Friday, November 30, 2007

I'm Back! News, catch up and let's FAST!

Hi my divine loves and angels!

Sorry I dropped off the planet. I was in NYC for a week of meetings and magazine shoots, including the cover of Natural Health! Wow, what an experience, it was so cool and scary! We shot in beautiful apartment that is suppose to be mine (but sister, writing don't pay for crystal chandeliers and baby grands - heck no). If you don't already read this magazine you should check it out. They really put together wonderful information in a digestable way. I've been in the business for a long time but I never knew what went into shooting a over. There's like 37 people standing behind the camera looking at you as you act "natural, vibrant, and big smile happy". We'll see, hopefully I pulled it off. They were so nice and caring which made it much easier for this non-model still camera shy gal. Overall it was a blast and ya'll know that by the end of the shoot the crew was gathered round as I chatted about detoxing, 80/20, food combining, juicing and my favorite topic- ENEMAS AND COLONICS! LOL! A few of the stylists went running for the door. I bolted it. :)

But I digress, as you know I am writing the second book right now. It is a companion book filled with inspiration (I hope) and space for you to write and excavate your own tips - cause we all got 'em. I am no different from you, I just wrote it first, now it will be your turn! But as I sit here gearing up to write I realize that I have strayed from my path. If you don't walk the walk and talk the talk as a person in the "healing" arts well I just don't like ya. It's too easy to tell folks to do shit that's wicked hard while you go and eat a ho-ho and sit your ass on the couch. Right? I could list a bunch of guru's that are full of crap but this cancer cowgirl don't roll like that!

How have I strayed and what's the frikin' game plan? Every morning I have a come to Jesus/Elvis with myself. I sit with my journal, spill the beans, wipe up the mess, reframe and refocus. Hippocrates was so amazing for me. I felt super cosmic unbelievable! But post sprout castle I have been slipping. I probably slip less than most but when you know how great your body can feel it's hard not to groove in that dance space. I never skip my juice - no way, twice a day or bust! But I have been blowing off the wheatgrass, pretending I don't know how to food combine and chowing down snacks that just don't agree with me. Plus, I've been creating habits - bad news. What do I mean by that? Well, having 70% cacao dark chocolate every once in a while is not a habit. Having it daily is an addiction. Get it? Sugar and cancer should not tango on a regular basis! When you're on the go it is harder to stay with the lifestyle. But when you are on the go that's when you need it most. I know when I'm off because the symptoms creep up. Bloating, gas, constipation or diarrhea, bad breath, break outs, anxiety, irritability, stiffness, lower back pain, dry skin etc.

Let's all check in...
How may of us are eating loads of sugar? Raise your hands.
How about juicing? Are you drinking your greens at least once a day?
Who among us is really commiting to food combining?
How's that coffee treating ya?
Cheese? Tastes good doesn't it?
Who is falling into fluffy loads oof bread?
And on and on....

I put food in the gross, good, great catagory. For example, raw organic goat cheese is the only cheese I will consume as it is free of casein and easier to digest. However, I still get bloated and crappy after eating it. I get bloated and crampy after eating wheat products as well. Gas hurts! And yet that bread looks sooo good. Worst if white bread, better is sprouted bread (ezekiel, manna) best is no bread (for me). If you really want to know what your body can and can't handle, start to keep a food journal and write down how you feel after a you eat. It helps to eat simply (not absolutely everything at once) so you can truly tune in. Sugar make my head spacey and gives me anxiety. End of story. Too much grain makes my skin dry and flaky - coffee too. Coffee makes me smell! OIY! It's true. Ewww. How about you?

We all know that detoxification is the key to recovery but how the heck do we manage it during the holiday season? One step at a time and one foot in front of the other dear ones. For me, my ruby step will begin with a one day fast this Sunday. Yup. Detoxification and juice fasting reduces the impact of accumulated stress and toxins on our overall health. When you fast you give your body a chance to heal by eliminating toxins, plus when your body isn't focused on digestion it has more energy for repair. I have fasted for up to 21 days but I don't recommend it for most cancer patients. One to three days is fine, more but only under supervision, and not if you are too weak or on treatment right now. Once we commit to eating a better diet we don't need to fast like extreme warriors. Fasting once a week (like we do at Hippocrates) gives your body a chance to play catch up.

When we fast we still consume LOADS of nutrition. I do not recommend fasts with water and sugar (Master Cleanse), not for cancer patients. I drink lots of water with lemon, some herbal tea, and up to 8 green drinks (sunflower and pea sprouts, celery, cucumber, kale, romaine etc). Wheat grass twice a day, and a blended green soup at night (avocado, cucumber, celery, onion, garlic, kelp, fresh herbs, sprouts etc). I do an enema and wheat grass implant the day of and the day after. Your body dumps lots of toxins from your blood stream into your colon during a fast so it's import to keep the channel open. And yes, you will need to be by the bathroom! This is why I choose to do 1-3 day fasts over the weekend.

What else is important during fasting and detoxification? Sweating! Sauna, exercise - like walking, yoga or rebounding, dry brushing and more... But those are the next posts.


PS. I noticed a recommendation for a book that suggests lots of fruit on the 80/20 diet (or 80/10/10 as the book suggests). I have this book, haven't read it yet so I don't know for sure, BUT if it does recommend lots of fruit sugar please note that this is not a diet for cancer patients. You should not be consuming more than 15% of your diet from fruit when you are healthy, less when you have cancer. Too much sugar and sugar feeds cancer. So please read the book with that in mind. Not all raw food diets are right for you. Raw foodists can be really heavy on the sweets and treats. Be sensible and listen to your body. Throwing your pancreas in a tail spin ain't healing. Loving you Xo!


cindytzvi said...

Kris, I noted your comments about decreasing sugar intake, and certainly that includes fruit, and treats like dark chocolate and other yummies. But how do you reconcile that with Natalia Rose's book - TheRawFoodDetoxDiet - which you recommended. I've found that her style of eating, which includes unlimited fresh fruit until lunch and yummy raw treats daily, is so much easier to follow than Dr. Young's philosophy, which I simply found depressing because it was so restrictive. My husband has stage IV colon cancer and I've been trying to bring him along with me on Natalia's path as he couldn't even fathom living without fruit and some treats (like hot cocoa made with almond milk and raw cocoa powder, bananas with raw almond butter and raw honey, etc.). I actually find that I feel much better and don't crave anything when I eat this way but I'm concerned about adapting him to a diet high in natural sugars. Your thoughts?


bav said...

Amen, Kris. A few months ago, when things were a bit chaotic in my life, I found myself partaking of that yummy dark chocolate more than I should. I had to check myself too. And interestingly, I too am increasingly finding that grains just don't agree with me. I have my suspicions about grains. I have been super strict for a couple of months since, as you know, I'm having some problems. But sign me up, I'll fast with you whenever, girlfriend!

Cindy, I can't speak for Kris, so we'll have to see what she says, but keep in mind, Natalia's book is about a general healthy raw diet. It does not specifically address the extra nutritional needs of canSer folks. I think Natalia's book is great to give you the foundation of a raw lifestyle, but you would then superimpose on that, the nutritional info from Kris' book for canSer cowgirls and dudes. I know! It can be overwhelming trying to put all the info together.

Kris, we need your nutrition book pronto!!


cancer cowgirl xo said...

I love Natalia's book. I recommend it to everyone because it is a great book for transitioning and for cleansing and adapting to a healthy 80/20 lifestyle. I too find many approaches to be restrictive and folks just snap, which is why I'm writing a diet book after this next one. That said, cancer patients do not have a green light for unlimited sugar in take. Chocolate is not on the healing diet as a regular staple for someone who is recovering from cancer. Weight loss is one thing, cancer is an entirely different beast. Sugar creates acid in the body, lowers pH and feeds cancer cells. Many cancer patients also suffer from candida, yeast, fungus etc. Sugar feeds the little buggers. I would cut back on the sweets for your husband. Naturally if he is very resistant and freaking out, what you are doing is much better than nothing. Just don't over do it. There will be a time when the diet opens up, but for now, best to air on the side of foods that don't create stress or swings in the body. Make sense? Remember change takes time. I'm telling you what I know to be the best based on my experience so far. I am also very honest and truthfully show my weaknesses. Work towards balance and don't beat yourself (or him) up. If you fall off or if it is too hard. Better to do 80/20 and have a little natural sugar than to quit. At Hippocrates, or Tree of life, Optimum health, Ann Wigmore (all raw food healing centers) they would say no sugar at all, but few people can really keep up that diet. Do what you can do. XO PS. Depression is not healing! Not one bit!

cancer cowgirl xo said...

Go Beth MD! Come aboard doll and thank you for picking up my slack while I was gone lovely. XO

Basic Me said...

Hey Ladies!!!
Kris it is so good you are back.. I am so thrilled about your sucess. I was thrilled to see you little ole self back online. Now down to bs. I have been pretty good with the diet. Maybe too good. Except thanksgiving day which I totally blew it all to hell. Anyway here is the question. Kris I have been strict stubborn strict. And for the first time I am craving things that I have never wanted in my life. Even when I was not eating well. I am craving fat.. and chocolate. I swear I am not a choc. girl but I am sitting aroung dreaming about it. I am also craving fat.. I could peel the crispy skin off ten pieces of fried chicken and eat it all... not the chicken just the skin and the crunch.. Weird. I suppose after four months.. I may have some nutritional pegs I am not hitting and need to figure out where the cravings are coming from. What do you think? Good news though I am up to 5 miles a day on the power walk.. and the dogs and the dr. are thrilled I went for my monthly marcaine epidurals and instead of 22 had only 15 now that is something. My dr. wanted to know what I had done to lose 25 pounds and he cannot understand why I have so much less inflammation in the nerves in my spinal column... I told him the diet did it. He is currently reading it. He is a neurologist who specializes in pain management and he is super strict on the weight thing. So I get to be super skinny Callie for xmas. I thought it was lovely he called about the diet and is reading your book. And before ayone asks in 25 pounds in four months and I haven't walked this much or eaten this much in my life. I use to eat one meal a day. Thought it was healthy steamed veggies and chicken or pork.. everynight. Now it is juice juice juice and green smoothies and raw soups and I know when I am hungry and I keep 80/20 and love the brown rice and I made my own batches of pasta from beans and veggies.. very delicious. Changed all my reciepts into vegan and now we can have raw soups and cooked (for the twenty %) Loving this. That culinary school stint has helped with this project. Anyway I am talking to much as usual but... it just me... so what do you do.

I am fasting with you baby! And so is Duncan he just doesn't know it yet. haha

OH Bav.. Question darlin' not related to canser... brother in law fell shattered his shoulder and rotator cuff is shredded needs surgery. He has 6 stints in his heart got them not quite a year ago and the dr. checked him out and he is already has narrowing of the stints ( he eats junk) Dr. said - no coming off plavix or cumadin for the surgery. SO may have to wait. Do you think the CSC lifestyle diet culd help keep those stints open longer? I do.. but he thinks a hotdog is lean meat. Pork is the other white meat.. so I have no idea??? I do know we have hit the danger zone.. He has to get himself under control and fast... he cannot have open heart again.. And he will lose his company and home without the surgery because he cannot work??? But he could lose his life with it right now. Just looking for anyting that might help. he has had these six new stints put in because the six he had in a CABG last year didn't hold... because of smoking and food. I cannot seem to get thru to him and I know people dont get it until THEY get it.. but this is his life..

I am trying to tink.. how I could medically explain this so it would grab his attention and get him to see thru the "I wants" to the "I want to lives" he really thinks there is no connection to his problems.. someone told him it is genetic and it is.. but Duncan has great heart health because of his diet. Well let me know anyone if you have any ideas.. I bought him a copy of CSC tips and went thru with a marker and replaced cancer with heart disease.. then got a card a juicer and some reciepes.. I am praying for a miracle.

OK enough.. Bill paying time at the mission. OH the new idoc came in and it is fab. Charlie the first man feature is funny and sweet and tells his story well. Hope it all goes well..15 days until grand opening. Love to you all. Callie

debbiedoesraw said...

Hey all-its me Debbie CLL survivor, got a new account name! formerly vincent flack

6 weeks raw and uh oh, I have added more fruit in the way of green smoothies.. my kids love them too and that means greens with no pain for my 6yo!!
I also use Larabars, about 4 per week for traveling time. I have leukemia and I know that sugar feeds cancer but so many raw fooders promote fruit it confuses me!! I love dates too, fresh from the desert palms. Grain: only Ezkiel cereal, dehydrated grains and get some gas. I am cutting back on nuts too.
So what is a good snack thats veg? Help!

debbiedoesraw said...

Hey babes and dudes
Forget to leave my new blog url:
to document my journey into raw and give hope to all who enter and a few recipes I made up..
love and peaches and collards and sprouts...etc etc.

sweetie said...

hi kris

a technical question - do you use the vitamix for making raw soups or will a basic blender work? i'm assuming that some ingredients like kale and sprouts may require the vitamix.

and how many avocadoes do you use when making the soup you mentioned?

also, do you sprout at home and if not, where do you find sprouts? my whole foods had only alfalfa. thanks so much


Lauren said...

I cheated in a big way yesterday with a chicken fajita panini and then a peppermint mocha. I only did it cuz I was kind of frustrated with this diet.
On tuesday morning on the subway I almost fainted. I've only almost fainted once years ago and my vision got totally dark but someone helped me get some water and it cleared up. So on the subway as I was getting to my stop thankfully, I got a raw nauseous pain in my stomach and as the doors were opening my vision starting getting hazy. So I got out leaned up against something, and pulled out my water. It cleared my vision then I ate a banana and I was fine but felt lousy the whole day.
So I was mad because I guess it happened bc the whole weekend I was working on a paper and didn't eat much bc I didn't want to eat the wrong thing. I didn't feel like I had enough time to prepare food or go to the store things like that. So I guess the real reason that happened wasn't from the diet, but from not eating enough. Still though I was like dammit I'm gonna get whatever I want to eat. Today I'm back on the greens.
I think I should keep a food journal bc I've been doing this diet for a month and I think I've been combining right but I still have gassy issues. Also, after I drink the green juice my stomach is a little sore or crampy for a little while. Maybe it's the lemon? I just use one.
Sorry that was too much info. I guess I just needed to write this to encourage myself to stick with this.

Laura said...

Hello all, welcome back Kris and congrats on the magazine cover. I am interested in reading the magazine.

I was nervous about Thanksgiving week because I was spending the week back at my parents house. I tend to regress to being a 'teenager' when I go back there so I knew it would be hard to stay clear of the food. I have to say, I did a decent job. I brought my juicer and happily made my family green cocktails daily. We even put them in Martini glasses to add a little fun. I even had my dad and sister taking shots of wheatgrass. (My sister has since ordered a wheatgrass steps.) There is a Whole Foods down the street from my parents so my husband and I did some food shopping when we arrived so I had an abundance of produce and sprouted grains etc. in the house. Each night my mom made a big salad and some grains so I indulged on that and just skipped the meat. There was some picking and grazing on my part but I did a pretty good job. Thanksgiving day was another story. Although I skipped the turkey, I did enjoy a Thanksgiving meal. Although it was all brought in from Whole Foods (my mom's specialty), it doesn't mean it was anything that was good for me. I felt sick that entire night and next day, and immediately felt constipated. Upon coming back home I did a 2-day green juice and green soup fast. It felt so good and I got right back on the wagon. I love eating and juicing this way and I know it has made a difference in my inner and outer being.

My kids are slowly transitioning now. It was hard at first, try getting a 5 year old and 2 1/2 year old to change their diets. They are actually big veggie eaters, in fact my son says broccoli is his favorite....and by the way he eats it I would believe him. But I knew it was starting to change for them when they each downed a big bowl of SOBA noodles for dinner. I was so proud. Definitely baby steps for the kids, but every bit makes a difference.

Kris, I know you know how rural it is out here in Kent, Ct but I heard a rumor that Whole Foods (and maybe Trader Joes) is coming to New Milford.....on rt 7.....can you believe it! It is only a rumor at this point, but many people have heard it....oh how that would change my life. No more driving to West Hartford or stocking up when I go to Boston, which is what I have been doing for years.

Thanks for your encouragement and push to stay green!

Barbara said...

I'll admit, things have been off track lately. I just moved into a new house with my boyfriend. Our eating habits don't match, and groceries are so expensive!! I think keeping a food journal will help me. Thanks for the tips. Any options for replacing sweets?

Michelle J said...

Hello Kris!! Glad to see your back, congrats on the magazine cover! I just have a few questions: i noticed you mention sugar a great deal..i just received my bag of raw cacao powder and while i know its quite fattening its quite delicious as well. Today, i made chocolate pudding with avo, raw cacao powder, 2 dates, a little cinnamon..blended it right up and its really quite good. Just a suggestion for cravings for sweet. Also, i made a really good hemp milk. Hemp seeds, water, honey, dates..blend it up and its so good Kris. Of course, you can make chocolate milk with the cacao but i prefer it plain. I want to start making my own raw cereal for breakfast using the hemp milk. Also, chia seeds. Not thrilled with them. I was told to soak them overnight and it becomes sort of a gel and then you can add to smoothies, soups, or whatever! It's odd looking to me!! So, Kris whatcha think about all this? Love you all, here's to green things and living the raw life!!

debbiedoesraw said...

go to raw food right now for Heidi and Justins FREE raw holiday survival plan:
They send daily free emails with tips etc.
Check it out! deb

Hilary Baumann said...

Raises hand for way too much sugar ... My name is Hilary, I am an addict. (No cancer here but I want to live healthier anyway.)

I do have a question related to coffee. And this is not a question about good or bad but a question about BETTER, that middle ground. I've heard that cold brewed coffee has somewhere in line of 65% less acid than regularly brewed coffee. That doesn't mean I wouldn't heat it up AFTER it's been brewed so I can have a hot cup of coffee. I'm just wondering what other people have heard or experienced. I haven't personally tried cold brewing yet but I thought it might be a healthier option (again I didn't say healthy, I said healthier) for when you just have to have a cup.

Anyone here actually tried cold brewing coffee?

PS: The USDA wants to sterilize our vegetables! Ahhhhh!!!!! And it will hurt organic and sustainable farming so TAKE ACTION PLEASE!

PPS: “Raw” almonds may not actually be raw since the USDA started requiring pasteurization of almonds on September 1st 2007 so don’t think that there’s no way they would do it. Info on almonds:

just t said...

Kris- Welcome back ! we have all missed you ! congrats on the magazine gig ! i've really been pulling my raw food diet together with Bavs help. I would be lost without the two of you and all the support on this site ! my biggest thing right now is dropping the java. I'm down from 4-5 medium dunkins a day to one black small in the a.m. i'm thinking 4-5 more days and i should be weaned off. " Raw Food Detox Diet " came today in the mail and i can't wait to dive in this weekend ! thank you Kris for all you do ! peace and veggies, t

Bav- Hi, i left you a blog under " chronic Pain " for you. I wasn't sure if you saw it. what are your thoughts on tahini ? Hey, by wednesday i should be a organic twig tea drinker, no more acid bath ! lol. looking forward to hereing from you, as always :). peace and veggies, t

Elizabeth M. said...

Thanks, Kris for such a great post. I love this blog! I'm beginning to grow my own wheat grass....just began to sprout seed today! In about 10 days, lots of grass to juice! thought I would try my hand at other sprouts too.
I have a bit of a hard time feeding myself sometimes, and when too many things to do and fatigue set in, I have a struggle. I do so love the juice though...

Re-birtha said...

Wow Kris Carr, are you in my mind or what? I just wrote a similar post on my blog this morning. I've wandered off the path big time this week. The culprit-coffee.
Anyway, glad you're back, I missed reading your posts.

Obsessedwithlife said...
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Obsessedwithlife said...


What is this wheat grass implant? Just curious...


Jaime said...

Kris, what a perfect post! I have been feeling like maybe I have gotten back into too much sugar. My gyn/onc appt is in december in nyc, and I think it's nerves......I'd love to see a post about that....just the living with the sword of Damocles, or more about checkup anxiety. :( But I am trying to get back into the more veggies/fruits/whole foods.....this past week has been not so great! I really needed this!
thanks, chica!

Cravin' Veggies said...

Welcome back, Kris. said...

Hi Kris, Great to hear you will be in Natural Health! Hey you can try raw chocolate. It is better for you and it usually does not have refined sugars in it. It will have agave nectar or dates. This way you won’t have to feel guilty. I also drink Cafix instead of coffee. It does not have a kick but it got me off the real stuff. I just wrote a blog a couple of days ago about testing raw foods. I chose this life style and when I get the results I should get I go back on my old diet and feel sick again. Then I go back to raw foods and say “Hey this stuff really works.” It is a tough discipline changing your lifestyle but as long as you keep going back to the way you want to live your life then I guess it is okay. I wanted to let you know that I had been reading up on wheat grass and I started taking 3-1oz shots per day since last Sunday and I am feeling pretty good about it. I need another week or so to firm up the changes taking place in my body. Take care, Alma

cancer cowgirl xo said...

Hi Lovies!

Callie - honey, you are doing so well, really you are a model student. I think you are hitting a wall and that is natural. Do you have enough fat in your diet? Avo, nuts, nut butter, hemp seeds, oil cured olives - rich creamy - that's what you need. This is a funny fat too - you usually crave what you are detoxing! grat about the exercise! You are MY role model now.

Debbiedoesraw- How cute! girrrl, I don't want to mess with you yet cause you are doing sooo well.
Here's a new veggie snack LOVE jicama slices with almond butter. YUM.

Sweetie - Vitamix is best, easy breezy and if you blend it longer it heats the soup up a bit. If you don't have one you can always use your regular blender, may have to use a spoon, stop and start, mix around. I spout sweet peas and sunnies at home, unless they are at my grocery store -which the often are. Easy to do and CHEAPER. Michael will blog for us again about this. Until then dig around on

EVERYONE - Detox symptoms stink, but don't give up. If you feel like crap more than likely stuff is moving and grooving. Don't expect to chnge the way you eat and feel fab from day one.

Lauren - DON'T STOP EATING LOVE. This is a practice, you don't have to be perfect. Do your best but do not deprive your body of nutrients. Less lemon will help.

Laura - Great honey! You are doing really well overall. PS. Kids can have way more fruit. Also, New Milford WF's?!?!? WOW! Until then check out New Mornings - I think it's near Washington CT (goggle it) my mom shops there and it is MUCH closer. Great store.

Michelle - What you are making sounds delightful. Just don't become a junkie especially if you are in recovery. Agave has less sugar than honey, raw carbo - no caffeine. Also, try some stevia in some of your recipes. Cinnamon helps your blood sugar, so does taking some chlorella.

Hillary - hot/cold doesn't matter in my book. Coffee is coffee and it is my weakness too. Coffee is very acidic, dehydrates the body, burdens the adrenals and mines minerals from bones and teeth. Try Caffix or tecchino. I have a few cups of coffee per week and I am really trying to JUST SAY NO. Do what you can. it's a practice. Up the juices. AND - yes, spread the word! We all need to pay attention to what's going on. GET POLITICAL folks! This administration raping and pilaging our natural resources and food supply! It makes me sad, sick angry and ACTIVE.

Did I get everyone???

Michelle J said...

Hi Kris, me again!!! Raw agave, is it sold at WF or should i order it online? Does it have a honey consistency and taste? I haven't looked up calories but is eating the raw chocolate pudding really fattening? Oh my, Kris it is sooo good!!! I still don't understand how you add avo and it tastes so creamy and chocolately!!! I know i cannot become a junkie because i cannot gain weight. My goal is to lose weight on the raw diet. I am not in recovery from canser but my mom has CLL like Debbiedoesraw! I am desperately trying to get her to change her eating habits but she is 75 years old and kinda stuck in her ways. It's hard but she's slowly coming around to the CSC way of life. I like your idea of jicama slices with almond butter! Again, where can i get almond butter? I guess WF right? I have to say the hemp milk is really nice. Try it? Anyway, thanks for the advice Kris!!! I love you, you so ROCK!!!

Michelle J said...

Hi Kris, me again!!! Raw agave, is it sold at WF or should i order it online? Does it have a honey consistency and taste? I haven't looked up calories but is eating the raw chocolate pudding really fattening? Oh my, Kris it is sooo good!!! I still don't understand how you add avo and it tastes so creamy and chocolately!!! I know i cannot become a junkie because i cannot gain weight. My goal is to lose weight on the raw diet. I am not in recovery from canser but my mom has CLL like Debbiedoesraw! I am desperately trying to get her to change her eating habits but she is 75 years old and kinda stuck in her ways. It's hard but she's slowly coming around to the CSC way of life. I like your idea of jicama slices with almond butter! Again, where can i get almond butter? I guess WF right? I have to say the hemp milk is really nice. Try it? Anyway, thanks for the advice Kris!!! I love you, you so ROCK!!!

Michelle J said...

Hi Kris, sorry its me once again...just wondering what you think of this green juice combo...2 cukes, some celery, 2 very small lady apples, kale, half a lemon and maybe a bit of spinach?? I did that this morning and it was pretty good! I didn't detect the sweetness from the little apples but thats whatcha think? Any suggestions? Love ya!

apoopslingingmonkey said...

Kris :) great post! Glad your back! perfect timing too! lol! the holidays -yikes, for me its hard to stay away from the junk. Holiday season= No time, Too busy,Too much temptations, and no time to cook(raw idea of cooking lol- its funny now, to me "cooking" really isn't actually cooking LOL "cooking" to me now is spending alot of time in the kitchen washing , cutting and all prep work for veggies! lol! its more time consuming than throwing a casserole in the oven)
Anyway my diet for the thanksgiving week - gone- old habits die hard. Getting back on track now, and for Christmas I may or may not cheat lol! not sure, but if I do cheat, I'm just going to enjoy the day, the food, the family, with no worries, but just make sure I get my butt in gear on the 26th!
you are what you eat, and when you eat crap, you feel like crap. But ohhh does the crap taste soooo good...

Kris, also what hemp powder do you use? I want to get the best, I figure you probably use the best. lol :)
also I have never had jicama... lol, how do you pick it out/know when its ripe? do you skin it? cook it? etc. I know nothing about it.

Barbara~ replace the sweets with fruit (fresh fruit is at least way better than a snickers bar! lol), also replace with raw nuts. Nuts work great for a sweets substitute! :)

Hilary Baumann &
thanks for the links! :)

Obsessedwithlife ~ read the "Groovy lube and garbage removal" (nov.9) post :)

Laura said...

Hey Kris,
Thanks for the tip on the health food store in Washington. I will check it out. The more health food stores the better, pickin's are slim around here. There is also a new on one Bank Street in NM that took over from Bobbits (sp.) Also, there is a woman in Kent who is opening a health food store and also places weekly orders to a coop that has the same foods as WF and other health food stores. I know it is in larger quantities, but your mom maybe interested. Let me know and I can get the info.

So tonight I finally got a date with my husband....and no kids. We went out and I indulged in only 1 glass of wine....too bad for me that I am covered in itchies. Not major hives, but itchies. I have always had sensitive skin and through the end of my treatments I have been one big itch, but since detoxing it is so much worse when I have the things I shouldn't. I am so uncomfortable that I suppose that was my very last glass of red least for a LONG sad b/c I LOVE wine.

I am re-cleansing tomorrow and will continue with progress. The support of this blog is really so helpful to stay on track. I am so appreciative of everyone being so open, honest and encouraging. I get re-inspired every time I check in, so thank you for that!

Cheers to green drinks....which I now crave every day.

shelleafy said...

Hello Kris and everyone...
Please bear with me... I am going to bring up a topic I mentioned a couple posts ago because I did not get an answer. I am looking for a really good nutritionist because I feel like I am a problem case...

I had surgery and radiation earlier this year for uterine cancer. I really connect with the lifestyle you promote but I have concerns and I need advice that I can not get from my doctors. My problem is that I have a blood clotting disorder that requires being on coumadin. All these wonderful greens and the wheatgrass juice are packed full of vitamin K. Vitamin K promotes lood clotting which in my case is not a good thing. My onocologist has been patient with my diet; prior to my surgery I was vegan and she already has me taking a higher dose than many people would because of my diet. My INR is up again and she asked me to back off the greens and vegetables!

I am young and I am overweight and I am really trying to puzzle out the best nutritional approach for myself. It is just so hard and frustrating like when I was experiencing side-effects from radiation the docs told me to lay of vegetables and eat meat, dairy and white bread! It just makes me crazy because I know that is not a life promoting & healthy approach.

Jamie said...

Well time to come clean. I have totally fallen by the way side. I was doing so great with uping the veggies, salads, trying the green smoothies...but stress, my crazy schedule, lack of time, and money has just put the "I give up and I don't care" back in me.
Don't get me wrong. I'll keep trying, it's just ... well for me right now it's hard and I'm slidding down the failure track.
This post has been great - another uplifting read and I'm feeling a bit more encouraged again, so that's a good sign!

Kris - I know this may seem silly, but thank you for being willing to share the fact that sometime you 'slip' too. I know that for me, your slipping would be health perfection for my lifestyle at this point, but it's nice to know that we all have times where we can't live up to the highest of expectations.
(I hope that came out right).

Lisa said...

Yay! Kris is back!
missed reading your inspiration!

cooper said...

Hi All:
Thanks for the great entry, Kris. And congrats on the photo shoot, too!

Also, thanks to BAV for all of her knowledgeable advice.

I'm a canSer girl...Currently, I am undergoing chemo and radiation for recurrence (second time)-- just had my 5th round of chemo and started radiation two weeks ago. I try to juice daily but am having a hard time with the 80/20, etc. Also, despite my best efforts to hydrate, the "D" has left me in a dehydrated state more than once. The MDs are talking Boost/Ensure, which I steer clear of due to sugar. But, they want me to gain some weight lost after surgery/treatment. And I have started drinking Gatorade, which I know isn't good.

Can any of your canSer folks share with me how you stayed on this course during treatment? If I stray, I always try to make up for it by juicing.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts.


Kristin said...

Laura and all moms,

What are some other things you feed your kids. I have a 3 year old and 9 month old. Sometimes it is hard to be creative with

Joy said...

Dear Kris,
I wanted to ask a question regarding enemas. I have had colonics in the past, however I am a Crohn's Disease survivor as well as a canser warrior, I have only 3ft of small bowel left after my 3rd bowel surgery earlier this year. In your experience, do you know if it's alright to take enemas, just for the fasting purpose? And, can I just say, your blog not only totally knocked me on the head into the REAL DEAL, isn't it funny what we tell ourselves? It's so amazing how you call your own self out, and us as well:) Thank you Kris

cancer cowgirl xo said...

Michelle - You are doing great dear. Don't worry, since you don't have cancer you have much more wiggle room and you will lose weight, especially if you proper food combine. One step at a time. Yes, agave at WF or health food store and yes it has the honey texture, is sweet and more gentle on the system. But since you are relatively healthy a little honey is fine. xo

cancer cowgirl xo said...

Good morning!

Diving into writing but before I shut down the internet (the best distraction for a gal on a deadline) here are a few thoughts and answers.

Jamie- :) You make me smile. Slipping is life. I slip into the gutter at times, not as angelic as one might think. I love coffee, wine, raw goat cheese and dark chocolate but boy do I pay for it with PAINFUL bloating like I'm 9 months preggers. It's a practice and there is no race to the finish line. And what is the finish line anyway. I think it's best to be #2 so you still have a place to strive for. #1 is lonely and then the vultures come to knock you down and bite you.

Mary- Good fats and grains for weight gain. Avocados, olive oil, oil cured olives, flax oil, nuts, nut butters. Don't over eat them in huge portions or you'll tax your liver but add more. Grains too. The best grains to consume are millet, quinoa, amaranth, teff and buckwheat.

Shelleafy - I need to ask my mentor this question as I don't know enough to answer you in a safe way. I will email today but it usually takes about a week or so to get back to me. I will post on a blog for you.

JOY- I love your name! Same as above however, I did chat with the folks at HHI about this and though a very skilled colon therapist can give you a colonic I wouldn't do it. But I'm thinnking you could handle a wheat grass implant, again let me check.

PLEASE NOTE: I am not a doctor and my opinions are just that - opinions. I will pass on what I know but you need to make your own educated decisions and do a little research.

Becky said...

I love my new juicer so much I dreamt about it this morning! I was putting veggie after veggie in there and realized I didn't have the receptacle and it went all over the floor! Jeesh juicing anxiety or what? Anyway, I feel very armed with this thing. One more treatment of this series, a PET scan to see how my liver is doing and then more....I am convinced we are ahead of the game, thanks to positive thinking, veggies and this blog is so useful. Kris, thank you. CAn't wait to meet you sometime. Have a nice weekend, everyone!

Kim said...

Good morning! I have not blogged since I first got my juicer a month or so ago, but log in about a gazillion times a day to read! God Bless you all...

Kris, your blog was so timely. I fell off the wagon and bigtime. I found that after a month of eating raw and juicing I felt miserable. I found I was getting sick - vomiting - about 4-5 hours after eating a raw meal, usually at night. I am not sure if it was bacteria related (I do buy all my produce at WF and wash) or I was consuming too much for my body to handle.

In any case, I started eating what I did in the past which in general terms isn't that bad to the avg. Western diet. I have eaten very clean for years. Well, now I feel even worse! I look preggers am I so bloated! And constipated - yuck.

So, I got "The Raw Foods Detox Diet" back out and read it again. And what I found was that I was a transition #3 (I did know this a month ago) but was trying to eat like a number 1. So no wonder I felt like crap! I tend to get in over my head and overdo things a bit. :)

I was humbly reminded that after years of ingesting crap (even if it is whole grains and "good" protein sources or so we thought) that jumping into a raw diet 100% released way too many toxins for my body to pass. So no wonder I was vomiting.

So this morning I am back. I drank my hot lemon with water, juiced and will eat some fruit until lunch (I don't have cancer and pray for you all that do every day).

I also found that I was focussing so much (almost obsessively) on the physcial that I was ignoring the emotional/spiritual. And that is jut as bad as eating a big ole' burger from McDonald's (gross).

I picked up "The Red Book: An Unorthodox Approach to Igniting Your Divine Spark" (on the reading list) and oh my gosh - what a great read! Talk about inspiring and I just love her. She is great. I am finding that balance again spiritually and igniting the Divine with in....ahh....I am back and whole!

So, thank you for your post and giving me the kick in the ass I needed. It was the catalyst that made me re-read Natalia Rose's book.

I share this with you all so maybe if you are exp the same issues this can help. If we are unhealthy and jump in too deep it can still be unhealthy. Our bodies just aren't ready for it.

So, here's to a very happy Saturday. Hope you all pick up the "Red Book" and gain some inspiration and release that true self that is inside you all....

Lots of love,

Annalin said...

Quick question: I keep hearing "flax oil" and I was in Walgreens and noticed flax seed oil (I think thats what it's called) by the fish oil supplements. Is this the same thing? For about $9 a bottle I wasn't sure and didn't want to buy something that wasn't the right thing. I'm confused.

<3 Lindsay

Suzi Scott said...

Glad you are back Kris! I am so excited that you are having so much success. I am starting a raw food teaching/coaching business and I tell people about you all the time! I can't wait for your new book!
Suzi (and Cooper my little cancer survivor!)

Basic Me said...

Update time..

Thanks Kris.. You are right.. not enough fat.... that is it..

We are fasting with ya.. went to dinner (watching haha) last night with brother in law and gave him the care package.. a little touch love.. heck he gave me these huskies as a xmas present.. haha.. well he will probley make margartias with the blender and juice fruit.. but.. I tried. Dr. will not operate.. he will loose complete use of are. Heart doc.. said no way on earth..

found interesting new green. Called bitter melon and bitter melon greens.. wonderful if you like kale and collards. Can be found at asian markets.. we have no whole foods here. It has wonderful properites.. help keep insulin levels balanced, inflamation down. And taste delish.

The melon can be sauted and eaten when soft but not mushy seasoned to taste and the greens are fab with miso soup and sauted greens for lunch or a warm snack, after juicing in the morning. Also Asian markets have aloe vera prepared some with sugar and some without.. delish..

Oh wanted to ask.. can you sprout regular mung beans that are sold like dried beans?? I am looking for something besides the same ole sprouts can only find mung bean and alfalfa here and would love to sprout sunflower have tried wheat berries YUMMY.. anyone have any ideas?? Sprouting is easy and cheap and I would love some suggestions on things we can easily get our hands on that are sproutable.

Thanks everyone and any advice on the broher in law or sprouts is welcome.

Hugs to all. Many wishes for good writing Kris.. and peace love and eat your veggies.


youvgotdale said...

Alma and Hilary:
After a few years of Caffix, I just switched to PER0 Extra Dark Roast. It's the same idea as Caffix (barley, chicory) but tastes more like coffee. It comes in regular and Extra Dark Roast.

I found a somewhat healthy chocolate bar at Whole Foods - it's available at most good health food stores from "Endangered Species" Chocolate Company. They even have an 88% cocoa bar (that's The Black Panther Bar). 10% of profits go to protect endangered animals. Ingredients are: chocolate, unbleached water-filtered beet sugar, soy lecithin, pure vanilla. Looking for healthier substitutes for the final frontiers during transition; coffee, chocolate and wine.
Love this blog,

sue said...

Kris-I have been drinking a powdered green grass. I mix it with orange juice and it isn’t bad. I also drink 'fermented' wheat germ and drink Xango juice which is mangoseed juice from Asia. These have made me feel so much better and I just had a good cat scan reading that my tumors are stable (first time since I started all these). ‘Fermented’ wheat germ is in the England Journal of Cancer and has proved to stop cancer growth and cure some cancers. My Dr. (Oncologist) was impressed when I showed him this information and told me to keep on drinking! All 3!! I am on oral chemo 3 weeks a month daily and the fermented wheat germ took away all of my side effects!! Unreal! No more nausea, horrible fatigue, and diarrhea! I also eat organic!
Keep up your work girl! Love ya!

I need to talk to you personally can you email me at:

Sandra Joseph said...

I love this community with my whole heart.
Dale, thanks for the tip about PERO. I can't wait to try it. I laughed out loud when I read "the final frontiers- coffee, chocolate and wine." Give up meat? No problem. Dairy? Not as easy, but okay. But the holy trinity of pleasures? That will bring to your knees.
Wanted to share my fave quickie snack. I hope it meets the crazy sexy standards; if not, Kris, please advise! Kamut cakes (similar to rice cakes; I like the lightly salted ones) with half of a sliced avocado and a sprinkling of Himalayan crystal salt (you can order it in the "good stuff" section of Kris's site). I also like slathering raw almond butter on a Kamut cake. Yum!
Friends, please tell me what to order at Starbucks. I will not survive the winter without those festive red holiday cardboard cups. I'm trying to cut out coffee and I've given up the moo, but once in a while, a gal needs a happy drink to ease the chill. Some say soy is almost as evil as milk so I'm guessing my attempt at being good (tall soy sugar-free no-whipped gingerbread latte) is not cuttin' it. Getting herbal tea at the Bucks is such a depressing prospect. Anyone have a healthy hot Bucks order in ten words or less?

Lauren said...

"Friends, please tell me what to order at Starbucks. I will not survive the winter without those festive red holiday cardboard cups."

That is too funny! I don't have any suggestions. Sorry.
Maybe you can pay them to heat up the teechino you've made at home and tell them to put it in the cup. I'm totally joking. Oh man don't you just love peppermint mocha season? So hard to resist. Seriously.

Annalin said...

I really don't drink much coffee but iced chai every once and awhile...oh man so good.

Is soy milk really evil? :(

cancer cowgirl xo said...

The holy trinity! LOL! Just took a break from writing and had to giggle at that one. AMEN. I want to dive into a vat of sin and bliss and sugar and and and rated X...

Writing actually makes me want to be Jimi Hendrix or Janis or Keith Moon sometimes, a pinch of Jim Morrison too. But no. Not tonight.


Will answer more tomorrow. Big endless love...K

just t said...

Kris- Hi, quick question, when you mix your aloe vera juice with your water, what ratio do you use ? It sounds like a great way to up the water intake ! I hope the writing is going well ! I'm looking so forward to more books from you ! Thank you for your time. peace and veggies, tina

livelovelaughoften said...

HI Kris & everyone out there reading this awesome blog,

I was wondering if anyone has ever tried the electric Lexen healthy juicer and what your thoughts were on it? I am looking into it because it juices both wheatgrass and other veggies etc....
Also I am addicted to popcorn that a really bad thing to eat?
I have been a vegetarian for 15yrs but am newer to this raw food diet & juicing appreciate all the tips.
Thanks to everyone. Keeping you all in my thoughts Patty

Hilary Baumann said...

I can't speak to health of actually popping popcorn but here's what I will say is that the typical store bought popcorn is bad for you.

The store bought microwave popcorns typically have hydrogenated oils which are super bad. Most corn is GMO (genetically modified) also. And the microwave bags are coated in something similar to Teflon (non-stick chemicals.)

As for movie theater popcorn - not any better.

So I'm a big fan of the Alton Brown show Good Eats on Food Network and he has make your own recipes that are easy.

Stove top:,,FOOD_9936_34838,00.html

Microwave (though technically ... microwaves kill nutrients):,,FOOD_9936_11374,00.html

My local co-op carries organic popping corn in a bin. And I would still say that butter is better than hydrogenated oils but I bet there are other ways to give your popcorn a little flavor without the dairy. Maybe tossed lighting in oils and herbs.

No clue on the nutritional facts about "home made" popcorn, if it's acidic or alkalizing and whatnot. It's definitely not a raw food though. :)

cooper said...

Can you pls. post where you get your fermented wheat germ powder -- online or at Whole Foods? I found Avemar online but just wanted to check.

Glad to hear that your tumors are stable. Keep up the good work!


Sandra Joseph said...

Kris, if you have time, where can I buy the Dr. Oz Omega 3's? And do you (does anyone) have any breakfast suggestions? I've been doing the Ezekiel cereal with rice milk but I'm getting bored. Thanks!

Joy said...

Thank you Kris:) I love your name too:) I'd appreciate any info, as you know most western docs frown upon colonics but are really turned on by laxatives???Go fgure. Thanks,

Love Joy

Kelli said...

I am hoping that I can get a little advice - love the community here!

My husband has been a trooper and has accepted most of the changes in our diets without any complaints. He has wheat grass with me first thing in the morning, green drink before we head to work, a powdered green drink in the afternoon at work, eats all of the meals that I make, ... He has been great!

But he is severly addicted to caffeine and drinks diet soda and sugarfree energy drinks 2-3 times a day (that I know of - it may be even more). My mom battled breast cancer for 10 years and the whole time the doctors kept telling her to get rid of the diet soda - probably 5-6 a day for her. She couldn't do it, so I have a very soft spot in my heart for this unhealthy addiction.

Is there scientific evidence I can present that shows the problems with the chemical sweeteners? Are there alternatives I can suggest?

Also, can changing our diets too quickly (for the better) cause diahrea?

bav said...


Sorry it has taken me a few days to get back to you, I have had dinner meetings every night the last half of the week.

Ok, your brother-in-law. Let's make sure I have the info clear, CABG a year ago, 6 stents b/c continued atherosclerosis, which now show narrowing. He is anticoagulated on plavix/coumadin. Needs surgery for shoulder repair. Sounds like he has made no significant changes in his lifestyle, and god give me strength, he continues to smoke.

To answer your question, yes, I think the crazy, sexy lifestyle would absolutely keep his atherosclerosis from progressing, therefore maintaining patency in his stents. In fact, I bet he could have improvement in the narrowing he already has developed.

However, I think you have bigger problems. I am going to be blunt here, Callie, super honest. I don't mean to offend in any way, but your brother-in-law is in crisis. He needs what I call affectionately the "come to Jesus" talk. He is killing himself, slowly, but nonetheless, killing himself. For his disease to be that aggressive, meaning reocclusion that quickly, both after surgery and then stents, speaks volumes about his lifestyle choices. Can there be a genetic component? Yes. But that is only PART of the story. It does not sound like he is taking responsibility for his own health and well-being. And until he does that, he is not going to improve. In fact, he is more than likely going to suffer a massive heart attack and die. From a cardiac disease standpoint, it sounds like he is a ticking bomb. And it is not a matter of IF, it is only a matter of WHEN.

He MUST get off the smokes. No matter how much oxygen you get into him with green juice, it is not going to have its biggest bang for its buck if it can't get out to the tissues. Smoking vasoconstricts, it makes all your lovely blood vessels contract, narrowing the lumen, decreasing the amount of blood flow that tissues, organs, everything receives. The less blood flow, the less oxygen, nutrients, repair mediators brought in, the less toxins, wastes, inflammatory, disease-causing mediators brought out. Can you imagine, with everything he has been through, what that is doing to his poor heart, that is working so hard to keep on functioning - despite his literally choking it off?!

This is not being dramatic. The medicine behind his condition is clear, with oodles of research behind it. He has one simple question to answer. Does he want to live or die? And he needs to not give the quick flip, yes, I want to live. He needs to really think about it. Because saying yes means he is willing to take his part of the responsibility for improving the disease, and not just chalk it up to bad genes. And that means making changes, big ones.

I applaud you for trying to educate him, help him, "lead him to water", so to speak. I truly hope he decides to start taking an active role in his own health. I will caution you, he may not. And that is super frustrating for the people on the sidelines to watch. He is not alone.... you have seen the heart disease statistics, I'm sure.

Give him the info, support him as best you can, and unfortunately that is all you can do. He needs to decide for himself. And it is his choice to make.

Ok, sorry, you got more than an answer. I don't know if his providers have been blunt with him, but sometimes, even after surgery, stents etc etc, that is what some people need to hear.

Big hugs,

Mel said...

Sandra Joseph--

About breakfast ideas...what I have just about every morning about 30 minutes after drinking my juice is an almond butter and banana sandwich on (toasted)Ezekial sprouted grain bread. I also grind 1-2 tablespoons flax seed and spread it over the almond butter. I guess toasted bread is not raw exactly. I'm not sure how you feel about banana? This is a really, really tasty boyfriend also likes it. I like bananas that are still a little green--they are not quite as sweet, but sweet enough.


Joan said...

Mel - I have the same exact thing for breakfast. Love it. So do the kids! It holds me until lunch, even on the mornings I run.

Tae said...


I can relate to the situation with your brother-in-law. My brother-in-law lives with my husband and I and has been battling ASPS for about 5 years. The cancer is winning (big time) and, like your brother-in-law, still refuses to make ANY changes to his lifestyle.

I stand by, daily (while munching on my greens), watching him eat fast food and ingesting countless meds. I have tried to gently inform him about the CSC lifestyle and research. He wants nothing to do with it, as "you can't believe all of that and plenty of people who eat healthy die everyday. (He) is is taking the meds the docs want and, thus, (he) will be fine."

Can we say denial? SO frustrating to watch and even more frustrating to find sympathy for sometimes. If you want to save your life, be proactive.

I just wanted you to know that I feel the numbing frustration of having to sit back and watch someone you care about slowly killing themselves.


bav said...


I got you on the other post, Girl.


Basic Me said...

Bav- Thanks Darlin'... Nothing like hearing what you know deep in your heart and just hoping someone else will say it outloud. That may sound srange but I feel sometimes like I am arguing with myself. For the past two years we have been going round and round my Daddy calls it a donneybrook! The battle that never ends.. When he had a massive heart attack during an angiogram he was not going to have a CABG. Bless my sis. she got the best dr. we have here and he did the thing and he ended up having 6 primary bypasses. One year later those bypasses had closed sufficently from a year of mexican food, hot dogs, cornbeef and cabbage out of the can and cigarettes.. lots of cigarettes.. YIKES!!!!! Then he had a small stroke during the stint operation and that scared him a bit.. But veggies cooked in ham is not a healthy options and the dr. fires him every three months for failing to get his creatin(sp) checked.. His coumidin levels don't help much he stays at stroke level...sooo
Here we sit.. I think since we all go to the dr. together it may be way past time for an intervention.. but merry christmas this taurus isn't going down without a fight. Yes there is a genetic component but Duncan has those genes and before the CSC lifestyle we kept his weight, choles. and trigl. at a healthy level. Anyway... I guess I am venting.. I must stop.. I just wanted to say thanks. I needed the words from someone besides my own research to give me the kick in the pants in order to get my courage screwed up. The funny thing is he is absolutely rabid about Duncan staying healthy.. transference I guess.... So I will let you know how the come to Jesus meeting goes.. and thanks for all the info..

Like you said.. he is dying and the heart attack that happens next will kill him. So it is now or never. ( I am parapharsing here) But I get the idea. And he is only 56.

I suppose he is going to try and push the orth. dr. to do the shoulder so I was happy the cardio dr. said no way. I am terrified of him being put under right now on no blood thinners. There are things worse than dying.. Like the stroke that keeps all you faculities and doesn't allow you to move any part of your body.. Or being trapped and having to rehab for years just to use a spoon. Duncan has done that.. No Fun!

hugs and please know you always send out just the right words.. your patients are sooooooooo blessed to have you.

much love, peace and wish me luck. Callie

Basic Me said...

OH... breakfast.

Now dont' freak out it is good.

Warm veggie broth or miso depending on the limit of soy you are allowed with your canSer. Sauted greens cooked very quick. Sprouted bread with almond butter.

This is a cooked breakfast but remember you have had wheatgrass and juice before breakfast. If we are keeping 80/20 for the day you have lots of raw to go.

Wheatberry sprouted waffle. whole grains and no salt or baing soda.. just baking powder, egg substitute and stevia, spread with almond butter.. if no canSer try fruit on the waffle. again.. wheatgrass and juice before and raw after.

egg subsitute and better melon or bitter melon greens.. saute bitter melon until just cooked and soft. Then add egg sub. here you can add organic goat cheese if you allow that.

those are all cooked. If you are a juicer.. try using all greens alkaline celery, turnip greens, leeks, a bit of lemon and add a tomatoe and avocado for a treat of homeade v-8 it is more a cool soup but delish.

almond milk smoothies are good with low sugar berrys.. but watch the sugar in the berries.. this is a treat.

Well those are some ideas.. I hope they pass the CSC lifestyle test. I get my egg sub. from the healthfood store. delish.. but only once a week. Also loving the whey powder and almond milk and nuts as a smoothie.

Enjoy. Blessings. Callie

Sandra Joseph said...

Mel and Joan, thanks for the breakfast sammie idea-sounds deelish! Callie, you are an inspiration, girl. I'm going to try to find bitter melon and turnip greens. I would never have thought to have such things for breakfast. Thanks for the tips, friends.
Is no one going to throw me a bone for Starbucks? The lack of suggestions leads me to conclude that I'm screwed. No red cups this holiday season. Woe is me.

Annalin said...

tae...I have ASPS too. This is the first time since I began blogging that anyone has even mentioned that Sarcoma. Hmmm....

Tae said...


From what I know, it is VERY rare. How is everything going for you? Where are you being treated?

My brother-in-law goes to Dana-Farber

Annalin said...

Yeah definitely really rare..
I am treated at Roswell Park in Buffalo. Right now I am in a waiting period with no treatment. My primary tumor was removed (12 hr. surgery!!!) and my lung mets aren't making a move yet. Since I'm so healthy otherwise chemo would not be affective for me as of right now. As chemo only kills cancer cells that are actively growing and mine are not right now. I have heard good things about Dana-Farber.

Tae said...

Dana- Farber has been good. They have offered and explored MANY clinical trials with my brother-in-law during the course of his treatment.

However, he became very ill with every session of chemo (landing him in the hospital on several occasions) so they have decided that, for his best interest, chemo can not be a part of his treatment. He is no longer receiving treatment, only palliative care.

Congrats on your success with the C-monster! Have you been raw for a while?

SweetAnnee said...

I just found your blog ..a friend sent it too me..She told me about the documentary..
I am meeting, this week, with a nutritionalist who
works with cancer patients!!
I'll be visiting your blog often..and make ya a friend on my blog..
fondly, Deena

Annalin said...


Did he have surgery or any treatment other than chemo? I had radiation as well with no side effects. My Dr.'s thought I was getting the "pretend" stuff hehe. My skin barely turned pink...really odd. I'm far from being completely raw..but I have made some changes definitely. Cut the soda intake way down, I didn't drink it a lot to begin with...I try to eat salad every day and I rarely eat fast food. I don't eat a lot of red meat either. So far from raw but baby steps. Oh and lots of water (I have 1 kidney). Vitamins...things like that, oh and sleep!! hehe. I'm curious about his case though...palliative bc of his low tolerance to the chemo? Wish there was something else to do...

Tae said...


He had his main tumor removed from his thigh 4 years ago (a 5 pounder!). AT that point, they informed him that it had metastasized to his lungs and they wanted to monitor it. He made the choice to not monitor or seek treatment. A choice he tells me daily he regrets.

4 years later, he started coughing up blood and they discovered his lungs looked like a shotgun had been taken to them and that it was also in his brain.

Since then, he has had several surgeries to remove tumors in his brain and radiation to shrink the ones unable to be removed. However, they have found more tumors in his colon and stomach.

The brain tumors are the main reason for him being on palliative care. Having them disqualifies him from most clinical trials and the ones he is eligible for are chemo -based. They doctors are keeping their eyes peeled for possible treatments, but they are not hopeful...considering his weak state.

Its sad and frustrating and slow.

Tae said...

P.S. But I am oh-so grateful for this blog to give me warm, fuzzies...especially on the days when things have been rough with my brother-in-law

And, Annalin, it is so nice to meet someone with firsthand experience with ASPS

Annalin said...

Ok things are making a lot more sense to me now. It is a slow growing Cancer but boy if you do not keep an eye on it, I can see how it got out of control. I feel for makes me sad hearing stories like that because the only reason I'm here is because I got help!! It's not your fault though..don't you wish you could take a magic wand to some people and just make a change? I feel your frustration, I wish I would have been diagnosed sooner but I was lucky in the fact that while my primary tumor was mets were caught early. I still can't believe someone on here mentioned ASPS considering the rarity..I'm glad I was able to talk to you!

Nikki_Trem said...

Kris, I think I might be able to catch the next mass detox (smile).I'm just not ready yet without a juicer. I have gone from thinking about changing a few things to trying a few new things. I have created my own exercise and focused breathing time.

Last week I took my first Yoga class and I had know idea what to expect. I was like.. what's my "minds eye"and when I figure that out could you repeat what I am supposed to do with it? and why am I bowing at the end? I love being lost and confused knowing in faith that in a year I will be adopted into the CSC crew laughing at how "green" I am.

Tae said...


If I ever find magic wands on sale, I will be buying them out! However, until then...I guess I will just have to accept that we all make our own choices (that not everyone will understand) and we all have a different ending to our stories.

Yes, very rare. However, I do know one other person who is a survivor of it. Now I'm amazed to know two!

Basic Me said...

tae- I am so sorry about your brother in law.. we could have a whole blogg site about them. I am ready to murder mine.. he took the juicer back to Bed Bath and beyond and got a comforter set for sis in law and the blender back for a poker set and then..... he gave me back the reciepes and whey powder, flaz seed and oil and other things I had in a care package. he was not being as rude as it sounds it was a gift and he asked sooo it was ok.. I knew that was going to happen.. he is going to try and stop smoking and try and go to weigt watcher.. No offense but this nut that is running my sis in laws wieght watchers is recommending white bread for health because it causes wiegh ins to be more satisfying.. UGHHHHHHHHH anyway if nutritional advise is given on white bread unless your cleaning your windows wth it I just lost all respect for the whole thing. But maybe it will be healthier than the hot dog and in and out burger he is eating everyday.. so I will keep working on thim and pray hard.. I hate your brother in law is so ill. that is a touch stitch.. it is tough to be a caregiber and tough to watch someone not be proactive. Not being proactive just drives me nuts.. but then I am overly type a personality.

well I am thinking of you. hugs and blessings.. i hope you can go to dana farber and it helps..

If you read callie is in jail someone post bail I have shot terry for not listening and still smoking all day long.

Hugs and Peace. Callie

Basic Me said...

Sandra Joseph,
Starbucks hummmm.. well they may have some 100 percent herbal teas or hot water with lemon seems a waste of a pretty cup doesnt it.. since csc lifestyle coffee as acid producing then your in trouble.. but.. if your gonna cheat have the smallest and decaf if they have it.. I know here they have no sugar and you could carry some stevia with you for sweetening and then use soy milk.. getting better all the time haha.. I would do the organic herbal tea.. but you know.. upside the money you can save on those lovely coffees could be raked in.. and then you could hit the store for some fab shoes or new jeans or a pashmina.. just think or even a massage.. now that is an alternative. Hugs and wish I could help more. Callie

bav said...


I don't want to rock the boat too much, b/c it sounds like you have a struggle on your hands, but maybe suggest to Terry that he should get a nutritionist referral from his cardiologist or PCP. I imagine they must have already suggested that to him, but perhaps, at the time, he wasn't interested in taking advantage of it. Perhaps he/she could help him work in concert with the Weight Watchers, but offer substitution suggestions like whole sprouted grain bread instead of white bread etc. Some people won't follow advice unless it comes from "authority." They often don't stop to consider the validity of the source, regardless of training or background. Weight Watchers might be useful to get him going, b/c they map it all out for him. He doesn't have to think, learn, put energy into it, he just has to follow the menus.
If he asks why he should see a hospital/medicine-based nutritionist as well, explain to him Weight Watchers is about losing weight, not about health, not about cardiovascular disease. He has specific needs b/c of his medical condition that WW will likely not be equipped to counsel him on. Once he gets some weight loss momentum, he then might be easier to push to take it to the next level, ie juicing, raw etc. It is a start, so let's celebrate that!

hang tough, girl, i know you will! :)


Mel said...

I have another question for you Bav (and anyone else with advice). I have already mentioned my 69-year-old father who been getting steroid injections for disc degeneration in his lower back. Well, the injections aren't working (I think he's had the first series--on three different visits and now has to wait 10 months before getting more.) I'm trying to research and find some hopeful approaches to his pain. He is having a hard time doing the things he used to love to do, like yardwork. I'm researching alternative therapies...I've found that many nutritional suggestions for easing inflammation, such as pineapple (bromelain), ginger, and tumeric all interact with blood thinners. Since my dad's heart attack in August, he's on blood thinners. I'm scared to suggest anything without knowing how various therapies may interact with his current medications. I'm wondering how useful acupuncture and/or chiropracty and/or massage could be? He's not one to do "alternative" things, but if he's out of options... Are there non-surgical, non-steroid therapies that he should try first to see if they help with the pain? The surgeries sound so scary and there's not any guarantee that they will benefit you greatly...

My mom burst into tears last night when I was over there for dinner because she's so worried about my dad, so I'm really trying to find something helpful...

What about magnet therapy? I think my dad took Glucosamine (sp?) years ago, but hasn't in some time...

Any advice anyone has would be so appreciated. I am trying to get my parents to implement some of the crazysexy lifestyle as well, but they are a bit wary...

Mel said...

One other question--has anyone tried or is anyone familiar with prolotherapy for back pain?

bav said...


Sorry your Dad is having a rough time, pain is such a miserable thing. First, you might want to reread the chronic pain post, that has several different alternative therapy suggestions, with greater detail than I am going to give here.

I would start with a D.O. who specializes in chronic pain. Where do you live? I may (or may not) be able to get you a name.

Massage, great. Acupuncture, great. If you can get him some private yoga lessons with an instructor that works with physical injuries, fabulous. A comprehensive, gentle stretching routine will go a long way.

Glucosamine with chondroitin has shown some benefits in combo. Magnet therapy, some people swear by it, I have seen minor improvements, but not marked.

From a dietary perspective, personally, I think the best approach is not to necessarily try to find things for pain, but for inflammation. That is the root of his pain at a fundamental level. And you guessed it, the best anti-inflammatory diet is the crazy, sexy lifestyle. Get him juicing, increasing his raw food intake, cut back on or eliminate meat, dairy, coffee etc etc etc. If you can get him on the CSC lifestyle, his pain will improve. Do you know what their hesitation is based on?? Maybe if their concerns were allayed, they might be more game to try? Or just ask him to try for 1 month and see if it makes any difference. He can always go back to eating his current diet.

Good luck!


Mel said...

Thanks for the advice, Bav. He's in eastern North Carolina, Greenville-Washington-Chocowinity area. I would love to find someone who specializes in chronic pain! Thanks again for reading and posting. You are such a generous person!!!

I'll reread the other post as dad is smart and fun, but is always a naysayer, especially when it comes to anything new. He is always joking with me that he's going to have steak and bratwurst, etc, because he knows it bugs me :) He does not, however, eat these things regularly anymore. But he just doesn't seem to really buy into a lot of what I tell him...guess he's a bit of a doubting Thomas, if you will. He's already mostly given up dairy though...and eats some raw. Not enough, and no juicing.

Annalin said...

Sandra Joseph-

You don't have to get just plain tea at Starbucks..they have many different flavors and kinds, and you could always shake in some cinnamon/vanilla that they always have sitting around. Or maybe just cut back...and do like your fav. drink once a week instead of all the time. <3

debbiedoesraw said...

Hey everyone
I just went to our new fab whole foods and the juice bar is making the Dr Oz drink. I love to get their juices because they have the super delux machines.. it is yummy!!!

vist me at debbiedoes raw.. just click on my comment name and it will take you there

love and veggies
deb cll survivor 6 weeks raw, hoping for a miracle!

just t said...

Bav- Hi, thank you so much for your post ! as always , a big help. I now have a embarrising problem to ask you about. The last couple of days I have been having alot of cramping and like a bubbling feeling on the left side. The embarrising part is i'm losing some control of my bowels. It's 3-4 times a day, not alot, but enough to be a problem. The poo is thick and muddy. I know, sorry ! I've really cleaned up my diet this past week, no dairy, no meat, almost off coffee, juicing everyday, rall till noon. The only cooked food i have a day is 2 slices of ezekial bread.Lot's of veggies, one piece of fruit, some nuts.
I agree too many cooks. The problem is we are not really happy with any of my drs. I guess my pain dr would be my favorite. She is a D.O., but you would never know it ! If you could reccomend a D.O. around Nashua that would be GREAT ! If you know of a pcp that would be great as well ! So, I guess i will stay with her advice for now. Thank you, i feel much more at peace knowing who i'm going to listen to. I just wish I could get rid of some more of this head pain ! It started before i found this csc lifestyle. Do you think in time this lifestyle will help my head as well as the body pain ?
Out of all your pain reccomendations if you had to pick two to start with, what would you pick ? My finances are tight, but i know i need to do more to help myself but i don't know where to start ! i'm thinking yoga and a shrink ! hey, you wouldn't happen to know of a good shrink down here ?!
o.k. Dr. Bav i promise only two diet questions and i'll leave you alone :)! if i juice at three , how long should i wait to have a veggie snack ? and what are your thoughts on tahini ? i'm afraid it's not good cuz i'm trying to drop weight.
As always, thank you so much for your time and support ! You are such a gift to us all ! peace, tina

just t said...

Bav- uuggh ! I did use paragraphs, but they some how got lost ! sorry ! I know it only makes my bad spelling and puncuation worse ! peace, t

Tae said...


My juicer is so very loud (as, I assume, most are). I work VERY early in the morning and running my juicer that early is waking up my brother-in-law.

Is it okay to juice the night before? Or does letting it sit overnight in the fridge take away from some of its healing power?


P.S. thank you for inspiring me to live stronger and better!

Tae said...

Just t..

You live in Nashua..New Hampshire?

just t said...

Tae- Hi, yes I do live in Nashua, NH. Are you nearby ? peace, tina

Tae said...

Just T-

I live in Hudson!

bav said...


Happy to hear you have some peace about the pain management sitch. Ask around in your community about who a really good PCP is, I think word of mouth is the best recommendation. I will see if I can find a DO name, but I'm not promising anything, girl.

The cramping/bubbling sounds like gas in your descending colon. Are you flat out losing complete control of your bowels or is just a little poo leaking out?? There is a difference, from a medical perspective.

However, I am wondering if you're going too raw too fast. There is such a thing as a toxic detox. That is why Natalia's first book is great. She helps you figure out where you are currently at, and then guides you in TRANSITIONING to eating more raw. Eating all, or mostly, raw too abruptly makes all those toxins and wastes dump into your system quickly, which can make you feel crummy. I suspect the loose stools and gas are detox symptoms. You may actually need to eat a bit more high quality cooked food, while you transition to more raw. Have you gotten Natalia's book yet? That will help you sort this out.

If you are flat out losing complete control of your bowels, given your health history, you should see your PCP pronto.

YES!! CSC lifestyle will help your head pain, body pain, and any other pain.

If you think yoga and shrink are way to start, trust YOUR instincts. If you can at least swing one private yoga session before starting group class, I think that will help tremendously. You can learn fundamental poses correctly, get tips on modifications given your particular pain/injury issues etc.

How long does juice hold you? If you juice at 3pm, can you wait til dinner to eat? Eating raw makes you feel "light," don't confuse that with feeling hungry.

Marantha makes a RAW tahini that is yummy. You can find it at Whole Foods.

Hope that helps.

just t said...

Bav- Hi, me again. Yes Natalia's book arrived. I'm a level 3. I'm not too far into it, but, i'm thinking autointoxication ?? I hope i'm not doing more harm then good ? Should i maybe do quinoa and salad at lunch ? and my sammy at night with 1 ? or 2 ? slices ezekial bread ? oh, 3pm juice usually still leaves me hungry. How about veggies and tahini ? how long after ? anything else you would suggest ?

On the poo thing. It's not full out loss of bowels, it's more like a leak of muddy poo. It's just enough to be a hassle ! Would a home bag enema help at all ? I'm nervous now that i'm making things worse, or even worse, that i haven't done any good !HELP !!

Oprah had Dr.Oz on today and he talked a little about acupunture. That really sounds like a good idea for pain !

Hey, some really good news ! Tomorrow is my last day on my 1/2 cup a small DD coffee, and then No more !!! Wednesday i switch to twig tea. I really love it by the way, thank you ! hubby even likes it too ! I do feel i should throw a party lol. i went from 4-5 med. DD coffees a day, to NONE ! :)

As always, thank you ! peace, tina

Tae- Wow, i can't believe you are so close ! it is a small world ! We should get together for twig tea sometime ! peace, tina

Rhonda Radliff said...

Dearest canser pals...
It's been a busy week here at CML canser central down in Houston.

The testimony to the EPA on toxic refinery emissions went great. If you want more info on my testimony, email me and I'll send you a copy.

Raw food world continues and I have been doing very well. My skin breakouts are right on detox time (about a week into detoxing I am a pimple factory...). Energy is up for a girl on chemo, but in reality fatigue is a buzzkill. AND... I must say that swollen ankles and hands are a drag too. YES, I am drinking tons and I am a LONG TIME fan of fresh organic lemon and agave 'tea' but it's not doing the trick once the chemo kicks in.

I am taking a juicer to work so that will help me keep 'up' while at the office. Now if I had a couch for my chemo nap with a nausea booster, that would be wonderful. Alas...

Tricks of keeping 'kosher':
avocado is a treat!
Hummus is fab, but part of the 20% cooked since most chickpeas are more than soaked.
garlic! Use it to spice things up!
mixing in dried fruits and nuts into my salad. It's not strict 80/20, but I love the variety in my 'rawness.'
Larabars are good.
dehydrated fruits are ok once in a while for a change in texture.
I make 'juliened squash noodles' for an italian dish that is grand.
Just discovered some WONDERFUL pecan butter (no sugar or anything is needed because pecans are so great all by themselves.)

I am not a coffee drinker, but I do love a spot of black tea (PG Tips to be precise) with some agave and a dash of a milk substitute. It's a treat for sure and not 'that bad.'

We also LOVE LOVE LOVE the goat cheese and have a quick recipe with salsa and 'baked' flax chips that is wonderful.

Here's the deal... I am struggling with the finances of it all, and how to keep working, taking care of my daughter, and the house while on chemo. In addition I am working on how to get the word out about my city's benzene problem. Speaking engagements, websites, articles, letters. Not to mention the documentary scedule and meeting with the stem cell transplant team on Thursday! I can't keep up. NOW I really need a husband for the extra insurance and another set of hands to help!

THEN... I found out one of the tricks for this kind of chemo is to take the meds with BACON to stop the nausea. Go figure. (Ask Erin from the CSC cancer posse... I have CML as well. She will have heard the bacon story.)

So... keep the info and laughs coming. I have more supplement and herb info to share (Kombucha, Avemar, fermented yeast, etc.)

peace and love,

Tae said...

Just t---
yes...its a small, raw world!

I would love to meet up with a fellow veggiehead!

Michelle J said...

Hi everybody!!! Bav, quick question on detoxing...are headaches part of the deal? Big time headaches! That seems to be the only detox problem i am having. I guess i just have to deal with it right? I really don't want to start taking advil or aleve. Green smoothie this morning was yummy...persimmon, banana, spinach, coconut water and flax...really good! Try it!

Annalin said...

I have heard some things about Kombucha...I drank a cold drink from a health store that was made with it. Kinda hard for me to stomach though...

Basic Me said...

Hye bav.. Rock the boat babe.. terry is being an abject pain in the buttocks.. and I need the info.. any and all..No.. as a matter of fact the dr. hasn'st suggested a nutritionist.. that would do it.. because his wife would go and then we would have them.. Baby Steps.. I hope something works.. But when all else fails trust the light.

Oh.. I wanted to make a comment on the back pain vs. steriod problem I think bav is right when the inflammation is down and the endorphines are up from yoga and some ex. Although moving can be tough when your hurting. I use to get my epidurals and nerve blocks.. with depomedrol and marcaine.. long before I started the CSC lifestyle I stopped the steriods because the short term benefits did not outway the long term swelling which caused more pain. It was a viscious cycle for me. I am far from a dr. this is just my experience. Today since all the nerves from my knee to my back have been cut I hav eto have them numbed to function but the marcaine lasts as long and works as well without all the side affects.. bav what do you think about marcaine?

My two cents worth ha.

Again.. thanks everyone for the help and Bav. thank you for caring and writing. Much love.


scnewme said...

Hello Everyone,

Just want to say that this blog has become so important to me....the communication and information expressed so willingly and openly is much needed and appreciated. I am grateful for finding my way to Kris and the CSC lifestyle...and for the opportunity to relate to many cowgirls and boys who understand how important we are all to each other.

Bav, if you have time, I have a couple of questions for you. The first is about detox and cleansing. Is it necessary to wait a specific amount of time (post-chemo) to begin this process? I have read some info saying that if you are a chemo patient, it is possible to release too much of the nasty poison and toxins into your blood at once...fact or fiction?

My second question relates to Thyroid hormones, synthroid and/or the generic. I've been juicing, changing over to mostly raw foods for about a month or so. Now I've heard that soy counteracts the synthroid. So, do you think I should remove soy products from my diet altogether, or simply eat them in moderation?

Thanks so much...thinking of so many of you and hopeful that we can all be ringing those bells and shining brightly!


Basic Me said...

Just wanted to reply to all those saying hello and loving this site. I have to say I feel so contected for the first time in my life. When I was dx. I thought " WILL I EVER MEET ANYONE THAT GETS IT" now I have a blog full of friends who not only struggle to find the path with me.. they put up with this dyslexic mouthy canser cowgirl.It is so nice to get to mispell something on purpose! Thanks guys you all are family to me.. we are the world you eighties. Anyway sending out big love to Kris and all the people who visit here. May the peace and light of all that is be with you all. I read a quote today that said " even water is a feast if shared with friends." So I will change it " time spent with friends is here is a feast for the soul"

Love , Peace, XOXOXOX Callie
aren't you all glad I wont be writing on basic missions. Ha

Duncan cannot figure out if buddhistcatholicjewishpresbyterians worship GOD or DOG. ha.

Anne said...

Just wanted to say, today was probably the first day (since starting the 80/20 raw quest about six weeks ago) that I stuck to the plan without really thinking about it. My green lemonade is becoming a habit. My salad for lunch and dinner is a habit. My yerba mate tea each afternoon is becoming less of a habit.

I've not been perfect, but just the fact that this lifestyle is becoming routine makes me happy. It's gotten easier to shop effectively. (Organic cucumbers are getting harder and harder to find, though.)

Had a cold last week, but it only lasted four days. It pissed me off and made me feel like I had failed (and I do believe I caught it because I was off plan a few too many times in one concentrated bit of time), but it was so short-lived, and so completely gone (no lingering snottiness) that I have to credit the CSC lifestyle.

I realize a cold is nothing in the cancer world, but I just want to point out that even noncancer babes and dudes can benefit from the CSC way!

I follow this blog faithfully every day, sending good vibes for all the cancer babes and dudes, and everyone with pain challenges and family-member challenges. Bav, what a tremendous service you're providing, opening your brilliant mind to everyone.

Kris, welcome back. I hope your fast was great. I plan to do my first one in January, once my weight feels more stabilized (I'm beginning to feel less skinny).

youvgotdale said...

Sandra Joseph:
It's your "final frontiers" friend, Dale, here. I feel that I need to help put you out of your Starbucks withdrawl misery. Through trial and error I've come up with my at-home Starbucks-like drink. I take a heaping teaspoon of the PERO Extra Dark Roast, add about 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon high-quality, unsweetened cocoa powder, my sugar substitute of choice (I use Zylitol - it's all natural, low-glycemic and measures and tastes just like sugar) and add a good spanking of cinnamon. I add the hot water and a touch of cold organic milk at the end and I've got a very tasty, hot, mexican cafe-mocha. I'm sure it would be great without the milk or with a milk substitute of your choice. This gets me through the morning and some afternoons. Figure out what works for you - but the PERO (or Caffix) cocoa powder and Zylitol are a winning combination. I feel your pain - the comfort coffee drink is a tough nut to crack. Good luck with finding the "ahhhh!" that you are after.

Michelle J said...

Hi Dale, i was wondering, where can i get Pero? I have never heard of it nor seen it anywhere. I googled it and it looks really good!!! I'd love to try your at home Starbucks drink!! Thanks!

strongerthanit said...

It has been a while since my last post, but I continue to read the blog and remain in awe of the great support and "food for thought" that is here in cyberspace! You are all terrific. Thanks to everyone, I've been able to maintain the raw-way ever since first reading Kris's book....unbelievably, with no earth-shattering struggles - well, except for my slight "distaste" for wheatgrass! But, I take my shot(s)with as much courage as I took my chemo! And I feel great, my skin looks better, and I'm just not consumed with "diet" anymore. XOXO to all. OK - on to the REAL dilemma: the "coffee-condundrum" - Starbucks or anyplace: for whatever my opinion is worth, I am drawing a line in the sand with this one; compromise is good, right? I've simply allowed myself ONE (not my 3 or 4) good cup of black coffee a day AND one dark chocolate Hershey Kiss (a tactic I've used for a long time to keep the cravings at bay!)- period the end! Intellectually I know - and understand - the downside of such folly (and to think we're all looking at these things as such - HAAA!)but frankly, if maintaining this tiny element of my "old ways" keeps me from falling off the wagon......and it has - I'll stick with it for now. We're all making HUGE changes in,and adjustments to, our lifestyles - let's not go overboard in the deprivation category - at least, for now. Just a thought cowgirls and cowboys!!!

Azura Skye said...

hey - I would just like to say - Don't be scared of sugar! : )
Well - do run a mile from that processed white powder, but fruit sugar shouldn't be scary!

"Glucose, fructose and galactose are monosaccharides and are the only carbohydrates that can be absorbed into the bloodstream through the intestinal lining."

monosccaharides = 1 sugar molecule.
This is simple, easy, sugar. That which the body readily accepts and turns it into glucose for use in repairing and energising us.

The insulin levels don't increase massively after eating some fruit, and if you have clean bloodvessels = with no fat clogging it, then the insulin will quickly escort the sugar out of the blood stream where it can be used by the body.

When we eat a lot of fat (oil, butters, cheese, dairy, meat, even veggie fat, avocados) We run the risk of blocking our blood vessel walls with fatty diposits that make it very hard for the body to get the glucose out of the blood stream.

So basically, don't be worried about fruit because we need their juicy goodness and all that lovely carbohydrate energy -
we only need to concern ourselves if we have to much fat lining our insides and the glucose can't get where it is needed!

Sorry to go on, but I've been doing lotsa research of late about insulin and the pancreas - and finding out about sugar was very interesting for me because when I was younger I had an inflammation on the pancreas - so the pancreas has always interested me ! : )

keep up the great blog - and here's positive vibes to all of you on your journeys : ))

Becky said...

Hi, I am having a bad time the past couple of days and can't seem to shake it. I met a woman at a party on Saturday who point blank asked me what stage I was at with my cancer. I said, "You mean where am I at with my chemotherapy?" and she said, "No, what stage were you diganosed?" I know her Dad had just died of lung cancer. Had been diagnosed Stage 4 and he only lasted a couple of months. So, I blurted out, "Stage 4." She almost dropped her drink! Then she backpedaled like crazy, "You look so GOOD! That is amazing!"

I guess she thought all Stage 4 people are goners. No hope. Forget about know? So suddenly, I started feeling like that too! Like who am I kidding? I've been so up and doing the juicing and I can't believe this encounter shut me down so much!

Does this happen to my cowgirls? I don't mean to be a bummer, I just feel like I'm panicking. Any thoughts?


Suzanna said...

Hi Becky,
So sorry to hear about that lady's dumb comment. People said some crazy things to my mom that really hurt her feelings (while she was undergoing chemo), but you just have to try & pick yourself back up nd "get back on the saddle."

Bav- hi again. I have a question for you....we have an appointment at Dana Farber with month with a Dr. Thomas Abrams (gastrointestinal ocologist.) Is there a particular oncologist (for rectal cancer/solid tumors) that you know of that comes highly recommended? Thanks so much!

I just wanted to say that I have been reading this blog almost daily & you all are wonderful.