Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Happy Belated New Year All!

It's been weeks since my last blog, the holidays came and went (thank Goddess!), a new year began, and I've already broken most of my revolutions. Why? Because I have a new passionate LOVE now. I'm no longer human. I am a vampire (ok, a vampire wanna be). Yup, been bitten by the mania of the Twilight series thanks to my BFF Corinne who gave me the books for xmas. Damn her! DAMN HER! She warned me but I did not take her seriously. "Yeah, right, like I'm going to read all of that silly, mindless fluff written for teen girls who are dying to get laid by the Quarter Back?! Plus, have you seen how loooong those suckers are? I start writing my 3rd book this month, no way do I have time for this dumb drivel. I must study pH! Well, maybe I'll just read a few pages, so Corinne doesn't feel bad"...

BAM! Minutes turned to hours, turned to days, turned to weeks. I've had to put out a missing persons alert on myself. Where has the time gone? Why do I smell? Do I have any other clothes besides these tattered sweat pants? Who fricken' cares! Bella and Edward are my TOP priority - well, Lola too. The little pup does need to eat and crap, preferably outside the house. I'm 200 pages away from finishing the last book in the series, Breaking Dawn. It's almost over, I've read 2212 pages (yes I added them with a calculator) and now I'm panicking! Who am I now? What will I do with myself when the Vampires move on?

Now you know why I've been MIA. Sorry but it's been wicked AWESOME! I had planned to write a really inspiring "New Year, New You" blog on Jan. 1 - nope. Bella was in danger so as you can imagine, I had to blow that off. Thankfully my husband is delighted. He brings me juice and sometimes a bit of toast. He giggles and says "I have never seen you like this, doing something mindless, something that doesn't advance you or the cause". He's right. I spend way too much time on work and studying and obsessing about how to change the party and wake myself and others up. I spend little time on FUN. No wonder I broke all my resolutions! They were perfect, right, moral, and tight. Boring... snore....

My only resolution now is to lighten up. Well, there are a few others but they're really poofy. Quite frankly, I'm temporarily sick of bettering myself. The thought makes me vomit a little in my mouth and then swallow it back down.

Back next week. Hopefully, I'll be ready for my life by then. Who knows, maybe I'll have that "New Year, New You" blog after all.

Peace & BLOOD!


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