Friday, March 21, 2008

Juicing vs. Blending & a request

Helloooo CSL diet lovers!

Hands down the best way to increase our alkalinity and detox our purdy bodies is to consume a diet full of sunlight aka liquid chlorophyll. But, to juice or not to juice, to blend or not to blend, that is the question! Which one is best? What’s a girl to do? Panic! Freeze! Give up! Sleep! NOPE. Charge forward chica and stop worrying so much!

Chlorophyll contains a powerful blood builder that’s said to increase red blood cells, improve circulation, ease inflammation, oxygenate the body, and counteract harmful free radicals. By eating (and drinking) a diet high in chlorophyll (raw fruits and veggies, especially leafy greens), we dine on liquid oxygen, the very substance we need to stay alive and thrive.

We stack the odds in our favor BIG time when we consume a diet high in chlorophyll, vitamins, enzymes and oxygen. Ok Kris, get to it, which way is best - juicing or blending? Here’s my bottom line: I do both but I juice WAY more than I blend. Why? Well, by removing the fiber through the process of squeezing the pulp, we instantly lighten the load on our digestion. Nutrients pass directly into the bloodstream, and within minutes our bodies receive optimum fuel to feed our cells and help restore our immune systems. This doesn’t mean we don’t eat sprouted and certain cooked grains, salads, and other intestinal brooms—we do. If you’re following the CSL diet you are definitely getting enough fiber. Yet, we give our taxed bodies a much-needed rest by solely consuming liquid. When our bodies spend less energy on digestion they will spend more on repair. Think about this too, a glass of juice has more nutritious veggies than a smoothie does. How many cukes do you put in a juice? Bunches of kale? Sweet pea sprouts? We could never eat all that in a smoothie. Smoothies fill us up a lot faster.

If you’ve been juicing then you know the power and super energy this miracle liquid splashes into your life. Green drinks and smoothies balance blood sugars, supply plant protein, and purge tons toxins from their hiding places. If possible, consume a upward of thirty-six ounces of green juice/smoothie per day. Note: Prepackaged store-bought juices don’t count; they are not raw, unless they are made fresh in front of you.

A few folks on the forum mentioned that juicing makes them ill, blending is easier on their tummies. SO BLEND! Baby steps. It’s important to go slow and experiment. Start with gentle veggies like cukes, celery, sweet pea sprouts and build from there. No need to add a zillion things into the juice, if you’re new to all this that’s a sure fire way to experience gastric ouchies. Add one at a time. I tell people to start by juicing only cucumber and build from there. Parsley, dandelion, kale – these are very strong medicinal greens. Go slow. NOW go juice (or blend). ☺

OK, now on to my request (BETH is making me do this by the way). Some of you may have read my article in Natural Health Magazine on the stands this month. If you liked it and you’d like to see more health articles written by moi. Toss a note to the mag. There’s a small chance that I might be doing a column for them but since I’m still pretty unknown they want to see what readers think post my debut. OIY! We’re all so busy, so if you don’t have time no worries. The universe always provides when the fit is "write".

Those who are inclined can write to: and put my name in the subject heading. THANK YOU!

Peace and sunlight,



Kim said...

Once again,you are just the best Kris. Thank you for educating us beyond our dreams. You bet I am writing the mag - are you kidding?? It would do the world good to read a regular column from you. YOu may not be....what did you say?...."well known", but watch out sista! I am on it!!

Lots of love....happy easter!

cancer cowgirl xo said...

Kim: Thank you honey. I'm blushing.... I really appreciate it doll. oxoxo

Benny said...

Thanks! Started juicing yesterday and let me tell u I LOVED it!! You are such a inspiration and the world needs to read more columns by of course i cant wait to write the mag.


Laura said...

Hello Kris,
thank you so much for all that you are doing. You are making a big difference in my life and many many others with all this information and I can not thank you enough.
Keep on keep'en on girl. My love and prayers to you. Laura (yogramma)
I will also write the mag.

Karen said...

Thanks Kris, its always good to get the low down on the CSL way. I'm glad, also you mentioned something about the juice making some people feel not-so-great. I thought it was just me. My stomach churned big time after the first gulp and I was all confused. I'm so bad at the baby steps, I have to take it slow! I really like cukes, so I will try out that only cucumber juice this weekend! Thanks!

Rhonda Radliff said...
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Rhonda Radliff said...

Here's what I sent a few minutes ago:

Dear Editors,
My mother gets your magazine faithfully. She was kind enough to share her copy with me when she saw the article by Kris Carr. My mother knows that I am a cancer patient, raw vegan and a Crazy Sexy daughter.

If Kris decides to take on yet another project and write for your magazine, I may have to subscribe and buy some gift subscriptions for my friends. That way I know they would be getting a 'regular dose' of the good stuff related to raw food, healing juice, and GREEN health vibes.

Share love my friends, give Kris some space to play. I know she brings lots of us with her when she plays and learns about Mother Nature's healing power.

Rhonda Radliff

Laura said...

Right on Ronda great letter.Can I sign my name to that letter?

Laura said...

woops, Im sorry about the spelling Rhonda

Sandra Joseph said...

Oooo Rhonda! I wanna sign my name too! Great letter. Kris, get ready for the phone to ring. And "go Bav!" for encouraging you to ask us to write to the mag. You must not hesitate to ask the fam for little things like this. You give so much to us; it's a privilege to be able to do any tiny thing in return to help you.
Heather, I haven't noticed anything about my Breville blade. Been juicing since October and it seems to be doing fine. I usually do cuke, lemon, apple, parsley, and kale. Are you doing denser veggies? Hmm...

Tragicomedy said...

I will be sending in a letter! As a side note, every time I see a picture of a pretty juicer I want to throw my overheating, anti-spinach, Jack L. juicer out the window and then smoosh it! One day I will enjoy juicing and it will be the day I replace that hunkajunk.

cancer cowgirl xo said...

WHOA! Holy wriggling in my chair! Thank you friends....Point taken lovely Sandra. You rock. Rhonda, what can I say, you've got big guns! Thanks honey. Can't wait to catch up with you and welcome your daughter appropriately. Karen: Yes love. Just do cukes, sooo fine and good and alkalizing. Tummy aches ain't worth it. xoxxoxo

DSoliman said...

Thank you Kris for this timely post, and for spreading the word in the mainstream!

Could you please answer a question I have been struggling with. I am in chemo treatment for advanced rectal cancer. Chemo drugs for colon cancer are very hard on the digestive tract, and many times result in uncontrollable diarrhea. Also, many colon cancer survivors have colostomies as a result of their treatment, and can't have raw foods or whole grains. One weekend I tried an 80/20 raw food diet, and had diarrhea for 12 days (And I had been off treatment for 2 weeks). Also, I have a cold constitution and need warming foods. I do eat a whole food, vegan, unprocessed diet, but still have to be careful with raw because of erratic bowel function. And also, do you have a good way to take Spirulina?

Thanks for all your help!

patricia said...

you can count on my vote to write in to Natural Health. I have a subscription and would love to see a column written by you each month. I look up to you, I am inspired by you and I admire you so much. I take all the advice you give and try to adapt it and include it into my family's new lifestyle. Greater health is our goal and I am so happy you came into our lives. I know I was watching TV for a reason the first time your documentary came on & since then I have been on a mission. I can honestly say I feel so much better since you've came along and I have so much more energy . Thanks! Peace, Love, Veggie and a whole bunch of wheatgrass.

cancer cowgirl xo said...

Dsoliman: Since I'm not a doctor I can't really advise you but I will ask Beth to add her 2 cents. The main thing that came to mind was for you not to tax your system and cause gastric discomfort. Can you steam or lightly saute?? More soon...

Thank you Patricia! Smooch.

Anne said...

Kris, I will write a letter to the editor at Natural Health, requesting you as a regular columnist and lending my own opinion as a longtime magazine editor: You have a delightful writing style, very reader-friendly and fun, while at the same time very informative. To find a writer who can dispense good information in a fun voice, who's not afraid of a little attitude . . . well, any editor is clamoring for that! Meanwhile, as you wait for a "regular gig," accept any and all one-time assignments they might send your way and if you keep churning out good copy and meeting your deadlines, you'll be in as a regular in no time!

Thanks for the juicing/blending post. I'm actually enjoying a mid-morning Buddha bowl this morning with the dreaded quinoa. I'm loving it!

heather said...

Hey all,

Kris, great post. I'll refer people here when I get the inevitable vehement response to my juicing of, "It's no good to your body without the fiber!"

Sandra, nope I'm juicing pretty much the same stuff as you, so it might be my imagination that the blade is getting more dull. I'm cutting up dense veggies and fruits into smaller pieces just to give it a little break.

Happy to send an email to the folks at Natural Health. Keeping fingers crossed for the debut of your regular column.

Off for a weekend trip out of the city though it's the first day of spring here and snowing like mad. So much for a weekend out walking in the green hills of the country. I'll just take my snow boots!

Have a good one, loves.


Becky said...

Speaking of the bennies (?) of juicing, I just went on a short vacation with my family. Couldn't bring juicer (or I guess decided not to bring it, just eats lots of salad)..well, on our first day (we were skiing very hard), I came back to the condo and STUFFED my face with a HUGE turkey sandwich on a bagel with mayo and cheese......can you guess what happened? I felt sick and weak and shakey the whole rest of the day and night. I realize that my body has just become to attune to the healthier juicing and greening that the meat, oil and bread and cheese just did a balistic kaboom on my system. THe next day, I felt totally normal (phew) and THAT day at lunch I had a nice bowl of organic lentil and veggie soup and a big glass of water...guess what? I felt great. Skied my sexy canser ass all over the mountain and felt ready to hot tub all night....hmmmmmmm.. I just returned home and immediately made a huge green juice. Wow, does my body ever need it. Kris, if it hadn't been for you, I just don't know how I would have figured out how to help my body overcome this disease. I am approaching my first year canserversary and since that stupid statistical range they gave me (I don't believe in it but heard it anyway) for survival had the low end at about that time, I am grateful, humbled, happy and healthy all at the same time. So, anyway, thanks. I am emailing that mag now. I love all of the stories and food tips and the new town and feel luck to be a part of it.

Wheeler's Frozen Dessert said...

Thanks for the tips! I love smoothies and juicing, but I never knew the health benefits of chlorophyll. And I NEVER thought about mixing in things like dandelion or parsley! Great ideas!

skyecat said...

hi Kris,

I've just written the magazine...I am certain that their subscriber numbers will escalate!

Can you recommend a juicer (to buy) that won't break the bank?

Also--do you recommend flax seeds (over foods and salads)?

Thank you.

debbiedoesraw said...

Hi Kris
Here is my letter to the mag.. I loved the article.. my bff gets the mag and she was so impressed to read about the person I am ALWAY talking about.. ok that sounded stalkerish.. but I'm not.. a stalker.. oh boy..

Here goes:
Hi Just wanted to tell you how much I love Kris Carr's article. She makes it all so easy to understand and I think she is such an inspiration. I follow all the ideas she talked about but she has a way of making me even more excited about her ideas and advice.

Will you be having her write more articles for you? If so, I want a subscription!
Debbie Young

RachelRae said...

thanks so much for the clarification on these differences! I appreciate your insights.

Justme117 said...

Damn I love this place... fountain of information all the time! I only juice. I LOVE my morning juice. I find that it centers me. It brings me back to "one". I could wake up frazzled thinking about the days events, craving some kind of munchies for breakfast, but then I juice and--wow. I can literally feel my body waking up! My mind instantly becomes clear and focused and I am ready and raring to go!! It fills me up for a while too!

I would probably blend too- I just don't really know what to blend. One thing my husband and I have once in a while is a great fruit smoothie. Its actually mostly veggies but its great. We put in A TON of mixed greens (or whatever kind of greens we have), some broccoli and then toss in a few blueberries, raspberries, and/or strawberries. Its great! Its nice for once in a while-a good sweet treat for when you need it. I think it would be a great drink for kids too! It sneaks in some of those greens for them.

Bav and Kris! Thanks for your help and direction yesterday! Bav- I think you may be right about the cankers being related to detoxing... And Kris thanks for mentioning colon cleansing-your definitely right I bet. I have made a screeching U turn with my diet and I'm sure I need to get "out with the old". I sent you a couple of follow up questions because I am a clueless and nervous when it comes to all things 'colon'. And I will be writing the mag for sure!!

Justme117 said...

Oooo- the other thing I just thought of is how MUCH we should try to drink. I generally drink 20-25 oz. a day (depending on the size of the cucumber). I wouldn't mind drinking more than that everyday-its just the amount of produce it takes to make that much! My husband is already getting lightheaded because of the cash we have been spending on greens. The organic cucumbers are killer-they are 2.99 a pound and each one is a pound or more... so yikes. I love my green drinks though. I find myself craving them. I have to restrain myself sometimes from making another one later in the day because I need to ration my juicing greens for the week! I think I need a bigger fridge too...Its chock full of greens...

I had no idea that kale and dandelion greens are strong medicinal greens! Bonus! Those are two of my faves!!

dlee1214 said...

this is probably really weird of me... but I got my headshots done by you about 2 or so years ago, and I have a question. I had no idea how to contact you so I'm hoping this is an Okay way to do it. Please email me if you could.... Thanks!
Deidre Lee

LauraB said...

Hey Kris,
Definitely writing the magazine, thanks BAV for pushing her to request this of us. (Also love the magazine and seeing you in it.) LOVE juicing, in fact I am off to the kitchen to make one right now. Had a tough day and really look forward to a big tall green juice with organic lemon juiced in....cucumber, kale, spinach, celery and it! So good...who would have thought this would be so appealing in place of a glass of wine. Okay, wine still takes good but tonight the green juice is calling my name. Wow, I'm fun, with sarcasim....Friday night and curled up with green juice, and my hubby of course.

green love to you all!

Michelle J said...

Hello my friend, you bet i am going to write to the mag...sorry it took so long for me to get my butt in gear but here is my letter:


I would like to add my consenses here and tell you that i am so very happy to read this amazing article by Kris Carr. This woman is amazing in so many ways! She is always willing to help out and give meaningful and insightful advice to the throngs of people who are living the Crazy Sexy Life! I, for one live this life and have gotten many people to "convert". Kris is just a lovely human being!

I would love to see many more articles written by Kris in your wonderful magazine! Give her the chance to make a difference and educate, she won't disappoint and you will have my subscription!

Michelle Jacobs

hope this helps! also, kale for me is a big no no, very hard on my tummy and i thought i had a cast iron stomach, nope not with kale! You live and learn right? Also, i ate the kale raw as in raw kale salad...good at first, then oops not so good!!! :O) Thanks Kris, always great info here!!!

cancer cowgirl xo said...

Thanks so much loves! WOW, the magazine is gonna wonder what hit them.

Skyecat: I recommend the Breville - although I must say I'm not thrilled with the yield. Is it just me? The other juicer I have 0 the green star - is terrific but very expensive. Go to the good stuff section on the site, I link to Breville. They also sell at Bed Beth - cheaper I think. Flax seeds - YES! Grid them in a coffee grinder first, too hard to digest otherwise.

Justme - Hon, you can cut back on the organic veggies if price is an issue. I rarely buy organic cukes. Just peel them. Also check out the food news link on the forum (under other people we love), you'll find a list of the best and worst sprayed veggies.

Definitely follow their recommendations and buy organic with the worst sprayed list. But if you need to cut back this is a good way to do it. THere are many veggies you can get away with conventionally. If money was no option I'd sing a different tune. I buy local as much as possible and am looking into a CSA. We'd be broke if we only ate organic cause I'm a big ole bunny. xoxox

Joanna said...

I read something in regards to liquid zeolite, have you heard of this? If you have what are your thoughts?


etklisa said...

Hi Kris,
I just wrote to the mag and told them the only way I'd read their magazine if you wrote all the articles. Ha, ha. As far as I'm concerned you saved my life, so whatever I can do for you, just let me know.


cancer cowgirl xo said...

Joanna: Natural Cellular Defense (zeolite) is endorsed by both HHI and Tree of Life. I have used it in the past and really want to get back on it. Read what Gabriel Cousens writes about it. My 2 cents from my personal experience, great stuff. xo

Lisa! You are so funny, they're gonna think your the CSL mob heavy. If I don't write for them they'll be horse heads in their beds! LOL! Love ya girrl. xo

Binner said...

Hey Kris!
Great Blog--AGAIN! I just really started to understand the differences this past month with the juicing vs. blending stuff. I now do both, but more juicing. Luckily I can "take" just about any combination of veggies I am doing now, Ha, guess I"m a bit dense!
I wrote the Mag too, and as everyone has been saying, don't ever hesitate asking for help! It is great to be able to help you out, even a fraction of all you have done/do for us!
You're a ROCK STAR girl!

Ed said...

Great subject! I've done both over the past 40 years and found it really depends on what produce you're using. Now I use "The Feast" by Uri International. It's much more comprehensive, convienient and much more affordable!
Grace and Peace,

Justme117 said...

Okay! Good to know! Thanks Kris-so much. I was unsure about the cucumbers because I felt bad peeling off all of that delicious green! But I am going to peel away now! They are way cheaper when they aren't organic. Now I can eat my greens...and save some green too! ;)

Justme117 said...

Oh- and I agree about the yield of the Breville. I love mine (I don't know what I would do without it). Its such a snap to clean up- which is nice for busy mornings. But I always notice how wet the pulp is. I wish I could squeeze all that juice outa there!!

Justme117 said...

Um... I promise I will stop commenting considering this is my 30th one...

I was just curious how you guys clean your veggies. I was looking at the list of the best and worst sprayed fruits and veggies and I realized if I'm getting some that are a bit up there on the list I should probably wash them pretty darn good. I am the worst at washing my produce. I get sort of lazy about it... so I just quickly rinse under water. I know some people wash it in food grade hydrogen peroxide... Just curious about what you guys do....

Kristen's Raw said...

Great great post!

I also do both green juices and smoothies...pretty much daily.

Have a beautiful day :)

Kristen's Raw

debbiedoesraw said...

Hey dudes and dudettes
I read that blending puts a lot of AIR in the food, also green smoothies kind of confuse me re: food combining.. I think I am getting ahead of the class there.
I can't do air, kids, lets just say, I got plenty o mine own...whew!
It's the Dog!
Happy Jesus Bunny day to yall!
love deb
CLL survivor Liver of Life
Mayor CS ville

Lauren said...

I really don't think you're busy enough Kris, so I happily emailed the magazine on your behalf :)
I wrote it like I had never heard of you before and was just amazed at how insightful and real you are. Also, how you would really motivate me to take my health seriously. Hope that was appropriate to the article because I haven't read it YET :( I promise I am going to go on a hunting expedition to find that magazine!

NanaBanana said...

Thanks so much for more clarity on Juicing vs. blending. Very timely for this puppy and her hubby.

As sent to Natural Health Mag per your request...

I for one would love to read a regular column from Kris Carr in your magazine. She not only has "been there and done that", but is well informed on all issues she writes about, professional, yet gives the reader a connection to possibility and hope through her down to earth approach to life.

Keep more of her stuff coming!

Off to the first Easter Egg Hunt for my 13 month old Grandson Seamus this morning. These are the moment to live for... life affirming times with those we love!

See you around the campfires.
Towanda Strong

Kim said...


I picked up the mag yesterday - wow! You look radiant...just beautiful. The article was fantastic - well done my friend. I have a sneeking suspicion you are going to be a regular contributor!


Dr.Sue said...

Hey Kris,
I'll be adding to the long list of supporters for the Natural Health column. That magazine is a great way for so many more to see your wonderful, funny, intelligent, informative writing style.
I'm a juicer & a blender. For me, blending sustains me longer. Sometimes I just do veggies, but I like to blend alot of kale in with
banana (I know it's too high- content sugar for some) which is great before a 2-1/2 hour hike up & down Camelback Mountain. Everyone has to figure out what is right for them & their personal health & you always remind people of that fact, which is so important.
Happy Easter,

sue said...

I started out juicing carrots and apples..yummy! Tastes like orange sherbert to me! I have a Olympic Juicer--works great--have been using it for 5 years now. Sue

Christin ><> said... i got my hands on a Breville juicer [the same one in the picture above your post, Kris] and i tried to juice some green veggies. THAT THING WAS POSESSED!!!!! The pulp was WAY WATERY and it flung juice all over my kitchen. I swear to you, there is KALE JUICE ON MY CEILING!!!!!

That thing is going in the trash. Maybe I'll try do i do that?

LauraB said...

Hey gang,I started this discussion on the CSL forum, but I thought I would put it out here.

Juicing is a big topic around here and a daily ritual in my house so I am interested in what people do with the pulp. Some people say they use it to make soups or veggie cakes, but I haven't figured out to do either. Does anyone blend them? How do you use them? The only thing I know is that is starts to smell if it sits around long enough. I hate to throw it out, it has such valuable nutrients. Lets talk.

debbiedoesraw said...

Hi Juicy gals and guys!
I found this on using juice pulp.. also try tons of raw love there!
PS I use about one cup to use as a base for green smoothies.. works fab!

LauraB said...

Hey Deb, fab information. I will start using the pulp in my smoothies. I am now really into smoothies since I got my vitamix! I'll let you know how it goes.
Thanks ya

debbiedoesraw said...

Ok, try this link:
29 pulp using recipes!
Dee once called me a "comment whore", guess she was right!
Miss Dee SO very much..keep praying that she will return soon,.
deb xoxoxoxo

Iffat said...


I would love to keep reading articles and books written by you and don't you ever get shy from asking us to do ANYTHING for you coz ya know I am gonna do it in heart beat. well, my computer is showing me attitude thats why I have been MIA but I am glad I got to my favorite blog and got the message.
well, so here goes the message I just sent to Natural Health Mag.

"I wish to see more and more articles of Kris Carr as she is a real life hero who lived and learned. She is an unbelievable example of courage, strength and positivity.
She is my role model and I wish to read everything written from her. She has this real sense of humor mixed with the beautiful message as writes that steals your attention.
By the way, I am not a cancer patient but want to be a learned and healthy human and there is no one on earth better than Kris Carr to learn from.
Please let her Rock your magazine as she rocks our world and if you do you got my subscription."

I also wrote to another Magazine that I am already subscribed to Natural Solutions Magazine this same message with some introduction about you Kris (which I don't think you need) but here it is

" I wanted to let you know about this great author Kris Carr. Her first book is Crazy sexy cancer Tips and she made a documentary about her real life "Crazy Sexy Cancer".
It was played on TLC and Discovery. She was Diagonsed with stage 4 Cancer in Feb 2003 and since then she kept on learning about health and attitude.
I am a big big fan of her. Please check her website at and read about her. I am a big fan of your magazine and want you to give her a chance in your amazing magazine to make a BIG difference (as I am sure she will)."

along with the same message that I sent to another magazine.
I hope you hear from them soon too.

Love you Kris and everybody else here.
hugs and Blessings

skyecat said...

Thank you Kris...

Happy Easter to are all rock stars!

Joy said...

Hi Wonderfuls,
I just wanted to comment on Patricia's question if I may. As well as a canser survuvour, I am also a Crohns Disease survivour and I have had 3 bowel surgeries, I am missing 23 ft of small intestines!! Yikes:). I am also a cool constitution as well, so here's what I do. I really try to food combine properly, I am vegan, and I do about 70% raw, just liteon the fruits, and romaine lettuce salads. and I do juice in the am. I juice, 1 cucumber, 1 apple, 1 lemon, 1/4 beet and some chard, spinach or kale and boy is it awesome. I eat my salad 1st in a meal and then my cooked whole grain or sweet ptato or tofu or steamed greens with lots of lemon and oil. this cuts down on gas and bloating and the runs!! Good luck Patricia:)



Rachel said...

Great blog Kris, thanks! I just sent my email to the magazine, (fingers crossed for ya! ;) Also, I just wanted to let you, (and all of the other cs bloggers), know about something I read in the latest "Body + Soul" magazine. There is a small write up entitled "Milk Thistle Magic" on page 34. It states that "...lab tests from the University of California, Irvine, have shown that silibinin-a major milk thistle compound-can fight liver cancer, partly by slowing the growth of cancer cells." I thought of you when I read it, and wanted to pass it along...

With love + healthy thoughts,


just t said...

thank you Kris for this great post ! this is just what I need right now !! peace- tina

just t said...

ooppps... i forgot....Happy Easter everyone !peace-tina

debbiedoesraw said...

Hey Cowgirl Kris,
How about a new pic for your blog and Id photo? The ones from natural health were fab!
Not that I don't like your current one.. just thought it would be fun to see the current vibrant beautiful you!
Happy Bunnies and wheatgrass!

Jennifer said...

i don't mean to be a negative nancy...but i just can't stand the smell or taste of green juice! i finally got a jack lalanne, ripped it open, bought a ton of fresh veggies and couldn't stomach anything other than apples and carrots. not to be dramatic but i would literally gag and start to throw up. are there any tips on not making it taste natalia rose said try adding a i added 2 and it didn't really help.

or maybe i'm just being a big junk-food craving can tell me. :-/
help, please?

Lauren said...

Wow Jennifer, you've had quite a reaction to green juice. I think I've heard of other people having that problem. I really liked it from the start. It's interesting.
Anyways, have you tried just cucumbers, apple, and lemon? Try that with one apple, but if that doesn't work then just keep adding apples. Hopefully you'll be able to decrease the apples and increase the veggies once you get used to it.

Liz said...

Yay Kris! I loved the article in Natural Health this month. My diet has changed so drastically over the past year after I read Natalia Rose's Detox Diet (and her second book, haven't read the third yet and I definately want to do her teacher training too - how was it?). So much so that I started a website about living heathly and "green" with a friend of mine (check it out at I know what you mean about the juicing when you mention the burst of energy and "vibration" as Natalia would say and conversly I feel so heavy and full after blended smoothies. You are doing great things, keep it up!!

Bueller said...

Thanks Kris for all the wonderful information here. I was wondering the same questions about juicing vs. smoothies. This is great info! I just bought my Breveille Compact and I'm juicing away!

I sent an email too!

Deb said...

Hi guys

I am from Australia and have only just had the priviledge of stumbling across Kris. I will only trouble you with a few quick questions. They relate to products that aren't as readily available in Australia as they are in the States. Firstly, I bouht Wheat Grass powder. It says it is 100% pure and certified organic, ut will this be OK? I know some products aren't great in powder and lost their oomph when peeled/dried etc (like they say fruit only has all its goodies for about 30 mins after peeling). Also, I bought Stevia in liquid form and it includes chromium (which I believe to be good) and potassium sorbate, which the health food store assured me is a mineral but I'm a bit concerned it's a chemical or additive or not great. Any help woudl be appreciated.

Denise said...

Your book is my BIBLE, and now I've found your great website. This is awesome. I was diagnosed with triple-negative breast cancer in late 2006, did the whole surgery/chemo/rad therapy thing and so far, so good. But never could get good nutritional information, just told to keep doing what I was doing - but what I was doing wasn't working! I was overweight, sluggish, fatigued, foggy-brained, and just chalked it up to age (I'm 53), chemo and bad genes. Found your book at Border's a few weeks ago and loved the title, so I picked it up. You answered SO many of my questions, with common sense, not medical double-talk. I never knew about the links between sugar, obesity, acidic vs. akaline, and cancer. What an eye-opener. I have since made the transition to raw foods (for the most part), eliminated wheat gluten, red meat, pork and other clogs, started REALLY reading labels, added wheat grass, B12 and other supplements, started dry brushing my skin, and got off my butt to the gym. The results: I've lost 11 pounds and multiple inches in two weeks, AND have increased energy and my skin and hair look incredible. Have not felt this good in years. Will start juicing this week. Can't wait to see my oncologist in May so he can see the results. Will definitely write the magazine and "vote" for you! Thank you so much. I really believe you have saved my life.