Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Puppy tooth fairy?

Puppy people!

I nearly had a heart attack last night when 2 of Lola's teeth fell out and her mouth started to bleed. I immediately thought EMERGENCY ROOM! My child is dying! Her teeth will choke her as they continue to fall out throughout the night! She has a strange tooth canSer! Oh GODDESS!

Brian and Corinne both laughed at me (which I did not appreciate - until I started to laugh at me too). Is this normal? I guess dog babies are like human babies. It's all so new to me. I'm a cat woman. Cats don't lose their teeth or was I just oblivious?

I gave her some cool veggies to chew on and she went wild. Carrot and Kale shrapnel everywhere!

PS. How many of you are feeding your dogs raw food? How about kibble? We're about to introduce raw and I'm not sure how to do it. Help wise pooch people!

Peace and nervous mother,

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