Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Future looks bright!

I am blown away by the overwhelmingly positive response to the film! What can I say? Speechless. You melt my heart, I'm proud and humbled for the opportunity to hold up this crazy sexy mirror for you. On behalf of Brian and I and the other Crazy Sexy women in the film (my heroes) deep bow, thank you.

I love this quote: "My actions are my only true belongings." Amen.... So let's get busy ya'll! I want to take this title wave of energy and turn it into something useful for each of you. I will take the next few days to sift through your thoughts but I think we really have to start a national posse! Right? I got 950 emails today! We just need to have a tea party in a STADIUM!

We CHOOSE to be empowered participants in our healing. Each of us has that power and no matter what happens, cancer cannot take that away. I am so happy that you were inspired, it makes me walk on velvet clouds. But there is much to do and we have a long way to go. I'm sick of the box, it's broken and we have to think outside of it.

I will be on my book tour for one month (make sure to visit) but when I get back it's time to move some mountains. I have a few ideas up my sleeve and plan on collaborating with some amazing folks (including my friends at The Urban Zen Initiative), in order to change the way patients are viewed and cared for. Can you imagine if it was hip and crazy sexy to take this journey on a mind, body spirit rocketship?

What are your thoughts? Tell us! Workshops? (with fabulously fun and sparky nutritionists, healers, experts and guru's) Crazy Sexy Posse Support Groups? A forum on the website? I will be working on the resource section over the next month and there's also a great section in the back of my book. But you all need more! So many of you have emailed me about nutrition and integrative medicine, and next to smashing stigmas, health is my passion. Folks, what we consume is bigger than the chow; it's what we eat, drink, THINK and FEEL.

Some of you shared some real dark times but CSC made you feel a little brighter. Everybody's singing some kind of blues! Being human is truly tricky. But there is so much we can do to make energy deposits instead of withdrawals, to soar rather than sink. So as long as I still feel fantastic, I'll keep spreading the soulshine. Let's create a laser beam for change, a beam that is so focused and bright that it burns and glows into a ray of light that washes the planet and tickles the collective giggle.

Electronic hugs,

PS. If you'd like to see the show again, the sweaky wheel gets the oil. Email or call TLC Viewer Relations department at: (859) 342-8439, or on the web at:


gip said...

thank you you so much for your work. i only caught the the last bit of it but it was enough to make all the differnce. the day b4 i found out my cancer was back and my options were not too bright...the self-pity set in HARD! but after the show i just decided that -gosh darn it- from this moment foward i was going to consider getting the big "C" the best thing to ever happen to me. hey, if nothing else i am a more interesting person for it. im ready to give myself and others the attention and love i was just too busy and mad to before. i got alot to figure out now but i just wanted to thank you for the kick-in-the-ass i needed.

Lauren said...

Hey Kris,
I'm 22 and was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma in May. I can't tell you how many times I said "That's exactly what I'm feeling!! That's exactly what I think!" while watching CSC. Thank you SO much for sharing your journey through the crazy blessing/curse that is cancer. My whole family loved it.

As for suggestions for the Urban Zen Initiative: would it be possible to not only provide support groups, but also coordinate empowering activities for those living with cancer? like your trapeze experience for instance? That would be fantastic!!!

Keep up the good work :)
Lauren in Delaware

Anonymous said...

I stayed up wayyy late last night to watch your movie because I only caught a little big of it when it premiered. I'm so glad I did (although I was dog tired this morning!) It was wonderful. Congratulations to you!

kat said...
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kat said...

kat said...
Howdy Kris,

Well, I can't say that I am a cancer cowgirl, but I have a number of crazy sexy friends who are going through cancer and I am happy to be there for them. I just wanted to say that I was lucky to catch you on the Today Show and I was actually late for an appointment because I was inspired by your interview and wanted to watch the whole edition. A day or so later I was flipping through the channels and there was your documentary. Again my plans changed to see this amazing work of art. The next day I was telling everyone about this wonderful documentary and throughout the day others would say what I said - "Hey did you see that great documentary called Crazy Sexy Cancer..."

I just wanted to say thanks for the inspiration...I am really upset becuase I missed the first section of the documentary, but I have already let TLC know that we want to see more...

Well, I know that I can use all your amazing tips in my daily life. I work with children with severe disabilities and I know that as a teacher and a support system for these students and their families we all can use a little CRAZY attitude to get us through!!!!!!!

August 31, 2007 12:42 AM

Go To Girl said...

Kris - I watched your show to hopefully gain insight on how to better support a friend of mine who is (and has been for over 18 mos) facing stage 4 lung cancer. I gained so much more from it than just that! Thank you for allowing the world to travel your journey with you, and teaching all of us that no matter what, this life is ours to make into what we want. Good work sista!

Episcopollyanna said...

Kris - thank you so much for the film and book. My husband and I just finished watching it (we recorded it). I cried several times but also laughed a lot. ("What about Hitler?!?!?" - LOL)

I've posted here before, but I'm a 2x survivor of bladder cancer coming up on my one-year anniversary of the day I had my first symptoms. Like so many others here, I can't tell you how many times I related to you and to the other women in the film. The piles of books, the handfuls of pills, the wheatgrass, macrobiotics, yoga, the tests, all of it.

I really want to write more about it on my blog but, well, I'm still a little verklempt, I guess.

Just ... thanks.

Melo said...

Kris, the film was great. You are a beautiful woman and married to a beautiful man. I am very interested in browsing your whole site for some of the resources you mentioned in the film. I am not sick, just afraid of being sick one day, as we all seem to meet illness at some point. I really loved your attitude and it's inspiring.

I'd love to send you a little sample gift of my art, and I'll see if you have an address in your site to do that.

Peace and health,

PS: no address found, so I'll email you soon.

Anne-Katharine said...

Hi Kris, You are fantabulous!! I love your style. I was 25-year-old when I was diagnosed with Thyroid cancer. At ages 31 I was diagnosed with leukemia. well rather than fighting I am truly living. I have a long ways to go, but I am so inspired by this wonderful man. I have the desire and intention to be a survivor. Life is a grindstone, and whether it grinds you down or polishes you up is for you and you alone to decide. Having someone to love is a wonderful feelings, he is my inspiration everyday. And you inspire me!! Take care.

Hugs to you!


Peter Miller said...

TLC. Crazy Sexy "C". Saw it. Loved it. Loved the style. Love your attitude. Love your somewhat unique/groovy charcter - charming and affecting. Done.... :). My sister died of Leukemia (APL) 9 years ago. Often feels like yesterday. I found your film hard to watch at times but harder not to. I missed the tail end (it was 1:30am or so, I tried :)), so I put in my digital voice (email) to re-air on TLC. I hope they do. Keep on keeping on.

Jenngie said...

I wasnt able to see your movie due to not having the station it was on, i'm really hoping you have a dvd of it available soon.
I'm currently in radiation treatment for breast cancer.
i'm 37 nearly 38, i will be finished with rads 3 days before my birthday and hopefully finished with the conventional treatment part, yahoo!
Thank you for being such an inspiration to so many!
Jenn from Maine

Anonymous said...

Hello, Kris. Just noticed you stopped by my blog, A-Train Hockey. After reading a little of your blog and web site, I must say I am honored. Thanks for stopping by and good luck and best wishes to you.

lifeisagrandslam said...

You're a top search!! I was on this morning, and "crazy sexy cancer" was #7 on their list of today's top 10 searches! I'm so excited that this has captured so much interest (and rightfully so)!

P.S. LOVED the film!

Scared Bullony said...

Hi Kris,
I'm Joe AKA (Scared Bullony) I'm 47 and on my birthady Aug. 29 I went to the doctor to get a complete phy. I've been feeling tired for about 6 months, then I noticed a pain that felt like a brusied rib.
To make the story short, in the chest x ray one lung has what the doctor called a "mass". I'm no doctor but I could see the difference in the two lungs.
This morning I jumped on the web of information, and either my chance or faith, I find you. I'm sorry to say that I missed your TLC special but I'm sure TLC will run it again.
You are light years ahead of me with your knowledge. But with my desire for life I will absorb any information you share in your book.

Thanks for sharing your life stories.
Scared Bullony

Holly Brooks said...

What more is there to say but thank you. I am also young....I'm 30(also a photographer, although still perfecting and learning the art it has become my passion). When I was 23 I was diagnosed with a stage 2 tumour in my bladder. I was pregnant at the time with our first son. I like to think of him as my little angel since he wasn't planned but without him there I might not have been diagnosed in time. Since the first tumour I have had five surgeries to remove other tumours.
I have felt everything you showed in your film and it was so nice to see another young "healthy" cancer chic who didn't take cancer as a death sentence.
I have taken so much from the film....I am no longer going to be ashamed or embarassed, I am going to embrace it for what it is. I have way to much to live for. Three beautiful sons an amazingly supportive and incredible husband, and so much more.

I will not let cancer win.

Thank you and thank you again.


Sam said...

I just wanted to say what an inspiration you are. I really feel fortunate to have happened upon your documentary just as it was coming on t.v. I was just amazed that you could have such a positive attitude about such a devastating diagnosis. It served as a reminder that maybe my problems aren't so bad.

I'm so glad to see that you're doing well. And congratulations on getting married! That was so great to see. I hope you'll both be tremendously happy.

I hope you'll stay in touch with your new found fans and keep us all abreast of how you're doing. I'd be especially interested to know if you feel that any of your special diets are having any effect on this disease. That's something we could all benefit from.

Good luck in the future. And keep on smiling. You've got a great one!


HipChick said...

Crazy Sexy Cancer was inspiring. To watch you and your many friends you have met along your journey makes me believe that there is hope out there in this crazy world we live in. To many times we are made to feel that we need to hide illness becuase if people knew that you had the big "C" or any illness that everything has to change. Your friends and you prove yes life does change but is also goes on. One continues to have joys and sadness, heatache and love.
Kudos to you Kris for all your passion you put into your project and the passion of the phenomenal women you met along the way.

madarin said...

Hi Kris... Your movie was incredible! I cried with you my dear. At least mine is something I can fight and beat. you have all my thoughts, prayers and good vibes coming to you and your "24" little issues. I am a 46 year old married mom of one, and I was diagnosed with breast cancer on 7/11 of this year, and have recently begun my chemo. I have taken great strength from your movie and have told everyone I can about it. Some of the ladies in my support group saw the film as well. You are a great inspiration and I feel honored that I was able to watch your film. AND I WANT ONE OF THOSE FUCK CANCER HATS!!! Love and Peace to you...

Darby in Florida

redsox33 said...

When I saw the previews for this documentary, I knew I had to watch it. Your "sole" came right through and I felt as if I was walking this journey with you. I lost a cousin to Lukemia, and have learned more as to what he went through living with it. You seem to be such an incredible gift to the whole world, and thank you for sharing your story with me.

Katie Free said...

i didn't even plan to watch your documentary the other night. i had seen your commercials and thought " this girls nuts. whats crazy and sexy about cancer??" but i'm glad i watched it. you are such an inspiration. cancer aside, your personality is like balloon of happiness wherever you go. i just loved going on your journey with you and am so excited for you and your life ahead. ANd with your husband!! good lord is he precious! it's amazing how God planted him right in your lap(or behind your camera) exactly when you needed him. i hope you feel the love from everyone around you, cause its there!
blessings to you,

juls said...

Hi Kris-

Thanks for sharing not only your joy, but your struggle- and the struggle of the other women in the film as well. I watched it with my brother who has been in denial about my cancer and wont talk to me. Finally we had dialog! At every commercial break, I'd say "When I did that... " or "In my case..." and I had his complete attention and respect for the first time. Hooray!

I agree with Lauren for the Urban Zen Initiative "empowering activities for those living with cancer; like your trapeze experience for instance." I also struggle with money for things like yoga classes and acupuncture- insurance wont pay! It would be great for insurance to acknowledge these as valid treatments. said...

AmyHazForHope said...

I am in my second round of treatment in two years for breast cancer and I travel 5 hours to the Cancer Treatment Centers of America in Zion, IL from Indianapolis because they offer mind, body and spirit attention as well as Naturepathic Oncology in addition to the traditional medicinal approach. They are awesome and are the only place I've found that addresses all issues. But, I still see the HUGE rift that exists between traditional and alternative cancer treatment approaches and am desperate and willing to do anything I can to help bridge the gap...

With that thought, as an effort to give back and during my first bout with breast cancer, I developed a line of breast cancer and other cancer awareness note cards. Check out my web site at (the cards can be purchased on line and 10% is donated back to patient care foundations and cure research funds) and email me to let me know how I can help you help the alternative cause!

Thanks for putting a voice to our disease and giving so many of us someone to relate to. You are an inspiration!

Amy @ Haz for Hope

Nancy Wehrell said...

Hey Cowgirl:
Loved the movie! You should continue.
How do we turn this into a series??

I would love to see a forum or geographic support groups formed. Have you ever done any work with YSC?

We have about 20 new members in Orlando...I would love to host some type of event highlighting your book or movie.

rachel276 said...


We had a little sassy girl viewing party at my house even though it was my last set of "down days" after my 8th R-CHOP chemo for Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. My friend who just finished treatment for Hodgkin's Lymphoma, my roommate, my-girl-wednesday (I have a friend who comes EVERY wednesday) and my sister all piled onto my now well used sofa (B.C. it looked new, but I have thoroughly broken it in now) to watch your documentary.

Your film was inspiring to me as well, as I bubble up from the depths of 6 months of chemo a 31 year old single bald woman, looking to create a sense of normalcy in this world that will never be rose-colored for me again. I alternate between being jealous at all of the clueless singles bopping by my window in downtown Atlanta...on their cell phones, making plans for their next date or drinks with girls...and being so-so grateful that I received a wake up call (sometimes affectionately known as the BFC-Big Fat Cancer-smackdown)to the beauty and fullness of life and my precarious but much loved place in it.

I was always a vaguely healthy fast food, lots of veggies...but then there was the take out and not buying organic. But now I have become so so careful. Our food has become a joke in this country. EVERYTHING has high-fructose corn syrup in it. THAT is NOT a food group! They can put just about anything in what we eat if we don't watch them, and WHO IS watching them?

I've made the choice to buy as organic and as non-processed as possible (and I pay a pretty penny for it), but what about most of america who can't afford to make that choice? Why don't we realize that the old addage of "crap in, crap out" applies to our bodies too? I think that its no wonder that the incidence of cancer is on the rise in this country, and especially in our strong "child bearing" population.

Thank you for taking us along on your journey... (by the way, your dad seems to be a very excellent guide...he has got the details SEWN up on the HOW to drive to the doctor's, how to tie the was very cute...everyone needs a job in this thing called cancer, to feel like they are helping)

Feltalive said...

WOW - It's about time!
I was diagnosed with a rare salivary gland cancer on Valentines Day of 2005 at the age of 40.
After getting beat up by powerful fast neutron radiation to my face and jaw I was told that I would lose the ability to produce saliva as well as lose flexibility in my jaw. I was given drugs for the saliva and exercises for the jaw. Much to husband of 20 years' delight, I threw out the drugs and the doctor's advice and mastered the art of the BJ. It was the best therapy ever! I am now cancer free and have nearly full range of motion in my jaw and produce nearly normal amounts of saliva. Crazy Sexy - Heck Yes!!

kate said...

You are a beacon of light. I would love to see you in California on your book your. Did you ever think of reding at the Bodhi tree in West Hollywood. Anything I can do to help with crazy sexy workshops . retreats... the wholw revolution, I will be there
Thanks for all of it

postmaster said...

I watched your Documentary the other night. AMAZING! You are a shining light on this Earth. I might be in love with you! hehehe.
Great work and continued love and health to you!

Nancy said...

I just ordered your book for a friend of mine who recently found that she has pancreatic cancer. I saw part of your show one night and found you to be an inspiration. I am hoping that it will help my friend to deal with what she is going through. She is such a sweet, bubbly person and we want to help her stay that way. If you have any tips for friends helping friends go through cancer please let me know. Thank-you!

PinkRoses1 said...

Dear Kris,

Although I'm not a Cancer Cowgirl, I lost my very dear Aunt Rose earlier this year. She was 47 and died of lung cancer. When I saw the promos for your documentary, I was reluctant to watch...but I'm so glad that I did. Your documentary gave me a unique account of what my aunt may have been feeling and going through at different stages of her cancer (tests, chemo, feeling yucky etc.) that she kept inside. I cried several times as I was picturing my aunt expressing those feelings. She faced her cancer head on--and faught until the end. Her journey would have been an amazing one for you to follow. She was so brave & very humorous throughout everything.

Your work is truly amazing here. Thank you for your ability to show cancer in a different light. It's still a horrendous disease, but it doesn't define the people we love. My aunt would have been inspired. But since she's not here, I wanted to let you know that I am.

Thanks so much,
Colleen from Ohio

mk said...

I didn't mean to watch it. I determined that I would NOT watch it. I accidentally stumbled onto it, and I couldn't change the channel.

You rock. Your message rocks. The whole...dare I say...MOVEMENT rocks. 'Cause it IS a movement girl. It is a flippin' movement. The documentary and the book and the...attitude...are going to change lives.

I really believe that.

Jess said...

I am a 3rd year internal medicine resident who is getting ready to start a Heme/Onc fellowship. I watched your documentary last night and was truly touched. I can't wait to read your book. I intend to use you as a resource and inspiration for my future patients. You TRULY ROCK!!!

lh said...

after going through breast cancer diagnosis, a mastectomy, chemotherapy and the crap that goes with it, i've been told i'm in remission. i also found out i have the cancer Gene though, so now i fear it will come back. after watching your show, i have a new outlook. i love your gung ho attitude. i'm going to go to my Oncologist and talk to her about removing the other brest and throw in my ovaries too. i'm going to try and prevent what i can and hope for the best. God Bless you and thank you so much.

idahofisher said...

Having been the caretaker for my (now) wife during her successful fight with pancreatic cancer I can appreciate what you've been through. You and her sound so much alike. She wasn't going to let it interfere with enjoying life.

While she was able to go through the "normal" (is cancer treatment normal in any way?) surgery and chemo she didn't stop there. With a lifetime of study and work in the alternative healing arts she went beyond what the rigid doctor wanted. And I believe that helped in more ways than one.

I was also happy to see that through all this you were able to find love. We were only 4 months into our relationship when her cancer was diagnosed. But there's a real bonding that results from such an experience.

Keep up the fight. You are an inspiration to many people.

Tom in Idaho

Canuck Cancer Babe said...

Absolutely loved it! Kris, thank you for your hard work. It payed off in spades. I am 33 and was just diagnosed with ovarian cancer. I would need a full hysterectomy followed by chemo.
I feel like someone kicked me in the head and gut at the same time. It was hard news, especially when I have no kids and my hubby and I were in the planning stages just prior to the news.

After watching your show, it was the first time in 3 weeks that I felt like someone understood what I was going through. The mortality thing really rocks you and you do feel like it's a different universe. I am done feeling sad now and watching your story really helped me put things into perspective. I have informed other cancer support groups here in Canada and we will be writing your praises to TLC.
Thank you again for holding my hand. From one country girl to another {i work at a new country radio station}...fight the fight babe!
Much love...hope to make it out to Chicago.

Unknown said...

Kris your truly an inspiration to the rest us- you story helps to tell us we need to wake up and become aware of all the beautiful things that life has to offer us. I love your statement "Why when we are challenged to survive do we give ourselves permission to truly live" this statement is so true.

Hugs and lots of love-may you feel my love and hugs going out to you- I am sending you healing love.

Joanne said...

Thank you so much for the show. I feel so inspired. I am not sick, but I have my fears too. You have totally inspired me to live life to the fullest and to stop being scared. You rock!

Unknown said...

Wow, I came up on your website and I missed the movie (dang it!) but I did get to see the trailer. I dont have cancer (knock on wood) but I too have something considered incurable, and by some doctors as terminal. i am lucky though- I have a minor form of the illness but watching your trailor made me think about all of the stuff I could do to take control of my health. Thank you for that as a mother and wife I am especially grateful. You have given me inspiration and my family their mommy and wife back.
Take care,

Paula said...

What you are doing is inspiring, period. Whether you have cancer or been touched by cancer...or just have had a tough bout of life... it is what you do with it and what you make of it. You took such a devistating situation and look at what you have been able to do...but inspire so many that need it so. I'm not sure where you get your inner strength, your drive, your will to live, but it is blessing many. Continue keeping on!
Many Blessing,

April said...

Cowgirl Kris,
I loved the documentary and can't wait till it comes out on DVD. I think I will just have to take a road trip to get the book also.
DX CLL 1994 at the age of 35
Love ya!

Tessa said...

Kris -

You are truly an inspiration! The documentary was fantastic! As a survivor who is currently going through the ups and downs of a possible recurrance - I felt so much calmer after watching (and laughing out loud didn't hurt either). I recently read your book's about time that someone put cancer in terms that are humorous and informative at the same time.

Thanks again!

vjp said...

Hey Kris,

Thank you. Thank you for simply being, and, of course, thank you for being YOU. You certainly brightened up my day.

Ever since this past Augut 6, my whole world changed: I was diagnosed with Esophogeal cancer. I created my own blog (also for the "first time ever") and chose "Adventures In Cancer" as its name. Following is a brief excerpt:

What I'm attempting to get insight into, lies in somehow trying to reframe the relationship itself; not in adversarial terms where, for whatever reasons there may be, I am constantly in an attack mode and am hurtling spears and slinging arrows with all my might, but where I instead view "Mr. Cancer" as a late-night messenger of Love who has come to allow me by virtue of his "Love Teaching" to open and purify my Heart!

In any event, I'd love you to visit it and comment if you are so inclined.
I believe you'll find a very similar attitudinal belief system reflected, and I'd indeed be honored to host one of your visits.

Again,I applaud you on every level of your being--your courage, your honesty, you humour, etc., etc., etc. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart for your loving inspiration.

I'll leave you with the following; It's a statement in the form or an "Intention"; I guess you could also call it a Prayer:

I Choose:
To Affirm the Value Present in Each Moment
For therein lies The Presence,
The Omnipresence...
To Connect
On a Being Level
With The Presence,
So "This I Am"
Can Seemlessly Merge with,
& Dissolve into,
"That I Am"...
Om Shanthi, Shanthi, Shanthi
May Peace, & Peace, & Peace Be Everywhere

Victor Paul

FaithButtefly said...

The naming of your show as Crazy Sexy Cancer show was IRRESPONSIBLE. Naming it the way you did makes it seem that cancer is a walk in the park, glamorous, funny and a joke. Losing my hair, fertility, health, family, friends and insurance is by NO means sexy after fighting stage 4 cancer twice. Going through treatment was hell and I'm sure many agree with me. Although this was your story, what you conveyed to the public about a very serious disease is that cancer is easy and sexy -- a fairytale. That gives a FALSE impression to the realities of cancer. I hope that some of the money you are going to make with your self-promotion will go to a cancer charity. Now that would be responsible. I doubt you will publish my comment as I'm sure what you want to hear are Kudos Kris, not from me.

bav said...

The full impact of your work is, I think, still sinking in for me. All of these emotions have been bubbling up to the surface ever since I watched CSC the other night. As insane as it sounds, I have been jealous seeing others receive their radiation. I need it, but for various reasons, was unable to receive it. I am haunted by the feeling that I haven't done everything possible to kick cancer's butt. Then, to see your experience...all those tumors and NO treatment, well, I am humbled. Your strength is remarkable, Kris. You very eloquently portrayed that we all need to find peace with our fight against cancer, whether it is wheatgrass, auric field cleansing, chemo or radiation. Thank you for giving me perspective once again. Dance on, Cowgirl!

Anonymous said...

Glitter therapy! :)

Chloe said...

Kris Carr, you are an amazing woman who is already changing the face of cancer! After your insight, what people see is worlds away from the pre "Crazy Sexy Cancer" vision. You have amazing courage to take the world with you through your experience.

I lost my best friend (and sister-in-law) to brain cancer August 26, 2006. She also had a great sense of humor about her situation and everything that she had to go through. She would have had so much respect for your attitude and everything you are doing.

In her memory I am actually starting a foundation to help network everyone affected by cancer. I can't wait to see what ideas you have for the Urban Zen Initiative, and I'd love to help in anyway I can.

I live in Denver, and I'll be seeing you the 7th at the Tattered Cover!

Chloe - Beleighve Legacy Foundation

Unknown said...

Hi Kris,
happy birthday!

AG said...

Hey Kris- I just wanted to let you know that your voice has reached beyond the cancer community. I do not have cancer but as I watched your documentary (TWICE) I was struck at how you turned to laughter and your zest for life is contagious!
Don't lose your zest and you have inspired me to live life they way it should be with laughter and zest!
Peace and happiness to you

dah-veed said...

Hi there...

I thought that since Crazy Sexy Cancer is currently #7 on Yahoo! Search, and there was no Wikipedia page, I'd create one:

Thank you for your refreshing approach to something that affects us all.




Jo said...

What an amazing documentary! Thank you for sharing your journey with all of us - and giving inspiration to women with and without cancer, and for encouraging us to explore our options & take what we want and demand from life.

I am lucky in that I'm healthy, but also that, in watching CSC, I got a kick in the pants about getting my life back together again after a few rough experiences recently. Watching your documentary made me realize just how many choices all of us have, how many options to live how we want to. I (and all of us) can do whatever the hell we want!

Thank you for reminding us all of this!

Kristy said...


I also have a very rare, slow-moving, incurable cancer, and MY LIVER LOOKS EXACTLY LIKE YOURS, with 20+ tumors scattered throughout -- too diffuse and proliferative to cut out. (My disease is a neuroendocrine cancer called VIPoma --no, not for Very Important Person -- altough I AM, of course! -- but for Vasoactive Intestinal Peptide.) I cannot tell you how many elements of the film resonated with me, but especially your experiences with being diagnosed with a disease will hopefully just sit there in this vital organ but will probably never go away. Love Your Tumors, indeed!!! I have only the tiniest experience with meditation (and plan to learn more, starting this month), but I literally sit there and mentally embrace my 20+ tumor friends at the same time that I try to zap them with chemo, which I've been taking for 16 months. I have CT scans every few months, and just like you, I'm relieved and even encouraged when the report shows "stability." A bunch of tumors languishing in the liver is no big deal as long as they keep sitting there like barnacles, but the uncertainty will never go away, will it?

Anyway, thanks for a tremendously entertaining and inspiring film. My mother lives many hours away from me (in NYC, actually), but we watched "together," calling each other during commercials to share observations. I must say that I cried many times as I relived some of my own experiences through your film (being in the CT tube is a lonely feeling), but it was a good catharsis.

Thanks so much,

Kristy (short for Kristine; is Kris your nickname?)

Unknown said...'ve hit the nail on the freaking head. You've provided an amazing documentary that speaks for all of us with cancer...very sexy...

TammyGirl said...

Hi Kris,

Your show was a surprise; I caught it as I was flipping through the channels while working on some things I took home from the office.

Girl, you kick ass! You are so amazing. I cannot describe how inspiring you are. I am not a cancer patient but my fiance is. He's a young 36 and was diagnosed with stage 3C colon cancer. He has had one hell of a year. He *just* finished his treatment after nine months of radiation/chemo.

You give me renewed hope and reminded me there is a different way to live my life.

THANK YOU for sharing with the world.

Much love,


Angela Clarno said...

Thank you....I walked into Nordstrom the other day and said, "If I am going to have butt cancer, my ass is going to looking great having it!" And now, it does. Keep on living Kris - a fellow healer and journey follower - Angela

Bonnie said...

Kris~ I have to say that your documentary really touched me. I have to admit that my husband had the TV on TLC the night of your show airing and at first I wasn't sure about watching it. However, after a few minutes of watching it I was captured. Your amazing spirit and personality are an inspiration to me and I am sure it is to others who are going through something similar to you. Since watching, I have thought a lot about you and have tried to have a positive attitude about life in general and about the foods I eat! Your show was amazing and I hope that you will post recent pictures of you and your sweet husband!
Take care.

Lizzie said...

Your documentary was so inspiring and informative for everyone. I am so happy you are doing well. I remember when my husband had cancer 22 years ago that when you said the "C" word, no one knew what to say. Also, my daughter was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2003 at the young age of 25 years old and had a radical mastectomy. Boy, did I realize how things had changed for the patient and care givers from 22 years ago. But we still have a long way to go. I cried through the entire premiere while my husband and I held each other. I had tears rolling down my face and laughed so many times. I cannot wait to read your book. I just wish my daughter had this book to help her through the early stages of her journey. It was very hard for her since she was the youngest chemo patient. Thank you so much for sharing this very personal journey. I will see you when you stop in Austin during September and will be buying four books (myself and my three daughters). Live + Laugh + Love

Lisa Norris said...

I wrote TLC and they better show your documentary again. I missed it and my friends with cancer saw it and thought of me. I shop at wholefoods and have been making positive changes since cancer was diagnosed last year (I am lucky in remission) I never wanted to join any support groups but with your way of thinking...I do...only yours. I added you to my heroe list on myspace as I hope others watch trailer. Its Thank you for sharing your life and helping others. You amaze me. Lisa

Lisa Norris said...

that should have read Maybe too much chemo....lisa

Karen Heston said...

I too had mixed feelings about watching the show after being diagnosed with two separate cancers within 4 weeks of each other. But, I was brave and watched it. You have inspired me to a step into a more "alternative" health care. I am anxious to read your book.

I also have a suggestion from reading everyone's comments. I would love to have a message board so we can interact with each other.

Congratulations on an incredible project. Thank you for letting us take the journey with you.

Unknown said...

Your work has inspired me. You are amazing, talented, and a wonderful roll model for women everywhere. THANK YOU!!!

mojo said...

Hi Kris,
AWESOME show! I agree with what Lauren said. I too said "Thats exactly what I'm feeling" many times. I was also 31 when diagnosed with cancer and it changed my life in so many ways, good and not so good but now I am learning to say All Good! At the time I found the breast cancer lump my husband and I were talking about starting a family. HUGE record skip there! From that point on in March of 2004 when the cancer diagnosis occurred, everything changed. Then had Chemo, Surgery. Radiation. Because of the chemotherapy I am now in menopause (great at 31 huh! symptoms NOT good for a newly married young couple.) And now infertility from the chemo. (Yet another blow.) Now planning to adopt a child and trying to come to terms with this. Though I am now looking at this as a wonderful honor that I can help an orphaned child. Aside from all my whining, I truly loved your show and was greatly inspired and it was the first and ONLY cancer related show I was able to get my husband to watch with me. THANK YOU and I will definitely contact TLC to re-air it. I would love to record it! YOU ARE AWESOME! Namaste'!

TUWABVB said...

Kris - I'm not sure that a short note can convey how much your work meant to me. You are an amazing, talented, strong, admirable, funny, deep, incredible, vulnerable woman. The fact that you have risen to be that person in the face of what you are fighting makes me realize that I need to be a better person in my "normal" life. I honestly can't explain how much you mean to me. I am not personally fighting a disease, however, my father is terminally ill - not with cancer, but a disease very similar (pulmonary fibrosis). Your wonderful film brought so many feelings to the surface for me - I realize that in the short time we have left together, I need to treasure every moment and live life to the fullest.

Thank you. You have given me a gift, the value of which, I can never convey to you.

Thank you for being so strong so that others can learn from you. Perhaps that is the reason you are fighting the challenges you are - to inspire others.

Please take care of yourself and remain strong.


Erika Cass Designs said...

I absolutely loved the show!! :o)
My mom passed away 2 years ago from ovarian canSer. But...she was diagnosed in 1998 in late stage and told she might have a year. Will she told canSer to "&%$# off" for 8 more years! She was a fighter! She got to give me away at my wedding and be there to hold her first grandchild. I wish she was still here but I am so very grateful for the time we had and I know it had ALOT to do with her attitude!
I found my way to your blog via Scarlett. I'll be picking up your book this weekend hopefully. :o)

Mayr said...

Way to go Kris! I loved your show and the great women you met and the fact that you showed the 'blah' days and the wacky days too. Now if you could just bottle your enthusiasm, the rest of us could dance too!
I've had 2 cancers and so far so good!(< hmm) Breast ca and a leukemia (98% malignant white cells...not good!!) that has been cured (ack! can I really say that??) by a stem cell transplant using my youngest brother's stem cells! I guess I'll just say I'm cured for today because I don't think too hard about tomorrow (in a Kabat-Zinn kind of way).

In this journey it'd be a bonus if we could all be beauties, so well spoken and slim, like you!! (Prednisone has a way of making one eat everything! Now, I want to take a "prednis-OFF!)

My hair came out in 1999 (heck, only been 8 yrs, right?) Now I'm competing with my nephew's 16 mo old son to see who is going to have more hair. He's winning.
Radiation pretty much did it for my hair. THAT's the part that I still REALLY hate-and those swinging hair commercials.(arrrgh!)

BUT back to YOU,
GREAT JOB! THANKS FOR BRINGING THIS REALITY into the open....that many people do LIVE with cancer and carry on with their lives. Not quite the same as pre-ca, but they are living and loving.
I am very, very sad that so many don't get to do that, but I'll bet they are cheering from beyond the clouds! I'm sure of it.
Keep on kiddo! Keep doing it your way and continue to inspire other young/older people. And remember that it's okay to feel crappy sometimes too. It's all part of it...just like day follows night.
Congrats! Good job!

Unknown said...

God Bless you Kris! You are truly an inspiring woman and I applaud you and your documentary, it was wonderful!

Good luck and best wishes to you, I will be praying for you.

Anonymous said...

I almost didn't watch your documentary because I'm always avoiding anything that reminds me of cancer. I don't have cancer, but both my Mother and my Grandmother died premenopausal of Breast Cancer (47 and 49). I was so afraid everytime I felt a lump in my breasts (which was often) that I decided to have them removed (my breasts, i.e.). Six years later I'm still around with no signs of cancer...yet. But the closer I get to my mother's death the more fearful I become that I too will develop the disease.
Kris, your optimism and way of looking at the whole "life" issue was so refreshing and uplifting that I can't even begin to tell you how it affected me.
Even for someone like myself who has never had cancer, the way you've gone about your life since finding out you have cancer is the way we should all live our lives, regardless of having an illness.
I feel so silly and selfish now for being so engrossed in my own mortality up to this point.
You've opened my eyes to a whole different perspective on the way I should be living my life. I will no longer live in fear, but will live in the moment thanks to you.
You're fantastic and a huge inspiration to every woman! Thank you for the gift!
p.s. Congrats on your marriage and your life!!!

IneS. said...

Hi Kris, I just saw your film a and I was very impressed. I hope the very best for you and your health and will follow up your blog.

All the best wishes from Germany, yours sincerely IneS.

glamaz0n said...

Hey Kris,

I have a sister currently doing chemo for stage 4 ovarian cancer. Very sad, but that's not why I am posting. I hope she watched your film. You have exactly the survive and thrive attitude that is required for any health emergency or life-changing experience.

I knit compulsively (amongst other things) and would like to use my leftover yarn to make scarves with your "fu uck cancer" label sewn on. Is this possible?

I noticed you were wearing a most magnificent scarf on the Today Show interview.

I love your spirit! As they say from the sidelines in marathons "You're doing great, keep going!"

happypuppytinkle said...


You're my modern-day hero--no joke! ;-D I don't even think I can describe how much viewing Crazy Sexy Cancer has changed forever and for the better. Thank you so much...

Good luck on the book tour! (By the way, if you wanted to add Malaprops--a totally kick-ass bookstore in Asheville, NC--I wouldn't hold it against you.) ;-)

-Allison F.
P.S. Did I mention Asheville is the most vegetarian-friendly city in the U.S.???

Jo Williamson said...

If I had never read the PH Miracle by Dr. Young and never had gotten signed up for his health e-newsletters, I would have never known about your upcoming documentary. Dr. Young's book was so inspiring to me when I read it last year. Some of my family members have various illnesses (that is going around you know, these days :) and I thought I could help them and learn about health and nutrition. Dr. Young's email mentioned your documentary and also stated that you were one of his "ph miracles". His work is an obvious miracle as you seemed more beautiful and energetic as the documentary progressed! I truelly believe that if more alternative options were available through insurance, we could have a chance at true and whole body healing. All the time spent with the fundraising walks, pink this , pink that for sale which all goes to drug companies..could be spent on building awareness for nutrition, yoga, spiritual healing, etc. You have really showed each of us the many, many choices we do have. We are not stuck or so helpless as we think sometimes. This is an incredible story!

Unknown said...

Your show blew me away! I am so glad that I caught it! Your spirit and energy will warm so many folks and that is a awesome thing. It certainly helped me and has keep bringing messages to my days since I saw it. Yea! for not seeing the same 'ol thing on TV--this was creative and good for you! Cheers to you and I look forward to hearing what you have up next.


Lisa Norris said...

Hi Kris,

Started your book today. I also bought a prehistoric Wheat grass juicer. lol. I may do 80/20 to start but excited about the change. I have been vegetarian for about 5 months. Started after chemo was done. Happy belated birthday to you. You are so inspiring. Your cancer babe friend Lisa

JustJodi88 said...

I hope your positive, vivacious attitude spreads to all who watch your inspiring documentary. I admire your courage, strength, personality, and perspective in the midst of adversity. Thank you for sharing your story and for showing others how to infuse optimism during the most trying of times.

~Beck~ said...

Amazing, you are truly amazing! An inspiration to people everywhere! Will be spreading the news, about you, your movie, your book, to EVERYONE I know! God bless you!

Unknown said...

Taped the movie so I can watch it many times. Wahoo. I want to know more about the diet. And the blood testing...where can one get that done?!! More about Hippocrates place too. Thanks for your efforts, your Faith, and your example.

Rue said...

I have watched the documentary twice and it is the best! I think we can all relate to your experience despite the type of cancer we have. From your search for alternative and complementary medicine choices, the oncology and treatment choices to reflecting back to what could have triggered your cancer are things experienced by the majority of the cancer club. So many of us feel isolated in small cities and towns that do not have resources to physicians who think outside the box and no alternative centers of support. I look forward to a world of more choices outside of the traditional medical world which can be so unsupportive and draining. Thank you for sharing your experience and moving forward for some new ideas.

nikki said...

Hi Kris,
YOU ROCK!!! Thank you for your wonderful documentary. While I am not a cancer patient or survivor, I can identify with notion of a medical diagnosis robbing you of your identity at such a young age. Like you, I questioned my past and fear the future.....but your attitute and apporach have inspired me to go out and breathe in life!!! Thank you thank you thank you.....your strenght and courage are beyond words. Keep up the great work and I hope to see a Crazy Sexy Cancer 2
Nikki in NJ

Dana said...

Kris, Thank you for your creativity and positive light. I have an uncurable autoimmune disease and I related so deeply to your journey and your strongwilled approach to taking control of your health. Your story will inspire millions, and you should be very proud. Thanks again, I wish you health, good luck and namaste.

Shellie David said...

I loved the show! I watched every second of it! I am 36 years old and was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 35 - no it does not run in my family. I found it myself and called my dr to have it checked out. I was not worried but wanted to take the steps needed to get it taken care of. (I thought it was a cyst.) Anyways, I had a lumpectomy, 8 chemo treatments and 33 radiaiton treatments. Chemo kicked my A$$ BIG TIME but I found radiation to be a breeze! After watching CSC, I feel like I had a minor scratch compared to what others have been through.

Now my hair is growing back (thank goodness) and I am back to "normal"....working, going out with friends, singing and dancing and ready for college football (go Gamecocks!). But, I have this nagging question of "what am I supposed to do now?!?!" I remember when I was so sick I would think about how hard of a time I was having inspite of all the support from a wonderful family and a ton of friends. I remember asking myself "how are other people getting through this who may not have this kind of support?" How are children getting through chemo that may have to be in the hospital for days at a time and sometimes, in a different city than where they are from? I feel like I need to be doing something to help other people... but of course, I don't know what it is yet. Watching your show made me think that lots of people out there ARE doing something to help others. I can't wait to read your book - you are a wonderful example of putting ideas into action.

I will continue to read your blog and I hope that one day our paths will cross! Thanks for putting your story out there and for reaching out to us sexy women!

Shellie from South Carolina!

SurvivingStrongSince05 said...

I watched your show and even though I am older than you are, I could relate to everything you said. When you were driving to Dana Farber (which I did for almost 2 years) Now I've decided to stay with my wonderful Oncologist in New Milford, Dr. Orion Howard. We talked about you the other day. He saw your film when it was only 22 minutes long he said. My mom was the librarian in Pawling for 20 something years and she went to the Javitts center with a librarian friend of hers and got the advance reading copy of your book. When I saw you were from Pawling, bells went off. I was interested to know what town was in your film? Was it in CT or NY. Pawling has a large concentration of strange cancers. I can't wait to meet you at the Bank St. Theatre. Keep up the great attitude.

Lynne D.

Dawn and Jeff said...

Hey Kris!

My husband was diagnosed with a blood cancer almost one year ago. We have 2 sons, 11 and 10, and we feel the way you do. We LOVE your attitude and share it. We are not going to lay down and wait for whatever to happen. I think it's hard when you have this thing inside that can't be cured, will probably kill you, eventually because it's a really slow grow, but you can't really do anything about because it's "incurable".

From the start we decided that was not our fate! We met as teenagers and WILL grow old together. We didn't crawl into a corner, though some days you want to, and we refuse to let it run our lives in a negative way. We are using our experience to incorporate a more healthy lifestyle for our children, most of all (My husbands cancer is extremely rare, therefore, no guarantees about it being inherited.), and our family and friends. Some people think we should be sad and wait for this awful fait, but we think we should live, the same as "before". Expecting to be together forever and loving and spoiling our future grandchildren.

We deal with the treatments and make bets on his test results. We have a great attitude and we are so glad that you do too and that you are sharing it with the world!!

I told my husband that since we have been together for 21 years (we are 37 and 38 years old) I have put in enough time to be allowed to stick him with a needle. He needs to have phlebotomies to keep his blood levels in check. We plan on retiring and traveling the states in an RV and I will do his phlebotomies, right there on the side of the road! Some people get the funny in that, and some don't. We do, so we don't care what the others think. Our Dr. says our attitude is inspiring and he looks forward to our visits.

Thank you for bringing your refreshing attitude to the mass. Thank you for realizing, as we do, that life must go on. You are such an inspiration!!!!!!!!! My husband and I watched your film together and laughed, and felt like it was us. Felt that FINALLY, someone else feels as we do. You just make sense. Thank you for being your fabulous you!!!

Good luck and best wishes in all that you do!!!

realityphotography said...


YOU.....are an inspiration! We (as a family) are learning to live with this Cancer. Accidentally catching your documentary and waiting up to watch it again has given me an overload of hope.
My sister, Tracey, was diagnosed with a incurable brain cancer this June - she has decided to forgo chemo and radiation. Replacing this effort with making her body healthier. (

Off to purchase your book tomorrow and TLC will be hearing from our camp!  We need a replay!!!!!!!

Much love to you and a GIANT thank you for the gift of YOU!

SC said...

I lost my wife to epithelioid hemangioendothelioma in June. She was (according to stats) one of 20 Americans that will be diagnosed with EHE this year. I was surprised when I saw that this documentary was your battle with the same disease.

I just wanted to say that I was happy to hear about the exposure that you're gaining from this experience. The more information that gets out there about EHE, the better the chance that someone has of getting quality treatment. Unfortunately, there are so few people that get this disease, there is very little research money going into finding a cure for EHE.

Even though my Alison is gone, I'm happy that some folks are having success with EHE.

Good luck!

glow worm bean said...

hi. your documentary couldn't have come at a better time. my mother was just diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer two days before. because she's my only family, i lived the next two days in a rather awful depression. i DVR-ed the late broadcast of your show, and although i was exhausted (from crying too much, i'm sorry to say), i stayed up past 1:30AM to watch it all.

every part of it helped me sort through the emotions i was going through, and helped me understand a little of what my mom might be feeling as well. and even if my mom's scans reveal that she has stage IV cancer, i know i'm ready to face it and make the most of our lives together.

thanks so much. and keep up your blog.


thejuicechick said...

Hi Kris!

You are so singing to the choir Cowgirl! I put on a Juicing Workshop at my local coop and try to spread the word that health is a holistic endeavor. People are looking for answers and the medical profession isn't keeping up with the times....and baby, they are a changin'!

Absolutely the box is obliterated but some are under the illusion still......and I think Cowgirls like you who are getting the word out are blazing a trail.

Thank you!

peace, emily the juice chick

TammyF said...

I loved CSC. I was diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2003 but since it's not growing and I'm not symptomatic, I'm in the same "watch and wait and see" boat that you are.

While I did Tivo CSC, I'd love to own a DVD copy. Do you have any plans to distribute it that way?

Also, I absolutely LOVED the
"F@#$ Cancer" hats. Do you know if by any chance they can be purchased?

JillB519 said...

Kris, you are amazing! I want to hang out with you and have your beautiful attitude rub off on me. Way to go with your film! I loved it. Your hubby is adorable and you're both very lucky to have found eachother. Continue to enjoy yourselves every day!!

Obsessedwithlife said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Obsessedwithlife said...

Hi Kris,
My name is Rachel Baummgartner. I'm friend with Heidi Adams. I am 3-time young adult cancer survivor (of another rare form of sarcoma-Askin's Tumor). I was really inspired by your film! I will be in Chicago this weekend at the CURE forums. Hope to see you there!


Lisa Norris said...

Hi Kris,

Okay, I bought the book and now own a wheat grass juicer, lots of wheat grass (from whole foods) until my grow kit comes in the mail. I also bought one of the recipe books you suggested "The Raw Gourmet" Nomi Shannon, love that book. I am starting slow. I also plan to grow my own sprouts as I could not find a lot at wholefoods (or they were pricey). I am so excited. Day 3 and I have already so much energy. My dogs thank you. I just took all 3 for a walk...3 boxers are not easy...we tangled a lot but my quality of life is already improving and I can not wait to see if my blood work improves at next drs. visit. Thank you so much for sharing your research and your story. You have given me a brand new life to explore and many others. I send you tons of hugs and have fun at your book signings.

P.S. I called jamba juice in SouthLake Texas today and they are out of wheat grass until Wednesday. I wonder if it is due to demand from your show and book. Everybody better grow there own. I better buy some stock in wheatgrass lol :) Lisa

Karson said...

Thank you, thank you for your beautiful, inspiring documentary! I loved it! Thank you for sharing so much of yourself and your story. Hope you know how many lives you are changing - I know that must be hard to take in, but feel the love, cowgirl!

Also, I must agree with "happypuppytinkle" about bringing your book tour to Malaprops in Asheville, NC. What a great place!

selftaughtgirl said...

Your story is beautiful and inspiring and amazing. I wish you blessed health (and send you some reiki love...caught a snippet of that in the trailer).


Anonymous said...

Hi Kris, I live in Australia and have seen advertising for your film, but I'm not sure if it is going to be aired here. I think me and my breast cancer posse would benefit greatly from watching your film, so could you let us know if and when it will be aired in Australia, and if not, how we can get hold of a copy of it? Thanks so much, PS Well done for doing such an amazing thing. Mel Boot (Gympie, Australia)

Unknown said...

This is my message to TLC...

"To whom it should concern,

I was unable to see this documentary that I was excited to see...I was in New Orleans having test after test to see if my extremely rare and incurable cancer has returned. Was that what has been causing my constant pain, nausea, vomitting, diarreha, and severe weight loss over the past 16 months of my life. 16 months...not that long when you are 29, but when you are only 18 months old, the age of my youngest daughter, that's litterally a lifetime. And for my 3 year old it is litterly half her life but add in the troubled pregnancy and we are well beyong half. A lifetime to them...a lifetime for which he mommy has been sick the entire time...a lifetime of not being the young, energetic, outgoing, active mother I desire to be...a lifetime of "mommy needs to lay down", " not right now mommy doesn't feel good", a lifetime of "maybe tomorrow will be a good day." And although at 30, 16 months in reality, isn't that long to my husband but probably feels like an eternity. We had been married 3 months when they found my cancer in the 1st of four surgeries. I keep wondering, when is he going to decide enough is enough. I have read many stories that end that way...people can only handle so much. Although deep in my heart I know he will be there...but will he always want to be. So as I face my 5th surgery, I will hopefully find relief from the constant pain and sickness as well as the answer to " is it really back?", I am in dire need of this inspiration I have found called "Crazy Sexy Cancer." The trailer alone has inspired me to write this email, I can only imagine what the actual documentary would inspire me to do. Tomoorw I know I will be a better mother and wife for seeing those 7 little minute on the website, I need the full 120 minutes to send me full force into healing from my ailments...physically, emotionally, and spiritually. So I ask of you to just give me those 2 hours to not feel alone in this "neverending process" of cancer...give me those 2 hours to instead of vieing this process negatively, I can really redifine myself into and even better mother and wife than I ever imagined I could be. As well as, the woman I used tobe before the catheter bags, daily enemas, 20 trips in 1 day to the bathroom, and having my 3 year old hold my hair and rub my back while my face in buried in the toilet. I will be checking daily for the next air time...please don't let us down...all of us!

Sincerely waiting,
Ft. Mill, SC"

I am going to buy your book ASAP, and get my rear off the "I can't because I don't feel good" train and get on the "I better because all I have is today" train! :) I have never onced asked "why me?" instead I always ask "why not me? Why would I think I was so special to be exempt from this thing." Well, after only the 7 minute trailer, you have inspired me to instead say "Of course me, because I have what I need to get through this and far beyond!" Thank you. And hopefully I will get to see the entire film soon, but in the meantime, 7 minutes has made a big impact and I am going with it!

Amy said...


Unknown said...

This is what TLC told me when I wrote to them.

Thank you for contacting TLC. We appreciate your interest in our
programs. Unfortunately, Crazy Sexy Cancer is currently not available
for purchase. Your request will be forwarded to our executives for

While this program is currently not scheduled to be televised, it may be
scheduled in the future. Please visit our website at,
click on the network the program aired on and check out What's On Now?
for more information.

We do have other Discovery programs available for purchase. Please
visit our website at and click on Discovery Store to
browse our selection.

A reply to this message is not necessary. If you have any further
inquiries or comments, please contact us via our webform at Thank you again for
expressing your interest in our programming.

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Discovery Networks

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This e-mail, and any attachment, is intended only for the person or entity to
which it is addressed and may contain confidential and/or privileged material.
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Tati said...

I just finished watching your documentary and cannot tell you how much of an inspiration you are! I laughed, cried, cheered and rooted with and for you the whole time. I wish you trully the best of luck and wish I was as corageous as you are!

Kim said...

I watched your film. I loved it. You are my hero. I'm a 35 year old, who has to be scanned every 3 months, because of the tumors on my lungs. I hate the waiting, the not knowing.I had a friend tell me well you don't look sick. Like what the hell was that about. Well because of your show I'm living no matter what.
Thank you

Felicia said...

Dear Kris,
You are wonderfully blessed with the twinkle of life in your eyes and the true joy that is the human spirit, come alive. I only saw a brief part of Oprah's show, but I was so tuned in that I could not move! I loved what you said and how you expressed yourself and your dreams that you are living every single day. It makes my heart sing and my inspiration for living this life to the fullest even greater. My son Nuri and I (he's turned 20 months on that day) watched so profoundly. I was so happy to see the "light" shining through you to everyone in that audience. You are a light for us all. Keep living, keep making every moment reminded us of that more than anything. I was so touched by Dr. Randy Pauch's life and death situation as well, and I must say, my life is all the more enriched after seeing you both on Oprah. I am so thankful she makes the difference for the world with her show. You and your husband have the "gift of love, which is the key to life." Thank goodness for Dr. Oz too, what a cool and real doctor!

Take care, and remember "we listen with our eyes." Thank you for sharing your life with us.

all my best,