Monday, March 24, 2008

How do you stay on the CSL Diet & Lifestyle? Manifest Visualize Create

Happy Post-Easter Love Bunnies!

I hope you all had a magnificent holiday. Easter, rebirth, new beginnings, spring sprung, AMEN/Ohhhh YEAH! What a revitalizing time! I am so excited about re-engaging and defining the Crazy Sexy Diet & Lifestyle for us all. Please keep your questions coming! The most popular will become full post topics. Before I dig into this weeks health topics (water, food journals, dry brushing) I thought it would be really helpful to get some psychological support from our resident Life Coach - Terri.

Know this, you are choosing the BRILLIANT road less traveled. You are heroic. You are a revolutionary and a leader. The planet bows to you, your cells bow to you. No matter what - keep going toots!

Take it away Terri......


This mantra and practice is one of the many tools in my tool belt that I use to create and maintain the Crazy Sexy Lifestyle. When you embark on this journey of change you need all the support, tips, tricks and how to’s that you can get your mitts on. There are many aspects of changing ingrained behavior that are challenging, especially if a health crisis is the motivation. My commitment to manifesting visualizing and creating has helped keep me on my Crazy Sexy Life path. This is not to say that I never go hurdling off my path, down the chocolate molten lava ravine because I do…but I don’t crucify myself and with the help of my pals and our community ( I get back on the green juice mostly raw path right quick.

My MANIFEST VISUALIZE CREATE winning formula works for me and inspires me. I share this technique with my life-coaching clients and frankly anyone that will listen. I, by no means, created this theory but I have harnessed its power. We have all heard much talk lately about manifesting dreams (THE SECRET), the laws of attraction in the universe (THE ABRAHAM-HICKS BOOKS) and the quantum physics of what is (WHAT THE BLEEP DO WE KNOW?) I was reminded of the power of intention recently when a very close friend shared her experience with me. With her permission and a name change or two, I will share it with you.

Tammi and her husband Michael moved to San Francisco two and a half years ago at the request of Michael’s firm with the implication of his being made partner in the foreseeable future. Tammi and Michael have a beautiful daughter, Chloe who was 2 when they moved. Tammi gave up her work in NYC to further Michael’s career and stay home with Chloe. The past two and a half years have been rough for them both. Michael’s firm recently gave him the bad news that he will NOT be making partner. Tammi’s second attempt at in-vitro fertilization failed. Chloe got wait listed for the Pre School of their choice and money was getting tight. Tammi was stressed constantly, holding worry and fear in her mind. When Tammi called in tears to share her upsetting news, I asked her if she would be open to some coaching. Eager for some relief, she agreed. I asked her to be specific about what she wanted in her life. She stated a healthy pregnancy, great job for Michael that makes him happy, chosen Pre School for Chloe and financial freedom. So we reworded all of her desires into the present tense:

I am so happy and grateful all good things come to us.
I am so happy and grateful for my perfectly healthy pregnancy.
I am so happy and grateful that Michael has many job offers to chose from and that his right and perfect job is here.
I am so happy and grateful money comes readily and easily (aka I am a money magnet!!)
I am so happy and grateful Chloe gets into and loves her new school.

I added:
I am so happy and grateful for our perfect health.
I am so happy and grateful for my peaceful inner life.
I am so happy and grateful for all of my joy and blessings.

We discussed that the most crucial part of successfully manifesting anything is being able to FEEL the EMOTION that accompanies what you desire as you visualize it. It is the feeling that will bring the experience to you. So get specific about the details and dream it into being. This is the law of attraction in the universe. What you hold in your mind is what you create. Although I DO NOT believe we created canSer, I DO believe we can create health. I asked Tammi to focus on her desired results and to quote THE SECRET, “don’t worry about the how.”

I invited Tammi to start and end the day with 90 seconds of gratitude. Mike Dooley, a contributor to THE SECRET and the creator of the website (Thoroughly Unique Thoughts- where I get my daily personalized message from the universe that inspires and tickles) suggests five minutes a day to intentionally manifest your dreams. He also suggests when you receive a big bill in the mail that you shout,” GOOD THING I’M RICH.” This suggestion made us both laugh (full disclosure: I do this whenever a big bill shows up much to my husbands amusement) and Tammi agreed to really put her energy into manifesting.

Last Saturday I got a call from Tammi. She went on to remind me of our manifesting conversation six weeks earlier. She told me that for the first time in her life she was able to say her affirmations and really feel relief and joy. Planting positive thoughts and results in her mind over and over changed the way she felt on a daily basis. She reported that while she was driving, swimming or cooking she was saying and feeling them. She was actively releasing negativity and consciously choosing to feel joy, freedom, and relief. It became second nature. She realized that she had used worrying to bind her anxiety. It created a false sense of DOING SOMETHING. Once she realized that what she was DOING was creating the opposite of her desired results by drawing more worry and fear to her experience, she said it was relatively easy to stop. She went on to share the amazing news of her healthy pregnancy, Michael’s multiple job offers, including a $25,000 bonus from his firm and Chloe’s school acceptance. I was filled with joy for my pal and all her created good fortune. I asked her to boil it down to a simple one-line explanation of what occurred and she said, “I just changed my mind.”

So what is the “take away” for you personally from Tammi’s story?
Three steps:
1. Ask. Identify your desire. Be as specific as possible. Write it down in the preset tense. Have fun!
2. Believe. Believe it is already yours. Have unwavering faith that what your desire is already yours. Conjure the feelings that go along with getting your desired results.
3. Receive. Begin to feel wonderful about whatever you are creating. Hold in your mind, I know it is on its way to me right now.

Since we are a group of doers, I will be starting a manifesting group on where we can commit to our goals and have them witnessed and supported by each other. In six weeks I will do a follow up blog with achieved results big and small. So get movin’ shakin’ and happy creatin’!

Your Crazy Sexy Life - Coach


LauraB said...

Wow, fabulous, fabulous, fabulous! This just keeps getting better and better. No matter where we are in this process this is so great. Looking for renewal and acceptance is always part of the game and never should be neglected. Sometimes life throws you a curve ball and sometimes you just have to swing left, and visualize and create!

I am so happy and grateful for my health and vitality.
I am so happy and grateful for the love and trust of my husband and boys.
I am so happy and grateful for the health and happiness of my family.
I am so happy and grateful for financial freedom.
I am so happy and grateful for the crazy sexy support of this crazy sexy family we have here!

My list goes on and on and I am continuing it in my journal and am saying to myself. LOVE THIS.

Thank you and love you!

Debbie Young said...

I am forever Grateful.. to Kris number one cowgirl
and every other soul who lives here at csc and csl.
I am nothing with out you..truly, humbly, bare naked against the world.

You are all my blankie.. I carry you with me everywhere...
much love deb
sorry got all excited there.. love her so :) xoooxo

Anonymous said...

I am so excited about this! This post has reaffirmed the commitment I made to begin my "vision board" today. Can we talk more about vision boards? Has anyone out there created one already? Thank you Terri! I can't wait to join the new group:)

emily said...

I really like this idea! I'll have to hop over to CSL and check out your group. I've been struggling with something that now seems to be working itself out and I have to say, positive thoughts are much more helpful than negative ones!!

Rhonda Radliff said...

Sounds like we started something similar with our conversation of "One Wish..." on CSL. Very interesting how much work it took for some of us to put down in black and white the 'one wish'.

Once the wish is spoken, acknowledged the gratitude starts to flow. From gratitude our attitude becomes positive. From positive we begin to see the world differently from our hearts. Our actions change, and our heart's desire comes closer. As we see things changing we are inspired and work harder... thus bringing forth our 'wish'.

May our determination and goals merge to create wholeness and health.


Rhonda Radliff said...

Please post the name of your new group on the forum!


cancer cowgirl xo said...

Hey you beauties! The group will be up by tonight. Terri's teaching and coaching all day. xoxo

kelly montgomery said...

kris, you are so bright and shiny! i will need to wear sunglasses when i meet you in person one day! thank you for sharing terri with us! i love the manifestations she shared today!

when you can would you please address the issue of ridding the body of radiation toxins? i would really appreciate your wise and knowledgeable input.

peace, love and brightness,


Iffat said...

This blog is just AWESOME!!!!
I am sooo... grateful for having this blog. yes!
Love you Kris and to all the CSC community, family and friends.
I am grateful for being a part of it.
Can't wait to join the group tonite.

Mucho love to Kris, Terri, Deb and all the amazing souls here.

Tech said...

Ooh really looking forward to joining the new group - absolutely love this stuff big time. I did a vision board last year and it really did work, but I slipped... must do another one.

Dharma said...

I can't wait to join the new group ! this is all so exciting ! What is a vision board ? peace-tina

MoreJoy said...

Kris, Terri,... Fan-tas-tic!! Love this post. I just started a vision board this week,.... only two pictures up so far and looking forward to expanding on it and making it my Crazy Sexy, Accomplishments/Dreams/Life.
I am grateful for having the opportunity to share in the lives of all the wonderful folks here.
Deb, Thank you for the update on Dee. Glad she is back! :)

*heather* said...

So, here was me today, reading this blog at work and wanting to cry -- big, messy, embarrassing-like, ugly cry tears right there in my office in front of all of my colleagues.

I fell off the wagon this week. Massively. Stress and work and life and traveling and suddenly, well, maybe a little bit of meat wouldn't kill me and, sure, I'll have some of those cookies, and yeah, those two giant diet cokes will give me energy to make it through the workday. Messy. Really messy.

And then I logged on - in mid-diet-coke gulp feeling all sorts of terrible, not just emotionally but physically, with that tape in my head hopped up on caffeine spewing all its old messages - and I read this entry. The universe provides as it always does.

Thanks for the reminder and for all the great tools and for building this incredible community where we can all come and be our fabulous, imperfect selves.

Sending big love to everyone, everyone, especially Terri, my sister in chocolate molten lava ravine. xxx

Becky said...

Thank you thank you thank you!

I really need this to stay on track! I had a melt down yesterday and after treatment I sat myself down at the computer and read that. Perfect timing. I also sent the link to my little sister who has been having problems with her marraige. Fix-able problems, however. She will benefit from this too. This blog is a lifeline for me.
Happy spring!

Unknown said...


Thanks for this wonderful set of techniques. As an aside (I'm techie), I would advise in NOT putting the WWW in front of your non addresses thus you should advertise:

and not


Anonymous said...

Hi Kris! Thanks so much for all of the awesome info on your blog. I ran out and purchased your book and Natalia's, too, and have learned so much already. I'm so grateful and am slowly stepping into a better eating program (need to get a juicer tonight).

I have a couple of questions: How does freezing and drying impact veggies and fruits? Also, do you know of any good resources out there that tackle food storage for those on raw diets? Seems like a lot of storage is about starch -- but, I'm just learning about that, too (so I'm sure I don't have all the facts yet).

Thanks so much for your help -- you ROCK, girl!

bella said...

Is there a way I can contact you and send an email?

Angela said...

Hi Kris!

Fabulous post =o)

Just checkin' in to say I'm thinking about you and hope you had a fabu holiday.

Big hugs and cyber-smooches,


PS. I'm soooo on your veggie trip right now! You've turned this grrrl around. ;o)

LauraB said...

Okay, just checking in with my sexy posse. After struggling the last few days and working with Terr's visualization techniques I am feeling really good today. It is a constant battle, but with all the support and encouragement I know we can work together to visualize and create our lives. I am so happy to have this group in my life.

Kris, you and this crazy sexy lifestyle that you have brought us all into really have helped me in ways I don't know how to explain right now. I journal on my own and my thoughts have become more clear, which is such an inspiration and ticket to emotional healing.

Thank you with tons and tons of green cheer!

e.b. said...

i love how this universe works! i do not have cancer but i have a number of cognitive diseases and issues i battle DAILY like a roller coaster i can't get off of.
and i'm down & frustrated right now. i'm crying on saturday feeling exhhausted and desperate. i call a friend and she listens thensuggests something: "you should watch crazy sexy cancer" and so my boyfriend calls me up minutues later & says "wanna rent a movie and stay in tonight" i say "yes, crazy sexy cancer" he says "okay" because he is awesome.
we lay in bed and watch it on my laptop. we decide you are AMAZING, i decide this is just the spark i needed and we also decide we need a better blender :)
thanks kris! you are an inspiration

Martha said...

Hi all:

Terri mentioned the Abraham-Hicks books etc., but I didn't see any mention to the documentary The Secret (although the book itself is mentioned in her FAB post)...I LOVE the Secret and you can see more about it at

It just gives you tingles to be part of The Family of Man (and, of course, Woman).

Anonymous said...

Ah! I love this! Thank you so much. I made my list and each thing brings tears to my eyes! I am so excited about achieving these dreams. Its wonderful, beautiful and freeing. Thank you!!