Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Detox Symptoms

Good day posse!

Cool pix, right? Wish it was mine...

So many of you have been cliff diving, reading, writing, educating and flying (like the magic happy birds)! Most of your ka-splats are just great examples of the retox devils shriveling and cowering in your presense - especially the headaches. Here's the sitch, poisons, toxins, and garbage drain your energy. When you release them you also release their patterns - including the mental, emotional and spiritual chaos. Crap tend to concentrate in the brain, liver and digestive tract. Unfortuanately in this day and age toxins are abundantly found in our food, environment, air, water, and blood streams. We are so bombarded that our body becomes insufficient in the metabolic ability to rid itself of all that we encounter on a daily basis. Enter you, the twinkie fighting super hero!

Get this, you release about 60% of your accumulated waste in the first 7 days of a cleanse! WOW! No wonder ya'll feel like crap. Your body uses the enzymes, oxygen, phytonutrients and chlorophyll found in a mostly raw diet to mop up the waste deep within every cell of your temple. If the symptoms are too much, peel back, especially if you are on chemo. Too much too fast will only set you back. Symptoms of illness during a detox can be really frustrating but stay the course. Plain and simple, you won't reach your goals without a little discomfort. Runny nose, constipation, irritability, colds, pimples etc.

Each day the body rids itself of waste is another day closer to health. Some tricks to smooth out the elimination process: Drink water with lemon upon rising, add a pinch or so of cayenne. This helps to open the circulatory system and alkalize the body. Up your green drink intake. Remember to add sprouts to the mix for a good dose of oxygen and protein! Enemas (with wheatgrass implants if possible) and colonics can really move the junk and relieve your symptoms pretty quickly - especially headaches.

Crank up the rock and roll, play the bongos and dance like you are draped in a red dress and surrounded by spanish hotties and christmas lights. Sweat it out chicas! Your skin is your largest organ and it's the queen mum of elimination. Lodged poisons are released through low impact aerobics, saunas, rebounding, yoga etc.

Dry brush! Ooh la la you will feel tip-top fantastic! Get this, we dump between two and five pounds of toxins per day out of our skin? Your skin needs to breathe, so dry-brush it with a natural-bristle brush (which you can find at any health food store) or loofah. Dry-brushing (which means you do it outside of the shower when you aren't wet) helps keep the skin pathway clean and clear so that waste can leave the body easily. It also stimulates the lymph and helps break up my other favorite topic—cellulite. Now I bet you’ll all run out and get one!

Also, sleep, snooze, snore and nap. Your body repairs during slumber so you night owls please try and peel it back and get some more shut eye. Cutting down on the JOE will help with that big time. If you've already eliminated my favorite drink (COFFEE, COFFEE, COFFEE...Mmm, did somebody say COFFEE?) then your cleansing process will be easier. Green tea is a better substitute at first then try and move to twig tea then herbal when and if you can. Sometimes the length of your detox depends on how long you've been tripping the light fantastic. Have faith, it's a practice and a process. Again, ease on the brakes if it's just too much. It's not a race. And guess what? When you get "there" you'll have to start again because we live in a damn precious and imperfect world, so don't make yourself nuts. No matter what you can not fail at this. So relax, release, rejoice and renew.

Peace and peas,


Unknown said...

Hi Kris!
It is soo true what you said. As I detox I am becoming a different person. I speak up for myself. I ask for what I need. I don't view myself in a negative way and most of all I am no longer my worst enemy.

I am seeing so much progress I am wondering if I should try therapy or not. I live in NYC area. Is it possible that therapists you know or your posse knows would mind posting their names?

Actually when I met you in Conn. you mentioned therapy to me. Or is it better to email you in private about this depending on how doctors want their names on a message board.
thank you

shortdarkandfeisty said...

Hi Kris et all.

I read this blogevery day and its amazing.

I dont have canSer, but I have Depression and Anxiety. SOmetimes the Big Black dog of depression and the little angry elf of Anxiety get so bag that i want to move away and live in the woods alone. Really tosses my already low self esteem into the toilet.

I am starting to wonder if I really have these illnesses, or if its a symptom of too many toxins in the melon? Has anyone else treated D/A with a cleans and has it helped? If I did a cleanse...do i need to stop taking the brain meds too? Im not ready for cold turkey stoppage but i would love to treat my brain naturally.

best to all!!!

Anna said...

Hello to all of the incredible folks that participate in this blog!

I also read this blog every day and am beyond grateful to all of you for helping me on my path to wellness. I want to thank you all for sharing your most intimate joys and fears with the rest of us so that we may grow from your experiences.

Shortdarkandfeisty, because of your entry I have decided to post my first comment. I also suffer from depression and anxiety and I can tell you that cleansing helps immensely. I think that going off of "brain meds" without having a discussion with your physician is a little risky. I have found that the combination of eating well, getting sufficient rest, exercise, breathwork, and stress management is the best remedy to kick the reliance on medication but that's me. You may find that other techniques work for you. Weaning off of meds in the spring is much easier than the dark winter months. Start trying to look for what this experience is teaching you instead of fighting against it. It's part of who you are and that's OK. Good luck to you on your journey and finding your path!

Kris, I have to tell you that you have changed my life. Thank you for who you are and allowing us all to be a part of your experience.

Wishing you all a wonderful day!

Basic Me said...

I have to say that the detox was so worth the results and each time I slip I realize that whoups that headache is me detoxing from the slip...Last week we went to have mexican and you know.. That is a tough one. Duncan had steak on his salad and I had lettuce and avacodo. But those chips.. I had chips and they made my heart race and my head hurt and I thought ok. that is it. I will eat at home and go out for the fun. Duncan had a seizure 20 minutes after eating that meat and I swear he is more hardcore than I am now. It is nice to have a partner in the battle it becomes a joy. Anyway kris like always you hit the nail on the head. The pimples and the nausea. Oh .. and bav made a good point yesterday if you feel light you may not be feeling hungry.. Americans as a whole haven't allowed themselves to feel hungry for years.. SO you will know when you feel hungry. It was a shock to me.

Anyway thank you so much for getting me in the swing of what the dr. had been asking us all along. And if your having a hard time.. it will pass baby steps.. it doesn't happen in a day.

Off for my walk and beginning my vacation. Will be back and basic missins gloab wll be open on 12-15-07 and we will be profiling some really neat people. I hope you will all drop by. Life is amazing.

Blessings and Peace to you all.
Peace Love and Eat your veggies.

GreenGoddess said...

Thanks so much Kris for sharing so much of yourself and valuable information with us!!

Hey, I just wanted to alert people to a really helpful meditation CD for healing cancer - if you haven't already heard of her, it's by Belleruth Neparstek. She takes you through a really lovely guided imagery and affirmations for healing. They are sold online at Amazon.com.

They're really awesome!!!


youvgotdale said...

You asked where to find PERO Extra Dark Roast? I've seen the regular Pero at the grocery store but the Extra Dark Roast only at healthy stores. I live in Los Angeles -they have it at Whole Foods, Henry's, Mother's Markets- a good health food store should have the Pero Xtra Dark and a few brands of Zylitol. Zylitol is way more expensive than sugar but it is actually good for you - it's anti-bacterial as well. Some believers brush their teeth with it. My wellness doctor recommended it to me. Enjoy...

Obsessedwithlife said...

I'm still wondering what wheat grass implants are? Thanks!


Obsessedwithlife said...

Very true! So cool, I know Belleruth's daughter!


bav said...

LOVE the picture, Kris! I ran out today and bought a bunch of different kinds of seaweed. Already have the recipe picked out for tonight's dinner. They just got a new shipment of sunflower sprouts, I cleaned them out. Still working on sweet pea. Thanks, soulsister! :)

Follow Natalia's menu plan for level 3. She has a section on when you are ready to go to next level. Follow her guidelines. Avoid the acidic stuff, but b/c you don't have canSer, you are ok with fruit. (The rest of you canSer babes and dudes need to ease up or let go of the fruit! Sugar, even fruit sugar, is fuel for those highly metabolic cancer cells. We want to choke them out, not give them energy.)

Tina, I don't know anything personally about either of these individuals, but here are 2 D.O.'s with certification in osteopathic manipulative medicine and craniosacral. They are both in Manchester, NH, I couldn't find anyone in Nashua.

Jeffrey Greenfield, D.O. 1361 Elm Street. 603-641-2070

William Kirmes, D.O. 35 High St. 603-623-6757

Call 'em, see if they primarily focus on pain, get consultation, see what you think.


North Carolina is tough, they have not been kind to D.O.s with certification and payment, so not many there. I could not find anyone in the towns you listed. Instead, I found 2 that have the specific training that I think will be most beneficial to your Dad.

Thomas Motyka, D.O. 727 Eastowne Rd, Chapel Hill. 919-401-4515

Peter Adler-Michaelson, D.O. 6400 Head Rd, Wilmington. 910-616-8907

I'm not that familiar with North Carolina geography, so don't know if either of these locations is doable for a day trip. But might be worth it, at least for consultation. These are the only two in the state with what I consider to be the appropriate training for dealing comprehensively with pain (my opinion).

Hope that is helpful.


bav said...


Didn't forget you....in short answer, yes, if you detox too quickly right after chemo you might have an unpleasant experience b/c you have mega toxic stuff in your system post treatment. I would get Natalia Rose's first book, Raw Food Detox Diet, figure out where you are at on the spectrum now, and then transition according to her guidelines, nice and gentle. Kris can probably guide you better than I, however, so you might want to ask her.

I am not a fan of soy for lots of reasons. Personally, I think you should try to avoid it, or have it only rarely. But yes, you have extra reasons to avoid it.


pirata said...

shortdarkanddeisty--I have had cancer and depression and in my case anyway, cancer was a lot easier to resolve. You really have to be on your game with your own mind and body to take care of depression. I just started a cleanse that Blessed Herbs. It's only day 3 but I already have so much more energy: up at 8am instead of noon. But I rely on many things to fight depression: yoga, crying incessantly--woops, I mean meditation, and yes--medication. Don't put all your eggs in one detox--just take it one day at a time. And take your self esteem out of the toilet. You are after all, short dark and fiesty!

thank you everyone for being so frickin' awesome!

Barbara said...

Hi Kris. Can you post your green soup recipe?

Debbie Young said...

Hi all
My detox started day one.. a lovely bumpy rash all over my face! Also nausea...I tripped the light fantastic for 6 glorious weeks then WHAM a killer series of headaches and now a sore throat..with no runny nose.. i suspect this is detox. Also lots of emotional stuff coming up.
As my onc appt looms my anxiety is going up..yoga daily and upping my green juice is helping.
love to you all
debbie debbiedoesraw@blogger.com
cll survivor and liver of life

Debbie Young said...

obssesed with life
a wheat grass implant is when you use the green stuff in your lovely enema and hold it..ask Kris, she has done it!

Obsessedwithlife said...

debbie-so is it wheatgrass juice?



Becky said...

Thank you, BAV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You are in my special thoughts and prayers every day.

bav said...

It was a great chat, Becky, right back at you, Girl.


shortdarkandfeisty said...

Thanks for all the comments folks.

I will keep doing research and slowly move toward being med free. Baby steps you know...

Pirata, I cry often too, but i consider it to be the gift of sensetivity. I am working on the Self Esteem and learning to harness the feisty.

Q? Do most people do veggie cleanses or the boxed ones from the healthy store? Discuss......

Best to you all!

Soaring Eagle said...

Hello everyone,

I lost my post again 'cause I forgot my password.


I stopped smoking 6 years ago, now without emotional food indiscretions/binges, I drink beer.

Anyone in the same boat or have any recommendations? I would appreciate all any responses!!!

Let's all get back to veggying (did I create a new word?!?)

Basic Me said...

Hey Cowgirls and Boys,
Hope you had a wonderful day. I thought about all of you today.. I had to edit my idoc and get the opening ready and I was tired. I mean TIRED. I walked my miles and worked and felt like moving thru mudd.. I kept thinking what on earth will get my mind going and I was thinking about the anxiety and stress I use to feel I use to have this hum of nerves and anxiety that felt like I was a nervous wreck all the time. I would try and stay so busy that I out ran it.. I found the answer though I was not nervous.. even though a xanax would cure the major panic attacks.. I was cracked out on my food. I have lost the hum now after four months.. I wonder if anyone else has lightend up and not had the panic and anxiety. But afer those chips last week.. ohhh me.. heart racing panic.. I hope that everyone finds thier own fix for the depression and anxiety. I hate that. I am praying for you. Give the diet a chance.. It does do miracles.. just take it slow and easy.
Hugs and Peace. Callie

Basic Me said...

OH have to share.. I forgot. Sis. who is dr. came by last night for aloe and a few ingred. for a patient of hers.. We have her now.. She bought lots of copies of the book for her heart patients.. OH I hope she keeps it up. Maybe we will see her on csc.. yippy. Callie

Soaring Eagle said...

To: ShortDarkandFeisty & All

I don't believe anyone on this blog is detoxing via a bottle. It's a lifestyle change.

I'm feeling dizzy again - hope detoxing will cure my inner-ear disorder. Hope I'm not too vertigo tonight!

Peace, love and smiles to you all.

Soaring Eagle said...

Callie - my heart goes out to you. You (and everyone) make me feel less alone. I will pray for you and the group again tonight (I've already started).

I don't have CanSer, just the "dis-ease" called Life. I feel ashamed even posting, given I've only got chronic disabling ailments (well, that does sound real enough to be important).

I think we have to do something NOW to give ourselves a boost emotionally. My gift to myself is to NOT worry for the rest of the night, PERIOD. Let whatever happens, happen. It's only a delusion that I can control things anyway.

So, that's how I'm leaving - let it go, let it go, let it go. Praise Jesus/Elvis!

PS - Did anywon see Oprah today on the book Eat, Pray, Laugh. I've already got it reserved at the library. Love & Laughter always ...

Soaring Eagle said...


I've stopped drinking fresh lemon juice because "a zillion" dentists say lemons are magnificent for the bowels but totally destructive for the teeth (nevermind applecider vinegar). I even tried a straw and the juice just went to the back of my front teeth.

Kris - you have such naturally looking beautiful teeth with that awesome smile of yours ... am I missing something?

scnewme said...


Thanks for your advice, and for confirming what I already believed to be true - it is so awesome to see you take the time on here to address everyone's questions (including mine!) - no matter how large or small...what a gift you have become!

Kris - Much thanx to you for all of your time and efforts..anything to add to Bav's detox advice???

Heading out to buy Raw Food Detox Diet in the morning, so excited to take this next step!


Dharma said...

anyone- Does couscous have a place in the CSC diet ? I'm craving it big time !!! peace and veggies to all, t

bav said...


Yeah, girl, I am excited for you as you start out your journey!! Just keep in mind, you also need to add Kris' info about nutrition specifically for canSer babes on top of Natalia's advice. Which means modifications (ie little to no fruit, vinegar, sweeteners of any kind - except stevia, etc etc)

Good luck! Go slow! Your body has just been through the ringer, give some time to rebound.


Debbie Young said...

obsessed with life
Yes, it is wheat grass juice.. I have not tried this!

Michelle said...

Dale, thanks for the info on where to purchase PERO!! I am definitely going to try it. I've had a detox headache for the past 2 days now. I feel good that i am detoxing but bad because the headache is kinda annoying. Debbie: i really like your blog. Lots of good info there! How are you doing with the CLL? I am having a hard time getting my mom who has CLL to switch over to the CSC lifestyle..I'm going to keep trying though. And to the rest of you wonderful people, thanks for being there and being open!!! Thats important! God bless you all! Kris, love ya girl!!! Here's to green juice and smoothies!!

Jaime said...

Hey all,
Anyone have any tips regarding sleep? I have not been able to sleep well for at least 4-5 weeks now....I know as a grad student I should expect a certain amount of sleep deprivation, but this is ridiculous. I am up for a while (it's after 1am as I write this), and even when I sleep, it's not RESTFUL sleep. I finally saw a dr at school, who suggested Ambien. after thinking about it and researching, I tried it - half a tablet of the lowest dose.....and it gave me incredible nightmares. only lasted 2 days on it. So I am back to square one. I practice good sleep hygiene (only use bed for sleep), don't nap lots during day, cutting back caffeine (i'm hopelessly addicted), etc. I know it's so needed, as you said, for overall wellness!
My onc visit is coming up 12/20, and now with the lack of sleep, I can tell that it's wearing my body down. A lot.
Any natural remedies? I have Bach flower remedies, like Rescue Remedy....might try that tonight.
I'm also trying to cut back sugar....but I love gummy candy!
keep it up, ladies - you're amazing!

beautylogicblog said...

Kris, may I interview you for my college paper. i attend hunter College in NYC and would love to interview you about your positive cancer journey and the way you have combatted it. My mom went to Ann Wigmore in Puerto Rico after being diagnosed with Lymphoma and after adapting the raw food lifestyle has been cancer free for 8 years. Please contact me at mildred781@gmail.com I would really appreciate it.

Joy said...

Hi Kris,
Thanks for the encouragment!! Always your loving and kind vibes keep me inspired:) I wanted to ask about soy,tofu & soy milk especially, You've eluded to the fact that it's not entirely kosher, so I'l love some good info when you have a chance:) Loving you and all the posse,

cancer cowgirl xo said...

Hi pals!

Deep in the trench of book writing so i have to make this fast and can't answer everyone but I will eventually, so keep posting your questions.

jaime - On sleep: the answers to your questions ae hidden in your response. Hon, cut the coffee and the sugar. A few other things that have helped me- Baths with epsom salt and baking soda - pull out toxins and great for detox. Exercise but not at night. Sleep in a VERY dark room. Light leaks effect your pineal gland. Try to eat dinner by 7pm.

Joy - Soy is coing, i have a guest blogger who will post this week. Also, so are the answwers to your last questions. My mentor is away teil 12/10.

ALL: depression and anxiety, GREAAT blog idea. You gals teach me so much. I was on the meds for years too. My opinion is to stay with them for as long as you need to. This lifestyle will help for sure. Toxic body, toxic mind.

Dominican Enigm - You can interview me but not now hon. I am on extreme deadline. Circle back in February.

Rachel - Re-read Groovy lube blog. If you still have questions about implants post again.

Barbara - Green Sopu recipe:
3 cups green drink (use water if too much work for you)

1 cuke
1/2 red pepper
1 stalk celery
1-2 cups sprouts
1 avo
Fresh garlic
Fresh Ginger
Bragg's to taste
Dulse flakes to garnish
Throw it all in your blender and whirl.
You can add anything else that's green - I love basil, romaine, spinach dill etc.

Soaring Eagle - a lot of questions.. Let me ask you one. What do you enjoy besides beer girrrl? think activities! Walking, yoga, museums, painting, window shopping, playing guitar? What turns you on? Change your focus love and don't feel ashamed for one divine second!
Vertigo - google exercise online. I have TINY ear canals and get vertigo when I swim and water gets lodged. The exercises make it go away within days.
Lemons - yeha i hear that too. Your not eatig loads of them right? Rinse your mouth out is my advise, brush your choppers. Lemons are great.

Just T - bring on the Couscous!

That's all for now, gotta get back to writing my next book for ya!

PS. Do we love Bav (aka Crazy Sexy Beth MD) or what?!?

Jennifer said...

After reading what Kris said about taking a bath with epsom salt and baking soda for detox symptoms I googled and found this site that has some recipes for detox purification baths. One is specifically for counteracting the effects of radiation. The site is


I read that you should NOT take these baths if you have heart trouble, high blood pressure, or are a diabetic.

I can't wait to take a hot bath!


:-) said...

Hi Kris,Congrats. on all that you have accomplished. I was telling my mom the other day that you are "special", and I mean that in a good way. :-) I see the angel in your eyes. Anyways, from one fellow blogger to another keep up the good "GREAT" work. I'm also sharing your story on my blog, everyone needs to hear it.

Come take a look when you have time.http://bestfriendswanted.blogspot.com

PS when are you coming to Texas again?

cancer cowgirl xo said...

Jennifer - thank you for the sidebar on the baths. absolutely right. great site too.

:-) - You put a big smile on my face.

Basic Me said...

Hi Kiddos,
How are things is CSC land. I have been reading Kris' answers isn't she the best. One thing bav may have to chime in.. My onc. is way way protective of me and too much soy. He said that since people who have an cancer.. breast or cervical ovarian... soy is estrogen in a plant so be careful you do not want you estrogen levels high enough to tell those little cancer cells to kick in.

But moderation is the key? Maybe twice a month.

No I do not think anyone is using detox plans that are prepared. I detoxed from all dairy, meat, fish, chicken, processed foods and sugar cold turkey. The coffee was the hardest but I was desparate to feel better and now I fell fabulous. I am trying not to get on my friends nerves with the joy this all give me but that is hard.

Ages ago I had a hard time with sleeping and depression. Went to a sleep clinic during chemo and found that like all things balance a schedule and the little things make the difference. I knew that all my life I was a bad sleeper but add cancer on that and boom a no sleeper. Now it is better. Sometimes it takes meds to get you into sleeping and then you can stop them sometimes it takes.. no sugar, no caffiene (none) even decaf has caff. so careful there and eat early sleep at the same time each night and no tv or distractions. get a routine going. Warm baths can help you mellow out where quick showers can enforce your morning routine.. so go with it. I am wishing you a blissful nights sleep.

Hope you all have a great day. I am off for more working on my no work vacation. Never take a vacation and stay home.. not if you work where you live.

hugs to you all. Thanks for all the help Kris and Beth.


Debbie Young said...

Michelle-thanks for visiting me..lots of stuff I want to write about that is about health and raw and mostly not about CLL, but sort of inspired by it! I am doing well, last blood taken in Sept was 22,000 White cell count (normal is 5-10,000, my goal!) I have no symptoms but I have to say that when I went raw I realized that I did have issues that I had ignored, like low back pain(gone), a lump on my thumb (gone) and the intense need for a short nap in the afternoon (gone when I am alkaline...hmm that is the key after all!) Have you mom read the China Study to start, of course watch csc doc, cause Kris can inspire the most diehard meateater to get green and take time tranistioning her.. try green smoothies, they work for my kids and you can add more and more greens.. good ones are collards, romaine lettuce and cukes.. they are mild tasting. Hope this helps, I am still on the journey.. my next onc appt dec 19 will tell me how I am doing! Deb debbiedoesraw@blogger.com

Michelle said...

Hi Debbie...wow 22,000 sounds pretty good! My mom's last white count as of yesterday is 58,000. But you know, i took her to Dr Kanti Rai, a known CLL expert and he said she was stage 0!!! He said it doesn't matter what all the blood testing says..ex..flow, FISH, mutational status...she has absolutely no symptoms and thats what he would be concerned with...so good news there!!! Anyway, keep up the good work on your blog, very informative!! On to other things...has anybody here tried Kombucha tea? They have some ready made i think by the company GTS that i am going to try. 16oz bottles. I am still detoxing...bad headache just won't go away. I had my green smoothie this morning...banana, persimmon, spinach it tasted good. Deb, i will try the collards, romaine and cukes too! I'm heavily into hemp, chia and flax seeds. Plus i drink aloe vera juice..UGH!!! Tastes terrible!!! Much love to you all! Kris love ya girl!!

Mel said...

Just wanted to thank you again Bav for the information on osteopaths and chronic pain. I pasted our correspondence into an email to my dad. My mom said they've been talking about osteopaths! The two you named would be day trips for them--and they just might be willing to go for it.

I can't thank you enough!


Anonymous said...

Kris, I hope you don't mind me posting you kudos on my blog. For those who are not familiar with his work, I recommend Daniel Reid's books:

The Tao of Health, Sex and Longevity,
Complete Book of Chinese Health and Healing and, following Kris's recent post on detox, The Tao of Detox: The Secrets of Yang-Sheng Dao.

Love, Angry Granny.

vasilisa said...

I love this post. Sometimes you need to hear things more than once to get it. I've been juice fasting for 36 hrs twice now (once a week) and the headache is getting to me. Not to mention the morning nausea -- I feel like I'm preggers again... I really hope it passes, cause these "cleanses" sure feel crappy...

I'm trying this new healthy life to support hubby, who's got bad case of hypertention and fast heart rate. But these "cleansers" seem to be harder on me than him. I have no idea why. He just gets weak and tired the morning after, while I'm there with my head in the toilet. Doesn't make any sense to me... Guess that's just my body's way of detoxing.

Basic Me said...

Go Angry Granny,
I am picking up those books tomorrow.. No one has mention them but the list of books in the back of Kris' book CSC tips are fab.. broke but literate.. haha after buying them..The lilbray never has all the green things your looking for.

Had to tell you all. I had an I am grateful moment I had to share. Went for my five miles at the park and Duncan and his brother met to share the super secret skills of brother chat ... As I passed the bench I thought no matter how sick they both are or how stubborn Terry is being it is such a blessing to see them sitting together laughing and chatting today. Today is really all we are promised right. So Please everyone say a pray of thanks for them for me. Love you all. Callie

Soaring Eagle said...

Kris - Thanks so much for getting my mind in a better place! Bless that big heart of yours. Write on!

Jennifer - Thanks for the fantastic website on detox baths. I had a lovely infrared sauna today, but am thirlled that I can have affordable and effective detox baths at home as well.

Oh yeah, I also had a complimentary Oxygen Therapy session --- woo hoo! Who knew I could be full of energy again?!? Just goes to show ya that what are bodies want more than anything is good ol' Oxygen.

Peace, Veggies and Oxygen to all!

Rhonda Radliff said...

hey csc ladies and lads...
ok this chemo stuff is kicking my butt. I have CML and I'm in a trial for a very powerful chemo drug. It's gotta be working because it's kicking my extra large bootie up one side and back.

Trying to stay raw, but i am so very very tired I can't even take the new juicer out of the box! I have eaten every raw veg in Whole Foods, I'm drinking every anti oxident juice (small amounts together aqai, noni, gogi, aloe, carrot, green veg, dark root veg). No sugar, meat or dairy (except goat cheese).

i was in bed half the day in fitful sleep and sweats. The fever is down, but I am so so tired. Not sure a bath will do the trick. Yoga would require strength and stamina I don't have. Meditation is good if I don't fall asleep.

Michelle J... Kombucha comes in several forms, the GT raw drink, teas, etc. It's a detoxing agent for sure. Tastes like crap in the raw drink form with some seriously gross floaters in the bottle. The tea is much better tasting but may not do the business on the treatment. Good luck!

to all the csc chicks. All of your suggestions are great and I am a believer. Hopefully in time I can go back to giving recipes for raw dinners and being positive. Right now I need a shot of that crazy sexy cancer chick energy that is NOT food related.

Basically chemo feels like a killer and a healer. I have such mixed emotions. I'm thankful and I'm furious. To think that exposure to benzene is the cause of my disease and the EPA is extending implementation of regulations out for another decade. Meanwhile more people will suffer. did I mention I am fighting a battle on several fronts?

1) canser
2) getting the word out about Benzene exposure
3) DOUBLE the number of people on the national stem cell/bone marrow donor registry.

I believe I can do it if I can just get my second wind!!! go chemo.


Unknown said...

What a marvelous blog to stumbleon to! My rock and roll perspective to living has serviced me well up to this point (age 46), but it simply can't go on. Your blog is timely in many ways, and i love the 'tude! TH

Jennifer said...

I was at my natural health pharmacy yesterday picking up some natural beauty products and I was given this free publication that is AMAZING! It's really on track with how we are all trying to live. The website for this magazine is:


It isn't just recipes for food, it's about natural, healthy living. Really great website. Please check it out!

Kris -

You made my day yesterday! I was boasting to my husband that "KRIS CARR AKNOWLEGED ME IN HER BLOG! SHE IS FAMOUS YOU KNOW"

You really are someone I look up to very much. You've inspired me to live a more healthy life and to try to be an example for my children that I'm super proud of.

And finally, I have to say this again, just incase you didn't get my email. I think a picture of you or any of these other lovlies. with a "got greens" moustache would be so cute in one of your next books! Every morning me and my husband have our big glass of greens and our kids laugh at our green moustaches and it reminded me of the "got milk" ad.


Jennifer said...

Another great website for us all!


The more I learn the more I find out how much I really don't know!

example: I was buying 7UP because it is marketed as having 100% natural ingredients. So how many of you are laughing at me right now?! There is an article on this website regarding 7UP under the sweeteners catagory.

PS - I haven't had a pop since I started juicing. Just stopped craving it!


nicmomma said...

Hello all-
This is my first time posting on this blog, although I have been trying to live the CSC lifestyle since I saw Kris on Oprah. I have never been more inspired in my life to actually LIVE LIFE! I don't have cancer, but suffer from major depression and anxiety and have since I can remember. As you can imagine, the posts about dep and anx really touched me and I felt like perhaps finally somebody "gets" me.
I grew up in a family very focused on appearance- so being thin and nice looking was important. However, I have recently realized HOW toxic that lifestyle actually was! The mainstays of my parents' diet are diet coke, coffee, and cigarettes! WHAT?! And that is supposed to make you look good? Not surprisingly, I took up my family's habits and lived off high protein, low carb diets, and coffee. No wonder I was a total wreck inside (who cares if I was thin)!
Kris really inspired me to live life fully and live as if tomorrow wasn't going to happen. If today was my last day, would I sit around and worry about all the bad things that could happen to me and my loved ones, or would I spend time with them and enjoy them? I think my biggest anxiety is that I worry about the safety and health of my 2 beautiful kids (3 yo and 4.5 months) and my wonderful husband. I worry constantly that I am going to lose them to illness or an accident, or a gunman, or terrorists... whatever. When I am not worrying about my health and my safety and how sad it would be if I died because my children wouldn't have a mother. It's really a yucky, yucky way to live because I never, never live in the moment, and never acknowledge good things in my life for fear that as soon as I do, they will go away. What a rotten way to live. ANyway, I am really hoping this lifestyle will help me get where I want to be. I am already trying so hard to change my emotional/spiritual/mental outlook and live one second at a time instead of worry about what MIGHT happen. I am also hoping the diet will help with my physical/mental ailments. That said, I wanted to know if you all thought the following symptoms were due to detox or if perhaps I wasn't doing something right...
I have been doing the CSC "diet" for a little over 6 weeks: tons of raw veggies and some whole grains. Green juice. I noticed an immediate change at first, but then went home with my diet coke swilling/cigarette smoking parents for thanksgiving and totally fell off the wagon. Ughh. i've been back home for over a week and since then have been back on track, but now feel soooo bloated and my stomach literally looks distended. is that normal?? i also am mega constipated (i took smoothe move tea on sunday and on monday had a bowel movement, but since then, constipated again). I wonder if since I've spent so long not eating grains that my body can't digest them or something???? I am so happy to be eating them, and it tastes so good. Also, I can tell my body is sighing in relief that I am not giving it tons of cheese and meat now! ANyway, I just thought I would ask if this bloating/distended looking stomach was normal, especially after falling off the wagon and trying to get back on. Am I doing something wrong? I have Natalia's book and am a level 3 and really try to eat like that... maybe even more towards a level 2, since I rarely eat cooked food before dinner. Thoughts? And, I don't want to precipitate things, but I was just wondering.... how long do you think it will take before I can maybe start feeling the effects of the diet in my emotional/mental life? PS) I am on PRozac right now for a really mean case of post-partum blues and don't think I should stop them. Am I totally toxifying my body with anti-depressants?
SOrry for the long-ass post. I won't be so long-winded from now on. You all are so inspirational. I am thankful for you.

Christine H. said...

Hey, I need help figuring out what to do with water. It seems like something that should be totally simple but I'm confused about purified water or alkalized water or if you should purify and alkalize water and what is best for you. I came across one article that claims purified water can be bad for you which has made me more confused. Help anyone? I'm new here. Maybe Bav has some answers. I know Kris is really busy with her book which I'm so excited about getting when it comes out. I'm currently reading your first book, Kris. Anyway don't want to be a burden but could really use some advice. Thanks so much. I'm so glad I found out about Kris. I'm so inspired and I'm finally starting to make changes so that I can truly live each moment I have. I've been depressed for a really long time on top of everything else so its slow but still I'm excited. Thanks again, thanks for whatever answers people can give me, and thanks Kris for creating this community and for being such a blessing. I hope all the courage, joy, and inspiration you give all of us swoops right back around to lift you up too. And thanks Bav for all the wisdom and information you share especially when Kris is focused on bringing us another great book. Yay! lots of love and thankfulness, Christine

Oh, and here is the one web address for the article I mentioned so you can see what I was referring to. http://www.ionizers.org/purifiedwater.html


alix said...

Hi michelle j-
I wanted to respond to your question about Kombucha. I have been drinking it for a couple of months now thinking I was doing my body some good. And, I have to admit I think it made me feel good. But, I went to a talk last night given by Dr. Brian Clement from Hippocrates Health Institute. I asked him what he thought of it and I believe his exact words were that he said it was dangerous! Obviously, different people have different opinions and it is so hard to sort through all of the information out there. But, I just wanted to pass along one expert's opinion.

Michelle said...

Hi Alix, thanks so much for that info! If i may ask, when Dr. Brian said dangerous, did he elaborate? I have read and heard very conflicting things about kombucha tea. I even read a blog about a 2 year old that is given this tea to drink! Hmmm, i have 2 bottles of the stuff in my fridge. At $3.19 a pop its quite expensive! But, i don't want to ingest anything thats dangerous either!!!

shortdarkandfeisty said...

Hello All- I hope everyone is great.

Question- Are digestive enzymes supposed to lessen gas in addition to helping me digest? or does it make things more....gassy?

My lower G.I. thanks you...

Dharma said...

Bav- Thank you for the D.O. info. i'll let you know how it goes. Hey, i have some good news, i cut back the avocado and the nuts, checked my food combining and i've lost four pounds ! I know it's vain ,but, that motivates me !
I also added back some cooked food and the poo leaking stopped !
Thank you so much for all your time and support ! It means so much to me !
peace, tina

Goony- Thanx for the deliciouslivingmag.com tip. What a great site ! peace, tina

Jennifer said...

nicmomma -

Have you tried acidophilus for constipation? I take it everyday and it really works.


apoopslingingmonkey said...

alix &
Michelle J~

Kombucha-Safety Issues (copied from a great herb library resource)-

In a set of animal studies, researchers prepared a batch of Kombucha, and found that it was essentially non toxic when taken at appropriate doses.9 However, because Kombucha is a complex and variable mixture of microorganisms, it isn't clear that any other batch of the tea would be equally safe. In fact, there are case reports, which suggest that Kombucha preparations can cause such problems as nausea, jaundice, shortness of breath, throat tightness, headache, dizziness, liver inflammation, and even unconsciousness.4,5,6 It isn't clear whether the cause of these symptoms is an unusual reaction to a generally nontoxic substance, or a response to unusual toxins that developed in a particular batch of Kombucha.

In addition, there is one case report of severe lead poisoning caused by regular use of Kombucha brewed in a ceramic pot.7 When brewed or stored in some ceramics, the risk of lead poisoning results because Kombucha tea is acidic. Many ceramic glazes contain a low level of lead that would not make the pottery dangerous for ordinary use; but if an acidic solution like Kombucha is steeped in them for a long time, a dangerous amount of lead may leech into the solution.

There is also one report of Kombucha becoming infected with anthrax and passing along the infection to an individual who rubbed it on his skin to alleviate pain.8 Apparently, anthrax from nearby cows got into the Kombucha mixture and grew luxuriantly.

heres the link-

apoopslingingmonkey said...

goony~ thanks for those great links!

nicmomma~ love your post! hang in there girl! and keep pressin' on! :) sounds like you are on the right path now with your food, your doing awesome! You kids will apprieciate all your hard work on your health and new outlook on life :)

nicmomma said...

jennifer- thanks for the tip. can i get acidophilus at WF? in what form does it come?

apoopslinging monkey-
love your name! thanks for the encouragement!

can't wait to get to know everyone!

Michelle said...

Hi Apoopslingingmonkey..thanks so much for the info!!! Here's the thing: I have 2 bottles of www.gtskombucha.com tea..should i drink it? I didn't and probably wouldn't make it myself after all that i have read. It's just after i heard that a 2 year old drinks it almost daily i felt better about it...whatcha think?

Soaring Eagle said...
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Jennifer said...

I haven't been to WF yet. It is pretty far for me, so I get mine at a natural health pharmacy. They keep it in a refigerator. It comes in capsules, but I think it comes in a powder too. I've seen it at regular drug stores in the vitamins and supps. isle, and I used to purchase it at GNC. The acidophilus from GNC worked fine, but I wanted to support my natural health pharmacy store, so I switched to them. I think the stuff in the fridge is supposed to be better because it has more live cultures. The stuff that sits on a shelf can't really guarantee how many live cultures are in their product. But like I said, I've taken both, and both do the job. You could always call WF or try their website before you go.


Soaring Eagle said...

nicmomma - Hello! Couldn't help but notice that (whether I previously expressed myself well enough or not)you feel like a close mirror image of me. A slave to appearances, - addicted to what people "think" I should look like and be ... that's me.

I suffer from great depression and anxiety too (although I don't want to admit it ~ a weakness, right?). But my husband does so even worse (I think because his family's never expected anything of him, whereas I could never be perfect enough, or so it felt).

I spent every second of my time worrying about my husband's physical and mental health that I HAD ("pre-Chris" absolutely no time or energy to think of me).

Kris also FINALLY got my ass in the right gear too. I also find I'm experiencing this "bloated/extended stomach" ... hoping it will balance out as my bod' balances out.

And I think I'm starting to become allergic to beer ... God bless Kris and Veggies!!!

NIC - If you're interested, we could help each other out with this transition (don't go to Stage 2 yet honey!!!!). I've been messing around with this stuff for years and would LOVE to help, listen or partner with you.


apoopslingingmonkey said...

Michelle J~
Can't answer for you personally, but for me, I personally would not use it, just because of the fact-quoting the article-
each batch of Kombucha isn't equally safe, and unusual toxins that are developed in each particular batch of microorganisms. That kind of makes me uneasy, each tea you drink you never know what your gonna end up with! lol, kinda like Forest Gump LOL "life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what your gonna end up with" LOL!
also I don't know the long term side-effects that are possible? I'd never give it to children either- until long term studies of risk/benefit where done.

apoopslingingmonkey said...

oh! also because Brian Clement from HHI says to not too! lol! that guy is a genius!

robotslingshot said...

Beautiful words of wisdom!!

I am thinking of starting a juice cleanse soon. Thanks Kris for being you!


Matt Calonico said...

Hi Kris, I didn't read all of the blog' cuz the bandwith here sucks (Iraq) but i watched your doc on whatever chickchannel i was watching, and I loved it. Youre very brave, funny, inspiring and hot, Matt

Alaina said...

I've finally been able to read your blog after seeing your documentary in October. I was reawakened from your courageous and raw story. I don't have canSer, but lupus. Your story and all who share on this site give me strength to change. Thanks to all!

Basic Me said...

Hey Ya'll,
Christine wanted to comment on the water. After reading Kris' book I realized that all the bottled water I was drinking was more acid.. acid bad= akaline Good. so I went on a search for akaline water.. hahah.. water water everywhere and not a drop to drink rang so true. I landed at not the "normal" healthfood store but the hippy one that I love and shop at constantly very expensive btw and asked.. OH sure we have akaline water. Well it does make a difference and I think if you check Brita makes a filter that helps keep tap water clean and akaline. There is a whole chapter in CSC tips about water.. so re-read that.. Amazing how life if set up to make things so unhealthy even though the facts are out there and easy to find. I have a few suggestions on the constipation too... I know Christine didn't ask about this one but someone did and I wanted to say there is a cure for those grains and gassy tummies.. aloe vera.. it is kind.. doesn't effect meds. and if you think it is slickery on the outside think of what it does on the inside also load up on those green leafy veggies and wheat grass and green juice smoothies.. it should all calm down.. The first few months are learning the balance. But I Have to say that my husband duncan has ALS and epilpsy and his seizures and depressions and mood swings are gone now that we are totally 80/20 raw cooked all vegan and he will sieze in about 15 minutes if he cheats .... he takes his prozac and hasn't felt better. You bod may need those little bad babes to feel rocking good.

Now again girls.. thanks for all the support of basicmisisons.com
I cannot tell you Sandra Jospeh had me in the ugly cry and knowing i was loved first thing this morning.. How blessed am I.. Thanks SJ more than you know.

God does wierd things and after closing and getting my little chicks out of the nest and in apartments and set up on thier own. We closed the rooms at the mission because the work goes on ... well four women on opening day.. none knew of the opening and showed up on my door no homes.. breast, cll, and luekemia and now we are full again.. so I suppose life isn't your own to order out sometimes.. thats ok.. they need a place I have one.. plus pray we can get them eating csc and making lifestyle changes while I wrangle some health care up for then and God willing some money from disability. I am far over my head in this one..but the universe will sort it out. pray for them. Callie

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Debbie Young said...

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