doubt this or that will happen because I'm not good enough". Do you ever say those awful words to yourself? I know I do. Doubt is the veil that blurries my vision and blocks me from my dreams. Tragic.

So if I release my doubts what will happen?

1. I'll make it through the entire fast without cheating!
2. I'll get as much if not more work done because my mind will be sharper.
3. I'll honor and respect my body, remind myself that anything possible.
4. My manifestations will sprout and the job I'm waiting for will come effortlessly.
5. Joy will bubble to my surface like a fine champagne and I will drink it down.

What are YOUR doubts and what will happen if YOU release them?

So now that we have a focus, let's fast! Remember to set a schedule for yourself. 9 am, 11am, 1 pm, 4 pm and 6 pm work well for me. I drink about 16 oz of fresh, organic green juice at each sitting and then end the fast with some blended soup (all raw).

My soup is really simple: blend an avocado, cuke, greens, red pepper, cilantro - add braggs, 1 clove of garlic, a pinch of dulse and a pinch of cayenne. YUM!

Here's a great trick my husband created this week. JUICE PACKETS! Buy enough for the week, wash, and then separate each days portion into plastic bags. This way you're ready to go first thing in the AM. Takes a little effort but wow is it worth it!

Todays juice recipe:
Dandelion, Parsley, Ginger, Cuke, Broccoli Stem, Lemon

You can make smoothies if juicing isn't an option - just keep em green!

I also drink lots of alkalized water with lemon, cell food (oxygen) and aloe to soothe my intestines. Natural Calm is a great product to help keep the pooper moving and grooving.

Now that Edward (my elliptical) is in my life, exercise is a daily affair. OH YES! YES! YES! Though our love is still so new, so fragile, our sessions are getting harder and deeper and more lusciously satisfying. For the past 3 days Oprah kept us going. Yes, we had a three some with Oprah! Well, not exactly. Today it's Louise Hay's movie, "You Can Heal Your Life". FAB! Lola enjoyed it too.

Peace & clarity,


PS. I blogged about supplements in last weeks fast group. Check it out before posting a question. XO!

Monday, January 26, 2009


The Dawn of the Revolution...

Even though I swore I was going to join the gym - I didn't. The truth is I hate gyms. I don't like being stared at while bopping up and down on exercise furniture. Most people look at gym machines and immediately know how to use them. I look at a gym machines and see airplane crashes. The twisted metal intimidates me. Give me a yoga mat, put me into a pretzel, no problemo. Ask me to do cardio on a moving apparatus - game over. "Just a minute young-ish lady, (this is my inner voice chatting now) you made 10 New Years Resolutions and you've already broken 8 of them. It's nearly February, grab the reigns before your wild pinto gallops away".

My favorite therapist used to ask me whether I wanted to be right or happy. In this case - happy - and since my inner voice is always so annoyingly right, I gave up.

Enter: Craigslist. Enter: Edward.

This weekend, Aura (amazing mom), bought me a used elliptical for 300 clams. I named him Edward after my vampire YUM crush. Figured it's safer to ride this version of my teen heart throb! It's all very Mrs. Robinson but that's another story.

Edward is huge. I love him but he's freakin' me out a bit. The virgo in me protests. We have a pretty tiny house and I like/demand things to be "just so". In fact, I can't think straight when stuffs out of place or un-feng shui.

Prior to Edwards arrival I was convinced I had no space. The rebounder was fine, perhaps a stripper pole, but that's it! Then my lovely hubby said the magic words that unlocked the magic ah ha. "This is the year of your body. Don't look at it like an eye sore, see your elliptical as an altar. Put your feathers, lights and spiritual crap on it and move your damn ass!" DING.

In that moment I realized just how tightly my excuses grip me. I can convince myself of the craziest (unsexiest) things. Now I have NO excuse. Now I just have to MOVE. Sluff off the emotional barnicles and MOVE. Thank you mom, I love you Brian, welcome Edward, hello Barbie thighs, hello Madonna - I want to look like you when I'm 50! Scratch that, I want to look like you when I'm 40. MADONNA'S ass is going on my vision board. I LOVE Madonna.

See ya! Gonna go pound my new man... He he he...

Peace and an elevated heart rate,


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Goddess Group Fasting Day!

Hi people who are looking for a change inside and out!

What a GREAT day to start this national (perhaps, international) weekly re-boot mini-cleanse. So far I've cruised by all my favorite papers and internet hubs devouring as much Inaugural eye candy as possible.  Yesterday was tear jerking amazing!  We moved the office to our home and camped out in front of the flat screen.  Each of us glued to the regal first family and the ground swell of love and hope that poured from the nation.  Ahhh, inspiration.  

So now we start anew by answering our president's call to service and participation.  How I will participate today (in a small way) is by taking care of myself.  Either I do it or someone else will have to in the long run.  The same holds true for each of us!  So with that, here's what I'm planning...  GODDESS GROUP FAST DAY!

Daily Supplements:
Enzymes (Theramedix or Enzymetica or HHI brand)
Omega 3 (Lifes DHA)
D3 (Innate)
Vitamin C (Vita Synergy)
B12 (New Chapter B complex)
Chlorella (about 20 small tablets - Sunfood or HHI brand)
Probiotic - (Dr. Ohira's or Garden of Life Primal Defense)
Cell food & Aloe - I fill my large Kleen Kanteen with alkalized water and both of these products

Breakfast: (already consumed, YUM)...
7 am 10 oz water with lemon and herbal tea 
9 am: 20 oz of cuke, celery, broccoli stems, kale, romaine, 1 pear, 1/2 inch of ginger

Mid Morning pick me up:
11 am: 16 oz Smoothie 1/2 avocado, coconut water, cuke, romaine, stevia (a wee bit of cacao or cinnamon), 1 cuke of frozen E-3 Live

Afternoon Delight:
1 pm: 16-20 oz Green drink - I need more groceries so I gotta go see what looks good at the store!
4 pm: 16- 20 oz Green Juice

6 pm: 1-2 cups of blended Soup (in my vitamix) - Avocado, cuke juice, spinach, 1 clove garlic, Braggs, pinch of Cayenne, sprinkle of dulse flakes.

Some of you may only want to consume juice.  Great!  Others may want to include a smoothie. Great!  You can break the fast with some streamed veggies or a salad if a blended soup isn't an option.  I used to be really strict about my fast days but I've lightened up a great deal.  Do what works for you.  The weekly commitment is what matters most (to me).  Also, making sure I'm consuming plenty of liquids and nutrients in either juiced or blended form.  2 quarts minimum (that's 8, 8 oz glasses).  

Fasting gives your body a rest from the enormous energy it takes to digest food, especially the ridiculous quantities we consume in this country!  When our body isn't busy undoing the damage that we or the environment have done, it can focus on repair.  YEAH!
Can't wait to hear your stories, read your recipes and flood and flush together.  On that note, an enema or a colonic is in my future tomorrow - YIPPEE!

Peace and liquid sunlight,

Monday, January 19, 2009


Happy Monday!

To say that last week was AWFUL is to put it mildly. I think I hit an all-time low and for about 24 hours I questioned whether or not I wanted to...

1. Saw off my fingers so I could never write again.
2. BLOW UP the forum.
3. Over dose on raw chocolate AND wine.
4. Trade sexual favors for I.T. expertise.
5. Sew a bucket to Lola's diarrhea infested ass.
6. Die my hair black and hit the highway - with CIGS!
7. Dust off my resume and send it to QVC.
8. Find a cult somewhere, join and buy some repressed flowered dress.
9. Shoplift at CVS - just a lip gloss, nothing big.
10. Go off the grid, live off the land, and NEVER pay my taxes or bills again. Bascially, embrace the warrants for my arrest. "BRING IT ON!" (Oh, thank God he's almost gone)

Ok, I know this all sounds a little dramatic but the truth is, I AM DRAMATIC and kinda extreme. My temper has been shorter than a wick on a candle. I even get mad at my angel cards! Keep pullin' good cards and yelling at them. In these times (and I know you've all been there) I literally have to have a come to JBEE (Jesus, Buddha, Elvis, ETC) with myself. "What's really going on here destruct-o-sassy?" Well, tons of things that I'm not gonna go into because I would literally fall asleep blogging. My problems are an excruciating BORE and I don't want to marinate in them.

So last night my dad told me to check out the HBO We Are One Inaugural Concert. HOLY SHITAKE! Now that was inspiring. It was just what the doctor ordered, a prescription to SNAP OUT OF IT! And so I did. It was that easy. I changed my mind. The cup is running over, spilling everywhere and making a beautiful poet mess.

Today is MLK day, tomorrow a new man, an inspired man, will be leading our country back to sanity and "Yes We Can". Obama is so cool he even earned a spot on my vision board. I placed him there to remind me to be diplomatic and to reach into the next universe. It's possible. All of it. Every dream. Possible as long as I see it, feel it, believe it, GO FOR IT.

I welcome the buoyant spring in my step and I'm gonna take advantage of it! Join the gym (yet again - but go this time), plan our Wednesday group fast (thanks RawFitMama for naming it THE GODDESS GROUP) and work on our new website with patience and gratitude.

I know why I've been a pimple, I want to be somewhere I'm not (yet) and I'm an impatient child about it. Growing up is sticky and sweet.

Peace and sunlight,

PS. Dear Martin Luther King,

Thank you for teaching me that thinking outside-the-box and going my own way, (no matter who wants to rip me apart) is righteous and HOT! I think that you are a mega-angel. And I am so lucky that you visited for a spell.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Hi Juice Vixens,

This is a just a quickie cause I have to go to the gyno this morning. YUCK! Cold stir-ups in the AM. HOW RUDE.

Anyway, ever since I left HHI I've been fasting once a week. FEASTING I should say and it has been wonderful, a total physical and emotional break from food. I consume tons of green drinks during the day and a blended veggie soup for dinner.

But I'm wondering, what's the LONGEST time you've ever fasted? I ask because I'm planning a LONG fast (God help me) and I'm hoping there are some coaches in my cyber following!

Thankfully my liquid experience will be supervised at a treatment center. Yup, I ship out Feb 1st and will be gone for a month-ish. More on THAT soon. But back to my question. Any Fast-a-thons out there?

Ps. Wednesdays are my weekly fast days. If you care to join me then I'll start blogging about it, I just figured it might be a snore.

Peace and liquid,

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Lola's Weekend Update


This is me at my parent's office last week. I go to work with them everyday. Sometimes it's fun, sometimes it's REALLY boring. They spend way too much time staring at electric boxes with apples on them. It's weird.

My smother attacks me with hugs and kisses. I think that's GROSS. When she isn't looking I jump on the furniture and steal cookies from her coat pocket.

For the most part I bug people to play with me non-stop. I also guard the door, look for stuff to chew, rip the guts out of my stuffed animals, and bark at the UPS man. At lunch time I go to the dog park and get tackled by bigger pooches. I love it! Well, I love it when it's dry out. On rainy days my smother makes me wear a red raincoat which is dumb and embarrassing.

They gave me a job but I often sleep through my responsibilities.

Ok, I'm off for a walk in the snow...

Have a great weekend!

Peace & paws,