Thursday, September 4, 2008

Two historic events

Hiya Kale blazers!

So sorry I have been away but thank you Terri for a great guest blog! I'm back in LA, launching my new book, Crazy Sexy Cancer Survivor: More Rebellion and Fire for Your Healing Journey, and getting ready to answer the phones for Stand Up to Cancer. What a week! It’s hard to believe that this time last year Crazy Sexy Cancer aired on TLC and my first book hit the stands. I started my media whirlwind with The Today show and ended it with my idol, Oprah. I wouldn’t tell ya this last year, but I’ll tell ya it now: WOW, WAS I NERVOUS! Butterfly-stomach-puke-city-highway. Without the guidance of my husband Brian and my vision board I would have cracked.

Looking back, on how much we have accomplished this year I am utterly amazed. When so many said I’d never get there, I refused to back down and instead I just kept writing, filming and JUICING. I created the Crazy Sexy world to survive and I knew that so many of you needed it just as much as I did. As you know we receive hundreds of emails per week. People seeking help and guidance through their tough times with canSer, diabetes, heart disease, depression, obesity, etc. As much as we can we point folks in the only direction we personally rely on - back to nature and back to the garden. Well guess what, we've been piling up the testimonials and it's astounding.

Just last week I read about a woman with horrendous rheumatoid arthritis. This rockin' chick saw the film, read my first book and changed her lifestyle (Go veggie!). Now she's off all her hardcore meds and is able to hold her children. What can I say. Thank you Goddess for helping me/us download this practical information in a fun, safe and sassy ass way. Today and everyday, YOU crazy sexies are my fuel and as I said on the CSL forum, though I’m not as vocal as I’d like to be I read every letter, cry with you when it’s tough and cheer when you’re victorious.

Crazy Sexy Cancer Survivor is another little prezzie made from me for you. I really hope it helps (and makes you laugh and knee slap - good for the immune system). Again, like the film and first book, it's not just for canSer cowgirls and dudes, it's for everyone looking to live a healthy, spiritually wealthy, and vibrant life. But this time it's your turn to dig deep and with a little guidance and lots of room to journal, I will be by your side with a wink and a high five. Let me know what ya think angel wing. And remember, many "miracles" come from the land of the gods and goddess (don't know who you're down with, I like 'em all), BUT many others come from a combination of hard work and personal commitment to health. YOU can move mountains. No matter what they say, you are a FORCE.

Now, on to the major cancer fest '08. Holy crow, what a historic event it will be. All 3 networks will come together to raise money to cure a disease that many of us who read this blog have faced. It's with great pride that I get to answer phones (don’t blink or you’ll miss me) and help bring in the moolah. The last time I was in the land of Tinsel I had the privilege to sit and chat with the producer of the show, Laura Ziskin. She and her dedicated team have been working around the clock for months to make this dream a reality. Believe it or not, Brian and I got to see the show opener. Goosebumps, hairs raised! And guess what gang? Though the show is mostly geared towards research and Western treatments, Laura is a canSer cowgirl 80/20 style! Oh yeah. Her diet means as much to her as the work she is doing to raise awareness and create change. What a role model. There aren't many Hollywood big guns who enjoy the kinda chat I like to chew and if you read this blog you know exactly what I mean - especially about the lifesaving importance of alkaline chow. I’ll be writing for their on-line magazine when I get a little free time and you can bet I’ll be a LOUD voice for alternative (hate that word, INTEGRATIVE) medicine.

As I said on the updated resource section of CSC, though I have never used Western treatments (because the canSer - aka beauty marks in my body - are slow moving, and there is no cure anyway), not everyone can take this approach safely. It is crucial to find the best doctor for your disease, even if it’s just to monitor it. That said, I strongly encourage a deep exploration of holistic treatments. We can't "cure" cancer if we don't address it's origins in the first place. With each passing year cutting edge research unanimously points to the benefits of a plant-based diet high in alkaline veggies and fresh green juices. In addition, exercise, stress reduction, meditation, bodywork and therapy as well as other modalities can help to unlock your body’s innate power to regenerate.

For new readers facing a diagnosis, I encourage you to seek second and third opinions when consulting any health care practitioner. One of the first doctors I spoke with suggested a triple organ transplant! I’m not an expert but that was ridiculous. So do your homework like a detective and don’t settle or be bullied.

Once you find a solid home base, take responsibly in rebuilding your inner terrain, especially through proper diet. And I don’t mean the diet they feed ya in hospitals or rules that old school nutritionists push. I mean a diet high in raw and living foods and low in sugar and processed crapola – low in tushie too – that’s never good for anyone, especially the poor soul who lost her precious tushie.

Remember, a good doctor is only one part of the success equation. Only wonderful you can become an empowered participant in your healing. Join the adventure and take back your health! The choice is yours….

For the old timers reading this blog you know that mantra all too well. Thanks for hanging in there with me friends. If you haven’t signed up for our newsletter please do. We have lots of amazing events happening this fall. A meet-up, raffle, wellness retreat, lots of signings and more. I’ll also be back on the boob tube on Good Morning America and a few other national shows, plus, drumroll…we have an entirely NEW site complete with a HUGE online store (finally – Ok, almost finally, we’re about 2ish months away with that)! Why do ya think I’ve been so quiet? Why do ya think Brian and the team haven’t slept a winkity wink? Shit’s been mad busy yo! We’re gathering many of the tools that help me and that we think can help you under one easy, breezy roof. Literally, a warehouse!

Tune in tonight. 5 pm Pacific, 8 pm EST. I’ll be the gal with the Crazy Sexy Cancer Goddess T-shirt….

Peace, better healthcare and eat your veggies,

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