Monday, September 17, 2007

Tip Cups

Penny toss wishes for a happy and harmonious Monday!

Today marks the beginning of the 4th week of my book tour. Two more weeks to go and then a small break, which isn't really a break because Brian and I will be shooting special features and cutting deleted scenes for the DVD's. But I digress. Living in hotel rooms and trying to take care of myself on the road has been challenging to say the least. I'd be lying if I didn't admit to a few waltzes with lady Starbuck's on occasion. It's easy for me to maintain my health when I'm in a controlled environment. But when each day brings a new city, schedule and experience the balance zooms off kilter like a tilt-a-whirl gone wild. Though I have been able to stick with my veggie diet and lots of green drinks from juice bars, I have barely done any exercise and I feel it.

I remember this one teacher I had during the height of my healing college days, she asked "out of diet, exercise, and meditation, which helps you heal the most?" Naturally I though diet, as healthy chow is my sun and my moon. "The one you're not doing" she said. Technicolor light bulb explosion!

As I was sitting on the plane designing my post tour detox yesterday I took an inventory of my weekly energy deposits and jotted down where I've been cheating myself. Right now, it's exercise. My yoga mat is perched on top of the TV which is blaring Alan Greenspan's economic Bush spank on CNN. Sadly, om-ing just ain't on the agenda today. But the biggest area of absence in my arsenal of healing navigation is touch. My little inner voice shouted so loud that I swear the other folks in row 47A heard her quack. It's been months since I had a massage or some cranial sacral work and my body is making some gentle (yet demanding) suggestions. Massage not only takes the stress factor down, it also breaks up toxins and moves the lovely lymphatic system. The lymph system is the only freeway in the body that doesn't have it's own pump so it relies on you to move and groove it. Exercise, massage, dry brushing, and/or some sauna time invites the sunshine in as the darkness oozes out.

Time to make more time. Time to spend less on crap and invest more in my future- aka my longevity. Where are you neglecting yourself? What tip or reflection rests in your cup? Share and uplift another canSer cowgirl today.

Isn't life just Buddhaful?


GooChick said...

Imagine my joy this morning when I popped my eyes open before 6:00 am, turned the TV on and saw my favorite cowgirl looking back at me! I have no idea how you do it, girl! I held my breath waiting for the interviewer to ask the dumb questions, but, happily, the interview was conducted with poise and dignity.

I can 't wait to see you tonight at the book signing!


cancer cowgirl xo said...

Thanks Paige! At that hour I thought I'd be the one making the dumb comments! See you tonight love.

hollymat said...

I would love,LOVE to see you on the book tour. Any secret upcoming Toronto area dates?

bav said...

Kris, my friend and I just bought tickets for your gig at the NY Open Center in October. We are travelling from Maine to come see you, and we are psyched!! We are hopefully going to see the Dalai Lama the next night at Radio City Music Hall. We figure between the original Cancer Cowgirl and the Dalai Lama, that's a fierce weekend of healin'!! Any suggestions of where to stay that is near the Open Center? The girl on the phone couldn't tell me anyplace nearby. Can't wait to meet you!

Rock on! Dance on! Live on!

dp said...

*tosses her penny wish*

Touch has been a wonderful part of our healing!

I'll be sharing your massage message with our massage therapist tomorrow morning.

One of the local doctors has been asserting that it's the massage that metastasized some of these aberrant cells, and while I know she doesn't believe it... *sighs*

In the meantime, I'll get on your mailing list via the website and will post info related to our blog, etc. there. Thanks for all you're doing!

Best to you for the rest of your book tour ...break a lead??

*tosses a second penny for a happy and harmonious Monday*


cancer cowgirl xo said...

dp- that's a load of cap if ever I heard one. If you need me to validate with good sources let me know.

Bav- What a trip!!!!!! Yahoo!!!!!!! I just emailed my publicist. They know all the spots, let's see if I can help find a place for you.


PS. Hollymat- Toronto in the new year love.

bav said...

Thanks, Kris!! I didn't expect that! Being a city girl at one time, I thought you just might know off the top of your head what was in the area. You have tons on your plate, the last thing I expect is for you to figure out my travel acommodations, girlfriend! I will take whatever tips your publicist has to offer, but no worries, I will figure it out.

Hugs and thanks!!!

cancer cowgirl xo said...


Oh stop it, it's the mother in me. Ok, this just in, try the Four Points at the Sheraton Chelsea- 160 west 25th street. It's not uber close but NYC is small. Also, you have to go to my favorite restaurant Pure Food & Wine. Call them too, I swear the last time I was there they told me there was a tiny- yet lovely hotel above them? Memory is foggy. More like a B& B perhaps. :)

bav said...

Thanks, Kris!! I will look into all the above. If you have fave "must-see" spots (non-touristy) or shopping (hellooo, retail therapy), we will aimlessly be wandering the city on Saturday, and could use some direction. I can't tell you how stoked I am for this trip. It feels sooo good to put something fun on my calendar, in advance, that is not a doctor's appointment or a scan or a test of some kind, that I can actually look forward to. That alone, is a huge gift, so thanks. This will be a maiden voyage post-treatment, so look out, NYC, I will be in rare form, I'm sure!

Again, thanks for the help, Kris, greatly appreciated!


Luchie said...

Dear Kris,

My sister attended your book tour in California. You have enlightened her life and ours.

My sincerest thanks.


Alissa said...

Hang in there, Kris. I'm sending some energy healing your way. The work you are doing is such an inspiration to all of us cancer cowgirls & boys out here. I've been in touch with other colon/rectal survivors from your blog. You have no idea the impact you are making across the nation! Thanks for sharing your amazing energy & spirit with us!

Alissa Murphy

Dr Em said...

Dear Kris-

I attended your book signing tonight at the fabulous Har Mar mall with my cousin, Nora. She was rockin a mad head scarf. It was awesome to hear you speak and read from your book. Thank you!!

cancer cowgirl xo said...


Crap, I deleted your post by accident girl. Sorry! So yes, it is for real. I will be taping the Montel show on Thursday and they are looking for kick as gals who love the crazy sexy revolution. I immediately thought of you. If you are interested email back if not, NO WORRIES at all love.
Ps. How are ya sweetie?

Tee said...

I have been recently diagnosed with breast cancer and started chemo 2 weeks ago, it has spread to my axilla lymph nodes as well. My friend sent me your blog....I've spent the past 2 hours reading all of your positive, uplifting, inspirational, motivating comments here and I just had to say 'THANK-YOU' for being our voice, for being so darn positive and making me smile:) There is no doubt that I will beat this! I have 3 little inspirations at home that keep me motivated (ages 8, 7 and 2)...Any chance you will be in Minnesota? Sending positive vibes your way...


Brian Dowd. said...

Love the blog! You are doing a great service by speaking out and at the same time educating people. Keep up the great work!


Brian Dowd

Jessie said...

Kris!!! You're amazing. I want to be a part of that so badly! I emailed back right away last night and left a phone message this morning. Still haven't heard back....I'm a little nervous I waited to long, but I just wanted to hear from you to make sure it was legit before I gave my phone number, etc. I'm sitting here waiting who are we kidding, you met me, I'm freaking out waiting!!! Haha.
(Thank you for thinking of're are a true inspiration)
(p.s. I'm doing good. Slamming to get finals done today! Work is crazy of course. But I'm sure you know...! I love reading to see how your tour is going, and it sounds like you continue to touch lives everywhere.)
Hope to see you Thursday!!

Erin Weed said...

Kris...I saw you speak in Denver, and have bought 3 copies of your book for my friends/fam who are SURVIVOR BABES! I love all the info in your book about healthy eating. I empathize with trying to eat well on the road...I'm a road warrior right now (on my Fall Girls Fight Back Tour at the moment - read more at and it's a challenge.

I'd love to have you come on my radio show called "Women on Top." It premieres every Sunday starting Nov. 4th. It's a one hour talk show on AM 760 in Denver about bad-ass women who are changing the world. Can we hook up a way for your publicity peeps to talk to my procuder?

Check out my blog below to see the pic you and I took together at the signing:

Keep on livin' the dharma,
-erin weed

Kate said...

Kris, thanks for your inspiring talk at Elephant Pharm in Berkeley...and for taking a pic with me. You can see it here: (then click journal and check out Sept 15).

Many blessings...


Jessie said...

Hey gorgeous lady. Lil update, currently waiting to see if it is in their cost to fly me out. Keepin my fingers crossed!

Leah said...


I was at the MN (Har Mar) signing and have to tell you that you are even more beautiful in person! The minute I saw you, I got all choked up. You have a glorious, radiant, sparkly aura.
I was at a loss for words when you signed my book (all of a sudden my mind went blank), but I did enjoy the warm hug.

Keep on spreading the love,


playwritergirl said...

hey girl -- kudos to you for all your hard work in getting healthy and producing this film and book! i'm a BC survivor, halfway thru rads right now. i live in houston, and will try to make it to one of the austin events.

Tee said...

I can't believe I just found out about your tour last night and missed you while you were visiting right here in MN! I'll keep watching to see if you make it back to the midwest! Your spirit is contagious and an inspiration to others with cancer! Good luck with the rest of your tour!

gshoemate said...

Got an email last night from the Montel in town so I had to pass on it. Bummer, I bet it would of been a blast.

You should swing by Orlando on your book tour:) I'll take you to meet Mickey Mouse:)

Jessie said...

Kris- so it looks like its not in the budget, which is a total bummer. I've never seen NY and to see it under these conditions, spreading and promoting the CSC revolution would have been an amazing experience. BBUUTT the fact that you even thought of me to join you, honestly, means more. I really love this whole revolution you are creating and I love telling people about it. I really want to be as much a part of this as possible, you are too cool a chick! Please keep me updated if you'll be in Chicago, or anywhere else I can fly too! LoL.
tons of love
P.S. you can bet I'll be keepin in touch with ya on here! You're the first in my own cancer posse....haha. (Well, maybe #2, My oncologist is my homeboy afterall) hahaha ;)

Minn_man said...

You have amazing energy which others are drawing from. I saw you at your Minneapolis book signing and wanted to ask a question but felt like it could be a more personal answer than you wanted to speak to in front of the group. So I will put it into the universe here for you to see. Have you been able to ask yourself "what's next?" In other words, what is your story after cancer? I am a two time survivor who is currently 6 years from my first diagnosis and 4 years from my second. I find that it is time to move on and I am wondering if you can imagine that day or feel that day???

Dani said...

Glad to hear you are working on a DVD. I have sent the link to your website to all my friends in Brazil and they absolutely loved the CSC trailer but couldn't watch the show there... :(
Please let us know when you'll be on Montel.
Keep up the good work,

generosa717 said...

jean said...
i was so happy and so inspired when i met you last saturday at the elephant pharm berkely calif. reading you're book gave me a lot of hope and motivation, when i felt you're warm hug i feel like all my worries are gone. but one thing though, i'm not a veggies person, but i know it's not gonna be hard, i'll do it because it's healthy.
thank you very much that you enlightened my mind. i'll pray for you and for you're journey.
can you please keep me posted when your documentary film will be available. i'd love to get a copy. i feel so bad when i missed the film on tlc.

thank you again, GOD BLESS YOU!!


Auntie "a.k.a. Net Neutral" said...

Hey Chickee! Simply delighted you bopped through Denver for me see, hear and sense. Looking forward to your return so I may bring my buds! Journaling, written expression of me, does wonders for my healing/sanity. I suspect among other things it just gets me to sit still and potentially hold one thought at a time. :-) Have you tried Proprioceptive writing? Very cool in my book as it helps bring it all together. Told my peeps about you from my blog
Thanks Lady, you are amazing!
Bright Moments,
Umoja Joy

Minn_man said...

I was at your book signing in Minneapolis the other night and wanted to ask you a question. I decided not to because I didn't want to put you on the spot.

As some background, I am a 2 time cancer survivor. First time diagnosis 6 years ago - remission - relapse 4 years ago. I have been to some of the places that your soul has visited and your energy is fantastic!!!

My question. Have you considered "whats next?" Is the meaning of your life now "cancer" or do you think it is much bigger? Is cancer a chapter in a book or is it the book?

Barbara said...

Hi! I hadn't looked at the blog recently, but just popped in to see news of the book tour. Way to go, Kris! I bought your book a couple of weeks ago (they hadn't even taken it out of the storeroom yet--what's with that?), and I LOVE IT! My fave canSer book so far. I'm "old" (if 40 is the new 20, then I'm only 35!), but I'm a canSer cowgirl too. Wish you were coming to Charlotte...

Anonymous said...


I watched your show and, until now, haven't had a chance to respond. Four years ago my first love and best friend died of kidney cancer after fighting for a year. Although it was hard to watch your journey because it felt like my wounds had just been re-opened and had ten tons of salt poured on them, it was also rejuvenating. I had almost forgotten what he (Clay) had taught me and why I am such a strong woman today. It was great that you were able to show the world that there can be a positive side to this. I am a firm believer in jumping right back up after a fall!

I am kind of sad you won't be coming to Atlanta for your book tour, but I am such a strong supporter of yours! I hope that people like you (and me) can be the people who can prevent even one person from having to go through what you and Clay had to endure... and honestly what I had to endure as well. God/Buddha/Dali Lama Bless you ;)

Becky said...

I have also been the victim of stupid comments that take my breath away. You want to knock on their heads and say, "Hello, anyone in there?" I HATE it when someone tells me a sad story about someone they know who is not doing well and yes, they then say, "So how are YOU doing." Inevidably, I go home and cry! Crap. This is the first time I have read your blog. I love it and will read it all the time. When I see or hear of someone like you, I think that I can kick some ass too.

bav said...

Ok, Cowgirls, I need some girlpower. I saw my docs yesterday, 6 month follow-up, where I was everso bluntly told, "well, you have brain damage." Turns out the surgery to take out my tumor, (in my heart) choked off some O2 to my noggin'. I've been having trouble with my memory, finding words etc. He excitedly told me the chemo brain would get better in 3 years, but the brain injury, "well....not so much." He then added I won't be able to go back to my job, I just need to find a career with set hours, where I can take a daily nap, no stress, "gentle on the brain." All I could think as I sat there was, "are you for real?" His suggestion, "we can try some drugs that may help you function better, but it's all empiric." Translated - guesswork. I HATE taking any meds, especially if there is no proven benefit. He didn't seem to be fazed by the fact that he had just blown my life to pieces. Everyone is so excited the canser is stable. Then why do I feel like it is still running my life?? Stupid me, I went to the appointment by myself, so that was a long 2 hour drive home. UGH!! Frustrating! Perspective, please, girls!


mortuavida said...

Hey there! As a current student of Massage Therapy, I now feel all super-special about the field I've availed myself to :). Also this post reminded me how long it's been since I've gone in to be the client and get some healing lymph-flowing, energy-balancing work done on me...I forgot, Student Massage Practitioners need touch too!

*tosses a penny and hopes you'll be hitting Seattle on your tour*

lifeisagrandslam said...

minn_man, I love your question! I personally think that cancer is neither the chapter or the book - instead, it's a completely different book altogether! At least, in the case of chronic cancer like mine, Kris's, and so many others these days. My life is completely different than it was when I was dx 6.5 years ago, and I'm sure some of the things that have happened would NOT have happened w/o cancer. A big turning point for me was that cancer gave me the courage to leave a bad marriage (I got married at 21, dx at 24, and ended up divorced at 26). I was trying my best to stick it out with my (ex)husband, but cancer made me realize I had fought to hard for my life to spend it being unhappy!

Now I'm 30 and happily married to my soul mate. I didn't even used to believe in soul mates!

Karson said...

To Bav, amazing cowgirl! I am really sorry to hear what happened to you at the doctor's office. Ugh! Why is it that doctors who spend their lives helping people with canSer can be so insensitive?! I don't think I have any new perspective for you except that even though I don't know you, I know you can rise above these comments and continue to enjoy life, work at what you want to do, etc. I mean, you are a canSer cowgirl afterall! You rock! Hang in there, girl!

Kris - thank you for allowing us this forum to reach out to each other as well! You continue to change lives for the better.

Hope your "tip cup" is full,
Knoxville, TN

Minn_man said...

Hey grandslam - I am glad you picked up on the comment. You are right where I am! The only difference is that I was married for 16 years and my marriage WAS my cancer. She is now out of my life and so is my cancer. So now it is time for "what's next?". I believe that someone can only truly call themselves a cancer survivor when cancer is "just a chapter not the book." Until you reach that stage, cancer has taken your life. It is time to take it back!!!! And time to write the rest of the story.....

Ryan said...

Back in December of 2006 I was diagnosed with stage III Hodgkin's Lymphoma. I took time off from my job while I was getting slammed with ABVD chemo. During that time, I looked around for some rude and crude cancer humor shirts and just could not find any I liked.

I decided to start my own online t-shirt shop.

You don't have to buy, but please spread the word.


My cancer blog

cancer cowgirl xo said...


Here's the sitch. You don't seem like you have brain damage to me girrrrrl. You are funny, a great writer, and your thoughts and comments are wicked clear and wonderful. Believe what you choose to believe. Think of all the people who were told they would never walk again, blah blah yadda yadda. In many cases, the difference between someone who rises or who sinks is passion and focus.

This is time to care for yourself and let your body heal. You can increase your memory so many ways - supplements, good oils like flax, you can sharpen your mind and open your heart with meditation, you can fall in love with creativity and direct your focus away from sick. Basically Bav, you can do ANYTHING. If I had a nickle for everytime I was told I won't make it (croak), that I will never see a canser show on network TV, my book won't sell etc , I'd be a rich girl who didn't have to work her ass off touring the country and smashing stigmas. I'm tired and pissed and inspired and full of get-out-of-my-way. I actually don't give a Sh$t anymore.

Don't ya'll think that doctor's could really benefit from a workshop called Canser For a Day- they'd think twice before they devaste lives with their tongues.

Now let's take a moment and high five that your canser is stable! We need to celebrate that! Should you destress, take naps etc? Heck yeah, we all should. Do you love your job enough to stay? If so, maybe there is a way to work and still care for you. It's called striking a balance and you don't need "brain damage" to know that we ALL should be determined to live in harmony. If you don't like your job maybe this is the time to think creatively about what you could do that would make you happy and give you more time. There are always options.

Exhale all that fear and diagnosis crap hon. Take the weekend and do good quality stuff for yourself. If you're damaged then so am I. No way love. We're top shelf supernovas. End of story.


PS. I want to respond to all of you- will in a bit. Off to tape the Montel Williams show.

RYAN- love your t-shirts. I will spread the word.

I think I need to blog about the next chapter....

Christina said...

Kris, are you coming to central PA at all for your book tour? I simply COULD NOT put it down and would love to meet you! And you're right -- we are all "top shelf supernovas!" Keep rockin' right on!

bav said...

Thanks, Kris and Karson!! You are both right. At the time, it felt like another bomb going off right in the middle of my life. I am working sooo hard at rebuilding my life post-treatment, it did not feel good to have him rip that out from under me. I have been "digesting" it all the last day or so. Thank you so much for your words of encouragement. It helped me to recover that cowgirl sass and decide to take some of what he said to me, and let it pass the way of most digested material....down the pooper!! :) Doesn't sort everything out, but reminds me I still have the power to make my own decisions. Which for me, makes all the difference.

So thank you for the support, it is much appreciated!!


Charleen said...

WOW, I had no idea there were so many canser cowgirls and cowboys out there in the world. It's quite amazing all the strength and spirit out there. There's definitely a revolution taking place in the world right now. Canser cowgirls and cowboys, you've given me the serious kick in the ass I needed tonight. EHE won't win this fight!

seagarden said...

Dear Kris, I have never felt so compelled to post a comment on someone's blog as I do now. My compulsory need to offer some small words of encouragemnet has surpassed the Henny Penny in me that warns me of viruses and stalkers (like the freak who rudely keeps soliciting your blog)(I don't mean to be unkind, and I'm sure they believe what they are doing is for the good of bla bla-but seriously cut the shitaki).
You are the real thing chica-a supernova, and a real kick in the ass, however a mere mortal you are don't doubt this. I want you to know that I'm signing on to your revolution in brightly colored crayon. I know that you're tired and pissed but don't give back down cowgirl. You are magical, and inspired, and you have people you don't even know about cheering you on girl.
In the middle of the night I came across a creative and inspired blog by an artist in San Francisco. So I read the whole thing from the beginning to the present (superherodesigns) and she had a link to your website. I watched the trailer and I said to myself "Fu*@in-A. There she is, a guru for the masses-and a long time coming..How can I get to watch this documentary?" (my favorite kind of flick- hands down)..
I tried to be your Paul Revere and tell everyone that would listen, and then finally our local paper featured your story. And alas! you are coming near my home town to your roots-who knew!
Well, I am the dorkiest kind of dork, so I had to talk myself down from bringing you organic food from our local Fort Hill Farm (New Milford), and take you to our awesome yoga teacher Lara, and make you a sequined unicorn shirt. How the hell do you properly inspire someone??
Please, please know that you are loved and supported in your message and your good health. And although human beings are not impervious to ridiculous words from eachother-I think that your sparkling intelligence can deflect them. I will pray for that for you.
Rock on sister, Seagarden
p.s. That manners book needs you to write it when you're ready. It will be a sellout.
p.p.s Have you discovered Veganism with a Vengeance-my favorite cookbook-you probably know of it (good blog too)

danahollis said...

Hi Kris,

Just came across this study thanks to a fellow survivor. Thought it was an interesting read!

I truly believe that a cure will be found... I'm hoping and praying for one every single day!


(p.s. I LOVE your book and Docu... so AWESOME!)

Brian Dowd said...


I watched your Crazy Sexy Cancer-trailer on youtube and I must say you are one hell of an inspiration to all cancer survivors... WOW! Very powerful stuff! I love your "NOTHING IS GOING TO STOP ME" attitude. Through it all you keep a big smile on your face :-) Your blog is great!

I do a lot of fundraising and work for the Lance Armstrong Foundation. Next year, we might be having another LIVESTRONG Summit and I am certainly going to ask them to seek you out to be a guest speaker. We need more people like you.


Brian Dowd
Testicular Cancer Survivor
Web Site:

Julio said...

Hi Kris -
I’d like to contact you about a new initiative that I am launching called the Cancer Support Project as part of Experience Project – it is a hub for emotional support for cancer patients, survivors, and loved ones. Please drop me a line at Julio at ExperienceProject dot com so that I can tell you more about it and how we can spread the word.

bethesdagal said...

Hey Kris,
I saw you at one of your first book tour dates, in Washington, DC. I was just re-reading your book and a question occurred to me: What did your oncologist say about your alternative treatments, including dietary changes that you either tried or adopted ?? Was he supportive or dismissive ? Also, in all your alternative searching, did you come across the flax seed oil and cottage cheese combo which was introduced years ago by a German PhD named Johanna Budwig ? And how did you decide which alternative methods had more validity than others ? Was it just an intuition thing ?
Thanks for sharing your abundant spirit in this very spirit-crushing experience. (I am not the patient; I am the care-giver of my 82 y.o. mother and unfortunately am having to try to convince her to fight to beat this at her age. Not so easy to do - for either of us.)

Susie said...


Great to see you on the Montel Show on Thursday. It was a blessing to meet you and to be a cowgirl. I wish you great luck in the future. In 10 years we can go back on Montel and show how great we are doing. You also have a wonderful husband! You are both too sweet.

Susie Riner

E said...

Hi there. I checked out your website and blog and I would really like to see your documentary. Any word on when it will air againg or will it be available on video?
Great site. Wonderful information.

luvmy3cuties said...

Hi Kris:
Saw you during the Montel taping. GREAT stuff. Ironic, since I didn't know you were going to be a guest on his show until you were announced... and that you'll be in Madison, CT this Friday, which I was planning on attending. Anyway, read your book. Loved it, and so did my mom. She's called me a dozen times reinforcing the fact that I need to imprive my diet, increase my veggie intake, as well as start exercising again. I'm a two-time breast cancer survivor. I was in my 30's... First diagnosis was 12/04, second in 11/05. Hugs, Rose

Anonymous said...

thank you, thank you, thank you!
your blog is a wonderful inspiration.