Monday, October 1, 2007

New Air Dates for the Crazy Sexy film!

So before I blog about how successful the tour was, how GREAT it was to meet so many canSer peeps, and how THANKFUL I am to finally be home, I wanted to let ya'll know that YOU DID IT! The film will be airing again on Discovery Health, Oct 8th and 14th, check out the link below for times. Crazy Sexy will also be airing again on TLC at the end of the month, no date confirmed yet so stay tuned and thank you all for sending letters and/or psychic messages to the network. They finally wised up and listened!

I have more REALLY exciting news that I'm exploding to tell you but I have to wait a few more days just to be sure. Plus I don't want to jinx it. But it's BIG. he he he....

Also, if you're in the NYC area come visit me at the NY Open Center on Oct. 12th. I'll be doing a screening, signing and a big ole chat. We'll pow wow, share stories, do a mini how-do-I-survive-this-bullshit bootcamp, a little creative exercise, giggle and maybe even shed one or two eyeball water droplets.

I think I need a few months to digest and process my life changing book tour rodeo. It was kick tail. Right now I'm just thrilled to be in sweat pants, listening to my cat snore and feeling the cool autumn air pouring in through my office window. The leaves are already turning in my little town of Woodstock, NY. Yet another example of the circle of life (like we need a reminder!).

Off to buy cucumbers for juice. How are you guys???

Film deets:


hollymat said...

Good to hear the are upcoming encores of the film. So many people I know missed it but so want to see it.
Congrats on everything....this is some superfab stuff you are doing! See you in Toronto sometime in the new year...I'll be the one with a baby in tow(wait I guess I might not be the only one with a baby in tow eh?) Well I will be there anyway!


charmed said...

You are rocking the house and world! Woohoo....Very excited about all your great news.

Take some time for some R & R if that's even in your vocab :)

Snafu Suz said...

I am SO psyched! I missed the film the first time around and I'm so excited to get another chance to see it. I already put it on Tivo!

I shall not jinx it for you by mentioning the name, but if you get a gig on the aforementioned Chicago show, man girl, that ROCKS!

Lisa White said...

All of my emails worked!! I'm so glad the film is being shown again - on Discovery AND TLC!! You go girl!! I have told everyone I know about the film and can't wait to tell them that it will be aired again.

I have Acute Myeloid Leukemia and just relapsed after my 6 month post-transplant bone marrow biopsy. Your story, attitude, and lifestyle has been a total inspiration for me. I'm hoping my brother will come to the NY pow-wow on the 12th!

Thank you Thank you Thank you!


bav said...


My NYC trip is set, I'm coming to see you all the way from Maine, and I am counting down the days!! I am sooo psyched. I am really trying your diet suggestions, I want a Crazy Sexy Cancer Nutrition Tips and Cookbook. Just thought I'ld put my request in. :)

You lift me up, Kris, what more can I say.

Big hugs,

Susan Carrier said...

I'm so thrilled to hear that Crazy Sexy will air again. We don't have cable, but I'll get one of my friends to tape (or TiVo) for me.



Obsessedwithlife said...

Good news all around! I'm so happy for you and the energy that all of this has caused has been so contagious and amazing. Since we met in Chicago, I have been on a whirlwind myself--meeting with lots of people in the canSer community and spreading the importance of art, massage, all that good stuff! Enjoy the resting!

And I started a new blog! Feel free to check it out. It's half canSer/ half NOT!


Karson said...

Wow - you really know how to make us wonder what's up. ;) When will your Montel Show be airing? Or did I already miss it? Happy Fall!

Love and hugs and all things pumpkin,

GooChick said...

Oh, man, I am so happy to hear that CSC will be showing again! My friends and I emailed like crazy and only received canned responses from TLC so we were quite discouraged.

Can't wait to hear your mind is filled with possibilities...hmmmm, is a 'Congratulations' in store?


predsgirl said...

I am so excited to hear more dates for the movie! Congrats! And I just bought the book over the weekend! Your story has been such an inspiration to me thank you!

I was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma Aug. 2, 2007. It's been a crazy journey but I am so blessed. I've met so many wonderful people and have a new perspective on life.

Again, thank you for sharing your story. You fill me with such hope, strength and inspiration - as does your entire cancer posse!

God Bless and take some time to enjoy your success! Wish you were coming to Nashville!!

Many hugs!

Becky said...

Welcome back. It's gorgeous up here in Maine too! Also thanks to you I got the courage to get third opinion at Mass General just to be sure what we're doing it right. I was bummed because I couldn't have chemo this past Friday because the white blood cells were too low. I had a bloody cold. I panicked a little but I re-read parts of your book and it really helped. (plus I talked to my brother in law oncologist and he talked me down). Can't come on the 12th, but I'll keep checking your schedule. Had broccoli for lunch! yay!

SoulGirl said...

What a joy meeting you at the Alamo event in Austin Kris! and Congratulations on the movie news!
Thank you for whispering into my ear......even if "IT" doesn't happen, I will always treasure the moment, (the possibility of that really happening :)!) and the look of delight on your face in the picture my husband snapped of you and 'Veronica' ;).
May she and St. Francis inspire your endeavors!
Wishing you health and peace,

PS. Eight more radiation treatments and I should be outa there! :)))))

Grendle said...

Hi Kris,

I have breast kansur stage 3c. Your show on discovery health was amazing-I finally feel like I have some control over this nightmare! Thank you! VERY excited about seeing CSC again & I'm telling all my friends to watch it. I have your book and read every page! Got the wheat grass juicer and trying to stay 70/30. I'm losing weight (which is good) and feeling good. I have a question: How do you feel about herbal cleansing? I can't find anyplace that does colonics in my area. Also can't wait to hear the BIG news!

Jessie said...

Kris, I could not get home fast excited to tell you some news. I got the first step done and am now working on mounds of paperwork in starting my very own Youth Cancer Advocacy group at my school (Illinois Institute of Art-Chicago). Always been a dream of mine and now the ball is rolling. You are truly my inspiration and I can not wait to get this going, you can bet I will be spreading the CSC word in force now! I am dying to hear your news, you deserve all the good that can come your way. Now I am anxiously awaiting a (hopeful) return to Chicago so I can update you on all this. Kris, its honestly because of you, you're an amazing role model and inspiration in this crazy "club" we have joined.
Tons of <3
P.S. Did you get the pic? My dad surprised me and had it printed and framed. Its by my front door now, what a way to guarantee a smile on my way out.

SurvivingStrongSince05 said...

Wish I could come see you again in NYC since it's so close. But I have to work. There is a great Harvest festival at the Webatuck Craft Village in Wingdale this weekend, you should get out and enjoy YOU and your hubby. Hope you get a well needed rest.


equilibria said...

Inevitable - with your energy and your passion - - it was bound to happen. God has you positioned to be a messenger ... BELIEVE IT! The biblical scriptures say "Many are called but few are chosen" ... YOU ARE IT SISTER! You are the disciple for wellness; you are the disciple for the TRUTH! You are as real as they come and I so know we will meet soon. I hope you can speak at my school - the Institute for Integrative Nutrition - - You would LOVE Joshua Rosenthal, the Director of my school. They are in NYC.

On another note, I completed my response to a group of local dieticians who said I was WRONG to say that “Food and Stress impact tissue acidity in our bodies.” Once my response column is published, I will send it to you! I still hope you can come to little ole Toledo Ohio and make a HUGE impact on our community!


karin said...


I wanted to add my thanks for all that you do. I am a physician (kidney specialist) and was diagnosed with breast cancer last year at age 34. Since I was raised on Western medicine, I never really valued the nutritional aspect of healing (sad, I know). I was all about the toxic chemo, surgery and radiation. I thought if they didn't teach it to me in med school, it couldn't be that important. And believe me, they DON'T teach nutrition in med school! After watching CSC, I had a complete change of heart. I bought 2 books on raw food and have really opened up to other aspects of healing. You are amazing and have not only opened my eyes but hopefully I can pass along the message to my colleagues and patients. Anyway, I am going to be visiting NYC so looking forward to meeting you on the 12th.


generosa717 said...

hi kris,
i'm still reading you book, and i'm learning a lot from you. i'm so glad that i got your book, about the alkaline and acid in our body. to be honest, when i was still attending school, i'm not paying attention about that subject. in fact i reseach online about alkaline/acidity in our body, and i meant to share this website with you, they have product and information about alkaline and acidity, thought that this might help you, go on they even have this machine that convert our tap water to alkaline. hope this would help you.
once again thank you very much for inspiring us.
keep on fighting, GOD BLESS!

Episcopollyanna said...

YAY! Congrats! I'm so happy to hear the good news, Kris!

Things are going well - had a health scare and they almost took out my gallbladder when it was actually an ovarian cyst (geez...) but I'm eating my veggies and loving life!

I'll tell all my friends to watch next week! xoxo

Meg Wolff said...

I look fwd to seeing it on Discovery Health!

AnnaBegonia said...

I'm so happy this is going to air again! You've really been an inspiration to all of us!!!

cancer cowgirl xo said...

Hi all! Thanks so much for the words of GO GIRRRRRRL. It's a very exciting time and I am trying to drink all the moments in like a cool veggie elixir. I love that you guys have been looking into other ways to boost your health. The pH Miracle is a great book! Dr. Young is actually in my film and a good pal of mine. The Hippocrates Health Institute is another great place to go for a little detoxing retreat. Can't wait to meet some of you on the 12th, yahoo!

PS. I wish I could fill you in more on the hint. SOON, very soon. Also, thanks for spreading the word about the new air dates! Hope your friends and family enjoy.

PSS. Bav- you will get a Crazy Sexy Diet book AND Crazy Sexy Cookbook! They are my next big endeavors lady. :)
Peace and big xox's

PSSS. Montel should be on next week. Stay tuned!


Brian Dowd said...

I look forward to seeing it on October 8th. I spoke to some people at the LAF and the loved your booked. You are making a great impression on people in the cancer community (women & men)

Keep up the great work!


Leah said...

Your book was the cause of me meeting a very cool lady at chemo today! We were both reading it and then we ended up chatting for the next several hours!
Good stuff!

Minneapolis, MN

Vicki said...

Kris, the timing of your book tour and your film could not have come a better time for my 19 year daughter. The week your film was being aired she was at MD Anderson being diagnosed with a very rare non hodgkins lymphoma called Peripheral T Cell Non specified. Your personality is very similar to my daughter. We purchased your book and I read it in one evening and she is now reading it. Your inspiring and courageous words are what she needed to hear! THANK YOU!

Becky said...

I had my third opinion today at Mass General (inspired by your book). Although of course I still have cancer, I am so glad I went! It confirmed what we are doing is right and this doc was able to explain to us my situation (which is unusual and can't even be named) in a way that we both really understood! He then went on to say he'd share my scans with the liver guy and that direct radiation was a possibility once the tumors shrunk some. Anyway, I then went to visit the woman who was having her treatment the same day, the woman who recommended this doc, and I gave her your book. She is feisty like all of us. Today is treatment and I am looking forward to it.
Take care, everyone!

Barbara said...

Good morning, everyone! I hadn't looked at Kris' blog and replies lately, but I'm so glad I did today. Wow, what energy on this board! Keep it up, you all! Kris, I can hardly wait to hear your good news. And congrats on the new airings for CSC!...
Barbara (R.)
two chemos to go--woo-hoo!!!

Christina said...

Big news? Are you pregnant?

Alissa said...

I can't wait to see you on the Montel Williams Show & see the CSC doc again on Monday! Hope you are doing well & looking forward to hearing your exciting news!


generosa717 said...

hi kris,
i can't wait to see your doc film, i'm so excited. hope you are doing good!
God Bless,

cancer cowgirl xo said...

Hey all, I'll post again tomorrow- trying to leave this one up for a bit becuase it has the new air date info. I want to respond to each of you all the time! I can't wait till that can be my job. Would someone pay me for that? How cool? Just hang out with my CSC pals and chat. Love it! For now..

Becky- Good girl! Glad you got that 3rd opinion and that you feel confident. Amen sista!

Brian Dowd- Thank you my friend.

Jesse - I ave to check with my assistant and see if we got the pix, I want and need it! Glad we smile at you on your way out in the word. Kick tail sweets.

Christina - You made me gasp and giggle and pee a bit girrrl! NO I AM NOT PREGNANT. LOL! I think that would put me over the edge at this point.

Big news will be in the blog in a week or so....


bav said...

Hey All,

I have been away all week, but am back and so psyched to see everyone's news!! Kris, I can't wait for your diet/cookbook sister, just what I wanted! Great minds thinks alike! :) Wait, I'm brain damaged, so maybe I shouldn't lump us together. haha

I got an email from TLC, the dates on that channel for reairing are Oct. 31, 8pm and 11pm ET/PT. I know you all have the Discovery times, but didn't want to forget the TLC times, since I pestered the stink out of them!

My guess at the BIG surprise....Oprah??

Big hugs,

Jessie said...

if its oprah i'm going to have to figure out a way to get tickets!!!!! you would be so close!!! im going to keep my fingers crossed so much on that one

bav said...

What's the deal on Montel?? Despite all the info on his website, today's show is not Body 911, including Kris. Anyone know the story and when it is really going to be on??

Thanks! I don't want to miss it.


Linda said...

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If you are a religious person, Miracle II also very awesome. I have recently discovered these products from my mom. There is a book called Telling the Good News. I have found these products because I decided to take care of my own health. I have a serious candida infection and have worked on in for two years now. The best improvement I have had is with the Nutronix and Miracle II products. I do have a personal interest in the Nutronix products, however, I believe in the Miracle II products and I am giving you a link to the person that I purchase them from whom I do not know. I know they are christian people with wonderful products. God bless you and if you believe, you can be healed.

Linda Ersery

Kate said...

I'd signed up for Discovery Health's "reminder" emails, and just rec'd one about the Oct 8th air dates that said, "We're sorry, the program you selected is no longer airing at this time.
Please visit our schedule to view other air times."

Have you heard anything different?

Coach Laura said...

Hi Kris!

After seeing your book and film mentioned about six times within a week, I finally woke up to the insistant shoulder taps from the universe and said, "Oh! Maybe I should check this out!" And that was the week my sister-in-law of 25 years was diagnosed with kidney and liver cancer. Sigh. Thank you.

You are a total rock star and I can't express enough how timely and already helpful your full-out expression of YOU and your journey have been to me and my family.

Sera Beak is a friend and she said you two would be meeting soon. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy! She's a delight, and both of you just buzz with that crackling, badass, goddess vibe. I wish I could be in the room when you connect. I think I need to make some bumper stickers that say, "Badass Women, Unite!" ;-)

Anyway, thanks so much for all you are doing. I wish you MOUNTAINS of laughter and love and rest and joy in the days ahead. Sounds like some good stuff's brewing! (rising? baking?) Heehee!


Laura Neff

LobotoME said...

So glad it is going to be on TV again - Congratulations!
I messed up the TIVO the first time around...


Kaye said...

I'm so glad it's showing again, Kris!

This chemo shit is so difficult to deal with. I'm looking at A/C treatment #3 on Thursday in Chicago at St. Joe's hospital and I can already feel the anxiety of dreading another "lost" weekend. Physically, I take the anti-symptom drugs and all, but we all know that you are still only operating at about 50%.

Going to work on Mondays has turned into a search mission for any and all benches between my apartment, the CTA and then the walk from the Merchandise Mart stop to my building! Anyone else going through the same "schtuff?" Sucks, don't it? Hard to maintain my feisty persona while in the midst of chemo yuck.


Daytripper said...

Hi Kris,

My niece was diagnosed with terminal adrenal cancer a year ago and just recently turned me on to "Crazy Sexy Cancer" and also your blog.
Watching your show gave me a lot of insight into what she's going through and I just wanted to say thanks for your courage in putting this together.
You've given her a lot of inspiration to try some of the natural treatments you spoke about and I also want to use them for my general health.

Thanks so much!


Alan said...

Thank you SO MUCH for this story! My mom passed from multiple myeloma 2 summers ago. I actually forgot what pain she went through. I guess I've blocked it. When seeing the interview with Jackie, I cracked like an egg. I want to feel again. I want to stand-up and activate.

gshoemate said...

Hey Kris and everyone. I couldn't catch you on Montel this afternoon because I was at my LAST CHEMO!!!! Yeah Me!!! But I did DVR it and what an inspiration you are. When you started talking about the fear I couldn't help but cry. Being dx at 37 with breast cancer was the last thing I expected. Sometimes it's hard to get past that fear. It's always in the back of my mind about leaving my children and some times that rules my life. I need to put more focus into living then dieing. Thanks to your wonderful show and book I have introduced more raw veggies into my diet and plan to go raw after the chemo side effects go away. I even went to yoga yesterday, something I havn't done since my dx 5 months ago. So a big thank you to you and I can't wait for you books, I'll be first in line in O town.

Kaye, hang in there. AC is the worst. How many AC's do you have? I ad 4 AC's and then 4 taxol's and taxol was so much easier. Some muscle and joint pain but no nausea and I was more awake with taxol then AC. AC made me so luppy. I would sleep for 2-3 days straight and then feel like I was drunk for 2-3 days. Hang in there, you to will be celebrating your last chemo before you know it.

Have a happy week!!

~Knitting Addict~ said...

I have to tell you that I am five minutes in to the first time I've ever seen your show, and therefore the first time I've ever "met" you -- and I have to say I LOVE YOU!

You freeking ROCK! You attitude is so inspirational I am in tears already :))))

I don't know ANYTHING about your story, yet, but I sure hope and pray your story continues to be as great as it is now :)

Love and Gentle Hugs to you,

B-rad said...


I just stumbled upon the doc. It was amazing. You have such a great attitude. I'm so glad that you are not letting cancer keep you down.


Jessie said...

Kris, after rushing home and turning on the DVR, you were amazingly beautiful and glowing on Montel. How do you do it? I cant talk about it yet without getting teary eyed and you have turned into a hero to all of us. Can not wait to hear your news and I really hope you're coming to Chicago.

Kaye- I am in Chicago too and do that schlep to Northwestern! And actually go to school at the Mart. Don't worry doll, I feel your pain. This site is brings a huge calmness that helps on crazy days. Smile bright.

bigguysmama said...

So glad to hear this will be broadcast again! Because of your show, I decided to have one of my swollen lymphnodes on my neck biopsied. It came back fine. I'm a single mom with 4 kids and knew that I better find out sooner rather than later if our lives were going to be changing drastically. Thank you so much for putting your life out there for the rest of us to grow by!

Peggy said...

I missed seeing it the first time and just watched it now. I'm going through my own hell, third heart surgery. You are alot like me in that you try to find the laughter in life when it throws you curve balls. I love your spirit and seeing the film made me happy and at peace. Thank you for doing it.

DivineConfessions said...

What type of cancer do you have. I am a medical information junkie and I need some more information to sponge up.

btw - my mother-in-law passed away from Lung Cancer and she was one sexy dame as well!!!


~Knitting Addict~ said...

You're totally awesome!

Congrats on the marriage (he's a cutie pie! And hey -- happy Anniversary!!)

So what's the news -- are you preggers!?!?!?

Anthony Alexander Scheffman said...

Dear Kris,

I just saw your show. You are incredible. Your approach to solving the problem led you on a journey that reminds me a lot of my own. Mine, of course, under different circumstances. Everyone should watch this show. You have managed to showcase the pinnacle of human understanding with intelligence and a modern flare.

Thank you for sharing.


Anthony Alexander Scheffman

All Kinds of Creative said...

I watched Crazy Sexy Cancer on Discovery last night... thank you for being so strong and for having the courage to make your journey so public. I am having health struggles of my own, but it's something I have done to myself. I look at you and think that if you have the courage to try to change what others said would be impossible to change, surely I can do this for myself. Again, thank you - you can't possibly know how many people you have touched. Congratulations on LIVING and LOVING.


hotbaldchick said...

I really enjoyed the film. Finally, cancer from an angle I identify with. How do you change your diet so quickly? I'm trying to become more alkaline and adopt a plant-based diet. NOT EASY!! Kris your attitude is 1 of my many inspirations to continue to defy what the skeptic docs try to tell me. Hope to see you in Atlanta one day.

Murph said...

I watched your film last night on DHC... Oh-My-Heck! Your film touched me in places that have been long dead. As with most people, cancer has touched my life in terrible ways, and it was refreshing to see someone try to live rather than give up.
God bless you!

knitster said...

I watched the film last night when it was aired again, and found it very inspiring. I'm an ovarian cancer surivor, and have been experiencing symptoms that could indicate a recurrance. While my tests were all clean at my last check-up, I've really been struggling with fear that the cancer is back and feeling like it doesn't make sense to make plans for the future until my next check-up, when I have more info about what's actually going on in my body. Watching how you've built such a rich life with cancer has given me a lot of hope that I can do the same, and that cancer doens't have to define my life, even if it is back. I'm feeling much more energetic and inspired this morning than I have in quite a while.

Thank you,

SurvivingStrongSince05 said...

I just found out that my best friends' dad is dying of lung, liver and bone cancer. My friend is one of the most understanding people in my life and now that he sees a family member going through this painful journey, he is even more compassionate and comforting to me. He always tells me, no, no, your Leukemia is GONE!!!! But now he realizes that it is a hidden monster that I fight everyday. I won't allow it to rear it's ugly head because I want to be around for a long time. I have kids to watch grow up and grandkids to wait for. His dad does not want to fight, so he is seeing 2 ends of the spectrum. So I am sure he will be much harder on me about my will and He is there for me and I am there for him, like best friends should be. I lost a lot of so called "friends" when I was diagnosed, so that really hits you in the heart. He came along after the fact and never knew I had canser until I told him. It never stopped him from becoming such an important, vital part of my life. I wish his dad could see the same thing.


dp said...


So glad they came to their senses and rebroadcast!

And, congrats on the new blogsite.

Make a great rest of the week.

Hydrating thoughts from da Woods!
*raises a glass of cooling water*


Deborah said...

I love you Kris. You do inspiring things I dream of. I see your light, our light. And I know only from looking at our fear straight in the eye, did we come to learn this much joy and love. I am honored by you.

So my fave rude thing said constantly was to "be positive." In my opinion, cancer sucks, and the only way to be positive is to go through the suckiness of it and the fear... to go THROUGH it face to face. Not put a happy face sticker on it.

Love and light,

Kaye said...

Kris...thanks to the rebroadcast, my folks finally were able to see CSC!!! Thanks to you, Jackie, Oni, Melissa and Erin for sharing your lives.

Thanks to Ginger for the positive email re my issues with my A/C chemo...staring at #3 this Thursday and #4 (and final) on 10/25! Then, on to Taxol - I'm glad to hear it's not as bad. I'm doing the same treatment as you; 4 of A/C then 4 of Taxol. I get a break for the month of January, then on to 8 weeks of radiation February, March (happy bday to me).

Jessie - WOW - chemo and school!!! You know how to party canSer gurl! :-)

All of us sexy canSer gurls and guys must hang in there and kick some canSer ass!

Carpe Diem

Sheree Rensel said...

I could go on and on about you. I watched your video last night. It changed my life. You are more than amazing. I wrote about you on my blog. I think my post sums it up.
Simply incredible!
Sheree Rensel

Sheree Rensel said...

I am saving you the trouble of going to my blog to read my response to your comment. When you responded to my post, I was SHOCKED!! Here is what I wrote in all sincerity.
Read this with the tone and attitude of one of my lost street girls I teach every day!
I truly can't believe you responded to my post!
I have NEVER been a person interested in celebrity. I have had friends who have collected autographs of artists. I thought that was absurd. I have always felt we are ALL people on an equal playing field. If anyone has been deemed a "celebrity", it is due to LUCK. However, there are bunches of others who for whatever reason become notorious and get the attention. In your case, it is a bit ironic, but so deserved.
The ONLY time I have ever had a celebrity moment was when I was crossing the street in Manhattan in the early 80's. Andy Warhol stopped to talk to me. I just stood there. I couldn't speak. I was shocked and ashamed because I knew in my heart; he is just another human being. I told myself, "TALK SHEREE!!!" I couldn't.
This is the second time I have felt this way. Really Kris. I am in awe of you. You are so unbelievable; you cause me to be speechless. I can't believe you wrote to me.
Thank you. I am humbled.

chrystisox said...

I am so thankful that I watched your show last night. You are an amazing woman and a ray of sunshine and personality. Thank you for sharing, and continuing to share, your journey with us. Congratulations on the news you haven't posted yet!

Gerri said...

I just discovered you from a posting on my internet "support" talk list for Waldenstrom's Macroglobulinemia. Yep, I've got one of those incurable, unpronouncable, slow growing, rare, stage 4 pesky little cancers also. Mine is a type of non-Hodgkins lymphoma. Just wanted to drop you a note to wish you well and let you know that I will order your book (hooray, more money for you!), and I look forward to watching your film later this month. Here's wishing you the very best!
Gerri McDonald

Monica said...

I don't have cancer. I hope to never have cancer but my mom has had breast cancer twice. I live in daily fear of getting the dreaded disease. How selfish am I? Cancer is a constant fear of mine. Thank you for making me feel not so afraid.


Jill Aldrich said...

Life goes on, right? That's what Crazy, Sexy, Cancer Cancer Tips is all about. I saw the book in a rounder at Safeway in my hometown, Belmont, CA, and I thought, "Right on, Kris! Speak your mind and spread the word!" You're a brave chick. Far braver than I. Write (and video) On! I'll be checking you out.



Rachel said...

Hi Kris. I just started reading your book and it is amazing, as are you. I live in the city and was more then thrilled to here you are going to be here Friday. I then realized I am having I will be in the hospital tomorrow for a minor procedure, but I think they are going to make me stay a day or two. I hope I make it there in time. Not that your book is not inspiring enough, but I would love to come. I could use some extra insparation lately. The cancer is under control, but, everything that comes with it has unravelled. I really hope to see you and can't wait to watch your documentary. Thanks for being you, Rachel!

Charleen said...

Just when your tour is complete, it will be time for another one. Just make sure you make it back to VA. It would be nice to chat with someone else that has EHE like me. Several weeks ago I started a clinical trial - oral chemo drug which ended up sending me to the hospital last week. Apparently, I developed every known side effect to the extreme, so they took me off it for a short time. The dr said that those that have had side effects, have been responding positively to the meds. Could you actual treatment for EHE???!!?? It would be amazing! I'll start back on the meds in a couple days and hopefully the side effects won't be so bad. There certainly are days when a simple smile is a struggle when you feel so terrible. Just trying to keep my eye on the prize and the great life God has in store for me. Although the journey is rough, even brutal at times, God sees us through so victory will prevail!

Schadenfreude said...


(First of all, ignore my online persona name, it's a long story.)

You probably don't remember me, but I was the 1st AC on Kaylin's Prayer and went to NYU with DeSales, Wendy, David, Pagan, and Brett from Five Years. I looked/look like Overton from Living Single. :)

I just heard about your story from a friend who's going to see you this week (I can't attend, though I wish I could) and when I saw your site and the trailer I recognized you immediately.

I just wanted to tell you that what you're doing is truly inspiring and I'm sending every bit of positive energy to you that I can.

When I met you 9 or so years ago I thought you were an amazing actor.

I was wrong.

You're just amazing.

All the best.

UrbanPixie said...

Can't wait to see the show tonight! As my cancer path took me in the same direction, I know it'll be both a joy & kick in the ass reminder to behold your bold story.

Another crazysexy sistah,

Lisa said...

I DVR'd your documentary and have been watching it over the last few weeks. I just want to let you know you have inspired me to make some health-related changes in my own life. Thank you and best wishes! said...

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Kitty said...

Hi Kris,
Hey I saw you on Oprah and you are have a magical aura!! I cannot wait to see your movie. Congrats to you! YOU ROCK!

JLBuffet said...

BRAVO!! This was the MOST inspirational documentary I have ever seen. I touched me completely and if you don't win an Academy Award something is seriously wrong. Everyone has been touched by cancer in one way or another and your approach is an inspiration that one must take control of their own life and treatment. Thank you - THANK YOU!


JLBuffet said...

BRAVO!! This was the MOST inspirational documentary I have ever seen. I touched me completely and if you don't win an Academy Award something is seriously wrong. Everyone has been touched by cancer in one way or another and your approach is an inspiration that one must take control of their own life and treatment. Thank you - THANK YOU!


Elizabeth said...

I'm surprised that the INDIE THEATRES (like UPSTATE FILMS in Rhinebeck) could show your movie, too...and maybe have you as the guest for the night! And have a question & answer session! :-)

We love and adore you Kris!

Elizabeth Petry
Kingston, NY
by way of Tyler, TX