Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas Shopping

Hark how the bells!

Wow, it's hard to believe I've been back for a week and still haven't done a lick of prep for the ho ho. No tree this year, no stocking, no lights. Poopers. It just happened so fast! We did get a peace wreath though, check it out. What an awesome gift and the money goes to a great charity. Adopt-a-minefield Peace Wreath

Looks like I'll be hitting the stores this weekend. My list is pretty small, mom, dad, sis, Corinne and mom-in-law. Brian has been naughty so he gets nothing. KIDDING! He gets slippers (DO NOT TELL). What he really wants is an electronic drum kit but not this year. Those suckers are expensivo! Did ya'll know that he was in a hot band called The Jobes in his former (decades ago) life. Yeah, I even saw one of his shows in the 90's. I had no idea he was an editor till I was looking for someone to cut Crazy Sexy. The rest is history. Smooch smooch.

Anyway, if you're looking for some Crazy Sexy holiday shwag, our t-shirts finally arrived last week and they are WICKED COOL!

Crazy Sexy Cancer Goddess: for the rebelliously liberated lady adventuring through the little (annoying) "c". A great apparel choice while bopping to the oncologist, shimmying through support groups, the grocery store, gym, you name it. I had one made up for my appearance on "Stand Up to Cancer" and wow was it a splash.

For the button pushing anti-war, pro-health, spiritual wealth, and happiness fan why not don our "Make Juice Not War" slogan. Shooting disco stars sparkle on the front while our custom peace sign made up of veggies graces the back. It's sooo dig-a-lish!

Hope that gives you a few more shopping options. We'll be sending orders out this weekend, Monday and Tuesday.

Peace and organic candy canes,

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