Friday, December 12, 2008

Feeling fantastic!

Hello sun sprouts!

Ok, day 5 with no tea (zoomy tea) and I feel great. Finally made my way into the wheat grass hut. Yum/yuck, I drank it down and shot it up, (in the nether region) ZOINKS! Felt a difference almost instantly, it's actually quite refreshing... he he he... Why did I wait till wed? Stubborn!

We fasted on Wednesday and though I thought I'd be hungry it was totally fine, well except for the emotional detox. I got cranky and my liver flared with a wee bit of anger and growls. Only one guest was injured.

Thursday morning - colonic at 7am - HELLO! Though it was glorious, the downside of living on sprouts is the (how shall I say) GAS! Good lorrrd. Digestive enzymes certainly help. They're also really great when you're eating any cooked food. I take them daily without fail.

But the best thing about yesterday was that I got to sit in with Anna Maria Clement and watch her do live blood analysis on the guests. REMARKABLE! There is no doubt in my mind that the terrain doesn't lie. Dairy, coffee, animal protein, sugar, drugs/chemicals - we saw it all. It inspired me like crazy.

Today I get to shadow Brian Clement (the big cheese). Gotta run!

Peace & Wheat grass!


PS. Looks at these gorgeous Sun Flower Spouts!

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