Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas Shopping

Hark how the bells!

Wow, it's hard to believe I've been back for a week and still haven't done a lick of prep for the ho ho. No tree this year, no stocking, no lights. Poopers. It just happened so fast! We did get a peace wreath though, check it out. What an awesome gift and the money goes to a great charity. Adopt-a-minefield Peace Wreath

Looks like I'll be hitting the stores this weekend. My list is pretty small, mom, dad, sis, Corinne and mom-in-law. Brian has been naughty so he gets nothing. KIDDING! He gets slippers (DO NOT TELL). What he really wants is an electronic drum kit but not this year. Those suckers are expensivo! Did ya'll know that he was in a hot band called The Jobes in his former (decades ago) life. Yeah, I even saw one of his shows in the 90's. I had no idea he was an editor till I was looking for someone to cut Crazy Sexy. The rest is history. Smooch smooch.

Anyway, if you're looking for some Crazy Sexy holiday shwag, our t-shirts finally arrived last week and they are WICKED COOL!

Crazy Sexy Cancer Goddess: for the rebelliously liberated lady adventuring through the little (annoying) "c". A great apparel choice while bopping to the oncologist, shimmying through support groups, the grocery store, gym, you name it. I had one made up for my appearance on "Stand Up to Cancer" and wow was it a splash.

For the button pushing anti-war, pro-health, spiritual wealth, and happiness fan why not don our "Make Juice Not War" slogan. Shooting disco stars sparkle on the front while our custom peace sign made up of veggies graces the back. It's sooo dig-a-lish!

Hope that gives you a few more shopping options. We'll be sending orders out this weekend, Monday and Tuesday.

Peace and organic candy canes,

Friday, December 12, 2008

Feeling fantastic!

Hello sun sprouts!

Ok, day 5 with no tea (zoomy tea) and I feel great. Finally made my way into the wheat grass hut. Yum/yuck, I drank it down and shot it up, (in the nether region) ZOINKS! Felt a difference almost instantly, it's actually quite refreshing... he he he... Why did I wait till wed? Stubborn!

We fasted on Wednesday and though I thought I'd be hungry it was totally fine, well except for the emotional detox. I got cranky and my liver flared with a wee bit of anger and growls. Only one guest was injured.

Thursday morning - colonic at 7am - HELLO! Though it was glorious, the downside of living on sprouts is the (how shall I say) GAS! Good lorrrd. Digestive enzymes certainly help. They're also really great when you're eating any cooked food. I take them daily without fail.

But the best thing about yesterday was that I got to sit in with Anna Maria Clement and watch her do live blood analysis on the guests. REMARKABLE! There is no doubt in my mind that the terrain doesn't lie. Dairy, coffee, animal protein, sugar, drugs/chemicals - we saw it all. It inspired me like crazy.

Today I get to shadow Brian Clement (the big cheese). Gotta run!

Peace & Wheat grass!


PS. Looks at these gorgeous Sun Flower Spouts!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Greetings from Hippocrates!

Hello grass drinkers,

Day 3 at The Hippocrates Health Institute and I feel like poo. That’s right, poo. At home I juice everyday, guzzle lots of water with aloe, cell food, & green powder, eat a mostly raw vegan 80/20 diet, and I sleep well - very well. Hmmm, clearly it’s not enough.

But let me be very honest, I love caffeine (I'd marry it) and I am a physical sloth (writing 2 books in less than 2 years will do that to you). That's right, I hate my sneakers. HATE. The laces are threatening. Most days I drink black tea instead of battery acid but either way I have a habit. I could drink green tea but it gives me the potential vomits. White tea is the best if you're doping. Yerba Mate is good too. NO caffeine is optimum. DUH! I pathetically try to convince myself that my daily 2 are fine, especially since my diet is so clean – NOPEY. Sooo here I am feeling the cold turkey, drill baby drill head throb, and cursing the Irish Breakfast. Oh, one more confessions – dark chocolate. I’ll leave it at that.

What’s the solution? Well, there are a few.

1. Suck it up and let the toxins move out slowly.

2. Get a colonic (Thursday).

3.Do the damn enema and implant that you are supposed to being doing twice a day but aren’t.

4. Drink the wheat grass that is delicious and ready for you. But for some strange reason you've been forgetting – yeah right.

5. EXERCISE! For Goddess sake Kris (yes I am talking to myself – babbling actually) EXERCISE! I swear it’s been months and this will not do. Forget CanSer – CELLULITE is a deadly disease and my left thigh caught it. Now I’m awake! Now I’m ready to move my lymph.

Yesterday began with a blood draw followed by live blood analysis. I knew my blood wouldn’t look great because I went on antibiotics recently for a nasty-mean wisdom tooth infection. Even so, my blood looked pretty awesome. There was a tiny bit of stacking but mostly lovely cells - well except for one itty-bitty-not-so-great thing – YEAST!

For fucker’s sake I have Candida. The beast, the bear, the nasty little jerks who require a 3-6 month of no sugar, grains, alcohol, choc etc to cleanse. This blows big time. I’m not surprised. Yucky confession: I have a few fungus spots on my back (which I blame on a damn dirty yoga mat). Is this too much information? Hmmm. Well if ya have it on the outside (that means you toe fungus people) then you have it on the inside. Clearly it’s time to schedule a cleanse. Luckily I have a huge inner adventure planned for January. I’ll be detoxing my little butt off in Arizona for 3-4 weeks. Major stuff but more on that later, I'm still in denial.

For now, it’s sprouts, green juice, water, wg, enemas, colonics, infrared sauna, salt pool, and EXERCISE. Hopefully I’ll get really inspired and bring this home with me on Sunday. It is pretty cool to watch people transform here. They take the classes, eat the food, blow out the toxins, feel like crap, cry and complain and then voila - the sun breaks and the smiles shine. More from the trenches soon.

Peace & yeast,

Friday, December 5, 2008

Community Check-in #1

Hiya peaches,

We're trying something new on the forum today, a little community check-in. I'll be answering questions and opening up a big chat so stop by if ya can. Even if you don't want to join, there might be some interesting conversations to read (aka lurk).

I'll be blogging from Hippocrates next week. Kinda nervous to look at my live blood. Ya can't get away with anything there!

Hope all is swell.

Peace & chatting,

Community check-in conversation

Monday, December 1, 2008

Time with Family

Hola Vegola,

How was your holiday weekend? Ours was down right wonderful(ish).

Brian's family came for a visit and I cooked the meal. At first I was wicked stressed. After all, it was the first holiday that we have hosted and it's been a long time since I've used the stove. I wanted my in-laws to LOVE the food and the festivities. I imagined a table full of happy healthy people chomping on boneless cuisine while mantra-ing "wow, that Kris is really something". But can you say salad? These days I'm only great at salad! Yet there I was making a traditional T day dinner with all the accouterments - vegan style? OIY!

Half way through the cooking process I started to melt down. "Holy SHIT, I have so much left to do and the clock is ticking!" I wanted wine, I wanted a dinner reservation, I wanted my mom! Unfortunately, my folks were out in Cali visiting my sister so I was on my own (well B-man helped too).

In the end it all worked out. Sorta. The dinner sucked but hey, it was my first time. OK, "sucked" might be too harsh. DRY. Now that's more like it. DRY AS A DESERT. Clearly I need more experience before writing a cookbook! Good Lord. What's a raw, 80/20 girl to do? Get over herself perhaps. Thanksgiving is about being grateful, it's about spending time with the ones you love and most important, clocking some serious time watching your flat screen! And that's exactly what we did, along with a few hikes, hugs and some noodling around town.

Check out Lola and her new pal Rocket (our doggie nephew) oh, and my sock.

Hope you had a lovely weekend! Can you believe it's December 1st already??!?!?

Peace & dry chestnut roast,

PS. I invited everybody back next year. I'm determined to blow their minds with vegan food and I have one year to get it together. :)