Monday, September 29, 2008


Helllo Sun rays!

I'm sitting at my desk, sipping tea and reflecting on how wonderfully busy and powerful last week was. It started with a few signings, radio tours and lectures, then zoomed into my appearance on Good Morning America, Fox and The Mike & Juliet Show. Saturday kissed me with a little breather day which I filled with family and then Sunday (drum roll)....our seasonal wellness posse meet-up! Oh my goddess it was F.U.N.

But before I gab-o-la about all that, I gotta take a moment to hug you HARD. Last week I had just returned from my speech in St. Louis and I was emotionally bankrupt. I didn't know how the heck I was gonna pull the week ahead off. Tired, cranky and kinda feeling unprepared, I pouted and ate too much Indian food. Then I went to bed on a full and farty stomach. But like a magic unicorn, you came along and fluffed up my feathers. Your alkaline sassiness injected me with sacred sizzle. 80+ supportive comments on my last blog was the medicine I needed to get super JAZZED. Dang I'm lucky. I often forget that I too can share my personal ups and downs. Please keep reminding me.

That said, my new commitment to myself and to my phenomenal readers is to let ya in deeper and to show more of my warts and fears. I may be the one out front but you all are close behind and your energy - our energy is what is making this global shift possible. Slowly and steadily we are becoming a crazy sexy nation of change makers. PROUD I am (wow, I kinda channeled Yoda with that one).

Robyn Roberts was so good to me! She thanked me for helping her get through her canSer adventure with my first book. Blush....

It was so fun sitting and chatting about the vegan-mind-body-connect-the-dots-and-lets-save-our-collective-ass-lifestyle on national media. But it's not enough. The big $$$ needs to go to you. So many organizations approach us to help raise money for research, better screening and mountains of drugs. With the exception of my work with Stand up to Cancer, we generally say no. Not that we don't think these things are valuable and important but what WE (Team CSL) are interested in is YOU - the right-now, time is of the essence and good health is your birth right, YOU.

In my lifetime there won't be a "cure" for cancer. However, in my lifetime it is possible that less people will be effected by cancer and countless other diseases. How? Education and ACTION at a grass roots level. We can't wait for our very confused and mismanaged government to allocate the necessary funds towards prevention and MAINTENANCE of health. Ps. They're broke now so unfortunately more of this responsibility will fall on our able shoulders. It's gonna be tough but I bet we can all share some tips on cutting corners and stretching the dollar to include a healthy meal (different from a Happy Meal).

Enter: The New York based Crazy Sexy Wellness Posse Meet-up, Fall '08!

Our group was gorgeous, here's a shot of a few of the Crazy Sexy Yogi's

As promised we are continuing our seasonal commitment to gathering like minded kind warriors for a day of personal renewal. The compassionate peeps at the Jivamukti Yoga studio hosted a TERRIFIC class taught by my friend Sandhi Ferreira. Over 70 Crazy Sexies committed their Sunday to burning toxins and purifying the God Pod. It was AWESOME. I giggled with sacred Amen. Sandhi pushed us to get dirty with our fears by plopping us into headstands and other spooky inversions. I tell ya what, when I'm trying desperately to balance on my head I ain't thinking about what ails me. I'm in the now. NOW I must balance or fall. PS. Inversions are a great way to not only detoxify the body but to change our perception. Seriously, don't you see differently when your ass is pointing up?

Sandhi has really cool hair

After class we had an amazing raw lunch, yummy salad (thank you for the hemp seeds Nutiva!) and a knock out raw cacao pudding created by one of our cherished CSL ambassadors: Kristen's Raw. Thanks Kristen! And thanks to my pals at Organic Nectars for giving us the cacao. I swear they make the best stuff on the market. It's like healthy CRACK - addicting! Folks were fighting to lick the spoon. Also, many blessings to the generous companies who donated gifts for our raffle. Especially, to Vitamix. One lovely gal walked away with the Cadillac of blenders. Sure hope she shares some of her creations with us! Hint. Hint...

After reading all the participant comments we were amazed to see just how many of you wanted to learn to meditate. Your wish is our command. The next NYC meet-up is tentatively scheduled for December and you can bet your stiff back we're gonna learn how to sit on the pillow and wrestle our mind lizards. Let's embrace the holidays with clear thoughts so that we don't over eat and spend. See ya soon!

Peace and exhales,

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