Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Hiya sweet taters!

Ahhhhh, the Berkshires.

Kripalu was by far the BEST retreat we have done. I swear, I am still HIGH. Like, Cheech and Chong high, just without the plants. I am HIGH on LOVE.

Nearly 60 of us came together to live, LAUGH and learn.
As always I taught my nutrition and creative writing classes (it was sooo COOL. They gave me a Madonna mic! Took everything in my power to stop myself from re-creating the Blonde Ambition Tour).

Terri lead our powerful healing circle and closing ceremony. I swear I could listen to her "manifest, visualize, create" chat 500 times. Our newest team member, Sandhi spun chakras wide open with a yoga and Hula class. Sweat and so many smiles exploded all over the place.

Folks pushed through fear with such grace. They bonded effortlessly and made life-long friendships. The abundance of generosity that flowed from this group was nothing short of Divine. Quite simply, we witnessed compassion in action and YEEHAW it was INSPIRING!

Recently, my personal journey to health has brought me to some interesting new places. It's been really fun (and spooky) to spend more time on the emotional aspects of recovery, and I was excited to bring my new revelations to the group. Wow did it strike a beautiful chord. Thanks for being so open folks! It's clear that the mental chow demands equal space. So often I focus solely on the food. I guess it's easy to forget how many feelings I gorge. Yet, stinkin' thinkin' is just as toxic as a Big Mac. In fact, acid thoughts create acid in the body. That's right, negative crapola effects your delicate pH balance! Healthy chow and healthy THOUGHTS create healthy cells.

Thankfully, a new and powerful healer friend of mine is gently encouraging me to clean my emotional cubbies - you know, the nooks and crannies in the body that store sad old gunk.

Below is a group pix from hug fest '08. Unfortunately we had to cancel future retreats for now as some big new opportunities have finally arrived. Welcome!
We'll definitely continue our NYC meetups and are even brainstorming a national posse tour. That's right, we'll come to YOU. Details to follow.... xo

Peace and calm,

PS. Did I mention that we even had a few fellas this time?! Brave dudes surrounded by dozens of Crazy Sexy women. Smart guys.

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