Friday, July 25, 2008

Pure Food & Wine Marathon

Helloooo Cacao nibs!

After my trip to CT to visit my folks and chow snaps peas from their righteous CSA, I headed to NYC for a super doopah play date with my pal and fellow alkaline blog Queen Bueller (she's making the peace sign). When raw ladies lunch in NYC they head straight to the Mecca: Pure Food & Wine. We started by splitting a cacao mocha smoothie. It was so luscious I lost all sense of reason. Sharing? Whose idea was that? Though there were two straws, I hijacked the sweet nectar. I sucked so hard I gave myself a migraine. The plastic cup met such G force that it turned inside out - but not before making that bathtub draining sound that both miss manners and my mom forbade. What can I say? Cacao makes me do wild things with wild people!

Onto my favorite salad, or should I say my favorite OBSESSION. This recipe is so good I have a crush on it. I want to have an affair with my salad. I want to rub each green leaf all over my.... Goodness! Oh Kris, “Goodness, had nothing to do with it.” - Mae West. The S&M salad (yes, that's the name) is simply magical. Greens, avocado, hemp seeds, dulse, rosemary crackers, and macadamia and lime dressing. SEXY!

Bueller and I were supposed to mastermind a raw, green revolution but we got too caught up in our favorite books, restaurants, cleanses, teachers and MEN. We snapped photos, chatted with some tourists, pondered pH theories and POOF, four hours flapped by in a blink. I love you Bueller, get your butt back to NYC!

Half way through our chat who should pop by but the dynamic Matt Monarch. Matt is one of the loveliest most positive people I have ever met. He’s an ocean of sunshine with wild hair and a perma-grin. Whenever I feel like straying or blowing up my crisper I text Matt. Within minutes I am talked off the ledge and inspired me to find my inner superhero. As Bueller and I said goodbye, (she had a fancy party to go to so we stocked her up on treats and raw snacks in case the food was lame) Matt and I partied on with more power chatting and some raw cheese cake with nut based (dairy free) ice cream. Can you see the sugar high coming? Can you feel the crash to follow? By this point my mood was soaring!

A few hours later it was time for another meal. Why leave? In walks my idol Dayle Haddon. Dayle is a best selling author, UNICEF ambassador and a global spokesperson for L'Oreal. During her supermodel days her face graced the covers of zillions of fashion magazines, including a Sports Illustrated cover. Zoinks, Vavooom! Dayle had just finished a shoot for Talbots and was feeling full of fire and energy. Why? Well, three weeks prior to my Pure all-nighter, Dayle had come to me for some help. “I need a cleanse Kris, I want to ignite my energy again, to feel better.” You got it sassy lassy! We chatted about her diet and lifestyle and mapped out a program with doable milestones and major goals.

For the next 21 days Dayle detoxed hardcore. I got calls from her from all over the country, at health food stores, restaurants etc. “What do I eat?!? DO!?!? Help!?!” After about the first ten days the calls subsided. I thought to myself either she was on track or she had left town and disconnected her number. To be honest, I was a little nervous. I had never designed a long cleanse for anyone other than myself. But after listening to what she ate in an average week as well as how she moved and her stress load, I knew we could upgrade her chow and help her relocate her center.

Her transformation was amazing. Not only did she lose 8 pounds, (which she didn’t need to lose but she is a model and at 60 years old she’s still strutting it!) her glow was radiant. Her aura beamed like a new day summer sun. WOW was I blown away and inspired to keep designing! In a blog I wrote months ago I attempted to define the Crazy Sexy Lifestyle. It was good base but I now realize that I only scratched the surface. Dayle went through what I called a Level 2 Adventure and boy am I proud of her.

After one last desert (3 in a day!) I walked across town and crashed at our studio. The day was blissful. Great friends. Great chats. GREAT food.

Peace and raw love,


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