Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas Shopping

Hark how the bells!

Wow, it's hard to believe I've been back for a week and still haven't done a lick of prep for the ho ho. No tree this year, no stocking, no lights. Poopers. It just happened so fast! We did get a peace wreath though, check it out. What an awesome gift and the money goes to a great charity. Adopt-a-minefield Peace Wreath

Looks like I'll be hitting the stores this weekend. My list is pretty small, mom, dad, sis, Corinne and mom-in-law. Brian has been naughty so he gets nothing. KIDDING! He gets slippers (DO NOT TELL). What he really wants is an electronic drum kit but not this year. Those suckers are expensivo! Did ya'll know that he was in a hot band called The Jobes in his former (decades ago) life. Yeah, I even saw one of his shows in the 90's. I had no idea he was an editor till I was looking for someone to cut Crazy Sexy. The rest is history. Smooch smooch.

Anyway, if you're looking for some Crazy Sexy holiday shwag, our t-shirts finally arrived last week and they are WICKED COOL!

Crazy Sexy Cancer Goddess: for the rebelliously liberated lady adventuring through the little (annoying) "c". A great apparel choice while bopping to the oncologist, shimmying through support groups, the grocery store, gym, you name it. I had one made up for my appearance on "Stand Up to Cancer" and wow was it a splash.

For the button pushing anti-war, pro-health, spiritual wealth, and happiness fan why not don our "Make Juice Not War" slogan. Shooting disco stars sparkle on the front while our custom peace sign made up of veggies graces the back. It's sooo dig-a-lish!

Hope that gives you a few more shopping options. We'll be sending orders out this weekend, Monday and Tuesday.

Peace and organic candy canes,

Friday, December 12, 2008

Feeling fantastic!

Hello sun sprouts!

Ok, day 5 with no tea (zoomy tea) and I feel great. Finally made my way into the wheat grass hut. Yum/yuck, I drank it down and shot it up, (in the nether region) ZOINKS! Felt a difference almost instantly, it's actually quite refreshing... he he he... Why did I wait till wed? Stubborn!

We fasted on Wednesday and though I thought I'd be hungry it was totally fine, well except for the emotional detox. I got cranky and my liver flared with a wee bit of anger and growls. Only one guest was injured.

Thursday morning - colonic at 7am - HELLO! Though it was glorious, the downside of living on sprouts is the (how shall I say) GAS! Good lorrrd. Digestive enzymes certainly help. They're also really great when you're eating any cooked food. I take them daily without fail.

But the best thing about yesterday was that I got to sit in with Anna Maria Clement and watch her do live blood analysis on the guests. REMARKABLE! There is no doubt in my mind that the terrain doesn't lie. Dairy, coffee, animal protein, sugar, drugs/chemicals - we saw it all. It inspired me like crazy.

Today I get to shadow Brian Clement (the big cheese). Gotta run!

Peace & Wheat grass!


PS. Looks at these gorgeous Sun Flower Spouts!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Greetings from Hippocrates!

Hello grass drinkers,

Day 3 at The Hippocrates Health Institute and I feel like poo. That’s right, poo. At home I juice everyday, guzzle lots of water with aloe, cell food, & green powder, eat a mostly raw vegan 80/20 diet, and I sleep well - very well. Hmmm, clearly it’s not enough.

But let me be very honest, I love caffeine (I'd marry it) and I am a physical sloth (writing 2 books in less than 2 years will do that to you). That's right, I hate my sneakers. HATE. The laces are threatening. Most days I drink black tea instead of battery acid but either way I have a habit. I could drink green tea but it gives me the potential vomits. White tea is the best if you're doping. Yerba Mate is good too. NO caffeine is optimum. DUH! I pathetically try to convince myself that my daily 2 are fine, especially since my diet is so clean – NOPEY. Sooo here I am feeling the cold turkey, drill baby drill head throb, and cursing the Irish Breakfast. Oh, one more confessions – dark chocolate. I’ll leave it at that.

What’s the solution? Well, there are a few.

1. Suck it up and let the toxins move out slowly.

2. Get a colonic (Thursday).

3.Do the damn enema and implant that you are supposed to being doing twice a day but aren’t.

4. Drink the wheat grass that is delicious and ready for you. But for some strange reason you've been forgetting – yeah right.

5. EXERCISE! For Goddess sake Kris (yes I am talking to myself – babbling actually) EXERCISE! I swear it’s been months and this will not do. Forget CanSer – CELLULITE is a deadly disease and my left thigh caught it. Now I’m awake! Now I’m ready to move my lymph.

Yesterday began with a blood draw followed by live blood analysis. I knew my blood wouldn’t look great because I went on antibiotics recently for a nasty-mean wisdom tooth infection. Even so, my blood looked pretty awesome. There was a tiny bit of stacking but mostly lovely cells - well except for one itty-bitty-not-so-great thing – YEAST!

For fucker’s sake I have Candida. The beast, the bear, the nasty little jerks who require a 3-6 month of no sugar, grains, alcohol, choc etc to cleanse. This blows big time. I’m not surprised. Yucky confession: I have a few fungus spots on my back (which I blame on a damn dirty yoga mat). Is this too much information? Hmmm. Well if ya have it on the outside (that means you toe fungus people) then you have it on the inside. Clearly it’s time to schedule a cleanse. Luckily I have a huge inner adventure planned for January. I’ll be detoxing my little butt off in Arizona for 3-4 weeks. Major stuff but more on that later, I'm still in denial.

For now, it’s sprouts, green juice, water, wg, enemas, colonics, infrared sauna, salt pool, and EXERCISE. Hopefully I’ll get really inspired and bring this home with me on Sunday. It is pretty cool to watch people transform here. They take the classes, eat the food, blow out the toxins, feel like crap, cry and complain and then voila - the sun breaks and the smiles shine. More from the trenches soon.

Peace & yeast,

Friday, December 5, 2008

Community Check-in #1

Hiya peaches,

We're trying something new on the forum today, a little community check-in. I'll be answering questions and opening up a big chat so stop by if ya can. Even if you don't want to join, there might be some interesting conversations to read (aka lurk).

I'll be blogging from Hippocrates next week. Kinda nervous to look at my live blood. Ya can't get away with anything there!

Hope all is swell.

Peace & chatting,

Community check-in conversation

Monday, December 1, 2008

Time with Family

Hola Vegola,

How was your holiday weekend? Ours was down right wonderful(ish).

Brian's family came for a visit and I cooked the meal. At first I was wicked stressed. After all, it was the first holiday that we have hosted and it's been a long time since I've used the stove. I wanted my in-laws to LOVE the food and the festivities. I imagined a table full of happy healthy people chomping on boneless cuisine while mantra-ing "wow, that Kris is really something". But can you say salad? These days I'm only great at salad! Yet there I was making a traditional T day dinner with all the accouterments - vegan style? OIY!

Half way through the cooking process I started to melt down. "Holy SHIT, I have so much left to do and the clock is ticking!" I wanted wine, I wanted a dinner reservation, I wanted my mom! Unfortunately, my folks were out in Cali visiting my sister so I was on my own (well B-man helped too).

In the end it all worked out. Sorta. The dinner sucked but hey, it was my first time. OK, "sucked" might be too harsh. DRY. Now that's more like it. DRY AS A DESERT. Clearly I need more experience before writing a cookbook! Good Lord. What's a raw, 80/20 girl to do? Get over herself perhaps. Thanksgiving is about being grateful, it's about spending time with the ones you love and most important, clocking some serious time watching your flat screen! And that's exactly what we did, along with a few hikes, hugs and some noodling around town.

Check out Lola and her new pal Rocket (our doggie nephew) oh, and my sock.

Hope you had a lovely weekend! Can you believe it's December 1st already??!?!?

Peace & dry chestnut roast,

PS. I invited everybody back next year. I'm determined to blow their minds with vegan food and I have one year to get it together. :)

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Vegan ThanksLiving


This past weekend I had the divine opportunity to speak at The Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary's ThanksLiving event. Fun! Amazing! Inspiring! I love my animal rights pals and it's such a privilege to bridge our two worlds - health and compassion. Naturally, I spoke about the effects of a plant-based diet in the role of prevention and reversal of disease and then my BFF Rory Freedman (Skinny Bitch) brought it home with some real deal horrendous facts about what goes on in factory farms.

Jenny Brown and her amazing hubby Doug Able (WFAS Founders) blew our minds with the most delicious feast and a parade of ridiculously cute animal friends. Get this, the turkeys were the guests of honor and they looked gorgeous. So regal. So elegant. Think Audrey Hepburn in "Breakfast at Tiffany's" but with white feathers.

The event really got me thinking about my holiday menu. Brian's family is trekking to Woodstock this year and since they are willing to take the leap and go veg for the weekend I want to make it extra special. But I keep going back and forth. Do I replace the traditional "meat in the middle" dish with a hearty vegan alternative (NOT TOFURKEY - damn that's nasty!) OR do I just make a bunch of little dishes and encourage my family to entertain the idea that a meal is complete without a main event?

Here's an option I'm considering sent by my new friend Gretchen. It's from some fancy vegan cookbook. I'm serving massive amounts of salad as well, but an all raw holiday? Nope, they definitely ain't ready for that (and either am I - pass the gravy!)

Chestnut Roast

Note: This recipe serves 4-6, so double or triple accordingly!

2 T Earth Balance
1 large onion, chopped
2 celery stalks, finely chopped
2 lbs chestnuts, peeled and roasted or three 15-oz cans whole chestnuts, or about ½ lb dried chestnuts, soaked and cooked
2 T parsley, chopped
2 T lemon juice
1 garlic clove, crushed
the equivalent of 2 eggs in egg replacer
a few fresh whole-wheat breadcrumbs
salt and pepper
¼ c oil
dried breadcrumbs for coating

Melt the EB and sauté the onion and celery over moderate heat for 10 minutes until soft but not brown. Transfer to a large bowl. Drain the chestnuts and add to the bowl, mixing then mashing together well.

Add the parsley, lemon juice, egg replacer, and garlic.

The mixture should be soft but firm enough to form into a roll; add breadcrumbs as necessary, more if you’re using canned chestnuts. Season w/salt and pepper to taste.

Preheat oven to 400. Pour a little oil into a roasting pan and put into the oven to heat.

Form the chestnut mixture into a roll about 8 inches long, pressing it together carefully, then coat it well with the dried breadcrumbs.

Put the roll into the roasting pan and carefully turn it so that it is coated with hot oil.

Bake for 45 mins, until it is crisp on the outside, spooning a little more oil over the roll from time to time. Serve cut into slices with delicious gravy/gravies.

How about you? Any ideas for alternative holiday meal planning?

PS. Check our my girl Corinne with her hubs Steve and their new pig pig pal!

Whirled peas,

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Puppy tooth fairy?

Puppy people!

I nearly had a heart attack last night when 2 of Lola's teeth fell out and her mouth started to bleed. I immediately thought EMERGENCY ROOM! My child is dying! Her teeth will choke her as they continue to fall out throughout the night! She has a strange tooth canSer! Oh GODDESS!

Brian and Corinne both laughed at me (which I did not appreciate - until I started to laugh at me too). Is this normal? I guess dog babies are like human babies. It's all so new to me. I'm a cat woman. Cats don't lose their teeth or was I just oblivious?

I gave her some cool veggies to chew on and she went wild. Carrot and Kale shrapnel everywhere!

PS. How many of you are feeding your dogs raw food? How about kibble? We're about to introduce raw and I'm not sure how to do it. Help wise pooch people!

Peace and nervous mother,

Monday, November 17, 2008

Welcome Lola...

Hello Crazy Sexy Pooch lovers,

Well, we finally did it! Brian and I adopted little Lola Rose. She was rescued from a kill shelter down south and given a second chance by the good folks at the Ulster County SPCA. Lola is half leopard dog, half pit bull. She is a wild woman! My child is actually brilliant, we call her Mensa sometimes (house trained her in 3 days), she loves long walks, destroying new toys, cuddling, licking, galloping through our house, pooping in our ferns, playing in leaf piles, getting massages and watching movies (she really watches). She hates The Dog Whisperer. For Shizzle, Lola barks and growls at Caesar. Crap, I love that show! I literally have to turn it off. We DVR Oprah for her instead.

Going home from the shelter... (how frickin' cute is her little freaked out face!?)

I think her ears look like Doritos and I need to bite them on an hourly basis. Making fart noise kisses on her belly is another totally satisfying activity. You all were sooo right! I just needed a little time to get over my loss. Nearly 6 months after the love of my life (sorry Brian) Crystal kitty died I was ready to dip my toe in with a little look. PS. Lola also loves to bark and poo on Crystal's grave. WTF?

Anyway, so off we went to the shelter(s) - total torture. How do you choose? There were and are so many perfect individuals. It's heart breaking. Brian and I visited every Sunday for 6ish weeks and then one day Lola arrived. End of story. We actually got her 2 weeks ago but with the election and a whirl wind trip to DC, LA, AZ, (ugh, just got back) I decided to wait on blogging about her arrival till my dust settled.

I love being a mom again! This is our baby album from day one. More to follow of course. Sorry, I could get gross for a while. Lola is way more fun to talk about than alkaline food or canSer.

She adores attacking brooms and rakes. Who wouldn't?

Peace & poochie,

Wednesday, November 5, 2008



We did it! Not only did the rainbow of race, age, and creed storm the voting booths in record numbers to elect our very first African American healer-poet, philosopher, peacekeeper, maker of change, but thanks to the extraordinary efforts of animal advocates around the country, 20 million farm animals' lives will improve. Prop 2 was also passed!

Is it just me or do you feel empowered again? I woke up whole. I opened my green eyes ready to start a new chapter in my own life. If Obama can do it, what can I do? How far can I go? Where is the ceiling of personal potential or is there one?

Peace and tenacity. Love and righteousness. There is no better job than the job that allows us to serve humanity.



How do you feel today friends? Surreal? Cracked wide open, oozing sunshine and honey? Perhaps hung over? I am! Brian and I waited 2 years to drink an amazing bottle of champagne given to us by our Executive Producer at TLC. The card that came with the spirits read "to the start of the revolution".

You'd think we would have drank it the night "Crazy Sexy Cancer" aired on national television - a feat that few thought we'd accomplish. "Cancer? On TV? Funny? No one wants to see that, ratings will tank".

Yes we can! Yes we did! But still, we did not drink the nectar. Even though it took 5 long years to make and a whole heck of a lot of blood sweat and tears, we knew something bigger was coming.

That champagne tasted really sweet, really right and really HEALTHY last night.

Peace and pride,

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Please watch this important video before you vote today!

See more Natalie Portman videos at Funny or Die

Peace & hope,

PS. All you Cali people, don't forget to vote YES for prop 2 today! Also, check out my fabulous friends at Freerange Studios informative video .


Monday, November 3, 2008

How and where to vote 101

Good Monday!

I've got two words for you... One Day! That's all we've got, one day. So here's a concept: let's vote... then volunteer. Contact your local organizers and see how you can help. Drive someone to the polling place who's in need, knock on doors, hand out fliers. And if you live in a swing state like Ohio, North Carolina, Missouri, and Pennsylvania - hustle baby hustle! Here are some voting basics:

1. Find your polling place by clicking here or calling 1-866-OUR-VOTE.

2. Voter ID laws vary by state, but always bring your ID!

3. Not on the list? Make sure you're at the right polling place, then demand a provisional ballot.

4. If voting by machine with paper record, verify the record is accurate.

5. Know your rights when you go to vote:

6. Need legal help? Call 1-866-OUR-VOTE.

7. Your cell phone camera is a valuable tool for democracy. Record video of any problems and upload to watchdog sites. One of them is Video The Vote. You can also interview other voters who had problems outside the polling place - as long as you stay the legal distance.

Even Oprah had a hard time at the polls, gang. If you see something fishy, say something. Double, triple check that your vote was counted and that your choice was correct. Let's avoid the Gore debacle at all costs.

Good Luck Obama! I'm on Crazy Sexy Pins & Needles!

Peace and anxiety,


Friday, October 31, 2008

Wassup? Change!

Hi Voting Vixens!

Remember the old Budweiser commercial "Waaaasssuuup?" In case you haven't seen it, here's a hilarious remake for our times... (this is my first embedded video - I feel so techy cool!)
Peace & Giggles,

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Greetings Gorgeous Citizens,

The part equals the whole. Regular readers know this is a big theme for us here, over at the forum, and more and more on the road with my public appearances. It’s been one of the most exciting and important awakenings for me to uncover the connections between our bodies and our planet – the health of one is inseparable from the health of the other. Yet there’s another essential dimension to this: politics.

Many of us glaze over when the topic comes up. What’s it got to do with me? There was a time when I believed this. Politics was abstract, wasn’t something I could hold in my hands. But then I got “sick” (major dot-connecting, wake-up call) AND married a progressive politics junkie! For the first time in my life I started to take another look around me – there’s nothing that hasn’t been molded by the invisible hand of politics. My body (farm, drug, healthcare policy, just for starters), how about the sleeves on my arm? (cotton? Wool? Eco chic bamboo? Trade, labor, and again, farm policy). My computer (how about Defense spending long ago that led to the internet?), even the thoughts I believe are my own (who gets to lease airwaves? what is “decent”? Janet’s boob: no. Bloodbaths: yes? This is all FCC policy). You get the idea.

We’re just a week away from one doozy of an election. Every few years we hear, “this is the most important election!” But right now, everyone I know has a gut-wrenching feeling that it’s really true this time. In one cool discussion over at the forum, people were recounting how they voted early with tears of hope and pride in their eyes. There’s something in the air this year, and it’s a beautiful thing.

I’ve been swept up in the drama of it all, following the tit for tat soap opera as the kindergarten candidates throw playdoh at each other. Brian and I obsessively check wonky websites with up-to-minute swing state tracking polls displayed in pretty pie charts. Palin’s expensive clothes! Snap! Zogby polls paint Ohio light blue this morning! Snap! It’s exhausting and boy am I ready for a techno-detox.

Next Tuesday morning Brian and I will walk a mile down the road to the firehouse and vote. It’s not only a privilege and an honor to vote, it’s our duty to vote smart. We owe it to each other to do our homework. I cringe and get depressed when I see people make these decisions on a “feeling,” or on rumors, gossip or sound bites. I see some uninformed ignoramous on TV and think, “who the hell let him open his yap and how on earth can that jackass’ vote be worth the same as mine?" (maybe even more, since he lives in Florida). This election is expected to see the highest voter participation in generations. This is amazing and yet I am on edge. We’re in a shit pickle no doubt.

The two most important issues to me personally are healthcare and the environment.

Healthcare, obviously, because of the little box I check next to the words “pre-existing condition.” My COBRA is running out. I won’t bother describing the state of our healthcare system in the US other than to say it’s a despicable, immoral, shameful mess. I believe a decent level of healthcare in a wealthy country is a “basic right.” But Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness just ain’t possible when your premiums and co-pays are going up twenty times faster than your income, and hatchet men in cubicles overpower your doctor and use loopholes to deny care when you need it most. On this issue, Barack Obama gets our vote. His underlying philosophy jives with mine, and his way of going about it makes sense. He sees prevention as a key part of keeping us healthy and coverage affordable. McCain, on the other hand, says he’s all for freedom of choice, but after 30 years of deregulation, we know exactly what that really means: we’re screwed. His little 5K gift (which is only for families, not individuals, and isn't tax-free) ain't gonna get me very far. My COBRA is nearly $700 per month! His plan would leave tens of millions uninsured as the responsibility shifts from employers to workers. It’s based on faith that the market will eventually do the right thing… A concept that’s been discredited in a big way on Wall Street recently.

The Environment. This issue is so huge because it is inextricably linked to all others. Beneath the surface of any problem we face, we’ll find environmental causes and solutions. Dealing with global warming seems like a paralyzing challenge because we aren’t often asked to think so big and so far into the future. Politicians, especially, see the world through short-view lenses. During the 2008 Presidential campaign we’ve heard disappointingly little about the environment. But if you look hard enough, you’ll find the rhetoric. On the environment, Obama gets our votes. Both have plans to cut carbon emissions, but Obama’s gets us there quicker. And frankly, overall, the Democratic party has a long history of respecting the environment while Republicans have taken it for granted – even to this day denying a problem at all. Whether we’re talking global warming, endangered species, land use, pollution, I trust Obama has the intelligence, skill, and hopefully the will to lead our world towards an essential paradigm shift. It’s time for us to rely on clean energy to create jobs that both empower our people and respect our precious planet. It’s also time that we make the connection between energy independence and national security.

Here’s my environmental policy: Vote with your fork. I think Obama is more likely to help me raise that fork. I think he shares my table manners.

Of course, there are many other gravely important issues to worry about. Remember that Iraq War thing? Yep, still going on, to the tune of $10 Billion a month. And speaking of money, there’s the pesky economic armageddon. The damage hit home for me when I checked my account yesterday– one fifth of my life’s savings went up in smoke in just one day last week! Thanks, Deregulation! There’s also the Supreme Court’s affect on Women’s Rights. But hey, what’s politics got to do with me?

Meanwhile, Brian’s all bent out of shape about balance of power among the branches of government, wiretapping, Geneva conventions, nuclear proliferation. He explained it on our big dry erase board over tea the other morning. I get it.

Brian at his personal mecca, Jefferson's Monticello

We won't give you a bunch of links here. Thanks to Google, it’s never been so easy to be informed. And don’t forget to research your local races, too. Local politics have a huge impact on your day-to-day life.

Think about what matters to you, then think about your vision for the planet, your health and the future. And whether you agree with me or not (I still love ya) join us on Tuesday and vote.

In Peace,
Kris and Brian

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Crazy Sexy Store

Pretty Parsnips People,

After last week's post, I really wanted to follow up with an inspiring philosophical think-fest. But all I can chat about this week is what I'm obsessed with, what I spend most of my waking hours working on...SHOPPING. Huh? In these times of financial Armageddon Kris wants to talk about shopping?!? You betcha'. I don't know about you, but my wallet can fit into a pair of size 2 skinny jeans right now. Snore. Too slim for my tastes. When I buy my food, fun or health-related "must haves," I'm forced to question whether I can go without. For many reasons (social, environmental, financial) this is a crucial exercise. It's ultimately how we streamline our lives and save our pennies for rainy days, important causes or shit-storms. Plus it feels good to reduce, recycle and RENEW. We need it, hot mama earth needs it. Win win.

That said, we still require the basics or what I call The Foundationals. Like many of you, I've renovated my closets, my medicine cabinet and my pantry/crisper a thousand times in order to get to the bare bone necessities of my daily practice.

Now I need you.

We at team Crazy Sexy have been spending the last few months designing a new website and store for you. We've traveled to Expo's, taken seminars, picked the brains of world renowned health ambassadors, tasted yummy treats, yucky treats, helpful - and a few harmful - supplements (I do that experimenting), and slathered our faces, bodies and pits with countless natural potions, and some of us have the pimples to show for it! (PS... Why is a good deodorant so hard to find?) We've basically scoured both the East and West coast in order to find products that we both need and love.

Because my standards are so high, I refuse to carry anything that I don't personally use. Plus I'm a Virgo who hates clutter. If I could fit all my possessions in one box I'd be thrilled. Stuff gives me stress. This is no doubt due to the fact that my mother tortured me with throw pillows. You couldn't see the bed! My philosophy: one pillow (sorry mom), one shampoo, one probiotic, one juicer, one yoga mat etc. Plus I don't want a store so big that you get lost or bored. I hate that. Some online shops are great, but after about ten minutes then I want to nap.

Since money doesn't grow on trees, we'll be launching our magic shop in tiers. For a product to make our cut it must fall into one of five categories.


Remember my chair metaphor? Good health is like a chair. The diet is the seat while the mind, body, spirit and daily practice are the four legs. When one is off we wobble and/or topple. Of course when we care for our bodies and honor the chair, we inevitably make a positive impact of the planet.

Soooo, if all goes well we'll be ready for a "New Year, New You" launch early in '09. Here's what I'm curious about: What do YOU want? What do YOU need? How can I help YOU?

Thanks so much gang. I really appreciate your feedback!

Peace and (thoughtful) spending,


PS: A portion of our proceeds will go towards maintaining our online forum, charity and planting trees. :)

Monday, October 13, 2008

Watch Oprah this Tuesday!

Hi Gang o' Movers & Change Makers!

Please take time to watch Oprah tomorrow and let's have an open discussion about the show here.

If you love animals, the planet and YOUR health as much as I do then you will not want to miss this episode. Oprah is covering "How We Treat the Animals We Eat." Check out the trailer for Tuesday's show. Lady O has been taking on some big animal rights issues lately. Amen, hip shake! If you caught her episode on Puppy Mills you know what I mean. That episode made a huge impact on the treatment and well-being of man's best friend. Let's hope this episode does the same for farm animals.

In the coming weeks I'll be blogging about Proposition 2. For all you Californian's, by voting YES for Prop 2, you have the divine opportunity to kick off the cascade of better living conditions for the many victims of factory farms across the country. As we know, California is a powerful trend-setter when it comes to progressive laws. So tell "The Terminator" to Terminate unlivable conditions for our farm friends.

Of course NO cage is the best cage, and VEGAN is my choice hands down, but this is a good first step. So please start to educate yourselves on this important issue.

Also, check out this Op Ed piece on Prop 2 from The New York Times. Wonderfully written.

Join me tomorrow and watch Oprah. I'll be blog chatting about the episode as soon as I get home from work (sorta late as I have a long day). Can't wait to hear what you think friends. Let's gab!

Peace and Fur,


Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Hiya sweet taters!

Ahhhhh, the Berkshires.

Kripalu was by far the BEST retreat we have done. I swear, I am still HIGH. Like, Cheech and Chong high, just without the plants. I am HIGH on LOVE.

Nearly 60 of us came together to live, LAUGH and learn.
As always I taught my nutrition and creative writing classes (it was sooo COOL. They gave me a Madonna mic! Took everything in my power to stop myself from re-creating the Blonde Ambition Tour).

Terri lead our powerful healing circle and closing ceremony. I swear I could listen to her "manifest, visualize, create" chat 500 times. Our newest team member, Sandhi spun chakras wide open with a yoga and Hula class. Sweat and so many smiles exploded all over the place.

Folks pushed through fear with such grace. They bonded effortlessly and made life-long friendships. The abundance of generosity that flowed from this group was nothing short of Divine. Quite simply, we witnessed compassion in action and YEEHAW it was INSPIRING!

Recently, my personal journey to health has brought me to some interesting new places. It's been really fun (and spooky) to spend more time on the emotional aspects of recovery, and I was excited to bring my new revelations to the group. Wow did it strike a beautiful chord. Thanks for being so open folks! It's clear that the mental chow demands equal space. So often I focus solely on the food. I guess it's easy to forget how many feelings I gorge. Yet, stinkin' thinkin' is just as toxic as a Big Mac. In fact, acid thoughts create acid in the body. That's right, negative crapola effects your delicate pH balance! Healthy chow and healthy THOUGHTS create healthy cells.

Thankfully, a new and powerful healer friend of mine is gently encouraging me to clean my emotional cubbies - you know, the nooks and crannies in the body that store sad old gunk.

Below is a group pix from hug fest '08. Unfortunately we had to cancel future retreats for now as some big new opportunities have finally arrived. Welcome!
We'll definitely continue our NYC meetups and are even brainstorming a national posse tour. That's right, we'll come to YOU. Details to follow.... xo

Peace and calm,

PS. Did I mention that we even had a few fellas this time?! Brave dudes surrounded by dozens of Crazy Sexy women. Smart guys.

Monday, September 29, 2008


Helllo Sun rays!

I'm sitting at my desk, sipping tea and reflecting on how wonderfully busy and powerful last week was. It started with a few signings, radio tours and lectures, then zoomed into my appearance on Good Morning America, Fox and The Mike & Juliet Show. Saturday kissed me with a little breather day which I filled with family and then Sunday (drum roll)....our seasonal wellness posse meet-up! Oh my goddess it was F.U.N.

But before I gab-o-la about all that, I gotta take a moment to hug you HARD. Last week I had just returned from my speech in St. Louis and I was emotionally bankrupt. I didn't know how the heck I was gonna pull the week ahead off. Tired, cranky and kinda feeling unprepared, I pouted and ate too much Indian food. Then I went to bed on a full and farty stomach. But like a magic unicorn, you came along and fluffed up my feathers. Your alkaline sassiness injected me with sacred sizzle. 80+ supportive comments on my last blog was the medicine I needed to get super JAZZED. Dang I'm lucky. I often forget that I too can share my personal ups and downs. Please keep reminding me.

That said, my new commitment to myself and to my phenomenal readers is to let ya in deeper and to show more of my warts and fears. I may be the one out front but you all are close behind and your energy - our energy is what is making this global shift possible. Slowly and steadily we are becoming a crazy sexy nation of change makers. PROUD I am (wow, I kinda channeled Yoda with that one).

Robyn Roberts was so good to me! She thanked me for helping her get through her canSer adventure with my first book. Blush....

It was so fun sitting and chatting about the vegan-mind-body-connect-the-dots-and-lets-save-our-collective-ass-lifestyle on national media. But it's not enough. The big $$$ needs to go to you. So many organizations approach us to help raise money for research, better screening and mountains of drugs. With the exception of my work with Stand up to Cancer, we generally say no. Not that we don't think these things are valuable and important but what WE (Team CSL) are interested in is YOU - the right-now, time is of the essence and good health is your birth right, YOU.

In my lifetime there won't be a "cure" for cancer. However, in my lifetime it is possible that less people will be effected by cancer and countless other diseases. How? Education and ACTION at a grass roots level. We can't wait for our very confused and mismanaged government to allocate the necessary funds towards prevention and MAINTENANCE of health. Ps. They're broke now so unfortunately more of this responsibility will fall on our able shoulders. It's gonna be tough but I bet we can all share some tips on cutting corners and stretching the dollar to include a healthy meal (different from a Happy Meal).

Enter: The New York based Crazy Sexy Wellness Posse Meet-up, Fall '08!

Our group was gorgeous, here's a shot of a few of the Crazy Sexy Yogi's

As promised we are continuing our seasonal commitment to gathering like minded kind warriors for a day of personal renewal. The compassionate peeps at the Jivamukti Yoga studio hosted a TERRIFIC class taught by my friend Sandhi Ferreira. Over 70 Crazy Sexies committed their Sunday to burning toxins and purifying the God Pod. It was AWESOME. I giggled with sacred Amen. Sandhi pushed us to get dirty with our fears by plopping us into headstands and other spooky inversions. I tell ya what, when I'm trying desperately to balance on my head I ain't thinking about what ails me. I'm in the now. NOW I must balance or fall. PS. Inversions are a great way to not only detoxify the body but to change our perception. Seriously, don't you see differently when your ass is pointing up?

Sandhi has really cool hair

After class we had an amazing raw lunch, yummy salad (thank you for the hemp seeds Nutiva!) and a knock out raw cacao pudding created by one of our cherished CSL ambassadors: Kristen's Raw. Thanks Kristen! And thanks to my pals at Organic Nectars for giving us the cacao. I swear they make the best stuff on the market. It's like healthy CRACK - addicting! Folks were fighting to lick the spoon. Also, many blessings to the generous companies who donated gifts for our raffle. Especially, to Vitamix. One lovely gal walked away with the Cadillac of blenders. Sure hope she shares some of her creations with us! Hint. Hint...

After reading all the participant comments we were amazed to see just how many of you wanted to learn to meditate. Your wish is our command. The next NYC meet-up is tentatively scheduled for December and you can bet your stiff back we're gonna learn how to sit on the pillow and wrestle our mind lizards. Let's embrace the holidays with clear thoughts so that we don't over eat and spend. See ya soon!

Peace and exhales,

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Monday, September 22, 2008

Why don't the doctors tell us this?

Hi peaches!

Greetings from the tour. I just landed in NYC after a great weekend in St. Louis. St. Mary's Health Center asked me to be their key note speaker for a wonderful lunch honoring survivors (I reminded them, we are ALL survivors, I live with canSer so I too am part of the pack). I must say, not only was it fabulous but they treated me so well. The highlight of my stay was a lovely dinner with some wonderful doctors and hospital staff. The conversation was open minded and so real! Get this, one of the cool docs suggested that up to 90% of the diseases they treat are a result of lifestyle choices. I listened to how backed into corners they feel when folks who abuse themselves expected them to "fix it" without ever changing the behavior that got them there in the first place. I loved their honesty! I loved that we could meet in the middle.

Plus, they not only picked a restaurant that had vegan options, those generous folks arranged for me to stay at the RITZ! Check me out! Marble bathroom floors and a lot of king bed diving. I was a pretty pig in high class heaven.

Note: My very first pair of Vegan shoes!

To be honest, that dinner really helped to heal a pain that has been bubbling in me.

Since Raw Spirit and a few other events lately, I have been thinking a lot about the pull I feel between Western and Alternative (AKA Integrative, Holistic) medicine. As many of you who read my blog know, I have committed my life to bridging the two worlds in order to find better solutions to our health crisis. I always suggest that patients find the best doctor for their particular disease FIRST and then think outside the box. But lately I have been coming up against a lot of resistance from the medical community.

I have been banned from hospital book stores (because of my titles and my content), have been labeled "dangerous" and have been used for free media with little to no thanks in return. Though I adore Dana Farber, about a month ago I heard some really sad news. At one of the young adult support groups, the moderator said "we don't bring her up here or recommend her work because many of us disagree with it." What part I wonder? Empowering patients? Helping them to get organized and then guiding them to create their own healing game plan - which includes western doctors? Wow, pretty radical stuff. I should be arrested! I wonder if this person disagreed with my work when I praised DF on Oprah? Hmmm. She has since been fired (so I hear).

At a hospital in the Midwest I was told that my ideas would never fly, they'd hire me for a speech but never sell my books or film, and that a plant-based diet lacks nutrition - people should be allowed to eat their hot dogs in peace. Hot dogs? Ps. Please read Dr. T. Colin Campbell's book The China Study. Learn how to turn off canSer cells by decreasing animal based protein.

Sometimes I feel like a lone voice love-shouting into a den of naysayers with swords. But I go anyway, hoping to change one life while ducking the tomatoes. It's not always like this, but I never know till I reach the stage and begin my story which I now call, "From Illness to Activist".

This is what I know for sure. I have to really know my stuff and so do you! Education is everything, and we must be able to talk in scientific terms or we will be totally dismissed. Gang, there is so much misinformation out there that it is easy to get confused. Stick with it. Share, question and always consider the source. Remember, our forum is a great place to toss around new ideas.

Me chatting for change at Raw Spirit

Even at fabulous RS I was stunned, a few so called leaders of the raw movement getting the science confused and creating fact out of the false. One fella, who I will not mention by name, got me so mad that I almost ripped him a new one. He had the nerve to stand up on the main stage, gush about his "cures", and to then tell the tale of a canSer cowgirl who he decided was "pathetic and whiney" because she wouldn't listen to him. Basically, in his mind she deserved what she had coming because she wouldn't go raw and chose chemo instead.

Excuse me? There are no promises with the raw diet. Plus, this lifestyle is tough no matter how sparkly you package it up (and then charge ridiculous amounts for some goodies). He was the least educated of the crew and as usual, the most opinionated. I wanted to cry and rage. But more than that, I wanted to LEARN! Learn for me, for you, for all they naysayers and for the confused. To learn for the curious and for the hopeful so that the simple truths of conscious living, loving and eating will never be made silly again. I prayed for my artist brain to change and remember facts to spit them on command. I prayed for tolerance and for love, for a medical world (BOTH sides) committed to health and hope as opposed to wealth and praying on the hopeless. I got on my knees and prayed....

Then I got up.

Sooooo, back to St. Louis and the topic of this post. After chatting about the benefits I have seen from a plant-based diets and the power of mind, body, spirit connection, this amazing sun-bright woman in the audience asked, "Why don't the doctors tell us this?" Well, though I'm a little mad at the white coats right now - mad but healing thanks to this last trip - I told her that my doctor will never have all the answers and why should he? I don't expect my surgeon to clean my teeth so why should I expect my oncologist to be up to date on the latest nutrition? That said, I do expect the designated hospital nutritionist to understand that food is medicine but sadly most of them don't. They teach what they have been taught, a model that is often out dated. As someone who is passionate about nutrition I understand that it advances just like medicine does. They should too. Stay informed, hellooooo. Read!

Also, our wonderful doctors often have one hand tied behind their backs. They are so pressed for time due to our deranged medical system that they're only allowed to see patients briefly. It's a factory, just like the farms and so often they must stick to the schedule in order to cram as many folks in as possible.

Our economy is in the toilet, the elections are coming (Goddess, I'm so scared). So much is at stake during these difficult times - especially the environment. There is no better time to renew your vows to self. Vow now.

I will share one last story. At a signing last week a young girl listen to me speak as tears flowed from her soul windows. When it was Q&A time she asked "how do you do take care of yourself if you don't like yourself, your body?" I wanted to walk over and hug the hate right out of her. "But you are God. You are Jesus, Buddha, Elvis, Etc. You are a Divine vessel sweet lady. How can you hate u? This sack is just your vehicle. Nothing more. Your job while clonking around in sneakers is to feel the love and shine it out, that's all. Because when we go back to the universal disco we bring more positive energy to the soup. We recharge the universal gigawatt! If we choose not to love this time then perhaps we have to do it all over again. No judgment, only opportunity."

Which brings me back to St. Louis one more time. I think the reason I loved them so much was because they were a group steeped in open minded spirituality. I could feel the Divine the second I walked to the podium. Hundreds of people filled with acceptance. Ultimately, they will probably heal with greater ease.

Check out these 2 Crazy Sexy beauties!

Thanks for letting me let it out.

Peace and sometimes I'm not so sure but I try anyway,
Your K