Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Raw Spirit - Part Deux

Hello sunshine!

I have gobs of pix to share. But since blogger won't let me show ya all at once, I'll have to make an album per day throughout the week.

This is just a sample...imagine hundreds of booths filled with rawsome goodness and treats. YUM!

The Rock Star of the raw world - David Wolfe. He's wild and wild and wild. Brian scratched his head, I loved him. David is a one man show and a boat load of knowledge. I think he does tons of shrooms though. He he he...

Stilts and butterfly wings for big people. Why don't you have them in your life everyday? Get some now!

I could listen to Philip's amazing story 500 times. He is literally half the man he used to be thanks to this diet and lifestyle. WOWZA! BO BOWZA!

Bunny Berry is my new idol. I have a girl crush on her and was so excited to meet the rockin' rabbit. As she's says, "Girrrl, I'm bringing raw foods to the housewives of America". Amen sista sledge. OM SHANTI OM! If she doesn't speak at Raw Spirit next year then I am never going back (gosh I feel dramatic today). Bunny leads 100 day raw food challenges on her Raw Fu site. Read her blog. Love her. Do a challenge! PS. She likes Karate.

More tomorrow....

Reminder: I have a Barnes & Knoble signing in Stamford, CT tonight! Please come hug.

Peace and black sharpies are my favorite writing utensils,

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