Sunday, March 2, 2008

My Crazy Sexy Life forum is LIVE - day 2!

Hi SUPER Snazzies!

Happy day, happy cartwheel filled day! Wow, I just don't know what to say. The forum is growing and blossoming with lightening quickness. It is just BEAUTIFUL. It is full of the red hot Divine. I'm kinda speechless and teary. Our (YOUR) oasis is a wellness hub for spiritual seekers, planet lovers, health warriors and kind, good folk. This community is for everyone, for your family, friends, co-workers. It's not just a place for canSer cowgirls and chaps, it's much, much bigger.

If you haven't joined us already please do so, and PLEASE spread the word. Meet-up posses are already developing, this is our chance to take back our power and live life like we really mean it, with FIRE. Can you tell I'm uber inspired? Can you tell I haven't slept? It's like christmas!

See for yourself and please let me know what you think. We made this for you, so TAKE OVER!

Happy birthday too.

Peace and pride,

Here's the link:

PS. I'm still completely dedicated to this blog, some of you asked if it will "go away" now. HECK NO! NO way! It will grow stronger... xoxo


patricia said...

Awesome forum Kris and everyone who is contributing to it. I love it and I've only had a few seconds to pop on and look at it last night. I tried again this morning but looked up and my husband and son were patiently awaiting breakfast so I had to close down the laptop..i hope to jump back on during the little guys naptime and explore more. this blog has truly helped me become more focused on getting healthier mentally and physically and how to achieve my goals. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. You are heaven sent.

cancer cowgirl xo said...

Thx Patricia! Oh, for sure, family first! I'm afraid I'll be neglecting mine if I don't peel back. It's just too cool. See you in the sandbox. xoxo

PS. I am heaven sent and I met YOU there. :)

Martha said...

Hey Kris!!!

Your town has totally taken over!!! It's growing like kudzo! It is absolutely amazing how quickly a town sprung up in the virtual prairie, and how almost every service you can think of that a real town might need is absolutely being taken care in this great community you established!

And we don't even need a sheriff!

joyoflife said...

Is it possible to be addicted to CSC blog and now forum??? Since my last cancer bout I haven't returned to work and so enjoy my much deserved freedom. I seem to be on this thing lurking about all the time. It's wild and it's a blast. I wrote before re how beautiful everyone is and it just keeps growing and growing. Great job Kris. You are so totally awesome and I thank you for helping me get past my pissyness (is that a word) and I can't explain it but there are so many thoughts and feelings after cancer that well, just thanks.

Elizabeth M. said...

Love the forum Kris! Wow! I'm a little in the technological dust and catching up fast! (I really want to get a picture up and not sure know, the tech granny stuff again!) So glad the blog will not go away. You have done such a wonderful job for all of us. Thanks so much from the bottom of my heart. This group has been a friend to me and I love you more and more. see you soon on the forum and always on the blog.
much green love

leenda said...

Hi Kris
Deep Bows to you & Brian and all of you pixies for making the best lil playground in the world.
So many people with tons of info right at my fingertips,gotta love that.
I hope to contribute insome small way.I know repayment is not needed but I hope my loyalty and gratitude will help with the debt!
I love coming back here when I need a lil quiet time,ya know what I mean?
Gotta go walk..prying hands of the keyboard.

LYB said...

Just thought I would stop on over to the blog to see what is happening here. The forum is so fun, but don't want to neglect the original blog.

Justme117 said...

Kris! Ho-ly cow the forum is amazing. I know I keep saying that but its because I cant stop thinking it!! I went on there just a few minutes ago and I feel like its totally blown up!! There were so many good topics and discussions...I don't even know how I am going to be able to keep up! Its great! I think you are going to win your bet with Clint for sure! (sorry Clint :) ) And let me know if you are ever in Chicago! Ill take you out on the town in a heartbeat (no bets needed). Then we can play rock band or something. I love all things nintendo and rock band is a new obsession. I call my husband at work regularly to remind him that we are having 'band practice' after dinner...

debbiedoesraw said...

Ok Kris, my husband and daughter might be writing you soon...they are getting mad that I am always.. well.. here!
love ya gal, job well done is an understatment..
love deb

skyecat said...

Hi Kris and Brian and Posse!

The forum is wonderful! What a community--it's great to get to meet everyone and be on real time and chat.

Thanks again.

clint said...

Hey justme:

I really hate to collect on Kris... but, a man's gotta do, what a man's gotta do...

I'm going to even throw in a 'Buick and a Trip to Florida'to make things interesting.

I AM in a quandary though... I just cannot figure out where to go for dinner...
It's either a toss-up between the The Driskill Restaurant or the Fonda San Miguel Restaurant . . . I mean I..... uhhhh... am JUST at a loss....

Maybe ya'all can help me,

Hungry Huggy

Kizzy said...

I LOVE the forum...cant log off!

cancer cowgirl xo said...

Clint, what am I going to do with u? Please tell me.

Or should I say, Dr. Clint! xoxo

All: smooch

Deb: I know as much as I want everyone to go we need to set times and make rules. I'm a mess! xo
A HAPPY mess. :)

patricia said...

Oh Kris, I love the p.s. comment to me earlier. you're so sweet & making me smile as i read what you post not only to me but to all.

Ok SO I have a few minutes while my sweet husband is tending to our son.
Kris I have a question for you and am not sure if you have the answers already posted on the forum or not but just curious what books (besides yours) would you say are the top oh i don't know the top three to start off with when going green,detoxing,juicing,eating raw. There are so many out there I am overwhelmed with info...I'll have to check more on the forum & blog when the boys go to bed....I usually end up sitting online for hours reading what others post, taking notes on tips before i hit the more later. Thanks and love.

clint said...


Well, since your offering, I guess start with a footrub when I collect on our bet !


Lauren said...

I loooove the forum! I can't get enough! It's so amazing, so it's hard to tear myself away.
You all did such an amazing job!

Iffat said...

WOW Kris,

This is great news. I was away this saturday taking a Homeopathy class and look a missed the GRAND Opening of OUR GRAND FORUM.

I still didn't get much time to walk around our beautiful and playful playground yet and even now, my family is downstairs waiting for me to put dinner on the table for them.
well, I gotta go guys.

Many Many Hugs and blessings to all of you and especailly to Our Hero Kris and all who made it possible for us.

Whole_Body_Healer said...

Kris & crew, great job on the forum! I FINALLY made it thru my 170 sumptin notifications from the forum after stepping away for a few hours. Whoa Babies! And I haven't even started a discussion yet! I will have to find a way to balance my attention to the rest of my life! Kris, I hope you get some must be in 7th Heaven....and well deserved!

Basic Me said...

Well I was missing my little blog spot with all the techno crack I have been enjoying it is better than chocolate cake to a fat kid... that forum.. but it is nice to visit home. I am so glad the forum will not go away. I am so sentimental.. it is home..

Kris honey we are never gonna get any work done with that little addiction building. I am loving it! Hope you are feeling so proud little momma you really built a wonder.

Kris you and Clint know I would never get into this bet.. haha.. but Kris did you not once mention that you had some info and photos on our dear dr. clint?? Blackmail could be in order.. he is threatening the foot rubs ... you could out his 29 year old self on the sight.. or maybe split some champagne and toast a good year. I would give anything to be able to go to Austin.. I looked up retreats and almost cried it was next month. But that is ok.. there is one that will happen. I need some r7r when you are timing yourself through relazing you know you need a break.

Speaking of a break we are going to have to send the trucks in for sandra joseph she has not yet logged into the playground she and strongerthanit.. we are missing you guys..

sandra is working on that book. We know the feeling deb and I are setting up video conferencing and got our subjects set... so here we go. I tell you our Debbie is one wonderful woman she deserves every good thing.

Ok guys.. I will be checking out this battle. love you both.. I will take a nickel on both of you because I love you and then root for the site to grow and clint to get a good meal out of it. Kris dont let that cowboy take you out for ribs.. you may never come back to vegan.. i miss abilene and the steaks and ribs.. holey moley.. well i am sticking but I can dream. Hug you two. Callie

granola said...

Hey Kris,
I go away for the weekend--come back & BAM--AWESOME FORUM up and running!!! Love it!!! Thank you for all your hard work and effort.
Peace out from your granola gal!

Dee said...

I am so glad you won't stop blogging, because this here blog is just amazing.

The forum is amazing as well. That word is tossed around a lot, amazing, but well, look it up and BAM Kris Carr, all up in the business.

I think I'm going to go through withdrawals this week!

skyecat said...

Good Morning Dee,

Write as soon as you can. You are such a wonderfuly prolific are graced with a talent.

Much luck this week, and I think I (can respectfully) speak for Kris's entire posse when I say we will miss you this week.

strongerthanit said...

Hi Kris and Callie -

Well said: this is "home".....I am having a hard time getting into that other world......Miss you guys. M

cancer cowgirl xo said...

This will always be home for the core group. We're growing but you know who you are....Always in my heart. xo

patricia said...

Callie, I must say you are a funny chococake to a fat kid...too cute & yet so true as well. :-) I'm addicted to this site. been a lurker since last year and now i don't know why i didn't come out & play earlier. I love reading your poosts. Also, I must mention I checked out your basicmissions and what a site you have. You are a true saint to be helping so many and I love your forty days lent writings and am indulging myself in them as much as i can. Love & best wishes to you all. Have a yummy green day

lurky me said...

Kris, just love the forum, I've become completely addicted. Callie - too funny, it IS techno crack. not that I know what crack is like... but I do now have to set the egg timer and when it rings I have to put the mouse down. Let go of the mouse. Put it down. And walk away. At least until I get something accomplished then I'm back!

BaldyLocks said...

Wow! Looks good!

joyoflife said...

Callie: Like chocolate to a fat kid totally sums it up. I love it.

Lurky Me: funny comments...trouble putting the mouse down...i call it blog/forum crack head

Baldylocks: you look absolutely gorgeous...isn't it awesome? so easy about wash and hair dryer, no styling, no shaving!! And in the summer it's so much cooler. Gottat look at the good side ;)

DianneR said...

The forum is great. I really love it and can see getting lost in it for hours on end, as a matter of fact, I already have. But I have to admit that I love this blog. It's the first thing I do each morning after reading my e-mails. I love the support and inspiration and will continue checking in each day.

Sandra Joseph said...

Callie, my love! Your message cracked me up. Tis true- I have taken a peek, but I haven't really entered the playground. I'm the shy girl standing at a distance, watching you all swinging on the swing set. Now, don't make fun of me but the truth is, I'm a bit of a chicken. I don't really get forums and I'm intimidated. I feel safe here in our little blog town. I feel like I did when I was graduating middle school and terrified to start high school. I just got comfortable here! Over there, I don't know where to go or how I'll find my way around. I'm being a little ADD about it, but I truly feel like I'm in over my head over there. Give me time. I'll dip my toe in and undoubtedly become addicted like the rest of you. Kris, are you deliberately trying to sabotage my book writing? I'll never get the thing done if you keep coming up with far more enticing ways of spending my time at this computer. Love and miss you all,

debbiedoesraw said...

Sandra J
You come right over and play with us this instant!!!
We need your love and your loveliness.
Callie and I are writing a book to get back to it..

Anne said...

Sandra, I was a little scared, too, but it's really a great format. I still have a little trouble putting my replies in the right spot and I inadvertently deleted a comment I'd left for Goony, but there is so much great stuff there . . . really, come and play!

Elizabeth M. said...

Sandra Joseph - Me too! I totally sympathize. I just had to close my eyes, hold my nose, and jump in the deep end! when I see you there too we can both say what fun!
I'll be looking for you :)
to all - I still have not figured out how to invite friends...sigh...but as soon as I do...:)

Iffat said...

I totally agree with Sandra, I am intimated by the huge forum and how to go around it. I just like the beloved blog plus I just got comfortable with it. Don't get me wrong its awesome and everything but an old-school girl needs time to get the courage to enter that magical world now.

Love and Blessings to all here and all already enjoying the magical playground.

heather said...

Just stopping by to give our blog a little love and remind her that she's just as pretty as our shiny new toys over in forum-land.

Sandra! So good to see you here. I kept looking around for you over in the high-tech new town. I completely understand how you feel about the blog. I think we've all got a major soft spot for it and, I'm with the rest of you, I'll be checkin' in here everyday like always. The forum is fabulous and fun and I've had to stop myself from getting sucked too far in, especially what with this full-time job I have that requires that I not be online all day.

I'll look forward to seeing your beautiful self over there, but I encourage you to keep writing that book because we all can't wait to read it!

Dee, sending you big love and healing vibes for your surgery this week. A girl after my own heart with the use of my favorite phrase "all up in the business" which I say about five times a day.

Be well, lovelies. Big love, h.

PS. Clint, the forum's about to break 300!

clint said...


I have friends at 'Homeland Security' that have hacked into the Forum site and made SURE that the members will stop at 999 !

So, please don't tell Kris that I told you this... poor girl will never know what hit her !


Tragicomedy said...

I think you broke the site too soon, Clint! For shame, sir.

PS: I'm telling!

totally chic girly said...

You are all so amazing and give so much love. So inspiring... keep spreading the joy.
Kris ~ glad you put it out there that you aren't giving up the blog. People would be lost!!

love you all, a bushel and a peck!
Kristy... xoxo

heather said...

Don't worry Huggy. Our little secret, for sure.

xx. h.

debbiedoesraw said...

ALLL RIGHT! Who broke the fourm?
Flavs??? was it you??? Bend over, you need a whoopin any how...
lost my mind there for a moment... cannot get on the forum,,,need Dr. Drew and rehab from forum crack.
love deb
I am an addict.

debbiedoesraw said...

sorry for the shouting.. she is out of surgery and they took less than they thought they would so she will not need feeding tubes.. how awesome is that????

much love and cyber hugs to miss dee light full.

heather said...

That news is Dee-licious!

Woo hoo.

xx. h.

clint said...

Damn !!

I thought it was kinda suspicious when they called, and ... I heard in the background... "hey, what's this button do"??

I will go (yet again) impale myself on a stalk of Celery ! !

I am not worthy...

skyecat said...


Thank you for the update on Dee--I was just thinking about her.

cancer cowgirl xo said...

You guys are killin' me (in a good way)! Listen, the forum started as a little town. by the end of the week whether Clint like it or not, it will be a city! You can stay here and play and chat all you want. Totally fine. Go to the city every once in a while for a nice meal. You'll all find each other there I promise. Just find Debbie and you're there. She's the MAYOR. Callie is the Sheriff, Rhonda is the Reverend etc... Hoping Granola, will be environmental protection. When we get state size, CLINT will be the Governor. It's damn easy but I warn you all: Stay grounded and don't get lost in that universe I just birthed. Good grief! What was I thinkin? he he he...

Sandra: You stay away till your done with whatever chapter you are working on! You shy? Bullshit. You are soooo not shy! I saw YOU on Oprah, so don't give me that nonsense. Plus you sing for like a million people and you sing really hard shit! I took opera in high school and college. I was terrible!

clint said...


Kris... don't hold back er nothin... I mean, just say it like it is girl !

(too funny)

am glad Dee's doing good... was worried about the little tyke.

Lauren said...

Sandra J -- Kris is right! You are so not shy! She called you out! The forum is sooo easy to use. Trust me. It's so easy to sign up too. And if you have any problems you can always leave a msg asking for help and people will line up to help you out.
Hopefully you can figure out how to post a discussion hehe. If you have troubles just post under General Discussion!
You'll be golden!
But I would suggest as well to finish whatever chapter you're working on first. Or use that egg timer of yours to set a certain amount of time you're allowed to party in the city with us!
It's sooo much fun!
But I need an egg timer too. Maybe that should be in the welcome gift bags for the meet up posses. There will be gift bags right? Kidding!

jennsfirstattempt said...

OK Huggy....what have you done to our forum???? I got an error message that states the techs are working on it....

Kris, I have to imagine the traffic was so overwhelming the internet gods couldn't keep up! I LOVE IT..


clint said...

Ya Sandra.. WHAT Lauren said !!!

debbiedoesraw said...

ehhmm...throat clearing here...
As mayor of this crazy sexy city I must say that I proclaim this KRIS CARR day and you all must bow deeply to her likeness before you enter the kingdom of the crazysexy life...that is all..

love you kris, clint, jenns first, and all other cowpokes..
the forum is broken again..I am sure it will be up soon.
Thank you for my election, I humbly accept the position!
deb (yeah right like I have time to post on MY blog...hee hee hee):)

adventure grrl said...

Clint is interferring with the forum to win the bet, I just know it!!! Okay, I've been on it all day and must now change out of my pajamas.

clint said...

It's a matter of 'National Security' Jenn ... if I told you, I'd have to, I'd have to....well...nevermind.

I think it'll be up shortly.. I think their doing maintenance on it.

granola said...

Yes, sign me up for environmental protection! I am honored! I am loving the forum. It is so interesting to see how many "new" people are there! I am still soaking it all up & trying to choose places to land. Just learned how to do the "invite a friend."
Thanks for all you do!
Peace out!

BaldyLocks said...

I've been having a great time over in the forums. Maybe too much fun?

You can even add videos! I added mine. Yay for positive outlets!

debbiedoesraw said...

re: videos
If you want to laugh I found a short clip of my daughter rockin out to the wiggles...she was barely three.. it makes me laugh every time
honorary title

patricia said...

Well the forum is great however i get lost over there too and still have to figure it all out a bit more.
I really like to read the posts here and hope everyone still continues to visit this site I've been lurking since the end of last summer and finally learned how to let loose and blog too. I am sooo addicted to this it's ridiclous.My poor family.
I try to just log on after they go to bed now. It's kinda funny I feel like I'm sneaking around cheating on them.Lord, knows i'd never do that but this CSC night life is fun! keep it up wonderful people.
debbie, my son loves the wiggles. it is the only show he will sit still to watch. He gets up early so it is nice when 7am rolls around and the wiggles come on. we sit on the couch togethr with our morning green drink (and his fresh juice too) relax watch the show and get ready to run like crazy the rest of the day..oh if i could only have a 1/4 of his energy!
have a wonderful night .

Basic Me said...

Hey Guys,.... Home.. I do love the forum I will shine up my star kris and wear it proudly. Although I am carrying a sharpie instead of a gun and drawing a mustache and writing ding dong on the head of flav or misdoers.. what out.. now is that a sharpie or sharpee in the pocket.. I just couldn;t help myself...

Now Sandra.. I know it is shocking isn't it. it moves fast.. holey moley.. debbie can rock the thing.. wow

It sounds like the book is going well. I started today with Deb and I went to the storeroom and brought out a dumb laptop that way it is not cheating and spending time not working.. Poor Mobile folks are gonna starve it I dont get moving..haha

Well I cannot wait to see who wins this battle.. You to are too funny.. Strongerthanit.. I couldn't find you on the new forum and was beginning to worry.. how is you treatment and how are you feeling.

I was so happy to hear that Dee was doing better. Thank God.

Life was nuts today. I had a computer delivery day. Never enough computers for folks that need them to go to school. And if we are paying for school then by gum I have to produce the thing. So if you all finish and throw them out or to the good will send them here.

had a lot of it is funny when you add more to your life it just gets better.

Well Kris can you add me as a link so maybe folks can get help with lawyers for disability, money in this area, counselors. we have 50k providers all over and they are all free it would sure get the word out. It is a site not a blog. although for lent we have a devotional as the first page. About us tell you about the services and basiccallie tells you how to contact us.. and all the services are there. the link would be
forgive me if I am repeating myself.

I cannot remember if I asked or not and cannot seem to track my thoughts to good today. Epidural brain.

Well I love home. I suppose it will always be the place when the nutty ness needs to stop we head on over and have some quiet family time.

Kris... have you got those blackmail photos out yet? I am looking forward to hearing about you two getting to get together in person.. take photos.. and tell all when you get back from austin.. I picture a good time.

Hugs and veggies.. ohhhh super secret cole slaw... dikon radish grated, golden delicous apple grated, green cabage, carrots grated, a little horseradish, a little lemon and a little mock mayo, season to taste.... yum.. hugs..... Callie

debbiedoesraw said...

Sheriff Callie, this is the Mayor here.. I order you to GO TO BED!!
Love deb
PS kris please look at Jasmine- I wrote you and Brian..she is fishy and young and I am not talking about her smell.. or scent or whatever...
love deb mayor (honorary)

Basic Me said...

Debbie, duncan wants to know how did you know we left a message? we never know.. oh and we are getting to the email some of the books.. love ya mayor.. Callie

Anne said...

Dear Mayor, Sheriff and all . . . I confess: I broke the forum earlier. I really think I did. I hit "back" and suddenly got a message saying "fatal error" wth a bunch of gobbledegook. When I tried to log back in, I was told that Ning was taking a break. I assumed, with my inriority complex, that Ning was just taking a break from ME! Sorry, everyone!

Basic Me said...

As Sheriff on Kris Carr day I must (clear throat) bow and then present Miss Kris with honrable Crown with big star in the center and wheat grass leaves instead of olive branch leaves all around the bottom; Then we must put a Clintagon at the end of Clint Ave. Where he can practice homeland security. I will collect all celery spears at the door for juicing no voilence allow. There is a juicer at all entrances for your convenience and no lazy sidewalks all workouts must be done. Sandra Joseph can be installed as inhouse Minister of Mahem and Stongerthanit must be the hall monitor. Now Rev. Rhonda.. open with a prayer.. Mayor Debbie ring the bell for town to open and I will present the crown. The city is now Named Crazy Sexy City. Kris Carr Queen.
Let it be written let it be done. haha. Love you all Now Ring the Bell Debbie we all must go to bed or we will not be able to play on the playground tomorrow. Got that Sandra Joseph.. everything is documented here. This little lady's gonna be walk of fame famous and we have to keep the flavs and ratzi away.. Hugs ya'll Sheriff Callie

clint said...

Callie... I totally laughed out loud when I read this...the "Clintagon"??.... too FUNNY girl !!

You crack me up !


Sandra Joseph said...

Oh, friends...I'm going to have to start wearing Depends when I read your posts! Huge belly laughs. Kris, my fave quote "You sing really hard shit!" Peeing my pants. I actually have a voice lesson tomorrow (well,'s 2:00am) to see if I can still sing even the easy shit. It's been a while! But singing in front of strangers and navigating a technological wonderland are two very different things. In addition to my scale-o-phobia I am also a wicked technophobe. But I will dive in soon...I hate feeling left out of the party.
Crazy Callie and Diva Deb- I JUST F-ING LOVE YOU! I want to hear more about your book! I can't wait for my signed copy. What a dynamic duo. It's going to be a huge success, I can feel it!
Anne, Elizabeth M, Iffat, Heather, Lauren...thank you for sympathizing with my chicken-shit self. I promise I will come over and play very soon. Let's all hold hands and we'll find our way together. I think I WILL use the egg timer trick to set boundaries for play time and writing time.
I bow to Kris with her crown of wheat grass and I bid all crazy sexy campers good night.

lurky me said...

Bladylocks, I watched your cancer video twice last night. It was so moving. I teared up and thought MAN that girl has guts and a great family who loves her so much, and a GINORMOUS sense of humor! I really love the blue wig under the grad cap too. You rock.

debbiedoesraw said...

laughing through my fears here folks.. have to update you on dear darling dee.. her assistant wrote me with this update:
As of right now the doctors are currently running a bunch of tests
(chest x-ray, Sputum sample, Bronchoscopy and a WBC) because they think

she may have CAP (an infectious pneumonia). She's had a 'cold' for a
week or two now but they're worried with her immune system it has
traveled to her lungs. As soon as I know more, you will.
I am feeling a bit worried, more prayers please.. I know godbuddhaelviskrishna is listening...
love deb
mayor of csville
Home of the Clintagon and the Sheriff Callie cuties

Basic Me said...

Poor Dee ... we have one sick pup on our hands.. I am praying honey. Love you all but i am getting a bit worried about her. Love ya'll off to work;Callie

skyecat said...

Hi Deb,

Thanks for the update on Dee. She has been in my thoughts. Please keep us posted. I certainly understand the concern for her...

I am praying for everyone who has had tests, scans, etc. in the past few days.

And everyone should know that positive thoughts are headed their way...

leenda said...

Morning Everyone!Wow! Alot happened yesterday while I took a break.Went walking,to the healthe food store.My daughter was drving by as I was going in,so we got some green tea and sat on a bench outside in the sun,YUMMY day.
Anywho,the forum was broken?Did it happen after I posted my pic?Sorry...reallly sorry.
WEll, I heard our city has top dog Officials running it and very fitting Officals I might add.City?Do believe we are becoming a Kingdom.
So how is everyone after the breakage?Any withdrawls?
I want Dee all better right now.Callie you have the hook-up,pleeeze talk to you know who.

clint said...

Good work Debbie,

I agree Callie, am getting a lil worried,....

Would be nice to have an address to send her flowers to her room....

It's always nice to awaken to flowers from friends when your in a situations like Dee's.


Dr.Sue said...

Thanks for keeping us updated on Dee. I'm glad you're in contact with her assistant.

I'm more comfortable here too, but I've been to the "other side". It is way cool. I just don't know how to do anything but leave a reply. You're more advanced than me (I don't even know how to do a photo of me-I know, big dork!), so you'd have no problem in the forum. It's time-consuming & I'm in my last month of glorious 70-80 degree weather in AZ before I go home to cold MN, so I have to make myself stay out of there (within reason) & go outside!
I love your version of the forum town. For some reason it made me think of The Wizard of Oz, when it goes from black & white into color. You're the best, you make me smile! Nice coleslaw recipe-I want to go on a picnic.
Just want to make sure you know I think the forum is fab! I'm just a techno-wuss.
xoxo Sue

belinda said...

Hear Ye Hear Ye or is it Here Ye?? to all the citizens of the Kris Carr Kingdom...
this is truly like living in a fairy tale. It's just that awesome. I want to thank all of you for making me smile, laugh, hell, more like guffaw. I sit in here with my lap top on my cat looks at me like I'm husband thinks I'm having an online affair (well, I guess you could call it that)...and I dont get anything done. But I dont care! This is too fun. Thank you all. Deep bows and kudos to the Queen and her subjects. Belinda

Sandra Joseph said...

Deb, thank you for the update. I'm looking forward to the next one when you write to say that Dee is doing much better. Crossing my fingers and sending up prayers.

Mel said...


I was telling my boyfriend last night how our new forum really is like a little town. It's amazing! It just makes me feel good to go there. You should be so proud of everything you have accomplished! I'm proud of everyone for making the forum so electric!

leenda said...

Oh!! I think some hospitals can get e-mails to the patients.I can't remember where I heard that,hope I'm not making it up.When we know where she is we can check.

Cheryl said...

Thanks for keeping us updated on Dee. Fingers and toes crossed, healing thoughts headed her way.

heather said...

Thanks Debbie, for keeping us updated about Dee. Sending good, healing energy her way.

Elizabeth M. said...

Debbie - I want to pitch in my thanks too for the Dee updates. She is such a sweety pie. I'm praying up a storm.

strongerthanit said...

Hi friends - I've missed you all...and Callie, thank you for your holler....Kris - I'm such a self-contained pity party!! Your forum looks amazing - I cannot believe all of the people. But these days I am such a self-contained pity-party that I'm "afraid" - yup, you heard me right - afraid!!!! (Sandra oh did you take the words - the paragraphs - out of my mouth!!)- to jump in. It took me so long to warm-up to the blog idea and since I'm old enough to (barely)be your mom (well, maybe aunt!) the prospect of warming up to something new isn't comforting right this very second. Indeed I've been reading things and checking in - just don't know exactly where/who/you know! And like Sandy I know myself well enough to anticipate pure involvement.....but maybe later, than sooner. I know my frame of mind is resulting from this latest chapter in my cancer-chronicles. I've been MIA because I've been sick; I'd mentioned a while back that I was transferred to NIH = new treatments/new chemicals. I'm wiped out physically and even more, mentally. It is just the pits. In fact, it fucking sucks. Whew - that felt good - for about a second!! The work/family/music starts and stops are maddening! Did I say that it fucking sucks? That was for your benefit, Sandra and Clint-Huggy-Clintagon (LOVE it!!!!!) Anyway, this 5 minute keyboard tapping has exhausted my fingers - I have to take another nap. Ok - one more time.....did I really say this fucking sucks?!? Holy Cow - if only my kids knew my trash-talking ways! I'm thinking about you, pals. M

leenda said...

Hi Strongerthanit,it does fucking suck!Get it out sweetie,it helps a tad to release now and again.So sorry that you have to go through so much.
Much love and healing vibes being sent.Take care,chin up(when you feel like it,lol)
Linda aka Leenda

scnewme said...

I cannot believe I've actually had to WORK the past couple of days...been going through withdrawals bigtime!!! I can't even get to our blog from the office - talk about security! Clint, I need to borrow your hackers.

Kris, I'm in awe of the forum, each time I visit it has grown leaps and bounds. Forum officials - a mini revolution setting up to change the world. Love you so much!!!

There are so many incredibly amazing intelligent discussions and posts and groups...warm and loving and we can share and have our feelings validated with so many who have similar experiences. There truly is something for everyone!!

I do confess though, this is truly my favorite place to be - because I know I can find all of you here anytime.

See you in really is like Oz!

xoxo Sherry

debbiedoesraw said...

Latest on our Dee:
Seems she is going to be in the hospital for a few days till they deem her well enough to go home. If you want to send her anything we need to send it to Neesa her assistant. I am sure dear Nessa has her lovely hands full right now.. so please email me if you need to contact her..
Dee says she loves and misses us... I heard she is a bit feisty today.. wants her damn toast! that is a very good sign!
love your mayor

debbiedoesraw said...

stongerthan it: come play when you feel up to it.. it is fucking hard.. true that dog..
love ya
honorary mayor

Basic Me said...

Strongerthanit it does fucking suck... good lord.. i hope it is over soon. If not we will dispatch aids from the clintagon and come break you out for a cansercation.. a little break..

Sheriff callie is reporting in clint i have a spot on and if you go to the donate site we are all collecting money to send dee a big batch of flowers on thursday morning. everyone is being so kind. we have a card going out.. hey kris we need some csc t-shirts for the get well soon committee.. that way we can send it strongerthanit and dee both earned one.. if we get a blog on the friends in hospital thingy.. i can buy them...but I want one.. and so will deb and everyone. ha..

that baby of yours can have college paid before it is concieved if we sell tshirts..

so if anyone wants to contribute to the flowers go to and go to basically make a donation.. follow the donate button and then send me a little note so I know it is to go to dee. I am keeping a record.. go to have it for those non profit police. hah..

How is everyone.. I hate Dee is so sick.. I am getting a little worried. This is a bit for her body to take. But all will be fine.. she is a cowgirl.

How is the war... I cannot tell what the number of people on site is. Kris I bet your winning!!!

Well Duncan fell and busted his arse tongiht and I think he cracked his knee cap.. you can see the bone poking thru but hard head... rock head.. will go to the er tomorrow.. so I am up watching him sleep. I hate he hurts so much so little I can do. I know that when he is in pain and falls then it just triples.. say a prayer for him.

Thinking of you all. Write soon. Love and hugs.. Callie

Basic Me said...

Masha.. could we put you on the happy thought and card list or would you prefer your privacy.. I would like to be with just you guys.. but everyone is different.. I would love to send you some happy thoughts.. dirty jokes...(SHH) dont tell anyone.. like what is on the pups hiney pupperoni!!! We know you are going thru hell...Any idea when estimated time of departure is??

Well... I am lonely and missing you guys tonight.. worry is a yuky bed partner isn't it. hugs.. I am going to sleep with william faulkner ought to help the pity party haha.. he is so uplifting..

Love you. Callie

Sandra Joseph said...

Callie, I just made a donation through your site using PayPal but I didn't figure out how to note that it's for the Dee flowers. I'm sure you'll get enough $$ from everyone here to buy out the florist so if you like, use it for tshirts or whatever. I'm so sorry to hear about Duncan's fall! I hope his knee will be better by morning.
Strongerthanit, I fucking hate it for you, hon. Let it out here. Vent until your fingers can't type another f-word. We are holding you. I hope you feel our strength and care, friend. Sending huge love and hugs to you. When you're feeling better, we'll meet on the playground by the swingset.

clint said...


Sorry to hear about sir Duncan.... DANG!!

Hope he's going to be ok.. he's in good hands I know that.

I sent a donation and also sent you an email in the forum with my ID I sent it under on my VISA card...otay ??

Sandra:'s the book coming ?
Glad to see you came up for air.


skyecat said...

Strongerthanit...i hope you feel better as this new day dawns, and get stronger and stronger...

Callie, I hope that Duncan is okay...and that things quiet down. Hopefully, his knee cap is not "busted"...

Peace to all, for those names I haven't mentioned, know that you are in my thoughts and good vibes are sent to you always.

strongerthanit said...

What a great surprise to see your kind THIS is the best medicine yet! Leenda - Many thanks. I did feel your healing vibes; this AM not only is my chin up, but I am up! And it feels good - my goal today is to refrain from saying "this fucking sucks"! OK - well maybe my goal for the next few hours. Debbie - I'm missing LOTS! So now your family is of the thought "if I can't beat her, join her"?!? What a hoot - it's great that your youngest daughter will join the fold....all in the interest of better literacy and writing skills, right?!? What's this book that you and Callie are working on?? Pretty soon Kris will have to open up a Crazy Sexy Cancer Library - can you imagine that? With all the talents we have in this cyberworld, I'm guessing one day that diagrams of our solar system will have "Earth" replaced by "Crazy Sexy Cancer World"!!!!!!!! HA!!! Callie: OMG - Sandra, could you lend me one of those Depends??? The way "Clintagon" and "Cansercration" is rolling off your lips, it's only a matter of time before the Crazy Sexy Cancer World has its own language AND dialect!!! Too funny. It sounds as if you are doing great things with your missions - the get well committee, flower donations, happy thoughts and cards...just terrific. Your vibes and words and thoughts work wonders for me....maybe if I ever get out of my techno-rut and hatch into the real, cyber world, I can immerse myself fully - and throw caution to the wind!!!! For now, you guys have given me great comfort and support - and lots of laughs. Oh, those dirty jokes??? Post them loud and clear!! Now who here doesn't like a good, dirty joke?!? Maybe all my years practicing architecture with men has blindly led me to beleive that we all do!! (So what IS on the pup's hiney pepperoni??)Talking about men and hineys, how is Duncan's arse doing? Goodness. I hope nothing is broken. What did the docs say?? Sandra: You made my day: "I fucking hate it for you, hon"! (not even 9 AM and I've already used the word 2x..arrgh) Now THAT'S a great phrase - as I'd say - filled with piss and vinegar. Thank you! I do feel your strength and care - it's amazing, really. And that swing set? You bet. Once I get over this latest "setback" (HAA)and nausea, you and I can see who can swing the highest!!! Skyecat: Well, your prediction that the new day would dawn brighter and stronger is true so far. Many thanks for your thoughts. It sounds as if you are enjoying the forum - I look forward to real-time real-soon! Dee: Get well soon!! You are missed...just look at what you've done to this town!!!

Many thanks for all the comfort, joy, and care I'm feeling from "the group" - xoxoxoxo, love, and laughs until the next post, M.

patricia said...

Callie, so sorry to hear about Duncan. We're sending positive healing vibes his way. I am heading over to basic missions to try to figure out how to get some $$$ over to ya for Dee's flowers. You have such wonderful ideas....Kris, I second the TShirt idea.

scnewme said...

Callie, how is Duncan feeling today? You guys are made of steel...such guts and determination every single day, my love to you - please keep us posted. Thanks for bringing up the t-shirt idea, its kind of like a gift that keeps on giving.

Strongerthanit - good to get the anger and frustration out..then, just suck up all the love and support here truly is the best medicine! Glad you're up today, try to live the three-day rule!

scnewme said...

Kris - I want my DVD...isn't today the big day??? I am so impatient, I know, smack me!

belinda said...

I've been on the forum and before prying my hand off the keyboard (must pee! that's the only thing that seems to pull me away)thought I'd check the blog. Well, it's been another 10 minutes and my bladder is exploding.

SANDRA....come on over...but be will be sucked in with no chance of coming out anyway but happier! It's worth every minute.

STRONGERTHANIT...I hate that your feeling all of that. If I had a nickle for everytime I've said this fucking sucks I could retire to a beautiful deserted island. When I read stories like yours it makes me just want to kick something and say FUCK THIS SHIT! You dont deserve it.... hang in there, stay in touch, and stay tuned. I changed my profile picture on the forum to make you smile.

Kris...the t-shirt idea rocks.

All of you are heaven sent. My spirits have been SOOOO lifted.

Basic Me said...

Well I am hapy to hear Masha is full of piss and vinegar that is a good sign she is on the mend.. or at least getting back to her self. Dont let that hospital crap get in your head.. it is temporary and nessasary. Old Bric for brains Col rock head wheeler is waiting pn hjos green juice and breakfast before we all the ambulance. bad thing about Lou Gerhigs is you cannot move once you fall his spinal cord is swollen. I know he is mightly uncomfortable but when col wheeler shows up you just give him his way.... s later today we will fight the er..

I am thakning everyone for the donations for dee... now when this month is over.. head over and drop some coin on charlies wheelchair.. hahaha.. shameless.. but ask and yee shall recieve. That boy cannot get settled.. joking anyway.

I cannot tell you how excited I am about the book we have it almost mapped out. Debb stated an outline and I have added to it.. and then we will start the best book ever!!! We are just inspired and she is the best. I adore her.

Well that is it from me. trying to get my maiil answered this moringing then I have a budget class and a healing seminar and inbetween those that are both done over the net I have to get wheeler to the hospital. OH well.. life is good so no complaints.. thanks for checking on him Hugs. Callie

cancer cowgirl xo said...


I don't even have a hot minute to read all this juice! Rrrr. Trying to catch up and will post in a new blog in the morning. Miss you!

Dr.Sue said...

So sorry to hear Duncan fell. He's a tough one, huh? Waiting to go to the ER until the next day & after his green juice! Let us know the outcome.

Glad to hear so far today's a better day! I know the love, support & healing thoughts lift you up, & that lifts the rest of us up too.

Healing vibes coming your way, Sue

Lauren said...

Yay!! New blog! I don't know how you have the time, but I can't wait for it! It feels like years since the last blog, but in real time it's probably just been a few days.

heather said...

Hi ladies and gents.

Callie, sorry to hear about Duncan's fall but I do love the thought of him unwilling to leave for the ER without his green juice. He's a cutie by the way. It's so nice to finally put so many faces to names over at the forum. I'm a little late to the party on Dee's flowers, but just made a donation. So, use it for whatever's needed!

Sandra, saw that you ventured over to the forum. Woo hoo!

Strongerthanit - I'm so glad to hear that today's better than yesterday. I'd say fucking hard is the appropriate phrase to what you're going through so claim it and say it as often as you need. No virgin ears here, and only big love coming your way.

Back to work and promising not to venture back here until work is d-o-n-e, done!

Cravin' Veggies said...

Hello everyone! I decided to come post on the country front porch blog, cuz I feel lost in the big city forum. I am glad I am not the only one. I am just not that tech savvy...

Callie -- big hugs for Duncan. Hope he is doing well.

Mayor -- any word on Dee today? I haven't heard from Nessa since yesterday.

Everyone else -- Love you all. Glad to see people are still posting here!

Peace, Huggggs, and Smooches!

Tragicomedy said...

Ok, I will admit I am HAPPY to post on the new website primarily because it doesn't make me squish my face to the monitor to figure out what that jumbled wad of green deciphers into for me to type into this word verification box.

I think I'll see what happens if I click the little wheelchair stickman.

Um, I clicked the little wheelchair and now it sounds like I had imagined it would sound like if I were having a nervous breakdown and having hallucinations. Whatever this is, it's terrifying and I highly recommend everyone click it immediately!! I hope it has 3-4 ghostly voices talking at the same time for you, too. It's spooky, but I want to share the moment with someone else (and verify I'm not crazy or my speakers aren't broken).

Anyway, now that I've scared myself.

I'm not uber savvy but if anyone was having problems with the basics of signing up on the new website and getting started you're more than welcome to pop me an email (it's listed in my profile here).

My CSL ID is "Lori"

debbiedoesraw said...

cravin, mayor deb here.. just now got a note from Nessa..Our sweet Dee is having some pain, coughing alot, but loaded with strong anitbiotics. Nessa said she is watching her fav comedies like I love lucy and things that make her laugh.
So, I will try and find out more tomorrow, that is all she said.

LOVE you all
Sandra J.. you are da bomb honey!

Basic Me said...

Well deputy dunc is all taped and better.. I am so glad.. what a week.. I tell you life is nuts.. I am glad you guys are here.

Sandra Joseph called and saved me from more work for a bit.. She is as gorgeous on the inside as outside now I need to talk to huggy and all will be accounted for in the core..

thanks SJ.

saatchi said you cannot cheat with other huskies.. seriously if you are near Mobile is May come with me.. holy lord I need some help..haha

Well duncan did crack his knee cap but all is well no surgery just heel. Last night was one long night.. thanks for all the prayers and calls.

Dee's flowers go out in the morning she should get them on Friday and may be shocked but she will have a colorful day.. thanks all.

OK.. hugs to you all just had to drop in before dropping in bed. Love you all,

Cravin' Veggies said...

JC Flavs! Find a hobbie dude!

Deb, Your Honor- Yep. I got the email a little while after I posted here. I can't wait for her to get the flowers!

Callie- Thanks again for organizing that! You rock! Glad Duncan is going to be fine. XOXO

Gotta fly... get some house cleaning/laundry/reading done. Catch up with you all later!

**Tragic...just clicked the wheelchair guy. Definitely something I won't do again. That is freaky!

Dr.Sue said...

Glad to hear Duncan is going to be okay. Thanks for the flower update for Dee. I'm sure it'll put a great big smile on her face!
xoxo Sue

debbiedoesraw said...

ahhh flavs.. he is so lonely and sad...
hope to hear more from Dee's assistant today.
will update yall.
deb xoxoxo mayor of whoville..oops csville

SolShine7 said...

It looks really cool. Is the site apart of