Saturday, December 15, 2007

Our Crazy Sexy Shrink on Depression Meds

So yesterday many of you were talking about medication for depression. We all agreed that no one should go on or off meds without consulting their doctor. After reading some of the posts I wanted to address the doctor conversation issue. One canser cowgirl wrote that her oncologist said she was not a “candidate” for antidepressant medication. If this was based on some contraindications with her treatment then fine but that was unclear to me. My first reaction was to get my panties in a bunch, which brought up the issue of self-determination. When I had my first surgery I was so NOT self determined (hence my HOT reaction J) and just wanted someone to fix it really FAST. I later regretted that decision. I learned through the many doctors I have fired since then and the many wonderful ones I have found, that I am the boss of me. You are the expert on YOU whether you are a doctor or not. You know how you feel and that should matter to everyone on your team. Advocate for yourself like you would for your child or little sister. I read an article published online by The National Cancer Institute about how physicians and oncologists may not be comfortable prescribing antidepressant meds as it is not their specialty. They do not want to be liable or responsible. There main concern is something else. In a perfect world all doctors would take a holistic approach to health, we all know this amazing place is pretty imperfect. So what does this mean? You and you alone are responsible for your mental health.

What is depression? The Diagnostic Manuel used by doctors (DSM4) includes depression as a diagnosable disorder. The signs and symptoms of depression include:

*Trouble sleeping or excessive sleeping
*A dramatic change in appetite, often with weight gain or loss
*Fatigue and lack of energy
*Feelings of worthlessness, self-hate, and inappropriate guilt
*Extreme difficulty concentrating
*Agitation, restlessness, and irritability
*Inactivity and withdrawal from usual activities
*Feelings of hopelessness and helplessness
*Recurring thoughts of death or suicide
*Lack of pleasure from activities that normally make you happy including sex
*Low self esteem
*Sudden bursts of anger

…. so why as a cancer survivor is this list problematic? Right, because some of these symptoms may be caused by the diagnosis itself and/or the side effects of treatment The best-case scenario is to go to a psychiatrist who specializes or has experience with canser survivors to obtain a script for meds. Pick your peeps carefully. Expect to be heard and responded to…it amazes how many of my clients did not realize they could fire their doctor. If your doctor does not treat you with the respect you deserve, think about finding a different one. I am not saying everyone on your team needs to be singing Kumbaya, just available and responsive. My experience with depression is that the symptoms can mimic other things so it can be hard to know what is ailing you. Check the list above and if you find yourself saying yes more than no, it may be time to go see a mental healthcare professional to explore your options. When people talk they feel better. When I suggest medication to my clients it is usually because their depression is in the way of treatment…meaning that if we cannot get the baseline functioning to a certain level, we will never get to the root of the issues. We continue to deal with the mess that the depressive symptoms create, rather than the original injury.

A cancer diagnosis has an emotional impact no matter what. You have a choice of how you will deal with that. Some people stay so busy not to feel anything. Of course this catches up and your body will MAKE you stop if you do not give it the rest it needs. Some people deny it and their feelings for the sake of their families at the expense of themselves. But then some people like you fabulous creatures, use it as a catalyst to grow, change, explore, get real, get raw, share, evolve and LIVE. J

Thanks for sharing with me.
Your Crazy Sexy Shrink,


Joy said...

Thanx Terri:)
I guess the doc said I wasn't a candidate because prior to diagnosis and treatment(radiation) I was not depressed/anxiety. However, as you said we are our own best judge of how we feel, in hindsight, I think the canser just woke up what was already there:) I do take Ayurvedic herbs for anxiety and so far they really work. They help one get to the root of the issues not just take acre of the symptoms. You rock Terri:)



Kelli said...

Is it normal to go through very short spells of depression? I go through streaks where I feel like I cannot even get out of bed for a couple of days...I want to, but it takes everything in my power to do so and then I feel like crying. But a couple of days later I am just fine. I do not ever feel suicidal, just very sad and not sure why. When my husband asks what's wrong, I never know. Is this normal depression or just some hormonal change that comes and goes? Is there something natural I can take on those days to help "get up"?

Much thanks, Terri!

Laura said...

Hey Terri,
Thanks for your open outlook and optimistic approach. It is refreshing to know there are some professionals who think this way. At Dana Farber, where I was treated, every doctor has a social worker who is connected to their patients. This helped me considerably during treatment. This also helped my family, especially my son who is now 5 1/2 but was 4 1/2 at the time I was going through treatments. He still talks about meeting her. Talking was amazing.....I have always been one who likes to talk, but talking for healing is a whole another story. Draining at times, very uplifting too. I started to lose it mid-way through treatments when I found out I had to extend some treatments and it was determined I needed radiation. I was also so sick from the chemo that I couldn't deal with anything. Without hesitation, my doctor put me on a mild anti depressant. I was never really a drug or medicine taker so it was a big deal for me to take. I have since cut the dose in-half, so I am on a real mild dose now, but I know it helped me deal. Having the meds helped me get a clearer-head to be able to empower myself to make healthy and powerful choices for myself. I know this helped my capacity for healing. For exercise, yoga, and nutrition are the best for my noggin' but without the help of some meds I may have given up on those too. I would love to stop the meds all together, but I am nervous about hitting bottom again. In time I suppose.
Thanks for your time thanks for sharing with all of us. This is special group!

katherine said...

thank you Terri for getting the word out there.
lexapro has made a big difference for me. I really don't have the depressive symptoms - but lots of transient anxiety connected to specific things like thinking of my oncologist visits. I consider myself a well adjusted person and live a pretty much stress free life. the lexapro really helps me to deal with my cancer fears. I don't think I will need medication forever, but for now I will faithfully take it every day. it's nice to spend my time thinking of something besides "what if".
peace, katherine

Lauren Valentine said...

Hello all! Just wanted to pop in and say hi – I’ve watched CRAZY SEXY (which was oober spectacular) and have been following Kris’ blog and your comments for awhile. Am moved by all of you strong, amazing women and just wanted to say BO YA for you and your delicious spirits!

These posts on depression have really struck a chord in me. On the outside I’m a very happy-go-lucky gal who has nothing but love for life, but of course I go into my very dark places like everyone else. Problem is, because people see me as so cheerful, I find it very hard to dive in and share those dark bits. Currently working on the courage to love and show all of myself.

Note that I recognize many of you wonderful women battle with depression at a much deeper level than I've ever experienced, and I in no way want to make light of that. I respect and learn from each of you on your own individual journey.

PS on a side note, I think essential oils (which were mentioned in Kris’ previous blog) absolutely ROCK! Another awesome way to use them is add a few drops to a warm bath and just let the steam bring the soothing, healing scents to mingle in your beautiful body! I also recently bought an essential oil necklace (which has a rune symbol for protection on it) and I use a drop of essential oil on it every day. When I’m getting stressed or overwhelmed I breathe in deeply and can just feel the magic working!

Lots of love and light and joy to you all,

Happy holidays,

~ Lauren

Obsessedwithlife said...

I have found if you go to a place like Wellness Community, Gilda's Club, etc. they can give you awesome references for people to see who deal with cancer patients or people with serious illness...just a tip :).


Obsessedwithlife said...

Also, speaking of lavender, Walgreens sells lavender epsom salts for baths that are awesome and very soothing!

apoopslingingmonkey said...

Thanks Teri! Great post :)

5HTP is supposed to be an awesome safe natural anti-depressant... What are your thoughts on it?... My grandma takes it and it works wonders! She has severe dementia, and this helps her keep in a good mood, helps her sleep at night too. She still has her 'crazy' dementia moments, but not like it used to be -before she started 5HTP...

Do you know of any other natural stuff for dementia patients? or prescription meds that are good for dementia- and other mental issues involved within dementia?

James Frame said...

Hi Terri,

I was wondering what your thoughts/experience has been with oxytocin?

I have been speaking with some doctors and alternative practitioners about this and find a lot of women are deficient in this hormone which apart from helping with depression, orgasim etc I have heard many practitioners refer to the healing aspect and positive mind set.


Sandra Joseph said...

Oh, friends. Please send prayers, energy, whatever you beloved daddy passed very suddently this morning of a heart attack. He was truly the best dad a girl could ever hope for. Kris, it warmed my heart so when I read of your relationship with your dad; it so reminded me of my own. We are lucky daughters to have known such fatherly love. I was in LA, but I'm in my native Michigan now after a torurous flight. It's going to be one of the hardest weeks of my life, and though I only know you peeps through this life-giving blog, I know your hearts and you are one compassionate bunch. So, I'm sending out an SOS. I got no church, I got no friends in Michigan anymore, but I got you, babes...thanks to Kris. Doc Terri, could you please advise me about how to manage this week? My sis is chock full of Xanax. Should I try to tough it out or is it okay to take a little somethin somethin to get through the funeral? Love to you all. Call your dad.

Laura said...

Sandra Joseph,
My sincere condolences on the passing of your father. I will pray for you and your family this week and the weeks thereafter for your strength and peace. You certainly have Crazy Sexy support and love from this wonderous group!
My love to you!

Jamie said...

Sandra, I am so sorry to hear about this. I feel so much for you. Please take care and lean on family if you can - you can all be there for each other. I'm certain that all of us here will have you in our thoughts.

goony said...

Sandra -

I'm so, so sorry for your loss. It made me cry when I read your post. I'm sending you a very big hug today. We're here for you!!!


cancer cowgirl xo said...

Sandra -

You are so loved. You are a blessing. just remember, there are no endings. There are only circles. I know this week will be hard but try to connect with your spirit sweet girl. He is with you, always will be. He is just with you in another form and he is off to the next adventure. We'll all be at that gate one day.

You have a sea of supporters here for you. We adore you. Do what you need to do for yourself this week. Boundaries, know your edge and savior this time. My grandma (who was like a mother to me) died a few weeks after I was diagnosed. Thanks to my mom, we had really great closure, ceremony, laughing, crying and a celebration of her life. We planted flowers in the garden, burned sage, candles, incense. We said prayers and blessed her on her voyage. My grandma is with me always. I chat with her and she still chats back - often in my dreams. In fact, she still bosses me around. Had a few things to say about this next book the other day. OIY!

Go into your heart - to the very center of it. You will know what to do..

We love you very much.

clint said...

Hi Kris, His Terri,

Wanted to say hello to the both of you and say how much I enjoy reading your Blog and how it's helping so many people. I still have people call me for counseling and even though I am out of that line of work, I refer them to your web page.

I came across this article the other day, and didn't know if you, or anyone here would find it of interest, and if you read it, would love your feed back.

IIt states that, based on years of scientific and clinical research, the cause of cancer is infection by a common fungus, Candida albicans. The good news(they say) is that it can be treated with a powerful antifungal agent that can't be patented.

Anyway, I know this is a forum for discussion, but didn't know whether some info like this would be welcome reading or I am taking a chance.

all the best,



Michelle J said...

Sandra, i just want to tell you how sorry i am about your loss!! I too lost my father many years ago and there is not a day goes by that i don't think about him!!! Your dad will always be with you!!!

Lauren said...

Oh Sandra I'm so sorry for your loss. We do support you here and we'll be sending our strength to you. You know this group has tons!
My grandfather died recently and all his daughters had different ways of dealing with it and they were all beautiful. Do whatever you need and look to your family for support.

Anne said...

Sandra, I'm sorry.

Peace, everybody.

Lauren said...

I'm not religious but for some reason I found this prayer card comforting that was passed out at my grandpa's funeral.
This is just part of the poem that I'm sure applies to your father too:
"A golden heart stopped beating, Hard working hands at rest. God broke our hearts to prove to us, He only takes the best."

debbiedoesraw said...

Hey Sandra
So sorry.. take special care of yourself.
all good wishes

lenebabes said...

Hey Ter,
Love to read your words.
Always inspiring.
UR da Best!

crazysexyshrink said...

oh my girl i am so sorry. i really do feel your pain. my own father died suddenly one day ten years ago the same exact way at 61. sudden death is so shocking that it really leaves you in a surreal space for a while. the only thing you need to think about right now is getting through this week at home with family etc. it is so important to write what is going on in your mind down on paper so it does not clutter your brain. i found out my dad passed at 11 at night and stayed up until 6 writing a 30 page letter to him and felt so much better when i was finished(i don't suggest staying up all night though-you NEED your zzzzzz's) i agree with kris that he is with you always-just in a different form. if you do not have an addiction history i think it is fine to take something to help(i must say prescribed by your doctor as it is my duty)i will say if you do drink...don't overdo it is such a depressant..not what you need right now. the real thing to keep in mind is be kind to yourself, treat you with the gentle generosity you would extend to your child as i stated the other day. don't judge any feelings you may have...whatever they are they are normal for you...use this community to comfort you...we are all here. check in everyday this week and someone will be here to validate your experience. know that i am sending you comforting energy from afar and holding you in my thoughts.
hang in
your crazysexyshrink
ps i will also be commenting on the other med stuff later of tomorrow :)

clint said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you Sandra, am sorry I missed your post earlier.

My Mom passed away recently all the sudden as well, and I immedialtely started writing a letter to her, and just let everything pour out of my heart..... and it seemed to help. I hope you can talk to friends/family on the phone.



librarymom said...


Virtual [[hugs]] to you. Like several of us here, I also lost my dad suddenly, several weeks prior to my wedding in fact. I immediately tried to imprint everything about him in my mind- the way he smelled, his wonderful, powerful hugs, his smile, and his wisdom. He will always be with me and your dad with you. Please feel free to express and vent to us- we are here for you!

Take care of yourself,

Doug said...


Thank you so much for shining an extra-bright light on this topic. I suffered badly with depression when I was first diagnosed with prostate cancer 5 years ago (partly because I was 15 years younger than the average). It took me many years to get back on track and then I was whacked again just this September with recurrence.

I learned the first time through it that the emotional impact of cancer can be as bad as or worse than the physical. I was so lucky to be treated at a major cancer center with a strong psychosocial oncology program and a compassionate psychologist who specialized in cancer. I've talked to other compassionate professionals but without the experience of working with other cancer patients/ survivors, they can't relate as well.

Depression is a real ailment and, if you've already had to face cancer, then this is just another symptom that should be treated as aggressively as your tumors!

I love your blog, Kris, and I admire what you do so very much. I am trying to do my own part to raise awareness of the emotional impact of cancer on the individual and on their friends and loved ones (see my blog below). You have truly turned your own experience into a gift to the world. Keep up the good work!


crazysexyshrink said...

hi all-
just a quick note i co opted the brain of a colleague of mine who is a psychiatric nurse practitioner with a vast knowledge mood meds and the natural stuff too. so she is going to weigh in and i will post her answers tomorrow night. i also just wanted to respond to rinne's question about her phobia of juicing. from your post it sounds like you have a traumatic association with green juicing and your cancer diagnosis connected to fear of death. so in your mind juicing and death have a link. if you think about this and it is true for you just bringing from the basement of your mind to the main part of the house might shift your feelings about juicing. i would also suggest writing about that time in your life connecting the facts with the feelings...then you can decide BURN BURY OR FREEZE
burn it if you are done and ready to release it to the universe freeze it if you are done for now but do not feel complete and bury body ever picks bury cause it's too labor intensive :)i hope some of that helps shake it lose
and a thank you to doug-i will check out your blog
till tomorrow
your crazysexyshrink

Doug said...


I saw your note and had to respond. I am truly sorry about your father passing away so suddenly. My own father passed earlier this year and, while he had a good long life, it was a tremendous loss.

You sound like a wonderful daughter. My own daughter is worried sick over the fact that I have recurrent cancer, but she has always been a joy to me and this is bringing us even closer.

I know these next few days will be hard and you need to mourn and cry and bang the walls if you feel like it. But please try to use these days as well to celebrate your father's life - the contribution he has made to the world, to your family and especially to you. Your father, like mine, lives on in the memories of everyone he has touched and celebrating that really helps.

And if you need a couple of prescription pills to get you through, go for it!

With blessings,

Michelle J said...

Hi Terri, i was wondering if you have ever heard of the product Natural Calm? I tend to believe everything i read and research about soooo...yeah, whatcha think? Thanks Terri!

Sharon said...


I've been following your blog and I'm so inspired by you. I'm trying to do the wheatgrass thing, it makes me a little nauseous. Any tips on how I can get it down by throat without it coming back up??
I loved your documentary. I know you are crazy, sexy, busy with your new book. But please drop me a line sometime. I'd love to reconnect with you. I've been looking for "Kristin Donaldson" for 10 years!!! Now I know why I never found you. This is Sharon Parker.

Sandra Joseph said...

Kris, Terri, and all of you beautiful souls who have reached out to me- from the bottom of my shredded heart, thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I was saddened by how many of you have also lost loved ones, parents, grandparents. It sucks beyond anything you can imagine, doesn't it? I was very touched by the ways that you grieved and celebrated their lives. I am grateful to you all beyond what I can express here.
It was a day of holding my shattered mother up. She kept repeating "I don't want to be here without him. I just want to die. Please, God, take me." It was her dream that they'd go together. Their 42 year marriage was filled with laughter, the deepest love, and unbounded joy.
Sweet Doc Terri,I have no addiction issues unless you count suicidal thoughts. Like my mother, I prayed many times today to be DONE. I was ready to hook up the hose in the garage and hop in next to my mother today. I know these are just passing feelings but the gravity of this loss! I can't describe to you how much my dad meant in my life. He was the first phone call when I had any news to share. He was front and center at every performance. I don't want to blather on, but sweet angel blog fam, I feel you holding me up. Oh, Kris, how I wish I had a family who would welcome a ritual and ceremony like the ones you did for your beloved grandma! I will have to hold my breath as I sit through our traditional Lebanese Catholic church crap where the monCenior (I'm spelling it RONG, so there!) likes to frequently mention the "furnace of condemnation." Vomit. My dad believed none such nonsense but he would have wanted the family's traditional thing.
I will take the advice several of you mentioned and write. Much of the book I've been working on for-fricking-ever is about my dad, my fear of losing him, my struggles with depression, and finding my way into the light. There is so much light shining on me from your kind souls that I know the darkness will be pierced.
Today, we picked a casket. Tomorrow, flowers. Wednesday, I have to see him lying there. I'm so, so scared. I have amazing friends from New York to California who are flying in to be by my side. There is much to be grateful for, I know. But...and my dad would HATE this... right now I feel that life holds much more pain than joy and that it's just plain not worth it. I know he's still with me, though. I hear him arguing with me right now. But to watch my mother's suffering, to imagine leaving her and going back to my faraway life, it's just too much. Oh, dammit...I blathered. Well, it is a depression-themed post at least. Kris, I'm sorry to be the hog of the blog this week. Did you ever imagine when you started this thing that you'd be profoundly helping a perfect stranger in the middle of the country mourn the loss of the dearest person in her life? Your light shines so brightly, sister, I'm awed by it.
Huge love to you all,

Becky said...

Sandra, I lost my step dad suddenly to an anurism three after my diagnosis. Just like dealing with the cancer, I knew I had to dig down deep and scoop up all of my strength to put one foot in front of the other for a while. Instead of the AA mantra, "day by day", it is almost "minute by minute". You are in a parallel universe with your mom now. Both of you going at the speed of light in grief. Reach out and hold her hand. Also, know that we are all thinking of you today and especially tomorrow. Be ever aware of the feelings that might shift in you. I always think that those are waves of prayers from other people giving me a warm hug. Live in the present moment as much as you can. Crying is healthy. And if I agree if a slight sedative helps, do it. I know for me, it helped me sleep during those first dreadful nights of his death. My mom has a ritual at night: takes her vitamins (she doesn't do sleeping aids as she is a recovering alcoholic and doesn't dare), flosses her teeth, brushes her teeth, and takes a hot shower. Then she climbs into bed. For the first month or so of my diagnosis that is what I did too. Just having this simple ritual helped me feel somewhat grounded. See if your mom can do something like that too.
Read this blog everday. HAng in there. We all love you.

Joy said...

Dear Sandra,
I just read that your dad has passed . I keep you and your family in my heart and prayers. I send you so much love and a big hug.


goony said...


You are stonger than you think. My dad passed away 15 years ago. It was not a sudden passing. It was long and unbearable to watch. I was only 19 and my family was crubling, so there was no support. I turned to drugs and alcohol, and just ran, litterally ran away from my family. If I had it to do over, I would have turned to people for help. I would have journaled my feelings instead of pushing them down and burrying them. I will never forgive myself for the way I handled his passing. You are doing everything right. As hard as it is, you are doing it right! Stay stong for yourself and you will be a light for your mom. Kind of like how Kris' strength has provided us with the will to find our own strength. I'm sending you more hugs today. Big, Strong, Hugs!!! You will get through this. Your dad will always be with you. Don't stop talking to him. He hears you.


clint said...


You ARE a lot stronger than you think. When you can get over the initial hump of the grief & sadness, every waking moment, try to think about your dad and appreciate all that he gave you, the good times, his time..... his love.... and try to focus on how lucky you were/ARE to have a Father that was present and attentive to his beautiful daughter.

I think the hardest parts for me was the first 3 days, in the mornings...I'd wake up....and I hadn't wrapped my mind around the idea that my mother had passed on, so when I woke up, I had to remember that she was not here anymore, and crying ensued.... and that I couldn't just simply pick up the phone and hear her voice.

The next phase was anger... and I found myself being angry, and irritated...

Keep breathing Sandra.... keep breathing....



Annalin said...

All my love girl. Being in the "darkness" is an excruciating thing. But there is light at the end of the tunnel.. I feel for you and I hope you find some peace today.

Lauren said...

Still here for you Sandra!

Witness said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your father and the intense loss you are experiencing right now. I know I could say something like, he is still with you, celebrate his life, you are lucky you had a great father, you have support, etc but you know what? I know its all a bunch o' crap right now. It all just plain SUCKS right now for you and thats ok. Just know that it's ok to be pissed, to be mad and sad and angry and just feel like sh*t. These last few posts about depression have been very interesting to me. I'm on the other side of it. I have been depressed since I can remember, its definately in my family on BOTH sides so I got the big load of it. But after years (16!) of therapy and many many MANY listens of Tori Amos albums and interviews, I realized something. I can either let the dark take me, or I can make peace with it. I sat down one day and talked to her, my darkness, and told her how it was going to be. She can't have me, there is too much beauty here to leave, but she can visit, if she wants, occaisionally, but when I say leave, she must leave. Period. She listened, we fought, there was screaming, but in the end I won. I can feel her coming on still, esp when my hormones are wacked out, or when some boy breaks my heart, or even when I see a movie that makes me so sad, I can't draw a line between myself and the character, but in the end, I listen to what she is trying to tell me and I learn from her and then I banish her. Darkness can teach you things if you are willling to listen, but you have to make peace with her and show her who is boss.
So I just want all of you to know that it is possible to conquer this, whether it be by therapy or meds or just plain smiling at yourself in the mirror everyday (which works wonders, btw!). It's hard and its a long road, but the other side is SO BEAUTIFUL!

youvgotdale said...

Sandra Joseph:
I am thinking of you and your mom this morning. This is such a difficult right-of-passage. I went through it with my mom 6 years ago when my father died suddenly of a heart attack. It's always a "shock" when something like this happens. I found comfort in realizing that in a way, I AM my father. I have his nose. The shape of my fingers resemble his. Then it dawned on me... I am a partial clone of my father! It's scientific! I AM my father (and my mother!) They can't really leave me. I have their DNA! I tripped-out on that realization for a while without any medication! Sandra, find the things and realizations about your father that comfort you, maybe share them with your mom. I know it doesn't seem like it now but shifts will happen and slowly things will settle and become clearer when the time is right. I remember how hard it was to tell family friends and relatives. My mother couldn't do it. She could barely talk without crying, so I did it. HARD! So, I'm thinking of you and sending love and strength. Let us know how you are doing.

crazysexyshrink said...

helloooo there-
as promised i just picked the brain of my collegue and friend christine tobin aprn,bc she is a psychiatric nurse specialist. kelly had asked about short spells of depression and nurse chris said she thought it sounded hormonal and that getting your hormone levels checked would shed some light. she also said you need to find a practitioner who believes that hormones effect mood(which i don't get-PMS self created in your mind?...because it's fun to want to strangle people for no reason and cry about a paper cut!)
there was a dementia question and nurse chris mentioned a supplement from a company called METAGENICS that she had heard good things about(google it)
james asked about if i was familiar with the healing aspects of
oxytocin and neither one of us has heard about it only as a medication used to stimulate the uterus and mammory glands during labor.
for rinne we both say keep looking for a doctor who WILL prescribe the Armour for some it really makes a difference...and that may be u!
emily asked us to weigh in if cancer causes depression physiologically and nurse chris said it is hard to isolate it like that. so much about cancer from treatment to pain meds can cause depression that it is almost impossible to separate.
nurse chris has had a very good experience with clients on 5htp for depression. she said her clients responded more readily to this than st john's wort and you can buy it in a health food store no script needed...and last but not least michelle asked about NATURAL CALM which neither of us has heard of but that may not mean do more research on never know. so there you have it...keeping in mind that neither nurse chris or yours truly are prescribing or diagnosing anything...just sharing some info...let me know if we forgot anyone :)

i am sending all of you love and light
your crazysexyshrink

RachelRae said...

Kris, Were you going to post something on soy? I'd be interested to hear your thoughts.....I know it is taboo in the raw foods arena, but not sure why. Thanks, Rachel

Andrea Lee said...

Thank you so much for your post and the advice from Christine Tobin. I'd like to weigh in on the hormone and depression/mood swings and ask if anyone has found a way to mitigate the hormone surges while on Tamoxifen?

I started T in November and went through several weeks of nausea and now feel like a HUGE B**** My oncologist mentioned I might have a harder time on T than others because I could never take birth control due to the severe mood swings and depression I'd get after 3 months on any type of birth control pill. We've already worked on the timingof when I take my dose and quantity/types of food to lessen the nausea, but this mood swing thing took me by surprise the other day.

I know I can't take St. John's Wort, as this is mentioned specifically in the Tamoxifen lit, so if any of you wonderful canser babes have gone through this and can suggest options, I'd really appreciate it. I will mention last that I am exercising and drinking lots of water and Kombucha and trying to stay distracted at work :-)

clint said...

In response to Andrea Lee's Soy question:

......modern soy products are said to contain anti-nutrients and toxins and they interfere with the absorption of vitamins and minerals.

The Full article is here:

As well as another article on Soy here:

hope this helps,


rinne said...


I'm so very sorry for your loss. I hope you are able to surround yourself with close and loving friends who are there to comfort you. I would like to share a quote from Og Mandino that has helped me through dark times. It says "I will love the light for it shows me the way, yet I will endure the darkness because it shows me the stairs."

Thank you for your response. I really appreciate it. I'm going to take your advice and write down what's in the 'basement'. I'm a little scared to find out what emotions will come out because for four years I've buried everything. I'm the type of person that always tells my friends I'm fine. I feel like I need to be strong for my parents, my husband, and my six yr old little boy. But I guess I can't truely be strong unless I'm honest with myself and get everything out. Thanks again for your support.


clint said...

Sandra, a wise Avatar once said:

"In the darkest times, hope is something you give yourself. That is the meaning of inner strength..."


Chris said...

HI Kris, thank you for sharing here in your blog. If you have time, could you drop a line to one of my dear friends,,her blog is:
She was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and had surgery a few weeks ago.
Thanks so much,
Chris B

Basic Me said...

Oh Sandra Joseph I am so sorry. I want you to know that you have a church now. Government Street Presbyterian in Mobile Alabama made prayer request for you and 700 people asked if they could send something they dont know many in Michigan but you have us. I am sending you all my best wishes and prayers I cannot imagine losing my Dad and he is in the process of fading away ...I want you to know if you need anything write me.. you have an ear.. I haven't kids so need a shoulder it is what I do for a living. I am so sorry.. nothing I can do can help but we are all praying and the flowers on xmas are being dedicated to you please send last name. The mission is also praying for you. The short list. I have so much going and no words that are right. If you need anything like an ear.. write and I will call. We are all friends and family. MAny blessing and our deepest sympathies. Callie

holisticgal said...

Dear All,
Hi with love. I have been reading for weeks, loving and learning. Thank you to everyone who shares.

This is my first post, and for my first post, I would like to *share* information (rather than ask a question, can you believe it?!)expecially for Sandra. Your heartfelt cry for support convinced me to finally log in, create a screenname, yada yada. (Can you believe you inspired such compassion from a stranger? You are blessed!)
I looked at your profile, so as a fellow Virgo, I know I appreciate DATA, INFORMATION, USEFUL TOOLS. Maybe you do, too? I started to reply to you, then stopped myself so I could carefully read other's replies so as not to duplicate (our Virgo ways, yes?? hee, hee). I got through til most of 12/ 17, then decided to just hurry up and WRITE ALREADY!
So, here goes. I will preface this by saying that I do not know if you have cancer (have not read everything in detail yet), so take the necessary precautions for herbal interactions if you do. I am just a layperson who has been on a natural, holistic journey myself for years to heal a lifetime of fatigue and low energy issues that began in childhood....and so many things have helped (always drug-free and gentle approaches, never anything else) and I want to pass them on to you.

1. When I was suffering anguish, heartache and fear, and in constant'fight or flight' with adrenal burnout, the liquid herbal HAWTHORNE helped me. It is to 'heal the heart.' I used the brand GAIA HERBS found in healthfood stores. It is a yummy, thick syrup you can gulp if you want. This has also greatly helped after car accident trauma.
2. BACH FLOWER ESSENCES- These are formulas distilled from flower petals that are wonderful!! There is one for grief, sadness and trauma called RESCUE REMEDY. You simply squirt the liquid under your tongue. It truly helps, and is safe and gentle. You can look it up online to read more, I am sure. Now, just in case my login doesn't take, I don't want to lose all this info I typed, so I am going to put my next 6-7 plus suggestions for you in a separate post, okay? You stay hopeful, Beauty.
In the Light,

holisticgal said...

Okay, twenty minutes later, Part II for Sandra (and of course, anyone else who can benefit). Oh yes, and I just embarked on the first few pages of Kris' book, so forgive me if any of this flows in opposition rather than in harmony with her views. I am still reading! :):
3. The first nutrients that are depleted under stress, grief, sadness (and that 'suicidal thoughts' piece was definitely and eye-opener girl), etc. are B VITAMINS. The adrenal glands burn through these under stress. ENZYMATIC THERAPY makes a B Complex for stress that is higher in individual amounts than most others. This one costs less than $10, but if you cannot find this brand, just get a good one at the healthfood store. Another option to get your full dose of all the Bs is with ROYAL JELLY (again, in supplement form or you can buy it as a food), or with powdered NUTRITIONAL YEAST FLAKES (not Brewer's Yeast, this is different.) This is inexpensive and sold in bulk as a food powder (over veggies, in soups, etc.-tastes buttery/cheesy), and is LOADED with protein and all the Bs. I do know that Dr. Young advises against this food,(he is the only one I have ever read that does so) so use at your discretion, and Kris, please definitely weigh in if you can on this. I used to eat this all the time until reading his books. Anyway-take those Bs in addition to your multi, every day, every day, every day.
4.Essential Fatty Acids-The brain functions on these, and is mostly made of fat you may know, and I believe neurotransmitters (dopamine, serotonin, etc.) are manufactured from these fats. I cannot stress these enough. I find great relief in my low moods with EFAs. (These are also known as the Omega Fatty Acids). In brief, you can eat ground up Flax seeds (buy in bulk fresh if you can and grind yourself in a coffee grinder), or use Flax oil (has to be refridgerated, so if you are travelling, this could be tough). I think Kris recommends this, and Udo's Oil is a good choice here, too. I use Fish Oil as well, and like Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega. I feel a mood lift with these.
1. The herb Valerian is nice to take before bed to lull you to sleep. You can get it in capsule form, in liquid (I think Gaia brand makes one, as well as Herb Pharm maybe?), and also as an ingredient in BEDTIME TEAS. Here are two brands I LOVE: GOOD EARTH TEA FOR SLEEP (blue box), and CELESTIAL SEASONINGS SLEEPYTIME PLUS in the green box (gotta get the PLUS-the regular one does not have the Valerian. You can use more than one teabag at a time for extra strength. (There are also liquid formulas that have many herbs in combination-Skullcap, passionflower, hops are some sleep herbs.) I have recently seen this last tea at Walmart Superstores, if you can believe that!
2. GABA or 5 HTP- These are calming, relaxing supplements that work with cortisol and serotonin in the brain. Choose only one, to be taken at night. I have read that 5 HTP worked better and without side effects compared to anti-depressive drugs. It is what serotonin is derived from, I believe (and serotonin is the feel-good, happy neurotransmitter that helps us feel our well-being).
1. I read loud and clear the twice mentioned reference to not having the comfort of spiritual support or a church. Now you do, Sandra. I go to a Unity church, which focuses on POSITIVE AND AFFIRMATIVE prayer for all, and does not exclude anyone (if you have heard Reverend Michael Beckwith on Oprah, or in the movie The Secret, he is a Unity Minister, or if you saw Iyanla Vanzant on Oprah or on the reality TV show Starting Over (cancelled now), or read any of her books, she is, too).You are in luck. It is but a click or phone call away to have the support you need now, with their web technology, or by calling the twenty four hour, seven day a week, non-stop prayer vigil where someone is always available to pray affirmatively with you over the phone for free. This has been going on continuously for over 100 years-can you believe it?!
When I first called years ago, I was full of fear and anguish, sobbing all by myself, crumpled on my apartment floor. I was feeling alone, scared and sad because I was very ill and about to get fired from my job, having difficulties with my apartment lease renewal, and facing a rent increase I could not sustain, and/or moving. And did I say I was very ill? I felt destitute and full of sadness and grief. (Different than you, yet similar.) After I called and prayed with whoever answered the phone, it was like the gray shadow of the storm cloud over my heart lifted, and God's Angels enfolded me, taking me under their wings. And then I knew I would be okay. And I was. Here are some excerpts from the site:
'Are you facing a challenge right now? If so, Silent Unity is here for you. We are here to enfold you in loving, faith-filled prayer. You have our commitment to serve you with sensitivity, compassion, and complete confidentiality. You may submit a prayer request online now through our prayer ministry Web site or contact us, and we will pray with you.'
Unity's Five-Step Prayer Process
Relax ...Concentrate ...Meditate...Realize ... Give Thanks ...
You can reach us any time of the night or day by calling, writing, or faxing us using the information below. 1-816-969-2000, or 1-800-NOW-PRAY (1-800-669-7729-Of course a *Virgo* puts the actual numbers too, yes?)or Fax: 1-816-251-3554
"Every request sent to us is kept confidential and receives loving, compassionate attention. It is our honor to pray with you whenever you want the support of praying friends." On the website there are wonderful video and audio downloads of meditations, affirmations, and spiritual messages. There is no cost, no strings, nothing. And I know you will feel better if you decide to call, too. God bless you.
2. Regarding this: 'how I wish I had a family who would welcome a ritual and ceremony like the ones you did for your beloved grandma! I will have to hold my breath as I sit through our traditional Lebanese Catholic church crap where the monCenior (I'm spelling it RONG, so there!) likes to frequently mention the "furnace of condemnation.'
There may be a Unity-based or similar church in your area-check the site or ask if you call. That type of transitioning ceremony mentioned is not uncommon. Also, I feel called to share this recent experience. I too was at a funeral ceremony honoring an uncle. All was very touching (the video ceremony put to amazing music-real tear-jerker), UN-TIL... the priest got up there and started 'recruiting', you know-preaching the same condemnation thing, looking for newbies to be 'saved.' I realized how 'ugh' feeling I got in my stomach. I felt like you wrote-'this is a buncha CRAP.' Now, this may seem sacreligious....but my mom, sister and I started writing notes back and forth, (for shame, I know-but no one saw), yet I IMMEDIATELY started to feel better, and began to be rid of that yuck feeling. I tuned out what bothered me (and I excused myself during the preaching to use the [long-held] restroom-hey, everyone's eyes were closed, so no one saw!!) When I was done, it was ending anyway. All this to say, please honor your internal guidance-bring a spiritual book to look at and read while those difficult parts of the service are going on, or put in tiny little ear plugs (or tissue in a pinch) that no one will see anyway to dim out the hum of his voice, or you can even put in a tiny MP3 ear piece woven under your clothes to listen to a spiritual song to hold you up during that time. This is not rude, but rather is self-care. You said you know how your dad would feel, so maybe the best way to continue to honor his spirit is by honoring your own? You have our permission to do so, I am confident. And girl, don't forget the waterproof mascara, and a cloth hankie if you have one.
1.ACUPUNCTURE or MASSAGE-There are points in the body that hold/store grief. A skilled practitioner can needle them for you and you will feel immediate relief wash over you.
2. BIOMAT SESSIONS-I saw Kris recommends this therapy on her site. You can go to a place and lay on a warm biomat for a healing session, much like going for a massage somewhere. The mat emits far-infrared ray technology, and is embedded with amethyst and tourmaline crystals, which are known for their healing and energy properties. I have done sessions, and it is so blissful and restorative-it raises endorphins in the body, and feels like a tremendous gift of self-care that you can give yourself. It may help wash away the sadness. For more info about the technology, this website may help: Hopefully you can do additional research to find a place that offers it in your geography.
3. I saved the best for last. VIBING. This is a therapy where you sit with the VIBE device being turned on for anywhere from 2-8 minutes. This is no joke. It is a new, frontier therapy that I have seen create healing miracles. It is by far the most powerful healing I have ever experienced. In brief, the device emits a frequency/vibration (based on Tesla Waves-very safe) that is in perfect harmony with the cells' optimal frequency. When present with the technology, the body acts like a tuning fork, raising up to the vibration of the frequency being emitted, thereby harmonizing our cells at their optimum vibration and increased frequency. Needless to say, it raises serotonin, immediately creates alpha waves in the brain (this is what meditation and prayer do), and has been used successfully to alleviate depression and heal many different conditions. Please visit to see all about it. Sessions are anywhere from $5-$20 depending on the practitioner. I was so skeptical about this form of vibrational therapy, until I did it. I could post all over just about this, but suffice it to say it will definitely lift you up out of grief and amaze you. Kris, have you done this yet? (Dr. Bernie Siegel is part of the team of researchers doing clinical trials to obtain FDA approval.)
Lastly, I just wanted to say again, that I am a layperson myself, with no special certification or degrees. I just wanted to really share what has worked for me along my long, long journey. And I have been asked this before right after sharing, so...No, I do not have any vested interest in any of the products etc., and I do not receive anything for recommending them (just in case you were wondering...).

Love to you in mending your broken heart, and also to all of you healing depression or other energy imbalances,

Kelli said...


I am SO sorry for the loss of your father. No words can say the pain I feel in my heart remembering the pain I experienced with the passing of my mother. What I want to mention to you is that your father is still there for you - just listen. My mom still visits in my dreams and sometimes when I am zoned out and allow myself to hear her. At first I thought this idea was a crock, but then I had this tremendous exprience...I was driving home from work (a 45 minute drive) and zoning out listening to the radio. All of a sudden I felt this overwhelming sense of awareness of the cars around me and I slowed down (I felt my mom's presence). Next thing I knew, the hood of the car that WAS driving on my right (now a bit in front of me) flew open, obstructing the driver's view, and swirved from the right lane of the freeway through 6 lanes of traffic and into the median. This was in Phoenix where everyone drives 75-85 mph. I am telling you - he is there for you. Just take the time to find him in this form. It is hard but you are very strong and will find that you are much stronger than you believe.

We all love you and are keeping you in our prayers/good thoughts. Please take a moment (or preferably many moments) to think about you and deal with your feelings. You deserve it!


holisticgal said...

Hi All,

I have spent much time researching which HAND CRANK WHEAT GRASS JUICER Kris says she has and loves, but cannot find it. Help!

I have checked:
Kris' website under 'Good Stuff,' and also in the 'Tool Kit,' (by the way, a lot of the products mentioned in the October blogging do not yet appear on the site under Good Stuff...Did I miss something or is it all somewhere else? I am still reading!), under the Wheat Grass/Juicing topics on this blog site, and I also used the search engine on the site as well under 'hand crank,' and 'juicers.' I also looked in her book (doesn't say in the index), at the Hippocrates site under Michael's two tabs (faqs and juicers), and still cannot find the specific one she said she loves! (?) I know you raw experienced babes can help a girl out....
Is it the brand 'Healthy Juicer' manual wheat grass juicer she has? Did anyone ever catch that? If you have one you love, or have one you hate, that is under $50, please tell me about it all (I was going to post this question appropriately elsewhere, but I saw that people don't seem to continue to post comments on the older posts-like under Wheat grass or Juicing). I need one asap, as my Champion doesn't do grasses or small leafies well at all, and I want to ask for it for Xmas. :)

Beloved, Beautiful Spirit Kris-I have tried and tried, but I do not understand the opening quote on your beautiful website : 'Why, when we are challenged to survive, do we give ourselves permission to truly live?' If the word 'not' was there ('do we NOT give...' or 'Why not when we') I might understand it better. Has anyone ever asked this? Can you please explain, dear lovey? Thank you!

Regarding some posts about nausea in general- I find ginger (taken in capsules, or capsules poured into hot water, ginger grated raw and made into tea, or ginger tea itself) EXTREMEMLY helpful with nausea, motion sickness, or any tummy probs in general. Pregnant moms can take it, and rely on it for morning sickness, too.

Also, someone asked about how to make wheat grass more tasty-you can add powdered Stevia Plus (green packets often available for free at Whole Foods in Cafe, or at Natural Food Co-ops, or even as samples at health food stores like Whole Foods) to it, or you can add juiced spinach-it is very sweet. I noticed too, that Kris recommends Vibrant Greens as a powdered greens drink. I just discovered that they also make a new powdered RAW WHEAT GRASS (and it has other grasses in the blend, too). Granted, this is NOT as healthy as making it, I know. But, since it is organic and not heated, and is a RAW food, perhaps it is a good alternative to not having frozen or processed, or when you are fatigued and cannot juice, or to not having any at wheat grass at all? I have started to use it (til I get the above mentioned hand cranker), and bought it for $36 at Vitamin Shoppe ( if you need). Please do weigh in any comments on this. Can't wait to read them.

For Spiritual reading, may I suggest They have a free 'daily' you can subscribe to, and it is a great source for a spiritual focus on abundance and well-being. Kris, have you read any books by Esther and Jerry Hicks yet? I am still reading your book....

Til next time,
Holistic Gal Jen

goony said...

I have a question.

My father-in-law just finished his last round of chemo. The tumor is still in his lung, but not growing. His hands look like they have been in an acid bath. I mentioned juicing to him about a month ago, and he read a book about it and said he was going to start juicing. I was so excited. Then yesterday I was over his house and he told me he wasn't going to juice because he read on the website:
that the motor in the juicing machine kills some kind of acid that is beneficial for the juice to be effective in curing cancer. I was stunned. First of all this is a man that has terrible eating habbits. Lots of sugar, white bread, sausage, soda, the list goes on. And he decides that juicing won't work because of this website, but continues to feed his body alll that crap I mentioned. My husband and I have been juicing for about 2 months now and feel soooooooooo good. I know it is working. I'm just frustrated. Has anyone ever heard of such a thing? What can I say to him to try to chance his mind. He did order 3 cases of carot juice from some Hollywood company, but it is canned juice, it can't be as good as fresh. UHG! And are there any suggestions for a cream to use on his hands? They look so bad.

P.S. I accidentally used cilantro instead of parsley in my green juice this morning, and it was actually really good! I think I might do it more often.

Miss you Kris!!!!!


feeling hopeful said...

OK so...I don't have cancer but have been reading this blog from the minute Kris was on Oprah. I have lived a pretty unhealthy lifestyle in the past and managed to tack on 50 unwanted lbs. up and down for years afte college. had a daughter 6 1/2 months ago and now I am determined to get my health and weight under control. I have read CSC, skinny bitch, and currently the raw food detox diet.(level 3 - yay!) I have all the info, making small changes but felt like I couldnt really get started without a juicer. don't really have the money to get one. BUT then!! yesterday while picking up my daughter from my mother's house - there is a brand new breville juicer waiting for me!! an early present from mom! I couldn't be more excited and happy to really start now. for the first time I feel like my priority is my HEALTH and the weight loss is the added bonus. This will work. It has to.
I am telling you all this because I need to get it out how excited and hopeful I feel! Been getting blank stares from hubby & whoever else when I go on and on about how kick ASS getting this juicer was! :) please wish me luck!

thoughts and prayers w sandra!


Laura said...

Hey Goony,
I know the frustration with your dad is hard. Just keep encouraging him. Maybe make some juice when you visit him and drink it yourself, hopefully it will catch on. The carrot juice is tough because it has sugars in it and when you are dealing with cancer sugar is a big no-no. Just stay positive and keep the encouragement going. When he is ready he will be ready.

As far as for his hands, I use coconut oil as a body moisturizer. My husband uses it and I use it on my kids instead of lotions. We love it. In fact, I was at a holiday party last night and hugged a friend I haven't seen in a while and she said I smelled so good and healthy. I said "that is exactly how I feel!" It feels so good and it is really really good for you too, to eat and cook with and rub onto your body b/c it does get absorbed in your blood stream that way. Check out Dr. Mercola's website and type in Coconut Oil, he does a nice job explaining the benefits. Try using the coconut oil and then have him put clean cotton gloves on to hold the oil in. When I was going through treatments and my feet started cracking I used Aquaphor with socks. That does the trick too, but the benefits of coconut oil are so wonderful that you would be benefiting him in multiple ways.

Sandra, how are you doing?! Thinking about you and your family, hang in there and be strong!


Laura said...

Feeling go girl. Infuse that body with fresh veggie green juice and you will feel so good. Small steps to transition, but once you do you will be amazed. I started last summer after packing on some weight from post-chemo and current meds. Eating 80/20, juicing etc. has been the ONLY thing that has not only made me feel so good and healthy, but has helped me stabilize and slowly lose the weight. Good luck, stay focused and juice baby juice!

RachelRae said...

It was actually me who asked the soy question. I appreciate your response. All I will say is that in my opinion it is important to choose a company that can be trusted and has lots of integrity (such as Shaklee) if you choose to use soy products. But, I am open to & will be respectful to hearing more about other opinions.
Thanks, R.R.

holisticgal said...

To Feeling Hopeful-
I am so excited for you!! (Doing a virtual cheer JUST FOR YOU!!). I also do not have cancer, but did a recent, first-time EVER healing juice fast for ten days following Dr. Young's *Greens only* juicing protocol in the PH Miracle book (he also has a book-
the PH Miracle for Weight loss, fyi). I lost over 10 pounds (the flabby pounds you never lose, you know-the jiggly part) in ten days, and my body felt so incredible to me! I was so very, very proud of myself, too. I went from a size 10-12 to 8-10 so quickly, so I know it works. Here is a tip for keeping up with the juicing that I have found helpful-
As soon as you bring home the produce, *PREPARE IT all for juicing. Clean it, trim it, cut it if you need to, and spin the greens dry before storing it all in the fridge. I was advised by a produce employee that most leafy greens are best stored just wrapped with papertowels and left dry in the fridge. Moisture is what kills it (have had this happen so many times leaving it in the plastic!).It seems silly, but I have found in the past that I would get out produce, wash it, trim it, soak it, etc., then juice a batch...clean it all up, then do it from the beginning all over again the next time. What a waste of time!! I find that if it is all prepped and ready to go, keeping up with it is so much more of a snap, eliminates all that duplication, and so is quicker, too.

Keep in mind that tastebuds and palates (sp?) change and grow over time. What might taste funky in the beginning can turn into a taste and smell you adore and look forward to!

Your mom is such a doll-gotta admit I am jealous!xoxo Please keep me posted on the ease of use for the Breville. I have had problems with my Champion and in the future might need a different one, so I will be curious on the performance from a novice perspecitve.

Rev it up, girlfriend!
~Holistic gal Jen

debbiedoesraw said...

Hi all
Just got back from the onc...not too good. My white blood cells are multiplying in spite of two month of juicing and rawness and green vibrance. I know I have to just keep doing it and keep hoping for a miracle.
If anyone has known anyone who had chronic lympocytic leukemia and was able to control it, please write to me and give me hope.
I am feeling pretty low right now..

holisticgal said...

Bless you and I am holding you in the light. I saw on your site that you mentioned Unity from what I wrote. I am so happy! I loved the affirmations you put there. So sad to hear of your disappointing day...however-try as best you can to maintain a positve vibration, attracting in, attracting in, allowing only all that you desire, rather than giving thought to that which you don't. Again, visit the abraham site for this if you have not yet discovered them. Yesterday's daily was really good-about healing.

I want to know if I can add to your arsenal of holistic approaches at all?

I have not read enough to see what you have yet tried, however, please visit and look into this leading edge healing therapy. I personally have heard of so many healing testimonies (the practitioner here in California is regaining her eyesight from vibing, a pancreatic cancer patient I met during my first vibe had been sent home to DIE in August or September, I think. Anyway, she started vibing every day (at the time she was too ill, stage 5, to 'qualify for chemo,' and doctor said to get her affairs in order, etc.), then became well enough to 'qaulify for chemo' (a personal choice i know), and no longer has any tumors or cancer showing up at all.

The daily from Abraham indicated not to focus on the exact-well jeez...let me paste it here:

"Don’t get lost in the diagnosis, the medicine, or in the statistics about what somebody else did about it. If you don’t feel good, it’s because you’re not thinking in a way that allows the Energy to flow. You could just get really, really mad at someone you love and make every muscle in your body stiff. And you would ask, “Why does my body feel this way?” And we say, because you’ve had a Vibrational tug-of-war going on...Stop looking for anything other than your mental and emotional state of being as answers to why you feel how you feel in your body. It is all Vibrational—no exception! And when you get that, then it doesn’t matter what diagnosis has been given to you—it doesn’t matter—it’s temporary."

Excerpted from a workshop in Orlando, FL on Friday, December 20th, 2002
All Is Well

Please always remember-it is TEMPORARY. Crowd out any fear, as Kris says over and over. Press on, my love.

Another source I am called to mention is the site. They are leading edge in their vibrational approach to disease, as well. David Alan Slater is the creator of these formulas. I have read about (and met) people who have had TREMENDOUS SUCCESS with these remedies. I tried them myself for quite a while. I had much success, but he told me very honestly that for the remedies I needed, he simply had not yet created them. He is a skilled, magical diagnostician-he is a master dowser, completely intuitive, and 'sees' on all planes, if you know what I mean. You send in your saliva sample by mail, or you can call. It is so affordable-only $75 for him to test. Keep exploring, you will arrive!!

Have you started doing sessions on the biomat yet? I gave that site, too.

In my quest, I have recently began treating with a holistic acupuncturist who uses an innovative technique called Nutritional Response Testing. This is the first time that anyone ever found a Virus that is affecting me in certain glands (manifesting as fatigue, blood sugar isses, etc. etc.). Treating the virus (through the use of homeopathics, and also Standard Process formulas) and these glands is proving to be very attractive to me-I am departing greatly from (even holistically) treating the symptoms. Do some checking into this form of 'diagnostics' if you can, then getyourself there if you feel called to do so. It may just be the bridge you need to link your incredible, dedicated, superior, loyal, determined, time-consuming-you-rock-girl-eating raw program to your rainbow of perfect health.

And in the meantime, watch your thoughts (A good read is The Law of Attraction by Esther and Jerry Hicks-the teachings of Abraham).

Good healing to you, and was this helpful??

Lotsa good vibes going out,
Holistic gal Jen (didja call Silent Unity yet?) xoxo

holisticgal said...

Something I saw....

I hope it is okay to mention this, and again, I hope I am not speaking out of turn or telling you something that you already have talked about....If this doesn't apply, 'take what you need, and discard the rest,' k?
I saw on your profile that you are a stay at home beautician. Two things happened in my life last week that I feel called to mention.

As I said previously, I have been healing fatigue that was onset in childhood. At my last doctor's appt (the one I mentioned before-holistic acup.), he discovered very high levels of metals (which I susupected, only hair analysis is only so effective). I had water with me from home..he tested it (energetically) and WHA LA!! The source of heavy metals-But here's the rub. I KNOW about drinking clean water...I buy it weekly and fill up my own jugs at a PURE WATER, REVERSE OSMOSIS FILTERED WATER SHOP!!! Only to find out it isn't 'pure.' Okay, so point to consider for everyone.
Next thing I want to tell you...My roommate has been having difficulty with energy dropping, and has been treating too. Funny thing is, he started getting a bit worse, because he kept waking up in the night to urinate (so I'm automatically thinkin' *prostate*, right?) But, no, turns out, the doc found *allergies to paint, carpet, and dust*-Yeah, we just moved six months ago into a newer house!! See, there is always a CAUSE for our diseases/symptoms, and it may take dedicated SLEUTHING with a skilled practitioner to find out what it exactly is....So, he put him on an allergy clearing (brand Standard Process formula), we aired out the house, put plants in the room, and are going to put the filter in there...two nights into it he is already sleeping better.

My initial thought is this-Are you by chance enveloping in your skin or exposing yourself to any harmful hair or skin/nail procucts? At your home-are there environmental toxins around due to this? My gal pal is a distributor for a non toxic, 'cancer-free' products company called Neways-(I think and she met a beautician that was first introduced to these products for that very reason-the beautician discovered she herself was very ill from all of her exposure to toxins during her line of work. Making changes promoted healing.

Again, please forgive me if this is rudimentary to you, or you've 'been there done that already.' I am no expert, yet I am aware that there are several industries that have higher rates of cancers than others, and maybe you know this. If not, I hope this gives you HOPE going forward (that is what you asked for sweetie, right?) Data and something you can actively do to change the health of your cells, right? :) What more can we ask for?
Holisticgal Jen

apoopslingingmonkey said...

Im so so sorry about your dad :( My prayers are with you and your family. Your family was so blessed to have such a wonderful man in your lives. Is there anyway for your mom to stay with you or other relatives so she wont feel so alone right now? I feel so sad for her. You all try to hang in there...

thanks for the 5HTP answer! :)

My hands get so bad in the cold bad winters- I use "Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream" its absolutely amazing! LOL If I go to bed with cracked bleeding knuckles, literally overnight by morning they are 200% better. no bleeding, cracks sealed -its just crazy-soft like a babies butt! talk about an quick fix! Please go buy some,try it- and smother it all over your dads hands- and tell him to slather a bunch more before he goes to bed- he will be AMAZED the next day lol! It really works. (it only comes in a small 2oz. sqeeze bottle thing- and its concentrated-so it says to just use a dab cause thats all you need, but when your hands are already bad, smother it on :)they will heal quick, then you wont need alot on a daily upkeep)

Lauren said...

Wish I knew exactly what to tell you, but just want to encourage you to keep up the juicing and raw food. Two months isn't a very long time, so your miracle could be just around the corner. CrazySexy Shrink Terri told me to write down what I want in the present tense, so I could feel what it's like to already have what I want. She said it much more eloquently.
She told me to do that for something totally unrelated to what you're going through, but it can't hurt you right? So think of yourself with a lower wbc count.
Staying positive never hurt anyone, right?

debbiedoesraw said...

Thanks so much, you are correct I need to say "my wbc is lower...etc." I think my emotions need some work right about is under control but my moods are not!
thanks for your kind words, they help...d.

apoopslingingmonkey said...

debbiedoesraw~ your in my prayers too! keep hope and faith alive, and keep up the veggie massacre. maybe kris or bav may have a bit more diet info that may be extra helpful.

debbiedoesraw said...

Hi Jen
You are right alot of the things I use are toxic I amsure.. however I am very part time and really don't do more than one color appt a week. We do have a new addition on our home and I have thought about that too...I am on a journey and I know there are more layers to this onion.
Thanks for your words.. I appreciate them and they are valid. I will keep you posted.

debbiedoesraw said...

apsm...sorry you have a long title!
thanks, I am thinking of trying to go to tree of life or the ph miracle place for a week and see what they can find. although I cannot afford it and my hub will have to take over the kid duties I think I may end up going that route.

Sabrina said...

Hello =)

I have been reading up on all of your posts and had to say how amazing you and everyone else who reads and posts are!! You have a a genuine gift for expressing yourself through words and the energy that you possess is one of a kind!

Kris - I first heard about your crazy sexy self on Oprah and went out and bought your book immediately. Your attitude is revolutionary and everything you said and wrote about resonated deep within my soul. I marked your book up and down with my highlighter and appreciate how you empathize with anyone who is facing adversity in their life. I myself do not have canSer but have gone through quite a bit of a crisis in the past younger and only sister, at the age of 19, had a brain aneurysm resulting in a head on car collision in addition to suffering from a stroke, broken hip, and a dissection of her right carotid artery on March 28, 2007. I never once in a million years thought something would happen to a loved one, let alone to my best friend and only sibling, and my life is forever changed since that day. My sister, Kelzey, is a crazy sexy survivor and I am her crazy sexy supporter. Your words of wisdom and insight have reaffirmed my passion for life and for helping Kelzey to tackle the obstacles in her way so she can fully recover and take part in all the wonders that life has to offer! I have stood strong from the get go and will continue to be a rock for my family and for my amazing sister. You are a TRUE inspiration and a goddess of empowerment (THANK YOU!! I draw such strength and positive energy from your thoughts and words...I cannot thank you enough for that!) - my mom is an oncology nurse with the Florida CanSer Specialists and I told her about your book which is now going to be a christmas gift for all the crazy sexy survivors she has the pleasure of working with and getting to know. It's truly amazing how hope permeates all facets of the oncology nurse-patient context.

Anyways....sorry for skipping around so much...I cannot emphasize how vibrant and powerful your positive energy is. I cannot wait til your next book comes out!! Keep sending those good energy vibes out to the world for all the crazy sexy survivors to hear -- 'Carpe Diem'!!!

Peace & Crazy Sexy Love,

Sabrina said...

Debbie --

My healing, positive energy pours out to you!! Kris' words and the positive words of all those who add good vibrations to this blog are so empowering -- soak up all of the colorful, positive energy available here and never give up hope!!

I recently did a research paper on the idea that hope permeates all facets of oncology nursing (I am studying Nursing and Psychology and am intrigued with new medicine techniques and 'mind over matter' ideaology). If I may refer you to a book, look into reading Jerome Groopman M.D.'s book titled "The Anatomy of Hope". The stories he offers are true accounts that correlate hope and redefining how your outlook and approach to your diagnosis. Embracing a crazy sexy spirit and attitude solidifies a strong, core foundation for which there are NO LIMITS!! You can do whatever when you put your mind to it --- feed your body rich and healthy greens, fill your brain with the knowledge you need to fuel your intuitions and listen to your instincts for they will never lead you astray. Now shake that booty and scream at the top of your lungs "I AM A CRAZY SEXY SURVIVOR AND I WILL ALLOW NO ONE & NOTHING TO DEFINE MY LIFE BESIDES ME!"

Peace & Crazy Sexy Love,

feeling hopeful said...

thank you jen & laura!

made my first juice last night. delic! going out this weekend to restock my fridge and de-clutter my house. well...I will attempt to do all this...i do have a 6 1/2 month at home who is quite demanding of my time! :)also...been dry brushing all week....the feeling is AMAZING.

love this blog!

debbiedoesraw said...

to Sabrina:
I have read that book and many others.. I like the Simonten method, I use it twice a day to visualize my l. cells getting destroyed and then dissapearing.
Thanks for the encouragement, I feel better today and am ready to go forth and be even cleaner...meaning it is time to investigate colonics and other.. rear items as it were.

Michelle J said...

Hi Debbie: I am sorry that you feel badly about your last blood test results. I realize that your WBC went up to 29,000 but in the grand scheme of things its really not too high. My mom's is 58,000 and is not in need of any treatment nor are her doctors concerned. So, chill hon, you will be fine and you are FINE!!! Also, i am going to make your fruit tart recipe today!! It looks awesome!! You are awesome and don't ever forget it!!! Love you!

Married to Cancer said...

Hi All,

I a new blogger. Although I am not the one with Cancer, I just recently married it 3 months ago. My husband has a reoccurance of cancer (he is 32). Things are not going so well now that the excitement and joy of the wedding and honeymoon are a distant memory. His spirits are low and I don't know what to do anymore to boost his moral. He is loosing his positive outlook and doesn't seem to have what it takes to beat this. I am worried and feel desperate now.
I think I made a mistake in thinking I could heal him. I thought that by bringing love, happiness and support into his life, it would be enough to make him want to fight for this life.
Kris was right to say that two people who have the same disease with the same prognosis can have a completely different outcome. You have to want to heal and want to fight. His problem is that he is a workaholic. He hasn't given his body any time at all to heal. He deals with his cancer by working more.
I feel like he is working himself into a grave.
What can I do to make him see the brighter side of life and of cancer? Would a natural depressant help in this battle?

debbiedoesraw said...

Michelle youre so sweet, thanks for the encouragement! I hope your mom is doing well and drinking her green juices...I am not giving up, just a little speedbump is all....
lots of love back to you!

cancer cowgirl xo said...

Hi rockin' community!

Gotta keep it brief, my book is due Sunday so ya'll know what I'm up to. A few things...Welcome new folks! Oh my holy word, I just love ya. Feeling hopeful, holisticgal and Sabrina - just to name a few - delightful! You ALL bring wide grin cheshire cat style smiles to my face. Clint too! I love when you post. You're wisdom is rock solid!

Debbiedoes it raw- I emailed my mentor at HHI. Let's see what he says. I also have a few responses for some other folks. Joy? Did you ask about colonics post partical removal of the colon? There was one other gal i said I'd get back to...anyone?

Married to cancer. Honey, i don't like your handle. I think you need to change it. it just didn't sit well with me for you. Unfortunately all we can do is walk the walk and BE the change.
Plus, the only time you can really change a man is when he is in diapers. I too am a workaholic, so much of what you said spanked me in the ass. I need a spank, my mother gave me one this morning. It sounds to me like he is running and pretending, dodging a mountain of fear. Can you go to therpay together? Would he go on his own? I used to think that if i stayed busy there would be no time to die - or live for that matter. I was wrong. My biggest concern however is you. You are not responsible for his life, nor will you be held accountable if it is shortened. Tough but true. Are YOU caring for yourself? I just emailed Crazy Sexy Shrink to weigh in on this one -especially about your meds question.

All you can do is make the food, be there, take care of yourself and try to get him to see someone other than you. Perhaps a spiritual community? This is the time to dig deep not flee the cancer crime scene. But you can only do so much....

goony said...

Laura -

Thanks, I researched the coconut oil, and I'm going to get some and see if that helps his hands. I don't know if I can change his mind about juicing. He is very stubborn. Once he has his mind set on something, there is pretty much no talking to him. When he first started his chemo, during the summer, his oncologist told him to eat lots of fruit. I actually made him a giant fresh fruit salad, to last him a week. That was before I found Kris and found out the truth. Now I feel like an idiot for doing that. It's very frustrating that he isn't getting the correct info. His whole life he has been very overweight. Food is his drug. During his treatments, they would feed him sandwiches and a bunch of other crap. I want so badly to try to talk to him about what I've learned here, but I just know he will argue every point I make, and no one ever wins a debate with him. Maybe his stubborness will kick canser's ass!

Anyways, at least I can try to help him with his hands.


rinne said...


I stumbled upon a documentary at
The name of the documentary is "Raw For 30 Days...a film about live food and the intention of healing". Have you heard of it? I watched the 8 min trailor and it was motivating! It's the sequel to "Super Size Me". I think the film mostly has to do with how a raw diet can cure diabetes but it seems like it would also be inspirational for those fighting canSer. If you've heard anything about the film could you let me know?



Nikki_Trem said...

Hey everyone,

Just checking in...I am reading and thinking about everyone even though I don't know you all personally. Tough, interesting, exciting and scary week...not ready to update just yet...still waiting on the official scan results. However, I didn't see anything to be alarmed about...I snuck a peak...

My mom is here with me and I love her so much. Her canser is stable but her health otherwise is a challenge. I know that juicing and eating better will do wonders for her but she is not there yet. I can't judge...I just started juicing, and taking care of myself and I am still not where I want to be.

My mom is stubborn and while she did not give birth to me I definately "inherited" the gene so-to-speak.(smile) So, I have been planting CSC seeds all week knowing she has to come to the conclusion on her own and in her own beautiful way.

Well, I am unintentionally mislead you all a little. I gave her Kris's book and insisted that she read it and made her at least taste the green drinks I have been making everyday this week. I too had to consider my healther choices for a while before diving in.

Much Love....Be Well.


mimuna said...

Feeling hopeful-
Qick question: what kind of dry bruch do you use? and where did you get it?
I have read about the benefits of dry brushing, but I can t figure out what kind of brush to use!

feeling hopeful said...

hi julie-

i just went to my local co-op health food store and bought a naturally bristled brush. there was a tag on it giving a run down on how to dry brush. was about 8 bucks. don't remember the brand name off the top of my head. sorry!

hope this helps,

Tragicomedy said...

On Wednesday I finally sucked up my pride and went to my Neurologist and confessed to my inability to control my stress and anxiety. It was almost like admitting defeat. For so long I was against anti-depressants, but it wasn't until everything started to snowball I started having the most unnatural thoughts regarding my life. I'm losing my health insurance, and it was a terrible thing to hear right before Christmas and for them to give me until today to hand over money that I don't have. I haven't taken the pills yet, but my goal is to better my emotional state - put my health on hold and go back to work in hopes of getting some type of normalcy back.

I'm still afraid to take the pills and would really enjoy some insight or personal experiences with anti-depressants. I'm quite worried as I have to mix them with my seizure medication that already makes me feel crappy.

Before it's said, I don't qualify for any assistance. My partner makes too much money, but they don't take into account the money is gone after paying for all of my medical bills.

I have $42.00 in my bank account that has been sitting there. So I figure since I'm always the one to be diagnosed with things that happen to only .01-1% of people, I'm spending it all on lottery tickets! If I win even 4 grand, I'll be happy. Then I can keep my insurance! Here's to hoping. Haha.

Anyway, if anyone has experience with these pills. Please share them. I believe my profile has my email address in it, or you can just post here.

Hope you ladies (and men) have wonderful holidays. My mom is going to visit me and I haven't seen her for 8 months so I'm excited.


Sandra Joseph said...

Laura, Jamie, Jennifer, Michelle J, Lauren, Anne, Debbie, Clint, Lori, Doug, Becky, Joy, Annalin, Witness, Dale, Rinne, Callie, Holisticgal Jen, Kelli, Feeling Hopeful, APSM, Terri, and Kris: (Whew! If I've missed anyone, forgive me and add your name here) I cannot express in mere words my gratitude for your expressions of kindness and symapthy regarding the loss of my dear sweet daddy. I have taken up more than my fair share of space on your blog, Kris. I hope you'll forgive me for being the blog hog. I humbly thank you again for this incredibly supportive community.
The funeral is over and it was, for the most part, a beautiful celebration of my dad and his love of life. I shared that I was terrified to see my dad lying in the casket. It was a moment I had feared my entire life. I expected to be shattered by it, for my knees to give way, to sob uncontrollably. But my dad loved to surprise me and he saved the best for last. When I got up to the casket and laid eyes on him, I inhaled sharply in surprise, and believe it or not...delight. It sounds weird but everyone was commenting on it and I swear it's true-he was smiling! His eyes were closed, of course, but there was a twinkle behind them and his lips were turned slightly upward in the most beautiful grin you've ever seen. He looked more than peaceful; he looked happy, like he knew a secret. I suspect he does. I could not look at that smile and feel tragic. I had a shocking and overwhelming feeling of, well, okayness. The waves of loss and sadness still come, but they are less arduous. Let the healing begin.
Clint, you were right about those first three days. Going to sleep and waking up are still the most vulnerable times. My mom has come a million miles since my last post when she was suicidal. Tonight, she is sleeping at home alone for the first time and she was truly fine about it. Not happy that this happened, but determined to go on and live life, just as my dad would have wanted. I will try to follow her lead.
Dale, it's helping to think "I AM my dad." I shared your wisdom with my mom and sister, and my sister's kids. We ARE him. He's still here.
Kris, I now understand how you chat with grandma and she chats back.
All who have lost someone and shared that you still feel them with you, I get it now. I hear my dad. I feel him. My mom said the same thing, adding, "And I don't even believe in this shit!" You don't have to believe in ANYTHING- not even Elvis- to experience it.
Sweet Callie, is there a heart more generous than yours? Thank you for the prayers and the flower dedication from your church. You asked about my last name. Am I the only one unoriginal enough to use my real name as my login? I'm really Sandra Joseph. My dad is/was (past tense is hard) John Joseph. There's a pic of him on my blog with more to come if you're interested. You are such a blessing my Crazy Sexy Callie Friend. Thank you.
Holisticgal Jen, OMG girl, thank you for all the Virgolicious information. I PROMISE you did not type in vain. I can't wait to get started on all of those healing supplements and therapies. I will certainly need them. The day before my dad's death was my first colonic and my first day of keeping 100% raw. Since then, I've been surviving on pizza, cookies, and coffee. I managed to throw my juicer in the suitcase, but right now the thought of anything green makes me throw up in my mouth a little. What is it about sugar and white crap that's so damn comforting? I'll get back on the wagon in time.
Rinne, you shared a quote about enduring the darkness because it shows you the stars. My friends, you were the stars that were shown to me this week. May your kindness be returned to you a thousandfold.

clint said...

Hi Sandra,

Am so glad that you have risen from your hard time, are now able to look back at your Father in a different Light. For me, losing a parent was like losing a best friend, and was a difficult University to graduate from.

When I saw you on Oprah, and knew that you perform in front of 1000's of people, I knew you would rise to this occasion.

Bravo !



Jamie said...

Not sure if anyone is still reading comments on this post - in case so i wanted to know if anyone has heard of the truehope foundation? I read the story of the girl where it all started (bi-polar) and how her dad eventually helped develop a mineral suppliment (they call it EMPower Plus). They do admit that it's not a full cure and that it doesn't not work for everyone but they have had very high success rates with bi-polar and depression using this natural suppliment. Curious if anyone knew anything about it.

holisticgal said...

Sandra J,
Oh sweet one. I am so happy to hear from you! 'Virgolicious?' LOVE that! (And the comment about my not typing in vain-you were sweet). If you had not made the note on the current blog to go back to the older one, I would not have seen it, so thank you for doing that. :) I will make a note on the current one, too.

I was deeply amazed at the emotional transformations that took place within you and your mom-in just a matter of days. It was informative and heartwarming, and reaffirms the healing power of Time.

Thank you for your energy amidst your grief to take the time to share the details with us. I do not feel that you hogged anything-but then, I love to type, share and read too, so I am biased. :)
You packed your juicer in the suitcase??!! Commendable!! Work it, girl. You'll get back to it.

Yeah-what is it with that dopamine-raising white food and coffee crap?! I always say 'I'm on acid right now,' or 'I'm doing drugs.'

What a sweet description of your dad 'having a secret.' The way you wrote it, I could picture it. How angelic of him for you.

I would love for you to keep us posted if you like when you decide to try any of the suggestions, especially if they help you feel better. I notice there are people dealing with depression or sadness who may not know about trying gentle approaches first. To read about the flower essences, visit

Thank you again for your energy to reach back and let us know you are feeling so much better.

Sending loving hugs,

thejuicechick said...


b12 shots are good for dementia. Why docs don't regularly give them is beyond my comprehension.

Sandra Joseph--so sorry to hear about your dad.

peace, emily

apoopslingingmonkey said...

thejuicechick ~ thanks! yeah, you know, i have heard of that a long time ago, but totally forgot about it though! they also work great for bad migrains too.

katherine said...

dear tragicomedy,
as a psych nurse and a canser survivor I have found that sometimes medication is important to getting back on track. faulty automatic thoughts can become 'hardwired' in the brain if we don't break that cycle. cognitive therapy is a good start to changing automatic thoughts, and medication can help too.
some pharmacies are starting to have programs that offer $4 generic prescriptions to anyone - no insurance necessary, no questions asked. the list includes all types of medication, not just psych meds.
the pharmacies offering $4 prescriptions include WalMart and Sam's Club pharmacy. (this is not an endorsement for their employment practices!) I have heard that Target pharmacy will match the prices. KMart pharmacy was also offering $15 90day generic prescriptions. you should be able to access this information on the web or just give them a call.
as a worker with people with a severe and persistant illness these programs have made a big difference.
best wishes on your journey

Olga Games said...

Treat Cancer with Flavonoids:

SweetAnnee said...

I did find a phsyciatrist
and I am on an anti depressant
I felt that dealing with depression
(or not) would hinder my total
health, and at this point in time
fighting the cancer was my number
one issue!!!

If I was depressed all the time
where would the FIGHT be??

I encourage seeking help with
depression, as it can lead to
other , more horrid , disease.

Cancer loves stress and sadness!!

thanks for all the info Teri, Deena