Friday, July 4, 2008


Hi Organic Red, White, and Sweet Peas!

I'm off to Omega for the second Crazy Sexy Cancer Boot Camp, but wanted to take a moment to plant seeds for the NEW INDEPENDENCE. Today we celebrate the famous right of "Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness." Traditionally we take this time to meditate on our successes and failures as a nation. But it's also an opportunity to think about our own bodies and spirits as a sovereign state - a glorious, growing, frontier country.

I sit here and ponder while flag-waving, fireworks, and cookouts crank up the day. While many consume hot dogs, burgers, sodas, beers, cigs, weed, and pepto bismol, how will I make this day SACRED and personal without feeling left out? What do I want to be free of? What invisible shackles bind me and keep me from expressing my authentically groovy divinity?


Well, besides the little c,...."NO KRIS, FOR CRYING OUT LOUD INCLUDE THE LITTLE C!"

(Note: Inner voice having a tantrum)

"It's great that you have made peace with LIVING with canSer, but don't fool yourself toots - you still want it GONE!"

(Note: Inner voice continues to yell).

OK! Sheesh!

My DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE list: (Virgo's love crap like this...hmm, I wonder if Thomas Jefferson was a Virgo?)

1. The little c = GONE! Thank you for my perfect health, spiritual wealth and happiness.

2. Doubt, Fear, Denial, GUILT


4. Walls that keep me just outside of Love - the love of others and self love

5. WORK - 24/7 is silly and acidic

6. Internet - TECHNO DETOX TIME (yet again)

7. Laziness, Excuses and rumbling Sloth voices that convince me that To-Do's are more important than SHAKING MY ASS!

8. Money worries

9. Freaking out over not dealing with all my emails and phone messages. They'll be there tomorrow! (wow, this work stuff is a serous pattern.)

10. Impatience

What do you want to LIBERATE from? Can you all list ten things? I'm sure it would help us all to see it and help you to voice it!

Peace Flags and veggie dogs,


PS. Purrhaps the same independence that we hold so dear can extend to our four legged friends, air pals, and sea buddies? Just a thought. We ended slavery, women can vote, and yet the mass torture and genocide continues. Seems narrow minded and so 13 decades ago.

ANYWAY, What's your list?

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