Friday, December 28, 2007

Happy New Year!

Ok, so I know it's a little early but this crazy sexy cancer cowgirl is headed to Costa Rica for her honeymoon. YUP. A year and a half late, but hey, I've been busy!

Talk amongst yourselves loves. I adore you and I can't wait to reconnect in 2008! I'll be back Jan 14th, will try to send ya a pix from the jungle.

May we all receive buckets of love, wealth, health, and happiness in the New Year. You mean the world to me....

Peace, veggies and big love!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

I'm done with book 2!

OH MY GODDESS! My fingers are bleeding and I'm in a pile but I'm finished with my first draft. Pressed send on 130 plus pages (which I had one month to write) at 11:45 pm this evening. Thank you all for your prayers dear ones! Thank you, thank you. Have an amazing holiday.

PS. I sorta need a canSer free zone for a few days. Can we talk about ponnies or war or mutual funds?

PSS. Check out the original cowgirl boots in the top right corner of pix #1. Those were mine as a wee one. I loved chocolate brown even back then - classy. LOL!

Whirled peas and an elegant glass of organic champagne,

Friday, December 21, 2007

Inspirational Messages from Cyber Space

Hi beloveds,

Well, this is gonna be a quickie because I want to throw my computer through a window this morning! For the past 2 hours I have been writing a blog on mood food to finish off our depression posts. My hungry computer ate it. Rrrrr! Oh well, I swore like a bar wench and then giggled. A loud voice said "whatever you do Kris, don't get stressed and depressed! Kinda goes against everything you've been saying". Soooo, I will create it again in the near future but for now I have to get back to writing my book (due SUNDAY!).

Recently I signed up on for daily spiritual jumper cable emails. I love it! Many of you have awesome suggestions and resources for affirmations and internet hugs. Let's share! Please post as many good vibe hubs as possible and please surf around and see what works for you. Post here even if you've posted elsewhere.

We could all use some holy roller, Jesus, Buddha, Elvis etc during the holiday season. Right? A gentle reminder that we are more than enough and that we are healing.

Endless love and whirled peas,

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Our Crazy Sexy Shrink on Depression Meds

So yesterday many of you were talking about medication for depression. We all agreed that no one should go on or off meds without consulting their doctor. After reading some of the posts I wanted to address the doctor conversation issue. One canser cowgirl wrote that her oncologist said she was not a “candidate” for antidepressant medication. If this was based on some contraindications with her treatment then fine but that was unclear to me. My first reaction was to get my panties in a bunch, which brought up the issue of self-determination. When I had my first surgery I was so NOT self determined (hence my HOT reaction J) and just wanted someone to fix it really FAST. I later regretted that decision. I learned through the many doctors I have fired since then and the many wonderful ones I have found, that I am the boss of me. You are the expert on YOU whether you are a doctor or not. You know how you feel and that should matter to everyone on your team. Advocate for yourself like you would for your child or little sister. I read an article published online by The National Cancer Institute about how physicians and oncologists may not be comfortable prescribing antidepressant meds as it is not their specialty. They do not want to be liable or responsible. There main concern is something else. In a perfect world all doctors would take a holistic approach to health, we all know this amazing place is pretty imperfect. So what does this mean? You and you alone are responsible for your mental health.

What is depression? The Diagnostic Manuel used by doctors (DSM4) includes depression as a diagnosable disorder. The signs and symptoms of depression include:

*Trouble sleeping or excessive sleeping
*A dramatic change in appetite, often with weight gain or loss
*Fatigue and lack of energy
*Feelings of worthlessness, self-hate, and inappropriate guilt
*Extreme difficulty concentrating
*Agitation, restlessness, and irritability
*Inactivity and withdrawal from usual activities
*Feelings of hopelessness and helplessness
*Recurring thoughts of death or suicide
*Lack of pleasure from activities that normally make you happy including sex
*Low self esteem
*Sudden bursts of anger

…. so why as a cancer survivor is this list problematic? Right, because some of these symptoms may be caused by the diagnosis itself and/or the side effects of treatment The best-case scenario is to go to a psychiatrist who specializes or has experience with canser survivors to obtain a script for meds. Pick your peeps carefully. Expect to be heard and responded to…it amazes how many of my clients did not realize they could fire their doctor. If your doctor does not treat you with the respect you deserve, think about finding a different one. I am not saying everyone on your team needs to be singing Kumbaya, just available and responsive. My experience with depression is that the symptoms can mimic other things so it can be hard to know what is ailing you. Check the list above and if you find yourself saying yes more than no, it may be time to go see a mental healthcare professional to explore your options. When people talk they feel better. When I suggest medication to my clients it is usually because their depression is in the way of treatment…meaning that if we cannot get the baseline functioning to a certain level, we will never get to the root of the issues. We continue to deal with the mess that the depressive symptoms create, rather than the original injury.

A cancer diagnosis has an emotional impact no matter what. You have a choice of how you will deal with that. Some people stay so busy not to feel anything. Of course this catches up and your body will MAKE you stop if you do not give it the rest it needs. Some people deny it and their feelings for the sake of their families at the expense of themselves. But then some people like you fabulous creatures, use it as a catalyst to grow, change, explore, get real, get raw, share, evolve and LIVE. J

Thanks for sharing with me.
Your Crazy Sexy Shrink,

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Depression chat w/guest blogger Terri Cole!

Hi loves!

As you can imagine, my book deadline is chasing me and I am running fast! Sorry I've been the missing cowgirl. UGH!
Time to dish about depression. This will be a 2 part blog. On Friday I will post the 2nd half which will be about diet and depression. My best pal Terri Cole is one of the original members of my cancer posse and an awesome Crazy Sexy Shrink! We’ve been friends and accomplices for decades and her boot camp strategies for living a balanced, fulfilled life have been a blessing to me. Terri’s advise pulls me out of the black holes and sends me back towards the sunshine. Here’s what she has to say (a sneak peek from the new book) about how to get stable footing on the slippery slope called depression….

"There are many reasons cancer survivors may be vulnerable to depression. When I was diagnosed I was sad and angry that my innocence, the “it will never happen to me” phase of my life was abruptly cut short. I struggled with integrating my diagnosis with my self-image of being strong, able to handle anything, and HEALTHY. This took time and work with a fantastic therapist. I looked at therapy as a gift I could give myself. One hour a week with a person who did not need ME to be anyone or anything for HER…an hour to acknowledge my fear without the fear that SHE would fall apart.(of course I AM a therapist so I did not have the resistance to seeking help that many others may have.)

So let’s talk about tools for managing depression. First and foremost you must connect with the power of your mind and your thoughts. What do you say to yourself? Are you kind? Are you punitive? If you are not sure, take time this week to listen to the language you use to talk about yourself and write it down. What you say about yourself is what you “affirm” which influences your subconscious mind.

An affirmation is a statement you declare to be true. Look at your subconscious mind as an excellent executive assistant in your life, ready to help you achieve the goals you; the boss and your conscious mind have set. An affirmation may be positive or negative in nature. It is how we talk to ourselves.
I am smart
I am fat
I am healthy
I can’t do this
I will do this

The above statements are all affirmations…what are YOU declaring in your life? Once you decide on some positive affirmations, your executive assistant will seek out every opportunity to reinforce them. For example if I affirm,” I have a fat butt”. When I am walking down the street and someone looks at me I will think, “See they are looking at my big fat butt.” This thought will make me feel shame, embarrassment and self-loathing. Conversely, when I affirm, “I have a beautiful healthy strong body that I love” and someone looks at me, I think, “ How nice they are appreciating my beautiful bod” which leaves me feeling empowered.

For affirmations to be effective in your life you must get rid of the negative self talk and replace it with positive self talk. The things that are repeated most in your mind are the ones that stick. If you are trying to stay away from sugar because it is bad for cancer and bad for depression and you find yourself in a bakery and your affirmation has been, “I only eat desserts that are healthy for me”, then you look at the desserts and hear a little voice repeating, “I don’t want those because I only eat desserts that are healthy for me”. Your ever-alert subconscious has latched onto an opportunity to achieve your goal, and enforce your self-instructing affirmation. You can use affirmations in every situation in your life…you have the power to change your mind so do it!

Another pitfall to be aware of is the danger of over-exaggerating. We all do it, as it is a current popular speech trend in this country. But there is a danger in not talking straight. How many times have you uttered the phrase,” I just can’t take another second of …having the WORST day ever…nothing ever goes right in my life…” Realistically none of these statements are true at any given time. None of these statements or the pessimistic thinking at the base of them is the things you want to re enforce in your life. I had a personal experience with the challenge of not over-exaggerating when I got into family therapy with my husband and our 3 boys. They had lost their mom years before so I had married the whole kit and kaboodle of angry, acting out teens. The therapist noted in session one that we were a family that did not talk “straight”….huh?! I was confused until she pointed out how sarcastic and exaggerating all of us spoke. She explained that it was a way to veil the hostility we were feeling. The positive changes that happened within my family system from just learning to “talk straight” were amazing.

The power of realistic vocabulary to help fight depression is great. What will REALLY happen if you don’t meet that deadline, make it to that meeting etc? As cancer survivors we are truly dealing with life and death and missing any meeting or deadline will surely not end your life. I have a THEN WHAT exercise I do with my clients. It is an invitation to play out the catastrophic fantasy. When you play it out it loses power over you. To be aware of negative over-exaggerating is to be more authentic in your language and in your life. This alleviates mental stress and gives you more brain space for the good stuff.

Essential Oils…do a brain chemistry good
There are many amazing essential oils out there that do an array of things. I use them with my clients as a mood lifter. My favorite is Lavender Essential oil. It is amazing for lessening anxiety, depression and insomnia. You can use it anytime you need a lift in mood. You take 5 deep breaths of the oil while visualizing breathing in positive peaceful energy and exhaling negativity, stress and depression. Buy a meditation cd. (I like Dr.Brian Weiss Meditation Relaxation Regression) and get committed to 20 minutes a day to listen to that cd and breathe in your oil. Over time you will train your body to associate complete relaxation and good feelings with your essential oil so when you are out and about in the stressful world, one whiff and your body will respond by relaxing and releasing stress.

Move your Booty
Exercise has is another extremely effective tool in the fight against depression. Do not set yourself up to fail. You don’t have to participate in an IRONMAN. You just have to move. Commit to 20 minutes a day of walking briskly. Get a pal to go with you (it is harder to blow it off with your friend waiting for you on the corner of 82nd and Broadway) it will lift your mood and increase the serotonin levels in your brain.

Do Your Morning Pages
Write write write and then…write some more. Julia Cameron talks about the healing effect of writing “morning pages” in her book,” The Artists Way”. She suggets that you wake up and write 3 unedited pages before your green tea, before your super ego has a chance to change what you would write…before the “shoulds” wake up. It is a morning mind dump that will clear your head of clutter and negativity. Honor yourself with some sacred AM time and you will feel lighter and better for it.

You are not a bear…so don’t hibernate
Social interaction with supportive friends and family is a must…even when you don’t feel like it. Being with people who love you feeds the soul. Ask for what you need from the close relationships in your life. Maybe it is just a back massage or an empathic ear to listen and NOT fix (shout out to all the mothersJ). Be clear and honest about what you can and cannot do. Don’t be committed to the false self for everyone else’s sake. This is exhausting and alienating to you. Tell the truth…it really will help.

Most important …Never give up hope
Know that your effort to feel better will pay off. Take these tools, use them and come up with your own winning formula. Know that you are the only person on this planet with your DNA. There will only ever be one you. You matter, you’re worth the effort to work for a happy and fulfilled life. Just decide you won’t take no for an answer NO MATTER WHAT!"

Thanks Terri! Isn't she top shelf? Can't wait to see what you all think and share? So much love and man do I miss you!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

More canSer faux pas'...

Hi Beloveds! Hi JENNIFER! :)

This is a quick mini post. I'm writing more Cancer Faux Pas' in the companion book I am scribbling for you. Remember that funny blog I wrote about what to say when people say the darndest things? Well I'd love to include more of some the silly, crazy, dumb ass stuff people have uttered when they hear we have cancer. Any interest in contributing? Please note that if you post then that means you give us permission to use your story in the book. I will change your name of course! Clean up the typos too. Come on share! I'll tell you if you tell me. LOL!

xo and giggles...

OK, here's one from the new book - hot off the press - a little teaser for ya. That is if they let me print it! :)

"When I went on my book tour my publicist gave the local media and radio stations a list of acceptable prep questions. They were ready and so was I. Most of the interviewers tossed the page into the office shredder, but at least they hovered in the general direction of respectful. Of course there were a couple of cancer faux pas frontiers men who opened mouth and inserted foot or cheap high heel.

Example: A God awful early show in the middle of boon dock America. I show up and the host treats me like I have the plague. I fake sneeze in her direction just to make myself chuckle. Then I asked her to give me the heads up on what questions she would be asking me. The wench flat out said NO. Huh? Didn’t she want the interview to go smoothly? It wasn’t like I was asking her to cheat on her SAT’s. The crew mic’d me up and as the cameras rolled I began to sink in horror as she looked straight down the barrel of the lens with this tragic, car crash look on her face. “Wow, we’re here with Kris Carr, the author and filmmaker who bravely recorded her tragic life and possible death. Good morning Kris, how are you feeling dear?”

I wanted to stab her in the eye with a shrimp fork, to foam and cuss. I wanted to light her hair on fire with a can of Aqua Net and a Bic lighter flame thrower. Was she raised in a barn? Did she have a mother who taught her manners? You know, like elbows off the table, say please and thank you and don’t harass the cancer chick? I was trapped. Coifed and camera ready as they zoomed in on my victim close-up. I felt humiliated for catching cancer and for “bravely’ sharing my story with the world.
Just then, my sass kicked in. Oh no, not today Suzie. You are messin’ with the wrong babe and I can play dirty too bitch. “Wow, that was pretty fucking dramatic for 5 am don’t ya think? Good morning city X, how’s it hanging?” OK, so I didn’t say “fucking” OR how’s it hanging because I was afraid my publishers would tan my hide and did they spent a lot of money sending me on the bus-and-truck cancer tour. But damn I wanted to!

You might get slain but more than likely those incidents will be few and far between. Humor helps tremendously so do lies! Sometimes when I just don’t feel like telling people my story I pretend that I write about bees. Or that I make porn, that always shuts them up."

PS. Depression post this weekend. We really must dish the blues. Right? Especially now that we're stuck inside for the winter. XOXOX

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Detox Symptoms

Good day posse!

Cool pix, right? Wish it was mine...

So many of you have been cliff diving, reading, writing, educating and flying (like the magic happy birds)! Most of your ka-splats are just great examples of the retox devils shriveling and cowering in your presense - especially the headaches. Here's the sitch, poisons, toxins, and garbage drain your energy. When you release them you also release their patterns - including the mental, emotional and spiritual chaos. Crap tend to concentrate in the brain, liver and digestive tract. Unfortuanately in this day and age toxins are abundantly found in our food, environment, air, water, and blood streams. We are so bombarded that our body becomes insufficient in the metabolic ability to rid itself of all that we encounter on a daily basis. Enter you, the twinkie fighting super hero!

Get this, you release about 60% of your accumulated waste in the first 7 days of a cleanse! WOW! No wonder ya'll feel like crap. Your body uses the enzymes, oxygen, phytonutrients and chlorophyll found in a mostly raw diet to mop up the waste deep within every cell of your temple. If the symptoms are too much, peel back, especially if you are on chemo. Too much too fast will only set you back. Symptoms of illness during a detox can be really frustrating but stay the course. Plain and simple, you won't reach your goals without a little discomfort. Runny nose, constipation, irritability, colds, pimples etc.

Each day the body rids itself of waste is another day closer to health. Some tricks to smooth out the elimination process: Drink water with lemon upon rising, add a pinch or so of cayenne. This helps to open the circulatory system and alkalize the body. Up your green drink intake. Remember to add sprouts to the mix for a good dose of oxygen and protein! Enemas (with wheatgrass implants if possible) and colonics can really move the junk and relieve your symptoms pretty quickly - especially headaches.

Crank up the rock and roll, play the bongos and dance like you are draped in a red dress and surrounded by spanish hotties and christmas lights. Sweat it out chicas! Your skin is your largest organ and it's the queen mum of elimination. Lodged poisons are released through low impact aerobics, saunas, rebounding, yoga etc.

Dry brush! Ooh la la you will feel tip-top fantastic! Get this, we dump between two and five pounds of toxins per day out of our skin? Your skin needs to breathe, so dry-brush it with a natural-bristle brush (which you can find at any health food store) or loofah. Dry-brushing (which means you do it outside of the shower when you aren't wet) helps keep the skin pathway clean and clear so that waste can leave the body easily. It also stimulates the lymph and helps break up my other favorite topic—cellulite. Now I bet you’ll all run out and get one!

Also, sleep, snooze, snore and nap. Your body repairs during slumber so you night owls please try and peel it back and get some more shut eye. Cutting down on the JOE will help with that big time. If you've already eliminated my favorite drink (COFFEE, COFFEE, COFFEE...Mmm, did somebody say COFFEE?) then your cleansing process will be easier. Green tea is a better substitute at first then try and move to twig tea then herbal when and if you can. Sometimes the length of your detox depends on how long you've been tripping the light fantastic. Have faith, it's a practice and a process. Again, ease on the brakes if it's just too much. It's not a race. And guess what? When you get "there" you'll have to start again because we live in a damn precious and imperfect world, so don't make yourself nuts. No matter what you can not fail at this. So relax, release, rejoice and renew.

Peace and peas,

Friday, November 30, 2007

I'm Back! News, catch up and let's FAST!

Hi my divine loves and angels!

Sorry I dropped off the planet. I was in NYC for a week of meetings and magazine shoots, including the cover of Natural Health! Wow, what an experience, it was so cool and scary! We shot in beautiful apartment that is suppose to be mine (but sister, writing don't pay for crystal chandeliers and baby grands - heck no). If you don't already read this magazine you should check it out. They really put together wonderful information in a digestable way. I've been in the business for a long time but I never knew what went into shooting a over. There's like 37 people standing behind the camera looking at you as you act "natural, vibrant, and big smile happy". We'll see, hopefully I pulled it off. They were so nice and caring which made it much easier for this non-model still camera shy gal. Overall it was a blast and ya'll know that by the end of the shoot the crew was gathered round as I chatted about detoxing, 80/20, food combining, juicing and my favorite topic- ENEMAS AND COLONICS! LOL! A few of the stylists went running for the door. I bolted it. :)

But I digress, as you know I am writing the second book right now. It is a companion book filled with inspiration (I hope) and space for you to write and excavate your own tips - cause we all got 'em. I am no different from you, I just wrote it first, now it will be your turn! But as I sit here gearing up to write I realize that I have strayed from my path. If you don't walk the walk and talk the talk as a person in the "healing" arts well I just don't like ya. It's too easy to tell folks to do shit that's wicked hard while you go and eat a ho-ho and sit your ass on the couch. Right? I could list a bunch of guru's that are full of crap but this cancer cowgirl don't roll like that!

How have I strayed and what's the frikin' game plan? Every morning I have a come to Jesus/Elvis with myself. I sit with my journal, spill the beans, wipe up the mess, reframe and refocus. Hippocrates was so amazing for me. I felt super cosmic unbelievable! But post sprout castle I have been slipping. I probably slip less than most but when you know how great your body can feel it's hard not to groove in that dance space. I never skip my juice - no way, twice a day or bust! But I have been blowing off the wheatgrass, pretending I don't know how to food combine and chowing down snacks that just don't agree with me. Plus, I've been creating habits - bad news. What do I mean by that? Well, having 70% cacao dark chocolate every once in a while is not a habit. Having it daily is an addiction. Get it? Sugar and cancer should not tango on a regular basis! When you're on the go it is harder to stay with the lifestyle. But when you are on the go that's when you need it most. I know when I'm off because the symptoms creep up. Bloating, gas, constipation or diarrhea, bad breath, break outs, anxiety, irritability, stiffness, lower back pain, dry skin etc.

Let's all check in...
How may of us are eating loads of sugar? Raise your hands.
How about juicing? Are you drinking your greens at least once a day?
Who among us is really commiting to food combining?
How's that coffee treating ya?
Cheese? Tastes good doesn't it?
Who is falling into fluffy loads oof bread?
And on and on....

I put food in the gross, good, great catagory. For example, raw organic goat cheese is the only cheese I will consume as it is free of casein and easier to digest. However, I still get bloated and crappy after eating it. I get bloated and crampy after eating wheat products as well. Gas hurts! And yet that bread looks sooo good. Worst if white bread, better is sprouted bread (ezekiel, manna) best is no bread (for me). If you really want to know what your body can and can't handle, start to keep a food journal and write down how you feel after a you eat. It helps to eat simply (not absolutely everything at once) so you can truly tune in. Sugar make my head spacey and gives me anxiety. End of story. Too much grain makes my skin dry and flaky - coffee too. Coffee makes me smell! OIY! It's true. Ewww. How about you?

We all know that detoxification is the key to recovery but how the heck do we manage it during the holiday season? One step at a time and one foot in front of the other dear ones. For me, my ruby step will begin with a one day fast this Sunday. Yup. Detoxification and juice fasting reduces the impact of accumulated stress and toxins on our overall health. When you fast you give your body a chance to heal by eliminating toxins, plus when your body isn't focused on digestion it has more energy for repair. I have fasted for up to 21 days but I don't recommend it for most cancer patients. One to three days is fine, more but only under supervision, and not if you are too weak or on treatment right now. Once we commit to eating a better diet we don't need to fast like extreme warriors. Fasting once a week (like we do at Hippocrates) gives your body a chance to play catch up.

When we fast we still consume LOADS of nutrition. I do not recommend fasts with water and sugar (Master Cleanse), not for cancer patients. I drink lots of water with lemon, some herbal tea, and up to 8 green drinks (sunflower and pea sprouts, celery, cucumber, kale, romaine etc). Wheat grass twice a day, and a blended green soup at night (avocado, cucumber, celery, onion, garlic, kelp, fresh herbs, sprouts etc). I do an enema and wheat grass implant the day of and the day after. Your body dumps lots of toxins from your blood stream into your colon during a fast so it's import to keep the channel open. And yes, you will need to be by the bathroom! This is why I choose to do 1-3 day fasts over the weekend.

What else is important during fasting and detoxification? Sweating! Sauna, exercise - like walking, yoga or rebounding, dry brushing and more... But those are the next posts.


PS. I noticed a recommendation for a book that suggests lots of fruit on the 80/20 diet (or 80/10/10 as the book suggests). I have this book, haven't read it yet so I don't know for sure, BUT if it does recommend lots of fruit sugar please note that this is not a diet for cancer patients. You should not be consuming more than 15% of your diet from fruit when you are healthy, less when you have cancer. Too much sugar and sugar feeds cancer. So please read the book with that in mind. Not all raw food diets are right for you. Raw foodists can be really heavy on the sweets and treats. Be sensible and listen to your body. Throwing your pancreas in a tail spin ain't healing. Loving you Xo!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

I am Grateful

Happy THANKSgiving magnificent community!

I woke up in a meditation about all the people and things I am grateful for today. My dreams of gratitude swirled like a summer storm blowing the tune of "everything's gonna be alright". Popped open my peepers and thought I'd host an electronic grace at our community table.

So how about we open a collective dialogue with the universe today. Yammer with YOUR god, goddess, Jesus, Buddha and/or Elvis. When I connect with a higher source I'm reminded of my sacred divinity. I chat (AKA pray) to set clear intensions and goals for the universe to work on. The universe loves that! Less stuff for it to figure out. A prayer of thanks works like a charm. As I mentioned in a previous blog, instead of “PLEASE MAKE IT GO AWAY NOW!” I say, “thank you for my perfect health, wealth and happiness”. My life is abundant NOW, my cup runs over and floods my inner ashram with emerald rivers of stamina, strength, spirit and AMEN.

Your brain is a complex radio station broadcasting thoughts, directions and vibrations to your cells. What frequency are you on? Is your DJ a hell's angel or a minister? Think about this, how do you feel when you're flooded with jealousy or worse..envy? Can’t eat, enraged, insecure? How about when you're bursting with pure white light joy? The shape of these emotional states have an affect on your mind AND your body. Now, I’m not saying you have to be bliss boy/babe 24-7 and amputate negative emotions left and right. Impossible, we're energy beings being human. Sometimes mad-sad-rage is the ticket to self preservation and liberation. Just notice the puss and send positive energy to the source of the pain.

Now for the fun part! Let's breathe and say thanks for answered prayers as if they have already happened. Let's broadcast healing thoughts to the universe like Dick Clark on american bandstand, or like when he rings in the new year with a disco ball dropping in Times Square and we all yeah hooray! And so it is....

I am so grateful that we humans woke up and came to our senses in protection of mama earth and all her wee ones. We realized that there is no separation and that our part equals the big picture whole.

I am grateful that we retracted our knives and instead chose to extend hands of peace to hold our brothers and sisters in the middle east.

I am grateful that money is silly and that real currency is exchanged with a smile.

I am grateful for parents who taught me I could do anything and a mom who believes in the transformative power of sock monkeys.

I am grateful for a husband who is my best friend.

I am grateful for in-laws that hold grandparent wisdom and notice the birds.

I am grateful that a feather on the ground is a sign that the universe just answered a prayer.

I am grateful for the opportunity to serve.

I am grateful for my friends and for the people I don't like so much because I am temporarily still attached to simple thinking.

I am grateful for my kitty.

I am grateful for each of you, all the canser cowgirls and chaps who are seekers of truth, health and real deal happiness.

What are YOU grateful for? And so it is.....

Happy day.

Peace, veggies and turkey emancipation!

PS. Crazy Sexy Beth MD answered a bunch of questions on the last post so make sure to check it out. Feel free to continue the conversation on this one. XO!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Chronic Pain

Greetings blessed loves!

So I am officially appointing our dear "bav" (AKA Beth) to the position of Crazy Sexy Resident MD. Why? Beth is an MD, a canSer cowgirl and a big believer and proactive participant in the Crazy Sexy Lifestyle! We became pals after meeting at one of my workshops in NYC and she has a wealth of knowledge (and a big ole heart) to share with ya'll. After she posted this comment I knew I had to make it an official entry! So welcome Beth, our second guest!

"Ok, pain sufferers, Kris asked me to see if I could offer any guidance. So here goes.

Chronic pain is a tough sitch, I'm not gonna lie. Pain impacts every aspect of your life, how you eat, how you sleep, how you move. You may not even be aware of it, but people tense up when in pain, they contract, which shifts body mechanics, which creates for more pain. They hold their breath.

Many chronic pain sufferers, for reasons unclear, have systems that become increasingly heightened to trigger pain. Instead of having a little pinch to a mild stimuli, many chronic/neuropathic pain sufferers experience an excruciating pain to some small noxious event. It's like your system becomes over-sensitized. It somehow resets your thresholds, your "set point," your triggering mechanisms. This can be especially so with neuropathic pain, which a few of you specifically mentioned.

So, how to break the cycle??

Some of this is fact, some of this is my opinion. I am simply offering it as information. If it works for you great. If it doesn't resonate with you, that is fine too. I totally respect people's right to choose what is right for them. As I said, pain is no fun. And unfortunately, it is really up to the person in pain to get themselves out of it, so it is super hard, I understand that.
Medications are only one small part of the solution. So it is awesome you are communicating with one another about it!!

First and foremost, I think the Crazy Sexy Lifestyle is just as important for chronic pain sufferers as it is for canSer babes. If you have both, even moreso!! In order to allow your body to return to what I will call a "zen state" ie pain-free, we need to get out the toxins. As much as we do know, I think there is SO much more we don't know about what goes on in the human body. What are all those preservatives, chemicals, pesticides in our foods doing to those delicate nerves? To those pain receptors? To the feedback mechanisms our body uses to signal our brain to feel pain? I'm guessing not anything good. So keep those juicers revving, girls. Get that oxygen-laden green juice into your system. Do your best in your own personal life to reevaluate what your food choices are on a day-to-day basis. And start taking away the sugars, the refined products, the dairy. Get in the high-quality food products. We need to pamper your temple (your body) so we can restore peace and serenity. Nutrition affects absolutely everything we experience physically, emotionally, mentally....even pain.

Food combining for quick-exit will be critical for you if you are on pain meds. Narcotics are incredibly constipating! Even if you are still pooping, believe me, the motility in your gut is slowed. So whatever you are ingesting, it is sitting inside you for longer than normal b/c the whole system is slowed down b/c of the pain meds. So, again, consider trying to go more towards Kris' suggested nutrition tips, and away from a mainstream diet. You may want to stock up on smooth move tea, aloe juice, whatever keeps your pooper moving.

Next, I encourage you to find a way to move your body. I'm not talking marathons here, or anything that is going to put you in the fetal position due to pain. But depending on your kind of pain, research has shown that inactivity makes things worse, and yes, even for neuropathic pain. Can you find a nice, gentle restorative yoga class? A stretching routine? Swimming? Exercise accomplishes a number of things. It stretches the fascia, the ligaments, muscles, everything that contains all kinds of nervous tissue. This helps to release toxins being held, to pull blood (ie oxygen) into the area, to contract lymph vessels, to help carry away tissue wastes. I'm not going to lie, the first week might be rough, if you haven't been active for awhile, but that should quiet quickly. Soreness should feel different than pain. In addition, exercise releases all kinds of yummy hormones in our brain, not only endorphins, but others that lift mood, increase energy, and yes, help decrease pain!! So, do what you can. Even if you start with a minute of dancing in your underwear, shake that booty somehow!

Depression often goes hand in hand with pain. How could it not?? It is miserable to hurt constantly. And chemically, what goes on in the body and brain, there are reasons for this. If you are prone to depression, ongoing pain may make it worse. If you are new to pain and never have been depressed, don't be surprised if you find yourself in new territory. Constant discomfort permeates into every area of your life and it can wear you down! So you need a strategy that works for you. I do encourage chronic pain sufferers to find a great therapist, social worker, shrink, minister, whomever, to touch base with weekly. Someone to vent to, someone to give you some perspective about how awesome you are doing with all that you are trying to juggle. Someone who can suggest meds if that is appropriate for you, or guide you to someone who can. Keeping your mental closet as tidy as you can is really going to help b/c pain effects the brain so much, not just the body part where you experience the pain!! This does NOT mean you are having pain b/c you are depressed, or that it is all in your head or anything like that. It means, unfortunately, your brain is involved in the pain feedback loop. That is how our body is set up, it's just anatomy. So attending to the health of that organ (yes, your brain) is going to help the pain syndrome.

Seek out alternative providers. Osteopaths trained in "Manipulative Medicine", craniosacral work, fascia release can do wonders for pain. I'm not talking the wrenching, cracking kind of manipulation. I am talking GENTLE, where you aren't sure what (if anything) they just did. But somehow a few days later, you feel WAY better. I recommend looking for someone who specifically deals with chronic pain. I can't live without mine. And b/c they are doctors, insurance covers it.

Acupuncture is phenomenal for pain! Certain kinds of pain receptors are in our skin. They each correspond to a certain area, think small circular patch. The acupuncture needle stimulates that little meridian, like dropping a pebble in a pond, it then sends ripples out. By stimulating the area, it then actually allows that pain pathway to quiet down. This can transmit to deeper (beyond the skin) internal pain meridians. Many insurance plans now cover acupuncture, check with your carrier.

Massage, is a delightful blend of the benefits of exercise, osteopathy and acupuncture all rolled into one. I suggest someone trained in myofascial techniques, acupressure, physical therapy/sports massage. These folks tend to have increased training in the anatomy of pain fibers, pathways etc. And yes, many insurance carriers now cover massage. If the first person you see doesn't give you some relief after a few sessions, try someone else. Massage manually moves toxins out, draws blood to an area, releases spasms, moves lymph, contracts muscles, stretches etc etc. It may "hurt." I am not talking about going for a relaxing, zone out massage. I am talking about going for a "massage treatment." You need to be able to communicate with your therapist about how much pressure is too much, about what you can (or cannot) tolerate. There are therapists out there who specialize in pain, call around, ask if they work with neuropathic pain sufferers, chronic pain etc. My massage therapist can make some of my pain go away completely that cortisone shots did not help! Seriously.

I like arnica. You can rub it on a certain area if you have a joint, muscle etc that hurts. But you can take it as a pill for you neuropathic girls. I am a fan of Naturopaths if you want to find natural remedies. They know their stuff, and can work with you. This will be important if you are on pain meds, b/c some of the herbal stuff impacts how those are metabolized.

And don't forget to breathe. I am a proponent of breath therapy. If you can't find a certified breath therapist near you, or can't afford it, you can do it at home. Simple techniques, with tremendous benefits. When I first learned of this 15 years ago, I thought it was hooey. Until I went for my first session. Amazing what happens when we breathe properly!

Whew! I'm sure I forgot something, but those are my highlights. More than any other problem, I think pain requires a comprehensive approach. Take Kris' Cancer Tips book and replace cancer with pain. I encourage you to tackle it from all angles, from a crazy sexy lifestyle perspective. I empathize. I know it's hard. But it can be done. And because you are here on this blog, you are claiming your power, you are on your way to finding for yourself what heals your body. And I can't applaud, encourage, support you enough in that endeavor."

Big hugs,

Viva la Crazy Sexy Lifestyle for all!!!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Our first guest blogger! THE GRASS MAN!!!!

Hello Crazy Sexy Cancer world! Michael from Hippocrates here. When Kris asked me to write a blog for her peeps, I blushed, smiled and felt honored all at the same time. It would be my pleasure to inform people of GREENS and how amazing they are!

First of all, allow myself…to ...introduce....myself. My name is Michael Bergonzi, Greenhouse / Expo Manager / Health Educator Director at Hippocrates Health Institute in West Palm Beach, FL for the past seven years. My career in the field of alternative health & wheatgrass began in San Diego, CA back in 1990. Growing grass for a living and not ending up in jail seemed like a pretty cool job! Ok, I'll take it! Of course, the cost per one ounce is $1.00 rather than $350.00! =)

Most people now a days have at least heard of wheatgrass juice if not actually tasted it themselves from a juice bar or health food store. (There are always some people that enjoy drinking it, but no one ever hangs around those people!) The taste of wheatgrass is not always a pleasant one and we are told that it must be our bodies that are detoxing. However, that is not always the case. For example, as a wheatgrass grower, I would bring a tray of grass to the health food store, ready to juice. If they juiced it that day, it would not taste at all bitter or cause that nausea feeling. But, they choose instead to put it in the store window for a display for people to see it, and now it stays in the window for two more days in which the sun shines on it, which it should never. They haven’t watered it, which they should everyday, and now, that same sweet tasting wheatgrass has aged almost 80 years in two days. It’s kind of like people, the older it gets, the more bitter it becomes! =) Wheatgrass should be harvested when a second blade becomes visible, and then the entire tray needs to be cut at the same time. It may then be stored in the refrigerator for up to one week without losing it’s value and taste.

Let’s talk about the ‘greens’ on the planet Earth. First of all, everyone can agree that we, as humans, are mammals. Most of the mammals on this planet are living on leafy greens. In fact, we are one of the few mammals that still eat meat and the only mammal that cook our food. To say that protein only comes from eating meat is an uneducated statement. Sprouts, sprouted beans and GREENS are the best source of proteins for our bodies. Think about it on a bigger scale. How is it possible that most every mammal (and you all agreed that WE humans are mammals) can live on eating just leafy greens? Elk, moose, deer, giraffes, gorillas, elephants, horses, etc… and don’t forget the one that WE get most of our food here in the USA from, the COW!!! Ahhhhhhh… and here is the problem now a days. You see, in the past, when you lived on red meat and dairy products, in-directly you lived on GRASS. The cow was eating the grass; we were eating the cow. It just makes sense. We were getting the EARTH in our diets. But, today, that is NOT the case. Most cows are now trough fed, mostly grains, which are making their systems too acid base, and are having to be shot full of antibiotics, steroids and of course hormones. They go over to the trough, eat as much as they can, and now want to take a nap because they are ‘full.’ (Ringing true to us as humans these days who drive through the fast food joint, meaning WE are being trough fed too! Staying full, getting tired and staying sick.) A cow taking a nap because it’s too full? Are you kidding me? So, the problem now is our red meat and dairy aren’t what they used to be. We are not getting the GRASS (green / earth) in our diet any longer. Look, I have been in this field now for 17 years, too long to judge anyone for what they choose to eat. I just want to educate people on “what’s simple is TRUE.” Get the Earth back in your diet, more oxygen back into your cells and exercise once a day. (yoga, walking, stretching, etc…)

OK. Is any of this making sense yet? Let’s go to the first thing your body needs to live. Before food, before water, you need OXYGEN!!! Everyone reading this, please pause for a moment and take a DEEP BREATH… Count to three on the inhale and three on the exhale. Wasn’t that good? Let’s face it, the only people that really focus on breath these days, unless you’re into yoga, thai-chi or meditation, are smokers! =( Personally, I smoked for 10 years, and I know why I felt the ‘need’ for a cigarette, because it would relax me. Exactly, what are you doing when you smoke? (You now have to leave your job and go outside the building. Amen to that law, so you get a bit of stress relief too.) You’re BREATHING DEEP, for the first time all day. I am NOT encouraging smoking, however, I am encouraging breathing. Try it without the “stick.” Walk away from people, your job, etc… and go somewhere, by yourself, and spend 5 minutes breathing deep. It’s amazing how much calmer you will be after doing this.

Now, let’s take a moment and go back to how ‘wheat’ grass came to light. A woman by the name of Ann Wigmore founded Hippocrates in Boston approx. 50 years ago. She actually healed her own health issues by chewing on ‘lawn’ grass. That’s right; I said lawn grass, not wheatgrass. She began chewing on it and got sick for many weeks, but stayed with it till she eventually started feeling better and better. She learned that the grass / greens were the most complete foods on the planet, as well as having other healing properties. The wheat seed was chosen because of its sweeter, more palatable taste. (Her cat picked it out.) She also learned that the green / chlorophyll will increase the hemoglobin in the blood which then distributes oxygen to every cell in our body. Take another deep breath! Remember that oxygen is a good thing? Ann started this because of watching the animals do it, as well as a statement that was made to her as a child, “Instinct guided creatures, left to them selves, do not make mistakes.” (I LOVE that one.) Most of us chewed on grass as children, if it was around. Why then and not now? We lost sight of our instinct. Here’s a FYI on oxygen content on the planet these days: 100 years ago, there was over 30% and now it is at an average of 15%. The most out there, if you live in a lush, green area, is 21%. However, in downtown major cities it is down to 9% or less. Does anyone remember ‘smog alerts’? I do, but not since 1990, when they stopped telling people. Fact: Oxygen in the cells means less chance for cancer to survive. GREENS = Chlorophyll = increased hemoglobin = more OXYGEN in your cells. GET IT NOW? Don’t forget, fresh wheatgrass juice is the best way to FEEL a difference. Drinking 2 ounces / day on an empty stomach is optimum.

In closing, remember these two simple words: “Stay Present.” More too come on GREENS and sprouted beans next month… Till then, yours in the greenhouse at Hippocrates Health Institute in West Palm Beach, FL, breathing in approx. 30% oxygen everyday, Michael Bergonzi

For questions on growing your own wheatgrass or sprouts, visit my personal website (which I am still working on improving) at and send me an email anytime.

PS. Hi gang, it's me Kris. Just so you know, Michael is the #1 grower of wheatgrass and sprouts in the country, maybe the world. His knowledge is vast. Michael created and perfected many of the greenhouses at the top healing centers. He is a transformative man (with a kick ass sense of humor) and he will be back for a visit soon! Thank you rock star Michael!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Greetings from Hippocrates!

Day 3 and I’m feeling like a healthy rock star! Even I forget how great I can feel until I remove all the crap and let my body function the way it was intended to. Today is fast day. At Hippocrates the guests fast once a week on Wednesday, unless they have problems with blood sugar or are too weak. Here’s what my day ahead will look like…

Water with lemon (to alkalize the body and flush the liver), followed by a 2 oz shot of wheat grass juice on an empty stomach. 9 am 16 oz green drink, (cukes, celery, sun flower sprouts and sweet pea sprouts), 11am, 12pm, 2 pm and 4pm. At 5:30 we’ll get a blended raw green soup with avocado and other goodies.

Why do we do this? Well, for one day the body gets a break from digesting and focuses almost solely on repair. If you wonder which is better juicing or blending, the answer at Hippocrates is juicing. Juicing is lightening speed energy, nearly instantly assimilated. When you blend your veggies into a soup or smoothie the fiber still remains so it takes a lot longer to digest. For the purpose of repair and renewal juicing is superior. At home I juice about twice a day everyday. 2-3 days per week I have a blended smoothie for breakfast just to mix it up, then I’ll have a juice at 4pm. What about the fiber? Well, if you are eating 70/30 or 80/20, no worries you are getting plenty of fiber. Cellular cleanliness, oxygen, ENZYMES and body repair are your tools back to health. When you remove the garbabge and flood yourself with life force, lookout mama and big daddy! You’ll be a healthy rock star, supernova, hot rod in no time! It’s seems pretty simple to me, get back to nature and back to the garden gang!

The food on the other days is pretty great too, here’s a sample of my last 3 day… Breakfast, upon rising water with lemon, wheat grass, 9am green drink, 11am green drink. 12:30 lunch, a big ole salad bar with LOADS of every kind of sprout you can imagine! Sprouts are the powerhouse of healing because they are still living. Sprouts have tons of protein, enzymes, vit/min and our favorite ingredient OXYGEN. What else do I load my plate up with? Greens, nut pate or avocado, a cool raw gourmet side dish (sometimes sprouted grains), onions, raw garlic (big blood cleanser) carrots, oil cured olives, baby red, orange and yellow bell peppers, dulse (a seaweed with natural sodium, high mineral content, known to pull out radiation from the body), raw sauerkraut (great probiotic, made at HHI without vinegar). Top all that with a delicious dressing and get ready to chop chop! At 4pm we get another green drink and then at 5:30 it’s more salad and a few other cool sides. No sugar here. That’s tough. Day 2 I wanted to lick my deoderant because it smells like apple. Oh well.

Oops, I almost forgot, 2 enemas twice a day followed my 4 oz implant of wheat grass (held for up to 20 minutes and then released). Talk about an overall temple flush! Yowza! Wish me luck today!

Peace and MASSIVE amounts of chlorophyll!

PS. Drink your green juice and wait 3o minutes to an hour to eat. Also wheat grass on an empty stomach. Why do we wait and separate liquids from solids? The goal is to keep those digestive enzymes super powerful and not dilluted. Got it?

Friday, November 9, 2007

Groovy lube and garbage removal

You asked for it, you got it, we're talking poo and I don't mean Winnie. LOL. The past few blogs have been about balancing the drive for perfection and the "I'm not better fast enough - make it go away" blues. Elimination is the key to recovery and I don't just mean wash room visits. What junk are you holding emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually? Junk is junk, whether it's in your trunk, your noggin' or your bloodstream, it's time to say adios! We will roll up our sleeves and chat n' chew about ALL these topics over the coming months, but since I promised our posse gal AP Monkey the scoop on the poop, let's start with my favorite topic - the toilet.

No matter how healthy our diets if our inner sewer system is clogged we break down. Colon cleansing is another terrific tool to create a vibrant river (aka bloodstream) and cells. Ya know when your trash can is full of stinky stank because it hasn't been emptied in a while? Picture it, there's leaks (maybe even holes from erosian), it's a hot summer day and there's spoiled milk, rotten hot dogs and cat litter involved? You open the lid and fall queasy. Nothing but the garden hose makes the smell and crusted crap go away. Well, the same thing goes on in your body.

Most of us have debris in our colons from years of eating too much meat, pasteurized dairy, processed foods, white stuff, breads, candies, cookies, bad oils, pesticides, fungicides and suicides! When the pipes get backed up, the stagnant food rots and ferments causing a slew of problems like trapped toxic gas, lack of absorption and an imbalance of the good/bad bacteria. The Good guys and the bad guys (bacteria) share housing in our colons. But if we compromise the terrain through poor food choices, drugs, environmental toxins, chemicals etc, the houligans take over.

Get this, if you aren’t moving your bowels bet 1-3 times per day consider yourself constipated. Now, I don't know many people who have 3 successful "meetings" on the can Monday-Sunday. If it ever happens for me I'm gonna throw a bash complete with a DJ and a magician! So 3 may equal a party, but 1 groove move per day is a must. When you begin the detox process the garbage that's been swimming around in your bloodstream or stored in your organs gets kicked up and looks for an outlet to escape. Let's do another little visualization exercise for clarity - Imagine a room that has been locked up for years, its loaded with dust and weird hair bunnies, you take a broom to it (fiber) and what happens? A dust storm is kicked up making it seem/feel worse before it gets better. If you don't open a window and mop it all up you haven't made a change. Bad breathe, weird smelling sweat, break outs, all toxins movin out, headaches, rash, these are all symptoms of the broom in your room. Your clean colon will provide the biggest outlet for the stored poisons.

Drum roll please... The best way to take out the trash is through an internal bath: an enema or colonic. Enemas are a great way to get the lower bowels moving and grooving. Enemas are a snap. Just follow the directions on the box, deck out your bathroom detox ashram, and go to town.

Colonics are even better because they access the ascending, transverse, and descending intestines. An average session lasts from forty-five minutes to an hour. In the beginning it’s best to do a series; the number of treatments you’ll need really depends on the condition of your colon. Don't be shy, it's ok, we all have a butt, even the colon therapist and they just want to help ya feel better so relax, let go and dro your drawers!

Some people who oppose colon therapy claim that it’s unnatural, and that you can become dependent on it. The concern is that folks will overdo it, going too frequently. Another criticism is that it washes away good bacteria. First of all, it’s unnatural to be living in such a highly toxic time; we need to think outside the box, especially when we have something as unnatural as cancer to contend with. Next, colon therapy will not make you dependent. Think of it like a workout: The gentle pressure from the water actually tones and rebuilds your muscles by making peristalsis—the contraction of smooth muscles that propels stuff through the digestive tract—stronger. Once the initial cleansing process is complete, colonics need only be used for maintenance, upkeep and spring cleaning. Lastly, good bacteria can only breed in a clean environment. When the balance is off, what difference does it make? A probiotic can be taken after cleansing to help repopulate the colon with good bacteria. Eventually the colon will rebalance itself, especially when all the debris is cleared away. Until the invention of laxatives (which only exacerbate the situation and are harmful—they can cause dehydration, addiction, weaken peristalsis etc), enemas were widely used in the medical community! One other doubt you may get from your dr. or gastro is that they've done thousands of colonoscopies and have never seen the baked on impaction that alternative practioners discuss. Well there are many schools of thought on that - all valid, several interesing. But the biggest question I have is what do you drink before you have your colonoscopy? I had one - good grief, I felt like I was removing stuff from past lives as well as this one! Again, I am not an expert, just a curious gal with a good deal of education.

I recently became very interested in coffee enemas after a brilliant conversation with my new pal Dr. Nicholas Gonzlez (, if you saw my appearance on the Mike & Juliet show, Dr. gonzalez was their go-to expert. He is a pioneer in nutritional therapies, supplementation and most important - enzyme therapy for cancer patients. Dr. G is also a huge believer in coffee enemas. He even shared some funny trivia with me, apparently the western doctor who created the colonoscopy machine (and is a gazillionaire) does daily coffee enemas! As I understood it in a nutshell, the caffeine that is absorbed safely stimulates the liver and bile ducts to empty stagnant toxins into the colon for elimination. Vibrant and clean liver ducts make room for poisons from the body to enter the liver for detoxification.

Before our chat I had only considered doing enemas with either distilled water and or/wheatgrass implants, another highly effect way to cleanse. Wheatgrass juice heals and detoxifies the colon walls, adding oxygen (aka chlorophyll) and energy to the body, it also helps balance the flora. Wheatgrass is liquid sunshine! I was trained at Hippocrates and Wheatgrass is king there, coffee is a no no. But hey, everyone has an opinion and now I'm obsessed with trying something new as long as it sounds safe and valid, will report my findings as they come. Sadly, not my favorite way to injest a cup o' joe but maybe my tender little liver will feel differently - thanks Dr. Gonzalez! By the by, the NCI gave my pal a landmark (never been done before for alternative therapies) grant for his research, so he must be onto something!

A few notes to guide you:

1. Only used purified or distilled water. Remember that most tap water is loaded with Chlorine - talk about a way to wipe out good bacteria!

2. Find a colon therapists that uses the gravity method. A good resource is the Colon Therapists Network,

3. For enemas, look for Fleet or Cara enema bags, both usually available at your local pharmacy. I have also just read that there is a new 6 quart enemas bag - whoa and possibly yahoo! You can find out more about it on

4. Eat lightly before and after your treatment. Best to drink greens drinks or a green blended soup or smoothie.

5. Wheatgrass enemas - do a regular enema first, then implant 4-ounces of Wheat grass juice (with no water). Retain or 20 minutes.

6. Coffee enemas are different from drinking coffee, enemas stimulates the liver to let go of toxins, the other inhibits the liver. Please buy organic.

7. Sorry, gang I need to learn more about coffee enemas before I say exactly how much and for how long. Want to bring you the best, not just a quick google plug in.

8. Almost everyone, even if you are eating well now, still needs to clean out (it's the old waste that needs to be dealt with). Colon therapists may recommend a series of up to 8 depending on how toxic you are. Once you feel better you can do it once a month, once a season, whatever works for you. Remember to replenish with a probiotic.

9. Acceptable forms of natural laxatives - smooth move tea, natural calm (google for where to buy) or cal/mag citrate. HHI also sells a great natural supplement.

10. If you are going 2-3 times a day, it doesn't always mean that you are free of ancient waste, chemicals, gas and pharmaceuticals in your colon. You may want to try it and see how ya feel. If nothing happens the first time, don't assume you're the king/queen. Some people need a few sessions before the exercism (that's what my therapist calls it and we howl!)

* Remember we are what we eat but also what we don’t poop!

As I mentioned I will be teaching a class at Hippocrates next week and will be blogging from the center. If you have any questions that I don't feel capable of answering I'll take them to my posse of experts and we'll try to help sort ya all out.

Peace, veg and smooth moves!

Ps. I hope I didn't make you all shy and freaked. We gotta go there - taking charge inside and out, no taboos or untouched landscapes.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Make it go away....

Good mornings Gods and Goddesses!

Once again I was so taken by your comments on the last blog that my plan for chatting about soy and poo has been derailed! Plus, I have to get on a plane in an hour and I don't want to rush the facts. Bav, girrrrl you always inspire me. This one is for you and for US. Hope it helps....

How do we live with the judge, jury and executioner that is scan/test time? How do we live with canSer without thinking of dying everyday? Man, I have been working on mastering that question for nearly 5 years now. As you know, I have a canSer that may never "go away". If you have watched my film then you have witnessed my struggle and unwavering desire to cure myself. Well, in the past year some big healing lights have blazed through the darkness of my reality.

I had the BIG "C" which = CANCER. Now, I have the little "c" which = chronic. I don't think of my tumors as deadly little parasites that MUST get the hell out of dodge, because if they don't then I will not rest, nope, I see them as a part of me that has wandered off, is confused, needs some loving and is ready for health but maybe not in my time frame. It took me a long time to get to cancer (not that I created it) and healing will take an equal load of soul-maturing patience. *Note: this is what works for me, you don't have to agree, I'm just telling my shit like it is..that said:

When you embrace this lifestyle you may expect instant changes, better scans, tumors to dissolve and a Macy's day parade to be thrown in your honor - I did. Guess what? All those wonderful things may happen. If they do you better write about it on this blog! LOL. On the flip side (cause ka-ching has a twin brother named Ka-splat) you may not see one change in the cancer. It may even grow. Naturally, this will be discouraging. But let me reveal the bigger pix of this BRILLIANT health painting. You will see other ailments vanish, you will feel empowered, you will feel like you're stepping up to the green plate of life, you will watch your relationships change, you will trim the fat and cut the dead weight, you will get closer to YOUR God and begin to see that you have a direct line for a chat any ole time, and you WILL heal. You may not be cured, but you will heal.

When I stopped focusing on being cured I started healing and LIVING in a MASSIVE way. I remember walking down the aisle at my wedding, I was loaded with "beauty marks" AKA tumors and the underlying tone of the evening was of tender magic and spirit. People laughed and cried in a way they wouldn't have if my fate was less know. But there I was, planning for my future and whispering "not today fear, I gotta soak this up like a juicy ray of sunshine, plus I look awesome and I want to be the queen!"

Sometimes we're gonna move like crabs in life and in cancer. Crabs get to the joint but they move sideways, backwards and all wonkily to do it. Your set backs are part of the process, hard to imagine but true. Cancer really doesn't want to kill me, I'm the host, if it fucks up the party who else is gonna buy the keg?

Tools that have helped me before scans or tests:

1. Replace "please Jesus, Buddha, Elvis, make it go away" with Jesus, Buddha, Elvis, thank you for my perfect health"
2. Meditate on the scan bed. I have a tribe of protectors on the other side and they all come wearing white, banging drums, smokin' peace pipes (filled with GOOD green grass, and not the wheat grass kind) and they create sacredness. When team spirit arrives no matter what happens I am not alone.
3. Go to your scan or test with someone who makes you feel happy.
4. If you get bad news, let it sink in, cry, spit, yell and sleep, then get your tush to the computer and come tell us about it. We will give you electronic hugs, help you get back in the game and send you to the juicer and to the garden.
5. Believe in your heart that canSer cowgirls and chaps are cut from a different cloth, you are enrolled in a selective phD program of life, you are one step away from buddhahood. What is this cobra trying to teach you? Make it active so you don't become passive and fall into victim mode. Replace fear with curiosity.
6. Change your focus, what gives you the greatest joy? For me it's creativity (blogged about fear a few moths back). Near scan time I write up a storm and my camera gets massive loving.
7. Do something really good for yourself the day before and the day after your scans. Have a massage and swipe the canSer card, see a great flick and plan the best day ever. It's a re-boot and it will bring you back to the moment. Right now I'm not dying, I'm flying through the air on the trapeze or I'm running with my pooch on the beach.

When we die, all we have is memories. Make lots of them.

Remember that life isn't greener on the other side. This is it it it, don't put your happiness AND your livin' on hold. What if the little chronic hangs out till you're 90, but since you wanted it gone so bad you wasted all your years in worry and fright. I know my experience is different from most, but it's the only place I can write from. I haven't had to deal with chemo and radiation or with an agressive canSer like many of you. But I have had to learn to go the distance with something that is totally unknown, with no cure and no proven treatment. I could do chemo right now but I have been told time and time again that the canSer may shrink but it ain't gonna vanish. So my choice has been to focus on the abundant QUALITY of my life and to plan for an techincolor future.

An attitude of gratitude for all that my guru teaches me helps me wipe out the torture mental shackles and self-imposed prison life. I am free NOW.

What helps you? What can you share with us today?

Big love and peace and freedom,

PS. So many new comers to the blof this week, welcome! Thanks james Frame for all your wisdom. James is one of my health peeps. He's got A LOT of knowledge and great advise so when he post ya'll ask questions! I know I will.

PSS. XOXXO to Bav and and all you angels who are waiting for news and fastening your seat belt for the drive to the canServille check point. I will meditate on your happiness.

Off to the Lance Armstrong Foundation and then a week of teaching at Hippocrates! Can't wait to blog from the wheat grass palace!

Sunday, November 4, 2007


Hi my dear ones,

So it's sunday night, I just wrapped shooting for the evening (workin' on a wellness series for the DVD extras) and me and the hubby are winding down, kicking back and checking in. Perfect time to peel away and visit with you! I know I said I'd blog about colonics and then soy, and I promise I will, but I want to circle back and chat about the importance of transition and reality - not perfection.

For many of you this is all new stuff, it certainly was for me when I first started. The shit hit my personal fan and I dove so deep that my life went into a full tilt boogie tail spin. I had no idea that change takes time and that a roaring river ain't gonna stand for pushin'.

If you want to be successful ya gotta have a big ole chat with yourself - a come to Jesus, Buddha, Elvis. This DETOX isn't a short term fling with a stingy uptight lover. I don't want you to mourn and crave and wonder when all this deprivation BS will be "put-a-fork-in-it" done. If you really want to win and glow you gotta take it in stride. You have to patient and bite off just what you can chew in that moment. Vegan? Veggie? Carnivore? Omnivore? Where are YOU on the chart? It's ok. Be honest, no need for zero to 60! this is about upgrading your life not ruining it. If you want to climb the mountain you have to train. You can't go straight to the olympics and expect to receive gold!

I get anywhere from 50-100 emails everyday and most folks need something big asap. They assume that I have all the answers and that I am a perfect flawless angel. Nope. I struggle just like you do. I may know a heck of a lot but it doesn't mean that I've mastered it all. Yes I can blow your mind and tell you how to vibrate in a way you've never experienced, but one step at a time. Most of us would fall flat on our faces and release toxins so fast that we'd back up the system with trapped debris and kicked-up poisons.

With my recent success some funny things have happened. I go to restaurants and people recognize me. They watch me like a hawk. People cry and hug me as if I've got the granola stigmata and my nail clippings will heal them. That ain't me folks.

I see many teachers or people in my position preach and spank and scold. Then they hit the ho ho's and dive head first into martini's and marrow. As we used to say in nutrition class, "the bigger the front, the bigger the back". The pix of me above illustrates a sunday morning, pre-work cup o' Joe fest. That's right, COFFEE (in my oprah mug). I don't do it often, once or twice a month at most. It's an acid bath, a pH shit storm and I enjoyed every sip. After I drank the yummy sin I waited about a half hour, had my green drink and got right back on track. But I wanted to be honest. I'm working on health just like you. So let's all relax and have some faith and fun. We're gonna get there, some faster than others but when we arrive our friends will welcome us.

Soy? Green tea? Meat? DAIRY? Mercury filings? Panic, Fear, doubt....dis-ease. The stress of it all can be just as acidic as a hunk of no no. If you're reading this blog on a weekly basis you're committed to change and you're on the path. Give yourself a break. Our goal is healthy cells and we're going to do our best to put one foot in front of the other in order to break our patterns of domestication.

You are on the train. Some days you are the conductor, other days you hang on to the caboose. But guess what? We're all on the 5:08 and by God we're moving forward.

Pretty soon we're gonna step away from food for a bit and dive into spirit because you can't separate body and mind, they are one. I have seen people with perfect health, not a drop of cancer, complain, whine and cry over the smallest "mess ups" in their diets. When I was macrobiotic and training to be a counselor I saw folks crumble over measuring their miso wrong. That's no way to live. Life is sweet. Don't toss your confidence into the cosmic dumpster.

Do you get why I posted this tonight? I want you all to enjoy the process of waking up to health. Don't get mad or sad or scared if you haven't figured it all out yesterday. It's a toxic world, the further you dig the more outraged you'll become. Our system is broken and so are most of the tools we've been given to navigate it. Oh, well, we'll triumph anyway.

Find your bliss and your joy, know that you are a white light disco with no ceilings and no limitations.

Peace, veggies and a momentary splash of coffee! DOH!!!! BAD!!!!!! giggles....


Thursday, November 1, 2007

Got Mucus?

My nightstand is always overflowing with cookbooks, diet books, nutrition guides and stats. I am obsessed! Plus I'm doing research for my book Crazy Sexy Detox (or Diet) not sure what to call it yet. Ya'll will help me choose. Anyway, I'm reading a funny, fluff and fad, diet book right now and finding it to be pretty darn accurate, especially when it comes to the dairy devil. It's called Skinny Bitch and we've all seen it in every store. I'm gonna water down their analogy on dairy (cause it's wicked gross) but to me it was one of those AH HA moments.

So Thanksgiving is coming up, you may go home and visit your mom, when you arrive and need a snack will you latch on and suckle? EW!!!! When we look at nature do we see animals nursing beyond their youth? The answer is no. Also, do you see a gorilla milking a rabbit? A deer suckling a tiger? Nope. Breast milk of any kind is intended for the specific species and it is only for the early stages of life during the baby's biggest growth spurt. Cow's milk grows a 90 pound calf into a 2000 pound cow over the course of 2 years. And we wonder why we're overweight!

Here's a good factoid: We need the lactase enzyme to digest lactose but between the ages of 18 months and 4 years we lose 90-95% of that enzyme. So basically we are all pretty much lactose intolerant. But it's MUCH bigger than that and it's quite simple too. Dairy products are disease producing. High protein diets (dairy and animal meat) create a highly acidic state in the body (remember we're all about the pH and alkalinity), dairy load us up with mucus, stops up our colons and creates an environment for cancer cells to thrive in.

But where will I get my calcium Kris? Dairy ain't the place loves! Moo juice actually leaches calcium from your body. Check this out, the countries with the highest consumption of dairy also have soaring rates of osteoporosis. Are ya connecting the dots? Milk is also one of the most common causes of food allergies and congestion (mucus) and high cholesterol. Got milk? No thanks. I get my abundant amounts of calicum from leafy greens like kale, collards, cabbage, kelp, mustard greens, seaweeds, sesame seeds (the best source), chickpeas, broccoli, watercress, raw nuts and lots of other plant friends. No stress on the body, mind, colon or environment. How nice!

We have been led to believe that milk is an essential part of good health. In reality, dairy milk contributes to the overall breakdown of our systems. If you really can’t see yourself giving up milk and meat, at least choose the best quality. Raw foodies advocate the use of raw (unpasteurized) goat’s milk as an alternative to cow’s milk because it doesn't have casein, it’s much easier to digest and it is closer to the consistency of human milk. You can also wean yourself off cow’s milk with rice, oat, almond, or soy (in moderation, I'm not a big advocate) as well. Meat should be organic, grass fed, and consumed in SMALL portions that are properly combined. It's a hard thing todiegst and take way more time so don't gum it up with a potato. Picture it as a side dish next to loads of veggies and a big salad. The American Dietetic Association came up with a good visual: The average serving of meat, it says, should be to the size of a deck of cards. Not a football or shingle. Capiche?

This information can be tough to swallow for folks who were raised on animal products. It certainly was for me. I grew up across the street from a dairy farm! My grandmother was a chef who cook up a hunk of fleshs daily. Tongue-and-Spam sandwiches were a favorite in our house. Looking back, I can see why becoming a veggie-head was easy for me!

Agribusiness doesn't rely on quality, they push quantity, speed, and the increasing demands for cheaper products. As a result, the animals now raised for our consumption are jacked up with hormones, antibiotics, herbicides, pesticides, and other medications that ultimately find their way into our rivers, land, and bloodstreams. We shouldn't just ask why organics are so damn expensive, we should ask why crap food is sooo cheap!

On more factoid and off ya go: Dr. T. Colin Campbell, professor emeritus of nutritional biochemistry at Cornell University (my guru) teaches that one of the biggest causes cancer is a diet that is higher than 10 percent animal protein! Americans eat way more than that. He estimates that “80% to 90% of all cancers, cardiovascular diseases, and other degenerative illness can be prevented, at least until very old age, simply by adopting a plant-based diet. WOW!

Big food for thought today. What do you think?

Peace & Veggies and no moo juice,

PS. Here's a few good alternatives to get you started, if you have any please share with your posse gals.

Earth Balance Natural Buttery Spread
Heart's Vegan Gourmet, they have a decent mozzarella substitute.
Soy Delicious Ice Cream if you're really out of your mind and just need it.
*Make sure you check soy products for casein. They sneak it in for texture.
Alta Dena Raw Goat Cheese cheddar flavor.

Monday, October 29, 2007


First of all gals, you rock my world! I have been under the weather for a few days PLUS we're in the middle of production for a series of wellness movies that will be included on the DVD extras released in March by Gaiam. Needless to say, life hasn't really slowed down for me, soon very soon I keep telling myself. But that's not the point, the point is I JUST LIVE FOR YOU ALL AND THIS RIGHTEOUS BLOG PARTY! I stepped away for 2 days BAM! gazillions of helpful responses on the make-up post. I learned so much AND am so happy to see ya'll socializing! I promise the forum will be up soon and that we will create a crazy sexy support group model that you can bring to your community. Your health is my mission. Rock on chiquitas!

Now for some supplement 101. I can't say I am the most knowledgable about this but I do know a few things and want to open the conversation. When I was first diagnosed I took a lot of supplements, herbs, tonics, potions - you name it, I poured it down my throat. Now I only take a few, although I am open to taking more. However, I do believe that supplements are just that, a supplement to our diets, and not the main course. Too many folks think they can run their bodies into the dumpster and patch it up with a One A Day. Nope. You must, must, must get the majority of your vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and ENZYMES from your food. Real, whole food. Live, raw, yummy food. That said, these are difficult times, the environment is full of toxins, our water is polluted, air too. Much of our food is void of the 'umph it used to have back in the good ole days. Plus, if you're a canSer cowgirl you've got a depressed immune system that needs a little more huggin' and lovin'. So long story short... pop some pills!

My suggestion is to find a naturopath in your town who can evaluate your specific needs and prescribe the right combination of supplements for your body. Nothing worse than taking a shot in the dark with the gazillion recommendations out there.

To get you started, here's a tiny list of great products that will put you on the right path. They are basic tools good for all tool boxes. PS. I will have links to most of these products through "good stuff" on the csc site by the end of the week. If YOU have any suggestions please post!

Digestive Enzymes - I use the ones from the Hippocrates Health Institute. I think they are the best on the market.

Omega 3 - Life's DHA brand, awesome, Dr. Mehmet Oz gave me a sample and I love it.

E3 Live - (aka algae) this stuff is amazing, great for brain function and body repair, boosts immune system and oxygenates and cleanses the blood. Read about it. I love love love it!

Chlorella -also a great to detox and cleanse the blood, especially after a scan or radiation or dental work. I loaded up on it when I got my mercury fillings removed. It's also a wonderful source of chlorophyll.

Multivitamin - whole food source only ladies and gents, I take Women's One Daily by Daily Foods (I get it at Wholefoods)

Probiotics - Gotta keep the good guys in the gut for overall colon function and health. I am still looking for the best though. chatting with a great company and should have more info in the next day or so. I only want to bring you the tip top best! I hear Pro B8 is good, so is Jarrow Formulas (which is what I use now and the trains keep running on time so to speak. LOL!

Aloe - I use Aloe Life (orange papaya flavor). I put it in my purified water everyday for my digestive system as I tend to get constipated and a toxic colon is bad (stinky) news. The flavor is great and actually makes me drink more water. Win win!

B-12 - since I'm a veg head this is the one must have that is hard to get from the diet.

You may need others, this is my paired down list. Please look into "super foods" and green powders, they contain powerful kick ass nutrients! I particularly like Green Vibrance which you can also find at Whole Foods (maybe Whole Foods should sponsor this blog! Don't ya think? We recommend the store enough! Free products please!) I have also taken a product called Ambrotose sold by distributors of Mannatech, which is said to help your immune system. Recently I started taking Natural pH Body Harmonizer by a company called Quintessence (you can order in the "Good Stuff" area of the CSC site). I really like it and have noticed a difference in my energy. You might also look into a product called Cell Food. I took it for a while and felt great, this product literally oxygenate your cells! Which reminds me, I gotta get some more. :)

Run these by your doctor or naturopath if you have any questions or concerns. Remember, I'm not a MD, but these things have made a differnece in my life so I'm just gonna share with my peeps!

PS. There were so many great make-up tips and suggestions. Do you want me to do another post with a recap for everyone?
PSS. Now that I'm back I will dig into the Juicer contest! I actually made a mistake about Vitamix- they aren't giving any away but we're gonna ask them again and see if we can get Breville to encourage them to be cool and great and help folks who just need a little encouragement to upgrade their lifestyles! Maybe this squeaky wheel will get the oil for ya. Big xo's....

Peace & vegs!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Make over your make-up!

Today’s blog is inspired by our posse gal Beth. She asked if I could blog about beauty products, good thinking love! In my on going effort to educate people about healthier lifestyle choices, it’s important to tackle a small thing that can make a big impact on our overall health, our little ole make-up bags! Do you really know what's in the products you put on your skin? Many dangerous chemicals and toxins lurk in our beauty products. Being a detective starts with your diet but it certainly doesn't end there.

Check this out, the largest organ in our body is our skin. What you put on your body, you literally absorb. So if you wouldn’t drink a bottle of Jergens, then don’t put it on your body because your skin literally drinks it in. A better choice and one I use daily would be coconut oil, so luxurious! Here's some food for thought, the average consumer babe uses between 15-25 personal care products per day! Many of those products contain hundreds of dangerous synthetic chemical compounds. Chemicals like parabens, which are synthetic preservatives found in shampoos, make-up foundations, shaving gels and even food, have a chemical structure similar to estrogen which interferes with production of the body’s natural hormones and more importantly, containing potential links to cancer.

Unlike (most of the) food and drugs we ingest, the cosmetic industry requires NO pre-market safety tests, monitoring, or labeling. That’s right, due to gaping loopholes in federal law, companies can put virtually ANY ingredient into personal care products. The European Union has made major advances in the regulation of cosmetics in the past several years and has banned the use of substances classified as carcinogenic, mutagenic or toxic for reproduction in cosmetic products. Unfortunately, the US hasn’t yet followed in these footsteps! With statistics like 1/3 of all men and half of all women will have cancer by 2050, it’s important to investigate how exposures in our daily lives increase the risk of cancer.

Not everyone can roll out of bed ready for their close up, but your daily make-up routine can expose you to more chemicals than a toxic dumpsite. I'm not saying you have to go au natural, heck no! Instead, opt for natural products derived from plants and minerals.

There are hundreds of natural products out there to try. Here are a few my favorites to get ya started.

Peace Keeper - lip paint, gloss and polish!
Lavera Mascara – no parabens, made using rose and jojoba. YUM.
Jurlique - makes great face moisturizer and other products, so does Dr. Haushka.
Grateful Body - Skin and body Care
Simply Divine - great line of body care products.
Buddha Nose - love the lip balm and other goodies.
Pangea Organics
Farmaesthetics - luxurious!
Bee Yummy Skin Food (
Care by Stella McCartney
No Miss Nail Care
Almost Natural Nail Polish Remover
Burt’s Bees. I love Burt’s especially the Replenishing Lip Balm with Pomegranite oil.
Glo Minerals (sold at Whole Foods) they make a great base and concealer.
Zia and Larenim (mineral spelled backwards) make great powders.

One of the best places to browse natural cosmetics is Whole Body at Whole Foods. Next time you are nearby try stuff on and play! You’re skin, organs and body will be glad you did! Making a commitment to find the healthiest products for your body impacts many different areas. Natural products are better for the planet as well as your skin. Plus natural products aren't tested on our animal pals either. Pooches, bunnies and other loving critters will thank you too!

For more information check out the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics they work to protect and educate consumers on personal care products.

AND tell us some of your favorite natural products! I'll post a big list in a day or so.

Peace, veggies and healthy (but DAZZLING) lipstick!

Friday, October 26, 2007

Recipe swaps!

Here's a pix of me and Dr. OZ swilling our favorite liquid sunshine. The dashing doctor brought me a sample of his morning green elixir and it was delicious - now that's my kind of house call! Hey, have you seen the GOOD STUFF section on the website? Remember, I just got 10 free juicers for you (well they are not here yet) and I need to give them away! Write me a brief (2 paragraph at most story) with your commitment juicing and your promise that it won't just gather dust and send your note to We'll pick the folks we hope are the most committed. Sorry I don't have more - I will in the future! Vita Mix has offered free shipping for people who by through our site. Every little but helps!

Basic AM blend (Mmmm, sounds like coffee - nope!)
cucumber (1-2)
celery (2-3 stalks)
sweet pea sprouts (huge hand full)
*note: this is enough for 2 people.

OZ blend

Green smoothie
handful of spinach
green apple (less sugar)
2-3 scoops of stevia
filtered water
ice cubes
1 scoop of Green Vibrance (green powder)
1 scoop of hemp powder (hemp is very high in protein)
*Add Frontier brand flavored drops if you like, no alcohol and lots of different tastes - like coconut.
Speaking of coconut, if you can use coconut water instead of filtered water even better - remember you need young thai coconut, they are big and white and you can find them in chinese markets and whole foods.

Apple Sprout Smoothie
2 cups Green Apple
2 tbs coconut oil (also known as butter, my favorite brand is Nutiva).
2 cups sprouts

Remember if you can't find organic or if it's just too darn expensive support your local farmers market. Also, check out the post about organic food a few days ago, if you buy conventional just try and stay away from the fruit/vegs that are the most sprayed. Just peel the other less toxic fruits and veggies on the list. It's a great list, print it and put it on your fridge! Once again, here is the link


PS. I'll link to Green Vibrance, Nutiva and the Hemp Protein on the Good Stuff section of the site so you don't get confused.

Peace and veggies!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Crazy Sexy Airs on TLC tonight!

Just a little reminder...this is probably your last chance to see the show before it's out on DVD next year. So if you're around and in a crazy sexy survivor mood, check it out. TLC will be showing it at 8 & 11 pm. Enjoy!


PS. I figured out how to post pix! Look out. These were taken by my cool pal George Lange when I visited him a few weeks ago. Just goofing around and poking fun at the little c.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

How do I top that?

Hi loves,

First of all I was so moved (once again) by your gracious emails and blog posts yesterday. Thank you friends. I have to say I was pretty scared to do that show, as you know it was intense and I had no idea how it would turn out. In the end, I am VERY proud. Meeting Randy was one of the best moments in my life. He is so generous to have let us glimpsed his important life.
Let's all do our best to remember the pearls he shared. Let your kids paint on the walls, and while they are at it, paint too.

I gotta say, I get so excited when I see how willing and how curious you all are. Stay curious, be your own detectives and advocates. Life is too short to get lost in the small mind. We ALL need to return to the house of health in some way. What is your way? What do you need to do to live a life free of inner and outer pain? And if you know, why aren't you doing it? For me, the first thing that leaps to my throat is usually the right anwer. I know what I need to do to stay strong and healthy because I plan on checking out a half a click past 90 (like my wicked cool granma did). Luckily, my oncologist agrees that that's a good number for me (he better, I got us backstage passes for Springsteen in November)! LOL

So once again, what is your thing? Do it now. Life will never wait for you and if you think it will you will wake up pretty disappointed one day. Though we've been chatting an awful lot about diet this past week, diet is only one spoke in your wheel. You can put 100% living and organic food into a deeply depressed body and see no results. For me, when I'm off in either my mind or my spirit my body takes a hit. I feel weak or I get injuries. It usually means that I am holding onto something stubbornly. Let go Kris. Let go.

Planting good thoughts, healing prayers and self honoring intensions for each of you...


Ps. Have you seen the AWESOME "Good Stuff" section of the website? Check it out! So many cool people have donated things for you and there is lots more coming. Jackies hats are in too! Next stop: THE FORUM! Yes, within the next week or so ya'll will be able to chat with each other too. Just don't forget little ole me out here on the blog. Have a sunny and VIBRANT day inside and out.