Monday, May 5, 2008

Our New York Posse Meet-up = Totally HOT success!

Hi cherished tomatoes!

The posse gathering was down right magical. We met, ate DIVINE raw chow, hugged, shared massive knowledge, chatted about where we're going in the future with our wonderful company, introduced our AMAZING and ever growing team (Beth Villandry, Director of Development and Corinne Bowen Program and Development Manager - look out, these revolution mamas are going to ROCK YOUR WORLD). We gave away awesome prezzies (thank you sexy Sarma for the fantstic Pure Food & Wine goodie bag, and deep bow to the angel folks at Nutiva, E3 Live, Gnosis Chocolate and Vanessa Barg, Get Fresh Magazine and of course Breville - we gave away a juicer! Yeah, alkalinity!) Oh, oh, oh, we also passed out our new bracelets "Crazy Sexy Life - Make Juice Not War! Sooo cool, soooo fun and available for all very soon. Gotta spread the message and the love-ola. Jumping the cyber barrier was so surreal! New faces and long time pals from the old blog days all showed (Hi Sandra Joseph!) Also, a big SPECIAL thanks to Amy & Michelle (our new york team leaders) for making this day happen. Amy's invites, and awesome graphic magic survey was the creative glue that propelled us to a new level. THANK YOU!

Oh, guess who else graced us? Philip of and If you haven't read his story, run don't walk. Philip just finished his 100 day juice fast/feast on Friday and will be blogging for us later this week. WOW WOW WOW! Ps. The Raw Chocolate Rave on Friday was delish. Thanks Dhrumil (the dynamo founder of Giveittomeraw and Welikeitraw), you are the ultimate conduit, maker of change, and spiritual playah!

Needless to say, the New York flagship posse is a bright, bright gem so naturally we're already planning our next event. Can you say yoga studio anyone? Besides these wonderful meet-ups, team CSL is planning a host of other programs to grace your life with vibrance, knowledge and spiritual health. Keep your peepers peeled. More details to come soon.

It's so exciting to be back in New York for a week. Tonight I will be MC-ing the Sarcoma Foundation of America's annual gala fundraiser and on Thursday I will be the Keynote speaker at the Harvard Club for the Dana Farber gala. I'm honored beyond belief!

Hope and pray that you all have a wonderful GREEN day.

If you're in town for the next meet up, please come! I can't wait to squeeze you like a lemon. :) xox :) xoxo!

Peace and JOY HOLY JOY,

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