Friday, December 28, 2007

Happy New Year!

Ok, so I know it's a little early but this crazy sexy cancer cowgirl is headed to Costa Rica for her honeymoon. YUP. A year and a half late, but hey, I've been busy!

Talk amongst yourselves loves. I adore you and I can't wait to reconnect in 2008! I'll be back Jan 14th, will try to send ya a pix from the jungle.

May we all receive buckets of love, wealth, health, and happiness in the New Year. You mean the world to me....

Peace, veggies and big love!


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Cindy said...

Have a great trip! Enjoy and soak up the sun, nature and just be joyful!

Are you bringing along your juicer?? (just had to ask...)

Peace and love,

joyfuljude said... wonderful! Your honeymoon! FINALLY! Have a sweet, precious, memorable time.

I've had you on my mind as I just re-read your book while waiting on your next one :-)

Happy New Year to you too, and to all the canser posse.

Kris, you sure made our 2007 a lot brighter and I look forward to ringing in the new year with all of you.

May we all be blessed with peace, health, happiness, joy, lots of green juice, and oh yes, a NEW BOOK!

Hugs to all of you!

Sandy M said...

Enjoy your trip and don't forget the juicer. I just got mine for Christmas from my hubby and have been using everyday for the green stuff! I have re-read your book-that makes it twice in a weeek. Can't wait for the next one. Happy New Years-you have given me a new look on the canser stuff. Peace and love to you-you're awesome!


nadia said...

have a wonderful time, relax, surf, sun and sand aaahhh! have fun!

InnerToughGirl said...

Hi Kris!
Few things. . . when I was recently diagnosed with breast canser I was having a hard time finding an appropriate book that matched my personality- until I found your book in the library. I came home and was telling my husband this was the 'coolest canser book ever!" The very next day it showed up on my doorstep from across the country from my mother in law who thought I would identify with the canser babes! How's that for Law of Attraction?

Anyway, just wanted to let you know how you inspried me to write my own blog and also am working on starting a non profit foundation called Strong Body, Strong Mind. It's an exercise program based in Pilates for women with canser.

Last but not least, I thought of you when I was recently on Whistler Mountain in B.C. Canada- I wanted to go snowboarding but my body wouldn't co-operate. For some reason I thought you would like it there.

Hope you are having an awesome time in Costa Rica surrounded by all the beauty.

In Gratitude,
Angella H.
Get Your 'Tough Girl' on - canser is tough - find your inner strength.

Basic Me said...

Enjoy and many blessing on the honeymoon. Better late.. everything gets better with a little anticipation.. as they say. Hugs. And thanks for hanging out and making our year so great. tell Brian to enjoy having you all to himself for a change!!! We love ya.. Best wishes for the good stuff and tons of it in 2008!!!

Happy Honeymoon and Happy New Year!!

Callie and Duncan and Saatchi and the husky pack!

apoopslingingmonkey said...

Ohhhh!!! I'm so happy for you!!! :)

Anne said...

Happy New Year, everyone! Kris, enjoy your husband! Sandra, as I watch a friend struggle with her father's slow death right now, I've been thinking of you. My own dad, now 76, was just here (with Mom) for the holidays and I was especially grateful to see him as energetic and busy (and--dare I say with an affectionate smile--annoying) as always.

So it's Dec. 29 and I'm back on the Crazy Sexy plan as of two days ago. Going in Monday to see my doc about a small, mobile lump I've had under my left arm. It's very small, and it's been there for six years (at least). I had it assessed then and nobody was worried about it. It hasn't changed, except to become slightly more palpable because I'm thinner now than I used to be, but I feel compelled to have it checked again. Part of the Crazy Sexy tuneup, I guess.

So, to my knowledge, I do not have cancer. But I am so drawn to the Crazy Sexy lifestyle--the energy and love and positivity. I picked up a copy of Natalia Rose's Life Force Energy at the library and embarked on her 21-day plan to get myself back after the holidays. I never stopped juicing during the holidays, but I fell way off on the live and raw foods, and sank into a bit of emotional negativity what with the stress and busy-ness and the challenges of traveling and hosting houseguests.

I've been on a decluttering/detox binge the last couple days, both in my body and in my environment. It feels great!

I hope everyone is well and happy!

Grendle said...

I could use some feedback. In Nov 06 I had a bilateral mastectomy for a stage 3 canser. Did all the chemo and radiation, still getting herceptin every 3 weeks. I've been 60-80% raw for the last 3-4 months and have lost about 30 pounds. Feel great-the best I have in many years. The problem is a sore breast bone that might be bone cancer. Whatever discipline I had seems to have gone out the window...back to eating comfort foods. Writing it out has helped! Wow. But I am wondering if it's all worth it? Help! Thanks.

Laura said...

Kris, have a wonderful time in Costa Rica. I spent my honeymoon there as well. It was the most amazing 2 weeks of my life. Enjoy it!

A happy and healthy new year to everyone. May 2008 bring all things crazy, sexy and wonderful!

Laura said...

Hi Grendle
I have also had bi-lateral mastecomy surgery as well. I have not been able to reconstruct yet and only recently finished herceptin (about 3 weeks ago.) I also had chemo and radiation. I went 70-80% raw starting the end of the summer. I am on a lot of meds and ovary suppression, which made me feel like crap and gain weight. Since transitioning I have lost about5-6 of the 10 pounds that I have gained. Not enough but I am working on it. The way I eat and exercise I should be a rail, but not quite. I am convinced the meds are making it a slow process, but more importantly I feel really good. I notice such a difference from food choices to juicing greens everyday and having wheatgrass shots. Stick with it girl! I wish I had all of this during treatments. I am sure it would have made a difference. It is worth it, everything you can do is worth it. Piss off the canSer with health, don't let it survive!
Since my mastecomy surgery I also have bone pain in the breast area. I have had it checked and checked and have been reassured it is residual pain from the surgery. Good luck, be positive, be strong and be green! I am a year and a half since my diagnosis and done with treatments so please let me know how I can help.

EcoDea said...

Hi! I just found your site on a raw food blog and watched the trailer of your film - it is so inspiring! I hope it gets down here to Brazil so I can recommend it to my non-English speaking friends.

My father died of cancer two days before my 14th bday and, like you, he never let the it take over his life and lived it fully 'til the end. I, however, developed binge-eating disorder as a result of all the pressure and from not having allowed myself to mourn. Now, almost 15 years later, I am finally starting to heal myself with raw food.

Anyway, I just wanted to thank your for sharing your story and congratulate you on all of your strength!

And enjoy your honeymoon! :)


ben said...

hi kris, congrats on your honeymoon, and thank you for all you've done and will be doing for the sake of cancer. my wife angel is stoked that you ran across her blog last week! enjoy c.r., that's where we spent our honeymoon too. it's amazing. try and make it down to puerto viejo talamanca, it's a little slice of heaven and a little known secret.
may 2008 bring you more health and words, as i wish the same for everyone here!


Anna said...

Better late than never :)

Have a great time and Happy New Year!


Jessie said...

Happy Honeymoon Kris! And Happy New Year! Thanks for all you've done in 2007 and to all you will do in 2008. Lots of love.

And to all your canSer cowgirls, Happy New Year.


Basic Me said...

grendle darlin' ok.. breathe, relax, go get checked. it is probley just residal pain from the surgery. but it is ok. we are here for you and remember you are an ass kicking canser cowgirl and you can kick bone canser to it you have too.. it is still and if so live in today... bone cancer is treatable and you are on canser treating drugs right now.. now get you fighting hat on and get you cut little booty back on the diet. dont give it a chance in hell.;) If you need to talk we are all here. we have all been scared and checked and rechecked. I had bone cancer and my long bones in arms and legs hurt at times and i get terrified everytime. then sick and scared during the scans it has come back once and once as cervical but I am canser free now and you didn;t beat it once to have it comeback so it will be fine. I hope some of this helps I am writing on the run. slopy and spelling awful but sending you tons of love and healing prayers .. My email is if you need to chat. hugs in cyberspace and love callie

Grendle said...


Thanks for your reply! It's always nice to relate a similar situation. I've decided not to reconstruct but would like to get this port out of my chest and the dog ears removed from under my arms! My surgery area has been pretty sensitive, so hopefully that's my problem, too. Your words helped my through yesterday, thanks for taking the time.

I'm excited for an upcoming raw food meet up, it's a class and pot luck. I'm hoping to meet others interested in this lifestyle and get some new food ideas. I found it on

Here's to everyone having a fabulous 2008!!

debbiedoesraw said...

Hi guys and gals,
Hope Kris and hubby have a magical trip to the jungle!
I have been raw for over 2 months now..but last night at the last of the Holiday Party gauntlet I have run three weeks in a row, I eat an innocent baked potato with a bit of butter. Seems easy right? there were no raw foods ,lots of sugar good and chilli:(. Well folks, My tummy did not agree and I got very sick, just could not digest that spud!
I am feeling better but it was a rough night.
The puzzling part is that I have had tiny amounts of cooked foods on Thanksgiving and xmas with no ill results.
Any one have a similar experience?

Becky said...

debbiedoesraw: I'd say you just had a bad potato, frankly! Or maybe something else was going on completely unrelated to what you are going through, etc.

I have been re-reading Love and Miracles by Bernie Siegle by the way if anyone needs a little more positivity in addition to Kris's kick ass wonderfulness.

I had a great CT scan, and maybe something scarey on my PET though. the PET read by a different radiologist without my doc present (long story, but i'll never get scanned somewhere else again. it's a pain) after reading that book i felt better. they don't know what is next for me. Don't want to "hurt" me with the chemo, but they really aren't! Do you think Docs get too afraid? I want to make the right decision and not go backward because they think I can't handle the therapy.

Anyway, rough day the other day, but feel better! Happy new year everyone!

Becky said...
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Becky said...

Also, Debbiedoesraw, my understanding is if a potato has any green parts, they are not good and may very well leave you with a belly ache.

debbiedoesraw said...

Hi Becky
I think the potato was part of it.. I also think I probably need some digestive enzymes if I eat any thing cooked. Raw is never a problem.
Thanks for your ideas!
Feeling better

designbytatiana said...
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designbytatiana said...

Kris, your book helped to save my emotional soul after being diagnosed with breast cancer. You are not only a kick-ass cancer cowgirl, you're an angel! I am set to start chemo in 10 days(I've already lost certain body parts that are now under construction) and don't relish the hair loss, but your book has taken the fear out of these changes. Thank you and may your new year be blessed with everything you deserve!

Annalin said...

Hi Becky-

I don't think they get afraid, rather they want to attack at the right times and make the first bomb drop the hardest..if that makes any sense. I am similar in that chemo isn't something I'm looking at right this minute..Chemo only attacks cells that are actively growing. If the cancer is not progressing, or progressing very slowly, in some cases Dr.'s will hold off on the chemo bc it will not do the patient enough justice and that present time. The way my Dr.'s put it-why weaken me now..and have it not attack the cancer as vigorously as they would like. Instead we wait until the C makes the next move and starts thinking it wants to grow or spread...then bam we wack it. It's a way of keeping more options open and biding time.

Jessie said...

Kris...look at this beautiful world you have created. I don't post much since a couple months ago but I read all the time. I just turned 22 and was diagnosed with CML almost 3 years ago. Thank you all for your beautiful words to each other. What a sexy posse.
The lil silent one

clint said...

Hey Kris,

Wanted to wish you, and everyone else on here all the Best of Health and Happiness in 2008.

I hope to be reading many recovery stories here in the next year from all the female Warriors (and guys too).

Hugz on Steroids to you all,



christina said...

Dear Kris,

I hope you are enjoying your honeymoon. Time well deserved for you and your husband. I am a mother of two stepchildren, Jacob 12, Sydney 9 and my daughter Lauren 2 1/2. I was diagnosed with rectal cancer 1 1/2 years ago. I had chemo, radiation, surgery, more chemo, more surgery and now more chemo. I saw your documentary a few months ago and was so happy to finally feel some sort of connection with people my own age. I have no friends or aquaintences who can relate. I just bought your book over Christmas and want to say "thank you". For the first time I did not feel alone and felt like you and the people in the book "got it" and were experiencing the same things I was. I can not wait until your next book comes out. I know you are a very busy person but if you find the time to write me back I would love to hear from you. Again, thank you for what you are doing for us "thirty something cancer patients". I would love to start a support group in my area but not sure where to start. Thank you for taking the time to read my email. Maybe I will hear from you.


Christina Walker
St. Louis, MO

keepstrong said...


Have a great Honeymoon.

I am currently reading your book and went to this site for the first time today. I created my blog today as well, but have not completed my profile yet. You our such an inspiration to me. I saw your movie in October and my Mother In Law gave me your book for christmas.

I was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma - Lymphoplasmatic in July of 2007 and am currently receiving Chomo Treatments.

I am looking for anyone that has the same cancer as me to become my pen pal.

May all of you be blessed with Faith, love, hope and peace.

Kinda Bush
Gillette, WY

holisticgal said...

Hi Sandra J!

If you are reading here, I posted to you on your last question yesterday. Sending good vibrations,


clint said...

Hi Kris, (and the Canser Posse)

I came across some info a while back that, well, keeps coming back to me.... and felt that every one here that read it would benefit from it.

It's about iodine.

There is a growing epidemic here in America showing that almost ALL Americans are deficient in iodine, and that when women don't have enough of this precious Trace Element, they are very prone to Breast cancer. (as well many other problems)

Here is the full article if you'd like to read further:

all the best,


cancer cowgirl xo said...

Happy January 08 all! Snuck into a little internet cafe in the middle of nowhere jungleville to give ya'll an eletric hug. How amazing that we have a whole new year together! Fun, exciting and full of adventure. Take care, re-group, set intentions and resolutions. This time next year we'll all share. See what we achieved and where we need to re-commit. Can you tell I've been writing mine?! LOL!

OK, back to the jungle..

debbiedoesraw said...

Happy New Year everyone!
Please visit my blog for some new years inspiration, I finally figured out that looking for signs of illness is the worst thing I can do for my self, I am now looking for signs of health!

Basic Me said...

Kris.. get you happy honeymooning hiney back in the jungle and no worky until the 14th you deserve the break.. I am getting bossy in my old age.. but chop and move honey bun. haha.. naw just enjoy and writing mine while we speak the power of intent in working an my world is getting bigger and more blessed as we speak hope and praying and moving mountains with effortless ease of prayer for all you lovelies and cowboys.. Hugs and Happy 2008! callie

Becky said...

Thank you, annalin. It's a tightrope that is for sure. I am a mix of "go for it" and OK, let's see what happens. I think the next month will tell me...

Cheryl said...

Hi all,

One thing I am noticing with the advent of the New Year, is the assumption by those near and dear to me that I'm "happy to have this year over with." I certainly understand where they are coming from, but, much to my surprise, I'm not so sure I agree.
Diagnosed in 2/07 with stage IV colon cancer, mets to liver. 2 surgeries. 2 rounds of chemo. Fatigue, grouchiness, frustration, hair loss, general uncertainty. Not to mentioned a 50th birthday!

YET, also: awareness of the wonders around me, appreciation for my adult children, realization that , if I do have a limited time left, there's really not to much in my life I would change. How many people can say that? Toss in a trip to Italy with my mom and sister in between chemo rounds and seeing Sting (who I refer to as my next husband) and the Police at Fenway Park and life seems Damn Good. Dinners with friends are vital. Laughing is imperative. Realization that there really are very very very few things to get crazy about.
Of course, I'd rather not have cancer. I'd rather not have experienced chemotherapy. I'd rather not have met my oncologist (who is kick-ass, makes me laugh, totally gets me). I'd rather not have a railroad yard of scars on my stomach.
But, not have had the year i've had?? Not so sure.

scnewme said...

Hey All,

Wanted to wish some of the most important people (this entire posse) who have become a part of my life a very Happy New Year - the things I've learned from reading everyone's advice, comments and such incredibly positive thoughts, thank you all.

Kris, you go jungle cowgirl - awesome memories I'm sure...can't wait to see what you have to share with us next!!

Callie - your huge heart and kind words always bursting through in your comments - your strength is unbelievably amazing...when will your website be up and running?

Bav - thank you for your advice...I've got Raw Food Detox Diet and its been a major help with some of the questions I've had.

Keepstrong - I was diagnosed last February with a rare, yet different type of NHL, but would love to chat and cheer you on. You can email me -

To have a place to share and learn with peeps that understand and give so much is the best gift of all.

The best is yet to come - looking forward to it all!


tryingtobeme said...

Oooooh stay at la Jardin in Puerta Viejo - you will LOVE it! Gorgeous mosaic tiled pathways, bamboo huts with mosquito nets, hammocks, yoga classes in the am. It's definitely a hostel not a resort but it's the most beautiful place I've ever seen. have fun!

Becky said...

Hi, Cheryl, I like your attitude! Was wondering if you wouldn't mind sharing what and how they are treating your liver, etc. I am in a similar boat and we are at a crossroads for treatment for the liver mets in a few weeks. If you don't mind? and if you would rather email me i am at:

I also live in the Boston area.

I hope you don't mind my prying.

Thank you!!!!

Kris, please send some of that warm air up here! It's typical New England this morning! Have fun!

Glomerulife said...

reposting this - sorry if it a duplicate ! my browser has gone mad

Hi Kris,
Happy new year and hope you had a great trip.

I have contacted you before and introduced myself , I am physician who greatly appreciate your message, voice and courage.I believe integrative medicine is the future and I thank you for sharing your story with the world.Your positive attitude is contagious and wonderful.I do love your blog/book and movie .I am always inspired ( and sometimes educated )reading your blog and the wonderful people who reply to your posts.I want to spread this further.

I am launching an online health magazine and would like your positivity and integrative approach to be shared with people will who view this magazine.It is a bilingual publication and we can discuss the translation details.
I think your voice and courage can make a big difference in other people's life.CanSer patients or otherwise ( I love the idea of irritating it with the wrong spelling/smile).

I would greatly appreciate it if we can discuss this further.As I look forward to your contribution.

please e-mail for further details and other contact information.
looking forward to hear from you
all the best

Basic Me said...

Hello All,
Sherry thanks so much for your kind words.. Al of you have made me stronger and saner.. (IF possible haha) in the last year. I cannot imagine what fear and loneliness would have been like without you all. I have been so intrigued and changed by this site and blog. It made me take a look at me.. and husband cutie pie and try to be as kind to ourselves as we try to be to others.. NOT EASY!!! and whoops he did it again. Bav.. Duncan Eric ate meat on New Year's Day and Yepper 15 minutes this time to a grand mal seizure.. the diet works people he went four months without one and we have both gotten skinny and sexier if possible hahahah.. anyway. I am happy to be back at work. The global initutive website opens TOMORROW... if you can ya'll come on over and visit.. it could help someone you know with money problems and give them a new start.. It will be growing and moving everyday so be a regular.. leave comments .. good bad.. and ugly and sign the guest book.. We will open a store with my paintings and lost of items from artist and teams of very impoverished folks making everything from baskets to prayer beads to quilts to help support thier very poor families.. and we will spotlight folks in need and friends who are inspirations. Anyone want to do an interview.. you are all inspirational.. so visit tomorrow.. 1-4-08 not a minute sooner it is not up yet.. Hugs and Love Callie

ps. if I can help you please write.. love you all and be well, happy and filled with joy in 08.

Cheryl said...

Hi Becky,

Here's my story (I'll try to be brief!) 2 weeks after my diagnosis, I had surgery to remove the cancerous polyp and surrounding lymph nodes from my colon. A few feet of colon was removed and thankfully only a few lymph nodes were infected. Two months later, I started a 12 week chemo treatment for colon cancer (avastin and folfox) with the hope that it would also shrink the 2 small growths on the top of my liver. The growths shrunk significantly, yet surgery was still recommended SO last August I had a liver resection in which 40% of my liver was removed. There was a suspicious looking growth that called for such a large removal. The biopsy showed no cancer. At all. Very cool. The new protocol, according to my oncologist at Dana Farber who specializes in colon cancer that has spread to the liver, is to undergo another round of treatment post-surgery,even though I am technically cancer-free. My last treatment is next week. Woo Hoo! I hope that helps, Becky. What is your status? If you are in the Boston area, where are you going for treatment/consultation?


Becky said...

Hi, Cheryl, thanks! I am Stage IV Cancer of Unknown Primary. Once I detected the mass in my abdomen, it was in my ovaries, outside of my pancreas and 3 tumors in my liver (rather large). They removed the ovary mass and the small one near my pancreas is bearly detectable if there at all. My three tumors on Avastin, Taxol and Carboplatyn (I have had 7 rounds and have one more next week) have shrunk a total of 1.5 cm! yay! the problem is they are still too big for surgery or RFA. The liver specialists at Mass General, Lahey and Dartmouth Hitchcock all agree on this to date. After this next chemo my local doc and an ovarian specialist at Mass General whose name is Dr. Penson (and I like him alot) are trying to decide best course of action: just Avastin, or Maybe Avastin and Taxol...taking away one of the chemos. They don't want me to be over zapped although I am handling the side effects really well (swimming, walking, biking indoors, working, mom, etc etc). They are thrilled the cancer is stable from what it was doing when we discovered it, and they really don't want to rush or make a mistake. SO, that is my story! I am glad to hear that another Stage IV person is doing as well as you are! I do feel very optimistic 90% of the time. Just want this liver thing to get taken care of obviously. I am glad to be in touch. if we ever do the surgery I am definitely going to pick your brain! Who are you dealing with at Dana? I consulted with a gastro guy at first because they thought it might be gastro in origin. Now that they think it might be ovarian I am with Dr. Penson, but that doesn't mean I don't like to get third, fourth and fifth opinions!

Thanks again. I so appreciate your information. It gives me something to shoot for.

Cheryl said...


It's so scary to hear stage IV, isn't it? My husband and I decided not to tell anyone because we didn't want to freak them out. Of course, when I went in for the liver surgery, we did tell them and they freaked out anyway!

I'm glad things are stable for now. I'm with you; 90% of the time I am extremely positive. I do OK with chemo; the immediate week after I am fatigued and grouchy. Then I get back on the treadmill, work out, etc. and things seem normal again.

I am dealing with Jeffrey Meyerhardt at Dana Farber. I had both of my surgeries at Lahey; the liver surgeon was amazing: Roger Jenkins.

Keep in touch. My email is if you want to email me privately.

I'll be thinking of you! We are NW of Boston.


Basic Me said...

ok guys,
i am freaking out.. how do people live with thier dreams coming true. is it real that nothing is ever as good as you wish.. it is true that you never finish with your dreams and how do you sleep drug free hahah after all these days of canser and als and worries. funny you get use to the bad news sometimes.. does that sound strange... the when you get really good news.. you dont know what to do with it. opens tomorrow.. and i am freaking out..spoke today in new orleans and we got the grant to help katrina victims with canser and money troubles.. so we are on our way.. hard to imagine i cannot think about my pain today. had to share that stage iv or stable or cured thier are days in my bone canser filled duncan with also life i just cannot get over life moving forward. strange. love to you all.. sending my prayers to you all.. my life is actually going on.. well shit.. that just blows my mind. hugs peace and veggies.. and may you all have this day. callie

cakassel55 said...

Kris--Have a great honeymoon...or whatever! I saw your film when it first came out (LOVED it..have it saved to my DVR) & then I came upon your book in Borders & got it, though I haven't read it through yet. I'm reading so many books simultaneously right now..but I need to read your book! I need to get inspired..just going through a funk right now I guess. I'm 52, was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma (rare blood cancer) in 10/2005. If I recall correctly, same cancer that Jackie Farry has. It was crazy. I'd jogged 3 miles in 33 minutes & worked with weights the morning I came down with this..then flat on my back that night...emergency room 2 days later. I've been on meds & had a stem cell transplant in April 2006--but no remission. I'm trying to get into juicing- I live alone, get tired, so sometimes too tired to do what's good. Two 'F' words - finance & fatigue - make it hard sometimes, but hanging in there. There's so much to nutrition, etc. I do not understand!!! I live in's cold..I just know the Spring will energize me...I need WARM! :)
I intend to research for a juicer that will juice wheatgrass. I hear my Jack LeLane one won't. Maybe that Breville will? I met a girl who grows her own wheatgrass-it's tastey I think!
I will read your book & look forward to your 2nd one! Woowee! I need to update myself with your blog, (it looks FUN), PLUS keep you in my prayers for healing & success. You are inspiring to me and to countless others! You Go Girl! As a matter of fact, think I'll buy a book & mail it to my sister...she's got a friend just diagnosed with "C" -- some crazy kind! They all are, tho, right? Take care,

Audrey said...

I LOVED your book...just got it as a Christmas present from my husband. I find we're SO alike in the way we look at things...and that makes me VERY proud!!! Lots of your cancer thoughts/way of dealing are things I've said, done, and thought.

I just need to say that you've changed so many people's lives ROCK!!! I hope that someday I get to meet you.

I hope you're having an AWESOME honeymoon...I'm SO JEALOUS...up here in's freezing outside today!

bye for ya!


Sabrina said...

You deserve this honeymoon!! All of your hard work and dedication finally pays off to have this special time with your husband. You are an amazing person and have touched the lives of so many in the world...have a blast "being one with nature" as I like to say.

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I feel that 2008 is going to be an amazing year...full of positive things to look forward to...(including your lovely new book you finished!).

It was a blessing in disguise when I bought and read your book and you have changed my life! I now have an immense passion for new medicine and holistic healing and will be plugging towards my goal of incorporating my psych./nursing degrees within that scope of practice! Thank you for the wonderful gifts you have given me!

Sending my love!! P.S. Tell me how the zip line trails are!! I've always wanted to do that!!

Peace & Love Everyone!!!

Sabrina said...

You deserve this honeymoon!! All of your hard work and dedication finally pays off to have this special time with your husband. You are an amazing person and have touched the lives of so many in the world...have a blast "being one with nature" as I like to say.

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I feel that 2008 is going to be an amazing year...full of positive things to look forward to...(including your lovely new book you finished!).

It was a blessing in disguise when I bought and read your book and you have changed my life! I now have an immense passion for new medicine and holistic healing and will be plugging towards my goal of incorporating my psych./nursing degrees within that scope of practice! Thank you for the wonderful gifts you have given me!

Sending my love!! P.S. Tell me how the zip line trails are!! I've always wanted to do that!!

Peace & Love Everyone!!!

Becky said...

basicme, it sounds like you are having a "live in the moment" moment! I think the thing I try to do when I am doing that is shut up that voice that keeps saying: "But you have cancer. But there's no Stage V. But but but...." Let's turn off that little nay sayer!!!! Good luck with your new mission and everything that goes along with it. I'll say a prayer for you tonight.

Basic Me said...

Hey CSC folks.... I cannot believe i have lived thru this day. Thanks Becky and all you who visited!!! Deb you are the best... I cannot believe... I made it although the accountant may drop dead.. haha that is figurative no literal. is on its way.. I a so thrilled to have sauch good friends here and to have my life back a bit.. thanks.. and I cannot believe I was so scared.. Poopless is the term and kris says 3 poops a day.. I am 3 behind.. hahaha.. love you back to real life. No more grand openings for a while. Love you all sooo much. Callie

Basic Me said...

Hey Csc,
What are you all up to>> Got a letter yesterday I am alittle late but I am so thrilled that we have a friend that has been very worried here about a new bit of canser but guess what... it wasn't isn't that wonderful!!!!I was having a happy dance all around my apartment. I have been think about so many of you lately and have a question. What would be the number one service to offer cnaser cowgirls and cowboys if you had a grant to offer one. I have some Katrina women who are very sick and have not had treatment for a while.. so I am going to get on the stick and get them into care this week. Remember the talk of no one at the mission.. everyone in apartments well I had four calls yesterday and the canser ones got the beds.. so now.. I have to help some how. I cannot do it all but they will have a roof and a meals and no hoome bills but the treatment is hard.. Got to get to the learning hospital and wrangle them into some healthcare that will help them and I can afford.. I cold hardly afford my own.. and Duncans.. I tell you for one day I forgot how tired you get in stress and woke up this morning and it felt like when I was very young and feeling the burn with Jane Fonda was a passion... I put my feet on the floor and ouchy momma got to get some green juice in me asap..I didn't get my wheatgrass yesterday shame on me.. So how is the juicing going for you all and the diet. My diet is helping me live but I am so tired of missing my daily smoothie I am a smoothie king junkie.. any reciepes out there for something similar not tooo much fruit... low sugar.. Bav says no sugar..and I am doing good on that.. Let me know.. Love you all.. Callie

librarymom said...

Happy New Year all!

I so enjoy reading all the postings from you awesome ladies. It's great to be heading into a new year with you!

Last year I was diagnosed with brain cancer (Christmas Day), so last year was one of healing, hope, acceptance, denial, changes, and decisions. While, like Cheryl, I would rather not have cancer and all that puts me and my family through, I certainly have taken a lot of positives from this experience, and plan to build on them in the coming year.

My major self imposed accomplishment last year involved my diet. I bought myself a Champion juicer after I arrived home from brain surgery, and have been using it daily since. I have gone from mostly vegetarian to mostly raw.

Building on that raw food diet theme, I plan a detox in a few weeks. I will do a two week cleanse, and I also hope to be able to find at least one day to be by myself in a quiet place to pursue spiritual matters, meditate, take a long hot bath in the whirlpool tub, and relax!

What are your resolutions or goals for 2008? I hope it is a year of "downsizing" for me. After 5 years in a job that I love, but that cuts way too much into my available time and energy, I have decided to downsize my job and cut my hours in half. With two kids at home, one homeschooled and one in school, and with working two part time jobs, life had become insane! For the first time in a decade I will have both Saturdays and Sundays off of work to spend with my family. I am so excited! I also hope to downsize other responsibilities, and the biggie is our home. We don't need the large, expensive home and yard we have in the suburbs, and I'd love to trade that in for more manageable house, yard, mortgage,and free time to get healthier! Funny what things pop out at us as important once we realize life is finite!

Downsizing has been something I have wanted to do for years, as the stress and "busyness" of life has been a stress for a loooong time. Now is my chance! I certainly have received the "push" that I needed. As I tell everyone, the problem is not that I cannot do it all, it is that I can! So, I must finally self-impose limits and boundaries to protect my health and the sanity of my family.

Look out 2008!

joyfuljude said...


Did anybody see the article on CNN this morning about a guy in Florida that is working a cure for cancer using radio parts and pots and pans? It actually sounds like he's hit on something. Here is the link:

He retired to Florida, was diagnosed with leukemia, had worked with radio parts his whole life, decided to hook up radio parts to pots and pans (yeah, I know) and somehow the heat he gets from all this detects the cancer and does zaps it. He took the idea to his oncologist who took it to a cancer surgeon that says it actually works. Course, you know, 3 years before they try it on people, etc. The cancer surgeon said it was especially hopeful for breast and liver canSer.

Hope you all are having a wonderful week-end!

debbiedoesraw said...

to Librarymom and all you wonderful cowpeople!
I love the idea of a cleanse.. I am seriously considering a three month juice fast.. doing research right now.
But, why not all of us join in a one or two week cleanse as a group?
Can we get a consensus of when to start and then we can update and support each other daily thru CSC!
That way Kris and others can track us and keep us on track with their wisdom?
Any Takers?

librarymom said...

Hi Debbie,

I am game for your suggestion of doing a cleanse together!

I have been on a raw foods/cleansing diet for a long time, so that is always the first step and an important step during a cleanse.

There are a lot of good books on detoxification and cleansing. They all vary, of course. One that I seem to gravitate towards is "The Complete Cancer Cleanse: A Proven Program to Detoxify and Renew Body, Mind and Spirit" by Cherie Calbom (know as "The Juice Lady". It does not advocate a completely raw diet (I can take care of that on my own), but does suggest it. It offers suggestions for physical, emotional, and spiritual cleansing. From the physical standpoint, it suggests a schedule of various juices and herbs, along with ideas for meals, for many channels of elimination, each one done separately. The problem for me is that I do work outside of the home, as well as take my kids all over the map, so I cannot strictly adhere to the schedule as she has it laid out...

On the other hand, I have been to several local health food stores and have seen the same brand of cleansing kit on their shelves. This program consists of three steps, each of which involves taking several whole food, organic capsules of various herbs, three time daily for 14 days. Of course to this I would be adding my juicing and my raw foods diet, and possibly enemas.

For those interested, we could set up a Yahoo! discussion group...


debbiedoesraw said...

Hey Callie and all of you all!
You are the star of my blog today, check out just click on my name here and it will take you to my profile, then you will see my blog link.
Thanks for all you are doing Callie, you are an angel brought to earth!

Basic Me said...

Hello All,
Well Debbie has me in the ugly dry the kind that lets you know you are loved and that the world is a kind and blessed place. Snot Snot cry cry... but it is cleaning cry. I am so touched that she put us on the blog. This space and Kris and the connections are the most important to me .. I cannot begin to make it know with all the words in the world how wonderful it feels to have friends who support and understand you. I have been moved by Deb all of you and the universe. Blessings are just raining down. I never thought will all that happens in my life I would have such a spot of support. Thank you all and if your in Mobile come see me. Love and Hugs and peace. Eat your veggies and I am ready for the detox I am in.. lets do it together.

Love you all and Thanks again Debbie!!!

debbiedoesraw said...

twOh Callie you big softie:)
Please do add my link.. we should all be linked via out blogs not just via this blog only!
The world is a miraculous place, heres to a miracle in all our lives.
Keep your thoughts positive and all the goodness will flow in from all our loving prayers!
Thanks again Callie

Sandra Joseph said...

Hi friends, I've been missing you. It's three weeks now since my dad's death. Some days the pain is as raw as those first few horrible nights, and my suicidal brain starts raging. But there are other days, or at least moments when I'm overwhelmed by beauty and the goodness of people. I had such a moment just now surfing around our dear Callie's Basic Missions site. What a gift you are, sweet Callie. When I want to throw in the towel, I remind myself that in addition to the undeniable crap this life has to offer, there are also Callies and Kris's and beautiful beings who make it all worthwhile.

Cheryl, your post took my breath away and gave me an instant and much needed attitude adjustment. I am humbled by your grace.

Debbie, LOVE your idea for a group cleanse. Sign me up, I'm all in!

Holistic Jen, I'm still taking all the stuff you told me about. Thank you again for the wonderful recommendations. I'm back to juicing daily and eating mostly raw. I think eating clean will help me with the toxic emotions too.

Kris, I hope your honeymoon includes lots of coconut oil slathering. ;)

Sending love and warm New Year's wishes to all,


scnewme said...

Good morning all,

As I've said before, I'm so inspired by so many people here...

Deb, checked out your blog and added to favs - love the links, too! Count me in on the cleanse, please.

Callie, need more specifics about your question on the grant for Katrina women, awesome stuff girl - maybe you can post on your site and we can all offer suggestions??

Sandra - From similar experience, time really does help to heal...and know that your Dad will always be with you in your heart. I have gotten through most difficult times knowing I have an angel looking down on me - hang in there, we are here for you.

much love - enjoy today!


goony said...

Hello Everyone,

I haven't posted in a while. My kids have been on Christmas break, and Kris said she was going on her honeymoon, and I decided I was going on break too. I didn't go anywhere, I just took a couple of weeks to rest and take care of me.

To the lovely who suggested coconut oil for my father-in-laws hands, I would just like to say thank you, thank you, thank you. I'm sorry I can't remember your name, and I can't find the post. The coconut oil is working great. I also picked up some "kiss my face" olive oil soap and that is helping too. I decided to use it myself and have done a lot of research on the coconut oil, and it is really amazing stuff! My skin looks many years younger. I noticed it after starting juicing, but the coconut oil was the icing on the cake.

Callie, I'm so proud of you!!!! You are a very special person.

Sandra, You scare me when you talk about your suicidal thoughts. Please promise me you will never do anything to hurt yourself. Are you talking to anyone about thoughts? It's been 15 years since my daddy passed, and I still have moments of deep sadness. But most of the time I just know that he is in heaven, looking down at me, listening to me, and guiding me. Your father wants you to be happy. Feel your pain, but know that his arms are wrapped around you and he wants to watch you live a full and happy life.


debbiedoesraw said...

Sandra: I am saying a special prayer for you today. Writing about your feelings, saying all you would ever want to say to your dad on paper, getting all your pain out may help clear your head a bit. It is what I did when my dad passed.. .then I went alone into the mountains and did a little prayer/goodbye ceremony.

As for our CsC cleanse: Can we all agree on a date to start? I think you should do the cleanse that suit s you at this time too... no set style, just something to change up the old body juices!
Replies, then a vote for a date?
Love you all
Couldn't do it without your support

Basic Me said...

Sandra Joseph, You have been missed. I am so so sorry about how hard the grieving is for you dad. I do know that is must be the biggest lost on earth. My dad is my lighthouse. He was it and is.. he is slowly fading.. confused a bit scared a bit.. but you can see the resolve. A marine getting ready to battle the battle of his life. He is not sick.. just very old and not ready. I hope you are ok.. when the thoughts start to get to you pick up the phone call anyone hell call me.. I am hard to get but call 251-648-6510.. Dont get discouraged if you have to leave a message I will call right back. I care not the number is online... what is there to loose you are my friend. I love you by the way. All of you. I am not a codependent nut.. well nut maybe.. but I know this group. I hope you can feel the whole collective csc cowgrils arms around all the times.. we are your wings.. so get into the sun even if it is cold where you are and don't forget the cocoanut oil... that was the best thing that ever happened to dunc.. hahahha

Now Sherry I will post on basic and see if we can start a forum on Monday. I have all these women and they are living in the streets and we will get them inside and safe but I need to coordinate the care and get them moving ... I will repost on my site later this is for us gals and guys....

you are all so sweet..I love you all.. drain those thoughts out SJ with load music ..... shake your hiney get on the phone or post here until you cannot stand it.. let it out darling.. You dad is inside you reach in and feel him he is you.. he is you dna he is your heart.. he will never leave you.. he will be in each heartbeat of yours and if conciousness is eternal he has just been absorbed into you and the universe so listen for his voice.. I love you all. Callie

Grendle said...

Hi all you wonderful people!

It's so great to have you all to turn to (and I do daily) because the most of my world can't really relate and appreciate the goodness of raw foods, etc.

I have great news, too! The sore breast bone is NOT bone cancer as doc suspected it might be. I'm breathing again! Funny how I forget to do that when I'm scared.

I have a question: does anybody know if apple cider vinegar is ok? I've read yes and no online, just wondered what the real deal was? It would be nice for salads.

Callie, you're amazing and such a gift from God!

peace & good health!

Michelle J said...

Deb, hi... i am interested in joining you guys in the csc cleanse! Quick a cleanse the same as a juice feast? What exactly is a cleanse? Anyway, i'm up for it, whatever it is!!! :O)

strongerthanit said...

Oh Sandra - I have wondered where and how you have been. It is wonderful to hear from you on the blog. Losing a loved one is beyond difficult - through your written words you sound so sad; you are suffering and grieving. I'm so sorry your heart and soul are hurting and bleeding. If a magic wand could ease your pain, you know that you would have none. But then you would not love life as you do, and give love to others. Please know these feelings are normal and one day you will once again rise with your heart full and filled with hopes and dreams and anticipating the future. Just be patient and go with the emotional flow - and do not ever stop sharing how you feel and what you are thinking - good or bad. Life is not static, but dynamic....Sadly to experience "good" and "happy" we must experience "bad" and "sorrow" - and visa versa. But sharing the "good" lifts others and unburdening the "bad" allows others to lift you - which is truly what caring is about; true humanity. Please call out if you are feeling those suicidal or desperate feelings. You are never alone. Masha

clint said...

Hi Kris, and the rest of the canser cowgirls.(and you too Sandra Joseph)

I remembered I used to read the words from the book 'The Prophet', when I was going thru my healing crisis. In particular, the part on pain.... and just thought it might give some relief for some of the pain expressed in this room.




And a woman spoke, saying, "Tell us of Pain."

And he said:

Your pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding.

Even as the stone of the fruit must break, that its heart may stand in the sun, so must you know pain.

And could you keep your heart in wonder at the daily miracles of your life, your pain would not seem less wondrous than your joy;

And you would accept the seasons of your heart, even as you have always accepted the seasons that pass over your fields.

And you would watch with serenity through the winters of your grief.

Much of your pain is self-chosen.

It is the bitter potion by which the physician within you heals your sick self.

Therefore trust the physician, and drink his remedy in silence and tranquillity:

For his hand, though heavy and hard, is guided by the tender hand of the Unseen,

And the cup he brings, though it burn your lips, has been fashioned of the clay which the Potter has moistened with His own sacred tears.

granola said...

Sandra Joseph,
I am so saddened for your loss. When you're feeling so low, try your best to remember how truly blessed you are to have had such a wonderful father. The best way to keep his spirit alive is to be to others what he was to you. I try to live my life that way. I try to emulate the people who make/made me feel so special and loved. That is the best tribute to your Dad. You are so unbelieveably blessed--just saw your blog for the 1st time. How happy I am for you and all of your blessings! You have so much love around you. Hope that is helpful to you!
Peace, Veggies, & a Green Planet to you!

holisticgal said...

Hi beautiful beings of Light,

So many sweet comments. Clint, how beautiful of you to take the time to post that poem. Was that K. Gibran's (sp?) Prophet? I have that book! (somewhere...)

Callie, I am sending you the suggestions I immediately thought of for you, of course not knowing at all what your budget is, etc. My first thought is to contact Whole Foods, or a local other healthfood store. See about establishing partnerships for vitamin companies to supply much needed basic nutritionals (whole food vitamins, minerals, protein powders, greens, bvitamins, etc. etc.) to these people. Start with nutrition (food) and wellness in mind, girl! :) You would be surprised at the generosity of companies. Also, contact Nordic Naturals-they supply high quality fish oils and omega oil supplements.

I would also focus on getting them schooled on cooking/raw foods/nutritional concepts. Our Whole Foods store here hin California as free classes all the time on different topics-find out who can come to you and speak, and would like to educate these people for no cost on how to start taking better care of themselves.

What about holistic practitioners in the area? Massage therapists? Find out if they would like to donate their time/services, or would take a small donation for their time.

Do like Kris did, and contact major juicer manufacturers-ask for donations of some basic equipment to get your kitchen up and running. You want people to learn about nutrition and wellness and get empowered enough to be well into their future.

I want you to puh-leeze look at this website- EVERYONE-it is leading edge technology for wellness: I know they are currently doing the necessary research to get fda approval-perhaps they would like to partner with you to have your patients 'vibe.' Results are undeniably positive. Read there, watch the video, let me know what you think! :)

I posted about this before, and to *ANYONE* feeling DOWN, SAD, LOW ENERGY, UN-WELL, GRIEVING, ETC.-you've gotta try this therapy! It costs anywhere from $5-20 only per session. This amazing little three foot device emits an energy frequency in the form of oscillating megahertz frequencies that are at the body's cellular optimal performance-hard to explain, but TRULY AMAZING to feel! (They do a better job articulating this on the website than I can.) It immediately raises your serotonin levels, creates alpha waves (feeling of well-being), and SO MANY OTHER THINGS!! I have read so many testimonials on it, and met people being healed (including myself).
Yes, diabetes is reversed, pain vanishes, tumors disappear, gout reverses, ms, lupus, heart disease, and yes CANCER stabilizes over time. Of course, these claims CANNOT be made legally, and won't be listed on the website of course-but, over time I have heard from others personally.

This therapy puts the body's cells at their optimal functioning-their peak mhz. So, when the cells function at their best, the body begins to recover/heal itself. It is truly amazing to feel it-and a session is only anywhere from 2-8 minutes only!!! Unbelievable. Have any of you vibed yet???? Let me know, k?

Miss Virgoluscious Sandra-I looked up Michigan for you, and there are 17 vibe locations there! I hope there is one close to you and your mom-go vibe, honey. It is like an angel wing to sweep you up to higher skies and brighter days. And please lay your hands on that Bach Flower Essemce-Rescue Remedy-girlfriend! The crisis feelings you have, the heavy grief and the up and down emotions can be helped by that tiny, pocket/purse-sized bottle of liquid you can squirt under your tongue. I am happy you are starting up again in taking care of yourself good. Take it slow on yourself in case you start detoxing, though. Be aware of the potential for those changes too, ok? Yeah, I think you are right-it helps heal us emotionally, too.

And you can call Silent Unity-in case you missed it before, this is a free 24 hour, 7-day a week PRAYER SUPPORT line-these phones have had lovingkind spirits answering the phones all day and all night since its inception over 100 YEARS ago. (Read: No, NOT the same people-ha, ha!) 1-800-NOW-PRAY (669-7729). They are there for you, and it does not matter if you are religious or not-you will find Spiritual comfort on the phone there. Thank you, Debbie for finding the beauty and writing about it. I get the 'Daily Word' from them-a little day by day booklet each month with a prayer/affirmation in it. You can get it online free, too. Go to

Physically, can you consider a massage? The healing touch can be so powerful during grieving. If you can, are you exercising at all,? This lifts the mood, but you probably knew that....

So glad to hear from you again, and keep up the healing, sweetie. I love the outpouring here-it is so touching. Keep us posted, k??

Glenda-I too was previously unsure about vinegar. The final word for me was in the PH Miracle book by Dr. Young (Kris treats with him). He says to NEVER eat it-it is pure acid in the body. Since then, I stopped, though it is difficult, since it is in mostly everything. Here are some tips for you-Annies Organics brand makes only two vegan, vinegar free dressings: the lemon chive, and the green garlic. They are both scrumptious!!! If making from scratch, use lime juice or lemon juice instead. Most recipes Dr. Young fixes call for Bragg's Liquid Aminos s the acid, too-but this is soy based, so that is controversial with Cancer, allergies, etc. Hope this helps! :)


strongerthanit said...

Callie - are you the same Callie Broussard-Wheeler from Richard Mighell Camp from church??? I just had a wild thought-connection with that name and Mobile this past summer - if so, what a small world! M

debbiedoesraw said...

Hi Michelle
A cleanse can be many things.. I am planning a juice feast style one, there are cleanse in a box products, there is the PH miracle cleanse etc.
Whatever floats your boat as it were...I think if you are trying to get to raw even two raw meals per day and only one cooked could be a cleanse too!

I think we should leave it open, all of us have different challenges and are at different points in our journeys to health.

Who wants to start on January 14th, next Monday?
We can track here or we can track on my blog or both.. you don't have to check in if you don;t want to but it may help others.

Basic Me said...

Hey Masha... Yep that is me.. Richard Mighell camp.. Can you believe four years of camp.. I missed it soooo much this last summer I had started the mission in Mobile and then I was booked.. So not Camp this year...:( I was so lonely for Baytreat and those kids I could have cried I think I did. It is me.. who is this.. I cannot believe what a small world this is.. Next year camp should be a breeze with actual air conditioning.. haha.. clean and rebuilt and my behind being mucho lighter and moving easier.. If you remember I couldnt run or play watch out kids.. I am back.. I cannot believe this.. I hope to speak to you soon and see you in GSPC sometimes.. Are one of my kiddos from church.. I miss them so much toooooo.... OH mannnnn.... the things you have to doo... Duncan sends his best and Hugs....Hugs... Hugs... and as Martelle would say thanks you.. over again..If you get a chance hope over to basicmissions and visit we will have the kiddos from Dumas and Dearborn on here in two weeks and lots of inspirations.. Chat back soon this is soo exciting.. small world.. Love ya.!!! Callie Broussard-Wheeler

Basic Me said...

Oh And count me in on the detox and cleansing.. boy I need it..14th it is and I cannot wait to blog on both site.. Love you all. Callie

Lauren said...

How long is the cleanse for??
Sorry if that was already discussed.
I totally want to do it!

debbiedoesraw said...

Hey lauren
I think library mom said two weeks.. maybe we should do one week this first time out?
Agree or Disagree peeps?

Lauren said...

I'm good with a week, but maybe some people can do 1 week and others can do 2. Hmm...? I'm still a beginner at this, sooo a week may be best for me!

Is anyone a member of the raw meetup group in nyc?? I just joined, but haven't gone to any events.
Brian Clements from Hippocrates is coming Fri. Jan. 25th. It's only $25 if you're a member of the meetup group.

Here's some info:

"Natural Anti-Aging and the Conquest of Disease?

Brian Clement, PhD, LNC is a leading expert in the natural health field and a renowned speaker both here and abroad. His professional opinion is highly regarded and much sought after. Brian is the author of nine books including the best-selling "Living Foods for Optimum Health". His recent books,?Longevity" and "LifeForce", continue his powerful message to take responsibility for one's life. Dr. Clement's books and lectures instruct and enable people to create viable, personal roadmaps for vibrant, healthy aging and disease-free lives.

Friday, January 25, 2008 at 6:45 PM
New York Society for Ethical Culture
2 West 64
New York , NY 10023

strongerthanit said...

Forgot to say: count me in! As dedicated to raw for the past 10 weeks I'm beginning to lose my "oomph" - still no animal products at all or gluten, but eating less raw and craving dark, dark, dark chocolate. Too bad I can't blame the holidays - amazing what I simply didn't eat - had no desire to even pick on all the homemade baked goodies! But, I'm definitely seeing a correlation between frustration/upset and less-than-stellar eating habits - I got sick again and was back in Hopkins - now another nasty MRSA infection lingers....I think the support will bode well for me - and having to "fess-up" and be held accountable for my ways! Please keep me posted....M

PS: Callie - what a small, small, teeny, tiny world....

holisticgal said...


Thanks for solidifying the Monday, January 14th date for starting a cleanse. Thanks too, for outlining the different forms it can take. I will join you and do it too. I will use it as a chance to do another greens only juice feast-Dr. Young style. :)

I did it for the whole 10 days a few months ago-the first time I ever did anything like that- and I was so happy with the way my body dropped weight immediately.

The champion juicer is problematic (my parsely, spinach, wheat grass, and/or celery just mucks up over and over), and I have to admit, it has made me less likely to juice with the problems I have. However....the benefits are worth it, and I will power on again! Glad to be joining!

If I may, I hope you don't mind Debbie, I have two suggestions for others who may be hesitant or don't have a juicer. (Please feel free to give more input on this if necessary.)
1. If you really want to try a juicing cleanse, just *ask* someone to loan you a juicer for three days, a week, or two weeks, whatever. So many people have them sitting in limbo, not being used. I think if a person is sincere and passionate about it, and they ask to borrow one and say they are wanting to try this cleanse for health, etc., someone will gladly loan theirs out *if it is not in use* (or know someone who knows someone who will). I really believe that.
2. If juicing is not an option due to other factors (roommate sleeps later and the machine is too noisy, can't refrigerate greens at work, no organic produce, hypoglycemic, too tired or ill, (or other hinderances), may I suggest using a powdered greens off the shelf to start with? What do you think, Debbie? Isn't this a good way to introduce greens into the diet if a person otherwise cannot juice fresh?

I use Green Vibrance by Vibrant Health (I think that's the title) when necessary, and/or use their raw, powdered grasses mixed straight up with water and hemp protein. I have bought this at Whole Foods, and online and in the store at Let me know what you all think. Hopefully this will pick up a few others who might not have thought about doing the cleanse... :)
Sweet dreams,

RachelRae said...

Hi Everyone!
I started a group on yahoo for more CSC discussion. If you email me, I can send you an invite, or do a search on yahoo groups for crazy sexy cancer.

scnewme said...

The 14th sounds perfect, just need to decide what to do for it. I'm kind of hesitant to try box cleansing - I know Dr. Natura's has been mentioned, just wondering if maybe its too strong...any thoughts on that??...

Deb, if you want to post on your blog, I'm all for it...whatever everyone agrees to do.

Clint, perfect words, for me at least, thanks for sharing!


clint said...

Hi scnewme,

Thanks Sherry, your welcome.

As for the Dr. Natura, that product is very soothing, and not violent (at least for me)

I've been taking it now for 4 years (about a slightly rounded teaspoon in a full glass of water) and there is no cramping for me. You can take less to start off with and see how it behaves.

Hope it helps,


TheDonDiva said...

Hello Kris,

This is Jemarion from the American Cancer Society. I learned about you from Erin's Glamour blog. Have a great trip!

Basic Me said...

Hi All,
Masha I cannot believe we know one another.. Big Huge Hugs.. I am sorry the diet has you slowing a bit.. I spoke to Kris and she had said to add the right kinds of fat and the cravings for super dark sexilisous chocolate would go away. I was looking at the dog and getting hungry. I added some avacodos, some flax seed and the oil and a little extra virgin Olive oil to my salads.. For years I had been trying to get the chemo wieght off. Had two years of chemo and gained 100 pound from throwing up constantly.. joy joy.. anyway.. I had lost 40 not 50 at that time and I was ravenous for chocolate and things I just dont eat like oily things.. well it passed. I have never felt better and it is nice to look human.. I have laughed all night because I thought here is this poor woman who saw this lady haulgin her husband around to do summer camp loading and unloading that wheelchair him sleeping in the room with ac barely.. hahha.. but he loved it..between the cancer and the als he has we have learned so much. Live there is a way. I am so thrilled you are on here. I may kill me to know who you are.. the suspense is good for me.. But I wish you love. Life is amazing and small. I have met to ladies at the park with saatchi that come on this site.
I am sooo looking forward to the cleansing. And the green juice fasts or going all raw will do it.

Hey who else did the juice fast when kris was at hippocrates?? I loved that one.. it worked I had more energy and felt was hard core though and I think we shold maybe start at a level one program cleansing.. has Bav wieghed in on this.. she always has such good advice. Well.. the site changes tomorrow and time to make a clinkable link to pass out so off to work. Love you all and have a blessed and joyful Monday. Hugs, Peace and veggies, Callie

Basic Me said...

rach... send me the link at so I can keep up with your new blog site and put it on basicmissions. com

Cannot wait couldn't get thier from here. Love ya. Callie

goony said...

Can someone please answer this question?

My father-in-law just told me yesterday that he was advised by his doctor NOT to take any vitamins while going through chemo.!? Why does that sound absurd to me? He was also instructed to eat lots of fruit.

The poor man is falling apart. Right before he was diagnosed with lung cancer, and started his chemo, he had 2 surgeries on his right knee (because the first surgery didn't work). Now he is done with chemo and his immune system is shot and his knee is infected. We had to take him to the hospital last night and he is having is knee cap removed today. His doctor is very worried about the infection spreading with his compromised immune system. While I was helping him pack his bag for the hospital I asked him if he wanted to take his vitamins, and that is when he told me he was told not to take them. I'm so upset. He is going to be in the hospital for 8 weeks recovering, well trying to recover, with the bad moods of the nurses, and the garbage that they feed him. I'm just worried sick about him. Are you really not supposed to take vitamins during chemo? I would like him to start taking a probiotic, is that a good idea? God I just want to cry.


librarymom said...

Michelle- a cleanse is taking action, and that action can be in many different forms, of ridding your body of toxins. A raw foods diet is an important step in beginning and maintaining a "clean" lifestyle, so you are already on your way!

Debbie-beginning the cleanse next Monday is fine with me, and I agree that everyone should do their own cleanse, for whatever time period they desire, and what feels right for them. There is no "right" or "wrong" way to do it!

Jen- I have been using a Champion juicer for the past year and find it to juice greens just fine (I do put the pulp through twice), but it is true that one needs a special juicer for wheatgrass. I also add barley grass and wheatgrass powders to my juices. I found both in the bulk spice area of my local health food stores, and when buying this way it is much cheaper than buying pre-packaged.

Rachael- Thanks for creating the Yahoo! group, I just joined.

I will probably be doing a combo of boxed (whole and organic herb capsules) cleanse along with more juices (I already juice roughly 10 oz daily). The raw foods diet has already caused me to loose too much weight, and if I do a juice fast, I'll become dangerously thin. I am also using Protocel as an alternative treatment to my brain cancer, and I have a rare blood clotting disorder, both of which require me to keep certain vitamins at various levels (juicing only would put those levels too high).

I think it would be a good idea for those not familiar with cleansing and detox to read up a bit this week, before beginning. Steps can be taken pre-cleanse to get your body ready for the actual event (this usually includes a more raw foods based diet, so most here may already be okay!). Also, there are symptoms, known collectively as a "healing crisis" that can make detox uncomfortable, and sometimes scary, and may cause people to drop out of the process. It is good to know ahead of time what to expect. In addition, some people advocate enemas during the cleanse to help rid the body of toxins that will be dumped into the bloodstream, to avoid simply having the toxins added back into your system because your body cannot rid itself of them fast enough. Some also use hot baths with epsom salts, dry skin brushing, etc. There is a lot to know! Finally, it is imperative that one drinks enough clean water, at least half your body weight in ounces, to help rid the body of toxins. You guys may already know all this stuff, but I just thought I would throw it out there.

debbiedoesraw said...

hi everyone
Lots of great info from you all...I am reading Gabriel Cousens Spiritual Nutrition...I will post his fasting guidelines on my blog...but library mom is right on.
If you are at all uncertain, please consult your md..we are not drs, except Bav of course!

Again, green powders, green juices, probably not fruit as it is not good for canser or blood sugar disorders, pure water (smartwater or distilled) and lots of sleep all are good for your cleanse.
You can look up the juice feasting site, lots of info there too.
Hope that helps.. see me at later on today for more info...
deb xoxoxox

Laura said...

Grendle....GREAT NEWS! I have been thinking about you and wishing for the outcome of your bone pain to be clean. As I mentioned, I still have pain and without re-construction all the bones stick out and it can be concerning. Well, glad you got such great news!

What is this I hear about a group cleanse???? It is time for another one for me and could use the support. I must have missed an entry because I can't find the details in the blog. Can someone enlighten with the details?

As far as vitamins and chemo....I went through chemo for breast cancer and was also advised to take minimal vitamins. I was treated at the Dana Farber and listened to the medical doctors; however, this was also before I was turned onto the raw way of life. I did consult a friend of mine in CT. who is a medical doctor AND western-holtistic doctor. He agreed to not take the anti-oxidants, but he did give me other supplements to take during treatments. One of which was a mushroom of some sort. I can find out if you want. I understand not pumping the anti-oxidants during chemo because it can counter-act the chemo meds. I did continue with my daily supplements and the other suggestions by my local doctor. I am sorry I couldn't be more helpful, but I hope this helped in a way.

Regina said...

The pic of you at the computer is one that i can totally relate too. I laughed outloud. I just finished typing my dissertation about cancer survivors. Being a survivor myself made this paper no small task. Its been difficult, but it made my experience come full circle in so many ways. Questions that i didn't even know i had about my own experience, feelings,'s been amazing. Challenging and emotional, but amazing.
I love your crazy sexy book, I have been howling. Thank you for writing it.
Rock on and enjoy your time off in Costa Rica!

Lauren said...

Thanks librarymom for all your info on cleanses. Very helpful!
I bought some sort of organic cleanse at my local organic grocery store, so I hope it's good!
I'm looking forward to starting it with everyone!

holisticgal said...

Dear Librarymom,
I cannot THANK YOU enough for posting about your Champion. May I bend your ear here (or anyone else who uses this juicer) to consult you further for your much needed advice? Here is the sitch:

I had the Champion about a year and it only was used maybe less than a dozen times. Then I wanted to get into juicing often, but found that when juicing for example, the spinach and parsely (not wheatgrass, only various leafy greens), it quickly heated up and the juice became warm (killed it!). (It even started smoking! This thing was still in 'new' condition.) I would have to constantly stop it, empty it, wait for it to cool, etc. After calling and talking to the service folks there (local to me in California about an hour away), he advised I run it without juicing to see what happened. It heated up anyway. They then advised having it serviced, so I took it down IN PERSON for this. They were very nice, did some explaining, looked at the motor, and I paid for a new blade (he said it was worn, but I coudln't see how, since it was hardly being used.)
He (had been with the Co. for years) told me that the Champion is not really designed to do leafy greens *only* without some substance of a hard, root-type veggie...he suggested putting a carrot thru every so often in between to keep it clear (and I did this-removing the greens cup each time, putting aside the carrot juice separately, for just as you said-no sugar). This also did not really help.

Then an angel at church loaned me hers-too funny-it is the EXACT SAME model from about 5 years ago-hers also in mint condition, as it was hardly ever used, too!
I found the same problems with it.

(Thinking it could be the kitchen plug/outlet, I took my model to other home locations-even the frozen fruit pushed through was not frozen -got melty fast, and so did the nutbutters. And I follow the booklet instrux perfectly for how to do the greens.)

I am so happy to hear that you have no trouble with yours! And I read on all different raw recipes that they use the Champion.
The motor is warranteed for 10 years. What do you advise I do? I have thought about writing them to let them know the situation, etc. It is time consuming.

I mostly do not get any pulp coming out at puts out some juice, but the material sticks in there, then backs up the feeder, until I take it all apart, empty it, and start over.

I am hopeful that someone else can find some helpful info here in reading this post. I always feel that talking to someone with personal experience with a particular appliance, service, etc. is helpful-you never know what something will behave like until you've experienced it!

Thank you for your valid points on the nuances of cleansing. Good reminders.
Thank you again so much for your comment on the Champion. Looking forward to your suggestions/advice,

scnewme said...

Hey Clint - thank you, I guess I really won't know until I try, right??

I agree with Librarymom...I too do not need to lose anymore weight, sooo - I plan on doing a combo with added juicing, maybe twice a day (and maybe Dr. Natura) and just keep eating the good fats on and with my salads. Great advice about the "healing crisis" OMG, there is so much to learn, isn't there??

Also, if I haven't used up all my questions yet...I've been adding aloe vera juice to my green juice for about a week - anyone "anti" aloe, because I've definitely noticed a change for the better.

Its awesome to be a part of such a healthful challenge, especially where everyone wins!! Thanks again guys, you are all so incredible!


Basic Me said...

Hey all.. Just think we are starting the cleanse on the same day Kris will have her tanned and happy self back from her honeymoon so we may have everyone online. I cannot wait. I am repeating to myself.. I will not go to smoothie king 900 times a day. It is all I can think of.. cheated and had a soy vegan power punch drink and I am an addict.. in one day.. help me sweet pete... So.. say it with me.. NOOOOO to the fake powders yeah to the soothing green juices.. and no sugar that fruit has sugar.. cancer no no.. I need prayers for the silly my mantra isn't working. Love you all .. Good night. Callie

clint said...

Hey scnewme,

Don't worry, you'll be fine.... and the taste isn't bad either. Just make sure your drinking enough water during the day and the week when you are on the Natura product... that powder is very absorbant.


goony said...

Hi guys,

I'm having a meltdown and I just need to spill my guts right now.

Today was a very ruff day for me. It started with me having to bury my sweet cat "Jack". He has been missing for a week now and we finally found him, but it was not a happy ending. But that isn't even the half of what is wrecking me. I found out tonight that my father-in-law probably only has a year to live. He has been battling lung cancer and has seemed so strong, but his body isn't able to fight anymore, because chemo has left it without any defense. He was supposed to have knee surgery today, but instead they had to drain a "bucket of puss" from his knee, and put the surgery off another couple of days to get some antibiotics into his system. He just had the knee drained a few days ago, and it already filled up again so much that they couldn't operate. The doctor told my husband's sister that he only has a year, maybe two to live. I think that he knew this already, but didn't tell anyone. That is just the kind of man he is. He wouldn't want anyone to be sad. I lost my own father 15 years ago to canser, and it was slow. I just can't bear to see it happen again to someone I love sooooooo much. I know that I was brought to this site for a reason. I know it has something to do with him. I just don't know what. Is it even OK that I'm telling you all this story. I don't want anyone here that is going through canser to be upset with me for telling this horrible story and scarring you.

My husband said to me that he wished we could monitor everything he is eating while he is at the hospital, and he will be there for the next 6-8 weeks. We have both seen the difference in our bodies that juicing has made. I know he would have a better shot if he was given the proper foods to heal himself. I feel absolutely helpless. My eyes are so swollen from crying, I don't know if I will be able to open them tomarrow. What can I do?


librarymom said...

Deb- I do add one apple to my green juice every day, the pectin is supposed to be great. I also use beets and carrots (I vary all of these daily). The jury is still out on whether or not the downside of the natural sugars outweigh the benefits.

Lauren- what brand of cleanse did you purchase? I think what I am going to use as part of my cleanse is Renew Life.

Jen- wow, you have really had problems with your Champion! That's too bad- frustrating and disappointing! I do not have problems with juicing leafy greens. I daily put through several leaves of kale, chard, parsley, cabbage, or cilantro... I do alternate between those leafy greens and juicier veggies such as carrots or beets, or an apple. It sounds as if the pulp is having trouble getting through the machine, having trouble keeping up with what you are putting in it, or both. You may want to make sure that the metal parts are completely oiled before use, that you cut up the leafy greens in small bits, and that you put through the veggies slowly and without too much pressure. I have noticed my juicer heating up a couple times, but those were the times that I was rushed and trying to put through too much food at once. I try to get a feel for how it is progressing through the juicer, and not force it. I am not sure if this helps at all, but it's what I do.

Callie- my mantra of "I will not have cookies every night as a 'treat' has done me NO good, either. It's my vice and truthfully, the problem is that I don't want to give it up. Cookies-yum! We'll help each other out!

Sherry- I also added aloe vera juice to my green juices to help get those bowels moving daily- no help for me though, so I stopped. I have never heard of any negatives, lots of people on various alternative health groups use it.

Cindy K. said...

Library Mom,
Hi--I'm new to this site PLUS juicing, etc. I probably couldn't do the cleanse now but I don't know very much about cleansing, etc. I've seen lots of material on it but not sure where to start. Do you have any recommendations on a book or source to read to prepare myself? I have Multiple Myeloma and "in between" treatments...not sure when or if or HOW I should detox or cleanse...other than start eating/juicing healthier. Any advice on what to read to learn more about 'cleansing' would be appreciated! Thanks! Cindy K.

Cindy K. said...

I just asked "library mom" for guidance on cleansing...maybe I should just wait...debbiedoesraw is providing info......

scnewme said...

Cindy K,

I had questions and fears about cleansing also. I'm four months out of chemo for NHL (remission, yea baby!!!) I was afraid of doing too much too quickly and dumping my body into toxic Kris and our CSC doc Bav recommended Natalia Rose's Raw Food Detox Diet to me and it helped tremendously. It helps you find out what level you should start, makes the transition smoother and there are some great recipes in the book, too. Start slowly - most important to take care of you right now - and get stronger.
That's my two cents - I'm sure Deb and Librarymom will offer plenty of great stuff!!


holisticgal said...

Hi loves,
Jennifer: My heart goes out to you...take a deep breath and get centered. Meditate, pray-whatever you do to connect to the Divine. (See the post on Silent Unity if need be...)
There is much to be done, and a peaceful, calm mind is a creative and resourceful mind. Stay hopeFUL. And then do your research/homework. Some suggestions to follow.

Please remember not to subscribe to *false deadlines* of 'he only has such and such amount of time to live...' this is nonsense! The world is FILLED with stories of triumph, healings and overcoming....All one has to do is look around. (I think it is Ridiculous when physicians try and play God like that.)

Dr. Schultze ( has some incredible newsletters online to read free. His products are also PHENOMENAL. He has an 'incurables' pack for these types of illness situations. You know what he says about patients who are given only a certain amount of time to live? That's for the average patien-those that DO NOTHING aside from allopathic medicine. So, if you change your diet, start juicing everyday, detox with herbs/vitamins, etc. change your thoughts, re-orient yourself towards healing from the inside-out- then you are no longer the 'average' patient. You have changed your destiny by changing your lifestyle. No one knows what the body is capable of-we each have our own destiny to live out. Please don't get caught up in those low vibrations, nay-saying, and the NOcebos I call them (opposite of PLAcebos). You have a choice in what belief you adopt. Stay positive. Check out his products and his books, and PUH-leeze get his free cassette on the 20 things you can do to be healthy-it is so fabulous! Let your f.i.l. listen to it. (It is even on the hold music when you call...) Keep me posted, K?

As far as the nutrition aspect-of course you are right. Hospital food is dangerously non-nutritive-just like you know. If you can get greens into him, juices, etc-then do it. Listen to your intuition, girlfriend. I have heard stories before, so my advice is to 'bring him a beverage' (not announce that you are juicing for him, keep it on the D-L), but be sure that the ingredients are not contra-indicated with possible meds. I am not schooled on this myself. This is important, though.

Perhaps Dr. Young's company-PH Miracle Living ( can be a resource to you. I suggest calling/emailing for help with these questions. Get his book (and this is for you too, Cindy K-this is a good one to tell you how to do a juice cleanse/fast) PH Miracle. They sell products-even alkalizing drops that can just be put into your father-in-law's water to help keep him alkaline. This is one of the drs that Kris sees, and his books are recommended in her book. I would suggest taking a look at the resource guide in the back of her book, and get your eyes into those books she recommends (you too, Cindy K. :) to do some homework. 6-8 weeks is a long time to be in the hosp. with that food-even veggie capsules of greens might work ('portable.') Again, this may take some research to ensure that nothing is contra-indicated (Bav?).
I have said this before, but wound healing also dramatically improves with *vibing.* Look this up, ( and get him there to take that swelling down off his knee...acupuncture? Didja try that? And a biomat session-didja try that? Are you making calls yet, reading, doing searches for holistic approaches to draining swelling? Does your area have holistic clinics? I would call, call, call girl til you start getting some different approaches. Then you'll feel more powerful.
Not to be too saucy, but antibiotics is one way, maybe...but 'there are many ways to skind a cat' yes?? Read those testimonials in the newsletters with Dr. Schultze, and you might be motivated differently. That's all I can think of at the moment...
But honey, you keep your chin up, and dry those eyes and keep moving forward. *Don't be scared.* Trust, find your Faith. It is the body's ability to heal itself.

Now, onto you, lovely Callie, dear. I am reminded of the teachings of Abraham ( But wait-Did you see the other posting I wrote (and wrote and typed and typed) to you with my suggestions you asked for yet? Maybe not...

So, I guess onto your affirmation questions, and the switch in perspective you are looking for. And for anyone else with this problem (myself included, I am a student too.) I am going to do my best to convey this Spiritual principle. It is also called the Law of Attraction (see the movie the Secret-it was on Oprah, etc.)
Here goes:
Anytime we shout 'no' at something, ("No cookies" "No sugar, no no no") we are giving our energy and attention to this "thing." The NO-ness of it-whatever it is. Didja get that? So, the Law of Attraction states that the Universe expands and manifests that which we give our attention TO. Energy draws unto itself. What are we giving our energy TO? "NO this and NO that" draws MORE OF IT UNTO OURSELVES. This means that we draw in more of what we said NO to. So, instead of shouting NO at anything, we must FLIP our thoughts about it to shout only YESs to the OPPOSITE. We take care to give our energy ONLY to that which we WANT and not to that which we DON'T (I am still a young student at this myself, and it takes constant practice). So, as we think, we say. "I go to my kitchen and juice," Not, "I don't go________wherever." Or, "I eat nourishing snacks." Not, "I don't eat cookies." You see? God Callie, I hope this makes sense. Abraham is so fluent at all this-I highly recommend them (any books by Esther and Jerry Hicks and the teachings of Abraham). So, how we language things is imperative.

Not, "I have cancer," but rather 'I am healing/healed now.' Or....not 'My blood count is only blah blah...' But, "My body is continuously healing itself." Not 'My disease is incurable,' but rather 'I am healing from the inside out.' And here's another one that comes up a lot: "I will *always* be an addict/alcoholic/in recovery, etc. (insert appropriate word here)....'-if YOU SAY SO. But why make it harder on yourself by identifying with that which you say you don't want to be? It's like Debbie said the other day-I am looking for signs of Wellness. (I loved that, Debbie!) It is all in how we language to ourselves.
So, I always say, let's don't choose to be SURVIVORs (which always implies some sort of struggle/grief/hardship)-let's instead choose to be THRIVERs.

THANK YOU LIBRARY MOM! I highlighted everything and printed it out. I think doing the beets or hard produce is impt. I am going to try again. Shoot, if you are even able to do cilantro...I gotta figure this out! So, I also noticed that you said the jury was still out on whether the sugars in the fruits outweighed the pitfalls. Can you suggest some reading for me on this/some resources/research? I do not have cancer, but Dr. Young's approach seems so sound regarding the fruit being acid, etc. But other trusted advisors (Dr. Gary Null, Dr. Schultze) say opposite. And what about food combining/not doing apple with veggies? Any readings on that you can recommend to me? Again, I have read not to most recently. (I do know that apple seeds are POISONOUS and should be removed prior...but you probably knew this-just in case...)

I checked Debbie's site for info on the cleanse, but did not see any. I prefer to have it all here-only one place to log into. *grin*

Basic Me said...

You precious angel.. Ok. No one knows what is coming for you father-in-law. No one.. If I had counted Duncan out everytime the Dr.s said he was dying I would have buried him 15 years. Ago. We are going to do just what you said.. Don;t you love having your words used back at you.. breath.. re-boot. Ok.. The food sucks in the hospital so make him some of his favs.. Like green juice. Bug salads and let the antiiotics and the green veggies work.. We all are running against the clock but NO ONE knows what that time is.. SO be determined. Change is diet. Load him with snacks and good foods and it will make a differnce. Get him off sugar.. they food in hospital is full of sugar. SO stop some of that cancer. You can do it. You may not be able to stop time or God but you can kill a few cells in the meanwhile. And remember the words. As the post said.. what you put out in the universe you get back. My I will not eat smoothie king was damned becaue I wanted it more.. and it was not a true statement. But I will do what is healthiest what is most natural and keep those green juices flowing. If you can just get him moving on this program slow. 80/20 is hard for most so get him healthy as he is capable of being and then it can all change. I wish I could wipe cancer off the map but we cannot but we can band together and you can vent all you need to..

I am so sorry about your beloved cat. I am very Yungian and our spirit creatures are important. When Duncan's helping hand dog passes away from what else.. cancer.. I was devestated. She had been there fighting with me and holding my paw.. and being my sounding board for so many years that I thought I would crumble. A lot to put on a poor lab. But it will be better. I am sorry this happened. I think death is one of those things that never stop hurting you just get use to it like an achey knee.. I wish I had words of wisdom or something. I have to say I have made a forum on basic and got stopped duncan fell and we are in hospital now.. so much for handicap showeres he busted his back and since he had broken it getting his troops out of panama he is really hurt. So we are taking a bit of time. should change today before noon. I am working from the room now. I want you to know we hear you and know your pain and are holding you up and praying for you and your father-in-law.. remember it aint over til its over.. so keep going.. hand on to the crumbs as kris often said in her book and know you are loved. Callie

Basic Me said...

Confused as always.. first note to Jennifer.. Second to Jen.. Holis. You are so right.. that is why everything else worked and this is falling flat.. oh what a life lesson.. BINGO>> Oh I feel like an idiot.. practice what you preach.. Ughhh.. Thank you I am going to out something about this on basicmissions.. Very good lesson for life.. and boy I just crapped out on that. I am so thrilled you told me all this and thanks for the post on katrina ... I need all the help I can get.. I love you all.. Callie

Cindy K. said...

Thank you very much. I'll be out today (baby shower for my FIRST grandchild--due 2/7/08!!) - and if I am up to it, I will stop by bookstore & pick up book on cleansing if they have it. It's good to have the guidance in beginning the detox. I feel like my body needs it and it's the only chance I have to turn this around. Thanks! Cindy K.

Cindy K. said...

Jen--Awesome! Thank you for all your suggestions to everyone. YOU are fabulous. I 'get' the Abraham thing...I'm going to work on my wording, thus attitude and way of looking at..well everything. In a way it's like that self-fulling prophesy thing.

Thanks so much, I look forward to great healing! Cindy K.

Basic Me said...

Jen.. Ok my love.. cannot find.. post.. where did you post it.. My bulb is dimmer today that normal.. the hospital... it driving me nuts.. Duncan will be on the cleanse after all these xrays and meds.. love and let me know.

Thanks and Peace and Veggies.. callie

holisticgal said...

You're welcome. Will look forward to the post on your site. May I recommend a listen to Abraham first for inspiration?

Good luck with the latest. Dr. Andrew Weil recommends intravenous Vit. C drips for recovery-speeds healing by leaps and bounds. See if the doc will do it. Also, see if the facility has any biomats-some do, and they ARE covered by insurance-get crackin' girl!! Sounds like Duncan could use one. He is lucky to have you feeding him!!!!!!!!!!
And I enjoyed reading your post back to Jennifer regarding your experiences with dovetailed nicely into what I wrote, but from your own personal experiences (which is always so much better).

You are not an idiot. You are not always confused. You did not crap out. No worries. :)

Thoughts and language...

Stay uplifted,

Lauren said...


I picked up the renew life organic total body cleanse. I really had no what I was purchasing, so I'm glad to know you're doing a cleanse from renew life too.
It comes with a dvd about cleansing, so hopefully that will give me enough info to start.

goony said...

Jen & Callie -

Thanks for yout kind words of wisdom. I really need some support right now, and I knew I would find it here. You girls are so so special to me. I really take in all of the knowledge I get here and appreciate it more than you know.

I just got back from the hospital. My father-in-law is pretty out of it. But I did manage to get out of him that he has a staph-infection, and the surgery to remove his knee-cap is tomarrow. They are going to leave the knee-cap out for 6-8 weeks to kill the infection, then put it back in and it will probably be another 6-8 weeks of therapy after that. So it looks like he will be in the hospital for the next 4 months. We have convinced him to go to a nursing home that is closer to where we live, since I'm a stay-home-mom, and am most available to be with him.

Here is where I'm feeling weak. My father-in-law weighs 350 lbs. Food is his drug. How do I convince him that he needs to change his diet to help save his life, and if I do accomplish that task, how do I enforce it with him being in the hospital, and then onto a nursing home for the next 4 months? Second, would it be better to make him a green juice and bring it to him, or get him a green supplement? He won't be able to ingest the green juice immediately after it is made like I do, and i know that it loses it's enzymes pretty quickly. Third, should I get him a probiotic?

I was at the book store yesterday right before I got the call from the kind man, who found my cat "Jack". I was actually trying to get the book, PH Miracle, but it wasn't in stock, so I got, The China Study, instead. I've made it a priority to read all of the books that Kris recommended. I am totally on track and feel so grateful to have the knowledge I've gained about the correlation between food and health, but how do I convince my beloved father-in-law? Last week I thought I had him talked into juicing, but he managed to find the 1 negative website that says the magnetic field from the juice machine kills and the good stuff in the juice, so it is pointless! SOOOOO FRICKEN FRUsTRATING!!


debbiedoesraw said...

Hi canser peeps
My post did not happen last night.. feeling a bit tired yesterday.
However, It will happen today!
I plan to do at least 2-3 posts so you can digest it all.
First I will cover Gabriel Cousens ideas, then The Ph miracle folks and then the juice feast people like Courtney, also of tree of life (Gabriels place).
Good thought to all that are struggling Jen, Callie, Jennifer, everyone else too!

Anne said...

First of all, Jennifer, I'm so sorry about your kitty, and I totally understand the frustration of watching loved ones kill themselves with poor choices (and watching them turn a blind eye to any education on diet or other helpful things).

I'm in for the cleanse--have already started, actually. I picked up Natalie Rose's Life Force Energy book and started doing the 21-day thing she recommends, which includes dry brushing, breathing, yoga, plus quick-exit eating. Like several others here, I'm in no position to lose any more weight, so foodwise I'm simply refining my diet a little and upping my juicing. I'm not doing a juice-only cleanse or even all raw.

I just got so off track over the holidays and I've had a really hard time getting back on. I'm 12 days into the 21-day thing Natalia recommends, yet each day I've got a big fat frownie face in my journal because I caved for the cookies or some other crappy snack. Always in the afternoons. This past Sunday was the worst. I swear I ate half a pan of chocolate chip bars my daughter made, THEN went out for a cheeseburger!

Consequently, yesterday was the first day I've stuck totally to the plan--raw til dinner, then a well-combined meal of lentil soup and a big salad. By dinnertime, I had a pounding headache and then got hit with some nausea at bedtime. Total detox stuff. Felt better after getting some of the offending matter out (probably Sunday's cookies and cheeseburger!) last night, and after a good night's sleep.

One of my biggest challenges is that detox symptoms, for me, turn up in my stomach. I get nauseated, which I just cannot stand. It's really, really hard for me to muscle through that without giving in to cravings or seeking some form of crap that will settle my stomach. Yet, logic and experience tell me that if I can just ride it out for a day or two, I'll feel thousands times better once I reach the other side. So this "cleanse" has been slow-going because of my own noncompliance. I've dragged out the detox symptoms by continuing to feed crap into my system--most days, not a lot of crap, but enough to keep me from getting clean, yet not enough to truly stave off detox symptoms. It's been sort of stupid, juicing up green drinks and whizzing up smoothies every morning, just to spend each afternoon eating cookies or each evening sipping wine (a KNOWN problem-causer for me).

So come Monday, when we all start, I'll post some specific goals. In fact, maybe that would help us all, since we've each got separate specific triggers and landmines, and maybe we'll find wisdom in each other's.

Anne said...

Jennifer, I forgot to add: I'm sending good vibes for your father-in-law. I'd juice the juice, put it in an airtight Mason jar, and bring it to him. It'll still have lots of good stuff/enzymes/vitamins et al, and he'll be in a position to drink it, already made, without having an opportunity to see you making it and start questioning its worth. If it's there and available, there's really no reason for him not to drink it, right? After all, it won't hurt him and you'll already have "gone to the trouble." (That's my mil's biggest excuse for not wanting us to bring her anything healthy.)

debbiedoesraw said...

Hi Anne
I use a lot of ginger and lemon in my green juices, say around 2" knob and one whole small lemon, peel and all. I feel like it helps my stomach stay happy and seems like my gas (sorry it's true!) has gotten much less..hang in there.. If you crave sweets try some almond butter mixed with agave- I know it is a sugar but its a low glycemic one.. add some nuts and you will have a little fudgey party! Also coconut dried or the water helps too, very sweet.

Becky said...

I have been so busy the past few days I am going to take some time and read some of these great juicing and other cool healing ideas. I just want to thank you all for being here.

Basic Me said...

Ok Jen.. I re read my post and did the same thing over and over and over. My words.. I was so stressed yesterday. Did a little meditating today. Calmed myself. Centered. Better.

It is hard to change your father in laws habits.. will he eat healthy cooked food and salads. I was thinking maybe you can pack a cooler for him of veggie based soups cut back slowly on the meat. It sounds like with the nursing home you have some time to have a captured audience. My grandmother had her knees and hips replaced this year and staying in a nursing home to get rehab and we stocked the fridge with fruit and salads and berris with low sugar. She is healthy so her fruit intake is not as unhealthy. She loves berries. Anyway. Make sweet potatoe soups with fresh greens dropped in.. spincah salads and make the salads colorful lots of nice eye inticements. He will slowly begin to change himself. If food is his med and he is in trouble. He may have to eat what is around. Although you cannot control it all talk with the nurses. See what you can figure out and change slowly. OH AND BE CAREFUL AROUND THE STAPH.... IT COULC BE DANGEROUS TO YOU TOO. I could not remember if you are your husband were sick. But always be careful it is a dangerous thing. See if the hospital when he is feeling better has PT so that the rest of his body gets more fit while in the nursing home. They sometimes have machines to workout the other leg and arms in his room. That will help keep him strong. have you talked to him about this plan and his health. He may surprise you.. may not.. My brother in law would eat a burger in spit of the knowledge but he is trying to be better. More green stopping smoking.. I am praying for you. I did the same thing. Worked thru all Kris' book suggestions. I am knowledgeable.. just haven't enough room for them all. haha..OH have looked everywhere for the post?? From jennifer cannot find it.. so sorry.. cannot wait o read it. Hugs..

Love to all you cancer babes...


librarymom said...

Jennifer- I know how hard it is to lose a pet. Ok, not a pet, a member of your family. A lot of us have been there. It's tough. We are here for you. And for your f-i-l.. Hospital food is poison as far as I am concerned. I believe it would be of great benefit to him if you juiced, put it in a mason jar and refrigerated it until you could take it to him, he would get a lot of benefit from it! It certainly would be better than store bought juice, and far better than nothing at all. It's a starting point! At some time of course incorporating more raw foods will help tons!

Cindy- regarding your request for info. on cleansing... First, I would try to read the books Kris recommends. They are all great, and will go far in establishing a basic framework for you. Of course the recommendations of the ladies on this board are also great, so you may pursue them as well! Beyond that, as I am a research librarian by trade and I am a research-a-holic due to my obsession with information, I'll share with you how I have come to the body of knowledge I now have... My kids, husband, and I love to spend our spare time in bookstores. We get our cup of coffee, and have our one cookie (AHHHHH!), and we read for hours. Because there are so many approaches for so many conditions, time schedules, lifestyles, personalities, etc. I think the best approach is to go to a local bookstore, and browse the alternative health, health, nutrition, and cookbook sections. You will be able to weed out approaches that don't suit you, and those that do. Next, you can go home, get online, and search your local library's online catalog for the titles that you have jotted down at the library. If your library does not have the titles, request they purchase them, or that they obtain them for you through inter-library loan. For Internet sites, I would do much of the same thing- simply browse "detox diets", "raw foods diet", etc. and see what you come up with. Don't forget to revisit those bookstores, libraries and websites... As you progress on your journey, you will want to revisit the books because you'll be in a different place and you will take different things from those materials.

Sherry- you are right in that those who have gone through chemo should consider detox a very slow and gentle process! That is why one should begin with a raw foods diet first and foremost, which allows the body to rid toxins slowly. After a raw foods diet has been followed for some time, then it might be okay to consider a very mild, very gentle type of detox, perhaps only by adding some green juices and some herbs. I would very much consider consulting a holistic practitioner and doing some reading on the subject before attempting a detox after chemo.

Jen- thanks for the ton of info. to all. I totally agree with it all- nutrition, not being a typical patient, language of wellness, thinking in terms of what we have or are doing to heal instead of deprivation (what we cannot have)

Anne- don't be so hard on yourself. None of us are perfect! This is a journey, and the important thing is that you are on said journey! Hang tight. Things will get better. Frankly, I am glad to hear that I am not the only one suffering from cravings, so thanks for sharing!

Debbie- I start out my day with warm lemon water and cayenne pepper, or add some to my green juices to mask the "green" taste sometimes. I also add ginger, which has a great fragrance for juicing! Your suggestions for making healthy treats are great. I have used a dehydrator in the past to make "treats" and I know that I need to get back to doing that instead of buying things I should not eat. I also love raw "Lara" bars for a treat. They are great!

Gosh, I hope I have not overlooked anything or anyone... It's been a tough day for me, too. The brain cancer is acting up, and I have had a horrendous headache for a day and a half! With working two jobs and having two kids, there is not any time to "rest", and I am against taking any meds unless in life sustaining situations, so I just deal with it. Luckily I feel a bit better now, but am exhausted. I know you all can relate to the various pains we all experience as a result of canser! Healing and happiness to each of us...

debbiedoesraw said...

Hi all
Ok, my post on Gabriel Cousens spirtual nutrition is's a bit.. controversial in nature at spots, but read it and hopefully it helps.. again, he is talking about fasting.. a cleanse does not have to be a fast.

Oh and check this out..a few internet seminar starting on Jan 15th.. perfect for inspiring us cleansers!

debbiedoesraw said...

blonde moment.. forgot the link:

Maria said...

Congrats on everything! I have to say I am so inspired by you,as always! You are truly living life at full speed, which is great to see. I wish all the best for you!So much to say..another time.
Happy New Year!
Maria Blanco- yes that one!

holisticgal said...

Hi everyone!

Loved to see all the postings today. I took massive notes along the way so I could then scroll up and type everything in. I hope I don't leave anything out. Let me know if I do.

First off, to Librarymom. Thanks for all of your insights into the language of books! You did forget something-ME... (grin) here were my qs for your lovely bibliophile mind:

"So, I also noticed that you said the jury was still out on whether the sugars in the fruits outweighed the pitfalls. Can you suggest some reading for me on this/some resources/research? I do not have cancer, but Dr. Young's approach seems so sound regarding the fruit being acid, etc. But other trusted advisors (Dr. Gary Null, Dr. Schultze) say opposite. And what about food combining/not doing apple with veggies? Any readings on that you can recommend to me? Again, I have read not to most recently.' No hurry, thanks in advance.
Regarding your headaches-ginger is also wonderful for those. You can slice it, boil it, and drink it as a tea-for circulation and vasodilation. You can also take capsules (portable), and even open those up and sprinkle in the hot water to drink (or buy the tea bags, too.) For headaches, I love the herb White willow (bark.) My acupuncturist showed me in a book she had, and it is simply wonderful-I could not find anything negative about this. It is from the Willow tree, and is a pain reliever. I buy Nature's Way, and it is the herbal equivalent of aspirin. (All this goes for you too, Anne...but I will get to you more later.) Hope this helps.. There are so many herbal anti-inflammatories. You mentioned you use Cayenne-that is known as the 'great unblocker,' according to Dr. Schultze ( He sells the finest grade cayenne powder (and tincture) available. He also makes a brain formula. Check him out. He also has books, dvds, and did I mention BOOKS?! XOXO

Callie-Which posting are you referring to, dear? I think you meant me-not the other Jennifer-cannot tell for sure. If it is regarding Silent Unity, it is on the postings to Sandra Joseph under the depression area where she first asked for support. It also got picked up by Debbie on her site. Is this what you wanted?? or Call: 1-800-NOW-PRAY (1-800-669-7729) I hope it is-sorry for the delay. Let me know if you need something else. I think this site has a Search capability-I will check after this post and re-post if I find one.
Getting your words right (Callie and Cindy K, etc.), YOU GO GIRLS! Glad it helped. Callie-The flourescent lights in hospitals (or anywhere) can be very unhealthy, and very uncomfortable. I have seen shows on tv about how they cause headaches, lower productivity, and many other things. You may want to bring a good lightbulb for a lamp (a full spectrum is awesome), a portable clip on light for your laptop, or a plug in of some type if you will be there working for long periods of time. Just thinking of you...

Okay, Anne. From my scribbled notes here on what you said. I totally get the cravings and swings. Been there, done that, done again, recovered, etc. Debbie's suggestions are SPOT ON with the nutbutter (raw, organic). Loved the idea of the fudgie extras! This may sound silly, but what got me thru some cravings besides that almond butter( was known to gulp half the jar in beginning phase of juice feasting), was STEVIA. Do you know about this sweetener? You can find it in small packets-some like the taste, some don't. Is thousands of times sweeter than sugar (ok I exaggerated a little). I opened up those little green (Get Stevia plus with FOS) packets, and in tough times sprinkled it on my palm and *LICKED IT!* It has no glycemic load, and actually has health benefits, and is not acidic.

Needing 'crap to settle the stomach?' Girrrrrlllll-it is the crap that causes the upset tummy... On an audio conference from the director of Hippocrates institute, he said that when people do cleansing eating, it is not that we are 'hungry' or craving-it is that we are 'BLOOD-SUGARING.' He said that getting enough calories/protein/nutrients in is key to vanishing those cravings-it is the drop in blood sugar that causes this, according to him. It can also be a drop in serotonin (or with chocolate cravings, a low magnesium count). So, here are two other suggestions for you beyond keeping stable blood sugars-Chromium Polycotinate (sp-there are two forms-not the Picolinate form-not as effective) is a supplement that helps with cravings and blood sugar stabilizing, and if you are already ingesting crap, get yourself some candied dried ginger from the bulk healthfood section. It will satisfy the sweet without being as 'dirty,' and will handle the stomach probs beautifully. NOte-this is not a healthy recommendation, but rather is a step up from the other junk. Maybe the mental support of having this as a fall back will help you not to dive so far backwards. And it has been said before-add *fat* in to minimize cravings. Avocados are great (and again, Deb's suggestions on the coconut, etc. are FABULOUS.) Are you already on a pro biotic?? This is imperative for balancing the tummy, and also digestive enzymes can help, too. When I have detox symptoms, (and also for everyday health) my number one go to is Powdered Mixed Ascorbates Vitamin C. This helps me so much. The one I use is Gary Null', or It will also move the bowels. A good antioxidant formula can also help with speeding up detox symptoms/the aftermath of overindulgence.

Thank you for being so candid with the difficulty you have. I feel so much support knowing I am not alone! :)

Goony aka Jennifer-The way to motivate yor fil. A key principle I learned from a treasured friend in the alt. health field is to *find out how someone is motivated.* Everyone is different. Some people are motivated by reading the information, or by knowing a friend who healed, or by seeing someone else lose weight, or seeing it on Oprah. Some people have to be told by a *white lab coat* what to do. Then there are others who simply must be motivated by incredible FEAR. They have to hit rock bottom so hard and get so scared, that they become desperate and will try anything. Then there are those who simply stay stuck in resistance and cannot be motivated towards change. I wanted to post this long ago to the woman newlywed whose husband was stuck and wouldn't motivate to take care of himself... I really felt for her and her pain (that's when Kris said 'the only time we can change a man is when he is in diapers....' ewwwwww-that hit home! ouch) So, take care to listen to where he is AT. Come to him from there-consider yourself as the source. If it is like with my family, no one can hear it from me-I am the last person they will learn from....But when five years later Oprah does a show on it, all of a sudden it's a 'good idea, great show.' Ugh. Maybe YOU are not the best messenger for him to get it from. Does that ring?

If he spent his energy looking for why he SHOULDN'T juice-guess where he is vibrating at- ? What is he attracting in? What is he shouting NO at? He isn't there yet.

Take a few steps back to assess the situation accordingly. And did you log onto yet?? Do it now, and play his audiomessage right there online. Listen to it-I think it could fit your bill of how to convince him. Let your fil listen to THAT. DR. Schultze is very in your face about getting off your ass to heal, and doing what it takes, becoming vegetarian, etc.

You ask so many questions about how to reach him-can you listen to your heart, and then listen to his positioning? Use this as your yardstick, your guidepost. Then meditate on it, ask for your INTERNAL guidance on it. Only you will find the answers in your heart, hon.

Like, I laughed about how you said he LOVES food...then asked if giving him pills or bringing him a drink would be better? Ha-Where's he at? He doesn't *love* pills, right? You get what I'm sayin'? I hope I helped.

Callie-GREAT REMINDER about how infectious hospitals are, and the staph, etc. They are crawling with disease. Please wash your hands after every doorknob, touch, etc. Pack a purell type sanitizer (WF has some, and so does, purse-sized). I would also recommend the face mask where appropriate. If you all take care of small ones at home, you cannot afford to get compromised.

Did I say that I am looking forward to your posts, Deb? I have typed so much, I am not sure. In case not, know that I am, because I will be learning more from you. Thanks for the energy to do so.

Does anyone juice wheat grass manually? Which one do you use? Please let me know whatchalike/use on a budget, k? Thanks.

I hope I didn't leave anyone out. Terry, Bav, are you guys gone in Costa Rica too or what?? :)

Tah said...

Well, I am Brazilian girl and therefore I go to write this menssagem in Portuguese,so, who knows, you has curiosity in knowing what I am writing...

Vi sua matéria em uma das nossas revistas nacionais. Achei incrível sua disposição em "curtir a vida" e aproveitar ao máximo tudo que pode. Penso que todas as pessoas deveriam fazer isso, independente de qualquer coisa; mas também penso que toda hora é hora de ser feliz! Você é linda, linda demais.. não só pelo que vejo nas fotos, mas pelo que é e escreve!! Algumas dificuldades, alguns amores...algumas situações que nos põem em xeque, arrancam essa transcendência da gente.

You are lovely... God Bless you!!
Kis, Tah =)

scnewme said...

Good morning all - wow there is a ton of great info since yesterday....alot to digest, whew - I could be linking all day!!

Callie - how is Duncan doing, and how are you??? You have so much going on, glad to hear you're at least taking time to breathe and relax...please take care of you, too!! So much love and hugs to you and Duncan...follow more of your own excellent advice!!

Anne - When I give in to my cravings (coffee, chocolate, could go on here, but you get it) I try not to get too upset with myself. Its a learning process, but all positive. I remind myself that this is a marathon, not a sprint to the finish - get back on the horse and enjoy the ride cowgirl!


feeling hopeful said...

I have been getting pretty bad headaches in the mornings between the time I'ved had my juice and lunch....started since I have been juicing the last couple weeks and today is the first time a light bulb went off and thought MAYBE the juicing and the headaches had something to do w each other. but I had no idea so who else to ask but all of you!? Anyone else ever experience this?

goony said...

Hi all.

Wow, lots to read this morning!

Callie - First let me start by saying I hope that Duncan is doing better. Hospitals are so depressing. I was taken aback by your comment on the staph. I didn't know that it was contagious. I gave him a kiss on the lips when I said goodbye. Do I need to be worried? I have 2 children at home, and one of them has a pretty weak immune system. My immune system was pretty bad, but has gotton a lot stronger in the last 4 months. I do not have canser, I have endometriosis/chronic pain, which is thought to be an immune system disorder. I catch everything, and get more sick than everyone else. I was hospitalized for some stomache virus this past summer. I was drawn here by Kris, partly because my father-in-law is battling lung cancer, but also because I was on a quest to heal my condition naturally, after relying on traditional medicine for the last 10 years and finding no relief. I have been mostly pain free for 4 months now, so I believe whole hardidly in this way of living and eating. Convincing my father-in-law hasn't been as easy. He is really great about taking supplements, but his diet is the worst I've ever seen. When he gets motivated to lose weight, he turns to fad diets like Adkins. I think that I will start bringing him the green juice for starters, and then when he goes to the nursing home, I will be able to have more control and can bring him lots of fresh veggies, and other healing foods. I don't think he will fight that part, but he has one mean sugar tooth, and I don't know if I will be able to convince him to stop. When he was in the nursing home last time, he was paying the nurses aides to go out and get him McDonalds, on top of the crap they were feeding him there. He's got it bad. I'm going to start bringing him the books that I've been reading as soon as he is able to focus again. I think he is the kind of guy that needs to feel that it was his idea, rather than being told what to do. He will be getting PT.

Library Mom, thank you for your kind words. I will be praying for you. Just a thought, but I suffered from debilatating pain from my disease, and when I started taking MSM, which is a natural anti-inflammatory, the pain was greatly relieved, and so was the swelling.

Jen, you are a holistic warrier!!! I love you. Can you please tell me what FIL means? I will go to when I'm done here to check that out. It sound very interesting. I totally understand what you are saying about my father-in-law......Wait, I think I just figured it out. DUH! Father-in-law = FIL. I'm so blond sometimes. My FIL is actually very good about taking supplements. He is very interested in natural remedies, but hasn't gotten the message that I got from finding Kris. He will never be a vegatarian. I'm not even going to go there. He has been an avid hunter his whole life, but I can work on getting more veggies, but no fruit because of the lung cancer, into him. He is not going to understand the fruit part though. His docs told him to eat LOTS of it. Maybe I should do the green juice, and the green supps.? What do you think?

And what about a probiotic?

Well lots of research to do today. I passed out at 6:30pm last night, so I'm feeling totally recharded today.

Oh, about meditating, I don't know how to do that. Is there a website or a book or something to show me the way?

Thanks guys, I love you all sooooo much.


Jessie said...

CanSer posse....I need a favor.
I've got 6 months till I graduate and in my Retail Store Management my group has rallied to do our project on a....type of holistic boutqiue, if you will. Most likely set up in a hospital, with all the cute things in/out patients will need. And most of all, colored walls! Haha. Its a fictional boutique but I need any information possible. Items to stock, places to find items, etc. I need to start doing production costs, research (real holistic boutiques???), etc. and I know I can count on my posse to point me in the right direction. Before Kris I lived in a canSer bubble, not knowing anyone, so I need a starting point.
Love to all,
P.S. How is everyone? :)

debbiedoesraw said...

In case you did not make it to my blog, here is the first post on cleansing/fasting:
HI all, My peeps at CSC are starting a group cleanse on January 14th. This is an attempt to give guidelines only, not 100% medical stuff guys! A cleanse can mean fasting, switching to raw foods for one or two meals per day or simply abstaining from dairy, meat etc. .. it is all about where you are on your journey, it is NOT a race or competition!!!
This information is from Spiritual Nutrition by Gabriel Cousens. I am not a dr, he is,so please do ask your dr if you are unsure.

A few warnings first:
1. If you are pregnant or lactating, more than ten pounds underweight, suffering with a degenerative disease, severe malnutrition and wasting disease, do not fast. That said, we are doing a cleanse which can be as simple as adding one meal of green juices. Still, if one of the above describes you, please seek an md's ok first!
2.During a fast we must give extra care to supporting elimanative systems of the body such as skin,kidneys, liver, bowel, and the lungs. Which brings us to...
General Fasting Guidelines:
1. Do an enema once a day. Colonics are excellent as well.
2. Dry brush your skin for 3-5 minutes once or twice daily,followed by a bath and skin scrub.
3. Get plenty of sunshine and do deep breathing exercises. (This can be very simple, inhale for a five count,hold for 5 count, exhale for 5 count, hold lungs empty for 5 count, repeat about 5 times)
4.Get moderate exercise ie: a 30-60 minute walk, swimming, rebounding, dance.
5.Practice yoga daily.
6 Take short saunas.
7. Spouses may disagree with this one.. abstain from sex.
8. Use flower essences..not sure if this is necessary but he reccomends it.
9.Drink Tachyon elixer(ok,not sure what that is , got to google it) daily.
10. Scrape the tounge each day.
This is an abbreviated version, look at his book for more details.
On types of fasts:
Level one: Those eating meat can abstain for a week.
Level two: Those off meat can fast using fruits, veggies and juices.
Level three: Those on lactovegetarian diet can fast using only fruit and veggie juices.
Level four: Those on a vegetarian diet can do longer fasting with primarily green veggie juices. Fruit juice is aggravating to thoose with hypoglycemia and candida (and canser).
Wow, that is a lot to swallow.. tune in tomorrow for the PH miracle cleanse info.
peace and veggie

visit me at
I will be doing PH miracle style cleanse next!

goony said...

OK, I talked to FIL, and granted he is totally stoned from the moraphine he is being given, but he is on-board for the green juice, and lots of vegetable soups and whatnot!!!!!!!! He also wants me to make him fruit smoothies with coconut oil, because I told him that I drink one a day. So I know I've learned that fruit is bad for cancer patients, but I think I read here today somewhere, that it might be OK? I am raw or at least vegetarian until dinner. I have a green juice for breakfast, then a HUGE smoothie made of 1 frozen banana, 1 apple with the skin, 2 handfulls of berries, 1 tsp. coconut oil, a 1/2 tsp of honey and enough water to make it smooth. I told him about this before he went into the hospital, and now he wants to try it too. So should I just say no?

I want to be very careful too about not making him sick from detox symptoms.

Well he will be going into surgery soon, so I will check back later tonight. Please pray for him.


debbiedoesraw said...

Hi Jennifer
You can make it a little less sugary with the use of stevia or agave nectar..stevia is the most canser friendly. I would say that in the state he is in fruit is the least of his worries! There are many good things in fruit, the sugar is the canser conflict. Try using coconut water instead of regular water.. oh and he should be drinking distilled or smartwater only! Use organic only, use collards, spinach, romaine in his smoothies. he will love them and so will his body.
Prayers to you and to him.. remember to keep your body and mind healthy during this stressful time too!!

Basic Me said...

Well for a minute I had it straight in my head. First jennifer. I want to say something I do no mean as negative. If your father-in-law does not choice this road. Just know you have done your best. I have been trying to get my brother-in-law just to stop smoking I haven't gotten him even as far as fresh veggies. I am sure you will have better luck but at first I took it very personally that this man is killing himself and just doesn't are then I realized that part of my journey was to love him while I had him and try then let him go on his own path. That was the hard part. Now.. your doing great baby steps.. the books and the green stuff great starting places. And keep on healing yourself here. How has this helped. It has helped me so much and Duncan he has als.

I have to say I appreciate all the love sent my way for duncan and the hospital. I am sure the crisis is over. You know he is so much stonger now. But the things they do to you in the hospital are nuts.. He fell in the shower so he hurt his back as I said it had been broken and healed wrong when he went in with his troops to get Noreagia in Panama. He wouldn't cme in until his troops were safe so he lived with it for a month without attention.. so when he falls it hurts. We were so thrilled that all the test came back that he had just jammed and bruised his back. He is doing the cleanze with us. All those xrays and contrast need to come out. Funny how life turns around ... when we started this he thought oh.. jimmy this is another one of callies hippychick ideas.. but I love her. Yesterday he was asking for a vegan dinner and bottles of water and all the right things. We had been in thier for hours so I ran home and got his amethyst mat.. bio mat.. wow everyone needs one in the hospital. It is so frightening to me that they will put injured people in little rooms which are sheets beside flks with the flu. I know I seem like a nut.. but I just fussed and fussed. He has a poor immune system and I was on the war path. So we finally got into a room of your own. what a night. But all is well. Hospitals are the most dangerous places.. YICK.

Well I needed the info about the light. When I got his mat I got a light and my mind perked right up. After being up for 24 hours I needed it.

Deb. the fast rules are wonderful. I need to post an article on basicmissions about nuttirtion and then the fast. I needed these guidelines for myself. Wonderful as alwasy. We haven't booted up the nutrition area yet.

Ok everyone off to work. Love you all and sending the universe love and hugs to each of you. Thanks for all he support. Callie

Jamie said...

ANNE - You have no idea how much I can relate to you. I have an extremely hard time sticking to things. And I always tell myself "you have a choice - just make the right one" but *sigh* like other say - we are not perfect.

As of the holidays I completely fell off the wagon (although I'm happy that I did manage to make 3 green smoothies at home for my breakfast and gross out my family *smile*). But just before new years, well my life has taken a bit of a turn and I admit - I'm a stress eater.
For three days straight I lived off chips, ice cream, cookies & diet coke. Literally - that was ALL. And after that I finally started eating a bit of fruit but (for example) yesterday was a small salad at lunch and then pastry and chips & french fries for supper!
I'm so not proud of it. And since xmas I've gained a good inch over my stomach and back (that's were I put on the weight!). I have huge body issues and this has just made me more depressed since I can't even work out as I hurt my back a few days ago.
Of course I'm stating all the crappy things - things could be worse. But ... Until I can sort out my life and get back to working out...I just don't have the energy or the care to even try to eat better.

So hang in there - just keep trying and do the best you can b/c that is what is important!

Cindy K. said...

Ohhhhhh.....YEAAAAA....then I can even join in on this cleanse since we can modify it based on where we're at in our own journey. I can do this!! I'm excited. I will modify my routine, but it will be an improvement for my health in whatever I do! Printing out the info, still plan on going through the books/info recommended...and I'm IN! :) Cindy K.

RachelRae said...

Jamie: Have you ever read the book, "Do I Look Fat In This?" by Rhonda Britten? It has totally helped me through my body issues!

Tae said...

So I used to be a regular on this blog, but I feel like I have fallen off the face of the earth for some time now.

Stress has driven me back to my old eating habits and I cant seem to get back into the CSC life style again. When I am raw for a day or so, I start to crave the most unraw foods I can think of. Its frustrating, as I believe and know raw is best.

Any ideas how I can go raw once and for all? Or is this back peddling a common thing?

Sandra Joseph said...

Sweet Friends,

Thank you once again for all of your kind and generous support. My husband and I have been driving for the last few days from Tucson to St. Louis so I've been sans computer. How wonderful to catch up with all of you. There are so many posts I'd love to reply to personally, but I'd be here all day and I have to get to Whole Foods.
I must shout out to Clint, though, for the Kahlil Gibran post. I consider it a direct message from my dad. My father was not a religious person, but he WAS into Kahlil Gibran. He felt a connection to him in part because they were both Lebanese. A few days after the funeral my cousin pulled me aside and handed me a wrapped gift. "I don't know if you're into this," she said, "but I think every Lebanese person should have it." It was a copy of "The Prophet." I will take my time reading and savoring the book. From your post I can tell there is much in there that I need right now.

Jen, I went to the Vibe machine website and I totally want to do it. However, I am not in Michigan anymore. I am back on tour with my husband, hence all the driving. (He's in High School Musical...coming to a theatre near you!) Living in hotels and traveling by car makes everything challenging. This week we're in St. Louis, next week, Memphis. Then, he's taking a two week vacation and we will get to go home and remember what our house looks like. We live in West Orange, New Jersey, about a half hour outside of NYC. There are vibe centers close to our home so I will try to do a session when we get there.

As for the cleanse- Monday, we will be driving all day, which does not lend itself to healthy eating or juice fasting. Then, we will be in a Residence Inn for the remainder of the week, so we will have a kitchen. I'll do my best to get back to my Natalia Rose Level 2 diet. That's where I was before my dad passed. I think fasting might throw my still grieving self into autointoxication. I DO travel with my Breville juicer and I've learned to use it in even the tiniest of hotel bathrooms.

The real cleanse I'm going to undertake is a cleansing of negative thoughts. When I think "my dad is gone" I'm going to try to turn in around and say "My dad is everywhere." When I think "This is so painful" I'm going to switch to "This is creating depth and compassion in me." When I think "Life is more pain than joy" I'm going to think of the Kahlil Gibran quote, "And could you keep your heart in wonder at the daily miracles of your life, your pain would not seem less wondrous than your joy."

Thanks, everyone. I love you all to pieces.


p.s. BAV, please check in with us. I'm worried about you since we haven't heard from you for so long. Is everything okay?

Callie, I'm so relieved about Duncan. You handled it all with such finesse. How the hell do you do it?

Laura said...

Thanks for all the talk about cleanses....I have been at my sisters because she just had her first baby and have fallen off the wagon and MUST get back on. Keep up the conversation because it is so helpful doing this with other people. I am dreading having the detox symptoms again, but it is necessary. I swear never again, I felt so good when I was on the eating plan, but now it is just spiriling out of control. I have continued to juice 1 to 2 times per day and manage through lunch, but the afternoons are killers.....I lost some weight when I went 80/20 and I would like to lose about 7 more. It is possible if I just get with the I go!

Anne said...

Hi everybody,

Thanks for the good vibes and ideas to cut cravings! I have done much better the last couple of days and am hoping I'm over the first detox hump.

Jen, I laughed when you told me that the crappy food is what upsets my stomach. Yes, yes, yes, I know that. It's actually the whole reason I've embraced the CSC ways--I was having too many stomach issues that I discovered were GONE when I food-combined and ate lots of raw. Then I threw all that away over the holidays and have to get it back.

But coming off a few weeks of poor eating and suffering detox symptoms (nausea and cravings) as I tried to get back to good (quick-exit) eating, I found I could make myself TEMPORARILY feel better by eating crap. And I mean temporarily--like, for five minutes. Then the heaviness would set in, the nausea would return . . . totally not worth it.

I read a funny quote in a book last night, and it totally applies to me and the afternoon cookies: "Do not give the devil a ride, because he'll like it so much that pretty soon he'll want to drive." This is exactly what happened to me over the holidays and now I'm wrestling back the wheel!

Kelley said...

I hope you have an amazing honeymoon!

When you have a chance, could you tell me more about sprouts. Where you buy them and which ones are best for juicing. Beyond alfalfa sprouts - I know of very little in the sprout market.



Basic Me said...

It is so good to hear from you.. You have been missed. Like you I am missing Bav. She needs to check in. Especially for the fast. What a nice way to get your mind on other things. The tour must wear you out but also stimute you. I think that is fabulous. If you come to Mobile, Biloxi , Pensacola or New Orleans. Let me know. I will be there and take you and hubby to dinner.

You are such an inpiration. It is hard to handle grief and I think in my nutty new age way that we are everything and everything is usd the vibration of things... and the conciouness. SO your dad is with you. I can hear a lift in your writing and that makes me smile.

How do I handle Duncan.. years of it. He has been sick since 1991 after the first Gulf War and things just became normal. IV's hanging in the back seat of the car while doing mission field work. Wheelchair lifts and conditions on work that there is always a resting place for him. So he isn't stuck in the house alone or with a stranger. We pal around and sometimes drive one another nuts.. but mostly just love each other. We have both been so sick we understand the value of a beautiful new day. You know.. If you get one enjoy it. He is so funny so set in his engineers brain.. so mathatical and sensible and I am as he says floopy and hippy chick canser crusader for the universe artistic nutty at times.. I looked at his friends on myspace the other day and we are so different they are all very conservative and political. haha.. Mine are all buddhist and hippy and enviormental warriors.. I suppose being opppsite makes it work. I tell you the one thing that scares me is the hospital though we have rarely had a good experience. So getting through each trip brings me round to nutville. I am working thru it though. I have learned to interview my dr.'s and keep the good ones and fire the bad. I am tough on them but kind and fair. I do not like that all Duncan's specialist are in Birmingham which is 5 hours from here because they cannot be at the er.. so we stay on cell phones nd I try and get them talking to the er doc.

Thanks everyone for the support. I couldn;t have made it through this new week of work and life without you all. I so need the cleanse. I love Natalie Rose's book and the China Report. I also and liking Dean Arnot? bad selling his book called spectrum is great with guided relaxations.. All the books Kris recommeded are great though.

I hope Kris is having a wonerful time and staying well and happy. She so deserves it. I miss her and bav.

Love to you all. Callie

goony said...

Power of prayer.

I have been praying very hard the last 2 days. I asked for guidance so that I could help my father-in-law. I've been a little nervous today because of my fil's surgery. I had some errands to run and a 2 hour window after I dropped of my son to kindergarten. I completely blew off my erands. I just felt compelled to go to our local goodwill store to do some mindless wandering and shopping. I haven't been there in so long. I walked over to the book section and there staring back at me was a book titled "Beating Cancer With Nutrition" by Patrick Quillin. Can you believe that?!!! It looks brand new, like it hadn't ever been read. I paid for the book and opened it as soon as I got in my van.
If you remember my earlier post I said I wanted to bring my father in law some of the books I've been reading as soon as he is able to focus, and this is the firt sentence I read in the book,

"If you are too sick to read much, then read this section, 21 days to a healthier cancer patient".


I'm a big believer that there are no coincidances. I was also wondering about giving him fruit smoothies, and there is a chapter in the book titled, "Starve the cancer by controlling blood glucose" I already kind of knew I shouldn't give him fruit, but I was starting to second guess that, and this book squashed those feelings. I feel so blessed today, and I just had to share this with you all.

There is a website to go with the book so you can all check this out at


holisticgal said...

Hi Lights,

Only a moment to post-I have to run. More next time.
Right now I am wiping my cheeks froom the tears of happiness I have after reading Sandra J's post-regarding the poem from Clint and the book. Then what you wrote about how you are reframing your thoughts-I am so deeply touched, and am taking this heart-bursting feeling into my own psche to practice that even MORE. Your words are so beautifully written. I am stoked that you want to go vibe-and since it is only scant minutes, I am hopeful you can fit it in on your drive. How cool he's in High School Musical. My favorite people (neice 6 and nephew soon to be 9-ohmigod he's gettin' so big) LOVED that movie-I've never seen it, but hear it's amazing. I loved how you said you can juice in tiny places. I resonated with what you said about detoxing too soon with the circumstances...I alluded to that before.

Good for you to get to WF-I learned a secret-they have online access there, too. They have looked things up for me online many times. Maybe you can use the customer service desk/or the lovelies in Haba (health and beauty area) to assist you with vibe locations, health info, etc. etc. They are so helpful there.

Callie-I am whoopin' it up for myself with a virtual confetti party-MAN-to follow my intuition about things and post random stuff as it comes into my head...then to read that it helped you exactly-I am celebrating here about the Light being helpful. Hip, hip, hooray! And that you already did get him a biomat...maybe you had posted that before in the history. Did insur. cover that?
I was thrilled that you got him his private room, and all the ways you post about the experience-and him turning around from where he was and asking for vegan food and stuff. Incredible!! Love it, love it!
Debbie-Do you purchase Smart Water wholesale/in bulk, or what? Do you have a home filter that you like, or do you buy distilled by the gallon? Tell me whatchaknow, k?

Meditating-Sorry about that if you didn't know. Please go to Silent Unity online-referenced before. It is simply getting quiet, clearing your mind, listening to your breath. It is sitting in silence. That's all.

Another resource is Wayne Dyer's book-Getting in the Gap-comes with a meditation cd (have not used it myself yet). Check your community for yoga centers-they can perhaps recommend you to meditation centers if you want to do it with others or have it be guided.

Do you have a quick computer? Can you do internet searches? Sometimes doing little internet searches beforehand can be easier and faster than posting and waiting for replies, if you have the computer for it (same for the person who asked about the local healthfood store, etc.)

My favorite are sunflower sprouts.

Sandra-Oh yeah-Great you can be at a Residence Inn. Do you have a laptop? Many hotels are wireless, or have FREE computer access.

I checked Missouri's vibe centers for you-there are 14, though not the specific city you mentioned-here is the Branson info- (usually local practitioners can refer you...) I don't know the area enough to know which ones are closest, etc.


Here is the TN info: (although, again I couldn't find one in "Memphis' per se- but they'll know to refer to the closest city, I bet):
Dr. Thomas Noll
Crossville, Tennessee 38558
(931) 459-2363

"Nu Start II, Inc."
Dr. Burkes
Hendersonville, Tennessee 37075
(615) 338-4906
(615) 305-4962
Hope you get there!!! I know it will help (and make your husband's long driving/performing legs/body great to go, too!)

Impt: Hold your perfect intention of the right outcome for yourself before vibing-it facilitates your experience.

Gotta run to go vibe,
Jen (the Holistic Warrior-Thanks, Jennifer-and cracking UP about the FIL!!!)

Lauren said...

Sandra J it's great hearing from you. It sounds like you're really on the way to healing yourself. I can't imagine how tough it is for you, but it's obvious from your post that you are so strong.
I totally want to see your hubby's show! Do tours go everywhere except nyc? That's where I live, so it would be awesome if he did it in the city. I love seeing shows.

Jamie -- don't feel bad about your crappy diet during the holidays. I did well the first couple days then everyday following I ate a big bowl of icecream with a brownie. It was so delicious, but I felt so icky. I felt so gross after vacay that I have stuck to healthy eating since. This is for Tae also, I read Skinny Bitch and that was a great motivator. Kris referred to that book in her blog about dairy. So my diet right now is a combo of natalia rose (raw diet) and skinny bitch. I'm raw for breakfast and lunch then have a skinny bitch type meal for dinner.
Hopefully I can keep it up!

goony said...

I'm probably becoming annoying from posting so much today, sorry. I just want to let you know that my FIL came thru the surgery fine this afternoon. I'm so relieved.

Sandra, so good to hear from you! You sound like you are strong. It's so cool that Clint sent you those words written by a man your father admired. No coincidences!

Deb, thanks for your advice. What is smartwater?

Callie, I just love you to pieces. What is ALS?

Jen, I checked out the herbdoc website and it is great.


debbiedoesraw said...

Hi Jennifer
Congrats on your fil ..sounds like a good start to healing.
Smartwater is a brand name of distilled water that has some minerals added back into it. It is at Trader Joes, Whole Foods and most all supermarkets. It was reccomended by Brian Clement from Hippocrates institute in a interview I heard online.
Keep the faith and green juices flowing!

clint said...

Hi Sandra,

Am glad your in a better place with everything... it certainly IS quite interesting that your father was into Kahlil Gibran, and had that connection.

I do have to say, that when I read about how much pain you were in with your father, the thought was immediate, and 'The Prophet' immediately came to mind... and it was because of passages in his book that made it easier for me to look at my mothers passing from a different perspective...and remember her in a different Light.

I also got into Gary Zukov's book 'Seat of the Soul' (heavily recommended by Oprah) which had a lot of Soul Candy, easing the grieving process.

Hug Hugz,



debbiedoesraw said...

Good morning everyone!
My hubby turned me on to this site and our lady Kris is on it! Lots of good stuff and info:

Today I will post the cleanse overview from PH miracle. Check out the juicefeasting site, so much good info and even a shopping list, all for free!
peace out

debbiedoesraw said...

Hi all
My post is up about PH miracle cleanse guidelines. I will put it up here too later on. See me at

Get ready Monday is coming!
green love

Olga Games said...

Treat Cancer with Flavonoids:

Lauren said...

Can Flavonoids treat psychotic episodes too?? I hope so cuz I swear the next time I see one those "treat cancer with flavonoids" comments I'm gonna have a major Freak Attack!!

apoopslingingmonkey said...

Lauren~ rofl! your awesome! :)

apoopslingingmonkey said...

Everyone~ Blessings to you all....
I've been really busy lately... not alot of time to post, but still reading, and just wanted to say congrats to the people with good news/things going on and im so sorry to those of you who've had some not so good news :( hang in there, your all in my prayers! hope we all have better days ahead :)

Lauren said...

haha :) thank you apoopmonkey

Lauren said...

I have an embarrasing question...
I'm doing the renew life organic cleanse starting monday with everyone else, but I'm also starting a new job that very day.
So will this cleanse cause know what I'm talking about right??

I feel so close to all of you :)

Lauren said...

That last remark was kinda a joke, but the truth!

Basic Me said...

Hi All. This was a long week. I am missing you all. I have never been this tired in my life. I think my epidurals.. are putting a little to much pressure on spinal fluid.. soooo tired. And sleepy I am never sleepy ever!!!! It is weird. Talked to the dr. No steriods just marcaine. But.. it is still enough to bug me.. Love that the pain is gone for a bit. I had great news.. 42 pounds since Oct.. I cannot wait for the cleanse and then I cannot wait to put this smaller behind that is happy and healthy and hopefully awake in a swim suit this year.. scars. and all... I am loving my scars now After being with you guys they are my csc tatoos.. love you all sleep tight. Callie

ALS is Lou Gehrigs disease... someone asked.. Degenerative nerve disease usually fatal in five years.. we are doing great witht hat with Dunc.. it has many problems with it but we are so blessed they are getting better. Thanks for asking..

Dr.Sue said...

I thought I'd comment on your FIL & his medications and food. I'm a pharmacist. Most meds are okay with most foods. One to be careful of, is if he's taking a blood thinner, Coumadin(the generic is Warfarin) & alot of greens are newly introduced into his diet it can cause problems with blood clotting as greens have alot of vitamin K. Also, some antibiotics (not all) shouldn't be taken with clacium, iron or magnesium as they can bind to the antibiotic & make it less effective. If you want to know about any specific meds, I'll try to help. I'm not a pharmacist who works in oncology, but have a number of collegues who are more specialized.
I'm up for the detoxing. There's a raw food guy, Frederic Patenaude, who is also doing a 21 day challenge starting on the 14th. He's really knowledgeable & has a great raw food recipe book called Instant Raw Sensations (no dehydrator needed). His website is & has lots of good info.
My prayers are with you & your family.

Dr.Sue said...

Sorry, my typing is not so good this late. The word clacium is suppose to be calcium.

Laura said...

Good Morning....can someone take the lead on this cleanse for monday.....I am on the Dr. Young plan so I will do that cleanse again (it has been great for me in the past.) How long is everyone planning? I find cleanses to be difficult so I am looking forward to the moral support. Hope everyone is well today.

debbiedoesraw said...

Hi everone
Well, it is two days till our cleanse. try to eat as raw as possible, no meat or dairy if you are ready for that. It will make Monday much easier on you.

Please look at my last post on my blog: for the pH miracle cleanse guidelines.

Also, check here daily to note how you are feeling and ask any questions... Kris will be back too so we can all try and support and help each other.

I am waiting for my omega juicer to arrive, hope it is in time for Monday!
Have a great weekend!

Laura said...

Hi Debbie
I have the omega juicer and really love it. In the past I have used the Breville and loved the wide-mouth feature....however, because it doesn't do wheatgrass I had to give it up.

Thanks for your encouragement and push for a cleanse. Should be fun!

goony said...

Dr. Sue -

Thanks for the info. I think I'm going to hold off on the juice for a bit anyways, because he's just in real bad shape. He's too weak to even read the book I got him to fight his cancer.

I hope anyone here that may work in a hospital isn't offended, but I just don't understand why 80% of the people I encounter in the medical profession are in that profession. I know they aren't all bad, but it seems the ones I encounter are just miserable people. The staff at the hospital my FIL is at is just awful. I called him yesterday morning and he was so weak and upset. They cut off his water and food because he was to be getting a pic line, since his IV wasn't working and all the medicine was just filling up in his hand. It took them way too long to figure that out by the way. So all he wanted was some water because he was so parched, but night nurse hatchet wouldn't allow it. He ended up calling his doctor yesterday to ask why he couldn't have any water, and the doctors office said there is no reason he cant have water so they had to call the hospital and instruct to nurses to let him drink! By the time I got there they were trying to change his bandages on his kneee, and my FIL screamed like I've never heard before. He has a very very high threshold for pain, so I know he is suffering. I asked the nurse why he was denied water and she said that the night nurse must not be up to date on pic lines, It used to be you couln'd have anything to eat or drink, but that has changed. WTF! They are very cold and unsympothetic. He asked for a gingerale and we waited 15 minutes for it to come. Guess what, no ginerale. I finally went to see about it and she acted like it was the first time she was asked for the gingerale. He was so parched he couldn't barely drink it because it hurt his throat. I asked if he wanted me to give him a hand masage with his coconut oil and he said yes, but first he showed me the bottle of lotion that one of the nurses gave him the day before. The stuff was so dried up it wouldn't come out of the bottle. Luckily we had packed his coconut oil in his bag before he went to that god forsaken place. After I left there I was just completely depressed. How the hell is he going to get better in such a sad environment. He will be going to a nursing home on Monday. I went and checked out 3 of them after I left and one of them, I wouldn't send an enemy to.

I read in my new book, beating cancer with nutrition, that it may be too late to fight cancer with nutrition after all of the chemo and other drugs have been unleashed, that it is ideal to fight back with nutrition during these treatments. Most cancer patients end up malnurished, and end up with pneumonia and other things because there immune system has been destroyed. Now that he has a staph infection, I feel like I'm watching the words in the book, play out in slow motion, right before my eyes. I'm in a bad frame of mind and just need a glimmer of hope.

Good luck with your cleanse everyone. What I really need is a mind cleanse!


holisticgal said...

Dear Jennifer,
I am listening, and sending good vibrations your way. MY GOD! My heart just sank for you with what you went through. If you are in the space, maybe consider writing a letter naming the nurse, the date, the situation, the lotion, etc. If only for no other person to have to go through that (or even write it to her directly) How horrible. You poor things...good thing he has you there! (You aren't going thru this alone, are you?)

I loved how the book came into your hands at the thrift store. I wanted to post this to you before:
In my circle, we call that a 'God Job.' When it is so perfect and miraculous, that there could be no other hand at work but God's.
Remain confident that you were led to that book for a reason, and that the body can heal and regenerate itself...
Remember the postings before about tending to your positive thoughts? Well, here is your mind cleanse, dear:

If you can:
See it working out-see and affirm only healing hands surround him now...visualize him having loving care and assistance all around him at all times-use your thoughts and the energy of your mind to REVERSE THE PAST CIRCUMSTANCES GOING FORWARD.

Hanging onto the low frequency of what has already transpired (done, in the past) will send out the vibration for you to attract *more of it.* You know what-thank goodness that lotion was hard-it had toxins in it to be sure....Yours was better. Find the silver lining as desperate as it feels. He is leaving there soon.

It will turn around for you as you start to feel better emotionally/mentally. It can be a push to do so, this stuff can be difficult. Thank you for posting about it all. I am sure Callie will have her say about similar circumstance and experiences, no doubt.

What this reminds me of is how perfect it is to do a cleanse-we want to *avoid* going to hospitals for ourselves in the future whenever possible! That kind of crud you dealt with is typical I'm sure. What better insurance can we take out on ourselves than to eat alkaline and juice? Stay focused on that fact for yourself, k honey?

God bless you as you move through that stress, and keep up the affirming thoughts of what the best, most perfect outcome you can visualize for him is. Know that we are sending good thoughts your way.
Much love,

Jane said...

Happy New Year to you too Kris!! I hope you have the best honeymoon in history!!

librarymom said...


I am so sorry I missed your first questions, and that it has taken me so long to respond when you asked again. Life with a family and multiple jobs is chaotic at times, and unfortunately if I need to give up something at the end of the day just to get in some Zzzzs, it is my "computer time".

As far as where specifically I have read that the benefits of fruit might outweigh the negatives of the sugar, I don't have any paricular titles or sites. I do SO much reading, that I know that on this topic I simply gathered a "feel" for it. I found that the information on juicing, not related to cancer, usually didn't mention avoiding fruits, but many cancer sources on juicing do. However, many cancer sources recommend fruits for their cleansing ability and for their high anti-oxidant level. For instance, the book, "The Complete Cancer Cleanse" that I referenced earlier does use veggies high in natural sugars such as beets and carrots for specific purposes during cleanses. I would have to go back to the book to see whether or not she advocates adding apples. I have found, however, that whatever the source, apples are the only fruit to be suggested as an addition to green juices among the "alternative" community.

As far as properly combining food, and avoiding the consumption of fruits and other foods together, that is a concern when actually eating them as opposed to when juicing them. The transit time for fruits is much less (30 minutes or so) than other foods, and to avoid having fruits ferment in your gut, you need to eat them in advance of other foods, or hours following. However, when foods are juiced, they are not digested, they are absorbed directly into the bloodstream. So, that particular issue is non-existant.

Thanks for the thoughts on headaches, I will keep that in mind. Do you know what was weird? I discovered the source of my headache that day and a half. Here in Wisconsin we had a freaky weather pattern come through. For several days we had unusually warm weather, in the 60s. A front came through, temps dropped, and we actually had tornados touch ground (and destroy 50 homes). So, that barometric pressure really did a "thing" on my noggin' The bulb finally went off when a couple other people mentioned to me that they had headaches that day too!

debbiedoesraw said...

Hi Jennifer and all canser cowpeople,
Read todays post on we like it raw that I am putting here. it tells it like it is for the medical community..sad but true. Take matters into your own hands, they are really the only hands you can trust to make a difference!
Here is the post:
At lunch yesterday with a friend a question came up: "Do you think they get it?"

By "it" she was referring to raw food and it's power to heal. And by "they" she was referring to the health care infrastructure, but more specifically medical doctors.

"Do you think they get it? Are they starting to understand all this? Are things changing?"

To which I replied, "The docs don't have time to get it and there's no incentive to get it."

Docs at all stages of the game have a set curriculum and agenda (one that is often set by people with no medical training whatsoever). And making progress or paying attention to anything outside of that curriculum is not rewarded, encouraged or safe, (I'm generalizing a bit).

The system is too big, with too many obstacles setup to discourage people from changing it. Some are very apparent- no grant money for studies without direct patent opportunities (where's the money in natural cures?), and others are hidden - little government incentive for major disease prevention programs, (since fed doesn't pay the bill for health care, compared to the EU).

Sure their are a lot of open minded doctors and health care professionals out there that are trying to shift things. But many of them are forced to make a clear distinction between what they do personally and what they practice as part of their work. Only the most ambitious doctors are starting to break free of the system and set a new course. The ambitious ones are trailblazers (Alejandro Junger, Gabriel Cousens, Thomas Lodi, Mehmet Oz), but at their best they are skipping the traditional health system and working directly with patients. And now with Allopathic doctors loosing incentive to keep the system status quo, (insurance premiums, law suits, more deadly sick patients), you have younger doctors-to-be feeling the pressure and looking for alternatives.

A health revolution is brewing and people aren't waiting or expecting doctors to get it. And the docs in the know aren't waiting or expecting the system to get it. The road to health doesn't have any hospital pit stops or lead to Drug City. It's lined by fruit trees and vegetable gardens and takes people to a place where "health" and "fear" aren't found in the same sentence.

True health: by the people, for the people.


Dr.Sue said...

Hi LibraryMom,
I love all the knowledge you provide. About your headaches, you're probably right about the weather. I live in MN & it's amazing the fluctuation in the temps we can get! I'm in AZ for the winter this year. I needed to escape from the cold. Another thought about headaches, sometime a little caffeine will help with headaches for those who can take it. Caffeine causes vasoconstriction of the blood vessels & can help quite quickly. Some types of headaches such as migraines are believed to be caused because blood vessels on the surface of the brain expand causing the area around them to become inflamed & irritate nerve endings. The dilation & irritation can account for the pain. If caffeine is okay for you, it's a thought. Take care, Sue

Michelle J said...

Hi everybody, i just want to wish you all good luck on monday starting your cleanse!! I have decided to participate in the global juice feast starting march 1 but i just want to say i am going to follow you guys here and cheer you on!!! Debbie: you are awesome with all your wonderful posts here and on your blog!!! I have a a juice feast considered a cleanse? I think it is but just want some clarification!!! Thanks!

goony said...

Oh my,

Jen, you don't know how much I needed to hear every word you said. You made me realize that I was falling into the negative thinking trap. I was looking past some very positive moments. When you said it was probably better that their lotion was dried up because it contains a bunch of chemicals, I was taken aback. You are so right! I don't want that stuff on his skin anyways! I think that I'm just getting so cought up in my own emotions and sadness. But your visualization suggestion is right on. I am very interested in the field of metaphysics, mind over matter. I know if anyone can beat this it is my FIL. I also plan on writing a letter regarding night nurse hatchet, so she doesn't do this to anyone else. Thanks for the suggestion. I was like, why didn't I think of that?!

Debbie & Librarymom, thank you too. I'm going to obstain from fruit until I really do more research. It seems natural to me that it would be good for the body, but I really am afraid to do the wrong thing.

Last night the last thing I wanted to read about was canser. That is all I have been doing! I went to the grocery store and bought some really cool magazines, that are about yoga/going green, and natural health. Very informative, but not specifically about cancer, you know? Anyways I'm flipping through the pages and there I see an advertisement for Clayton College Of Natural Health. I was intrigued, but too tired to investigate. Today, after reading your message to me, it hit me. I am about to be 34 years old. I have no idea what I want to do with my life, and I've been praying and opening my mind to the universe to send me some sign. I am soooooo interested in this field of natural health. Not that I dont like traditional medicine, but I just believe it is so flawed, and I've thought this for a long time. I really think this is the sign I was asking for. I think I would really like to get a degree in the field of natural medicine. They offer bachelor, mastor, and doctor degrees in the fields of holistic nutrition as well as a few other fields. Has anyone here heard of this college? Is this for real, or some scam? Can a degree in this field be used in real life for a real job? I think I have found my calling.

I just got word that my FIL is being moved to the nursing home in a half hour. YES! I was down this morning, but you lifted me up and I can only hope that I will be able to return the favor to you if you ever need it. I love you guys.


Please see the website for this college at :

Is this for real?


librarymom said...

Hi all!

Debbie- you are so right about the medical "establishment"! I have been fighting it ever since I wanted to have a natural childbirth, have a "family bed" with my little ones, and breastfeed (modestly, in public- gasp!)! It's good to know that there are so many awesome books on the market today and some great websites, so the word is getting out. I know this because I am not considered as much a "freak" as I was when I had my first child 12 years ago! Ha!

Dr. Sue- you are so sweet to offer suggestions for my headaches! Yes, I am aware that caffeine does help some with headaches. Trust me, I'll use any excuse to indulge in some good, fair trade, organic dark chocolate or coffee! However, it has not proven effective for me (not that I am going to let go of that excuse!). When I say that I have a headache, it is different than a traditional headache in that I have brain cancer, and have had my head sawed open... Yikes! Oh, by the way, you say you are in AZ for the winter? I am in Wisconsin where it's 30 degrees today. Ok, I officially think I cannot talk to you now :]

Michelle- Debbie et all have done a great job of describing a cleanse. It truly can be what you make it, it all depends upon where you are in your health journey. The purpose is to take where you are and push yourself to the nextr level, even if only temporarily, to allow your body to heal and recover. It also helps emotionally and spiritually if you care to take the time to address those areas of your life as well. To clarify, technically, a juice feast is another term for a juice fast- where one only consumes fresh veggie juices and water for a period of time.

Alright, I really must go now. It is time for the Packers v Seahawks game!!! Excuse me for a moment while I scream...
GO PACKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dr.Sue said...

I guess I can come on board with the Packers, even though my husband would be quite unhappy hearing that I'd cross state lines! How about feverfew for your headaches. I'm not giving up, though I don't know what you're feeling in your head. I do, however, relate to the brain issue, though I don't have cancer, my MRI this summer showed probable demylination & I have some neuropathy & paresthesia on & off, so probable MS. My neurologist says it's mild, if I do have MS & I could have a spinal tap to probably verify, but what for? I'm not interested in the confirmation. I feel better not putting a diagnosis to it, since according to medical doctors there is no cure. I like Kris's term of being in "progression-free remission". So, I still think you're awesome, even if you're a cheesehead! (I'm not a big Viking fan, but I had to throw that term in because, even though The Pack does rock, we're still rivals.) Sue

librarymom said...

Lauren- I am going to do the Renew Life Organic Whole Body Cleanse beginning Monday as well. I wish I could offer you some info. on what the results will be, but I have never used it.

Ideally, one would want to undertake a cleanse during a period of calm, or at least not during a period of heightened stress... Now, this is coming from a person who holds down a couple of jobs and has a couple of kids, so I am in no position to do anything other than offer my thoughts! I am simply hoping that doing a cleanse on the first day of your new job and not knowing how you will feel might really be stressful.

Strangely enough, I will be starting a new job myself the following week! Good luck, I hope it's great!

Basic Me said...

sue, I am not about to intrude on you. well shit.. maybe I am but I wanted you to know that there are several very good treatments for ms and als like my husbands that can almost stop it. If you are on these theories dont worry aboutt he spinal tap. I am sure you know but to insure diagnosis you have to have mylin in the spinal fluid this test is very helpful if you get a bad relapse and remitt phase and need to get on disability orshort term disability from work a wheel chair or durable medical equipment and the problem with all of these things being paid for by insurance is there is a huge difference between ms related fatugue and say chronic fatigue one the ms is much more serious and will have the wheelchair paid for in full or a care giver or someone to clean your home. I have said it all now.. and I apologize if I have overstepped. It took years after the virus that turned to als with Duncan made its way to the threats of vents and horrible consiquences. The Very GOOD news if you know you know how to fight it. Not to get to hot.. how the episodes start.. how to stop them how to excersizze properly.. I am telling you information is power. But I cannot help but feel guilty as I intrude on your buisness. I have just been fighting this disease and cancer for so long I worry for you. Now. The good news. Life on this diet and control can be long, happy and pain free for some. We were to far gone for that but they are out there. I am so proud that you are so strong. My husband never wanted to know what his illnesses were or how to fight them until it was almost to late. Now he is rabid about it. So if your not on this diet get on it.. and be healthy.. dont get over 75 degrees or if you have fever get it down and see a dr. And enjoy fast week. OH Lauren.. just for info.. I am not sure about the mcsquirties.. I know you will be cleaned out when it is over but.. if you are doing the wheatgrass then you have to prepare to have to go more often. I might even tell who ever is working with me I may need to visit the ladies on this fast alot this week. I have never gotten sick but I sure use the ladies alot. But you feel great around day three. There will be some nausea, some headaches, some stomach upssset. but no too bad. Looking forwrd to the fast and Momma Cowgirl will be home tomrrow and back on site. we have missed you Kris!!!

Love you Callie. Callie

scnewme said...

Hope you're all having a beautiful weekend - I'm so ready and eager to begin the cleanse tomorrow - its a fantastic opportunity to take another step forward in our healthful journey of life.

Deb, the info on your blog has become a great resource...I believe you can never have enough knowledge and appreciate how much you and others are sharing with us here.

I do agree that there is a huge chasm between the medical and alternative worlds. However, if we continue to speak out by insisting that the walls be broken down and integrate the two, our voices will be heard. Personally, I had to make a decision and put my life into some very capable "medical" hands at Penn, and I wouldn't have a second chance today if it weren't for them. I have an appointment this month at the Lance Armstrong Foundation Survivorship Program (also at Penn) and that was recommended and supported by my amazing doctors. Also, the LLS' (leukemia & lymphoma society) latest newsletter has a new section on alternative medicine and clinical trials using these methods. So, there is's a small beginning, but still a move in the right direction!!

dr sue - I'm gonna side with Callie on this one...both my mom and her sister have MS diagnosed more than 30 years ago. Great strides have been made here. I offer you my first-hand knowledge of their experiences if you are interested and/or have any questions - just let me know and we can chat.

To all, be strong in your battles and stay positive...there is so much love and support here for everyone. I cherish this blog and all of you. Kris, welcome home...we have missed you!!

xoxo Sherry

P.S. I think Callie is rubbing off on me, lolol

Dr.Sue said...

Callie, Idon't think you're intruding, I appreciate the advice. If my symptoms worsen I will get the spinal tap, but right now I'm trying to see how going more raw & alkaline effects me. I've been a semivegetarian for almost 20years (I still eat fish & dairy), but I know I can streamline my diet more. The neurologist I've been to says she'd be more concerned if I was 26, I'm 46 (though I think I'm 26). My neck & spine MRI came out clean, which was good. My office tests for strength,balance & vision were good so I know I could go on Interferon now if I wanted, but am convinced God & my diet will keep me as is or better!

Sherry, Thank you for letting me know that I can talk to you, I appreciate that very much.
I'm starting my DAILY juicing tomorrow. Sue

Basic Me said...

Oh Sue, I worried last night I wish I could have edited it. I am glad it was fine. I want you to know that ALS and MS are quiet similar in the beginning and this diet has made Duncan almost.. no symptomatic. He has pain, and his left side is aparalized, but he feels wonderful, not weakness and pain spurts agfter eating. He has much less fatigue, he doesn't sieze unless he is very tired. That is down from at least 6 siezures a day and he is stronger and happier. The heat is not affecting him nearly the way it did and he is bale to both sleep and excersize. Both are huge for us. We are in the end stages so to have a reprive and a moment o begin again has been the most wondeful thing. I hope you will keep us up to date and continue on will great suscess. I began this program because I was tired of cancer having the better of me. Well we have the better of both and a great joyful life! I think trying this first is amazing. Like you said the meds can come later. You body wouldlet you know loud and clear when and if they may be needed. The inteferon and all didn't help Duncan as much as this diet although I have friend in which is totally helps them be normal. I wish you all the luck and blessing in the world. Thanks and Good Luck.

Lauren good luck on your new job. I am still not sure about the poop problem I wish bav would check back in but chris will be home tomorrow and will I am sure have tons of fats and inspiration for us.

Deb, Jen and several others have really taught me a few things in these tow weeks. thanks..

Changing thing for the site today. I have got to get the chats up and running this is the hardest thing.. so I am setting a topic feel free to change it or drop by this next week and chat. The floor is for you all.

ohh and what and I doing wrong trying to get to the csc-chats on yahoo. cannot amange to get there and want to support everyones venture. Love ya. Callie

holisticgal said...

Hi all,
Sue-Love, love, love your holistic, non-toxic/non-invasive approaches.And the mental aspect, too-refreshing. As you may know, there is are HUGE amounts of remedies/approaches available between food and drugs, all non-toxic. I treated with a naturopath that helped ms patients, cancer patients, autoimmune disorders, etc. There are vibropathic (similar to homeopathic if you are familiar) remedies with specific protocols for ms. From what I remember, there were retroviruses as underlying causes of the condition, among personality (chakra) issues. To find out about these remedies (they are water with vibrations/energies/frequencies suspended in them, go to They also have a protocol for reversing herpes-for good.

Let me know if you have other questions about it later, as I know many, many people besides myself that have used these.

Callie, did I end up giving you the right site you were looking for awhile back?

Jennifer-So glad to read that I affected you in a positive way. I think I live for that currently-the feedback does so much for me, personally. I am in a space where that makes a huge impact on me.

Librarymom-THANK YOU! The lightbulb went off when I read about the food combining being irrelevant with juicing. Gosh, you were so knowledgeable, and I appreciate it so much! I put some tangerines I had been given off a tree in my veggie juice this am-I do know that I have to be careful with hypoglycemia stuff currently, but I couldn't resist. Thanks for the time and info-it was great. And no worries about the delay...I get that. Thanks for your precious energy. I also thought it was so super you figured out about your headaches-who knew!!? I love learning here.

Question for the group, in the spirit of our cleansing: Where does everyone like to buy their organic produce at the best prices, and which produce?
I will contribute that I like getting red bell peppers (I read to never buy green-they are just unripe veggies) and cucumbers organic at Trader Joe's. I also get o. onions and lettuce and spinach.
Can't wait to read what other people post!
Have a great Sunday,

Liz said...

Hope you guys had a wonderful honeymoon-- and much needed as well as deserved break!! Can't wait to see te pics!!

Lauren said...

Thank you Librarymom and Callie for responding to my embarassing question. I actually started the cleanse a day early (hope that's okay), so that I could see how it would affect me before I start my new job. So far I feel the same, but I haven't even done a days worth yet.

Callie it's great to hear how the csc diet has really helped you and your husband. 6 seizures down to practically none is amazing! It's very motivating, so thanks for sharing.
There should be a post devoted to how the diet has changed how people feel. Everyone can give their personal experience. For someone just starting this lifestyle(like me)or someone who needs encouragement to stick with it, it could be very motivating.

debbiedoesraw said...

Hi Jen
I get almost all my produce at the local farmers market.. not all organic, but all pesticide free. Whole Foods is my second choice, trader joes number 3. Local is best but sometimes I run out of something and need it asap, so the stores are it.

Get ready everyone tomorrow is the big start of our cleanse.. share what you are doing, how you feel, ask question, complain and shout for joy at us! You can always visit me too at

Here's a glass of green juice to you all!

Basic Me said...

Hi Guys,
Well just back from the park and my friend Bonnie was back. Whew... I was so worried about her. She like us is fighting the c. but she looked wonderful and is doing great. Hurrah. A grateful moment.

Jennifer I have been so lost in my own bubble and I am so tickled at your call.. You are getting one I think. What a field Holistic Nurtition. You go honey.. I have been so school so often they will bury me and the monument will have to be big to state all my loves.. But you are never ever to late to start over. Do it !!!!! what a blessing that would be for every hopsital. And like all holistic practicitioners I bet the word would spread like wild fire. I am going to go to hippocrates in the summer and cannot wait to learn something new. But that would be so valuable. We need nutritionist to get folks online about what feeds cancer and what kills it. What would help children to thrive and get the ordinary public off milk and meat.. heaven to betsy. I am so excited for you. Let me know how it goes.

Jen.- I love the sites and I cannot wait to visit the I am very interested in the chakra vibrations for ALS. It is so much like MS. Duncan and I are up for anything. And I so believe in keeping balance in your energy centers. I got off balance with all the new stress and had to re-group and get my thinking back into the positive vibe and make sure i was caring for me. I need that check all the time.

lauren- I feel like you.. baby in veggie land. I am learning and loving it. I tell you sometimes I just crave fat but that is usually after I have ex. and not eaten enough. I am glad your first day went well. Very smart to start before you start the new job. One ting for the new job. when Duncan was in the hospital this week and I was working out of the hosp. room Jen suggested a good light to counter act the flouresents.. boy did that help. And remember to eat right on this fast to keep stress down. The last fast I had a bit of nausea and headaches but I was not taking in enough calories so I added more green juice and veggies and wham back to my old self. Remember to pick up Natalia Roses book and see where you sit on the stage of the program of food combining and fasting. I tend to be an all or nothing girl and that gets me in trouble I finally had to ease my way into no meat no dairy and 80/20 80 raw and twenty cooked vegan. But it tookm a while and that was ok.

Jen- I am having trouble buying organic except and Fresh market and they are very expensive..I thought it would be cheaper to be off steak. hahah.. I am spending a lot.. but then I am eating much better. How about you.. do you find the cost is high.. worth it but high. That seizure med is much higher.. hah

Well I have to get to work. Tomorrow is the second week and there should be lots more content on the site but the webmaster is taking a while. I hear this is normal at first. So I need to chill and do affirmations and not get nuts.. and remember those words... positive.. not frustated. Love you all. Hurrah Chris will be back tomorrow wonder how the honeymoon went. Duncan and I have never had ours. Maybe our 28th year anniversary will be the one. haha.. hugs peace and veggies. Callie

Anne said...

Checking in on Sunday afternoon with my cleanse routine.

•Raw til dinner except on days I'm eating out. (I've got several work lunches coming up and I just find it too hard to commit to all raw at a restaurant.)

•Juice on empty stomach every morning; follow up with green smoothie and fruit til lunchtime.

•Follow food combining rules, whether I'm eating raw or cooked, at home or out.

•Keep avocado intake high and try out some young coconut. Got to keep my weight stable. (I'm 5'7" and 115 pounds--with a real tendency to go boobless and buttless.)

•Do 30 minutes of yoga every day.

•Walk every day.

•No wine, no processed sugar, no cookies!

•Feel my feelings, speak my honest mind and be confident that my opinions are valid.

•Keep a journal and make sure and include gratitude daily.

•Dry brush several times a week. Oil pull several times a week. Epsom salt bath a couple times a week.

•Acquire a meditation CD and use it.

Strategies for success:

-Get up at 6 a.m. (instead of 6:30) to fit in yoga practice.

-Walk daughters to school (and back) as usual; add walks on weekends as well.

-Take salad stuff to work religiously.

-When it comes to cookies, resist any urge to give the devil a ride. Keep nuts/dried fruit/Larabars on hand for those afternoon crazies.

–Buy a meditation CD when I meet old friend next weekend and we go to a co-op we love in the town where we're meeting each other. (Anyone have any good recommendations?)

-Keep a good book going so I'll look forward to climbing into bed to read at night (instead of winding down with a half glass of wine in front of the TV).

I realize that wine is not terrible, but on a rather basic level it does not agree with me. I love it, but it makes me itchy and upsets my stomach (if I have more than a glass) and sometimes messes with my sleep and my balance the next day. I used to drink a large glass or two every night without fail until I figured out that I was becoming less and less tolerant to it. Now I have it a couple nights a week, just a half glass, and it doesn't bother me in that small an amount, but knowing how poisonous it really can get for me, it's not something I wish to do during a cleanse.

I'd like to stick to this cleanse for three weeks. I've been doing Natalia Rose's Life Force Energy one for almost three weeks now--with real success for the last week, but this is turning up the screws a bit.

Lauren, good luck at the new job tomorrow. Hopefully no excess poop!

Debbie, thank you for all your cleanse posts, both here and on your blog. Very helpful and inspiring!

Callie, I hope your pain is staying away and think it's awesome that you're ready to flaunt your scars in a swimsuit this year.

Jennifer, I hope things with your fil are going better. I have a friend whose father, a doctor, just passed away, and he had several hospitalizations before he died--all of them deeply frustrating and troubling for him and his daughters. He told his daughters before he died that if they are ever hospitalized they MUST have someone else there to advocate on their behalf, and advocate very strongly. It was such an eye-opening experience for my friend, who watched her physician father get poor care. She was most disturbed by the fact that the hospital staff didn't view it as poor at all, but considered it standard or better since, after all, they were caring for a colleague.

Jen, you're a wealth of information and inspiration. As I get deeper into this CSC lifestyle, I'll be exploring some of the vibrotherapies you mention. You asked about organic veggies--I get some at Trader Joe's, but most at our local grocery store (which has a small organic section) or the natural foods co-op, which is 20 miles away, but only a couple miles from my office.

Librarymom, good luck with your upcoming new job, too!

Kris, welcome back!

debbiedoesraw said...

You go Anne!
I loved your "boobless and buttless" comment!
Your plan rocks and I am sure you will be a success.
Deb xxxoxoxo

RachelRae said...

Hi all!
I started my cleanse last night. I am doing the Master Cleanse.

Don't forget to join my discussion group on yahoo. You can do a search for Crazy Sexy Cancer. It's just a group I created to talk about all things CSC and support each other! Email me for an invite or search for it and join! For an invite, email me:

holisticgal said...

Hi All,

Anne, loved your posts about what you are doing-so inspiring! I too, laughed at the butt and boobless line. Thank you for the compliment. I appreciate what you wrote about having a hospital advocate-SCARE-Y! I am shocked.

Callie-Did you get Duncan's biomat paid for with insurance? Let me know the ins and outs if you did, k? So happy to hear you passing on the info about the fluorescents. Wow, you have been married a long time! xoxo Yeah, costly on the veggies...When people say buying organic is 'expensive,' I try and regroup them (and myself) and say, 'No, eating poorly is CHEAP.' A different frame of refernce, I guess...but I would like to get to the farmer's market more-thanks, Deb-I find it is cheapest. Like you said, it is still cheaper than medication! :)

Thanks for those that responded about their produce. I seem to go through bags and bags of organic spinach so quickly...when I initially did a juice cleanse for 10 days, I spent $70 on organic green vegetables (mostly leafy) that only lasted about a week or so. I bought most of that at Trader Joe's and the Nugget.

Lauren-Good luck with the job, and good for you to start a day early. When I did a greens only juice cleanse, I *did* have to go a lot-noisy, but not really 'emergency.' It'll clean you right out, and you may have noisy rumbles in between, then have to get up and head to the ladie's room. I recommend a purse sized air freshener to keep with you and use in the public bathroom. You don't want to become known as, 'the new girl that....' Just a suggestion. :)

Rachel, congrats on doing a cleanse. However, I hope it's okay, I want to give some feedback on that specific cleanse. Take what you wish, and leave the rest, ok?

In Dr. Young's book, the PH Miracle, he advises against it. He states that the maple sugar is acid in the body, and that yeast, fungus, and bacteria feed off of it tremendously. They love it, in fact. Also, Kris has stated specifically on this site that she is not in favor of that particular cleanse. I have a girlfriend that has also done it several times-I think as high as over twenty days at one stretch-and each time has come off it and relapsed into binge eating (she has had trouble with this since childhood), and horrible candida symptoms, depression, cravings, etc. Green vegetables offer so much more in the way of phytonutrients, minerals and vitamins. Please take care, ok? I'm done now on that.

Actually, I scrolled back up (dontcha think the comment section should be at the *bottom* of the page??) and think I got everything. Today I juiced a whole lemon with the skin for the first time (thank you, Deb), and the tangerines I pushed through was courtesy of Librarymom's info on the ok to mix fruits and veggies (no cancer here). I love learning here!
Debbie, can we respond on your site, like here? Maybe I am missing something about how to comment...I never have, but wanted to...I will have to look closer.
Thanks everyone,
Sweet dreams,

RachelRae said...

Hey HolisticGal Jen, Thanks for your feedback. I believe that Kris stated that she did not recommend the Master Cleanse for cancer patients. (I don't have cancer & never did.) I am not familiar with the PH book you mentioned. But, perhaps I can sub the maple syrup for another sweetener? I know there was one mentioned around here, could someone refresh my memory? I will only be doing the MC for 2-3 days and then transitioning to more green drinks....I love Natalia Rose's green lemonade.

holisticgal said...

Rachel-The maple syrup, from my understanding, is specifically designed to provide the body minerals and nutrients needed for sustainability. Stevia is the sweetener you were probably thinking of, or agave nectar, but in terms of the Master C., I do not know the nutrient value of these as sweeteners to substitute. So glad you commented back though.
In Ann Louise Gittleman's 'Fat Flush,' she has a cleanse that is based on cranberry juice (unsw.) and flax, stevia, and with lemon juice, I believe. That might suit you-you only do it for one-3days. It depends on your needs...what you're after. But all that sugar dump is not the greatest.
Hope this helps, dear!

Good luck to you,

librarymom said...

Good evening!

Jen- I get my produce from a couple local non-chain health food stores. I buy only organic. My second choice is Whole Foods (called Whole Paycheck by some), and my third choice due to lack of selection is Trader Joe's. On rare occasions our local grocery store has some organics. During the summer months I use local farmer's markets. Transit time for foods (being shipped across the country vs being locally grown) is very important for the retention of vitamins and nutrients, as well as the resources used in getting those foods to me, so I try to buy local as often as possible.

Rachel- some other natural sweeteners low on the glycemic scale include stevia and agave.

As far as the cleanse I am doing... I am almost all raw and juice daily. I will probably only do a one day juice fast because 1) I cannot afford to lose any weight, and 2) I work 8 hours on day 2 and day 3 of the cleanse, so I won't be at home to juice! I plan on doing a mostly herbal cleanse, the Renew Life Organic Whole Body Cleanse. I also purchased an enema to use at least every other day to help get those toxins out, and I will have some Celestial Seasonings "Sleepy Time" tea to use in the evenings while I work from home, online, for something decaffeinated and warm (it's cold here in WI!). I'll also continue to try to walk a mile every day, take a long soak with epsom salts at least once during the week, and drink more than my typical half gallon of water per day. Additionally, I will concentrate on spiritual and emotional issues I'd like to address. I cannot wait to detox from sugar, that is my last hurdle. Unfortunately I won't be able to rest or get in bed before midnight most days due to my work and family scheudule. When I go to bed every night I use my mp3 player and try some guided imagery, but I usually fall asleep!I have never experienced any detox symmptoms, so it'll be interesting to see what happens! The timing of the cleanse is appropriate as I transition from one job to another, less stressful job. Out with the old and in with the new!

Sandra Joseph said...

Well, you are all making me so jealous, now I'm thinking I might join you in a more serious cleanse. I love how you are all writing out exactly what your goals are. Now, be sure to keep us updated on your ups, downs, ins, and (hopefully frequent) outs throughout the next several days. Librarymom, I'm glad you mentioned enemas. I think it is HUGELY important to focus on taking out the garbage during this cleanse. If anyone has not yet tried a colonic, PLEASE go to Kris's website and click on the link to find a colon hydrotherapist in your area. I've only done it once, but I really felt the difference. I was SO nervous at first, but the therapist had me laughing almost immediately and by the end I felt WHOOSH...oh so ultra cleansed and purified! I cannot recommend it highly enough. Go back and reread Kris's post on Groovy Lube and Garbage Removal if you need further encouragement. Now is the time- while we're cleansing- to take out that trash. So, if a colonic is out of the budget or otherwise impossible right now, we should AT LEAST be doing enemas and body brushing, bathing, taking saunas whenever possible, and all that good stuff. Someone mentioned something about oil..I can't find the post...was it an oil pull? What is that? Please enlighten.

The hubs and I will be driving from St. Louis to Memphis tomorrow, a five hour trip. I think I will just keep to my green juice in the morning and see what kind of cleansing resources I can find when we arrive. If the Residence Inn has a blender, I will do some blended soups a la Hippocrates. I could stand to do a total juice fast, as my boobs/booty could use some serious trimming. Food is comfort, though, and I'm still in BIG need of that. It's hilarious and pathetic- I start the day perfectly with a big ol' green juice, then I go downhill the rest of the day. Afternoon and early evening isn't bad, usually a salad or maybe half an avocado with sprouts and tomato on a sprouted wrap. But by late evening, I'm breaking out the dark chocolate-covered almonds and the Guiltless Gourmet chips and salsa. I'm having trouble sleeping. Gee, ya think handfuls of chocolate before bed might have anything to do with that?! Oy.

I'm really going to try everyone's suggestions about buying produce from local non-chain health food stores when I get home. But out on the road, I usually just google Whole Foods and lay down the paycheck. It IS pricey, eating this way. The juicing gobbles up a whole fridge full of greens in no time. It's backwards, isn't it? It should be cheap to eat clean and expensive to eat crap. Maybe as the world gets more hip to organics the prices will come down.
So, what are y'all putting in your green juice this week? I usually do one apple, one lemon, one cucumber, and some romaine, kale, and parsley. I drink anywhere from 15-25 ounces in the morning and it keeps me full for hours.

As for guided meditations, there are so many great ones! Some of my FAVES are from Joan Borysenko. She did a fantastic audio series for Sounds True called "A Woman's Spritual Retreat." It may be available for download on itunes, I'm not sure. I bought the cd's and LOVED them. Maybe we could all do the audio women's retreat together as our next group activity. It's full of beautiful lessons, journal exercises, and the most wonderful guided meditations you've ever heard. But first, there is cleansing to do!

Best of luck on Day One, everyone!

Kris, are you proud of your li'l posse? We've been keeping the blog busy while you were away. We've missed you sooooo!! Can't wait to hear your tales of bliss.


p.s. And YES, Jen, the comments box SHOULD be at the bottom!

Laura said...

For anyone in the metro-west of Boston area there is a FABULOUS resource for fruits and veggies....Russo's in Waltham. The produce is wonderful and REALLY cheap. While visiting my parents I stocked up. The other thing to do is get some Evert Fresh bags. I buy mine up at Whole Foods. They make such a difference in keeping veggies fresh. I live out in the boonies and having 2 small children my time if of the essence so using the Evert Fresh bags cuts my trips to the store way down.

Good luck to all today....I am off to a good start. It is so amazing how our bodies get accustomed to simply eating and when we know we can't it makes it so much worse. Since returning from the holidays I have been doing very well being vegan/80/20 etc. So hopefully this cleanse won't be as bad as others, but man I would love to raid the fridge right now. The difference, I am craving good food....but food nonetheless. The evenings are hardest for me so I am anticipating a tough water and lemon is always soothing and does cut the munchies. I really want/need to see this through!

I wish everyone a cleansing cleanse....stay in touch

goony said...

Hey you crazy sexy cleansers! I hope everyone does well on their cleanse. I know I mentioned this site before, but I'll mention it again incase anyone missed it. It gives recipes for detoxification baths, which are great during a cleanse. It is:

Jen - I have to go to 4 different stores to get the veggies I need to juice and eat. I still don't get everything organic because I can't find it, or it is just too expensive. The big thing that I noticed immediately after switching to organic veggies is the taste. They just taste better. I read somewher that the amount of nutrients in organic veggies is almost twice as much. I'm hoping that more and more people will start buying organics to bring the price down.

Callie - I wish I could come through the computer and hug you. Thanks for the support. I really feel like Natural Health/Nurtition, is what I should be doing with my life. My husband has been telling me for years that I should go to school to be a doctor or pharmasist or something because I'm always researching medical stuff.

Update on FIL. He is now at the nursing home. Yesterday was his birthday. I couldn't visit him because my oldest son came down with the flu, but my husband went and brought him a gift. My husband asked the nurse if it would be OK to give him a probiotic, and her response was "what's that?". He told her it puts back the good bacteria in the body since the antibiotic kills everything good or bad, and her response was "I'll have to look that up on the internet". I don't know why I am so surprised, but I am. Why doesn't a nurse know about probiotics? And secondly, I just have to praise my husband for even mentioning it and getting it right. I've talked to him about supplements like probiotics before, but I didn't think he was really listening to me. He isn't exactly a healthy guy, more of a beer/steak/potatoes/couch, kind of guy. I think I might be rubbing off on him a little. My new years resolution was to start recycling, so I bought 4 bins and put them on the back porch. I thought he would roll his eyes and ignore them. Well he did kind of roll his eyes, but he is using them.

OK, enough babling. I cant wait to hear from Kris!!!!!! I hope she is glowing and rested, and has been totally loved up by her hubby!


debbiedoesraw said...

And they're off!!!
Good Cleansing Morning everyone!
To answer rachel, yes you can comment on my blog, it will ask for your google acct.. same drill.
I had licorice root tea and a massive veggie/coconut water juice this am.. more fun and juicer cleaning to come!

try and plan for your mid afternoon slump...add some coconut water or lemon water with a touch of stevia or agave.. lemonade natures way!
I plan a fat juicy nap today after school is out..
love to you all, clean on!

Laura said...

So I made my green raw soup a little early because the hunger pangs were getting me.....woo-hoo a bit too much Jalapeno...yum!

My kids are home from school on a snow day and of course my 2 1/2 year old decided TODAY was the day he only wants to wear underwear......doesn't he know I am on a cleanse :-)

Water with lemon is a big life-saver for me. It tastes good, but it works on the hunger.

Any suggestions on green powders? Personally, I think most taste horrible, or like 'the pond' as my husband would describe. I have had luck with Green Vibrance, does anyone have any others they particularly like?

Happy cleansing!

Debbie--how do you use your coconut water and how much do you use?

Basic Me said...

Hey Everyone Happy Cleansing Day!!!
Well we woke this morning all excited about the cleanse. Had wheat grass and green smoothie. I used lemon, cuke, cayenne, turnips, and collard greens. I then proceeded to explain the wheat grass implants with the enemas to poor ol dunca.. You have to save out some things to tell later.. Now he has been with me this whole time excpet for the enemas and the implants and he blanched white and then pooped he needed no more help. hahha.. Men.. anyway.. we are going to try and do the implant in the evening and enema each day a la hippocrates. Or I will.. I will wave the bag at duncan and he can run to the potty again later. haahah husbands.. Anyway. I love the warm lemon and water all day like tea it keeps me getting more water and keeps me feeling warm and cozy.

Like all of you the Whole Foods should give us all a discount.. hey kris.. work on that one.. A crazy sexy membership card and say 20 percent off.. We buy co much we make up for it. haha

I am so looking forward to hearing from Momma Chief Cowgirl and see how the honeymoon went and how it feels to be an old married woman. I bet It was wonderful. Esp. this time of year.

Ok. back to work for me. I wish I was in memphis SJ I would be visiting with you now.

Love you all bunches of spincah.


debbiedoesraw said...

checking in.... I just did my usual weight workout for one hour at the gym.. feel great!
I am sipping a cucumber, lemon, fuji apple (my one per day organic farm fresh treat!) juice, yummy! After the coconut water/veg juice, I had some smartwater and some coconut water after my workout.
So far all is well, some Larabar cravings at Trader joes, but that passed.

Hope all is well .. check in with us!

Laura said... that all you had today? I have been struggling a bit. My kids have been home from school all day because of a snow-day and I have been preparing their food etc. I made a batch of Raw Green Soup and had it at lunch time and for dinner. I had A LOT of water with lemon and a nice big green juice this morning. My pipes haven't started flowing yet so I actually feel bloated, something I haven't felt in a while, not fun.....any suggestions PLEASE!

As soon as I get these kiddies into bed I am having another hot water w/lemon and then off to bed myself. I hope tomorrow goes a bit easier.

Basic Me said...

Alright guys.. I am into the green today.. I love the fuji's I put one in my green juice and feel like a queen thanks for the idea. It is so unusal for me to have something sweet and I am dying for my once a month treat at smoothie king.. but I am having a green raw soup for dinner and going to add some nuts.. I need some protien in a bad way. I think that the full feeling my be that you haven't had the normal ruffage.. try a few more green drinks. Now I am far from an expert on this but cleanse or not the body begins to hold onto things if it feels deprived. I have to tell you guys.. this is the first time I have felt the energy slump. In what 8 months now. Those epidruals took it out of me. I have tried to go pain med free this time and I think it may just be pain wasting my energy. It is natural to be sore but I have one knot that has come up as a bruise had it drained and checked again and it is fine .. just tired of it. Funny since you guys came into my world I have felt so good. So tomorrow I am determined I will feel fabulous. I want to ask you all something. How would you all feel about taking the Urban zen ideas into the hospitals we all visit. It would be a revolution in the best sort of a way. I am going to call the Urban Zen folks that Kris is working with tomorrow and see how we can get a network up and running of happy excited educators to go in and see if we cannot handle presenting to the boards of the local hospitals and getting some change in chemo rooms and some education out there. SO write me at if you are interested I will pay to have the pamphlets printed and spelled correctly and dvd's of Kris's and some nutrition adivce for cancer patients.. while we are changing ourselves why not change the world. No time like the present. Well I will be running this over in my mind and getting the inital article written and spellchecked hahahahahahaah on basic.
Loving you all double today. We all need to get those little cameras and have a confernece all where we all see each other.. I had my first .. ha.. yesterday.. cool.. I still couldn't understand word the folks were saying but duncan speaks french so he got it.

haha.. Poor Duncan no rest for him.. but we can rest when we are dead today is for living. And the oil.. we have been talking about is Duncan's favorite oil on earth and has made Sandra Joseph the wheeler hero the cocoanut oil her husband thought it might taste goods and that idea lead to many naughty but happy ones.. hush.. i know I am a minister but I am not dead.. and I have the paper we have been married a long time.. time for fun.. haha...

Hugs and cleanse is the word..


debbiedoesraw said...

Hi Laura and all other cleansers...ok, got a little hungry after school and forgot that I had to take the little one to the dentist.. so I made a quick spinach, carrot, dandelion greens juice to go.. it was very earthy, let's put it that way... I plan on a raw soup, from the Raw Gourmet cookbook with avo, carrot juice, braggs aminos, lemon, garlic and cumin.
So far, I feel good.
truth is that I have been following Kris' way of eating for a bit now.. juice only in the am, little wrap in the afternoon and big salad for dinner, some nuts, fruit and Larabars for fun and giggles in between, occasionaly something cooked. So I guess I am pretty cleaned out already folks!

as for bloating, perhaps an enema would help? I feel for you, preparing food for non cleansers and non raw kids and family is tough. I have to make dinner, did not get my nap, oh well.. tomorrow is another day ...
cleanse on clean people
Where is Kris??? Miss her like crazy!

scnewme said...

Checking in on day one....Deb, wish I could have been better prepared for the afternoon slump - it was more like a crash for me!! Juiced until noon and big salad early afternoon for lunch, and hot water with lemon throughout. Needed a good nap this afternoon, but back on track and feeling much better now. Will every day be like this one because I have to work tomorrow. Does freezing juice work? I need to do something - any suggestions? Good luck everyone...march on!


Anne said...

Hi everybody. Checking on Day 1 of the new cleanse. Not so good for me due to a work-related lunch out with no good salad option. First poorly combined meal I've had since that awful burger over a week ago. Felt super-full for about half an hour afterward, but overall have had no ill effects. Jumped right back on the horse for the afternoon, though, and had lots of water.

BUT not all's lost:

•Did 30 mins of yoga this a.m.
•Oil-pulled for 10 mins*
•Had green juice and smoothie
•Will do a big green salad with nuts for dinner

*Someone asked about oil-pulling. I read about it on a raw site. Basically, you swish sesame oil around in your mouth, between your teeth, for 10 to 20 mins, then spit it out, and supposedly it releases toxins and is super good for your teeth and gums.

I really noticed an energy surge today after the yoga. But, man, it was hard to get up that half-hour earlier, especially since I stayed up too late last night. My mornings are crazy, though, between getting my juice made, my smoothie made (there's no way I could get through a raw morning on just juice), my lunch stuff gathered up, my daughters' lunches made, my daughters walked to school, myself ready for work. It's a big push before 8 a.m., but if I don't fit the yoga in there, I know from experience that I won't fit it in at all.

Deb, I also have a family of non-cleansers, non-raw fooders. I feel like a short order cook.

I hope everybody's feeling good. I'm not sure where I am on the colonic/enema thing. The trains are pretty regular, several times a day, but still I did an enema a couple weeks ago--emptied out the Fleet bottle and refilled it with purified water and used that. At first it seemed okay--it cleared out some residual stuff, but gave me some initial cramping. Then I spent the rest of the morning with this gaseous feeling of impending diarrhea and I find myself dreading the thought of generating anything similar with future enemas or colonics (never had one of those).

On to Day 2 . . .

Laura said...

Deb, I have been vegan, juicing and 80/20 raw for a while (since the summer) and it has really helped this cleanse. (I only really fell off the wagon around New Years and based on how I felt....never I say now :-) So, I am pretty clean myself and since my entry this afternoon, the pipes are starting to move and the bloat is subsiding! I have not had much time to myself lately and that has hindered my normal exercise routines so tomorrow I am going to sweat it out! That should help too.

Have a green night all and thanks so much for the support. It really helps to do this with people.

debbiedoesraw said...

Had to share this soup by Nomi Shannon in the Raw gourmet... so yummy!
Juice 1 cup carrot juice ( I added one rib of celery)
1 clove of garlic (I juiced this too, your choice)
Take the juice and garlic or combo and add it to the a blender (I used my current target model, came out lovely) Add One avocado, a dash of cumin, a dash of braggs aminos and a squirt of lemon. I plan to warm it gently, then devour for dinner.. it is so tasty.
Good cleansing to you all!
PS on using carrots... I figure I am going all liquid and I am not ready to go all green yet...

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