Thursday, January 31, 2008

Chatting on the back porch

Good morning rock star,

Community bulletin:

What an intense, deep, amazing, and powerful week it has been for our little (but growing) electric town! By definition, a community consists of a group of people who have a particular interest in common. Our mission at CSC is pretty simple.

1. Get Real
2. Eat smart
3. Live like you mean it
4. Dig deep and tap into the sweet spot where your spirit cuddles
5. Speak up and get active
6. Plan for a long future BUT live in the moment

If you dig the mission then move to our town, set up residence, open a shop and give us a discount. Where am I going with all this? Well, for a while now I have been noticing the folks who quietly hang back and feel weird posting. You follow along in silence balancing your love for the community with a voyeuristic guilt. From this day forward let it be known that this is NOT just a cancer community. We are a loving group of seekers, holy rollers, hot tomatos, handy cowboys, urth mothers, food lovers, health advocates, makers of change, voters, yogi's, teachers, children of blinding light, and truth spinners. Do you fit in here? Heck yeah! In fact, the folks who don't have cancer make our town better, stronger, and more well rounded. So please confidently join the fun. Give us more of your insights. Trust your key board tickle and know that we not only value it, we (canSer babes and chaps) need it.

Looking ahead to some more inclusive directions.

A book club
An electric altar (an area where we can place the names of people who need a little extra love and prayer)
What's on your ipod?
Spiritual cinema
Guest bloggers
A forum
Featured community members
Relevant news and politics - yup, Crazy Sexy Vote! We pow wow about our healthcare daily, soon it's time to chat n' chew about the healthcare of our nation AND the environment. The part equals the whole.

My personal vision is to captain a well informed, passionate, pro-active, and empowered ship. If you'd like to sail with me then get your life vest and let's go tootsie!

Have a buddhaful day filled with a firehose of sunshine,

PS. I think our first book should be Michael Pollan's latest, "In the defense of food" - thoughts?


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Barbara said...

Hey Kris. Thanks for the inviting welcome. I too, do not have cancer and I admit, I do feel weird posting sometimes. I'll definitely post more often. Thanks for the last post about death. I've had some weird moments lately regarding death, and you guys have put me at ease.

MissKate said...

What awesome ideas! I love them all! How do you do it? Kris, you keep me coming back (nearly everyday) to read the blog because I know you are writing from a pure, sincere, beautiful place. I have so much respect for someone who can do it all as you do everyday with so much beauty, grace, giggles, and compassion. Bravo for finding that place to live where your heart can sing and we can can all benefit from your sweet, sweet music! Thank you!

Lots of lovin,
-Miss Kate

Amy Huff said...

This town sounds awesome and such a lovely welcome! This book has been on my wishlist and it seems like the perfect time, and reason, to pick it up!

Anonymous said...

I am so glad you posted this...
I only comment occasionally because I feel like an outsider sometimes and I did have canSer. I think we can all feel isolated even in a room full of people just like ourselves. Building a community is a way to breakdown those barriers that keep us apart.

I am actually sitting on pins and needles right now waiting for follow-up test results and I am trying to distract myself. I am here and waving hello to everyone. I love the way this community is shaping up. Kris, you have the best ideas... I love the whats on your list of inclusive discussions.
Even those of us who have and cancer need to do other things and to have other interests to be whole. I am so on board... especially yes to the book club... and double yes to Micheal Pollen's new book. Mostly because it is in my purse right now and I have only read a page or two.

DianneR said...

Hi. I admit I have been visiting this site for a couple of months and have never posted before. I do not have cancer but my husband does, he has pancreatic cancer and had surgery in June and is now undergoing chemo. A couple of weeks ago he was hospitalized and needed another surgery, so the road has been extremely rough for him, but he is brave and strong and is doing well. Kris, we watched your movie on TLC in October, and my husband even bought your book at Whole Foods. We have been incorporating many changes into our lives due to your inspiration. I come to this blog every morning, I feel like I know all of you and you give us such hope and inspiration. And Callie, I am so happy for you & Duncan, I've been thinking of you all week.

Martha said...

Hi always, I love Kris's ideas -- especially the pix she chooses for her posts. Where DOES she get those? Inspires me to take my camera everywhere I go (since I live in Santa Fe, you know I can get some pretty weird stuff!).

Great idea re In Defense of Food. And since there seems to be a thumbs up on the Ipod discussion, here's my list. You can get everything on Itunes if you want, except, I think, Jana Stanfield. She's a fantastic indie and specializes in uplifting songs. Her website is Her song Next Right Step is a rip-snorter. Okay, here's my list (it's a long one, I just couldn't help myself!:

In My Heaven, Mary Chapin Carpenter
Roam, b-52s
Shining Star, Earth Wind and Fire
Shield of Faith, Alison Krauss/Union Station
Every December Sky, Beth Nielsen Chapman
Godspeed, Beth Nielsen Chapman
Sand and Water, Beth Nielsen Chapman
Hymns, Beth Nielsen Chapman
Deeper Still, Beth Nielsen Chapman
I Know You By Heart, Eva Cassidy
Good to Go, Denver and the Mile-High Orchestra
Sweet Will of God, Amy Grant
Curious Thing, Amy Grant
Take it to Jesus, Cheryl “Pepsi” Riley
Right as Rain, The Band
One by One, Doobie Bros
Next Right Step, Jana Stanfield
Late for Your Life, Mary Chapin Carpenter
We Shall Be Happy, Ry Cooder
The Mary Ellen Carter, Stan Rogers
I Wanna Do It All, Terri Clark
Acadian Two Step, Beausoleil
Sin Wagon, Dixie Chicks
Breakout, Swing Out Sister
Take it as it Comes, Steve Winwood
Power of Love, Huey Lewis
Come Go With Me, The Beach Boys
Overjoyed, Stevie Wonder
Whenever You’re Ready, James Taylor
Mas Alla, Gloria Estefan
There’s a Rugged Road, Shawn Colvin

leenda said...

GoodMorning Kris!
Mmmmm!Such a warm and yummy invite that only you can extend.My lack of posting has been to busy with the usual appts and trying to finish up treatment.In addition to chemo & radiation,I recieve Herceptin for a year.I'm on the homestretch.NINE count them,NINE more treatments!I'm starting to soar I feel the wind in my face!
It's time for me to start taking care of me.The doc's did their job,it's now my turn.
Soooo,what can I do for my poor lil body after surgeries,chemo&rads?How do I begin to repair that damage?I look forward to making changes in life,but humbly ask for guidance in my transition.I will wobble and stagger down the path..but down the path I will go.
I look forward toyour next book,and the book club and all of it!I'm so excited.Life is good,isn't it?
Muahh!Kisses to everyone!
Love,Peace and good vibes to all,

Mary 50 said...
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Becky said...

Kris, what the heck are we going to do with our Flavnoids person? There are what, 20 repeats here?

oh well, trying to stay calm. love all the ideas. i'll read whatever.

Mary 50 said...
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Martha said...

re the flavenoids guy...looks like our town got its first billboard. Or exhibitionist.

Mary 50 said...

Was wondering what would happened to me if my surgery=test was negative next week.

Would I have to give this sweat community of bloggers? Hope for the worst so I could stay?

Wow, God bless Kris. Now I can rest...that I too am welcome. It is a universe filled with people searching. Now I can stop and just groove with Freddie Fender...When the next tear drop falls and join in knowing you guys will be there before the next one falls.

Kris, my dear young girl you must have your head on the heart of the most powerful universal being. Keep listening.

As for the book I am open to anything new, and healthy. I love learning. It helps an aging brain stay young.

Love the picture...always wanted to be a hippee. But Mom and Dad said no. Bummer. I still have a chance to be a hippee in my spirit.

I never heard of this author. Is he good? Mary a.k.a. mhc

cancer cowgirl xo said...

I know gang, I am so sorry, flavanoids is like a hemmoroid. I don't think I can block him/it till I move the blog to my site. I've been digging around Blogger and the only option I can come up with so far is to make it so I have to approve every comment. Too much for me or to make members. Maybe we should do that. Flavs is a maniac with issues in the tissues.

Glad you all love the new ideas!!!!


blissfully robin said...

Ok. I will come out of hiding and post. :) I do feel like an outsider sometimes because I do not have canSer as well...but canser is all around me. I admire all of you and you all have taught me so much.

been juicing and been trying to get on the right track. nothing is keeping focused though. The thing is...I don't want the only way to keep my butt in gear or to have motivation is to actually GET canser! i want to do this for myself. my heatlh. to be gone with my yo-yoing once and for all, to stay healthy.

anyway, thanks for your post today kris! can't wait for the many more!

Basic Me said...

Hey Kris,
Fantasic!!! All of the ideas.. Wow.. Love the book selection. And thanks for all the new townies and town sites to come. Your city of pearls my love.

I love these Ipod selections. I know less I mean less than nothing about music but love it. I have books on my ipod.. from the week of hell... Eat Love Pray. I cannot wait to put on songs..

Thanks for all your loving kindness. Everything hit last night and Duncan and I spent the night laughing and crying and unwinding.. He does owe me some dancing.. but we were to tired to even move a toe. hahah..

I am now turning my prayers to Becky for tomorrow. Things will go over well!!! Know we love you and are there with you inside every breath.

OH and for the flavinoid folks because Kris is going to get crazy on them. Lets all just ignore them and let them be deleted.. they are rude and could go broke at this rate.

I am running off the saga of the week for a big blog oh the power of all of your thoughts and prayers on it will be posted around 6 tonight. Not using anyones comments but mine just pulling my words.. come by and visit.

Sandra J. that tribute to your dad is so lovely. Beautiful he is smiling and proud of you. I bet you can feel that already .. And that Monica we need her to be a regular. You cannot keep those blogs a secret but leave it to a sister to out you right.

Alright. I am off. Work is calling and I am fiddling around wanting to take Saatchi to the beach for a break but I have a family in Cinncianti who has lost thier heat and they have a son with Acute lymphatic Leukemia and the bills are overwhelming them. It is criminal to be able to turn someones heat off when it is -10 degrees outside ... no matter what.

Well say a prayer for them. Love you all. Check in later.. Gooney honey you dont have to make me anything .. just send me a smile and know I love you. I am not turning away you gift just feel so humbled by the sheer thought of it I have no way to repsond. My favorite color is green it is my God color... but I love all colors..specailly the bright ones orange, pink, yellow, red, the ones that vibrate with joy. I love you by the way. You teach me something each day.
mch- you are on my heart today. Special prayers for you. And Kristy I am wanting to fly a banner with we're having a baby on it!!!!!!!!!!!!! first ever csc baby... but it will be one enlightened and well fed, happy healthy little buddha.

Hugs everyone. Callie

Mary 50 said...

Going primitive

I did a quick read on the excerpt of Pollan's book. Excellent. I want to go there...

I have become very primitive lately in my art. Using fingers and palms instead of brushes seems to fit the deep moods I am in. I have even taken to twigs and leaves. My food going primitive is just one step further. It just seems to fit my style of life right now. The most primitive food I can think of...raw...before fire. Nuts, seeds, etc.

Jenny said...

Hi Kris! I agree w/ you 100%...I have been loving this community for months, but haven't posted in a long time. Here's some love...
I think reading Michael Pollan's In Defense of Food together is a great idea! I just bought the book last week & have only read the introduction so far. It is awesome!
I also had to run out & buy Eckhart Tolle's A New Earth: Awakening Your Life's Purpose after seeing it is Oprah's new book club selection! I have to stop buying books lately & do more reading of them.
I am also very interested in healthcare in our country (and around the world.) I have been living w/ canser for 3 1/2 yrs & although I have excellent health insurance I do fear losin git or being denied care. And it hurts & makes me so angry to think of the millions of Americans who have no coverage! If you could inform us and possibly lead us in propelling our country toward free healthcare for all that would be amazing!
This blog is so incredible...I thank you for it, and I promise to add my voice more often.
love & miracles to all!

Anonymous said...

Kris...what a perfect post, once again. How exactly do you know exactly what is needed? Such a talent. Bravo ;)
Thanks all for your well wishes, congratulations and hip hip hoorays! It has been SUCH a long road to get here, and I am cautiously excited. I have another beta test tomorrow, so please pray that my numbers double. We need AT LEAST a level of 438... come on... big money... no whammies ! :)
I am SO happy to see all of the new members of the community speak out and introduce themselves. I know of the nervousness of which you speak. I too was there... why would I post about infertility or wanting to become pregnant on THIS blog??
I have found (and I am sure you have too) that this blog isn't for people with canSer or without, with an illness or without, with great knowledge or without... it is for all of us who want to live a better, healthier and more fulfilling life. Those kind of people have no boundaries... and thank goodness for that... cause look at this community... ROCK!
Kristy xo

Mary 50 said...

Hey team, guess what I was looking forward to something to do after surgery. Turns out Pollan will be speaking in my state. Usually everything is on the other side of the country. Finally. UC Sanford, looks like a good one. Through his eat well site I found 4 farms in my area beside the health food store. Yippee!!!!

Unknown said...

Hey there cowgirls :)

I am also one of those silent readers that never posts.

A day or two after I found out a close family member of mine had cancer, I stumbled upon your documentary Kris. What an emotional journey you've made... I felt very emotional watching it. It has been such a help to read your thoughts and those of some other posters to try to better understand how my aunt must feel... since she so rarely says anything about how she is feeling about it all.

Aside from that, I love seeing courage in the face of adversity. You are all such inspirations!

Thanks for the welcome :)

apoopslingingmonkey said...

Geez i missed 2 posts! lol! I got some reading to do...Kris, I love all these ideas! books, pimp your ipod music lol! all the ideas-fun!
Great mission statement!
Also your picture for this post makes me wanna break out my birks! lol but I gave them away years ago after high school, my flipflops took over lol. ahhh I kinda wanna go out and buy a new pair of birks now! you bring out the hippie in me LOL
So are all these new ideas gonna be on the new forum then? about when is it gonna be up?
Looking forward to it :)
Your book pick looks like a cool book-cheap on amazon too :) ...(i <3 amazon lol)

apoopslingingmonkey said...

Wow cool! Hi all you new people who are posting already! sweet! :)

Lauren said...

Hi Kris!

I have posted here once or twice and now I feel better about it!! I don't have cancer, but I have Crohn's disease and I eat a vegan diet to help with it. In fact I haven't had a flare up in over a year!!! 2 years ago I was in a hospital getting blood transfusions!! I feel great now (although I do take a lot of meds).. and I hope to post more on your blog now that I feel more welcomed!!

Lauren N.

cancer cowgirl xo said...

AP Monkey! Girrrrl. I was justing thinking about you. Where is she? Glad you are back. Yup. These ideas will be on the forum, but for now we'll start on the blog. My hope is that the forum will be up by my cancerversary (valentines day). If not, then by the end of Feb. Fingers crossed. We had to find someone else to do it and now we're very excited about the web team we are putting together. xo! K

Sarah Mae Ives said...
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Dee said...

I have to admit, uber excited about the forum, and the book club/iPod (I'm a total musicobsesser, which I guess comes in handy given my profession) discussions/and pretty much everything listed.

And yes, the flavnoids poster can be quite a hassle but let's face it, most people posting on here are well aware of good ways and positive ways to just breeze through and past the ugly stuff and focus on the beautiful ones right? RIGHT!

The picture makes me want to tug my Fryes up a little higher and dance around outside, but I have a feeling some professors would disapprove.

Welcome to everybody new and old! I missed the last few posts but I'm catching up now, I missed all you gorgeous peoples!

Chris in Wyoming said...

Following Kris’ lead about being a community, I would like to introduce myself and invite you all over for chats on the patio.
I wrote a brief comment here a few days ago, but want to ..

I have been smacking late stage lung canSer around for over 3 years now. It just did not know who it was messing with! I just finished my 45th chemo treatment. (Chemo treatment, # 39 on Alimta.) I work full time and live alone. That is the problem for me-I am a nervous nibbler and a bit tuckered when I get home, so have not made some of the changes I would like to make—like juicing and getting out for walks. I have so hated how it has changed my looks…until I began reading this blog. I was heartened to read that I was not alone. I was heartened to realize that it is not who I am… Thank you all for that.

I also thank you, my new community, for making me feel less alone in this. I have not felt comfortable participating in support groups and there is not center in my town that offers complimentary care, support… So, here is what I would like to do. I would like to create a day of healing. Bring together folks to offer yoga, journaling, nutrition, and the like. I would like to ask you all for suggestions on creating this day for kick ass cowgirls and cowboys (so appropriate, since I live in Wyoming!).
Thank you all. Callie and Duncan-Wahoo! You don't know how many days your words have guided me.
Hugs, Chris in Wyoming

Obsessedwithlife said...

Count me in! I'm quiet at times but still reading...I also write on my blog (daily) and was inspired by this post for my post today, so thanks!


denise said...

Kris, Thanks for the invite. You and your blog community hae been a great source of inspiration. I was diagnosed with lung CA in 2005 Thanks to a fabulous holistic nutritionist, I have been eating raw, vegan diet for two years. It has been an awesome journey and it only keeps getting better and better.
I have made two trips to The Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center, once for Whole Person Healing, and once for Zero Point. Both amazing visits.
Kris, I loved your book and documentary. One phrase from your book that really hits home with me, is..."but it also takes a colossal leap of faith and a williness to break from the herd..." So true!

Thanks for all you do.
love, denise

Anne said...

Okay, okay, I feel officially welcomed. Thank you for that, Kris.

I just finished In Defense of Food. I definitely think we should all read it and discuss it. For me, a lot of it was preaching to the choir, but the research he cites, and the history of the nutrient-based diet, was fascinating to me. All this diet stuff gets so confusing, and he helped me to see why. (Marketing and money, duhhh.)

As for flavs, I agree with Callie. Just quietly delete them. I had no idea flavs had even posted this morning til I read something about it in someone else's post.

apoopslingingmonkey said...

HI Kris!! Thanks for thinking of me!!!! :) big huge smiles on my face right now!

Well I'm all caught up on the posts and comments- i commented too..I've missed the blog! glad to be back! I've just been cleaning my house, and getting all that stuff done that seems to haunt me around the house "you need to get that done, this done.." etc. all that weird, annoying stuff I keep putting off- that just keeps nagging & irriating me...I'm the queen of procrastination- so slowly and surely all is getting either finished,cleaned,fixed,or thrown out. lol!
I'm so excited to see what your new web team is putting together! Anyway-Love you girl!!!

Gigi Lanruoj said...

I hope you don't receive a note from me twice. I wanted to say Hello to all and Thank you to Kris. This is a great place to visit. I appreciate all your hard work and your generous sharing. Do we need to do anything to join the back porch chat? I love your idea and think it will be great. Can I ask a question for those of you who have finished treatment? I finished 12/07 and now I am struggling with a severe depression. Almost daily all I do is hide with my head under the covers, I am not coping and find no inspiration to motivate to DO for myself and try to get out of my funk. Any suggestions or comments? thanks alot, violet!

Cathy Bueti said...

Hi Kris! Thanks for the kind and open invite to this great community! I figured today should be the day I finally post after such a warm welcome! I also don't have cancer but have been there done that 6 years ago. At 31 I was dx'd with breast cancer, had a mastectomy, reconstruction, and 6 months of chemo. Never really gave a thought to what I was eating, or how I was thinking! After treatment was over I really began to look at all those things so I could get my health back and maintain it. I started juicing, and really looking at what I was putting into my body on a daily basis realizing that my diet and lifestyle (as well as the peeps in it) was toxic! I read your book, and you are an incredible inspiration to me on a daily basis! I met you back in the fall at the open center in nyc for a book signing and it was a day I will not soon forget! I am learning so much here to add to my daily lifestyle to make it better and keep the big "C" stay far far away. I recently had a scare with something that showed up on an MRI scan of my good boob and 2 weeks ago I had a followup to see what the little benign bugger was doing and it was GONE!! Which of course I attribute to all the juicing, meditation, and better food I am putting into my body. It is really the first time I had concrete proof that is is all working! Which of course my docs have no interest in and don't believe. You have such a wonderful community here and you all inspire me every time I stop by. Thanks Kris for todays blog, it gave me the little nudge I needed to step forward into this beautiful circle of the CSC community!
Lots of love and hugs,

Michelle said...

Thank you Kris!!!

*heather* said...

I'll be another one to come out of the closet, as it were, and admit to reading the blog almost daily but never posting myself. Thanks, Kris, for the welcome. I realized last night when I got home and was talking excitedly at dinner about Callie's news and my partner finally went, "Wait, who are these people you're talking about?" that I'd better sidle up to the table and introduce myself.

So, hello to all, and thanks for the warm welcome to the back porch. I've been following along, juicing since October, and finally transitioning to vegetarian and probably vegan slowly but surely. Have to share that I feel even more committed after having a flex sig scope done this week to check out my colon. I was having some gastro distress and even though I'm 31, I don't have access to family history so the doctor erred on the side of caution and did the scope. Since it's done without sedation, I had the chance to watch the whole thing on screen and have to say that it was sort of magical and made me fall completely in love with my colon. It was so intricate and beautiful and vibrant and I was completely amazed at what goes on in there, how much work it does and how much it deserves my ongoing TLC. Seriously, the experience made me only want to put things into my body that my colon will love and adore, and so I feel ever committed to a deeper learning about this lifestyle.

I also love me a book club, so count me in! I'll look forward to reading the first book.

Callie, congrats congrats! I've never been more nervous or excited for a complete stranger and I'm in awe of the idea of Basic Missions. Look forward to following along to see how it all grows and develops.

Be well, everyone!


Jennifer said...

Oh My! I can not believe how many of you have been hiding out. Not that I don't understand. I was worried about posting too, but true to my nature (speaking before thinking....I hate that about me!) I just jumped in. I did finally confess to my worry of posting and Callie set my mind at ease. This blog is a godsend and I'm so happy we have so many new peeps today! WELCOME!!!!!

Callie - I do not want anything in return, you have already given me something that is not material, and means more to me than a million dollars. I just want to do something for you in return. Kris too. But just so you don't think I'm full of it, it will be a few months, because what I want to give you is going to take me some time to make. So please just let me do this. I love green too!


Anonymous said...

I adore the idea of a community altar. So much comfort (and power) can be found in having a village praying for you/ a loved one.

So glad to see our little village has some many friendly faces and hearts moving in! This is the place to live if you want to ooze sunshine.

Becky said...

Welcome everyone! Kris, i didn't mean to moan about our flavnoid person. I liked your post a while ago when you let them have it and told them to have a nice life. I suppose that is what we should do. Who knows what lurks behind the post? Maybe they're acutally reading this and getting inspired!

Nice to think so. I am glad we have so many new voices. Thanks, Callie for your prayers. I think you have a direct line, girl, and I already feel God cheering me on. No matter the outcome, it's about living.


leenda said...

You must tell Oprah & Dr.Oz the news!You know they'd love to hear this!Especially Dr. Oz and what better voice to be heard in the medical community than his.
Love,Peace & Great Vibes to all!

Hippie Girl said...

I'm always a lurker and never a poster! But you inspired me to post something - LOVE THIS SITE! I don't have cancer but I do live an eco-vegan lifestyle and love coming here for inspiration!

Debbie Young said...

Hi all vintage and newbie posters!
What a wonderful thing to read about all the different curve balls life has thrown us all and how we are fielding them.. what a team we all are!

I am always telling people to come hear to join our community.. canser is certainly not a prerequisite for this course in miracles and love.

Cherish this moment as it is truely all you have..the past is gone and the future has not happened.. yet what you do this instant can make that future glow..
love to you all

Mo said...

Thanks to all of you townfolk for the warm welcome!

I think many of us "watchers" were inspired to write in for the first time to chime in our congrats to Callie and Kristy on their wonderful news. Your post, as usual Kris, comes at just the right time. It's so kind of all of you to welcome us with open hearts - I've even invited some friends to the back porch as well : ) Who couldn't use the wisdom, grace and love found on these pages in their lives??? I may not have the canser part (see- I even learned how to spell it right!) - but I've got the crazy and sexy DOWN !!!!

Love and peace to all- Monica

Roberta Gabriel said...

I've been following you for quite some time, but have never posted. I never considered myself a lurker because I am surrounded by family canSer (breast, lung, colon, brain leukemia, prostate), but I did feel guilty nevertheless. Your post of today remininded me that although my body doesn't have canSer, my LIFE is filled with it. And being human and all, I've got lots of challenges and can use all the inspiration your blog is so sweetly dripping with. So I would like to join the ranks of supporters you've created here to share and contribute to the collective love and peace fest!!

I have been so overcome with amazement at the strength by some of you that I couldn't be prouder or happier for your recent updates if you were my own sister/mother/best friend. So maybe some of my "behind the scenes" health and peace vibes found you all despite no actual posts?
To Kris and the Community at large,
Be Well,

sades said...


Amazing truly...have been reading the blog always and have your Oprah on it every now and then and today was one of them! Hugs to you all...


MoreJoy said...

Hello Kris and new neighbors. Have been peeking over the fence for a couple of months now, but I decided this was the day to join in. I do not have cancer but had to make lifestyle changes a few years back.(autoimmune disorders were lurking)
Vegeterian now and juicing daily. Making the transition to raw and getting lots of inspiration from everyone here. Looking forward to picking up Michael Pollen's new book and sharing.

Jennifer said...

Kris -

I was just chopping some veggies for a soup I'm making, and I thought maybe it would be a good idea to add a recipe swap to the forum? I'm having a hard time coming up with different ways to fix veggies and I would love to hear some good recipes. Just a thought.


Mary 50 said...

Going for genetic counseling on Monday the third, checking for BACA1 and BACA2. If this test is positive then prophylactic bilateral mastectomies.

Save the Tata wearers.

I am doing this to help my kids since they may need early detection.

About insurance...a possitive BRCA1 or 2 may eventually affect thier coverage and mine. Isn't that awful.

I was hoping to get done the way people do aids secret with #'s not names. I need to think about this one alittle.

Anonymous said...

I was just looking over "In the defense of food"...I'm so excited!

I feel like it will nourish my understanding of real food and help me continue to internalize why its vital to eat it and live off of it.

granola said...

"In Defense of Food" is an excellent choice. He has another book he wrote that also would be a good choice "Omnivore's Dilemma." In my little town I dream of solar panels on every house and electric cars or bikes (in my ideal town, no vehicle needed--walk/bike everywhere), organic living with locally grown food, composting, ecofriendly/vegan products products only. We need to care for the planet and its beautiful creatures the way we care for ourselves. I can't wait for plastic bags to be a thing of th past. And water bottles are about the worst thing--so so many in landfills like the planet is a giant garbage can. I hope all here are inspired to use reuseable bags for the grocery store & dump the bottled water--buy a reusable bottle and a water filter for your sink. That's just one more part of healthy living.
Peace, love, veggies, and a green planet for all...
Live simply so others can simply live........

Carrie Nicole said...

Just came across your blog recently and still reading back posts and I've already fallen in love with the community you have here. This post inspired me to come out of "lurkville" as I like to call it and send you a big HUG and a jolly CHEERS!

Glad to be here and ships ahoy! I'm definitely along for the ride and looking forward to all the things you've got coming up. I've been hearing so much about that book and as others have mentioned, seems to be a perfect time to pick it up!

granola said...

I forgot to mention a pet in every household---may we treat them as beloved family members as they so deserve & bask in the unconditional love they provide. If you are interested, the local animal shelters have too many that need a good home :)
Are you sick of me yet?

capi's wiffle said...

Thanks, Kris for the open invite. I have been reading for a while and thought I would finally post. I have never blogged/posted before.
Love this site. Just bought your book. I think what I love the most is it makes me laugh. While going though chemo I tried to have a sense of humor about everything, and it really helped even on rough days. I have a PET scan next week and if all goes well (and I think it will, I feel great) I will be 5 years cancer free, dare I say "cured"?

Going though treatment I was never comfortable about support groups, but after chemo, I moved out of state, away from my family and the only life I had ever known. So I never really connected with people my age who have had similar experiences, fears etc., It is nice to have this site and all you wonderful people. needless to say my nothing in my BC life is the same as my AC life. And I could not be more happy. I got maried 3 months ago, Trying to start a family. And living as happy as I know how. Thanks for all the insipation and I'm sure you will all be hearing more from me more often.

clint said...


Miss Flavonoids: Treat Kris with
More R.E.S.P.E.C.T.
(she's earned it !)


Miss Flavonoids: Treat Kris with
More R.E.S.P.E.C.T.
(she's earned it !)


Sorry Kris, I couldn't resist !

Just adding some levity :-)


Lovingraw said...

If your looking for a cancer killing cowboy kris... I maybe for hire! : )

B said...

I posted once or twice. I have no canSer - just autoimmune stuff! I originally posted under "Becky" without realizing that there was already one here!! OOPs - I'll use Becky B - Colorado from now on to distinguish myself! Thanks everyone for the positive feedback to my "lack of support from family" dilema. And guess what??? I bought my first juicer and I'm ready to rock! AND....I'm going in for Colon hydrotherapy Friday am!!! Can't wait to start cleaning out this polluted vessel and filling 'er up with the good stuff!!
I love you all and will pray for our little community!!

Michael said...


one minute I'm compelled to come out of the shadows as a "reader, not a poster" due to your insightful commentary on your vision of what death might be I feel compelled to thank you for giving me the phrase "Flavs is a maniac with issues in the tissues"......why do I consistently read a canSer blog when I’m in generally good health?.....whether you realize it or not.....this blog is already about more then CanSer.

I would welcome any of the activities/contributions you mentioned. I've mentioned before that while I'm not ill, my life has been touched by CanSer...I lost my boss to lung cancer last January. He was close to retirement, and I'm 36....but we still had a lot of fun going to lunch together and talking about work, life, lack of get the point.

When he became ill....well, this was a man who had “been there, done that”....and he was a tough old guy. An old news director from NYC….you can picture him a little I’m sure. Discussions about his lung cancer were generally off limits....but his wisdom, combined with his current perspective made for some very interesting conversation.....needless to say, I miss those lunches.

So for a long drawn out response...I would love to hear this groups views on politics, family, current state of all have a unique perspective that is a wonderful gift to share.


Robert Scholl said...

Great blog! I drop in now and again. My incredible wife & I are holistically healing my body of rectal cancer. An enormous process and an extraordinary journey. I regularly blog my experience as well as my passion for life and the gifts this cancer provides at:
Stop by when you get a chance. Thanks for your contribution to us all!

Bert Scholl

scnewme said...

How beautiful to see so many new people throwing open their "closet" doors to step into the room!!! It has become an amazing place to come to each day, meet new friends and learn so much. I so look forward to jumping on and jumping in to listen, chat, love, support and share life.

Kris, tomorrow is my one-year canserversary (I love the phrase, hope you don't mind if I borrow it!). My kids are dancing with me now (its the only time I'll let my 9 year old son say, Mom - shake your ass!) So, I'm totally up for the ipod sharing, love the book club idea, and the electric awesome...Dr. Bav is up there now, she must feel the love! Clint, so ready for more of your wisdom and wit and hot guest blog spot - bring it all on!

xo Sherry

Lauren said...

Kris -- you're wonderful! I bet you never hear that ;)
I will have to admit that sometimes I delete my posts cuz I'm afraid I said something silly.
I love this town sooo much! So glad to be a part of it. I will keep posting even if I'm sometimes silly.

emily said...

Well, I'm another long time reader who has never posted. Like some of the others, I don't have canser, although my mom did. I just had open heart surgery myself, at age 23, and I've found all of the posts and comments very inspiring as I've been going through recovery. The book club, forum, song lists, recipes, etc. all sound great to me! Thank you for sharing your stories and for setting up such a welcoming community!

scnewme said...

Oops, can I add a P.S.?? I have medical forum question, a poll I need to take to get some serious knowledgable answers to because I'm on the heebie-jeebie, superstition fence here. So Kris, if you'd rather I wait til your forum is up I will, but need some info before mid-March. Please give me a thumbs up or down....thanks

clint said...

Hey Sherry:

Congratulations on your 1 year anniversary.

Am glad you can "shake your ass" with your kiddies !!


nice to hear from you,


Mary 50 said...

hey I just found a adult class in town in March for 25.00 to learn raw food . I hope you all could find one, as a newbie to raw this sounds good.

Butterfly said...

What a wonderful welcome! I have been reading for a long time but never posted as I felt I didn't fit the Cancer criteria. I love all the ideas you have and would love to be part of your community. I just started taking Mildfullness classes and striving to live for the moment and really live for NOW and not worry about tomorrow. I dig you mission and consider myself moved into your town as the newest residence.

Iffat said...

Hi Everybody,
I admit it too....Guilty as charged.
I have been visiting this blog since I saw your show on TLC then I got the book (by the way, how do you do it all Kris, Show was awesome and book really touched my heart with fine humor and even the blogs are super cool)
well, I really admire your attitude, talent, courage, Positive energy, humor and best of all the magnet personality.

your positivity is really contagious and spreading the world

Fortunately, I am not aware of having canSer. My older child has very severe multiple food allergies
which has changed my life. I really appreciate you all and the knowledge that all of you have and must admit that I learn so much from you all.

Thank you again very much Kris for sharing your knowledge and positivity with us every day.

Good Luck to all of you.

Anonymous said...

No, Granola...not sick of you. I think many of us have this dream.

We all just need to move to the same place and DO all this stuff.

Jennifer said...

Granola -

I started recycling about a month ago. It was my new years resollution. My recycling bins are busting at the seems right now, I need to take them to the recycling station. I can't believe how much stuff I have that can be recycled, and feel really really good that I didn't send it to the land fill. Oprah did a Going Green show and that is what got me started. Thank god for Oprah! I love the animal shelters too. My last kitty "Jack" who I just lost, came from our local shelter and he was such a great cat. I will probably get another when I'm ready, from the shelter. I just hate going there and leaving without taking them all with me. Especially the dogs. They just seem so scarred and sad.


Mary 50 said...

Pre-surgery week insomnia.

Kris, I was wondering if you have ever thought of a healing package? I don't want to give you more work but a thought. I don't read much when I am really ill and I can't even go on the computer. I shot my TV, except for DVDs'. So I thought it would be nice for a book on CD read by your loving posse, they could read their own parts or a pro could depending on schudules and stuff. It would have healing music, and deep relaxation section all done by the best. Just a thought at 4:30am.

Jennifer said...

mary aka mhc

It is so hard to get your mind to turn off when you are worried about something. Especially something like surgery. I'm sure everything will go well and I'm sending you peacefull healing vibes. I've been struggling with insomnea myself. Not sleeping has a chain reaction on your health and mental state, and you need to be really strong for your surgery, so do whatever you need to do. Baths, Chamomile tea, soothing music. I think taking a supplement called melatonin helps you sleep too, but you should research that. We are here for you.


Bigdaddy said...

Hi Kris, thank you from one of your new Philips fans. I am no hippie (but could be). You helped me connect with some feelings that will help me deal with an adult daughter in distress. With love, some would call me "big daddy". You can too.

Mo said...

Jennifer and mary aka mhc -

Prior to a major surgery, my sweet baby sister sent me a wonderful CD - "Preparing for Surgery: Guided Imagery Exercises for Relaxation and Accelerated Healing". It's available on I had never done any kind of meditation and I found it extremely helpful. I even used it some nights post-surgery, when I was in pain and couldn't sleep.

Just a suggestion for you : ) Hope it helps - as well as so many lifting you in prayer at our electronic altar.

xoxo Mo

Mary 50 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Basic Me said...

Hello Loves,
Kris Don't worry about the flavoids folks if we love the enough they will get guilty and go away.

Wow so much is going on today. We have two Becky's so.... Becky with scans today... You are on my every fifteen minute major prayer list and my breath prayer list. Peace be in you with you and around you. Duncan explains God as being enveloped in a warm bath of love and just floating there. That is this blog and we are holding you tight so you will not fall.

Becky B. and all the newbies.. welcome and please stay.. this is great. It is such a powerful thing to form a community and make positive changes in your lives well before you stump a toe much less get canser or any disease. I am becoming more convinced than ever that these foods and this method is the cure for all disease stored in the sanskrit writings we have been looking for forever.. the Askian tablets from Alexander the greats hiding places. All religious scholars have heard of them but not all beleive. I do..

Duncan has ALS- Lou Gehrigs disease from a virus he caught as a special ops in the military. Well he had his check up this month and that little auto-immune bugger is failing. He dropped 500 points in his trygl., has a chol. of 130 and for a man who was completely wheelchair bound, and had HAD diabetes.. He can now walk almost a mile. Has no diabetes and had very few seizures as a matter of fact he hasn't had one this month. That is down from 6 a day..

Dr. Bav clued me in to lots of nutrition books and we flew with this program. Precious heart that she is. By the way Bav if your reading the cancer dead paperwork has converted my brother in law.. hahaha We did it God did it... just a little time.. the proof is in the vegan pudding. haha..

Gooney.. you honor me.. I accept and cannot wait to see your face at the retreat in april 2009. Save up everyone.. I have paid for the building. Beds for forty bathroooms handicap accessible and the beach.. private bayhouse.. all you have to do is drive into Mobile and we will pool grocery money. I cannot wait.. this is for everyone.. bring the kids dont.. whatever.. just come.

Cathy we are having miracles by the day doll you are the third. WHOWOOOOOHOOO!

Clint- we are all in love with you secretly you know that. Congrads and celebrate.. Duncan and I are dancing the happy dance for you. Hurrah!

Capi's wife You are doing great and an inspiration. Keep on posting woman.

Mary I have Eat, Love Pray on my ipod it is so calming. I know surgery is scary, you will feel so much better after it is done. You are on my 15 minute list bigtime...too. I think the healing pack is a beautiful idea. We should make one up and have a rotation on sending it around. So if I have a book, cd and relaxing items... I send them to say Mary for her surgery, next person on surgery list gets sent it then the next.. then all the love and notes and energy gets there along with the book, cd, and whatever you wanted to add. Then again if Kris wants to sell one.. that would be great too.

Well guys.. I have a prayer request I have a family with a child that has acute lymphatic leukemia and is sick,,,, the Mom is frantic because she is about to loss everything we have gotten the heat turned back on but for only 25 days and they need to go home.. and wont.. so pray for them.. They cannot foot this huge bill and keep their son and daughter in heat or food and they are insured. It is just a mess.. We will work it out but adding a dash of prayers and a pinch of love wont hurt.

Kris.. I love the book.. and cannot wait for the discussion.

Off to work. I needed a break.. Sorry this is so long. Love you all... prayers are also with Tae always.. and poopslinger stay around more.. your name makes me smile and your words touch my heart.

Peace, Love and Veggies.. Duncan is joining our little group... that will be so nice.. he feels like he knows everyone and has kept up everyday.. and guess what.. He can spell..

Becky check in asap and let us know how you are from the scans and martha... how are you today? I am praying for you.. don't all will be fine. Hugs. Callie

Jamie said...

I haven't posted in ages. 2008 has been a rough year for me. That being said - I'm certain not as awful as it has been for others or could be. But I've come to realize that it's ok to admit that you're going through hard stuff, even though someone else may be going through something you see as "harder". It's still happening to you and it's still something you have to deal with.

Anyway - My partner and I broke up JUST before New Years, I hurt my back on New Years day - which meant I couldn't work out and I'm still slowly working back into being active. I love running so that's been hard. And of course dealing with the break up. We lived together all January until he found a place he could move into (today). Other little things that just seem to add up when you're aleady dealing with something hard.
Let's just say I lived off ice cream and cookies for a bit there. Hopefully I'll get back on track with the healthy here. I know it'll make me feel better but I really just didn't care.
So with all this I just haven't been around online. I'm not certain how I'll handle Feb as I think that's when things will really hit home as I'll be living by myself. Anyway, thanks for the reminder that we're all just a great community here no matter what our health or state in life.

Jamie said...

PS: I got the PH Miracle book for xmas (ironically from my now ex-bf.) and am starting to read that and am hoping to follow up with some detoxing once I get back to a routine and am a bit more 'myself'.

Dee said...

Aw welcome to everyone! Especially you newbies who don't have canser and for one reason or another, felt they didn't fit in. EVERYONE fits in here, that's what makes this group so awesome.

Goony- I totally agree with the recycling sentiment. Once people educate themselves and really realize just HOW MUCH of every single thing you buy, purchase, use, touch, whatever, can be recycled, you'll find your recycling bin basically overflowing every week (mine does, it's almost got a life of it's own, honest, I named him George). I highly recommend every one take the time to educate themselves and learn about what can be recycled, why it can be recycled, and where you can take it in your area. Oh! And bring your own grocery bags! Lots of grocery stores, most actually, now offer you a discount if you bring your own bags and not to mention it helps eliminate TONS of waste. It's a win win.

Laura said...

Hello to Kris and all the other folks in this wonderful GOD sent community. I tell you I had to stop crying before I try typing and posting again.
I am just getting the hang of get’n around using things on this blog, seems I erase everything at least once during trying to post. I’m getting it tho……..just slow.
Kris I am so proud of you, you have seen your path clearly and you are following your journey of love. I feel that love all of us feel that love. LOVE is something that makes the world go round, it is love from the heart in sharing and caring like you and all of us here, sharing and caring what a little thing to have such a BIG effect.
I love all of your ideas! I will check Michael Pollan's latest book out. I am really aware of our food problems, and that it is a MAJOR problem and needs to be dealt with. It is so very important to get involved in buying local grown food, support local and you will be supporting your good health. BUY ORGANIC!
I would like to share a little of what I have been dealing with as far as having insurance or the lack of. I live in the state of Oregon and for the first time in several years the state is opening up a lottery for 10,000 people in the state to get a basic health care plan. For one month they will except applications, then pick the lucky ones from a drawing………
I hope I’m one of the lucky ones, my nurse practitioner then tells me he could do more to help me if I can get it.
BOY I can not tell you how that made me feel, knowing if I had money or insurance I could get help, this health care only available to folks with lots of money or good insurance something has to be done. A lot of folks in this country are suffering because of this.
Your book and documentary have made me feel like ok I can do this or give it a dang good run for what energy I have left, I still have fight, I’ve been spunky, I got gumshion, I can do this ! Now I have this WONDERFUL COMMUNITY! I hope I will have something to share. I’m good at sharing my heart. Having all of you to share with is helping immensely.
Plus I’m having to use the dictionary and reading more than I ever have, and I’m typing with 91/2 fingers…………..not so bad.
My LOVE and thanks to ALL.

indyangie said...

Kris, Thanks for the welcome. I have read your book, seen your movie and I try to read your blog almost everyday. I personally do not have cancer, but am surrounded by it. My husband had kidney cancer 2 years ago, my mother had breast cancer a year ago, best friend had skin cancer, co-works, other family members. I so enjoy how upbeat and uplifting you are. I have learned so much from reading your book and watching your movie. You are inspiring, as well as all the other women (and men) who are apart of the Canser community. Thank you, each and everyone of you are a blessing.

El said...

Hello Kris & Others-
Great blog! This is only the second one I've read, so I'm not even a lurker yet, but I did LOVE the TLC movie and saw you on Oprah too. So inspiring.

I have bookmarked this back porch. I'll need to go back and figure out why you spell it CanSer. I've battled 3 different types of CSC myself. First dx was 13 years ago at age 22. It is a part of me but does not define me. I am always looking for ways to prevent #4 and continuously improve my lifestyle through nutrition, exercise, meditation. Sounds like this town just may help with all that and more!

Mary 50 said...

Sorry about all the deleted comments. Too sleepy. thanks everyone for the borrowed courage.

My firewall can go down now and be call....Mary

Laura said...

flavonoid dude go advertise some where else, you have made a pest of your self and you dont even talk you just take space with your adds, please stop or at least come out with some words so you fit in.
advertising is not sharing and that is what this is all about.
your like a high pressure salesman, in other words fast eddy and his suitcase company, speak up or leave gracefully. Thanks very much for the info on flavonoids!

Lauren said...

Hello Again!

I want to go raw but I don't know where to start!! I am a vegan right now and I want to make my diet 60-70 percent raw. Any ideas on where I should start? I have a juicer and a blender.. I make a smoothie for breakfast every morning of frozen fruit, ginger, a banana and hemp or almond milk. I am not sure if those milks are considered raw? And I don't know what I should eat the rest of the day. Can someone help me!! :) Thanks so much!! I love this community! P.S. Today is my 24th birthday (hence the urge for change!) Thanks again!
Lauren N.

Mary 50 said...

Are you guys getting spam mail now?

Dee said...

Lauren N- I highly recommend the following books for newbies (besides Kris' gorgeousnesss!)

The Raw Food Detox Diet (this book has specific stages and levels, and is one of the best books I've come across)

The Raw Gourmet (fantastic, fantastic, fantastic)

Welcome to the world! If you have any questions or need any help don't hesitate to ask!

Lauren said...

Thank You Dee,

I have a book by David Klein.. I have crohns disease and his book says a vegan raw diet is best for that, so I am going to re-read that as well. I will check those other books out too. Thank you so much!!

Lauren N

Martha said...

Hi all:

Re Mary's question about spam. I haven't gotten any yet. And you can probably put flavonoids on your list of blocked words on your spam filter. It won't help our town, but it will at least keep your personal mailbox litter free.

I wonder if this person is using some kind of web crawler that just automatically finds blog communities talking about cancer. So he/she may not even know about this community and the effect he/she is having. (Except, now that I think of it, "this blog does not allow anonymous comments." So somewhere along the line, a human being in the Netherlands has to be paying attention to this. If only to type in the gobbledy-gook in the word verification box below.)

Anyway, on to bigger/better subjects! Looking forward to reading Michael Pollan!

Debbie Young said...

Jamie: We have missed you...I know you will get back on the csc bus as soon as you are feeling in the groove. Falling off the horse is ok... just got to get back on!

Bav: Thinking of you, keeping you in my prayers. Post and let us know what we can do to help.


One Mother with Cancer said...

Love your ideas, where do you find all of them???

granola said...

Thanks for chiming in about recycling and animal shelters. I am so sorry for the loss of your beloved Jack! I understand how greatly devasting that is. My pets are family.
In continuation of our discussion, I think a healthy planet leads to healthy inhabitants. We need a healthy planet to grow healthy food, so we can eat organic/raw and not worry that our "raw organic" food is grown in soil polluted by runoff from a landfill or junkyard.
I love this community. I think everyone here is open to making this planet healthier in our own pursuits of personal health. Compassion for others also is key. We are blessed to be living in this country. As I type, the atrocities in Darfur continue. This is purely unacceptable. It is overwhelming to think of the troubles in this world caused by humans. We can help. Even if every person does just one thing to make this world a better place, it will add up. Recycling, green living, donate time, money, or items to a chosen charity. Reach out to someone. Educate people.
Kris & fellow bloggers--Thank you all for a creating a forum for such discussions!

granola said...

Just read today's news--2 mentally retarded women used to strap remote control bombs to, detonated in Baghdad pet bazaars--73 people killed.
Unimaginable. It has to stop.

Mary 50 said...

Ilike the idea of passing a healing package around. Sounds like positive vibes.

On a quick note: My daugther explained to me about hacking. White hat: Police or FBI theyprevent hackers from hacking into personal information. Grey Hat: someone who hacks for fun and pranks. Practical jokers. Black Hat: are people who try to shut down web site or blogs through hacking. I will put that word in my spam folder now. This will be the last time I mention it, because of the high the guy is getting over this site. Poooor sad person.

clint said...


You are too cute....

I love that with Life's big load that you carry, you are SO strong still to reach out to other people.

It gives me a warm fuzzy on Steroids that your dancing again !


Lauren said...

I need a major immunity boost! I think I'm sick cuz I slacked off a bit on my raw diet, but I'm not sure. I've started working with kids again, which always end up getting me sick. It's pretty frustrating because my future plans will have me working with children in hospitals. I am always going to be working with kids, so I don't want to keep getting sick. Back when I was 19 I worked full-time at a daycare for a year and was sick every other week. seriously. I know that's supposed to happen, but I thought I would've built up an immunity toward the end of the year. Nope! And I'm always washing my hands.
What do I do? Today I drank lots of juice, and ate salad to give my body a break. I'm hoping that along with affirmations of "I will be over this tomorrow" will help.
But does anybody have any other suggestions?

Now on a side note, this is an example of the kind of post I would delete because it's a little whiny :)

Barb said...

Thank you for all that you do for our sweet community. Me, I'm living la vida loca with all my canc and non-canc breath, one moment at a time.
om, om, om

granola said...

Ester-C. That works for me. I think you will like it. Some people like "airborne"--it is like an alka seltzer tablet. But it is herbs and can interfere if you are taking a prescription med. Let us know if you try it.

apoopslingingmonkey said...

Lauren~ this works amazingly for me- hope it will do the same for you- (if you are on a blood thinner-or have a condition that warrants risks of thinner blood then don't do this because oregano oil and garlic oil are natural blood thinners..(and actually most herbs are blood thinners, some can be taken, some cannot, alot of which can be taken with caution even if you got thin blood issues-talk to your doctor etc.)also disclaimer lol I'm not a doctor, this is just what I do for me and it works great.
I take Ester C 1pill 3x a day(its a form of vitamin c that's way easier for your body to digest), the huge thing is- Oil of Oregano! its a natural antibiotic that kicks major butt! with out the gross side effects of an 'prescribed antiboitics' lol. I get mine from gnc- in a tincture and I take 10 drops in morning and 2-10 drops at night depending on how I feel. (you can try just a few drops of oil at first of the oregano just to make sure your body is ok with it, because 10 drops is a lot at first-my body is used to it etc.)then I take 4 garlic oil pills (another kick butt natural antibiotic) 2 in the morning, 2 at night...take the garlic with the oregano oil..the oregano oil helps combat the the garlic odor breath lol! oregano works like a parsley in that it gets rid of odor -it really works-but don't take the garlic 'powder'pills or the garlic odorless pill, they are useless- it needs to be the actually oil of garlic for full effect..anyway, then i don't drink any coffee, but drink alot of antioxidant tea,lemon tea,echineacha tea,and i don't exercise while I'm fighting a cold/sick...conserve your energy and let your body heal...anyway i kill off a cold almost immediately doing this routine. Also as a side note oregano oil as an awesome natural anit-inflammatory and works great for pain. even arthritis etc. (my cousin has a bad knee and she takes 5 drops of oregano oil a day and it keeps all the pain away lol ...before the oregano oil she used to take IB brophen everyday, then switch to naproxen , and just go back and for for she takes nothing except for the oregano oil.)

apoopslingingmonkey said...

Lauren~ oh! and don't forget to be taking your whole food multi vitamins everyday.

apoopslingingmonkey said...

Lauren~ oh yeah maybe you can also take some Flavonoids! NOT! lol

apoopslingingmonkey said...

my friend did you get my comment on the other (final party)post yesterday? thanks for thinking of me! :)
I cant believe that crazy sad story about those women! that's just horrific!
I love how you are all about animal rescue! :) all my crazy lovely pets are rescues over the years :) 6 starving stray rescue cats, a rescue Labrador from a kill shelter, and an unwanted sweet lovebird lol...I got me a zoo here- but I love and adore them all!

Martha said...

Hey gang...I think we should probably stop using the "F" word, just in case this is on some automated system that's looking for likely forums. The more the word is used, the more likely the automated system might feel (if systems can feel)that CSC Town is a good place to set up shop.

apoopslingingmonkey said...

lol your right! I think I egged it on that time oops LOL, sorry kris!

Mary 50 said...

I am very calm, sitting by my community...then a phone call. Come in Monday for one more invasive test before surgery. I said "No" it is my body, and I am tired of the invasiveness of testing.

All day I have had an vision on my mind. All of us sitting on a huge wrap around, white porch, cream yellow house. Chatting over lemonade and granola bars. Mixing and making sure everyone feel welcomed. Fresh fruit slice laying on platters. A fresh veggie bar taking customized orders according to illness or health needs. Canser free children flying balloons.

Anne said...

Waiting to hear about Becky's scan . . .

Feeling lousy myself today. Have had stomach issues all week (related to Aunt Flo--for some reason, sometimes I bloat all up and my belly hurts for several days, like it's full of gas) and although yesterday was pretty good, I didn't eat a lot and last night had a glass of wine. Woke up with a headache and a hungover stomach. Going to go high raw the rest of the weekend, lots of juicing, no sugar or alcohol, and see if I can get back on track. Been into the sugar a bit this week, too, and that doesn't help.

In fact, I'm ready to rethink this "fruit til noon" thing I've been doing a la Natalia Rose. Because I don't have canSer, I didn't see a big reason not to do it, but I dunno that it makes me feel that good. But a green juice at 7:30 isn't enough to get me through the morning without getting lightheaded and woozy by 9:30. Anyone got any great ideas for raw breakfast that's not fruit and not another juice?

Anne said...

Mary, we crossed in cyberspace. Of course you said no to the new invasive test! Isn't surgery enough?!

I love your image of the house with the porch. I also see tall green limeades, straight from the juicer . . .

Lauren said...

Thank you SO much apmonkey!!
You're too funny. Maybe I will try the "f" word.

Ya know, we now have a new obscene "f" word. Cool right? I'm gonna use it instead of the other obscene "f" word whenever I'm frustrated.

Mama Manuscripts said...

Hey there,

I was sitting in a MRI scanner on a couple of occasions in the past couple weeks and it gave me lots of time to think of all the wonderful people on this blog. I love the energy.

I don't have cancer myself though my neuro brought it up 3 times during my last meeting (and that I should still consylt with a GP because it all isn't his specialty)...insane I think....but he just wants me to take care of myself and be aware of what's going on in this wild and wonderful body of mine ("as there are so many so many slow growing things out there we have to be vigilant") so with that I join the group.

MoreJoy said...

Lauren....The oregano oil is great. I also use it to stop colds in their tracks. A couple of drops under the tongue every few hours. I usually do this for two days. Pump up the probiotics and drink plenty of yummy green tea.
Be well,

capi's wiffle said...

Hello everyone.

Basic Me, thank you, you put a smile on my face today. I finally found a community I want to be a part of. I look forward to posting, reading and getting to know all of you.

found out today my bosses wife has canser, so the first thing I did after work was buy her a copy of Crazy Sexy Cancer Tips. I hope she enjoys it as much as I have.
I wil be thinking of all of you, stay positive!!!

granola said...

Holla to Poopslinger!
Love reading your posts! Way cool re: rescued animals. You are awesome! Also, never heard of the oil of oregano--I am definately going to try it! And yes, I did read your post on the last blog :)

Lauren--love your pic-cat sleeping on coat hangers.

Laura--No health ins? BIG problem in this country! Can't imagine you have to win the lottery--even then, no guarantee of coverage!

That reminds me, did anyone find this buried story (check, business)
Exxon Mobil Corp. on Friday posted the largest annual profit by a U.S. company - $40.6 billion

holistic chick said...

Kris, thanks for including everyone on your blog. I was so moved by your documentary and all the research you have done. I do not have cancer and I don't want to wait until I have it to get myself in optimal health. Thanks for giving us the tools to do that. I've been passionate about nutrition for years because of some health problems, but you're my kick in the butt to take it to the next level! I never thought to do wheatgrass shots or green shakes, now I love them...thanks! I'm even going to go to the Institute for Integrative Nutrition to spread the love and help others. I hope we can join forces to make a difference in the lives of many (of course, you've already done that!).
Thanks so much for your inspiration! See you in Charleston!

Good luck to everyone out there are amazing!

Sarah Mae Ives said...

I love Natalia Rose's book too and have been trying to keep up with the level three menu but, like you, I get lightheaded in the morning if I only green juice, then fruit, so I've ventured out to this Ani's Raw food kitchen which I've found some good recipes in.
You can actually watch the video on youtube and she guides you through the process. It was quite tasty.
Here's the link:
Good luck!

Mary 50 said...

Thanks, hard to stand up to people in white when you feel vulnerable. Good I am wearing my "she is trouble" pjs to the hospital.

I know about the fruit in the morning. I have been cheating and using brown rice to help me. I have to keep my strength up for surgery. don't want to do to much to soon.

As for pet rescue: Save a 10# dog.

Sarah Mae Ives said...

Oops!, I forgot to mention what the breakfast was on the youtube video link that I posted: it's a nut based "scramble" (almonds, sunflower seeds and more) that looks kind of like eggs in the end, served over baby spinach. I ate it for breakfast and it kept me very full.

Mary 50 said...

Forgot: I
too felt the cyperspace connection. It was spiritual.

On the white coats part, I must say that...Hey since we are in the neighborhood....and we could take that ??? growth out too.

Just Tooooo Much!!!

I have something to keep me busy. Two of my friends: one her dad needing prayer alhymerzes. The other, after one year marriage on the rocks.

I guess I don't have time to go quietly insane.

One of my babies sisters who battle a aggressive form of breast canser set up a spa day for me before surgery. God bless the girl.

Glomerulife said...

Hi All,

I truly appreciate each and every one of you and I would like you to know that.

I admire this community and definitely want to be part of it- i may not believe colonics have enough evidence to back it's benefit up but I am trying to keep an open mind and would not discourage someone in my practice from doing it,if there is no potential harm.

your words and your support on this blog give me great comfort. your desire for a strong healthy happy life can be contagious-esp when one is exhausted and forgets all about that.Your genuine support for each other reminds me of the good in this world and your honesty is refreshing.

I have lost a friend to cancer because of someone like the flavaperson, who sells false hopes.often i wonder if i listened then to her hopes of what macrobiotic can do and suggest ot her it is a great idea if she would combine it with chemo.instead i told her i did not believe there is any evidence this alone would work .I deeply regret not having an open mind then and tuning in to her holistic quest.Maybe if i have listened to her she would have listened to me in return and have gave her self a chance of recovery with another round of chemo after recurrence of her ovarian tumor.Instead she risked her life with a herbalist that claimed he had the cure! I am bitter ,sad and angry when i think of her. your community helps my healing process.I admire and respect your intelligent approach in the combination of modern and alternative med and not choosing one over the other.I am now a strong believer in the importance of promoting the integrative approach in my region,esp when silly voices similar to the flavo person are unopposed.The logical combination of two schools is the answer and you do not underestimate the person own power in the recovery process.(vs beleiveing it is all the meds/procedure.etc)

To me sexy crazy cancer the documentary , the book and the community.Is about all what Kris mentioned in this post . in all honesty I thank Kris for giving us a wake up call! to remind us through her story to push the pause button and re-evaluate what truly matters.It is also a chance to heal open wounds and not ignore them.

have a great weekend everyone

Glomerulife said...

sorry about grammer/spelling errors in my post
macrobiotic =macrobiotic diet

Sabrina said...

YAY!!! I'd love for that to be the first book ... it just so happens I bought that at B&N just the other week. Sounds very interesting. My life has taken some remarkable turns since becoming a part of this community. I have learned a great deal about life, health, strength and the power of love. This community is such a beautiful and bountiful source of energy that is available for anyone and everyone to tap into --- hop on the bandwagon! YEEHAW! ;)

Jenny said...

Because so many people think I am ridiculous to eat a vegan and/or raw diet it would be great if Crazy Sexy Cancer helped us find each other by if we choose to we could meet away from the computer. We could also form Crazy Sexy Cancer Lifestyle Groups.
I live in New York's Hudson Valley.

ElleBlythe said...

Thank you so much for the invitation, Kris. I've always visited your blog for inspiration, and your special brand of humour. Now I'll feel free to post. It's always fun to be new in town and to meet a community of diverse people. Yours is so very welcoming and enriching.

light, love, peace + joy,

Anonymous said...

Good morning family,

Since is is a favorite topic on this blog and I need to be "moved", I'm going to ask for your experiences and ideas.

Poo. I haven't in days and I have been stuffing as much fiber into me that I'm starting to feel like a cornucopia. Still, nothing. Combining foods properly (most of the time...dinner in my down fall), juicing every day, drinking tons of water. What gives?

Lauren said...

Hey Kris,

I am a subscriber to Natural Health magazine and every month they send me an email asking me to vote on which cover I like better. Today they sent me the one you are on!! I had to choose between the one you are on and another cover with a model on it.. of course, I chose your cover!! Yay! Can't wait to get this issue!!!

Debbie Young said...

Tae...go buy a fleet enema, fill it with pure water or add some wheat grass...after a few tries at it you will feel lighter and not so stopped up.
Sorry, it works!

Jennifer said...

Tae -

Do you take a probiotic? I take one everynight before bed and it keeps things moving along.


Jennifer said...

Reem -

You can't take responsibility for your friends passing. That is just not fair to you or her. You were being a good friend to her and giving her the best advice that you had. Maybe another approach would have worked, maybe it wouldn't. She would not want you to be feeling guilty. I am watching my father-in-law pass from cancer right now, and I hope I can follow my own advice. Not because I'm trying to talk him out of this way of fighting cancer, but because I can't talk him into it. He just won't eat vegetables. I'm trying to make peace with the fact that it is his life and he needs to do what he feels is right for him. The best we can do is be supportive and wrap them in a blanket of love.


Cathy Bueti said...

Good Morning all! So good to be back and no longer a lurker! It is nice to have a warm community to come to share, learn from, and inspire. Callie, thanks for shout out! And I must say that I have never been so excited for someone I didn't know! Although I feel like I have come to know you through reading this blog. I am so very happy for your good news!! You must feel amazing girl! You rock! And what an inspiration you are!

My dad was diagnosed in April with pancreatic cancer. He had a successful surgery, although he opted not to do the chemo they recommended for him. The doc said 8-12 months without doing the chemo. But who knows. Unfortunately he is not into this kind of stuff. Our relationship is not a close one but I still try to tell him about all the great things that I am doing for my health. It is so frustrating and sad for me to know that he doesn't seem to want to do anything to get well. I know all of this would help....I so believe it. But I guess you can't make someone else see it. I guess it is that part of me that just wants to save him. I know that I can't but the little girl inside me still wants to try....
Thanks Kris for such a wonderful inspiring place you have created!

Hugs to all,

Cathy :)

Mary 50 said...

Reem..I am so sorry. What an awful feeling when we think we have let someone down. Then they are can we do our the patch up work with the dead?
I too have had a close mind. I am being tested for ovarian cancer. Ovarian cancer has a small survival rate. 20% even after all the chemo and surgery. No guarantees. So diet, exercise ect will give me an extra edge.

Do you know I can't find one ovarian support group in town. Their just mostly breast. Most ovarians don't survive even with the best tx. Because it goes to you colon next and so on.It was a blessing to see in CSC to ovarian canser beaters.

I saw what chemo has done to other family members. Not pretty. Canser tx can leave you with PTSD. A second and third round would be hard to do. Emotionally, physically or spiritually.
Also, sometimes white coats give no hope, So what is a person with canser to do to feel a little power: diet exercise, vitamins, boosting the immune system is all we may have. It gives us hope, control and sense of powerful;over a somewhat powerless foe. I truly hurt for you. Hope you can find a way to make peace with yourself. Your friend I know is in a better place. Like my cousin Stevie who died of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma after he refused a second dose of chemo. I tried to save him. Puny me. try to save him. He had made his decision and had peace with it. I supported him, I supported him in something I knew was wrong..

Basic Me said...

Good Morning Everyone. Can you believe it is Saturday. What a week.

M.h.c.- if you need to call someone at 3 am and need a voice call... honey.. I hate the hospital as you all know. Anyone here is a line. I am here and will certainly listen..251-648-6510. You may have to leave one message and I will call back asap. I truely believe that you did the right thing. Here is the way I think about it. If we do not say no to the medical establishment sometimes we feel so powerless. My oncologist knows I need time to think over what will be done to me. He threw a lung and lymph node biopsy in on me and we went 9 rounds. You can always go back for that or have it later if needed. Take your time it is your body. How are you? I hope all is better today and you can hear the birds singing and the sunshining. Almost over darlin' I am holding your hand thru cyberspace.

Becky-I am holding my breath waiting on your to check it. I know all went well. But I am still praying and sending you all the ggod vibes I cam thing of.

OH Anyone who needs an ear just call.

Sherry... shake it baby shake it!!! Congrads my gorgeous friend. WHOOO hoooo.. what a land mark.

Jamie february is going to be your month darling. You home will be your own private canyon ranch spa. Perfect foods prepared for you on your on fav. dishes crack out the china and crytal. Long baths with new books and spa pedis and mani on demand. You get control of the click and can sleep in the middle of the bed. Dont worry about the cookies and the choc. all of us need a holiday and you had one.. just get on the good food horse and your feelings will sore. Make them die over the bod... summer is coming and feeling good and being in the sunshine will make life seem like it is perfect. I am sorry you have gone thru all of this. Sometimes God just clears our paths becaue he has something sooo much better in mind for us.. eve though we cant see it.. Just wait miracles are coming. And be ready and lovely from loving your self for a while.

Laura... I am going to give you a beatin' no... call me asap.. this is what I do honey.. get meds and treatment for folks who dont have insurance and help them get on some insurance. And we might be able to lobby a bit and get you on that plan. GO TO and write me and call that number. Now dont worry if you dont want to.. that is cool too. But seriously I may be able to help. It is worth a try. If nothing else we can get the meds paid for for a year and that can give you some relief and some good care.

lauren you are ahead of the game. Look in the back of Kris' book and there is a list of healing food books . Go to Debbie does raw who posts here web page.. she is amazing..on the foodie stuff

Anne- eat.. will die on wone green smoothie in the a.m. find something on the diet. Saute greens and warm tofu or miso soup is so good in the morning although watch the soy.

Reem- I know the fear that goes with the colonics.. But honey if I may be a nut. But Kris said I will would feel better so I did it and am doing it. Enemas and all and by gingo it works.. Gets those toxic particles out of your body. Take it slow. Start with the enemas.

Oh and on the subject of getting things out of us.. aloe is amazing.. Duncan takes a lot of meds for pain and that causes things to pile up.. so this has helped him so much. One Tablespoon of aloevera each morning and voila.. working like clockwork.. we both are. Now that the diet is in full swing the problem goes away unless under stress.. Tae honey you are under stress.. add some aloe and relax .. walking helps to.mobility = motility. shake is baby. I hope all is well with you.

OK.. ladies.. spread the word about being able to help on the health care end.. and medicaid and disablity and extra food stamps if you need them to help with the high cost of eating green and 80/20 it can be expensive while sick. I am not saying I can help everyone but I do this all day so if you guys need me you go to the front of the list your my family.

Clint.. hugs.. I am dancing today on my new leg and singing all day at the top of my lungs I kissed the dragon!!! I cannot wait to read your post.

Duncan sends his love. It will be a hard day for him today. The mail didn't bring his prescriptions and his morphine should have arrived. Life.. so we may be biting the bullet today. But with all the blessings we have had.. he is happy.. and he is superman.. he would never ask for prayers but hey.. you know me..

OH and Kris' you can add askimet to your site. I think it is a download.. you can open it to approve all bloggers except some with the parameters your put up.. just words or phrases.. It works great. Duncan wanted you to know that and you don't have to approve each message. Ask your web people about that.. if you want. OK.. Love you all. Sorry this is long. I have been missing you guys ...

Jennifer my love.. you are inspirational... gooney is one of my favorite wordss... it means precious.

Peace love and veggies.

cancer cowgirl xo said...

Welcome all new lurkers! WOW, WOW, WOW. Come out come out where ever you are. This is great! Couple O' things before the next post (which by the way will be by my Crazy Sexy hubby - yup, he too is a lurker who really wants to chat now.

Granola - you bring up very import issues so I must officially elect you to the town counsil. True empowerment is a result of fierce activism. Couch potatos don't make leaders. So funny you mentioned the exxon earnings. I have been physically ill this week especially when I read an article in my local paper about people being forced to give up, abandon, or euthanize their pets because they can no longer pay for the feed due to the high price of oil and gasoline. But hey, Go Exxon!

When we start to take better care of ourselves we shift our consciousness, we push away the fog and notice our precious green earth turning brown. If we mess that up then where will we get the nutritious veggies so needed for our alkalinity? The distorted and vicious power we have over the weakest members of our global community (especially our animal pals) creates a devasting pollution that is both spirit and physical. "Give it to me now, use it once and throw it out, I'm rich and I'm all about me so screw you." Hmmm, very immature don't ya think?

This is such an important time in our countries history. Who will we elect? 100 more years of occupation and suffering in Iraq or a new regime with hopefully some new ideas and a few apologies? And how about some frickin' healthcare! I'm sick of lining the pockets of the drug companies, how about you? How did we come to live in a country where doctors are forced to ask the permission of corporations? Hmmm.
PS. Republicans and Democrats are BOTH welcome in our town. This isn't about further isolation, it's about an honest conversation so that we can all make choices from an informed place.

Cancer is an inner global warming, our flowing rivers turn stagnant and our terrain wilts - depleted and barren. As we clean up so must we clean up the world around us. Recycle, reuse and conserve. It feels so good to make a difference. go granola! Keep the chat going love.

On another note, we all walk our own paths, we can preach and praise all we want but we can't pull the flower to force it to grow. we can't absorb the burden of changing a man/woman. Bottom line: The only time we can truly change a person is when they are in diapers! Change is a personal revelation/revolution. The light bulb switch is located on the inside of the individual challenged to wake up.

Let go of the guilt and the frustration. When I was a macrobiotic nobody could tell me that I wouldn't be cured from rice. NOBODY! I had to find out on my own, to carve my own path. Some folks will never believe in the power the body has to heal itself. Bless them. Some folks truly believe that western medicine is the devil. Bless them. Our truth in this town is that we must remain open to both as we educate ourselves and take responibilty for what we can.

To answer a few other questions:

Yes, we will have a location on either the forum or the new site where you can list your location and create an actual meet up support group! Recipes too.

Tae: In a pinch you can also try Solaray's Cal/Mag Citrate 1:1 ratio. I take 6 before bed when needed and yes, a probiotic too. I think you are just stressed and holding for obvious reasons.

To everyone waiting for test results this week: Breathe.....right now, breathe......The town will rally around you. No matter what you hear, you have a home and a place here.

Ok, off to the dump to recycle, then Brian and I are going to the bookstore to get started on the book club selection. Maybe the gym too. yuck. More soon....

Mary 50 said...

I was feeling lousy since the two day detox. So because it is before next weeks events. I am going slower. I was having the worst headaches and sugar cravings. Lot of fruit here to help that. I do you balance sugar and the lightness in the brain. Udo Oil?

Melons for not pooing.

Glomerulife said...

Dearest Mary ,thank you for you words and as a white coat I would like to share something with you,SCIENCE IS NOT COMPLETE AND STUDIES ARE NOT PERFECT. What you were told about if you take 100 women with ovarian ca and follow them post chemo for 5 years, around 25 will be disease free after 5 yrs is true.However remember this is a mixed bag it is the 80 yr old woman with 20 yr old assumed to be the same.the aggressive tumor with the less aggressive.The main problem is not the aggressiveness of the tumor but th late diagnosis.PLEASE DO Not LET any number affect your spirits.when the test results are back you will know where you stand and will deal with it then-we are here for you .. to share the joy of knowing the results are negative and to support you if they are not.
you are not alone.

Regarding chemo I think the perception of some people of it is worse than actually going through it.when I worked in the oncology floor and rotations some people had the biggest optimism and greatest strength-one of my friend's reasons to turn away from chemo is her fear from hair loss as it happened the first time around. I see women defy CanSer by refusing to be affected by that .. not only they wear the nicest scarves and hats one even went on to designing her own lounge collection ( where PJ and matching head pieces - oh and did i tell you she lived way beyond the months we white coats expected- she is one hell of a woman ,still alive after 6 yrs :) from meeting her, she meeds maintanance chemo every 3 weeks..)In other words you are thinking of the dark side of chemo, but even my friend was canSer free after chemo for some time and she would have gone to remission again if she gave herself that chance.Chemo can silence a cancer and all the tools you mention diet,healthy lifestyle ..etc can help someone through the process and better prepare them for the journey.

MARY ,I HAVE ONE REQUEST please listen to a number quoted as a percentage of cure or whatever and remember no one person is a number
the number is just a POSSIBILITY.the more i work the more i believe it.

Regarding support groups , there are a few online and one on facebook.I reached out to them when my friend made her mind and one of the ladies was nice enough to e-mail my friend and share her story which was similar.She also mentioned her mother who also had the tumor failed natural remedies alone and was combining the two treatments.
I googled ovarian cancer and had many groups. all i joined at that time but cannot remember which exact one Holy was from.

Thank you gain for your support and you know i mean it when I say we are really here for you if you ever need us.

Jennifer..thank you for your words ..the blanket of love is where is hurts . bcs we had a huge fight when she made her choice .. i told her she had no right to be suicidal and the argument went own .. we did not talk for a yr before her death after 20 yrs of friendship.this is one of the things i am trying to come to peace with.

all the best veryone

Mary 50 said...

Forgetful me. On the subject of poo. This is quite inate...when a person is losing a lot...they hold onto a lot. It happened to me and hubby when we were with abuela.

Mary 50 said...

reem, thank you for the reassurance. I feel better now.

DianneR said...

My husband also has pancreatic cancer & had succesful surgery, but he is doing the chemo. None of his doctors ever talked about time with us, thank God. I feel that with his treatments and by following a healthy lifestyle & diet he will be fine. All we can do is give it our all. I'm sorry your father doesn't want to do anything right now, but pancreatic cancer doesn't have a good outcome, maybe he just wants to enjoy the rest of his life without the side effects of the chemo. Maybe he will change his mind, but that is something only he can decide.

Dr.Sue said...

Hi All,
Wow, what a group!
I, too, have been disgusted by Exxon. Until we all do our part, these huge oil companies are going to suck up way too much money. When I walk here, I usually go through a park that has lots of games going on on the weekends. I counted in one row, 15 out of the 16 cars are huge SUV's. Also, lots of Hummers down here. I'm not saying if you own an SUV you're an awful person, but in Scottsdale AZ you really don't need one! I've driven a Prius for 5 years & people always ask me, does it have enough "pick up". If I was racing in the Indy 500, I'd have to say no. The car is great. The newer ones get better mileage, mine gets about 46 miles per gallon, I guess the new ones can get up to 60!
Before this car I had a VW Beetle, so I guess I am a hippie! (LOts of people will comment on my striped pants I wear, I can't help it, I'm addicted to stripes!) Not exactly professional wear for a pharmacist, but I wear the toned down ones when I'm working.
Callie, can you have Duncan's Dr. or an Urgent Care clinic write him a couple day Rx to get him through?
Kris, going to check out Pollan's book today on my long walk can cut past the book store. Good ideas you have for future topics.
My best to all. Sue

Debbie Young said...

To Mary and all others who need a ray of hope and a liter of support STAT!

For support go to Daily Strength.. it is an online community... you will also get tons of support from give it to me another online community.. I have a group I lead called cancer survivors..come join us! Lots of hope there..
On the subject of HOPE.. the best four letter word next to LOVE:)
I am listening to a book on tape that is AMAZING and it is written by a hemo/onc it, listen to it.. just get it... It should be on your hit list right after Kris' CSC.. you need it in your arsenal people.
It is called 'THE ANATOMY OF HOPE'.. and it is freakin amazing to hear all the case histories, including oncs that came down with the very same diseases they treat...their responses will suprise and enlighten you. The author is Jerome Groopman.. I am sure the library has it.

Hope is so important, it is all we have, it is what Kris gives us, Callie, Tae, Goony, Bav, Jennifer, Lauren, Cllint, Micheal, they all give it to us.. we need it like we need oxygen. Hold onto the hope, never let it go.. it will be your miracle drug.

love you all
Come Vist Me!

Dee said...

Tae- There's been SO many good suggestions for you, and while you say you've been drinking loads of water, anytime I'm 'backed up' I try to drink more than 1 gallon a day. Yes, it sounds like a lot, but it does your body good!! Besides that, I agree with everything everyone else said, Aloe Vera Juice and Probiotics are a God send but so are yoga, walking, Tai Chi and swimming. The more you stress about the 'no flow' zone, the more likely it is the 'no flow' zone will be out of business for quite awhile. As difficult as it may be, flood yourself with liquids, and give yourself a break! It's like anything else, the more you focus and harp/worry about it, the more likely it won't happen just because of the stress etc. A watched pot never boils you know? A watched colon never poops! It just has stage fright!

Jennifer said...


Guilt is never a rational thing; it distorts all the faculties of the human mind, it perverts them, it leaves a person no longer in the full use of his reason, it puts him into confusion.
by: Edmond Burke

You were in a very emotional state of mind and made some decisions that you would never have done so otherwise. You were terrified of losing your friend. Now you punnish yourself because you think you need to suffer. The truth is that you made those decisions out of love and your friend knows this. She wouldn't want you to carry around so much pain and guilt because it will make you sick. Guilt is toxic. I don't want to make this about me, but trust that I know exactly what you are gonig through. I punished myself for a long time, and did end up getting sick. Your friend loves you and wants you to live a long, happy, healthy life. I'm sending you healing vibes today.


Jennifer said...


First I'd like to remind you that the studies done on the women with ovarian cancer were probably not done on CSC women who are healing their boddies with nutrition! So forget any numbers they have given you. You are not a part of that. Keep fighting with greens girl!

Secondly, I have to tell you I love your big wrap around porch and pale yellow house. It happens to be on my bucket list. I daydream of a house like that all the time. I can taste the lemonade.......mmmm!

Calming, healing vibes coming your way!


Glomerulife said...

Hey Kris,

I see what you are saying and agree with it.however from that experience and the sense of failure.. comes the drive to build the Arabic health information help people make educated her herbalists , the voices that sell dreams need to have a loud counter voice to say"this what we know ,and you have that option of using the best of BOTH worlds"

The web site i showed you is just one of the tools we will use,current URL is a demo ( talked some colleagues into it) .I am now trying securing the funds for it as it will be a sponsored project.when it comes to medical and health conditions it is very important ,i believe, for people to have resources in their own language.I will definitely keep you posted and everyone else here. you because I want your voice to be heard in another part of the world .it can make a difference. why share this with everyone else here, this is the happier ending I want to my story/smile .and It will happen, intended launch date is late 08.

for the health educators here,I found out from the pharmacists what they use when we consult them regarding drug/herbal interaction
i find the monographs complete .
other people here may find it beneficial, however it is only safe to use something after you talked to someone who understands your overall condition.

hell i am beginning to sound like i am at work! .. sorry guys

going for some green tea and veggie shopping

Jennifer I appreciate every word you said and will keep it in mind, i agree with you ..i am trying t change the negative feelings to a positive energy..trying and will succeed but it is not easy as u know.Thank you !

have a great day everyone

Jennifer said...

Callie -

SHUT UP!!! Are you serious?! I had no idea that is what gooney meant. I just love the movie (goonies). My license plate even says goony (someone already took goonie). My favorite line is Goonies never say die! I love the whole message of that movie. Now I can smile more knowing it means precious!!!


Dee said...

Jennifer! That movie is MADE.OF.AWESOME. While I agree with what you said, I love that it means something sweeter (goony) I have to admit I too was thinking 'BUT DOWN HERE IS OUR TIME! OUR TIME!' and then going off on that big speech in my head. I know all of it by heart, I must have seen that movie at least 45 times. I was obsessed when I was little.

Jennifer said...

Dee !

Yes, Yes, our time! LOL!! I was 12 when I first saw it. It was during the summer and I was spending a month with my grandparents. I watched that movie probably every day that month! Then about a year ago I bought it on DVD and now my children are hooked too.


Jennifer said...

Kris -

Amen sister! I watched Oprah's show on recycling and going green and it made me a believer. There was a woman on the show that reminded me that just because the garbage men take our garbage way, doesn't mean it really goes away, it just goes someplace else. I went out the next day and bought 4 bins to put paper/plastic/metal/glass into.

Please to go to find a recycling center in your area. It is right at the top of the page, just enter your zip code. It is simple! I found bins at for $9.00 a piece that stack, and have a flap that opens up on the top. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.


Martha said...

Hi all:

Did you notice the post from our friend in the Netherlands asking who is removing his/her posts? The gall amazes me so much I have to grin at it. If this person was so eager to be a member of the town, he/she would have picked up on the string that maybe a billboard might not be the best way to say, "Howdy neighbor."

Now that we're on to movies, I see from Mary's own blog that she's a big fan of You Can't Take It With You. I LOVE that movie! The first time I ever went into a theater in a bad mood and came out in a great mood was when I saw that movie at an art house showing classic Jimmy Stewart films.

I'd also like to recommend Joe Versus the Volcano (don't run me out of town! the popular opinion is that it's a terrible movie but it's brilliant! And it's all about fear and embracing life) and Defending Your Life

Re Pets: There's a fantastic story in today's NY Times about a no-kill sanctuary in Kanab, UT, which is taking care of Michael Vick's pit bulls. (Talk about "immature," heh Kris? Imagine someone explaining his brutality as immaturity, which is what Vick did)

Anyway, the reason why I bring this story up right now is that the dedication of the people who work at that sanctuary is profound. And, what I do for a living is write about people who love their work.

Work, like exercise and nutrition, feeds the soul. And people who are in the wrong jobs are putting themselves at risk for soul cancer. But people who are in the jobs who are right for them can really change the world!!

This is my special cause in life: Restoring hope and bringing work wisdom to people so that their health in this aspect of their lives is robust.

If you know of anyone who deeply loves their work, will you let me know about them? And if you want a pdf of my first book, Find Your Calling, Love Your Life, let me know and I'll send it to you.

Hoping this didn't sound like a commercial, it's just my passion and I wanted to share it. Especially since we're talking animal rights and politics. The joy of work is also an essential topic to health living!

I just love you guys and am totally hooked on Our Town.

Martha said...

Speaking of pets, my oldest friend sent me this link. Evidently it's one of those sites where the more you click, the more money is donated to animal welfare organizations. This one seems to be legit (I tend to be pretty cynical about those "click to give" type sites)

Laura said...

WOW this is getting better and better.
Hello to ALL and thank you!!
Jenny, I am in So. Oregon a bit far from you but maybe there are others out this way that want to hook up.
Tae good luck! And it sounds like things should get moving soon with all the great info you are getting. After my surgery the drugs put me in the same place your in. After a month I had to do colonics. I was great…..and the relief.
The thing I have to remember is to chew chew and then chew some more. Before cancer I would put the food in my mouth pop a few holes in it and swallow, chewing my food well helps me.
Boy isn’t it funny how the smallest things in life can have such a BIG impact, chewing, deep breathing, and laughing.
I love it!
MHC I am right there with you, I have been looking for lung cancer survivors, seems there are not many around. I did not want the chemo either.
My hospital experience was a nightmare, GOD was with me this one day when I asked what the nurse was giving me in my drugged stupor, she said its something the Dr ordered I asked what and then told her I never heard of the stuff and I didn’t want the shots, she insisted and I told my son don’t let her give that to me, thank GOD my son stood up and told her to leave and get the Dr right now. It was the wrong meds and would have been lethal. I have PTSD also.
I know how you feel when you say having some power over this, eating the right food, exercising, going within and being still doing these things is giving me some power in choices I can make.
Callie thanks so much for reaching out, and everybody else too. I put your number in my phone and would love to call and chat, I am afraid I wouldn’t be able to stop crying right now but there will be a time, I will try and send you a letter also.
Thanks again to all and my very best to all.

apoopslingingmonkey said...

treat cancer~
Seriously, you are hilarious and annoying all at the same time. Who are you?? Why do you think you can treat cancer with your product? I have been to your site several times and all you are selling is nothing more than what a few fruits and vegetables can do...whats so special about your vitamin c? whats so special about your flavonoids? and I'm honestly asking you theses questions, not to be sarcastic... if I can get the same amount of flavonoids by eating some oranges and blueberries right now- why bother buying your product? who have you cured from cancer?

Dee said...

Martha- I COMPLETELY agree. That's why I not only work (and am horribly in love with what I do) but I also volunteer. My volunteer work, is what makes me feel That's the only way to describe it. The work I've done in South Africa, Haiti, Egypt, Pakistan, Korea and especially here in the States, is the most meaningful thing in the world. Of course the world travels are on hold thanks to the wonderful c but it's still very much in the plan to get back ASAP! For now however, volunteering includes lots of ASPCA, RAINN and mentoring, as well as helping in food kitchens as much as grad school (WOO HARVARD YAY) and work allows. Sure I may be 'overdoing' it or 'pushing' myself, but I love what I do and I'd never give it up for ANYTHING in the world, let alone something like canSer. Mmm mm, no way honey.

And LOL @ Joe Vs. The Volcano!!

Anonymous said...

Listen well...

I'm not selling any product. Flavonoids (quercetin) are very cheap and they are sold in vitamin stores. This mix is in theory a 100% cure for cancer. I can't make any guarantees ofcourse. Yes you can eat flavonoids by eating fruits, but you would need to eat about 500 apples to obtain the amount of flavonoids that is from supplements.

This is like a new treatment protocol. Hopefully it will wipe out all cancer cells.

Debbie Young said...

No You Listen "treat cancer".. If you are a real person with a real cure WHY do you spam this site like an a**hole????
We are an open minded holistic type community but your tactics have made your site a sure failure with us.

Wish you would "come out of the fl. closet" and be a real person who we might learn from.

There.. I feel better.

Martha said...

Well done Debbie!!! I've been tempted to write this guy an email off-blog but then I thought, "who am I to speak for the whole group?" even though I'm pretty sure I'd be spot on, as they say.

So snaps to the Debster!

leenda said...

The only person not invited here is back? I'm telling Clint,lol

Debbie Young said...

Hey martha
Thanks for the snaps! fyi to you all: you cannot contact 'treat".. the email address does not work.
Hence the frustration level of us all at not being able to directly tell him what is what.. and yes, it is a him.

Come out come out wherever you are "treat".. we welcome a real person, if you can stand to be real.

Martha said...

Kris: Here's a topic I'd love to see you explore...Debbie's reaction to TC brings it to mind -- The Fighting Spirit. First of all TC's advice to "listen well" made me want to hurl (can we say "arrogant?" I knew you could) and Debbie's response, "no you listen" made me want to hurrah!

A moment in your film that really struck me was when you expressed your rage, and I'm wondering what the impact is on us all when we feel like we have to endure beautifully (like Darryl Hannah repeatedly said in Steel Magnolias: "Freeze beautifully") like doing anything *beautifully* shows that we're in command of the situation -- sailing through any situation like Queen Elizabeth -- what *is* in her purse anyway?

Reading "listen well" pushes the same button that gets pushed when I hear "what you need to understand is"...that just sends me into orbit . And it brings out the warrior princess in me.

None of us can endure beautifully like Ali MacGraw did in Love Story. Especially when we're being talked down to. Or told to be good children and just take our meds because Drs orders only to discover a close-call mix-up, like what happened to Laura.

While nothing makes me feel less attractive than a full-fledged "mad-on," I then think who says we have to be attractive all the time? I say, let your rage flag fly.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kris,
Thanks for the warm welcome and encouragement to share. I would like to pursue an educational program in alternative healing/nutrition/detox methods discussed here, in your documentary, and in your book. I find myself struggling to explain the new choices I have made, to become a healthier and happy person, while talking to friends and family. I would also like to pursue these topics in my writing with a deeper understanding of their inner workings. Any suggestions?
Thank you:)

clint said...

I heard my name leenda, and I came.....

DO NOT Make me open up a Can of SPROUTS on you !! . . . or it'll be Wheatgrass Shots at 20 paces


Lauren said...

Hello everyone! Miss you guys. I've been busy so I haven't been able to keep up with the conversations going on.
Just wanted to let you all know I'm thinking of you.
Hope everyone has fun on superbowl sunday and super tuesday!!

Speaking of lurkers, I've been wondering what happened to Librarymom?? Are you lurking? Hope you're well!

cancer cowgirl xo said...

Martha and Debbie: You go girls! let those rage flags fly. Rage to my = passion and it is better to let it out then to stuff and force it to marinate into disease. You think the moments I showed in the film were real? OH NO! The moments on the cutting room floor were the ones that include flying plates and tear tornados! And let me tell you, I did not look very "pretty" - i looked HOT to trott! LOL! Real women, with real feelings and real emotions and reactions rule!

Now Steven Chang AKA Flavs. Dear, we really appreciate your efforts to help us with all your research. How about you be respectful and kind and let this community simmer down a bit. Hon, you have a good heart and you mean well but your tactics are backfiring. Post as yourself, hang out, cut the flavs push and then we'll all welcome you.

Gang, lets get back on track and move forward with grace, think Jackie O. I check the blog 2-4 times daily (if I'm not on the road) I'll just keep deleting if this problem continues. So ignore and just scroll down for now. Soon we'll have a secure place with membership. I wish I could move faster!

Sundari - love, the kind of education found in this blog comes from self education. I got my holistic health educator certification at the Hippocrates Health Institute in West Palm Beach. I have also studied at The Tree of Life. I think they have a masters program. Most if not all of what you need you can and will find on your own. Traditional schools often push traditional out dated information on nutrition and wellness. hang with us, you'll learn aan awful lot. xox K

leenda said...

Oh good Kris and Clint to the rescue!!!
Poor guy,he'll never win,plus so much to learn here.Hope he takes advantage of that.

He said 20 shots of wheatgrass,that cracks me up.

treegal said...

Hi all,
I've never blogged before but this site is so wonderful. I'm a two year survivor of breast cancer and am so glad to find you.
Thanks for all the great support and information Kris. I loved your book.

Mary 50 said...

Kris, sounds like you are very busy. On the road alot. Take good care of your immune system. Take your techno breaks also. As for the rest...just let it go. I raged the other night. I was just tired. A lot of stress. I keep asking myself what can I learn from this experience. What can I teach from this experience.

leenda said...

Sorry Clint I slaughtered your funny,was laughing too hard.My bad.

Rebecca said...

Thank you for the invitation to the porch! I stumbled across your site just a couple of weeks ago and have been sharing it with my many loved ones who have been affected by cancer. I don't have cancer but in the past year it seems that my whole life has been altered by it. Both my husband's parents have been diagnosed with cancer in the past year. They are both in their late 50s. And my dear friend and business partner was diagnosed with lung cancer in April and just passed away on December 11th at age 39. Kris, your comment about the power of the mind and why one person makes it and another doesn't really hit home for us. Of all three of my loved ones diagnosed last year, my mother-in-law's prognosis was the gravest. She has pancreatic cancer. We just celebrated her one year cancerversary (thanks for the term Kris!). Her cancer has not grown or spread. Out of the three, she has been the only one doing a lot of integrative healing - naturopathic treatments, she's completely overhauled her diet and has been doing intense spiritual and emotional work, primarily N.E.T. - neuro emotional technique. She held off on chemo because her oncologist said it would give her a mere few extra weeks as her cancer was inoperable. Her response was "whoopdeefuckingdo!". She set out on her own journey of healing and has an incredible, invincible attitude. After many months of intense naturopathic treatment, it became clear the cancer wasn't spreading as predicted so she started chemo in the summer. We are so grateful that the cancer seems to be in check and hope that it continues. I just wanted to share that hope with anyone out there with a seemingly hopeless prognosis. I know my family and I thrive on stories of hope and encouragement. I send you all love and prayers.


Basic Me said...

Hey Gang,
No notes this evening. Just wanted to chime in on a few things. I think as humans we all have a call. I also beleive that Through our experiences all of us dicern our calls in life. I love my life. I love my job. I have had so many. But this is my passion. Now what really pisses me off is that daily... many many times daily I am contacted by men and women who are dog sick and cannt find medical care, food or meds. There are children out there going to bed without heat because their parents had to buy medicene. And milk.. Although we all know that milk is bad.. and causes all kinds of mucus and yuk.. most american families with children buy milk daily. Now just think if milk here is 5.69 a gallon then men and women are working one hour minus taxes for less than a gallon of milk. We are in a war that sends our vets home with inadequate care and they show up on my mission steps just needing a hand up.. tools to work with or a way to get thier meds.. because the va is so backlogged. Unless you were special ops or an officer ..

tangent.. the mail ran late and why the universe is blessing us so much I have no idea but Duncans meds came and voila the worries are over. He is feeling much better and having his granola snack before we have our salad.. He has done some shopping therapy today and has enjoyed himself immensly. I confess my husband is a shop aholic. haha Anyway.. I am so grateful and so please. Yes his dr. would have written a short term med.. he just didn't want to bother them.. Thanks for the prayers

Anyway..I am lost now. I got my limited brain off the subject.

Like all of you I am so into recycling. I am so tired of plastic bottles.. come on.. those are my pet peeve.. how many can you use in day.. It is redundant. And exxon dont even go their. haha

Clint.. I would love to see the kickass sprouts.

Well I have to head off just wanted to chime in. I am programing a computer for a gift from the mission to a young client.

I am looking forward to the new book. I bought it today but haven't started it yet.

We need to begin to build a few homegrown co-ops.. find organic produce and purchase in bulk.. if you have friends on this think about it. My friend and I are saving tons by purchasing thru the farmers market or the growers. It took me awhile to find the right people but if you have a group in your area. Think about it most farmers markets have organics and will let anyone buy they just have to get the case ... so save the packaging and split the cases up between several friends.. Much cheaper and saves on gas and the hunting and fetching fresh things al week. Just a thought.

Well. I am off to spend some quality time with dear old duncan and he sends his love and blessings. Callie
ps sue got your notes thanks for visitng the site. it is getting a major over haul this week. Neat stuff coming. You touched my heart so much and thanks for the congrads.. love you all.

Mary 50 said...

I am glad Duncan recieved his meds. I get migraines and have to keep norco in the house. When I am out, I am out.

Checking out you profiles= alot of nice people in this small world.

More milatant shopping today...chocolate robe to go with my leopard slippers and lime green pjs. I am really going outside my color spectrum. And it feels great.

MY hubby bought me a AMD notebook to take to hospital. Now just to sneak it in.

As for bulk Pollans site has local coops and farms.

LauraB said...

Well hello my crazy sexy friends! It is nice to be back. I recently made a trip back to the Farber in Boston and officially graduated from having to back there every 3 months to every SIX! I don't have to go back until July! Woo-Hoo! Tomorrow morning I am off on a litte get-away with my husband to San Fran.....should be a blast. I am really looking forward to it!

One of my biggest pet-peeves is the ones who seem to know-it-all and have the end all cure. If there was an end-all cure-all none-of-us, with or without cancer, would be here, trusting and embracing this so special community. I had people tell me if I did certain things that I would be cured of cancer and spared chemo etc. I was not going to gamble on my life that way. I have way to much to live for. Sure, I will listen to research and listen to claims with evidence, and be very open to innovative nutrition and alternative healing, but to claim that one product can cure cancer is just plain and simply ignorant and disrespectful to ALL of us here. I really love this blog and it does keep me focused and grounded in so many ways. Hang tough group! Thanks for your continued open and loving thoughts. Kris has started something extremely powerful and I am very proud to be part of it. Lets not let ignorance ruin that for us.

Kris, one of my best friends, Jill, makes jewelry, specifically spirit-locks. She told me that someone met your parents at a wedding and gave them one to give to you. Did you receive it? Jill really wants you to have one. She made me one when I was diagnosed and I really don't take it off. It may sound silly but it was made with such love and I know it keeps my healthy spirits in and wipes out the bad. The spirit locks are from Thailand and the story behind it is that when one gets sick there spirit has gone a-stray. The spirit lock keeps the good spirits in and rids the bad. Before cancer I wouldn't have believed it, but now I feel naked without it and can really feel the power behind it. My sisters wear the same one as me and it keeps us all bonded. Holding on to something like that is so powerful. I hope you received it and I hope it can bring you as much strength and good spirits as it does me.


Sophie said...

Hello amazing people!

I haven't posted in a while... Hope you're all doing good. I am still cancer-free (YAY!!!!!)

I am living like I mean it, as Kris says, moving a lot, rediscovering the amazing machine that is the human body. Give it love and veggies and it'll be happy!

Sending you lots of love from snowy Montreal.


Sophie said...

Oh, I forgot, I registered to the Weekend to End Breast Cancer, walking 60K in 2 days this summer. I have to raise $2000, I'm aiming for way more!

I am bribing friends into walking with me, promising them a pink FUCK CANCER tank top if they join...!

Anyone else walking for the cause?

Sophie... again!

Laura said...

Here is a company out of eastern oregon, they deliver way out in to iowa, minnesota, n&s dakota, nebraska,montana, wyoming and all of the west n&s.
I have bey doing business with these good folks for decades, they have a great choice of organics and tons of it. check out there web site and policies. they deliver once a month and they are very honorable folks.this place is great for neighborhood coops, they deliver right to your door if you are on there route, 400.00 min. order. i have a group of folks that buy as a group, pick up at a drop off point. take a look!
my best to you all

Iffat said...

We just came back from an appointment from a Microbiotic Counseller and read your post Kris. Guys please tell me can Brown rice really be the cure of all inflammation (in our case Allergies).
it would be great to hear, what you think about Microbiotic especailly Kris if you could please tell me.
Thank you guys
Tomorrow I am going for shopping for the microbiotic way of life.
would be waiting for your responses.
Thanks you all

clint said...

Not to worry leenda !

(I knew what you meant ;-)

Our Crazy Sexy Cowgirl handled the situation with pure class.


clint said...


Love your posts, your a blessing sweetie.... you have a heart as BIG as Texas !

. . . and you don't wanna see the 20 paces thing, it can get messy. Hope 'Flavor Flavs' got the message.



Mary 50 said...

Good night all. My md gave me ativan and some ambien cr...sleep, sweet sleep to all.

Drinking lots of fluids to flush them out (the meds). With CHF I have to stick to a 1 liter of fresh, agua purificada.Much love to everyones hearts. Mary

Lori Ann Edwards said...

Hi Kris and all,
I saw you on Oprah and was so impressed with how you've changed your life and are helping others.
This is my first time posting and hope you have some words of wisdom :)
I don't have cancer, but my mom died last year of it and I have a friend age 37 with it. I think we all know someone right?
I have been struggling for a very long time with my health and everyday is a struggle for me. I just found out I have Celiac's disease, which has caused a whole bunch of health problems. I know I've had this my whole life (I'm 35) and I'm glad to have an answer, but the healing process is so slow and draining. Every day is a struggle for me and I feel like I'm dying most days. The past 2 years I've been around and around with doctors and natropaths and supplements just trying to get well. I have 3 young kids to raise!
Yesterday I was thinking and complaining to myself :) about my health and how I'm doing everything right to get better, yet I'm still sooo sick. It dawned on me how negative I am and how horribly I talk to myself. I started to question if my poor attitude is what is keeping me so sick despite all of my efforts to get well. Do I just tell myself I am healthy and strong even if I don't feel it? Is this the key Kris? Anyone? I welcome your replies. Thank you for all you do.

Lori Ann Edwards said...

Hi Kris and all,
I saw you on Oprah and was so impressed with how you've changed your life and are helping others.
This is my first time posting and hope you have some words of wisdom :)
I don't have cancer, but my mom died last year of it and I have a friend age 37 with it. I think we all know someone right?
I have been struggling for a very long time with my health and everyday is a struggle for me. I just found out I have Celiac's disease, which has caused a whole bunch of health problems. I know I've had this my whole life (I'm 35) and I'm glad to have an answer, but the healing process is so slow and draining. Every day is a struggle for me and I feel like I'm dying most days. The past 2 years I've been around and around with doctors and natropaths and supplements just trying to get well. I have 3 young kids to raise!
Yesterday I was thinking and complaining to myself :) about my health and how I'm doing everything right to get better, yet I'm still sooo sick. It dawned on me how negative I am and how horribly I talk to myself. I started to question if my poor attitude is what is keeping me so sick despite all of my efforts to get well. Do I just tell myself I am healthy and strong even if I don't feel it? Is this the key Kris? Anyone? I welcome your replies. Thank you for all you do.

cancer cowgirl xo said...

Igrade - Hi honey and welcome. First of all, are you cutting all the gluten out of your diet? How about dairy? Are you juicing green drinks? Are you cleansing your colon? Perhaps a good probiotic and some aloe will help you. Like anything new, it takes time to adjust to the GF diet. It is natural to mourn old food habits for a short time. Stay focused on all the foods you can eat. Yes, attitude is everything. Remember food is fuel, we need to change our attachment to it, find new joy in activities, spirituality, movies, walks, fun, joy, friends, books etc. Sometimes I feel like I need AA for chow! It's hard but it can be done, all you need to do is to change your mind. Stop yourself in your negative thought tracks and reprogram a smile. Remember, your mind is a radio station. What is your DJ playing love? Go grab a spiritual book and dive into it when you feel weak.

Iffat - Healing is never one size fits all. Every person has a special path. That said, for me, macrobiotics did not work. It was a great place to start because it got me off the standard american diet. But long term (and I did it strictly for 2 solid years) it left me depleted. Raw foods is far superior for all the reasons we talk about on this blog. When you cook food above 118 degrees you kill the enzymes and deplete the vitamins and minerals. Macrobiotics doesn't advise anything raw, no supplements, no water, it is a grain based diet that can be very acidic. I can't agree with this approach. But that is my personal opinion. Others find it very helpful. You must decide on your own.

Anonymous said...

Alraight, I won't write that much about flavonoids anymore. Only sometimes but you won't notice it that much.

Mary 50 said...

Reem I read your profile. Are you really going back war? I am so proud of you. Willing to go as a physcian. Though I do feel sorry for you too. But I know you will help out a lot of people. I will be praying for you. A best friend always lays down his life for another friend. You are laying down your life for strangers...I respect that.

Mary 50 said...

Callie=tried to leave you a email through your profile. I failed. I am to shy to call.

Mary 50 said...

A question for the community. I am taking a big risk here. I having a hard time being romantic with hubby. I am to into myself I think. Did anyone else feel this way when they were waiting for DX.

Dr.Sue said...

As Kris stated everyone has to find out what's best for them. I've heard macrobiotic for Celiac, however I think most important is anti-inflammatory, so decrease or eliminate all animal products is most important. How about combining macrobiotic with raw if you're not comfortable going all out with one or the other. It's hard to go 100% raw. If you'd like, you could try raw until dinner & then macrobiotic in the evening. Just a thought.
Keep reading, experimenting & listen to your body. Kris knows her stuff. As she said, it may be different for you as you have a different condition you're dealing with. This is a great place to start!

Lori Ann Edwards said...

Thanks Kris for your encouragement. Yes, I have eliminated all gluten and dairy and am juicing. My doc's say this is a long, slow process. Right now I will focus on being more positive. Be well.

clint said...


I wanted to suggest taking 'Turmeric' (yes, the spice) for the anti-inflammatory issue. This root is an amazing fighter against anything that's inflamed. I am surprised it's not spoken about more.

I take 2 capsules of it 2x's a day, it's harmless, and doesn't bother digestion.

Also, MSM (the sulphur mineral) would help you condition tons.

I am in agreement with Kris . . . . Macrobiotics, is a good place to start...but... I did notice early on that there were a lot of pale, anemic people walking around the community, and they were assuming that they were all fine and well, when in fact, they needed vitamin and mineral supplementation.

I was told by a counselor early on, to take supplements (and I did) and decided not to become one of the "macro-neurotic" crowd, and eat plates of brown rice everyday.

Listen to you body, it is ALWAYS right....and is speaking to just needs to listen.

hope this helps,


Sandra said...

Clint, you kill me. Flavor Flave?! You are even down with the pop culture references! And your RespectKris messages are still making me laugh. Callie is right, we all have a secret crush. Our boy is smart, funny, health-conscious...and ladies wait 'til you see a picture of him all growed up...handsome as George Clooney, our Clint! Dude, are you single? 'Cause my best friend is awfully cool...I'm kidding. Mostly. You are in Texas and she is in NYC. Otherwise, I might be trying to play Yenta.

I'm SO happy to meet all of the new posters! Special shout out to DUNCAN!! How wonderful to hear from you! (You're welcome about the coconut oil.) ;)
And welcome to my sweet sister Monica, who is hilariously shy about posting (not shy at all in real life). She was so worried about me when our dad died and wanted so badly to help. We were at her home in Michigan and she had friends and church peeps constantly stopping by, bringing food and comfort. Since I haven't lived there for years, it appeared that I was alone in my grief. But I told her how much support I was receving from this amazing blog community. So, she eventually checked it out and got hooked herself! Monica was on Oprah, too, by the way, the same show that I was on.

I am so grateful for this group of cyber friends. It really is amazing how much you can come to care about people you've never met in person. When I read Callie's news, I spontaneously said to my husband "my friend Callie is cancer free!" He said "have I met her?" "No," I said, "but neither have I!"

lgrade, try using the words "I am in the process of___" as you are learning to change your thoughts to more positive ones. "I am in the process of healing my body, mind, and spirit." "I am in the process of turning my negative thoughts into positive ones."

Praying for you, Beth/Bav. Check in, please.

Holisticgal Jen, are you ever coming back?

And Lori the librarymom, where'd ya go?

Love to all y'all, esp my sistress!


Debbie Young said...

Hey Mary
I found that after dx my love life was hard for me...there is a part of us I think that goes inside and hides a bit..I tried "fake it till you make it" hubby has been paitent. Try not to shut yourself off from him..maybe talk about it and change the way you function in that area ie: maybe you need a foot massage first or just a cuddle some nights or an open ear to listen to your struggles.
He needs you too...maybe listen to how he feels about all this stuff..sometimes I think men deal with hard feelings through sex-trying to feel better. Clint? is that true?

Love is magic...but it takes a bit of negotiation sometimes.
hope that helps a tiny bit and remember Mary you are a warrior queen and you need your soldiers with you in this fight!
PS clint I started on MSM crystals.. tumeric is next..I am supplement shy I think:)

clint said...


Yes, there definitely was a suspension in the love life area for me, as there was a lot of healing going on in different levels of myself (Mind, Body, Spirit)

For me, my body basically went thru an emotional 'Colonic on Steroids' (if you will) and the bigger picture was that it wasn't a time for pleasuring ones self, but rather a time for healing, and letting out the old (emotions, toxins, etc...) much like when you see those little strip malls getting renovated, and you see the brown paper on all the windows, not being able to see inside. Basically saying, "Closed for Business... be back soon"

I was on Predisone for 3 years, and my kidney's and Adrenals were kaput . . . and the thought of kissing a girl on the lips at that time turned me off so much, I thought I was losing my mind. I won't go into too much detail here, but let's just say that it was a few years of Celibacy for I started noticing the curves on a woman

There is MUCH change going on inside me.

I think a lot of communication has to come from you to your partner . . . focusing on "feelings" for a while, as opposed to physical pleasure.

It's a time that the relationship has a chance jump to the next level, taking a break from sex, and looking at what's in the Heart of each of you.

Then, when the time comes that you are Well, and ready to be present, and make Love again... LOOK OUT !!!

Rest up ! ;-)


Dee said...

CLINT! Prednisone is a miracle drug and the devil incarnate at the exact same time, I swear it. And I completely agree with what you said.

Communication is key, it really is. And not just talking at one another but talking WITH one another. You both need to be respectful of one anothers wishes, wants, whatever. You need to have an 'open forum' so you two can really hash stuff out but be sure to have some kind of 'safe word' (yes, this is in Kris' amazing book) to which you are just getting to too hurtful of a place. It works, I swear it!

Everybody has their own battles, survivors battles aren't the only ones that matter. And I'm not saying any of you walk around thinking it, but it's a very humbling experience to remember that your pain is your own, and the person next to you on the train has something just as trying as you, and the next five people down the way as well.

Wow I don't think that made sense!

Grendle said...

Hi Everybody!

I had an appt with my oncologist this week and he is such a cool guy, was asking about my wheatgrass and raw food stuff so I brought my juice bar friend with samples. I don't know where it'll go from here, but I was amazed at his open attitude. My juice bar friend also is making some calls to see if she can get fresh juice offered at the snack bar. That would be SOOOOOO nice for patients and family stuck at the hospital. We also took wheat grass juice samples to the chemo room (my very last treatment!!!) and the nurses were VERY interested. I was extremely happy with the outcome of sharing...made me a little braver to share some more. I back off when I get that "are you crazy?" look, but some of them want to know more, so it's worth the risk.

I have x-rays and bone scans next Friday, the 8th, but I'm 99.9% sure they'll be clear. Still, if anybody wants to have a good thought for me that day...thanks.


Jennifer said...

iffat -

I just want to back-up Clint's suggestion of MSM. The disease that I have causes major inflamation, and I started taking MSM back in September. It literally changed my life. Please do try it. There are no side effects or drug interactions.


Mary 50 said...

Clint thanks, others thanks and keep sharing on this one it is helping me. I guess I just want to hug. I just finished my second dose of pred. I feel dead inside. Now I know why. I never thought it may have been drugs. body is changing alot because of the tumor. I am going through losing "my female parts", it is affecting me more than I thought. Plus all the other drugs to keep things in kilter.

Lauren said...

SJ! Where is this pic of Clint all "growed up"?? Gotta see! Luv me some George Clooney.
Sorry Clint, not trying to embarass you.
Speaking of having friends here, anybody on Myspace?
Add me if U want :)
I'm also on facebook.
Cheers! I'm about to go to a superbowl party! What will I eat?? I'm eating an avocado salad before I go. Yum!

Lauren said...

Hi Mary,
I can't offer you any advice, but you came to the right community. I'm so glad you have people here to help you out with this.
Good luck with everything! I'll be rooting for you.

Martha said...

Clint: Now I see why everyone has such a crush on you. Your open-heartedness is so endearing. Plus that bow tie, well, who can resist that?

This is apropos of nothing really, but Clint's repeated references to a multi-dimensional healing is prompting me to wonder: how many of us are adults who grew up in emotionally or physically abusive families of origin?

I, for one, was -- mother an alcoholic, father a covert case officer for the CIA (ever see The Good Shepherd? totally accurate as an emotional story) -- and even though I don't have canSer, I think there's a shared journey here of finding a new place in the world after an emergence from (or during the process of emerging from) fear and there's a shared sense of a rebirth of a new identity that comes from putting a stake in the ground and saying, "No, I'm going to do it this way. Thanks for the suggestion though."

So. Anyone have a rocky start in life? And if so, do you think it relates in some way to what you're going through now?

SusanHope said...

Hi Kris,
I am a hippy lurker. I saw you on Oprah, bought several copies of your book and gave them to friends who are fighting cancer. Your humor has saved me from the blues so many times. I brought a copy to my infusion center to show the nurses and some of the patients.

I am a two time cancer survivor. I had brain surgery in 2001 to remove an oligodendroglioma tumor and just celebrated my 7th year anniversary. I asked my neuro-oncologist at the time if there was a cure. He replied, "Only if I die from something else." However, I am now fighting rectal cancer. I had surgery with a permanent colostomy in Sept. 2007, and have just finished my 5th chemo treatment of Folfox.
I want to change the enviornment in my body so that cancer can no longer survive. It's my temple and I'm going to embrace it and decorate it (one of my goals is to get a tatoo when chemo is over in May.) Your book has helped me greatly to start on a kick ass natural healing path. I'm a microbiologist by trade, so all of this ought to come naturally to me; however, with the chemo, I don't want to drink or eat anything. I have to override this thought and work at making healing shakes with whey protein, etc. My biggest problem is my motivation and TASTE right now. I don't own a juicer yet. Any suggestions on one to get that is easy to clean? I have next to no energy right now.

What I really want is someone to come into my home and prepare meals for me, lead me in meditation, yoga, take me out for walks, etc. I know that that someone needs to be me. Just not there yet. I feel like a little girl.

Another book that I have found extremely helpful is, "How to Prevent and Treat Cancer with Natural Medicine", Dr. Michael Murray, He is with the "Seattle Cancer Treatment and Wellness Center".

Blessings to you for your search and perseverance. You have been an inspiration to me and to so many others.

Love enough to conquer fear,

granola said...

Kris-thanks for the vote! I just am very concerned about this planet, and I know that the people of this forum are just the ones to help in this plight. As I walked out of the public library this morning, there on the sidewalk, a styrofoam container with leftover food just tossed aside. It is sad. I toss it up to ignorance and a self-centered view of life. So my advice to all is to educate all who will listen re: your healthy lifestyle and the importance of a healthy planet & treating others with respect & compassion. I get the same odd looks from coworkers when I spout off, but I just make a joke at the end and say "stay tuned for the next installment of the world according to me." But actually, you'd be surprised, as you are being outwardly dismissed, you will touch a chord in some people. I recently took a collection for a local charity at my work & the response was wonderful.

As far as Exxon Mobil--the way to beat them is to support alternative energy sources. Solar and wind power. Biodiesel. Change your lightbulbs, unplug your microwave, and carpool/take public transportation. Reduce, reuse, recycle. Yes--it matters. It might be "inconvenient" but it is worth it! BTW, soon an electric/plug in car should be available--imagine--if powered by solar energy no more gas pump! No more reason to fight over oil! OR drill in Alaska!

Martha--Yes, go to the and there are six very worthy charities--breast cancer, healthcare, literacy, rainforest, hunger, and animal rescue--just click once per day and these charities receive money from their sponsors. A very easy way to help make a difference!

Thanks for this forum! Peace, love, and veggies, & a green planet for all!

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say that I am a huge supporter of the book club! It would be wonderful to share the reading of Michael Pollen's book with this community. I'm sure it would spark some great conversations. I am struggling to understand which produce is best to consume and which organic companies to trust. I used to think that Whole Foods only supplied organic produce, but I am wiser now. There is so much to learn and this blog is a huge help.

Becky said...

A quick note, then I will take the time and read what I have been missing this weekend!

Scan results: liver tumors are stable and there is no spread anywhere else. There are two possible new spots on my liver, but my doc is feeling that they are not tumors and could have always been there. The scans may never have really showed them before. We are going to hang on to that for now.

staying on avastin and switching to Cytoxan. then scan in 3 months. Anyway, I was too tired and drained to visit my cancer cohorts, but here I am. Can't wait to hear the new stuff!

Take care everyone.

Mary 50 said...

Speaking of Ophrah..this has been my vision all day. A followup show where we allget to meet on one her back porches. Wouldn't that be killer. I am seeing the vision now come to life.

Dr.Sue said...

I, too, am a turmeric & MSM user.

Have you always used the capsule form? I've been buying it in bulk & adding it to food. I'm not certain what the best dose is, but I'd get more if I went to capsule form, wouldn't I? I know Dr. Andrew Weil has touted turmeric for a number of years, as well as ginger, feverfew & black currant oil.
There definitely are more choices out there besides Prednisone & NSAIDS, however, I realize sometimes those are necessary for certain conditions but have can have some horrible side effects.

Grendle, your doc sounds cool. Good luck with the scan/xray results.

Going to watch the Superbowl. It's crazy down here with the FDR golf & Superbowl going on. The brown cloud that hangs over Phoenix is really bad this week. Yuck!

Laura said...

Hello Kris and cyber family,
please excuse me for jumping right in like long lost family, but right now that is right I need a family in the worst way and you are it.
I would like to share this web site, it is
this is a place that can tell you the ups and down of organic. Hope it can help in the confusion about organics of who to trust and who not to trust.
my best to all,

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