Sunday, September 16, 2007

Elephant Pharm Cancelation

Hi Gang! If you were planning on attending the Elephant Pharm signing in Los Altos, CA today it has been canceled. I am fine, just need to fly to Minneapolis earlier as I have a TV appearance at 5 am tomorrow morning. So sorry for the inconvenience. I will be back!

XO and peace,

PS. I'll post another blog tonight or tomorrow. Thanks for all the giggliscious faux pas!


Leah said...

What tv channel are you appearing on at 5 a.m. in Minnneapolis?

Phin friend said...

Yo, Kris --

Is there any way that you can block this obnoxious creep from posting comments? They're intrusive, unwanted, and boringly repetitive.


Hot Toddy said...

Just heard you on Satellite Sisters, Kris. Great interview. I respect you and hope to see your documentary soon!

Shell said...

Kris, Best of everything to you! It was a treat to meet you yesterday in Walnut Creek. I stayed up until 12am reading your book(extremely late for me in the middle of radiation!!). I had to wait until the little one's went to sleep to begin to devour it. Thanks for writing and sharing your story. I forgot to relate to you a funny occurance that happened this week regarding your visit to the bay area. I was in the radiation waiting area with three other patients. We were all gowned and ready to be called and someone had the local news on. A teaser for your appearance came on. The anchor person said "and next up, Kris Carr. She'll be here to tell us what to say and what not to say to someone with cancer. Don't go away". All of us in the waiting area started busting up. It was just too ironic where I was hearing this. And so ignorant of the guy to simplify your message that way. Rock on sista! Shell Please add me to your mailing list. PS. I have found that writing through this cancer trip has helped immensely. Especially the mass email. A friend suggested a blog and it took me a while, but I finally posted one. CHEERS my friend!

cancer cowgirl xo said...


I'll be on KARE 11 TV bet. 5:50-5:55 AM (oiy) if ll goes well in TV land. I wish I could wear sweat pants and my retainer! Ha!

cancer cowgirl xo said...

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Thank you.

anon said...


You are awesome, inspiring, and your book has been a lifesaver while going through my 3 month scan routine.

If I can juggle my scan/bloodwork appt schedule, I'll drive 3 hours to CT to give you a (((((((BIG HUG)))))) at a book signing. Even better ... please ... come to Boston ... visit Dr.D @ DF and show the folks in Beantown just how mah-vel-ous you are!!

You rock, cowgirl!!

cancer cowgirl xo said...

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Thank you.

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Just don't take my previous activity to personal... I don't really want to disturb you.


Ryan said...

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Becky said...

I just started reading you book and it has been the best read since discovering my cancer six months ago this Thursday (who's counting? ha ha) Just reading it makes me less afraid. I love the "fuck cancer" and the whole attitude because that is what i am trying to have most of the time. I am getting third and fourth opinions, not because I doubt my doctor but because I want to be sure my treatment is correct. I have been holding off doing this until I started reading your book two days ago. I just got back from photocopying my paper work and I am copying all of the discs with my scans....FEDEX here I come! Before I read your book I started swimming in the ocean (I live in Maine) just to say I could do it and today I am meeting 6 other women who want to join me. They are all helping me say ,"screw you, cancer!" Now I've read your book and I know we're doing the right thing!!!!!!!
Thank you so much. Please keep going like the survivor you are.