Sunday, May 18, 2008

Taking Fun Seriously

Wow, it's Monday AGAIN, how did that happen?

It's no fair that the weekend is only 2 days long! Who was in charge of that decision? As history goes, depending who you talk to, I suppose it was God. Perhaps she should have taken into consideration that fun barely has a chance to shake its tail feather in that stingy time frame. Just when our groove gets juicy funky it's time to go back to the grind. What if fun was serious business, non-negotiable? How would mandatory skipping and frolicking truly transform our lives? Were you ever taught to make time in order to accomplish nothing but a smile?

Imagine how uplifting our lives would be if we decided to take fun really seriously, like it was something our doctors prescribed, something we could not avoid or sacrifice. When we're working on regaining our health life can get pretty heavy and very complicated. Let's face it, life is BUSY, add an illness to the mix and it gets TWICE as busy (especially if you wisely choose to incorporate natural therapies). Levity, optimism, downtime - all reminders that there is joy on the other side of worry. And guess what, FUN is alkaline! Yes indeed, as Beth reminded us in her wonderful post, balance (especially pH balance) comes from more than food. In fact, we can eat a perfect raw, vegan, alkaline, organic, localvorian diet and still be acidic due to STRESS. What a way to sabotage the smoothie. Ya work your ass off to get well but ya get sicker cause life sucks and all the play grounds have "do not enter signs" hanging from chains. No thanks!

On Saturday I was faced with a choice, finish my three articles that are due today or go have some fun. All the work was dumped on me at the last minute. Why should I clock in a 7 day work week yet again? My inner kid threw a spaz and immediately tossed a big phat writers block that clonked me in the head and sent me into the sunshine. If you notice, I've been trying to take my own advise over these last several months. Why should I boss everyone else around and then be a total hypocrite in my own house. So not sexy.

Time for a grand ole time! Now my grand ole time may seem a little domestically boring but considering that I'm rarely home for any long period, spending time outside or working on my nest makes me happy.

Here's how it started.

Someone else making my morning juice! HA, no clean up, OH YEAH!

A 2 hour hike up my favorite mountain with my hubby carrying the heavy stuff.

Next stop the FLEA MARKET! One man's trash is definitely another man's treasure. I stopped myself from buying more land fill but oh how fun to browse.

Speaking of landfill, off to the dump to recycle. Yes, the dump, I LOVE IT THERE. I especially love the sign that say "No Picking" it sounds naughty and itchy and that makes me laugh.

OK, now for the major wow, TARGET. Finally, some new outdoor furniture purchase during their semi annual sale. I love my new chairs! Cozy, easy to clean, elegant shit. I do feel bad that they come from China and I have total eco-guilt about that but screw it. I guess since I'm a veg head I sometimes allow myself more carbon wiggle room. Lame but true.

SO there you have it. Nothing revolutionary to speak of other than a fabulously fun and alkaline weekend. Oh, we watched "Knocked Up" on Netflix too.

Laughing through Judd Apatow movies is definitely alkaline!

Peace and FUN,

PS. What's your idea of a grand ole weekend and when was the last time you had one?

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