Tuesday, August 19, 2008

LA chow and fabulous friends

Greetings peaches!

Brian and I just got back to our nest in the pines of Woodstock after a week full of LA love and adventures. Wow, and I thought NYC was the be all, end all. There are so many righteous raw restaurants to choose from in starletville. Upon deplaning from the Jet Blue metal bird, we drove straight to Real Food Daily in Santa Monica. It's not all raw but the cooked food is made by fairy Godmothers and it is full of TLC. Put it on your wish list and pick up a copy of their cookbook if you can. It's well worth it.

Day 2 was filled with tons of time in the car on our way to "take meetings" (no one in LA uses public transportation or walks - so weird). The day ticked by in conference rooms. I was supposed to be focused on my pitches but I couldn't help but drift into fantasies of the night ahead - dinner at Cru. Our own Debbie Does Raw arranged an impromptu CSL dinner with a few regulars from the forum. The food was out of this world, the company - stellar! I wish I took pictures of the chow but alas, I was too blown away to snap. I inhaled (refusing to share) a pad Thai that made me riggle like a school girl at a Bon Jovi concert (circa '89). The chef made it with Kelp noodles, cilantro, lime and cashews! Yes, Kelp. I swear I will eat seaweed everyday now. EVERYDAY. I'm not a fan of the veggies from the sea but these babies were seamless. You can buy them at Gold Mine. Try em, love em, welcome to mineral city!

Brian loves the ladies

Me and Debbie

Dinner was topped off by deserts sent to our table by Bueller. She couldn't make it to the raw chow fun fest but like the good woman she is, Lady B sent SUGAR in her place. SWEET Debbie delivered tambien. She made amazing take home goodie bags filled with raw truffles from my friend Matthew Kenney's new book Everyday Raw. Matthew - how do you do what you do? This is another great book for your arsenal peeps. Grab it. Debbie, thanks for taking the time and energy to jack us up and fill our hearts with life ZOOM. Miss D is quite the uncooked chef. "Oh, what a night!"

Next day: Lunch at Leaf filled me with Christmas morning giddyness, ooh's, and ahhh's (it takes so little - sorta pathetic). But whoa Nelly Furtado did I order too much. I had no idea how big the portions would be. Most raw places are stingy. They get away with small portions due to the high nut content which makes any meal (small or large) filling. Leaf is like the hummer of raw restaurants and dang-o-la was it tasty. I had an amazing raw falafel wrapped in lovely collard leaves, a Caesar salad with walnut croutons and a juice (not so great - mudish. Definitely not the cocktail of choice).

On our last night we finally hooked up with Bueller at Matt Amsden's Rawvolution. Each of us ordered the Big Matt with Cheese (Flax seeds, walnuts, sunflower seeds, mushrooms, lettuce, onion, tomato, celery, parsley, olive oil, mustard, pickles, rosemary, cumin, garlic, nama shoyu, lemon juice). OH MY GODDESS. Now that's a Happy Meal! A side of Kale Chips (dehydrated) made the meal complete - well almost, chia seed, chocolate and ginger pie. Sexy! Sexy bexy bo bexy banana fanna fo fexy fee fi fo mexy - SEXY!

Back at the ranch it's pretty low key in the kitchen. Boring compared to all the magic that filled my tummy in the city of angels. Oh well, I'm inspired and I have 500,000 cookbooks so no excuses.

How the heck have ya'll been?

Peace and raw restaurant bopping,

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