Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Crazy Sexy Store

Pretty Parsnips People,

After last week's post, I really wanted to follow up with an inspiring philosophical think-fest. But all I can chat about this week is what I'm obsessed with, what I spend most of my waking hours working on...SHOPPING. Huh? In these times of financial Armageddon Kris wants to talk about shopping?!? You betcha'. I don't know about you, but my wallet can fit into a pair of size 2 skinny jeans right now. Snore. Too slim for my tastes. When I buy my food, fun or health-related "must haves," I'm forced to question whether I can go without. For many reasons (social, environmental, financial) this is a crucial exercise. It's ultimately how we streamline our lives and save our pennies for rainy days, important causes or shit-storms. Plus it feels good to reduce, recycle and RENEW. We need it, hot mama earth needs it. Win win.

That said, we still require the basics or what I call The Foundationals. Like many of you, I've renovated my closets, my medicine cabinet and my pantry/crisper a thousand times in order to get to the bare bone necessities of my daily practice.

Now I need you.

We at team Crazy Sexy have been spending the last few months designing a new website and store for you. We've traveled to Expo's, taken seminars, picked the brains of world renowned health ambassadors, tasted yummy treats, yucky treats, helpful - and a few harmful - supplements (I do that experimenting), and slathered our faces, bodies and pits with countless natural potions, and some of us have the pimples to show for it! (PS... Why is a good deodorant so hard to find?) We've basically scoured both the East and West coast in order to find products that we both need and love.

Because my standards are so high, I refuse to carry anything that I don't personally use. Plus I'm a Virgo who hates clutter. If I could fit all my possessions in one box I'd be thrilled. Stuff gives me stress. This is no doubt due to the fact that my mother tortured me with throw pillows. You couldn't see the bed! My philosophy: one pillow (sorry mom), one shampoo, one probiotic, one juicer, one yoga mat etc. Plus I don't want a store so big that you get lost or bored. I hate that. Some online shops are great, but after about ten minutes then I want to nap.

Since money doesn't grow on trees, we'll be launching our magic shop in tiers. For a product to make our cut it must fall into one of five categories.


Remember my chair metaphor? Good health is like a chair. The diet is the seat while the mind, body, spirit and daily practice are the four legs. When one is off we wobble and/or topple. Of course when we care for our bodies and honor the chair, we inevitably make a positive impact of the planet.

Soooo, if all goes well we'll be ready for a "New Year, New You" launch early in '09. Here's what I'm curious about: What do YOU want? What do YOU need? How can I help YOU?

Thanks so much gang. I really appreciate your feedback!

Peace and (thoughtful) spending,


PS: A portion of our proceeds will go towards maintaining our online forum, charity and planting trees. :)

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