Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Greetings from Austin, Texas Ya"ll

Sorry it's been a few days since my last post! The past week has been tilt-a-whirl busy. I'm still on tour doing loads of media and signings plus I just finished an article for Natural Health Magazine. We calculated that I have shaken well over a thousand hands since I kicked off the Crazy Sexy Cancer circus on 8/17. AMAZING! The word is still spreading life wild fire (THANK YOU, THANK YOU) and I am just so happy to see folks connecting, smilinging and making the commitment to return to balance and fantabulous self-love. Deep bow to all of you..

So this article I wrote starts with a really important question - How do you overcome fear in order to take action and become what I call an empowered participant in your healing? It's really easy and I'm gonna be pretty bold and say that there is only one answer to that question. Drum roll.... Change your focus! It's all about mental management so divert and dillute the fear by channeling it in another direction. Mine melted in the inspirational passion fires of creativity. I picked up the camera and the pen and promoted myself from patient to Journalist/Director. My new job shielded me. Tough times made for great story telling. I also never gave into the thought that I'd fail- either in saving my own life or becoming a success. Many people told me (in a snippy tone) that a cancer flick would bomb and that a cancer book was even harder to sell. OH, and that I had an expiration date. Screw that! Be a bull in a china shop. Listen with one ear and let the crap roll off your feathers. When I changed my focus and really believed in myself and bodies potential, nothing could stop me. How have you head-butted fear? Where is YOUR focus? The future is far away - are you in the present, if so open it up, it's a rainbow gift.

OK, off to work! Have a blessed day everyone. Push buttons (in a good way) and stretch some Crazy Sexy boundaries. Can't wait to hear from ya'll.

Peace and vegs,

PS. I'm doing a signing tonight at Hastings (2200 South IH 35 - Round Rock, TX) and a special screening of the film and a signing at the Alamo Draft House (2700 Anderson Lane) Austin, TX. The proceeds will be going to the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition - Austin Chapter. Come by! They may not have enough books so if you have one bring your own and I'll scribble and we'll hug and high five. :)


Amy said...

You are an inspiration to me.
I had breast cancer almost 4 years ago, recently got divorced and have come upon some hard financial times.
I do have my own business though, but my struggles every day have to do with my perception of my abilities and strengths. Your blog this morning talked a lot about exactly what I am struggling with: my own fears holding me back.
Thank you for your soul-shine.

lifeisagrandslam said...

Hey Kris -
Just wanted to let you know that you're at my Whole Foods!! Well, your book is, anyway... :) I live in Columbus, OH and we were paying our weekly visit to WF (our mecca) over the weekend, and there you were, front and center in their book display!! People probably thought my husband & I were crazy because we practically did a jig in the aisle, we were so excited to see your message so prominently displayed.
Oh, and a couple weeks ago you wrote about people's insensitive comments...I've got one for ya. A co-worker - who knows all the dirty details of my medical story - told me I'm "sooooo lucky" not to have to worry about my weight since my surgery. (I had my entire stomach removed 6 years ago because it was full of tumors...and I've still got about a bazillion more in my liver!) I just gave her The Look and said, "believe me, I'd rather be counting calories than tumors!"

Auntie "a.k.a. Net Neutral" said...


Your words reminded me of something I decided long ago: anyone reports upon my death that I LOST MY BATTLE WITH CANCER I will personally come back to smack them pistle upward [as my mom used to say]! Here is the deal--in this moment, I am here and accounted for now. How long does one have to live be or do to be consider a victory?! I claim it now.

Bright Moments,

Equilibria said...

Kris - -
You are "IT" sister! Thank You, Thank You for your LIFE! God has you right where you are supposed to be and I can't tell you enough how grateful I am for your words today!! I am a holistic health counselor here in Toledo Ohio. Well, Kris, I pushed some buttons! And I gotta tell you, "I am head-butting fear" right now – in a good way. I wrote in my Toledo based bi-weekly newspaper column that "food and stress impact tissue acidity and your health," and 6 Ohio dieticians said I was WRONG! Now, I am organizing a public forum with Dr. Robert Young (The pH Miracle) and others here in Toledo to discuss the TRUTH. I sent you an email detailing everything and I HOPE and PRAY that you can attend. I know you are busy! I am getting national coverage and documenting this for PBS. Can we chat?? diana@equilibriabydiana.com

Jimmy Moore said...

I just heard you on the Mike Gallagher Show today, Kris, and just wanted to say how very proud I am of you for beating back this seemingly inevitable fate and creating something outstanding out of it.

God bless you, my friend, and I wish you well as you continue down this journey.

Jimmy Moore, author of "Livin' La Vida Low-Carb"

P.S. I can forgive you for being a Democrat! LOL! :D

Becky said...

I just started reading you book and it has been the best read since discovering my cancer six months ago this Thursday (who's counting? ha ha) Just reading it makes me less afraid. I love the "fuck cancer" and the whole attitude because that is what i am trying to have most of the time. I am getting third and fourth opinions, not because I doubt my doctor but because I want to be sure my treatment is correct. I have been holding off doing this until I started reading your book two days ago. I just got back from photocopying my paper work and I am copying all of the discs with my scans....FEDEX here I come! Before I read your book I started swimming in the ocean (I live in Maine) just to say I could do it and today I am meeting 6 other women who want to join me. They are all helping me say ,"screw you, cancer!" Now I've read your book and I know we're doing the right thing!!!!!!!
Thank you so much. Please keep going like the survivor you are.

Alissa said...

What an honor it was to meet you & your husband, Brian, on the Montel Show. You both are such amazing people & the work you are doing is inspiring people throughout the country. Thanks for continuing to spread your sunshine & unite all of us cancer cowgirls & cowboys.

Jessie said...

Ahhh....the fear thing this blog huh?? what a powerful little four letter word. I can get past the frustration, I am a stubborn little italian and won't let myself be beatin by this canSer....but the fear. Well, in my case, some things have been put on the back burner. Two years later and its' still something I would rather push aside than think about. Which ends up in a horrible little circle because than I feel weak and scared. ::Awesome::. I know its something I have to face and just understand, hell, everyone is going to die. BBUUTT, I just freak out. My grandma's mom's sister died a few weeks ago and I spent the weekend at the Cure:Cancer convention. It was much needed but honestly, a small part of me was so happy that I did not have to be somewhere where death was the focus. I don't know. I envy all you amazing survivors who can stare death in the face with those fierce looks. I can stare canSer down with the best of em. CSC and all these amazing cowgirls are helping with that last hurdle.

SurvivingStrongSince05 said...

Hi Kris,

It was great to see an uncensored version of your documentary in New Milford. I met or re-met your dad, he came up to me and said he knew me from somewhere, we finally figured it out. Small world. It was great to meet you and when your whirl wind tour is over, and you are ever back visiting your hometown, we should get together.

Thanks for all you have done for everyone's spirits.


bav said...


Where in Maine do you live?? Have you heard about the group we are starting for young adults with canser, Live2Thrive? If you are interested in details, email me, bav68@yahoo.com.

And if you and your girlfriends are interested, I started surfing this summer and plan to go ALL winter. Care to join???


Amanda said...

I just found your blog through a friend, and I'm very excited about getting your book! I haven't been able to see the documentary yet, but I will try to find it. I'm going to be riding in the Livestrong Challenge in Austin in October. You're blog is very inspirational, and it reminds me of why I'm riding in the first place! We need more people like you in the world, not just in the cancer community, but for any issue. Passion is so lacking in the world today. Thanks for all you do!

LobotoME said...

You are such an inspiration! I am an ovarian cancer survivor (7 years)..wish this book was around back then!

Best wishes,

Becky J said...


First of all, I loved your book. I do not have canser, so it kind of felt like an glimpse into the world of my patients. (I am a dietitian at a cancer center.) Thanks for giving me a lot of perspective. Also, if I ever commit a faux pas (I'm sure I have) I hope someone says something. Nothing like feeling like a jerk to ensure it never happens again!

Keep rockin' the Eat your veggies shirt! I love it.


Treat-Cancer.nl said...

Can you blog about my website once in a while?

If you do it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.


stephani said...

After 5 months of laying in bed, drugged, despondent, I finally found focus for healing. That focus started when I watched your show on TLC. I knew there was hope, and that I had a lot to learn. Bought the book the next day, and started channeling my energy into healing. I made a medical notebook, which was not only useful but so therapeutic! From there I became a one woman whirlwind...new yoga classes, acupuncture, meditation, music therapy, and HUGE eating changes. Read libraries of books, and the bottom line? Off of all pain meds.. hope to go back to work within 6 weeks. More energy than I have ever had in my life. And hope. Yes hope! Thank you for being my catalyst, my rock from which I saw potential to not just sit, but move. I can't believe how much better my life is! Thank you!

cancer cowgirl xo said...

Hi all! You guys make me soooo happy! Each of your stories and posts are glorious. Keep on posting and keep eating your veggies all! Swim in chilly oceans, surf in December, keep sending faux pas, do jigs in Whole Foods, get proactive and head-butt fear.

Jesse- can you email that pix of us to info@crazysexycancer.com?

Alissa- Love you and what a great PR gal you are. Montel didn't know what hit him. thanks love!

Stephani- YOU GO GIRRRRRL! Keep us all posted. You are pure inspiration.

Equilibria- Let me get off the tour and I'll see what I can do. My next 2 months are locked with shooting extra feature and cutting deleted scenes and my next book which is due in November. We'll see. But AMEN. Good stuff, important work, you get a go girrrrl too. xo

tryingtobeme said...

Auntie "a.k.a. Net Neutral" - heck yeah claim it now! I will confess that while I don't know the struggle it is to have canser, I know the struggle it is to face your own doubts and to have those doubts underlined and italicized by others. I so applaud your attitude, and the attitude of everyone else that has opened up on this forum with words of strength, support, and vulnerability. Kris - look what you've accomplished, I am grateful and I am inspired.

amandarhea86 said...

Kris and fellow bloggers. My name is Amanda im 21 and I have CML. A friend introduced me to Crazy Sexy Cancer, i havent seen the show yet, due to having no cable. But I have it now and i cant wait. I just saw that there was a book and i screamed at my mom that i had to have it.

As for focus points and attitudes. I usually have mine in the right spot. Sometimes i get down though. Everyone does though right? The only thing that really gets me down is knowing that my next treatment is it, that there is no other way to kill my cancer. But I look at the out come as a win win, i live or i go home. Cancer will never defeat me. I will never lose my battle to it, cause either way im kickin its butt.

Thanks for being an inspiration Kris.
Love Amanda Jones

Nancy said...

I cannot BELIEVE you were just in Denver and I missed you. I have the film recorded on my tv and have watched it for the third time this evening. Like all of your viewers have said so perfectly, you are amazing and inspirational. Thanks for sharing yourself with the world. Come back to Denver! Bless you~ Nancy

KitKatKathy said...


I met you at the Joe's Salon book signing - you are even more beautiful in person. I am leaving my info. on your website as I do want a DVD of your documentary when they are available. You have become an inspiration for me. I do not have cancer but your will to live made me look at my own life/health and is helping to kick myself in the rear and get in gear/healthier. I went to our local health food store for some wheat grass...but they were fresh out. haha I hope to meet you again sometime...thank you for sharing your story with us all...it is a blessing.

Kathy in New Milford

maggiegracecreates said...

I am so excited. I missed the airing of Crazy Sexy Cancer before on TLC. But it will be reaired on October 8th 8pm eastern time on discovery health. I cannot wait.

sherry said...

Hey crazy sexy canCer sister....it was great to have you in Austin...thanks for all you did for our Chapter...and thanks for turning me on to the good food...the twig tea was great...I am sorry that you couldn't hang around longer....enjoy the light...and think of your Austin babes when you light it.

Runi said...

Dear Kris,

It was a pleasure meeting you last night at the Alamo Drafthouse in Austin, TX. I'm the Pink Ribbon Cowgirl person that got you to sign our Graphic Calendar Art Bra and gave you one too. My group supports those under fifty that have been diagnosed with breast cancer.

Thank you for sharing your journey with us. I read your book and it inspired me to start my own blog almost two years post diagnoses!

I hope you will make it back to Austin. Keep filming and writing!


Runi Limary
Coordinator of Young Survivor Services
Breast Cancer Resource Center

Carlos ("Carl") said...

Interesting thing you say, Kris, as you write: "It's all about mental management so divert and dilute the fear by channeling it in another direction. Mine melted in the inspirational passion fires of creativity. I picked up the camera and the pen and promoted myself from patient to Journalist/Director."

I've found the same to be true, as I blog my way through my own cancer (NHL):


I find it helps me, too, to now only try to transform the bummer experience that is cancer into creativity, but also to try to channel that creativity into some form that is (hopefully) helpful to others.

Having viewed your documentary, I have a feeling that's part of the constellation of actions that have enabled you to push the fear back. You sure have helped a lot of people, and that's a great thing!


danyel said...

hi. I don't really know how to write in response to this. I appreciate your work. I was diagnosed when I was 23, with lymphoma. it was a second serious illness for me. i was a very bold and happy young artist, deeply in love with my life and the most wonderful person i have ever met. I am twenty nine now. hard to believe. and cancer free. When i was diagnosed the first thing i did was read susan sontags thougts on cancer. I was a strange and angry creature. I was offered so much love and support i didn't always know how o accept. I survived. but i am still learnng now to heal and hoping that i can forgive and be forgiven for the difficulties i had in faith and hope. I think your generosity is remarkable. and as a young artist who struggled through and still does, your clarity is a remarkable gift. thank you.

Emily said...

Kris, I had DVRd your documentary a while ago, and just watched it yesterday. I was truly moved. Best of luck to you; I'm adding you to my bloglines to stay informed ;)

Pierpaolo said...

Hi Kris,
a big thanks from Italy!
I'm hosting cancer from 2004, but everyday in my life i feel a fighting energy!
I have heard it from you.
Great inspiration!


Jenngie said...

Thank you so much Kris, for your previous blog on Faux Pas, sooo great! I get them mostly from my mom who doesnt get it. I remember it was a day or two after i got diagnosed and she told me about her friend who died and all the pain she went through etc.... i just looked at her and said " i don't need those kind of stories now mom!", its amazing to me that people dont think before they speak, especially family members, maybe they are scared and just spout out whatever is in their mind? thanks again kris, you rock!

Joyce said...
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Joyce said...

Your book is amazing! Once I started reading it I said to my husband, "Finally! A cancer book that you can really enjoy!" I'm trying to find a re-broadcast of your documentary! Is TLC going to re-broadcast it? I missed it when it was on! Will it be available on DVD at any time soon? I was diagnosed with breast cancer on June 4, 2007. I had a mastectomy at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN and am now undergoing chemotherapy. I'm doing fabulous with the chemo, hardly bothering me at all (except for being bald, but I'm having fun with my wigs). My energy level is the same, I'm happy, grateful for all my wonderful family and friends. I truly believe that I'm doing so well because I've been doing yoga for years, and have been able to continue doing it during this journey. I highly recommend it to all of you cancer survivors out there! It's an amazing tool in your recovery and your life in general!

Susan Carrier said...

We're one of the last remaining families without cable, so I missed CSC on TLC.

Any chance that it will be coming out on DVD soon so that I can rent it from Netflix?

equilibria said...

OH KRIS - THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I would REALLY like to chat. I know you are busy - - maybe we can chat at the end of November??? I am getting ready to write a response to the dietician's article today. It's been difficult - - you know - - being out there when everyone else thinks you are CRAZY ... I feel so great that your title is Crazy, Sexy Cancer ... I feel, like you, I am on a mission ... sometimes I wanna crawl in my hole and say "i don't know anything and I don't wanna do anything ... and I just wanna be a mommy, do my individual counseling and speaking on easy issues and forget that my extended family is dieing from kidney failure, heart failure - you name it" but, i come back out again and say "WHAT, ARE YOU CRAZY (and I say yes … :)people need to know they can heal themselves … I will sacrifice my comfort to make that happen" ... I KNOW you know what I mean! So, I am moving forward - telling the truth. I would SO LOVE to have you in Toledo... I hope November is our time to talk - - I will keep in touch so you don't forget about me :)

lifelong girl said...

Hi Kris, my name is Jennifer - i haven't met you, but you worked with Brandon B. (event coordinator of the austin alamo drafthouse). he's one of my best friends, and knowing what i've been going through - he got you to sign a book for me. i just wanted you to know how much it means to me (and a ton of other people) what you are doing. putting yourself out there. helping us believe.
thank you for spreading your smile,
houston, tx

Koos said...

Hi All,

I've just heard about this crazy sexy canSer cowgirl from a friend and I am looking forward to drinking in some of your energy. I'm a 41 year old mother of one beautiful 7 year old boy. In January of this year, I was diagnosed with a "rare and incurable" form of thyroid cancer called - Medullary carcinoma.

I still can't turn the fear into fuel for something grand. I'm working hard at it though.

For now the cool Canadian air coming off the amazing Rocky Mountains is clearing the fog from my head and I am so thankful that other cancer survivors like yourself and many of the bloggers here have found the key because you people help all people get there. Thanks for that.

PS. I want one of those Fuck Cancer hats to wear when my son isn't around!! Beautiful.

Heidi said...

What? You were in Austin and I missed you?!?! When you were at Hastings in Round Rock you were literally like 3 miles from my house... wow! Well, I am sad that I am just now finding out about you and your story, but everything happens in it's on time right? I hope you enjoyed Austin... It's a place of a lot of love and acceptance and growth! It's also a really supportive place to live when one is interested in living his/her best lives in the best bodies he/she can give oneself. I hope you'll be in Austin again sometime, and when you are, I hope I know about it!

Much love,

ps. not sure if blogger will display my blog site or not, I've had some trouble getting back to my own site from here. It's she-strikes-a-pose.blogspot.com.