Wednesday, March 19, 2008

What exactly is the Crazy Sexy Life Diet?

Hiya angel wing!

I've been hearing this question so much that I think it's time for me to figure out the answer! Here's my first (humble) attempt....

The CSL diet is simple. It focuses on alkalinizing your body through mostly raw and living organic foods. These glowing yummies are packed with enzymes, vitamins, minerals and oxygen. That’s it. Nothing more, nothing less. You do not need to be 100% raw to practice eating this way. 70-80% will do. The remaining percentage of the diet comes from wholesome REAL foods cooked in a safe way. Real food is recognizable. It comes from the sun, soil and nature. Our great grand parents could pronounce it. Our children thrive on it.

Back to cooking, what is safe cooking and why? Dehydrating, lightly steaming, sautéing, and baking keep us free from carcinogenic havoc. Stay away from microwaving, deep frying, broiling, teflon, and/or invented foods born in a test tube. Enzymes are the fountain of youth and longevity. But when we zap and destroy our food we deplete our enzymatic well. Raw and living foods have not been heated over 118 degrees, therefore they have all their enzymes. When this is the case, you don't have to pull from your own (limited) reserves to deal with (AKA digest) the food you consume. High heats change the molecular structure of our foods making them difficult to process and sometimes toxic. We need enzymes for every life function. A diet full of alkaline foods and enzymes sustains a life full of health.

This is what we experience when we eat more enzyme rich, alkaline foods: amazing energy, happiness, better sex drive, functioning bowels, productive organs, clear skin, strong nails, leaner abs, thighs, and tushes, healthy fungus free toes and nice crisp breath meant for kissin. We feel less pain, less disease, witness lovely cholesterol and balanced blood sugar, we bid foggy thinking adieu and give sad blue days a pink slip.

When we eat a highly acidic diet full of the white stuff, animal products, processed soy (which is mucus forming, allergenic, hormone altering, highly sprayed and often genetically modified) other fake foods, coffee, alcohol, sugary treats etc, we experience the opposite. Confusion and suffering grow and flow. Acid foods trigger inflammation, taxes our immune system, makes us fat, derails the balance of bacteria in our intestines, invites candida and hosts fatigue.

Do you have to be a vegan to eat this way? No. The 20-30% of your diet that is cooked is organic, if you consume animal products choose hormone free, grass fed, and in the case of dairy, raw choices. There is room for transition in this diet. We move from worst, to better, to best and we do it in levels, slowly. If we move to fast we can experience too many uncomfortable detox side effects. It takes time to tune the palate. Pushing the river can make you collapse and binge.

A rough outline of Level 1, level 2, level 3:

Level 1: Baby steps, slowly adding raw foods, green juices, steamed veggies while subtracting white foods, processed crap sugar.

Level 2: 50% of your diet is raw and living, you begin to practice food combining for better assimilation and elimination. You eat meat and dairy in moderation. Dairy is raw, meat is never factory farmed (note: we say thank you for the life that sustains ours). You cut back on stimulants and introduce super foods and wheat grass.

Level 3: Vegan with 80+% of your diet consisting of colorful and vibrant raw and living foods, food combining, and as Natalia Rose would say - order and timing. (more on all of this in the next post).

Life is fun, crazy and sexy - our diets must support the rocket ship! Forget counting calories, cutting carbs, going fat free or amputating your joy. This diet and lifestyle is ole school I LOVE nature fabulous. It supports you on your quest for freedom and in some cases recovery. How will we have the energy to twirl and move mountains if we don’t have the fuel to get till noon?

To be honest, I never set out to create yet another diet on the market. I mean, haven’t we heard it all? Yet due to the success and hunger for all things crazy sexy, a diet and lifestyle guide seems like the next best thing to churn out for the family. But I didn’t create this stuff. I base my principles on trainings with great several teachers. As many of you know, I received my holistic health educator certification at the Hippocrates Health Institute, I studied extensively with Dr. Robert Young author of the pH Miracle and Sick and Tired, Gabriel Cousens at The Tree of Life and recently I finished a teacher training with Natalia Rose, author of The Raw Food Detox Diet. Before embracing the power of raw and living foods I spent years studying macrobiotics at both The Kushi Institute and The Strengthening Health Institute. Macrobiotics was very helpful to me in the beginning because it got me off the SAD diet. However, overtime I realized I needed more and that the very strict diet devoid of enzymes was ultimately ineffective for me.

Classroom time is only the beginning and I suggest the same for you. Most of what I know comes from piles and piles of books. We don’t need letters behind our names to be highly educated citizens. The information is out there in a BIG way. Our job is to read it, digest it and then design a doable program.

Over the coming days and weeks we’ll map out the details of this FUN (really I swear) and healthy diet and lifestyle. Several dynamic guest bloggers will chime in, share their stories and answer questions as well. Some of the information you’ve heard before, other stuff will be new. We don’t expect you to eat what we eat. Staying on track, YOUR track, is the most important thing. If a piece of what we teach makes sense and you know you can stick with it GREAT. If not, find what works for you. But push yourself! “Oh, what works for me is NOT working to change or “upgrade” my diet at all. I love my junk and that’s that”. Do you really? Let’s say for some lucky reason you have TEFLON strength. Your constitution is wicked strong and your DNA is pristine. You will never get cancer, diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol etc. You have a super model body that fat ricochets off of and your skin is as clear as a crystal lake. Well, WOW, deep bow to you! How about the planet?

The changes we make for ourselves greatly impact the environment and all the beings that inhabit it. Alkalinity is health. A sad but very eye opening example of this concept is reflected in our sick oceans. Due to over fishing and pollution the oceans are becoming acidic and the reefs are dying. When a reef dies all the microorganisms that sustain countless lives die too. Like the ocean, our body is made of mostly water. The fluids our cells bathe in are just as important as the terrain itself. Juicing, fruits, veggies, salads, clean water, healthy super foods like chlorella, blue green algae and spirulina, and high mineral content foods like sea weed all balance the terrain and bring our bodies back to vibrance.

Be patient, change doesn't happen over night and there is no such thing as perfect. There is no peace in perfection!

This is a terrific time to renovate. Spring is just around the corner and with it comes rebirth and renewal. How glorious...

Have a buddhaful GREEN day.

Peace and kale,


Rediscover Raw Food said...

Great post! Touches on many points I'm struggling to convey to the people I care about. Thanks!

Chickadee said...

Can you speak to the difference between blending smoothies and juicing? Isn't it healthier to eat ALL parts of the fruits and veggies not just the juice? That way you get all the fibre from the foods (organic of course!). More filling too. I'm just at level one but feel better already; and I'm in my late 50's's never too late to change!

Anonymous said...

Thanks again Kris for a post packed with helpful information and inspiration! I find diet to be the most difficult and at the same time rewarding part of my lifestyle. Being connected to CSL helps me stay on track!

Rhonda Radliff said...

Rock on Sister!

Diets suck. Raw food (80/20) is a gift to ourselves and the planet.

I had a pile of healthfood and science books 5 feet tall when I was diagnosed with canser. When I read your book and noted how similar our sources were, it was a confirmation I was moving in the right direction. Amazing how the universe has confirmed time and time again how this raw food is the way to go for me.

My blood tests have generally been much better when I am on raw food. But more importantly when I am 80% raw, I have more energy even when I'm taking chemo twice a day.

Still... time and energy means that I do partake of some cooked food. I think my daughter and I have mastered the 'quick veggie soup' to warm us up on those 'cold' Texas nights!

Green drinks are kinda gross at first, but in time my body began to crave kale cucumber broccoli carrot sprout juice. Who knew?

Add a smile and lots of sex to this diet and we can change the world for sure! hahaha.

peace, namaste, shalom.

leenda said...

Hi Kris

This brillant post comes at a good time for me.
My spiritual mother Debbie, our Mayor, has nagged me into finally buying my juicer and a cd player to listen to all my great books.(naging is a joke between her and I)
She is holding my hand so tight and helping me take these baby steps,I just adore her.
Do you know she checked the library here in Lodi to see if there was a book on cd for me?Oh and also to see if target had the personal cd player...she says I can have the hello kitty bling one.Shes the best mom.
But Kris,when you lay all this infor in front of us so simply,it helps so much.It takes the anxiety out of making choices.You have blazed the trail for me.You made the swamp water and perfected it so I don't have to go through that.THANK YOU.
Bowing to you,

Anne said...

GREAT post, Kris! Exactly what I needed this morning. I am one of those people--so far--with the constitution you describe: no disease, no weight problems. HOWEVER, I attribute those things to always having eaten something better than the SAD, plus a dose of good genes. The other thing is, who knows when it could all change, when today's environmental stressors suddenly take my "good" DNA and transform it into something disease-causing. In other words, at what point might my body quit functioning as well as it seems to thus far? I've seen some signs that things are no longer perfect--some heartburn, acid-stomach stuff, some period stuff, some fatigue. I refuse to blame it just on age (45) and sit around doing nothing.

So in the last couple years, I've been slowly turning up the screws. For me, it seems to be three steps forward, two steps back. But at least it's progress!

Still struggling to get off processed sugar, and this week's subject for me is "water." How do I make sure I'm getting the "clean water" you describe? (I posted on CSL and have already gotten some good response--thanks all!)

Chickadee, you're right--it's NEVER too late to change! Never too early, either!

em said...

Thanks for a great post with tons of info! I started incorporating raw foods into my diet after watching your film and reading the blog, where I came upon even more books to read! I feel so much better and continue to learn more each day. I can't wait to read the next posts :)

scnewme said...

Kris, Your words of advice and love from the heart is what keeps us craving more and more of this CSL world. The diet is a huge part of the lifestyle, and you're so right - the information is out there, but not everyone has the time, patience, energy or dedication to weed through it all. You have taken it upon yourself to continually wrap up your knowledge and give us your gifts - I am forever grateful!

Baby steps have been key for me. I have noticed the difference in all of the ways you mention, and I have also taken this as an opportunity to change my kids' diets and lifestyle. They are so wise and willing to help themselves and Mama Earth - it is a blessing. We have just joined an Organic Farm Coop and are totally excited about heading down there every Friday as a family!

Thank you for being the angel of inspiration in my life! Happy Friday everyone..

xoxo Sherry

cancer cowgirl xo said...

Hi gang! So glad you like the post. Clean water and juicing vs blending. How about I add those to the list of full blogs coming this week and next? They are very important and need more than a few sentences. Now that the book is done REALLY done, we'll keep the info rolling on a regular basis. xoxoxo K

ecrunner said...

what a crazy sexy blog. It was helpful and informative. Thanks for the help.


Survivorchick said...

Good reads! I always love the reinforcement of raw food information. I am at the 90/10 stage right now and am feeling great!

Kris, yes I would like to know more when you say "juicing vs. blending". I'm not sure I know what that means. THANKS!

Bonnie said...

Great post Kris! Looking forward to more.

If you're looking for answers on the juicing vs. blending thing, check out the Crazy Sexy Cancer DVD. In the extras Kris gives a description and a demo of each.

Anne said...

I was thinking of ordering a Wellness carafe today, but shall I wait for a blog on the subject?

Also, to those who have Wellness carafes, is there any easy way to get replacement filters, or would I have to order on the Internet?

Kim said...

AMEN sista! Thanks Kris, you are an inspiration and a wealth of knowledge. Love "The China Study" by the way - eye opening and wonderfuly written.

YOU have a great day too!

.......... said...

I agree wholeheartedly that whole, raw foods are the way to go, but can someone speak to a way to gain weight when diet is almost entirely fruits and veggies? Been through the ringer with chemo and radiation and need to put some pounds on, preferably while keeping the intake healthy and green - any suggestions?

lurky me said...

Kris, thank you for this post today. Perfect timing for me. As I was reading it I had one hand on the mouse and the other deep in a bowl of pastel colored peanut M&Ms. Whooops. Although I have been juicing and eating raw for months now, I have been doing it in a half assed kind of way. Adding good whole food but not really subtracting all the bad stuff. So, I am starting anew today. Time to get rid of all the crap. I love that you remind us to be patient, that change doesn't happen overnight. Thanks for the continued inspiration, and I'm really looking forward to the next blog!

Becky B - Colorado said...

Wow Kris! You've done it again...reminded us of so many truths and yet you always do that with grace, patience and love! Thank you! I have to share a brief story: my hubby has been juicing every a.m. for "me" then he adds apple, carrot, sweeter things. So the other day he was at a meeting later than usual, was starving and went to (deep breath here folks...) MC D's drive thru! EEEEK!!! Guess what friends??? It made him sick :-) (BIG high five to everyone!) Finally his tired body has had enough of the good stuff that the evil, darkness of fast food can no longer work for him! I'm praying that this glimpse of true health, life and happiness from juicing will inspire him to go at least 50% raw! PTL!!!

Whole_Body_Healer said...

Nice overview Kris! I found a similar thing with definitely helped me in the transition and in getting to understand more deeply the relationship between food & it's impact on the body/health. Loved your comment "super model body that fat ricochets off of and your skin is as clear as a crystal lake"...and "changes we make for ourselves greatly impact the environment and all the beings that inhabit it"...yes, AND we could look at the other side too.

The state of the environment is a reflection of what we are doing to our bodies, minds & spirits...polluting ourselves with toxic stuff(acidic choices) on many levels & not nurturing ourselves (alkaline choices) & our connections to others & with our planet. And now it's gotten to the point that we are spiraling in on this. The things we are doing to the environment are coming back into us as toxins. How we are treating our animals, plants, the oceans, the air, etc is a reflection of what we are doing to ourselves.

Collectively, WE, are the source of the acidity in our environment through our choices, our beliefs, & our unconsciousness. The inner terrain of our bodies is a micro-cosm of what we see in the environment. We as individuals are like the cells of this planet, this living system. The changes we make for our health, will ultimately be reflected in the environment. The balance, the ease, the vibrance ripples outward everywhere. Everything is inter-connected, & gradually, the shifts we make for ourselves become transformative on a higher level.

So, YES to Alkalinity, YES to nurturing choices, YES to living, vibrant energy & flow! Healing will take place on many levels. And if we keep on, before we know it, petroleum products won't even be richocheting on the planet & our lakes & forrests & oceans will again be clear too! And yes to Spring, a perfect time to start this renovation, wherever we might be. I believe today IS the 1st day of Spring, so great & timely inspiration Kris.

debbiedoesraw said...

Ok girl, we are totally madly in synch!

I woke up today, thinking about raw and how many confusions there can be and how I love to research and read and experiment (play with my food) and BAM here is this amazing post!

love you
and a special shout out to my "daughter" leenda.. Did you get the cd and player yet??? Hummm??? Poke Poke..
love deb

leenda said...

Hey MOM!!!!!!

Not only did I get the CD Player(didn't have hello kitty bling,so there was a lil foot stopping) but,drumroll....I ordered my JUICER!!!!
I also purchased the foloowing books on cd

How to Meditate,a practical guide to making friends with your mind with Pema Chodron(Luv her)

Magical Mind/Magical Body Deepak Chopra

How to See Yourself as you really are Dalai Lama

I got Embracing Body,Mind and spirit in the Face of Cancer from the library..I got a card today!!!

I'm such a big girl.and a lil pooped.

but I bought the CDs cuz I thought I could include them in your book club and the other kids could use them.(always play well with others)

Must rest now.

Love to all,

LYB said...

Wow Kris, thanks for the cosmic connection. I need a re-boost and a fresh start. I was wishing the blog would turn to this direction.

I am way past level 2, but not always perfect at level 3 (mostly with dairy) but strictly a veggie-vegetarian and almost always food combine properly! I seem to have it down, but am gaining weight. I know I know, meds, meds, meds, but it just doesn't seem fair to work so hard at eating so well and being healthy on a cellular level.....and my jeans don't fit, really they don't. I am not just whining about it. When I first cleansed and went on the CSDiet I lost 5 pounds pretty quick. I couldn't get anymore off and it has since creeped back frustration! When I really get discouraged I think about how bad it would be if I was still on the SAD.

What is the possibility of the weight gain to be something attributed to something my body is depleted of or related to my metabolic make-up not agreeing with what I am doing and not just the meds? I am 35 (turning 36 in 3 weeks) and medically thrusted into menopause, which I am sure is why the weight is slipping on.

I can attest to being healthy on a cellular level and know it is from the diet. I had some blood work done and my dr. looked at my blood under the microscope etc. and was really pleased. My cancer markers came back totally normal too! I know my cells and digestive track would not be this healthy six months ago. However, I haven't weighed this much since one of my not fair! Any suggestions....please please please!

I like the direction the blog is going, please keep the information coming.

Anyone up for a cleanse again? I wonder if that will jump start the weight loss....thoughts!

tryingtobeme said...

my determination is renewed - thanks girl!

dancenyc said...

So I have been one of your "silent stalkers" for a while now - and by stalker I mean huge fan - and this amazing blog finally inspired me to post :)

I dont want to go overboard leaving my first comment but I had 2 quick questions. First of all I consider myself somewhere between level 1 and 2 since I've stopped eating meat, cut down on dairy, incorporated more raw in my diet and cut out most processed food. But I am having a really hard time getting rid of the sugar, anything you can recommend??? Also, is there an affordable way to maintain this lifestyle???

thanks so much, you're amazing :)

cancer cowgirl xo said...


Couple O things...

How to gain weight:
Good grains (cooked or sprouted) = quinoa, millet, amaranth, teff. Brown rice, kamut, spelt is OK too, slightly more acidic and takes longer to cook. Also, sprouted breads, manna bread, almond butter, tahini, and other raw nut butters (not peanut)as well as raw nuts, cold pressed EVOO, Flax oil and seeds, hemp seed, sunflower and pumpkin seeds, coconut butter/water, should all help. Other cooked foods that stick to the ribs, veggie burgers, beans, tempeh, sweet potatoes etc...

Losing weight: Babe, I think it's the meds!! I'll ask Crazy Sexy Beth MD to "weigh" in on this. I know you told me what you eat last time and I was like, well, that's great stuff, I also think you said you're moving your ass! Hmmm. What did you eat today?
Can you start a food journal and keep track so that you are better able to see whats going on?

Sugar: I KNOW! It's really tough, you gotta re-train your tongue. Water with lemon and stevia, it's my secret alkaline weapon. It tastes really sweet, a lovely lemonade. Fruit - in moderation and also either carob or 70% dark chocolate stop my melt downs and remind me to not binge. Smoothies help too, so does coconut water. AND brush your teeth. Sometimes clean teeth stop the cravings. Water helps also, lots of time we're dehydrated. Lack of water creates wild cravings.

Japanese Style said...

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Michelle J said...

Hey Kris, my friend! This is a very timely post for me because i was seriously debating about staying on a raw diet! (read my lastest blog post if you have a sec) just hit me hard and i felt so sad and disappointed in myself. But, with lots of support and thinking i realized that eating raw 80/20 for me is really the only way to go!! I simply cannot picture myself going back to a SAD diet! There's just to much goodness and love living this lifestyle, not to mention HEALTH! The feelings you get sometimes is hard to describe in words. It's like living on a higher plain and reaching a deeper spirituality than ever before! Am i making any kind of sense? How can you go wrong with a BIG salad full of colorful, crunchy, even exotic ingrediants? Too good!!! And, i'll be damned to give up eating at PURE!!! I swear their icecream is way better than Haagen Dazs! So, my friend thanks for this! It really hit home for me in many ways! I only wish i can get my mom on the wagon here! Love ya!

P.S. Maybe someday, if you can, do a post about moving your (our) asses!! Would love to know your workout routine!!! :O)

bav said...

Oh, my favorite topic!! Let's break it down, girl, chunk by chunk....


granola said...

You said it all! Keep on blogging--I learn more each day! And thanks fellow bloggers--I learn from you all & hope I am able to contribute to your lives as well.

Rediscover Raw--I checked out your blog on raw food--loved it! If you are in the forum please add me as a friend!

And, OH HAPPY DAY--I finally saved $$ for VitaMix! Yippee! I even splurged the extra $20 to get red--figure it'll be around a long time! And, thanks Kris, I linked through your site for free shipping!
Peace, Health & a Green Planet to all of you!

LolaBloom said...

Fantastic post Kris!! I am still learning so much about eating a raw diet and searching for information on the healthy way to eat is what brought me to your blog in the first place.

I'm SO excited for the upcoming posts as well!! Teach us the way Queen Kris! You rock it sista!

debbiedoesraw said...

@Leenda: What a good daughter you turned out to be! Enjoy and share what you learn with us!
@ Michelle: Girl, you are a wonderkid.. I left you a blog comment.. One Word: colonic.. get one.. it will help I promise.. when you go all raw lots of things get loosened up and need to be swept out.. and the old bod needs help! 80-20 baby, that is the secret!

This is so fun, just like the old days before the big ol playground.. where's Clint, Callie and Sandra J??
love ya all

huxley said...

oooo.....goodie, can't wait for the upcoming posts...Mind is open, pen and paper ready!
Thanks lovely,
; )

LauraB said...

Food journal, fab idea! I just pulled a notebook out to start writing it all down. I will include the exercise component too. My husband and I were just talking and he agrees, that enless I am sleepwalking into the kitchen and raiding the fridge there is no reason, except the meds, that I shouldn't be gaining weight, let alone loosing it. So, I will food journal for as long as it takes, AND I won't bitch about the least for an entire week. I have a vitamix now so it is smoothie central! Oh Crazy Sexy Beth, please enlighten and send your feelings and suggestions on the matter. My oncologist says that other women report the weight gain too. The difference his he doesn't really care and can't really understand why it is such an important issue for me. He says, eat less and exercise more. Well, I'm doing that. So, one question I have is.....considering the weight gain is from the meds is there anything I can do to help counter that? We can chat on the forum too. Folks, I don't mean to bitch, moan and whine but this is such a sensitive subject for me. Thanks for understanding and for helping.

Love the topic and look forward to more.....would love a shake your ass blog. Very interested in re-bounding.
LauraB (formally LYB)

Raw Faith said...

AMAZING post Kris!!! I love that you mentioned Natalia Rose's approach, I am going for a consult with her next weekend and cannot wait! More people need to stop focusing on becoming 100% raw and focus more on eating as much living foods as possible as well as following food combining and quick-exist rules. A little bit goes a long way! it doesn't have to be all or nothing and I think it would be less stressful for people who are transitioning into a raw lifestyle, if they didn't put so much pressure on themselves to go 100% right away.

really really great post. You are so great at expressing yourself and inspiring others.


Sharon said...

Awesome post.
I agree with it all.
I've been transitioning slowly to 80/20.
I feel great.
Not even trying to lose weight, but lost 5 lbs. the first week, just by combining food properly and cutting out sugar and dairy. I ate a ton, but never felt thick and overly full the way I used to. (been reading Natalia's book too). I just came across Johnny Boden's book today. 150 best foods. What's your take on this? A good deal of what he says lines up with you and Natalia. Just curious to know if his book is on your list of "must reads."
Do I have to twist your arm to come the reunion at Wooster with me? I'm willing to crash it by myself!

Liz said...

I wish I could eat this way. It's really hard. I've tried before and I've discovered that it's really difficult with kids (especially little ones like mine) because they can't eat many of the fresh fruits and veggies for the choking hazards. Plus, it's hard to take all that food preparation time when one or the other is needing a diaper change, owies kissed and mended, play time, etc. Anyway, any tips for doing this with kids? I love your blog, by the way. I feel like I can always come here and find such wonderful, bright, upbeat, positive messages. Thank you.

Benita said...

Thank you so much for some of he specifics contained in the this post, Kris.I think I'm at level 2 and hoping to get to three.My own personal wheatgrass juicer and seeds and starter kit came in the mail today and I can't wait to get started(it will save me some cash-those $2 2ounce shots at Whole Foods every other day really add up!) Been using my Omega juicer every day for the green juice and loving it-thanks for inspiring this good habit that I know will continue to be a blessing.

clint said...

Am here Debbie ... am recovering from a working colonic-fest and am slowly getting back to normal...

Body weak...... but.......

I will survi

debbiedoesraw said...

to Rhonda: Major high fives on your awesome test results..keeping a prayer the the last one!

Clint, can you hear me man??? Hope you pull through and rejoin us with your wit and wisdom.
Ok, where's Callie now?-i"ll try, bet she's writing up a storm

love deb

Anonymous said...

Thank You! Enough said.

debbiedoesraw said...

@ Liz
Natalia Rose raw food detox and her blog has some super advice for kids.. don't make it too complicated.. my six year old loves to help and they all eat the yummy stuff I make. But I do not force them.. take it slow and keep it very very simple.
Ani's Raw Kitchen is good too, very easy recipes.
Got to for some easy recipes too.
also rawbabyalex is a good blog for moms.
love deb

lurky me said...

Kris, great advice about sugar! Next time I have that mad sugar craving I'll ask myself "ok now what would jesus/kris/budda do?" Go brush your teeth girl!! Best thing for me is not to buy junk in the first place because if it's here in the house, it's calling my name. Damn those Easter M&Ms no matter where I hide them they are so freaken LOUD. :)

Sabrina said...

Thanks again Kris. Everytime my willpower weakens I am re-awakened to the path that I must begin taking!! I am bee-lining it to the New Leaf Market as soon as I'm done with class!! Time to juice!!


Anonymous said...

Talk about the universe running on perfect timing! I saw a clip of you a while back and your story has been on my mind ever since. I know (or my body knows, rather) that you are right. However, it's taken me a few months to look for you on the internet. The reason? I was hoping that I could learn about your lifestyle/diet, etc. Then, I find your blog and there you are...beginning a serious about the diet. AWESOME!

Thanks for sharing all that you ROCK!

LauraB said...

I have a 5 1/2 and 2 1/2 year old. I know how hard it is to food prep for yourself and food prep for others. The challenge has ALWAYS been to stop picking off their plates. It has been about 6 months or so and it has been baby steps with the kids. For example, they love soba noodles with sesame oil, avocados, and since I don't buy peanut butter they eat almond butter. They won't even let me use lotion on their little bods.....we only use coconut oil and they love it. They think it is so cool that they can lick their hands after rubbing it onto their bodies. When I can toast their bread they eat the sprouted grain bread with no issue, but they won't touch it if isn't toasted. So, little things when I can. Too bad for my husband, he can make his own food or join me. He has fully joined me and looks great and feels great. The kids love to help me make things and they LOVE to make my juice for me. I clean and cut the veggies, but they can't wait to use the pusher to get it into the juicer. Fine with me, one less thing to do. If only I could get them to clean it :-) Anyway, take it slow and introduce what you can don't fret it.

Debbie, thanks for the recipe resources. The more the merrier!

apoopslingingmonkey said...

Wow! nice clear cut simple explanation! When people ask me what I do and don't eat and why etc. they think its strange lol, and look at me weird lol, and i feel like i dont explain it well enough, so maybe next time I'll ask them their email address and tell them I'm gonna send them your blog post lol :)
you mentioned teflon- yeah thats a whole different post huh... teflon is a nightmare. hopefully someday it will be off the market... all this teflon in cooking items, now in carpet, and even in clothes, dental floss- its just ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

I love this post. I am personally in the beginning stages of all of this stuff and I feel like I am clawing my way through a jungle trying to figure this out sometimes! I am trying to figure out what works and what doesn't work for myself... I have made huge strides though and have never felt better! I think I am about 70-80% raw and properly food combining for a while now with no hiccups. I feel very satisfied and truly LOVE this way of eating. It is so simple. So natural. Its amazing to look back to a very recent past and think.."I was eating that???!" Its crazy that we have been "trained" to think certain things are normal to food, highly processed food, etc.

I have a couple questions though. One thing I am a little perturbed by is that even though I have been eating a million times weight is only a couple of pounds lighter than when I was eating absolutely horrible food! I don't get it.. I am eating very simply... I'll have about 20-25oz. of green drink late morning/early afternoon. For lunch a huge salad with half an avocado on a piece of sprouted grain toast. Dinner, another huge salad with a side of quinoa, and a small baked sweet potato (sometimes instead Ill have a veggie burger and a little quinoa...etc). I am working out too! So I dont know, maybe it will just take a while.

Another problem I ran into was canker sores! I never get those! Ever. I am not sure if it is a "detox" thing or if it is because of the lemons and limes I put in my green juice... OR if its because I use balsamic vinegar in all of my dressings (its a quick dressing with some EVOO). Its weird... I am not sure what other dressings to make either. I love tahini based dressings but I haven't made one because I am not sure if it is a neutral dressing or not...

Anyway-I am love this subject! I am glad everyone is chatting about it again. I learn so much here!

cancer cowgirl xo said...

Justme baby! Ok, how about some colon cleansing? DOH! Just a thought but since I know a few of your fav snacks, out with the old in with the new so to speak. A series might get you going, add probiotics too. Be patient. Your body is changing. Stick with it hon. To much lemon? Hmmm, possible I guess. How;s your stress level. I usually get cankers when I'm balls out. xo

bav said...

Ok, let's discuss the weight issue and the sugar cravings.

Laura: Sorry, girl, but you will need to remind me of your health issues, I must admit, I lose track of everyone's specific diagnosis. What meds are you on? How long have you been on them? How old are you? Menstruating? Thyroid function? Exercise routine? And my fave, diet? Kris was spot on, a food journal, tracking everything you eat over a few days, will give me much more insight. There are often hidden calories we can trim, if weight is a concern for you. Don't worry, girl, we'll sort it out and get you strutting your sassy stuff again in those jeans!! I just need more info....

All those sugar cravings. I practice what I call "mindful eating," which helps me to combat going to the not-so-good for me snacks.

In my opinion, much of the eating we do in this country is out of emotional needs, not nutritional needs. I know when I am super stressed, or emotional about something, I immediately want a "treat" to make myself "feel better," which usually ends up making me feel worse - guilty or even sick. As Americans, we don't tend to focus on the experience of eating. We are so disconnected with the process. We eat standing at the kitchen counter, while driving, running out the door, while watching tv - rush, rush, rush.

I think we need to reconnect with how food nourishes us. Whatever you eat, be in the moment. Focus on the sight of the food, the smell. What is its texture in your mouth? How do you feel eating the food? Go inward, listen to what your body is telling you as that food slides down into your stomach. Pause. How do you physically feel? Be really present as you eat. Why am I eating this? What is this going to do for me? What am I truly looking for this food to do for me? Is that in my best interest? How will I feel afterwards - physically, emotionally? Am I trying to nourish my body or some other void in myself?

I have found, if I do this, those pesky cravings shift from the Krispy Kreme to something healthy. It is hard to mow down a big plate of fries when you are conscious of each and every fry you bring to your mouth. If you raise your connection with the food as you eat it, you may find you aren't so connected to the stuff that isn't the best choice.

Also, find healthier alternatives for "treats." When I need something sweet, my fave is a young coconut smoothie. Meat and water of 1 young thai coconut, juice of 1/2 lime, pinch of Himalayan salt, tsp. of vanilla bean paste, packet of stevia. Blend and drink. YUM!
And sometimes, just a small organic medjool date will do you. Soft, smooth, sweet - delish!

Ok, I could go on and on... I'll stop there... for now! :)

Big hugs,

bav said...

Oh yeah!

JustME - the cankers. Since you are in the early stages of your transitioning, I highly question detox. Same thing happened to me. Watch your sugar. Keep mouth clean. Rinse after lemon water. Keep us posted!


Sandra Joseph said...

Hey, y'all! I got the dreaded blue screen on my computer so I'm now writing to you on the brand new teeny tiny adorable laptop I splurged on today. You all look fierce on my new and improved screen.
The other thing that broke during my travels is the lid that goes on the cup of my juicer, ya know, the thingy with the spout that keeps the greens from splattering all over the place...SO, I have been sans juice for several days now and I feel the difference. So sluggish am I! Zzzz...
Luckily, the fab folks at Breville are sending me a new lid FREE of charge! Loving them. Buy yourself a Breville, friends. They're awesome.
I needed this post to get me motivated once again. Thanks, Kris!
About canker sores- you might try the Rembrandt "Sensitive" toothpaste made specifically for canker sore sufferers. I get them far less frequently since I started using it.
Bav, so happy you're back in blogland.

bav said...

Thanks, Sandra, me too, me too! I am feeling better - finally, so I plan on chiming in regularly again. :) I have missed you all too!


Iffat said...

Hi Kris,

Amazing post, you're an ocean of knowledge and I keep learning from you everyday. I am almost level 2 now and already feeling the difference in my health and mood. Also, my kids are felling better becoz I give'em juice every morning and I have to say "we all loving you Kris".
Big Big hugs to Kris and you all great people and fellow learners.

debbiedoesraw said...

Ok, who broke the playground (cslife) again???
Clint,, come out here right now!
love deb

leenda said...

It"s Here!!!!!!!!

My Juicer came!!!!!!


leenda said...


I think the playground is broken.

Maybe I yelled to loud about my JUICER.sorry.


lovelife said...

what about breakfast??do you have a green drink as soon as you wake up??what solid foods are good??thanks so much!!xxo.

bav said...


The best thing to have first thing in the morning, before anything else, is your green juice. If you like something warm in the morning, warm water with fresh lemon juice is a great liver detoxifier, and alkaline to boot. You could have that before or after your green juice.

Breakfast... that depends a little, are you a canser babe??


The Veg Next Door said...

Thank you for the explanation. I'm in transition right now. I've been to a few retreats that serve raw food and when I eat this way at home I can't believe how satisfied I feel after eating. Not full or uncomfortable but satisfied.

You're right, we don't need letters next to our names to be educated and informed.

You're doing a wonderful job.

Warm wishes.

heather said...

Hi lovelies. I've been away from the blog this week and have missed it! So, missed my chance to post how super-exciting Debbie's news was and how much I loved your post. Deb, can't wait for the book!

Kris, this post was just what I needed to reengage and recalibrate.

Bav, girl, what an amazing and helpful description of mindful eating! You're 100% spot on - this week I've allowed mega-stress back into my life and my eating habits have completely shifted. It's all about what will make me feel good in the immediate moment, which is clearly about emotion. And in the end, I feel terrible. So, mindful eating is a lovely idea to connect to.

Sandra, love the folks at Breville and love, love, love my Breville too. One question - how is your blade holding up? I'm finding after daily juicing now for three months, the blade seems to be wearing a bit. Anyone else with a Breville experienced this? It still works like a charm, but...

Clint, glad to see that you're up and at 'em.

MMC, thanks for the reminder about our interconnectedness, how we're collectively responsible for the acidity in our environment and in our lives. It's encouraging to realize that every shift - even at the smallest level - will affect the balance of our personal health and our community's health and hot mama earth's health, to use Kris' faboo term for the planet. It reminds me that change doesn't have to be all out, all the way, right now, but that these transitions - all the large and small ways we're incorporating wellness practices into our lives - will tip the balance in the right direction.

So, thanks for all the good thinking and the good reminders, friends. I appreciate this little community for finding a wealth of like-minded folks with a desire to live well, in all the ways that applies to our own particular situations.

Take care everyone!

lovelife said...

hi bav.....
thanks so much..i have cml.i am on gleevec and i'm almost in remission however i am doing everything in my power to stay healthy!!
i have always had digestions issues(i can't eat wheat,dairy or sugar) and i've always found brekkie the hardest.spelt and rice cereals with rice milk even seem to bother me ..any suggestions??
i appreciate and love this amazing blog and all the amazing and inspiring peeps on it!!xxo.

debbiedoesraw said...

Girl, come to crazysexy life and join our leukemia-ites group! We have lots of CML gals!

RachelRae said...

you said more in that one, brief sentence about soy than I have been able to pull outta anyone else here or over @ the life lounge. (Besides the links that Clint gave.)

tammy glessner said...

Kris- im also trying to follow a similar path to stopping my stage 4 cancer. RAw foods/enzymes/meditation/yoga etc. We have talked to very similar people on our path. I ended up taking pancreatic enzymes with my 80/20raw diet. I get that from dR Kelley/Gonzales diets. Im very interested when i read about you taking enzymes with meals also. Could you talk more about the type of enzymes you take?

w.andringa said...

Awesome post! I am a faithful food-for-healing person too. Please visit my food blog for info on my healing diet...


debbiedoesraw said...

Hi all
This is from Nomi Shannon: GREAT raw food tips!
Raw Food Kitchen Essentials

(Adapted from Ten Raw Food Kitchen Essentials pages 7-8 from

The Raw Gourmet by Nomi Shannon (©1999 Alive Books)

These are some helpful hints to help remove the mystique of 'being raw', by just having some of the right stuff on hand, and changing your shopping habits in small ways. Let me know what other subjects you would like to see addressed in this newsletter, we do read all our emails. Send to

1. Keep two jar sprouted items in your refrigerator to add to salads or to top off soup or entrees.

2. Always have sunflower sprouts and buckwheat lettuce on hand, or mixed greens.

3. Keep a jar of almonds soaking in your refrigerator. Change the water every day and they will keep for five days.

4. Mix up a big batch of your favorite Basic Pate each weekend, adding different seasonings to vary the taste during the week.

5. Make up enough of your favorite salad dressings to last you one week. Keep the ingredients for your favorite quick dressings on hand.

6. Keep sauerkraut in your refrigerator, it will last for many weeks.

7. Shop on your way home from work and base your meal on what is fresh that day, or go to the farmer's market or grocery twice a week.

8. Bags of pre-washed organic baby lettuces contain a variety of greens. For one or two people, these bags or boxes are convenient and waste-free.

9. Keep a bag of frozen ginger root in a plastic bag in your freezer. You can flavor foods and make tea by grating in a little frozen ginger. Never let frozen
ginger thaw.

10. Keep nuts, seeds, carob powder and grains in the freezer. Be particularly careful to freeze shelled nuts and seeds, as the oil in them can quickly turn rancid. Nuts and seeds still in the shell will keep for 1-2 years in a cool pantry.

11. Keep a dozen bananas in the freezer. Choose ripe, peeled fruit and freeze in plastic bags. They make wonderful "ice cream", smoothies and other frozen treats. Other fruits such as berries, mango, and pineapple can be purchased fresh or frozen and kept in the freezer for smoothies and desserts.

12. Try to pre-wash all produce before putting it away. You'll save time and energy by doing it all at once. Be sure your greens are dry before refrigerating.

These helpful hints are from the book The Raw Gourmet written by Nomi Shannon. Available at

Bueller said...

This is one of your best posts. I've sent it to all my friends. Thank you for taking the time to try and summarize what I know is an amazing amount of knowledge and study. It is and extremely helpful starting point.

I can't wait for your new book!! You may think there are too many on the market but people follow you for a reason and there needs to be one from you.

All the best,

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amy said...

very helpful post for a newbie like me. amy

Caroline Denaro said...

Kris you rock!
Wow, this link is what i needed thank you, again for all your hard work!!!