Thursday, September 6, 2007

Adios DC, Hola Denver!

After a very long day of media and interviews I was so excited to go to the signing and meet the people I had imagined while edwriting my book. I was also a little nervous too. The shy, insecure (yup) side of me wondered if anyone would show and if the book would really sell. It's a lot of pressure being the first filly out of the gate for skirt!, the new and fabulous imprint of The Globe Pequot Press. Part of my fear probably stems from the fact that I am still a little shell shocked from the whirlwind schedule of cranking both projects out at the same time. CALGON!

Well, I nearly keeled over when Dalia (the kick ass store manager who I really want to have a beer with) told me it was packed! Holy crap! There must have been a hundred magical, glowing canSer babes, co-survivors and chaps beaming with light. I walked up to the microphone with a big doopy smile on my face and instantly got a standing ovation, which made me giggle when I really wanted to cry. YOU ROCKED MY WORLD!

Last night wasn't a signing, no mon cherie, it was a HEALING CIRCLE. The energy in the room was pure, honest, open and loving. We shared, laughted, some tears were shed and big mama love bear hugs were given. I felt so lucky and blessed to spend some (too brief) face time with peeps. It took about an hour to chicken scratch my signature on all the books and I as I started to worry that people would get frustrated and leave I noticed the magic. There were canSer Posses being formed on the line! AMEN! HIGH FIVE! TESTIFY! I saw numbers being exchanged and folks connecting. What a treasure. What a glimpse into the heart of humanity. We're all just trying to get by, be happy and make a decent life for ourselves. CanSer really makes you value the little things. Doesn't it? It strips away the importance of the techno gizmo revolution, the traffic jams and ladder to nowhere and makes us remember the lily.

Nights like last night are soul jumper cables, they remind me of what life is all about - relationships.

Next stop on the Crazy Sexy Tour is Tattered Cover on 2526 East Colfax Ave in Denver, Co. If you are near please stop by or if you know a chap or a cowgirl who could use a healing circle, spread the word.

Big love!


Karson said...

Congrats on the first signing night/healing circle! I am so glad it went so well! You are changing so many lives. And yes, canSer does make you treasure the little things even more. When I am out driving these days, I wonder why everyone is in such a hurry. I feel sad for people that are screaming and honking in their cars because they are so angry about traffic. Even though I still can't say I am thankful for canSer, I am thankful for the blessings and lessons learned from it. Have fun in Denver! The Tattered Cover is a great bookstore!

Karson Beaty (KB)
Knoxville, TN

Chloe said...

Kudos Kris! I've been keeping up on your blog, the TLC forum, and the excitement surrounding your amazing attitude. I know you are going to have such a huge impact on the world, and I hope that I can help you in some way. I'm looking forward to meeting you tomorrow night in Denver. I'll be the brunette beaming with admiration!

Chloe DiVita
Erie, CO

sessyD said...

Hey Kris! I was at the book signing last night (in DC) and let me tell you that it was truly amazing! Being in the room full of beautiful and strong women with incredible stories made me feel strong again! You truly are starting a revolution and I could feel it in the air last night (literally). I have chills just thinking about it! You are even more beautiful in person than on TV, your energy radiates and inspires others. You ROCK!! Please continue doing what you're doing! Much Love!!


Jessie said...

Kris. I am dying to meet/thank you in person and am going a bit crazy. The tour site hasn't been working for a bit (maybe its my comp?) and I know you will be in Chicago saturday! I keep calling the hotel that was on the site and they keep telling me there is no record of anything even remotely cancer related. HELP!! I so wish to be there!

mimuna said...

Oh- you guys! I'm becoming addicted to the language and sentiment on this blog. It’s beginning to interfere with my work- lolol.
Thank you for the daily inspiration.

mimuna said...

For Jessie- who cant get the info off the website for Chicago:

September 8 Lecture: Cure Patient and Survivor Forum; Wyndham O’Hare; 6810 North Mannheim Road, Rosemont, IL; Time TBA


Jessie said...

I have the information on where it is, but have called that hotel and they are saying they have no record. So I am unable to get a time and to know if that even is the place! :(

erinlou said...

The Chicago info is here:

For some reason Kris does not appear on their schedule, but she said in a previous post that she'd put that info up on the blog sometime this week.

Charleen said...

Hi Kris! I'm so sorry I missed your big night last night. My mom went and said it was absolutely incredible! I heard that you had never met anyone with the same cancer as you...I would have been your first! Thanks for continuing to shine your light on the world. YOU ROCK!

coasterfan said...

Hi Kris! I heard about you from Erin's blog. You two are such an inspiration to people everywhere. I've been reading your blog and some of the comments other people have posted. I noticed that you actually post comments too and I think that is really cool. Your documentary was awesome!!! You go girl!!!!!

I'm not a canSer patient, but I know people who are and I am going to be passing on your story to them. Letting them know about your documentary and book (which I bought yesterday.) I think it is great for anyone because it gives tips on how to slow down and enjoy life. We are so busy checking things off our to-do lists everyday that we forget the little things in life...the sweet smell of flowers...the smile and laugh of a child.

Thank you for all you have done and continue to do. You truly are an inspiration. Best of luck with your book tour!!

Michelle said...

I was at the book signing in DC last night and it was a truly amazing experience. I am not a cancer fighter or survivor, just someone who is inspired by your courage and inner wisdom to follow your own path and to share your journey with others. It is very clear you are living your full and greatest potential, which is beautiful to watch. Congratulations on a wonderfully entertaining and moving book talk! Best of luck on the rest of your tour--may you continue to bring happiness to so many others!

Washington, D.C.

Meg Wolff said...

I hope that you are coming to Maine! I'll check your schedule. I just watched your video. After going to your site I found that it was made in 2003. I was VERY happy for you. Lots of love, MegXO Beautiful video, nice site, can't wait to read more!

bav said...


You live in Maine? So do I. Have you heard of the group we are starting for young adults, Live2Thrive? Interestingly enough, it is very much in keeping with Kris's philosophy. Call the Cancer Community Center for info, or email me,


Charles and said...

Kris...did anyone ever tell you that Canada is a beautiful place? Toronto is calling your name...or I guess I may need to plan a trip to the states.

shantel said...

Kris will make you laugh and help you open up and share your true thoughts!
You will meet others that have the same fears as you.
Crazy Sexy Cancer Tips, is not just for people with cancer, it's for anyone with a challenge, fear, depression, anxiety. You dont have to have cancer to truly learn something from this book. So if you know anyone with a fear - BUY THE DAMN BOOK! :) This book is honest and sincere. It will make sence!!!
You will fall inlove with the book!

Kris your going to do great!
talk soon and lots of hugs,


MAD in Washington,D.C. said...

We were very happy to meet you at the D.C. book signing! Thank you, for all the work you put into your documentary. The message was just what I needed to hear that night.

My journey is still evolving since my surgery August 31st, while we wait results of lymph node biopsy.

Plan A, I will not require Rad/Chemo. Plan B, I go through the routine. Either way, I still hope to go to Bamako, Mali, to work for two years, as planned.

Wonder what a 62 year old survivor living in West Africa looks like?
Marvelous, of course! ^8^

"There is nothing noble in being superior to some other man. The true nobility is in being superior to your previous self."
Hindu proverb

MAD in Washington, D.C.

sarahsouth said...

so glad your impact is spreading across the country! have a blast in denver - i love that city.
i work at the cancer center in winston-salem, NC. you'd love that city too (hint hint)
all the best-

MAD in Washington,D.C. said...


Good news, the lymph node biopsy was benign! Yippee!

This means the total hysterectomy may be all that is necessary. Plan A, was no Rad/Chem. I see my doctor next Tuesday about any details. You have heard of Dr. Mc Dreamy, my doctor is MacKoul, really. He will likely have some cool directions for me, like frequent paps.

I had a full physical last April, and the pap then was negative. I should tell that clinic, just what happened to me 4 months later. Good advice, the pap may not tell you, if you have abnormal cells in the uterus!

Looks like I have been lucky before. I had a breast biopsy in 1996, that was benign, but my perception about cancer is ever so different today, thanks to you. I think I took that for granted, but this time I believe I truly believe I am fortunate. Statistically, I am not out of the woods.

One blog poster said, your book really is for a wider range of people. First, you have the person with cancer who should seek alternative means of improving their lives with non-toxic nutrition, lifestyle and therapies and the second person who may wish to seek alternative means for prevention. Your book is a good resource for those who resolve to change or improve their lifestyle.

I will stay in states, another month then join my husband and our three Russian Blue cats in Bamako, Mali West Africa. We are ordering the EasyGreen Automatic sprouter for Wheatgrass. My method for years was using jars, but I need to grow more. Our cats love wheatgrass, too.

Guess, I’ll be saddling up, and packing my tent for some serious desert camping along the Sahara, very soon.
It might be a camel, instead of a horse, but I’ll be forming a posse all my own. I can hear the drums, in the distance now. Might be a few survivors, out there in Africa and I’m gonna meet me some. I got my boots packed, cause I’ll be wearing sandals. My trailmix will be Goji berries and my Montana cowboy hat will be exchanged for some kind of Sahara scarf, but I’ll be out there.

I won’t be alone.

Anonymous said...

Right on Kris. How could you even begin to think nobody would have been there. We all think you ROCK! We love you Kris. You are such an inspiration to everyone. Thanks for sharing you story and life with US. God Bless.

Maureen said...

Great Show! As a 39 year old with stage three invasive breat cancer, I have combined a traditional approach (Dana Farber - chemo, surgery and radiation) with a wholistic complement - Reiki, Pilates, vegan diet, supplements. So far so good! I have a husband and two sons (ages 9 and 14) - As you can imagine - they are sick of hearing about their mother's breasts!!! Living with cancer is always crazy - occasionally sexy - and an exercise in gratitude that perhaps too few people experience. I am so grateful for every day and all the people in my life!!! Keep healthy and keep up the great work! Maureen

Carlos ("Carl") said...

Just viewed the Crazy, Sexy Cancer film (I TiVOed it from The Learning Channel broadcast).

Nicely done! You speak for all of us who are cancer survivors.

I've just written about it in my blog, "A Pastor's Cancer Diary":

am said...

Just watched the trailer from "Crazy Sexy Cancer." Thanks so much! Good work! Yoga is subtle and powerful, isn't it?

Kate said...

Come to North Carolina!

shawna1974 said...

Hey Kris,

Loved your movie.
Read my blog

you can read my story by typing Cervical Cancer NCCC newsletter
Shawna Dickey

I would love to meet you and talk like two CC (Cancer Chicks) can only do. You are such an inspiration. :)

Tami said...

Thanks for sharing your triumphs and fears. After reading your blog today a quote from Napolean Hill came to mind. "Through every adversity is a seed of equal or greater benefit". So true!

VirginiaClair said...

I attended your signing in Denver last have to say it is extremely rare that I feel inspired and this is how I have felt ever since I heard you speak! I couldn't believe have profoundly affected me. I am 33 and a cancer survivor since the age of 24. Each year (sometimes bi-yearly) I go through recurrence tests (seemlingly endless blood draws and body scans and ultrasounds) that cause a frenzy of panic in my head which, up until this point, I thought was unavoidable. And then you talked about the bug hitting you square in the forehead, and the ritual of sitting your butt on your pillow to regroup. Oh my gosh! There are things I can do to ward off the panic, the "poor me" complex, the impeding feeling of dread and thoughts of what ifs. Life is too short for this shit! Especially when it can also affect my 5-year old son! Thank you so much for reminding me of what a strong woman I am, too. This is the 1st time in almost a decade that I have felt an actual connection to another person who has gone through somewhat of whatI have gone put into words what I have felt this whole time. Talk about surreal. You are truly an inspiration and I am so happy to have run across you.
Thank you (Karen--you know who you are) for inviting to me to this event...for allowing me to support you. I can't wait to see the documentary and of course I'm enjoying the book!~
Peace & Love

Stephany said...

I can't wait to see you in San Francisco this week! My best friend on earth (on your MySpace) is fighting GIST cancer in her liver and, after side effects from drugs quite literally almost killed her, has been successfully fighting it with nutrition and natural remedies for more than one year now. Her cancer has not grown. It is hard for me to express my gratitude to you for sharing your story, and to communicate the impact it has had on my friend. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Stay healthy on the road!

amyalfonsi said...

Tivoed and watched your movie last night. What an inspiration you are! Thanks for sharing your story and positive attitude. My mother died in 2006 from cancer and now each day when I think of her I will also think of you. I can't wait until your movie comes out on dvd so I can share with all my friends and family.

Amy Alfonsi
New York, NY

Barb said...

my sister has started a course of "tea therphy" using "essiac-tea" just wondering if you or anyone had heard of it?

sutherlin, Or.

Kim said...

Kris, thanks for all you are doing and all you are. I was diagnosed with breast cancer last May and am now undergoing chemo. (And blogging about it here: I missed your show, unfortunately, but just ordered the book and have been reading your blog. You are truly inspirational.

Angela said...

Hey Kris!

I'm so glad you're having a fabulous tour :-)

We've received so many super comments on your WOW! Women On Writing interview, Kris Carr: Crazy Sexy Cancer Survivor! and have already heard from our readers that they just purchased your book!

Congrats on all your success woman, you rock!

Cyberhugs and Smooches,


Diane said...

Kris- I hadn't intended on watching the movie (I'm a fellow cancer girl) - but I loved it! Went out immediately to buy the book. Question: why doesn't your book tour include Boston, where you received your treatment??

Boston, MA

Sa-rah said...

Kris, we'd love to have your book tour include Boston! Beantown needs an infusion of your enthusiasm!

Carol Paris-Steffens said...

I'm a 60 year old breast cancer survivor who, by chance, discovered you today. I have never been on a blog, but I feel compelled to let you know how I am moved to my core by your openness, straightforwardness, and generally kick-ass personality. I look forward to watching your film this week and to continuing to read your blog. Take care of yourself!!
Carol Paris-Steffens
Poughkeepsie, NY

Carol Paris-Steffens said...

I'm a 60 year old breast cancer survivor who, by chance, discovered you today. I have never been on a blog, but I feel compelled to let you know how I am moved to my core by your openness, straightforwardness, and generally kick-ass personality. I look forward to watching your film this week and to continuing to read your blog. Take care of yourself!!
Carol Paris-Steffens
Poughkeepsie, NYxnn