Monday, November 17, 2008

Welcome Lola...

Hello Crazy Sexy Pooch lovers,

Well, we finally did it! Brian and I adopted little Lola Rose. She was rescued from a kill shelter down south and given a second chance by the good folks at the Ulster County SPCA. Lola is half leopard dog, half pit bull. She is a wild woman! My child is actually brilliant, we call her Mensa sometimes (house trained her in 3 days), she loves long walks, destroying new toys, cuddling, licking, galloping through our house, pooping in our ferns, playing in leaf piles, getting massages and watching movies (she really watches). She hates The Dog Whisperer. For Shizzle, Lola barks and growls at Caesar. Crap, I love that show! I literally have to turn it off. We DVR Oprah for her instead.

Going home from the shelter... (how frickin' cute is her little freaked out face!?)

I think her ears look like Doritos and I need to bite them on an hourly basis. Making fart noise kisses on her belly is another totally satisfying activity. You all were sooo right! I just needed a little time to get over my loss. Nearly 6 months after the love of my life (sorry Brian) Crystal kitty died I was ready to dip my toe in with a little look. PS. Lola also loves to bark and poo on Crystal's grave. WTF?

Anyway, so off we went to the shelter(s) - total torture. How do you choose? There were and are so many perfect individuals. It's heart breaking. Brian and I visited every Sunday for 6ish weeks and then one day Lola arrived. End of story. We actually got her 2 weeks ago but with the election and a whirl wind trip to DC, LA, AZ, (ugh, just got back) I decided to wait on blogging about her arrival till my dust settled.

I love being a mom again! This is our baby album from day one. More to follow of course. Sorry, I could get gross for a while. Lola is way more fun to talk about than alkaline food or canSer.

She adores attacking brooms and rakes. Who wouldn't?

Peace & poochie,

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