Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Greetings from Hippocrates!

Day 3 and I’m feeling like a healthy rock star! Even I forget how great I can feel until I remove all the crap and let my body function the way it was intended to. Today is fast day. At Hippocrates the guests fast once a week on Wednesday, unless they have problems with blood sugar or are too weak. Here’s what my day ahead will look like…

Water with lemon (to alkalize the body and flush the liver), followed by a 2 oz shot of wheat grass juice on an empty stomach. 9 am 16 oz green drink, (cukes, celery, sun flower sprouts and sweet pea sprouts), 11am, 12pm, 2 pm and 4pm. At 5:30 we’ll get a blended raw green soup with avocado and other goodies.

Why do we do this? Well, for one day the body gets a break from digesting and focuses almost solely on repair. If you wonder which is better juicing or blending, the answer at Hippocrates is juicing. Juicing is lightening speed energy, nearly instantly assimilated. When you blend your veggies into a soup or smoothie the fiber still remains so it takes a lot longer to digest. For the purpose of repair and renewal juicing is superior. At home I juice about twice a day everyday. 2-3 days per week I have a blended smoothie for breakfast just to mix it up, then I’ll have a juice at 4pm. What about the fiber? Well, if you are eating 70/30 or 80/20, no worries you are getting plenty of fiber. Cellular cleanliness, oxygen, ENZYMES and body repair are your tools back to health. When you remove the garbabge and flood yourself with life force, lookout mama and big daddy! You’ll be a healthy rock star, supernova, hot rod in no time! It’s seems pretty simple to me, get back to nature and back to the garden gang!

The food on the other days is pretty great too, here’s a sample of my last 3 day… Breakfast, upon rising water with lemon, wheat grass, 9am green drink, 11am green drink. 12:30 lunch, a big ole salad bar with LOADS of every kind of sprout you can imagine! Sprouts are the powerhouse of healing because they are still living. Sprouts have tons of protein, enzymes, vit/min and our favorite ingredient OXYGEN. What else do I load my plate up with? Greens, nut pate or avocado, a cool raw gourmet side dish (sometimes sprouted grains), onions, raw garlic (big blood cleanser) carrots, oil cured olives, baby red, orange and yellow bell peppers, dulse (a seaweed with natural sodium, high mineral content, known to pull out radiation from the body), raw sauerkraut (great probiotic, made at HHI without vinegar). Top all that with a delicious dressing and get ready to chop chop! At 4pm we get another green drink and then at 5:30 it’s more salad and a few other cool sides. No sugar here. That’s tough. Day 2 I wanted to lick my deoderant because it smells like apple. Oh well.

Oops, I almost forgot, 2 enemas twice a day followed my 4 oz implant of wheat grass (held for up to 20 minutes and then released). Talk about an overall temple flush! Yowza! Wish me luck today!

Peace and MASSIVE amounts of chlorophyll!

PS. Drink your green juice and wait 3o minutes to an hour to eat. Also wheat grass on an empty stomach. Why do we wait and separate liquids from solids? The goal is to keep those digestive enzymes super powerful and not dilluted. Got it?


robin said...

Will your detox book be somewhat of a guide or point of reference? almost like a combination of all things we talk and write about on this blog? I hope so!! great post!

yogini in all said...

I have a silly question. I get my sprouts at my local farmer's markert. There are sweet pea sprouts (look more like peas) and they tell me there are also sweet pea sprouts long stems with little leaves at the end. Which is the one you are talking about? I also have found this with Mung bean sprouts. Are the little one's seeds? There is a slight language barrier when I ask for more information at the farmer's markert. :)

I juice my wheatgrass everyday. Do you ever mix yours with anything? Do you just do straight shots?

Do you use a green powder drink and juice greens on the same days?

Have fun at hippocrates! We love the information you bring us!


bav said...

Ok, you crack me up, "lick my apple-smelling deoderant."

I am fasting with you today, actually. Yesterday was my birthday, went out to dinner with my family, and allowed myself to indulge a little. I tried to properly food combine, had the chef make some substituions for me, but there were some small indiscretions. And I had a glass of champagne AND dessert. Whew! It was super yummy, but I have had a headache since. But considering a year ago this same time, I was literally getting my chemo and things were pretty dicey at the time, I wanted to celebrate.

Hopefully next year I will have the combining/eating out with my new lifestyle down a bit better so I can avoid the headache!

Today, for me, thorough dry brushing, a hike in the sun with the dogs, green juice, yoga, green juice, and maybe a green smoothie for dinner.

I can't claim the twice daily enemas, you've got me there, but in part, I am cleansing with you.

The whole posse is behind you!

Big hugs,

Laura said...

Although I have been following these blogs and posts for quite sometime, this is my first comment. (I also put it as a comment to earlier blogs by accident. Sorry, I new to blogging.....but enjoying it so far.) I, like many of you are a cancer survivor. At 34 years old, mother of 2 small children (4 and 1 at the time) I was diagnosed with a very aggressive form of breast cancer. Fortunately, I knew enough to do self exams and found this lump myself. Although the cancer invaded my muscle, it did not invade my lymph nodes! Now, a little over a year later (my children are now 5 and 2) I have 1 infusion left, with intense chemo ending last January and radiation ending last March! I have undergone a bi-lateral mastectomy and because of complications I have not been able to reconstruct....but with some healing I hope to be able to before a few years are up.

I really enjoyed the movie and as it has done for so many, inspired me to continue healing and try new things too. Just before I saw the movie I started juicing and investigating the raw diet. I am saving and saving for a trip to the Life Changing Program at Hipprocrates (medical bills and childcare through treatments have set me back quite a bit.) It was so reassuring to see the movie and to have my aspirations confirmed. I LOVE my green juice and really look forward to drinking it everyday. I was turned onto wheatgrass from a fellow breast cancer friend and have been enjoying that too, really noticing the effects. I have been transitioning my diet for a while and am close to a raw diet, although I still can't seem to figure out what to have for dinner. I find it difficult to stay on top of the food prep as I am so busy with 2 little kids. I have an intense cleanse planned for immediately after Thanksgiving, I can't wait.

I do want some feedback from people about this ongoing question about juicers. I have used the Breville and the Omega 8005. They are different types of juicers and both easy to use and clean. I find the Breville easier to use because of the wide mouth, but all the 'top dog' nutritionist push the masticating type like the Omega model. The Breville does not do wheatgrass, but I have a manual one I use that is just fine. Does anyone have an opinion on how the Breville does leafy greens and if the masticating kind IS more nutritious? The Breville claims it does leafy greens because you can change the speed. With an option of both kinds which do you all prefer?

So, Kris thanks for keeping us cancer folks together. It is important to stay together and keep living for the moment. I am sorry that I missed seeing you at your premiere in New Milford, Ct. (I was running in the Race for the Cure in Boston and couldn't get back in time.) I also go to Joe's Salon. Everyone there is terrific and have wonderful things to say about you. Hopefully one day our paths will cross.

jomama said...

good luck at hippocrates! this isn't in direct response to your post, but i just wanted to say thank you for your inspired perspective about dealing with adversity. i don't have cancer but i've been dealing with major chronic depression on and off for 5 years. sometimes it's hard to get up the energy and motivation to try. i watched crazy sexy cancer on tlc a while back, and when it came back on i recorded it to my dvr. now when i'm discouraged i watch parts of it, and it always makes me feel like trying harder. anyway, thank you so much for that.

yogini in all said...


I'm not too familiar with food combining. I would like to know more.

Also, will you explain dry-brushing? I know it's good for you, but what the heck do you do? :)


~~ Melissa said...

wow, your inerds sound so sparkling clean I feel I should wear sunglasses to read this.

you really inspire me.

I'm interested in what's in the dressings that go on your greens.

Psychbyte said...

Your blog is a GREAT way to start the day!! Goodluck with everything.

A quick question to you or any other readers- I am fairly new to this blog so I am not sure if this has been mentioned, but is drinking Sencha Japaneese Green Tea beneficial? I drink about 5 cups a day, but I am starting to second guess it after some things I have read on here. If anyone has any info I would LOVE to hear it.

Jamie said...

A few questions for Kris and/or all you folks:

1. Kris, you (and others) have mentioned using aloe. I was able to find Aloe Juice at an organic store here and holy pricey! - but since I already have digestive problems and constipation issues, I’d like to see if this could help me. How much do you have to use and do you need to drink it at a certain time or before/after food?

2. A lot of you have mentioned using Green Vibrance power. I haven’t been able to find that anywhere and I guess I could order it online. I found two things at a store here but don’t know if they are even similar: Greens+ (ex: Greens+ Extra Energy, Greens+ Daily Detox…They have info at, Prairie Naturals Greens Force (their site is under construction but I found info here: and then New Greens.

3. I then saw a product that I thought was interesting – Flora Flor-Essence. It’s supposed to help your body excrete wastes and toxins and to balance pH levels and normalize digestion.

4. When you have “sprouts” listed for your drinks what kind of spouts? I know nothing about sprouts!

5. For everyone – how are you guys not hungry all the time?! Juice, smoothies and veggies…I’ve done my best to eat mostly veggies and I end up just so hungry that I eat a million other things :( Maybe my body just hasn’t adjusted? Or maybe I’m not eating large enough portions of the veggies?
And with a full time job during the day smoothies for lunch isn’t an option. I then have a lot of other activities and am finding it hard to find time to do any of these extra steps. NOT to say I’m not gonna keep trying…just gotta find that balance.

There are SO many products out there, how do you know if you’re taking to many things or if your taking something that is actually working and not just a ‘ploy’ (because we know that in any area of marketing or health there are always some who are just out there to try and make a buck). I mean if I use the aloe should I also use something else to help my digestion or will it interfere with the other products?

Ok I really could use someone to help me out with meal ideas and this whole food combining thing (I am going to buy some books this weekend such as the one by N. Rose) but it would be great to email someone who knows more about this – I tend to post large comments on here as is :)
Anyone willing to take a stab at explaining things that would be marvelous! My public email is

Melissa - I was wondering the same thing - what kind of dressings b/c I can't eat salad without something else...I've tried :)

cancer cowgirl xo said...

Quick check in:

I will blog about dry brushing and food combining this week, so hold off Bav and then add your stellar comments, Bav is becoming my co-pilot!

Juicers - So I decided I have to make one, end of story. I know exactly what I want and will bring it to you in the new year. Already chatting with a company and am really excited. It's the foundation of my mission so seems like a good next step. Until then as I keep saying, I recommend the Breville because it is easy to clean. If it is easy you will do it. Is the masticating one better? Yes, but it takes a lot more time and is very expensive. Please, gang let go of the fear about the RIGHT thing or the RIGHT one, just juice. Even if it is with a crappy one, juice. Will you get more of the good stuff with high end juicers, yes. If you can get a green star and will clean it and have the counter space, do it! Amen! But right now, just juice, you're still getting a heck of a lot more than you were. xo

3 basic dressings I love (I think they are in my book as well as so many of these questions so I STRONGLY encourage you all to buy it. Not that I am trying to sell, but I took a lot of time mapping it all out for you and I want you to have it at your finger tips!

#1 Olive oil, flax olive, lemon, garlic sea salt.
#2 Nama Shoyu and cold pressed organic sesame oil.
#3 Sweet miso, tahini, lend with a splash of water, add herbs to it if you like - sage, or rosemary, get creative.

Buy some raw cookbooks, they have tons of dressings. Please go to my reading list on the "Good Stuff" section of my site.

The long stem sweet pea sprouts are best for juicing - they are grown in soil, loaded with minerals. The small mung bean sprouts are amongst the very best sprouts you can consume (the ones that still look like a bean, with a little tail. They are loaded with protein.

You can sprout any bean! They are some of the best sources of nutrition on the planet. At Hippocrates, they say that 60% of your plate should have sprouts. I wish I could say I keep this up at home, I don't but I do add some kind of sprout to my 2 daily salads. Not a big deal, you can buy them or grow them easily.

If you want to know more about sprouting check out this site: - He is the KING!

Back to fasting for me.....Thanks for joining me Bav!!!! Happy b-day too. You deserve the champagne girl, cake too. BIG TIME. Wish I could have joined ya. xoxooxox

Oh one more thing, I find that replacing a healthy fat with sugar is a great upgrade. Last night all I wanted was dark chocolate, I even thought of calling a cab!!!!! Can you say detox? So I grabbed a handful of raw almonds and the craving went away. Food for thought.

Obsessedwithlife said...

Interesting! Enjoy your time there. A good friend of my family went there at the beginning of the year. He has gotten off his diabetes meds and is doing awesome!


Jamie said...
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Jamie said...

Thanks Kris for the answer and as always that extra boost of encouragement. Good luck fasting - I did a water fast once and yeesh - that was tough for me! I think you (and so many of those on this blog comment area) are the most disciplined people I’ve ever met.

And just so ya know – I’m waiting for my local bookstore to call me when your book comes in as finally I have one on hold with their next order! Hmm…they must keep selling out *smile*

Bav – Happy Birthday! Mine is actually next weekend. Gotta luv us scorpions :)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hey! Hippocrates sounds so awesome. It sounds so intense though! I think I would end up desperately trying to find a way to make a piece of chocolate from the bed sheets! Keep on Keepin on!!! Have fun and be sure to boot scoot today!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey all,

I wrote last week expressing my frustration at my low white cell count and the delay that it caused in this round of chemotherapy. Additionally, the NP at my oncologist's office advised me to stay away from raw fruits and veggies.

Well, I decided to ignore her advice! I juiced and "saladed" up a storm. I went in on Monday -- white count way, way up - even higher than it was at the beginning of treatment. Go figure!

So I had the 2nd of 6 treatments. Now I am craving carbos like crazy! Ick. Should I continue to ignore the cravings, or allow myself a bit of pasta, knowing it is very temporary?

Hilary Baumann said...

How exactly are you juicing the wheatgrass?

My Breville is great but it doesn't really do grasses and sprouts alone. I've seen a few hand crank juicers that look like they would be good for doing small amounts of wheatgrass but I wanted to see what your thoughts were on this.

Your favorite pick for wheatgrass as well as best small and cheap option would be great(I have enough large kitchen appliances at this point I think.)

Growing wheatgrass on my fireplace mantel at the moment and it's quite pretty as well. Nutrition as decoration hehe. :)

cancer cowgirl xo said...

Cheryl! You make me feel like dancin' sistah! I am so excited I could cry. Do you mind if I but your testimony in one of my next blogs?

Many oncologists tell you to stay away from raw foods because of the possible bacteria. Truth is that there are loads of bacteria, microbes,viruses you name it in hospital food! Wash fruits and veg well, peel or you can even use FOOD GRADE hydrogen peroxide from the health food store to wash safely.

Keep vegging up a storm and if you want a little pasta on the side do it, but use spelt or rice and small portion. When you look at your plate it it more alkaline or more acid? Move in the direction and the quantity of alkalinity.

Try 2 green drinks and are you getting some wheat grass? Maybe a little enema with a wheat grass implant You are on the road, go girl go! Keep your stress down. If you are really craving, either try and ride the wave to your end point goal or if you're crying and miserable, have a little. Pasta ain't gonna kill ya. Sometimes when there you remove sugar (pasta) from diet their is a big yeast die off. Those pesky little suckers what starch and sugar. When you omit, the craving will change. XOXOXOXOXOXO

Jaime said...

hey Kris!
I am so glad you addressed the reason why oncologists sometimes recommend to their patients to stay away from raw veggies/fruits.....because the bacteria can possibly affect them more due to impaired immune functioning. I often worry about that with patients.

All you guys rock - I am trying so hard to eat more whole foods and cut back on sugar (b/c it's a tumor feeder), but I don't have a juicer (the poor grad student things again), and not sure I could do that. How is wheatgrass? I'm trying to get up the nerve to try it! :)
be well,

apoopslingingmonkey said...

Kris your own juicer?! AWESOME! I'll buy one! Im sure its gonna be easy to clean, juice wheat grass and everything else (so you'll only need one juicer for all your needs lol) and I bet its gonna be affordable too :) I can't wait! Hippocrates sounds awesome, I wish I could live there lol- although I'd probably eat my deodorant not just lick it lol! I use almonds too and almond butter to take away my sweets cravings, and chocolate (yum) cravings too! it works like a charm huh! Or other raw nuts. I've been using nuts as a sweet substitute for a few years now, the fat releases a hormone CCK which helps you feel full and also helps stabilize the blood sugar so it helps reduce sugar spikes/ cravings etc. Thanks for that sproutman link, I really want to grow my own sprouts! do you think it saves alot of money just growing them yourself? probably does...Anyway have fun!!

P.S. Maybe someday in the future you'll have your own Crazy Sexy CanSer Center where people can go to for everything like detox, classes on every topic, 80/20 cooking classes, a store with your favorite products, a wonderful vacation lol! everything - like your own version of Hippocrates. :) I'm sure all your blog devotees would be there! and you'd have to kick us out- cause none of us would wanna leave! lol!

StarBright78 said...


You say upon rising you have water with lemon and wheatgrass. But dont you recommend taking the wheatgrass by itself? A little confused...

Great blog - look forward to what you have to say and what everyone else has to offer!


Amelia said...

Hi Kris! I am Canadian and have been diagnosed with Celiac disease (gluten allergy) and arthritis 2 years ago, although I am only 23. First of all, I have to thank you for your inspirationnal attitude and for sharing your healing tips with everyone.

I have a question about wheatgrass juice. Do you think it is safe for people with celiac disease?

Huge thanks and best wishes to everybody!

robotslingshot said...

this is so what I need right now, a good green juice fast!

as always, you are inspirational. Hope you had a good, cleansing day.


halo said...

I can totally relate to the chemo carb cravings.
Not sure where it rates on the alkalinity scale, but have you tried quinoa as another alternative?

Good luck with the rest of your treatments.

Anonymous said...


You can use me any way you want!

I do take wheat grass every day and will continue to juice, juice, juice (cucumber, celery, kale, parsley, sometimes carrot). I don't even mind cleaning the juicer!

Keeping the carbo cravings at bay -- I NEVER want them, except during the dreaded chemo week.

bav said...


If you receive steroids with your chemo, which is pretty standard nowadays to help with nausea, that may be the source of your carb cravings. I had the same problem, big time, during my chemo.

In addition to the varieties Kris mentioned, I found an actual sprouted grain pasta that is yummo at my health food store. It was one of my transition items to the raw lifestyle. Knowing it was a high quality grain helped me get over the fact it was a pasta. Food combine with your veggies and you are guilt-free, sister!!

Keep rockin' the juice! Kudos on following your own guidance.


Laura said...

I had mega carb-cravings during chemo and unfortunately was not adopting this raw diet at the time. Sad to say that a bagel and cream cheese was my chemo-staple...happy to say that since chemo ended I can't even look at a bagel and cream cheese without getting nausea. I wish I had the knowledge and power of what I know now during my treatments. Although smoothies were a big help, a juicer would have saved many days. Ironic that I grew up thinking I was so healthy and active and since my diagnosis and my new found love for life and vitality I realize what I thought I knew was only the beginning. I do feel fortunate for having the inner inspiration to make these changes a permanent fixture and continue to love living. It is really amazing how having cancer, going through treatments, feeling like ass while going through treatments and having the visible scars and permanent changes to my body have actually allowed me to really love life. My major adjunt treatments are over, but I do have 1 more infusion in 2 weeks....then I am really done! I can't wait! I am on a lot of hormone therapy, which I don't like at all, but I think the wheatgrass is alleviating some of the side effects. All in all, I have learned and am still learning how to live each day as a survivor of cancer and a survivor of life!

I am enjoying this group and continue to look forward to reading the blogs and comments.

Krystle Freelove said...

I DID IT!!! And I just have to tell everyone.... I just got my Breville JE95XL Juice Fountain and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

I bought it at Macy's (Reg $199.99. But its on sale for $149.99 + if you have a Macy's card they give you 20% off coupons all the time!!)

From reading the posts I was totaly expecting to HATE my green juice for the first few weeks... but I didn't. Maybe I didn't do enough greens... but here's the recipe I started with....

1 cucumber
1 small green apple
2 carrotts
1 tomatoe
2 celery sticks
huge handful of spinich leaves
huge handful of romaine leaves


You guys are seriously amazing folks! I just stumbled upon Oprah one day, watched Kris' story, then had to see her documentary on TLC, bought the book, bought the pink yoga mat, and a walk counter and now I read this blog religously!

Wowzers!! Talk about a life changing expierence. This has seriously been amazing. You all inspire me so much. I love reading your expierences, suggestions, and support for everyone out here!

I don't even have canSer.. that I know of, but I sure as hell love the new path I am beginning to lead.

Thank you Kris. Thank you everyone!

Penni in Tulsa said...

I am obsessed with wanting to go to Hippocrates....I am so delighted to know you are there right now! Sending you love and super high energy vibes for your stay!

Basic Me said...

One of my first education forways was to culinary school It has helped me share the love veggie and writing new reciepts. I tell you i am so excited about going to HI. I hope you are enjoying your fast day. On wednesday we are going to start fastig. I am so thrilled with the results and I head off to the dr. tomorrow and cannot wait for him to see my new lean mean fighting machine body. I have never felt so god in my life. Enyou your time there. We are missing you and cannt wait to share in all you have learned when you return. You knoe beople have begun to cmpliment me on my vitiality and skin I just glow. Funny with the holidays coming some adjustment have to be made. Now if you can beleive it I am snekaing away from the mission to check in I miss you all. Hug and love to all Blessings Callie

Lauren said...

I finally got my juicer and drank my first green juice today! I love my juicer. I really liked the juice. I don't love it yet, but I think I will :)

So Kris brought up a good point about how hospital food is filled with bacteria. It got me thinking...after I'm done with grad school I will be working in a hospital as kind of a family/patient/child advocate, so I'm wondering how I could make changes in the food that's served? But not just me; how could anyone who's a patient, nurse, doctor, etc. advocate for changes? Food should be considered as important as the medicine that runs thru a patient's vein. We know it has a profound affect on our bodies. So what can we do to change the menu? There are nutritionists in hospitals, so would we partner up with them? I think if we could show proof through research or testimonials that could help. What else?
Changes can be made. Doctors now are forced to wash their hands! The horror. It's hard to believe, but handwashing wasn't a major practice until we realized people were getting crazy infections from the hospital. Doctors, nurses would go from patient to patient without washing their hands, but now it is mandatory. There are signs on patients doors about what steps you need to take before you can enter. Sinks are abundant and purell is plentiful.
So the point is that if it is obvious a change needs to be made then the environment will adapt.
How do we make it obvious? Like Fluorescent yellow obvious?

apoopslingingmonkey said...

Kris do you know if eating 80/20 or something close to it- but at least going vegan etc.. could that unblock clogged arteries? or would it just stop any further blockage?
My aunt (61yrs, and diabetic) who is in breast canser remission just found out today one artery in her heart is 74% blocked. The doc said she had 3 options- take meds, or get a stint (small heart procedure, but not major), or have heart surgery and just unblock it.

I'm meeting her this weekend for a wholefoods shopping spree, and also to hit up bed bath beyond for a juicer-she's ready to start-a-juicing. And shes gonna go book shopping, I emailed her your list of recommendation books-- but if you could narrow it down to 1 or 2 must haves (for her issues) what would you recommend?

Thanks alot!!!

apoopslingingmonkey said...

back again lol!

Bav ~ Happy birthday! hope you had an awesome time! :)

Laura ~ I have never used an omega. I have the 2 speed breville and i love it, i put the pulp through twice and get alot of juice no matter what i juice whether leafys or other stuff. it works great.

Jamie ~ get your Vibrance powder online through they sell it the cheapest! :) (at least what i have found)
and your other question about being so hungry- lol- I can relate! I have a raging appetite lol! maybe your not eating enough healthy fats, and proteins. I snack on raw nuts through out the day, and fresh cocnut, avocado too, I eat 1 a day sometime 1 1/2, seeds,.throw some virgin olive oil on stuff your eating too- lol Try to get fat in every meal. The fat is what will help keep you full for longer, and help stop cravings...

Cheryl ~ wow! that's awesome! great news!

Krystle Freelove and Lauren ~ congrats on the new juicers! :)
And lauren the medical field will need people like you to help change things in the hospitals! you go girl! :)

ok when I read Krystle's post about her juicer I realized that her's was the same as mine- but Macy's is over charging by $50! and $100 !!!
Macy's so-called "sales" are actually the normal regular prices at and bed bath & beyond! I can't believe Macy's would do this to people! Now even though you buy it when its on "sale" and luckily :) Krystle got a 20% coupon- so she paid what we are paying who got ours at BBB, but the problem is - is if Macy stops their so called 'sale' then people will be over paying by 50-100 bucks! thats so wrong! And they are totally deceptive about it. They make everyone think they are getting a great 'sale' price, when actually they are paying the normal price. Man that makes me so mad! People work hard for their money and to be ripped off by 50-100 bucks especially during the holidays just sucks. I'm boycotting Macys...boycott with me?

for example-
Macy prices-
Breville Juice Fountain Elite
Reg. $399.99
Their so-called Sale $299.99
(but at breville or BBB its 299.99 at regular price!)
Macy prices-
Breville JE95XL Juice Fountain
Reg. $199.99
Their so-called Sale $149.99
(but at breville or BBB its 149.99 at regular price!)

Laura said...

I have seen the Breville 5-speed at Bed Bath and Beyond and Linen n Things for $199. They often have coupons so it is reasonable to get that one for 20% off. I do love the Breville because of the ease of the wide-mouth, which means a lot less mess and time. The Omega 8005 that I have been using comes highly recommended as a masticating type. It is really easy to clean and very quiet, the only caveat is that I have to cut the veggies up. I don't have a ton of counter space and this is a pain, but I am sort of 'hung up' on getting the most bang for my buck and bang for nutrition so I think I may stick with the Omega, masticating juicer. Also important to keep in mind, the Breville does not do wheatgrass. If you are juicing wheatgrass you need to know this. I have a manual wheatgrass juicer called the 'Healthy Juicer' and it is great for wheatgrass. It was cheap and it is easy to clean and very light. I have not used it for other leafy greens, but it says it does it. I am traveling for thanksgiving and plan to bring it with me so I don't have to lug the big one. I will let you know how it goes.

Kris, I would LOVE a masticating juicer with a wide mouth and easy to clean, lets see what you can can call it the Crazy Sexy Juicer!

People, I would check ebay for juicers. People are always selling things and with the right investigation you can get a good one for a decent price. I think peoples hang up with the juicers, I know for me, was if I was investing in a new machine to use all the time and so important to my health and vitality I want it to be right. It is hard to ignore the 'top dog' nutritionists when they push the masticating kinds, but you seem to think the centrifugal kind is sufficient......

So on another juicing note, I am considering upgrading to the Greenstar (as a holiday present.) Kris, how much of a pain is it really to clean? Is the twin gear really superior over the single masticating type. Dr. Mercola promotes the Omega, so if I stick with that I am confident it is a good one....but just trying to do my research. It is hard to return the juicers, especially those bought online so talking to people seems to help the most.

PS: Anyone have any suggestions for a quick on-the-go raw breakfast that does not involve a smoothie.

Michelle J said...

Hi fellow bloggers...i have a question i hope somebody can help me with...i am interested in starting wheatgrass. I have no idea where or how to get it?? I live in a small apartment and do not have room to grow it. So, what can i do? Any help would be appreciated. Also, i have the Breville BJE200XL and really love it. It's so simple to use and cleanup is a cinch. I got it a Linen's and things for $99.99 with a 20% coupoun. Well worth it i think!!! Oh also, does anybody put lemon in their green drinks for the alkaline properties?? Thanks guys!!

dmarie said...

Hey Kris and everyone--
Just wanted to let you know I had my first colonic today! Thanks for giving the therapists link in your last post. Was a big help in finding one :)

bav said...


A couple important questions to ask Auntie in helping her figure out what course of action feels best to her (ie does she have some time to see if she can make lifestyle modifications or does she require more immediate intervention):

Is she symptomatic? (Angina, shortness of breath, fatigue, palpatations, racing heart, light-headed etc etc)

Which artery and where in the artery is the plaque? This does make a difference, especially if she is symptomatic. If she is right-dominant, which most of the population is, and this is where she has the plaque, she stands to lose both anterior and posterior cardiac muscle if she has an ischemic event, which can be rougher than a focal segment on one side. Or if the plaque is right before an arterial bifurcation, that could involve greater territory as well.

Her diabetes is a big confounder. I think raw would be great for her, b/c she can likely get tighter control of her sugars. I would encourage her to be as strict as she can be about her sugar control. Persistently elevated blood sugars, as I'm sure you know, destroys all those beautiful little blood vessels. Which, if you also have atherosclerosis, is a double whammy.

I am curious to hear Kris' answers to your questions. I think yes, 80/20 can probably prevent further extension of her disease, I'm not sure about reversal (although I don't see why not). The question is, however, does she have time to work on lifestyle changes or is her blood supply already too far compromised that she needs intervention now?

That's a complicated one! Good luck! I hope you both have fun getting her "green pharmacy" set up.


TLH said...

Just have to comment (I'm actually a doctor...): I'd avoid enemas during chemo unless you had a GOOD discussion with your doctor. Whether or not colonics/enemas are helpful are one thing but during chemo you want to avoid any potential for infection. Small tears in your colon aren't something you want to create during times of immunosuppression.

I'd also say that I'd still be safe and cook my veggies, especially in at the riskiest times. It's definitely true that the hospital food is full of bacteria and probably worse than raw veggies (don't get me started. It's interesting from this side...) but our solution is to not eat it. My poor spouse has to feed me constantly!

Basic Me said...

Hey everyone,
I am sneaking away from work again to check this blog. I need the betty... I am an addict.

Bav: happy belated birthday!!!
I adore my birthday it is a day well being a diva a week that is all mine.. haha.

I am rushing but I am concerned about the person with the aunt with heart disease! Follow the light listen to BAV if the dr. needs to clean out those arteries to save her life it will give her a second chance at life. Heart disease is not something to try and repair without a good dr.s consult and take a look at that angiogram and scan... you can see the blocks.. danger. danger.

But the great news is after all the plumming work she will have a bran new heart and a new way of life that will not cause the previous damage. On the diabetes.. We have a family excperiment going ... my mother and husband has diabetes along with other things.. This diet has so improved my husband that his specialist told him to cut out some of his meds if.. and only IF he was going to stay on the diet forever.. Continue to check his blood and move on. Now Mom is not having that luck. She is still eating her modified weight watchers southern cooking and she is having a fit and cannot get her diabetes under control .. I truley believe after days of research that the contempary food pyramid is the most dangerous idea we teach. It not only promotes diabetes and heart disease it contribute to its damage. We as americans have to change our idea about food. When we were in France the bread molded in a day and the milk was raw and we thought it nuts.. now I know it had no preservative and chemicals.. hand made everyday. Well I believe in this diet and jsut found an old book called "the Vegitarian" by Null written in the 70's and it completely discribes the importance of the macrobiotic and vegitarian diets. It is brillant if you find one read it. Ok girls back to grant writing. I cannot wait fo this week to be finished. I am ready to know what the year will hold but the Mission will be so different being a global iniciative instead of helping one person at a time. Both are vital and important but it is time for me.. I am to sread out today. Many Blessing and enjoy the day. I will check in tonight Sorry for the spelling.. I just am racing thru ... hugs all callie

Charleen said...

Update Time! I officially got kicked out of the clincal trial I've been in since September. How does someone that volunteers to be a guinea pig get kicked out? So far, I've been the only one:) So Kris, it looks like it's you and me canSer soul sistah that'll be focusing on just keeping our "chronic" stable. Apparently, even the lowest dose of Sorafenib was too toxic for my body causing my blood pressure to go dangerously high. I actually celebrated after my appt with a couple glasses of red wine with my brother. It was kind of a relief. I wished the drugs worked but at the same time I felt like I wasn't free to live freely. Outcome of the trial...stable chronic, bald and another 15 lbs lighter.

Oh, and to top it off, I took Bowtrol Tuesday night and feel like I've been preparing for a colonoscopy since yesteday. Whew!

As for juicers...I have to admit, when the blog about juicers first came out, I bit the bullet and bought the Green Star. Yes, there are lots of small parts, but got the cleaning down to a science. I know everyone can't afford it, but if you can and don't mind 5 minutes to clean it, it is well worth the investment. I understand you can do WG in the Green Star too. Is this so?

Peace and Prayers to all!

Jamie said...

I had my first green smoothie this morning! I have to say I did have to ‘choke’ it down. I finished about a cup of it. I used the one from Dr. Oz’s green smoothie but didn’t have any ginger. I added a scoop of hemp powder and I think I should have added more water. Also our blender sucks! I had to keep shaking it in order for the veggies to actually get to the bottom and get blended. But they did eventually! I drank a cup and although it was tough I feel good about doing it. My boyfriend took two sips and ran to the sink and nearly up-chucked. Oh well, at least he tried.
And last night I had a great stir fry chalked full of veggies! I know – cooked, but still veggies and only a little of brown rice with it. So it’s a good start.

Jaime (the GradStdnt) I understand not having the cash flow for a juicer (which is why I just did a smoothie with our cheapy blender). But ya know what? I figure even though I can’t afford one right now I can still keep trying to make other healthy choices =) So here’s encouraging you and to remember maybe we can eventually save up to buy one! Sometimes it can be hard to know you have no money to do the things you’d like. I contacted HI to see about prices and YIKES! I’m certain it would be worth it but it would honestly take me years to save up, especially with the flight down.

Halo – I’ve been wanting to try quinoa but found different kinds at my health food store – flakes, small round ones… what kind do you use? Heck I don’t even know how to use it. Anyone have any good recipes or a link to a site with good recipe resources?

Michelle J - For the wheatgrass you could try and see if you can find a juice bar in your area. We have Booster Juice and I realized they sell wheatgrass shots. I tried one. Again – had to shoot that sucker down fast as I didn’t like the taste or the smell, but it’s small and quick! So you can do it =)

Bav – What kind of sprouted grain pasta? Is there a special name for it? I’d love to try and find that somewhere. Especially with working out I know that sometimes I need a bit more carbs and calories in my diet.

Anonymous said...

Michelle J-- Yes I add lemon to my green juice for the alkaline properties, but it also helps to cut the "green taste". I am a bit of a newbie when it comes to juicing so I am still getting used to that "green taste". I like it lot better with the lemon in it. Today I juiced 2 celery, tons of Kale, tons of Romaine, sprouts, and lemon. I added a lot of Tobasco sauce to the drink and it was delish. Super spicey though so watch out if you dont like spicy!

Does anyone know if it is ok to add Tobasco? Is it acidic or alkaline? Also, does the Breville juice sprouts or do I need a hand crank one for that?

Becky said...

Happy Birthday, Bav! I thought of you all day. I am glad you indulged. I did that yesterday at a business lunch and then a dinner party. Inbetween I drank 3 juices and did a shot of Wheat grass just to even things out ha ha. I am adding lemon to my water now. I love that! My 12 year old daughter loves to juice with me! I make a mean cuke, kale, ginger, lemon, celery drink every morning. need to get some wheat grass though. Anyway, Charleen, I just know you are going to do well. The fact that you feel so free is such an indicator to go girl! I have chemo tomorrow and am looking forward to it since my scan showed progress last week. Anyway, loving this new green life. I think it's the bomb. Take care everyone.

Barbara said...

I wish I had the motivation and resources to detox. I asked in your last post, but I'll ask again-- have you ever tried the drink Naked? It is a no additives, organic juice drink. If so, what do you think about it as far as being an alternative to juicing?

I have slowly been eating better. Habits don't die fast that's for sure.

Love the Skinny Bitch book!!

halo said...


No prob - I use Bob's Red Mill Organic Quinoa and they're the little round grains. There are instructions on the package, but in case you can't find this brand, cooking method is

1 cup Quinoa to 2 cups liquid (either water or stock).

Let the liquid come to a boil first, then add the quinoa, let it come to a boil again, then turn down the heat (medium to low). Let it simmer/cook for about 15 min, or until the liquid is absorbed. Check and stir from time to time, just don't let it overcook or it will be mushy (like overcooked pasta). Once liquid is absorbed, take off the heat and let stand for 10-15 min.

I usually add some toasted chopped nuts, and toss with a little dressing (1 Tbsp each of orange juice and balsamic vinegar; to 2 Tbsp e.v.olive oil), & whatever spices you like. Chopped fresh parsley or coriander is really nice mixed in with it too if you have the inclination.

You can get creative with what you add to the quinoa - sauteed or steamed diced veggies, etc.
I think of it like a rice side-dish (only better!).

Hope this helps & enjoy!

apoopslingingmonkey said...

Bav ~ and Basic Me~ thanks sweeties for the all the info! :) I don't know the exact artery- she has another test in a few weeks
She does get shortness of breath, fatigue, palpitations, racing heart, light-headed if over exerted or stressed. But other wise she feels fine normally.
And yeah her diabetes is one of our main concerns. That's what her dad (my grandpa died of ultimately after his heart surgery) The diabetes really allows any surgery to pack a punch to the kidneys etc and every aspect of healing and a numerous amounts of other problems that wouldn't normally happen to people after a surgery who don't have diabetes.
She'd really love to not have have surgery or have to take meds- meds sometimes bring even worse side-effects in other issues.
Her diabetes isn't that horrible though. Shes only on glyburide 5mg day that's all.. Her blood sugar runs between 100- 170. She doesn't eat crap food either. She stays away from canned stuff, and boxed stuff. She keeps sweets to a low. etc. She takes vitamins, flax oil/omega 3's etc.
She totally would love to do the raw thing- but the problem is- she gets up in the morning at 4am for work and doesn't get home until after 5- 6pm. She has alot of arthritis pain, shes 61 years old, overweight(about 75 pounds I think), and by the time she gets home shes so wiped out and the last thing she has energy for is standing at the kitchen washing, cutting preparing food (she can only stand for 5-10 minutes at a time due to her arthritis) and because of her dentures she cant eat raw veggies, It just tears her gums up.. I told her to use her food processor and almost puree the veggies- turn the raw veggies into dust lol! then they will be easy on the dentures and the gums... but if she can get the juicer at least she can juice everything and not bother her gums at all... I just hope she'll find the energy and time to do the prep work of veggies, and and the cleaning of the juicer. Even tho the breville seems to be the quickest- i know for her its gonna be a long ordeal she'll end up dreading because of her arthritis. If she were retired and had the time and energy believe me she'd be eating 80/20

Yeah I don't think 80/20 can unclog, but I DEFINITELY think it could and would prevent any further damage, and at least start to help the heart be of optimum health to the best of that hearts capability...

But I do remember Dr. Perricone (love his books!) on Oprah years ago (i think Dr. Oz said the same thing too before) that you can reverse heart disease by going vegetarian/vegan... but now reversing heart disease though doesn't necessarily mean actually unclogging the damage that was already done.

Basic Me ~ rofl! your hilarious! I can totally imagine you, sneaking out a door quietly and quickly, and running like a mad women to your computer! lol! thanks for your concern about my aunt :) I'm going to read her your and bav's responses.

Justme117 ~ I think Tabasco is probably a no no because it has vinegar, which is on the acid list. It also has salt-not sure if its in the form of msg though... try this- throw 2 or more radishes in your juicer that will spice it up -tastes real good... or better yet- throw some actual fresh jalapenos, or fresh green chilies, or red chilies in the juicer- that for sure will give it that kick spice taste! and you'll be getting fresh live pepper enzymes along with capsaicin (which is an awesome natural anti-inflammatory) or you could also use cayenne pepper lol!

Barbara ~ hi, well 'Naked' i believe it's still flash pasteurized, so there are no live enzymes in it. maybe try to get a manual wheat grass crank for about 20 bucks at wholefoods, and start just buying wheat grass (in most regular stores, they sell a patch of organic wheatgrass for $1.99) So at least your getting a small start, and maybe one day you'll work up to a juicer :)
also maybe in the meantime, just try to eat more fresh veggies and fruit , greens salads, avocados, etc.

Someone said they had a cheap blender that sucked... at walmart you can get a 500 watt blender that really kicks butt for $40 ! its made by GE (its a GE made specifically for walmart specialty select appliances) and I LOVE mine- I through frozen strawberries and other frozen fruit in it that are hard as a rock, and this blender cuts thru it all in a second! its awesome and totally affordable!
its not sold online, but heres a picture of it (you gotta go into the store)

apoopslingingmonkey said...

hmmm blender link got cut off- here it is again-

halo said...


P.s. A good recipe site is
You don't have to be a member - just type in the ingredient in the recipe search. You can also search by category (quick & easy, healthy, etc.)


bav said...


Because I don't know the specifics of your aunt's sitch, I am just going to talk in general about someone with her constellation of health issues. But it may help you help her narrow down what questions/concerns etc to raise with her physician.

First, it is not normal to have all those symptoms when overexerted or stressed. So the fact that she is symptomatic is an indication that the blockage is significant enough that something needs to be done sooner as opposed to later. It is going to be tough b/c of her diabetes and the arthritis, but it absolutely can be done if she is willing to put in the work. She is going to need oodles of support. If her PCP can get her hooked up with physical therapy to help w/arthritis, nutritionist to help with diabetes and weight loss, nurse visits to monitor weight/bp/blood sugars etc, it helps some people to have that kind of monitoring. Not so out there on their own, b/c it's a lot to do by yourself.

So, from the medical standpoint, this is my 2 cents.

Because of her age, weight, diabetes, atherosclerosis, arthritis, she is high-risk. The fact that she is symptomatic just demonstrates that further. Now girl, I am about to blab lots, my intention is not to bombard you. I am not suggesting she can change everything at once, b/c I completely understand how overwhelming that is. Priortize with her doctor based on her case, and start with one thing. Eventually she can work her way down the "to-do" list.

Her heart. Not sure what meds her doc is suggesting. Of the 3 options, it is the lesser of all evils. And it is not permanent. It may buy her some time to also work on the lifestyle changes to see if she can help her body without physical intervention. Maybe a 6 month trial on the meds, along with juicing etc etc and reevaluate.

Not knowing her anatomy and what shape her heart is in, of the 2 procedures, placing stents is fairly "routine." (Not to minimize what a big deal it is.) However, depending on what kind of stent they place, she will require plavix/warfarin(coumadin)/aspirin= anticoagulation anywhere from 3-6 months until the stent epithelializes (lines itself with normal blood vessel tissue). If she falls alot, is frail, the increased risk of bleeding while on blood thinners needs to be considered.

Open heart surgery, having had it myself, (for cancer, not heart disease) I can personally tell you, NOT fun. And I didn't have the other health issues she is trying to juggle. If she can effect change on her own, and leave surgery as her last resort, I would throw her a parade to encourage her. Having said that, a doc suggesting open heart for single vessel disease makes me concerned about the particulars of her heart. So, I would empower her to get really clear on the details of her situation so she can weigh her options and decide what is right for her.

Her diabetes. Sounds like she has good control. The key number for her to know is her hemoglobin A1C. That should be below 7 minimum. Ideally, fasting blood glucose would be under 100, post-prandial below 170-ish. If she can do the juicing, more raw, I bet she could get off meds.

Her weight. Obviously, the juicing, 80% raw will help with that. I know the arthritis makes it tough, but even a 10 lb loss will significantly reduce risks. Swimming, stationary bike riding can be great means of exercise for those with arthritis. She would need to clear any exercise program with her cardiologist first, sounds like she may need to be careful.

Arthritis - inflammation confounds her coronary issues (b/c it affects the vessels). Would she be open to acupuncture? In my personal opinion, inactivity can actually make joint pain/stiffness worse. If she can find some kind of activity that is not painful for her, that would help tremendously. Yoga?

I think eating 80/20 or even 70/30 would be a HUGE help for ALL her health issues. Does she live alone? Have friends or good neighbors? Can someone come in twice a week and just wash/chop tons of veggies and bag them individually for her? When I'm working, my day starts early too. While not ideal, can she juice a lot at night, put some in airtight container to bring to work next day? Better than no juice. Bring bags of cut-up veggies for snacks, salads, larabars, sprouted grain bread. She can do it, it is just getting a routine down, which is oh so hard in the beginning.

Hope that helped!


Basic Me said...

Ok Gals and Guys... You know how Kris says call your posse when you have had it!! Or need help for a scan or something.!!!! Well I am going nuts... have you ever just had a day that sucked so bad it should get an oscar. I have had it.. First of all I had to run to work and I checked the bank... uuppppsss forgot to put deposit.. remembered to pay billss.. hahahaha following me.. then off to epidurals. Now I had bone cancer and had all the nerves from my hip to my knee cut and the new thigh weighs about 12 pounds so my back get wacky... Now I had 22 epidurals... POKE POKE answer work phone... POKE POKE phone.. UGHHHHHHHHHHH then... had to run the huskies with one very numb leg... looked like a polarbear on two legs hobbling like a mad person.. I thought Halloween was over..The dogs were not cooperating so they were tangling up on my very sore body and I was cussin' a blue streak... The poor families trying to enjoy the park.. the kids learned a new vocabulary.. then off i went back to work to call all the nuns at catholic social services and homeless coalition to tell them yes the money to help the homeless is there.. I just forgot to deposit it... Explain I forgot to deposit it... oh!!! Crap! The guilt.. ALL I could think of was Kris said we could have agave with acholol is tequila... and I was rationalizing the tequila... then I came home to face a mountain of veggies.. and thought I would shoot someone and guess what.. I loaded up on greens kale, turnips and collards, had a large salad the rainbow salad in Kris' book and had a green smoothie and I feel like the monster cursed suit has melted away and Callie is back... so say a prayer for my husband he stuck with me today thru good humor.. and I cannot beleive the food! It was so much better than the tequila for me and I was proud I did something Good for myself. Although ... I still have the bottle of teguila just calling me.. just one margarita.. naaaa I have stuck this long.. this day will not beat this Taurus.. haha I have got to get the week over and take a break... to much stress.. but the green smoothies with avacados are saving me!! So if you have a really bad day out there and cannot make it and want to hit Olive Garden or pick up a pizza... it is worth it to go home and give yourself some tender loving care.. I have turned the blackberry off, the guilt off, the bank off and the grants off... I will find peace I will find pece if it bleeping kills me today I will find peace!!! And besides three months ago I would not have had the energy to keep myself from jumping off a brige today! So Long Live the veggies and the wheat grass and off switches and king friends on net sites.... Was it friday the 13th??? Thanks for listening.. That was a first for me.. now I have confided in my posse.... I am no longer a posse virgin. ha.. love you all.. Peace and Eat your cotton pickin' veggies!!! Callie

cancer cowgirl xo said...

Hi loves,

Quick hello and some responses. I had no idea how busy I would be here so I haven't been able to keep up with the blog.

Wheat grass. Again you'll find lots of info at or I use the hand crank I bought at Hippocrates or my greenstar to juice it. We grow it but are thinking of having it delivered becayse y life is too busy right now. They also sell mats at wholefoods. It a great biz to go in!

I have water with lemon first thing, wait, then herbal tea, after that I have WG.

Amelia- go to and email michael. He is the best grower in the country, he's got all the answers. I think he will guest blog for us soon. I really don't think there is a problem but double check.

Quinoa os a great grain, so are amarath, millet and teff. Those are the top of the list.

Laura- stick with the juicer you have, it's fine. Upgrade when you need a new one.

AP Monkey - Well I see alot of things at HHI, full reversal of many diseases, many of the toughest ones. What is their secret? 100% raw, lots of enzyme supplements, wheat grass twice a day orally and rectally, green drink 3 times a day. The most important thing for her to do is cut out the dairy. Sugar- forget it, not while she is dealing with everything and diabetes. I agree with all that Bav. Best books: pH miracle, and Brian Clements book, living foods for optimum health. Help her do the best she can and guide her with love. You know a lot - more than most and you are very thorough and kind. Go girl! Big love and crazy sexy hugs to your aunt.

The theory that raw foods are unsafe during baffles me and makes me o frustrated. Many, many health practicioners have proved that they are essential during and post treatment. You body is starved of nutrients, oxygen, enzymes, phytonutrients, vit and minerals. What do they give you? Dead, acidic garbage loaded with the very same microbes they are worried about.

Peel food, clean with food grade hydrogen peroxide found at health food store, must be food grade. I walked into the director of HHI's office today, Dr. Brian Clement, he has seen more cancer than most, he has helped thousands back to health. I asked him point blank, can I say this with 100% confidence. His answer, a resounding yes. In this program we are completely raw. Extremely sick people with no immune systems. Between all the detoxing, WG, green drinks and raw salads with sprouts people come back to life. I have seen it with my own eyes. I know it is scary, do what feels right for you. My opnion is just that, an opinion. Not trying to steer you down the wrong path but I believe the western diet and the western hospital diet that is fed to the sickest people on the planet is just criminal. I have been speaking with some major hospitals about the possibility of bringing raw foods and juice bars to the patients. Guess what? They are starting to listen and starting to get really curious. We shall see. Again, do what feels right to you. End of the day, we need a big study so changes can be made without frightening people.

There is a great place called the tree of life in arizona. I was there and loved it. They did a film called raw for 30 days, google it. They help many patients reverse diabetes.

Good night gang.

bav said...

What, Callie??? You mean you ARE human?! :) Of course you are entitled to a day (or even 2) like that. As you may recall, I was going a bit bezerk recently too. Hang in there. Tomorrow is a brand new day. New light. Clean slate. Personally, that is one of the beauties of life that I just so love. Each day is a new beginning. I will light a candle for you tonight, and send you lots of twinkles (all the good mojo). Breathe, girl, blow out the yuck, inhale the fresh. We are all behind you.

Big healing hugs,

Michelle J said...

Hi everybody..Thanks for the advice on using lemons in the green juice. So, i just peel it and stick it in the juicer?? Yeah, yeah dumb question i know but it had to be asked...anybody know anything about blue green algae? Also, bee pollen? Just stuff i've been thinking about. Also, regarding sprouts, for some reason all i can find in my grocery is alfalfa sprouts. They are really tasty but wondering if i should be looking for the sweet pea sprouts as well. Ok, last question...colon cleansing?? I came upon this site I am considering it but am a little aprehensive...i need opinions please!!! Thanks Kris as always, your the best!!!

Mark said...
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Basic Me said...

I think you are so right. You can reverse so much with the raw diet. I joke and play a lot but this is very serious and I have spent the last 15 years fighting a battle with Gulf War Syndrome and AlS and now Diabetes with my husband. All the men he went on a mission with got very ill 12 out of 13 died. This is my opinion.. but 15 years ago when we finally found a dr. that didn't say go home and get ready to die. We have been to the point of deciding to put in a vent and feeding tube and she his wonderful dr.sent me a macrobiotic diet and an all vegan program. And she said if he cannot chew or handle the food puree it and blend it and juice it .. just get it in him. It saved his life. After he regained a lot of his health.. Stupidly- We got very very lazy and took some of this health for granted and along came kris and it hit while we were in a huge health problem. 80 days in the house and we were asked several times to put him in the hospital and I refused if we can stay out of hospitals he stays more healthy ... Six years after he was diagnoised I was diag. with bone canser. Along with many of the wives that handled and washed uniforms and handled equipment. All of us have gotten weird and very rare cancers. My cancer was a single tumor that is only seen in children from ages 3-7. it was in the marrow and was 27 inches long and 4 inches wide.. unreal. Luckily some of us are chronic and some are well. So that was a blessing. All of this leads to a point. First in the last three months my husband has gone from having 6 seizures a day to one or none in two or three days. He has also his diabetes to battle... has been completely reversed. His specialist told him not to get off this diet and not to take meds again. Just take the sugar levels and make sure it doesn't change. His movements and brain to nerve reponse time has double. he can get a fork to his mouth.. type and enjoy moving with some responces that he wants. his brain and thoughts are clear. he sleeps everynight. He has not been this clear and healthy even in the good year. I have also seen steriod weight and pain on myself and my husband lower to liveable points. Meds in this house has gone down trememdously. I am in awe. We have to live in a very controlled enviorment because Duncan has NO I mean NO immune system.. Or lets say he didn't the wheatgrass has made an enormous difference. he has even been able to go out to dinner with friends and go to study groups and to the mission and visit. It is wonderful to know he can walk into a grocery store and not come out with the flu or a cold. He even walked today... walked.. I do feel that this diet can make miracles happen .. the commitment to all the work.. the enemas and the food.. the meditation and the exercise. And make it your duty to be right and live.. Doctors do not know it all. I have changed my missions meals... I have also changed the options the people I work with have. We are supplying vitamins and supplements along with out flu shots.. and fruits and veggies and healthy snacks ,... I have still stocked chocolate and cokes.. I am not about to ask a homeless person not to have a coke. But at least I know they have the choice to have a better meal.. And we are meeting with the homeless coalition and writing a program to allow our customers to have healthcare paid thru us along with nutrition study and classes on how to buy food and eat in a way that will keep them healthy. I think we can all make a difference. I felt compelled to write tonight. I am sitting in my office again.. I got called in because we had a few sick babies that needed a dr. so I had to get one to come out and get these babies some care and send someone after some meds.. the I see children 2 and over drinking milk and they all have runny noses and coughs.. trying to talk to these young moms is impossible... They have so many problems this is not something you can just blurt out. but they get that going to bed with a bottle tonight is not a good thing.. Thanks to my pediatrician...but anitbiotics only work so much.. these babies could sleep thru the night if we relieved the mucus.. anyway... the whole point is this program has healed and began a change in my life I will never stop. And the wheatgrass enemas.. and shots in the morning has changed our lives.. I can see the health.. And everyone is asking me if I had botox,, hahah.. they want to know how with this schedule can I seem so rested.. because I dont need a drug to sleep because of pain for a change... but it takes the whole change but it cannot change in a day. it takes time. Thanks for listening.
Kris you are a rockstar!!!! thanks for all this work and thanks for caring enough to answer personal questions and giving us such good info. Hugs. Callie

Laura said...

I was treated at Dana Farber in Boston and also have family members as Oncologist at that hospital. I will preface this by saying that I was treated very well at this fabulous institution and never felt like a 'number' in the sea of cancer patients. However, it always baffled me about what they served to the patients. At every corner on the chemo floor, radiation floor and Dana 9....where the Breast Center lives is constant junk food. Sure, there is water and the occasional piece of fruit, but there is ALWAYS candy, cookies, chips, coffee, muffins, peanut butter (the processed kind too), graham name it. Sugar is the WORST thing for a cancer patient and yet everywhere you go is a basket of candy. I also had some surgeries and although I choose my meals wisely (or at least I thought wisely) the food was so not up to par. My family would have to bring food into me. It is amazing that they are so quick to hand out any kind of drug and yet the most powerful medicine, health and nutrition takes such a back seat.

Kris, have you approached the Zakim Center at Dana Farber? I know your doctor is at Dana Farber so you may already be connected, but I may be able to help too. My family is well connected within the Dana Farber so I can put you in touch with my sister, hematology oncology at DFCI/Brigham if you want. She is very involved with the Zakim Center. (I would love to help too and get involved one way or another.) I utilized the Zakim Center for Rekei massages and other services during chemo and radiation treatments. (I grew up just outside of Boston before moving to Ct. so I basically moved back into my old bedroom and let my parents and sister take care of me while my husband and baby sitter held down the fort and my two little kids.)

Although we are basically told we have to trust modern medicine because that is what society says, yet we all know that we can't assume just because doctors say something means that is the end all. My father is a holistic dentist and very knowledgeable in alternative care so it was especially difficult for him to see me so poisoned by chemo and radiation. I wonder and I don't know if this is even healthy to think about, but could I have tempted fate and reversed my cancer by moving to Hipprocates and changing my lifestyle or did I need to spend a year feeling like ass and poisoning myself. I suspect that it is a true combination of modern medicine, alternative care, raw diet and wheatgrass. There is something to be said for modern medicine and deep down I know that is what I needed, but I question why the rest of the equation of health and vitality is ignored. I have always struggled with the fact that I was healthy, in great shape and physically strong when I was diagnosed, and it was the medicine that is supposed to heal me that made me so sick....and I have yet to feel as strong, although quickly gaining on it. My dad has been pushing me to Hipprocates for quite sometime and I am saving and saving to make the trip.....hopefully by the summer I can figure out a way to make it work. Because of the cancer year money is really tight, but my lively hood and vitality is of utmost important so somehow I will figure this out. Anyway, I guess I can't look back and only forward to make sure I don't have another bout with cancer....or any other compromising disease. I have so much to live for and so much to give the world. The shock and awe of having cancer still blows me away, but I just take that and turn it into a mission of health, vitality and love for life and my family. I wish you all the same!

Kris, I would love to get involved and help in anyway I can. I find sticking together and talking is so inspirational.

Thanks all!

Basic Me said...

Thanks BAV!!! I dont think husband cutie pie would agree with you that I am human tonight.. hahahaa.. thanks so much.. and funny thing is I have you in my head as this sage peaceful force of nature and cannot imagine you freaking out.. haha Well I am talking to much the mission is dark, the babies are coughing and I have to lock up and go home again..again.... oh me oh my... but it is nice to sit at my desk and not have the laptop in the basement like this morning chekcing this site.. it is so much support. Susan told me that if you havent had cancer you really dont know that level of tired.. well she is right.. I ache.. I guess the marcaine is finally wearing off fromt he epidural... I will be dying tomorrow.. lets be positivie maybe not. Sending you cyber hug. thanks girlfriend. Callie

Oh you can get mung bean sprouts and all kind of sprouts at asian markets and all kinds of dark greens and herbs.. cheap.. they also have many types of beans you can sprout yourself.. healthfood stores will order a flat of wheatgrass...Michelle you doing great just look in the differnt stores.. ethinic food stores have radishes, greens, and different kales. Farmers have collards, and turnip greens.. and there are many organic farmers now. Good Luck

Basic Me said...

Laura.. how brilliant.. I tell you the best thing in the world is to take an idea and just do it. Like you I went into surgery and chemo and radiation and felt like I was dying. I went into the hopsital thinking I tore a ligament in my knee and left after being hacked up, poisoned and zapped. I have often wondered if I would have had a chance to really be educated and think.. would I have taken the same road. Would I take the same route again. No.. I would choice differently. I have reoccurances but then in a month they shrink and go down and are non-responsive to growth. I hate that sentance. I am going to HHI in the late spring. I hope I meet you there. I work as a mission owner and a facilitator and I am very interested in moving into a movement to make a change in the care of cancer patients. If I can I plan to make a nationwide movement and begin a plan to offer hospital a new idea about nutrition and patient care..we can attack this from a country wide approach. I have just finished writing a few grant request and this one subject will have me up writing a proposal to begin the fight. My Mission is basic missions.. the web site is nor up now but will be on Dec. 15th and we are going to battle.. this fight has come to Alabama.. God help us.. haha.. But I have learned the best place to start something lasting.. Is bring it to the women.. Put it in front of the Junior League in you area.. Get it to the city council! I'll keep you posted on how it goes here. Since I am still above ground ha I plan on making a change Urban Zen.. is a fabulous plan and it is a model for health and dignity and food care in hopsital, hospice and home care... check it out. And get geared up we women can ban together and make a difference.

Well enough... I was so touched by your post and BAV and Kris and I have written three post in a row. I am closing the machine.. Many Blessings new friend. Callie

Trisha said...

I just SSSOOO want to thank you!!
My daughter was diagnosed with cervical cancer 3 years ago, it went into remission, then came back last year.
I DVR Oprah every day but didn't watch Tuesday Oct 22 til Saturday the 27 th. I missed your movie!! I ordered the book and movie on DVD but was disappointed. I am "on the list" for the DVD.
I live 600 miles from my daughter and have felt so hopeless and helpless!! Now there is hope! I bought her your book (you can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink) I hope she "drinks".
I will be in line for your juicer!! THANK YOU!!
Here's to GREEN martinis !

Anonymous said...


I have thought the same thing about the damn baskets of candy! I live west of Boston, and have an oncologist at a local hospital, as well as one at Dana Farber. I LOVE both of them. They are kind, caring, knowledgeable, kick ass guys. But what is it about the sugar? While in the chemo chair on Monday, a nurse came around with a basket of crap: processed crackers/cookies. Ick.
I mentioned earlier that my NP said "no raw" when my white blood count was down. I ignored her. My onc., to his credit, was very supportive.
And, like you, Laura, I was in great shape before my diagnosis! Had just lost 20 lbs., was running every day, lifting weights, eating well. I have 4 treatments left. Need to get the energy back! It will happen, thanks in a large part to the veggies!
Thank you all for continuing to offer advice and comfort.

Diane said...

Hi Everyone,
On the homepage of the Doctoryourself. com website is an opening letter that includes the following: "I have seen the foolishness of conventional disease care wisdom. I have seen hospitals feed white bread to patients with bowel cancer and hospitals feed "Jello" to leukemia patients. I have seen schools feed bright red "Slush Puppies" to 7 year olds for lunch and I have seen children vomit up a desk-top full of red crud afterwards. And, I have seen those same children later line up at the school nurse for hyperactivity drugs.

I have seen hospital patients allowed to go two weeks without a bowel movement. I have seen patients told that they have six months to live when they might live sixty months. I have seen people recover from serious illness, only to have their physician berate them for having used natural healing methods to do so. I have seen infants spit up formula while their mothers were advised not to breast feed. I've seen better ingredients in dog food than in the average school or hospital lunch.

And I have seen enough. "

I have been juicing for a few years. I have an Acme 6001 that I use filters in to make clean-up easy. My boyfriend (who bought me the juicer in 2001) has been juicing since the '60's. He's never been in the hospital and his skin is absolutely gorgeous! Once you start reading about juicing, raw foods and vitamins it's a wonder that it isn't on the news. But I think Kris is doing a great job of getting the word out!!!!
Take care, Diane

clint said...

Re Cheryl: (Sugar)

Cheryl, I think it's their way of making SURE that they don't lose their "customers" and that you'll visit them again... ;-) know I'm only kidding... but, might be on an unconscious level huh ?


apoopslingingmonkey said...

I read her your posts on the phone - she said "thank you so much!!!" she was thrilled by all the info! (me too!:) and I emailed the posts to her too. She's gonna get the books- thanks for the particular recommendations! Your super sweet for taking the time to answer my questions! She's open to all your recommendations, and is going to start putting them to use. Ironically one day after her bad heart news, today she going in for her 6 month mammo...geez lots of stuff for her to have to think about all at once in 2 days. She's a trooper tho!
Thanks for the amazing 100% raw full reversal secret and all the daily steps to take! Really that info is awesome!!! Man wouldn't it be nice if everyone could have the time,energy, and motivation too live raw 100% every single day! dream on lol (at least for me lol!)
I LOVE that raw for 30 days video clip, I actually watched it a few days after I had got your book, because I went to all the links you had in the back of the book, so I had spent some time at the Tree of Life site, and seen the video clip thru there. I actually had sent my aunt that link about a month ago, and we have talked about it quite a bit over the last month.

Take care of yourself !! and get some rest :) seems like your soooo busy, I'm sure between your crazy schedule and this busy blog, I bet you and the hubby could use a deserted island for the weekend or a week right about now lol :) try not to burn out, and take some time to veg out and relax :)

apoopslingingmonkey said...

Bav ~ Thanks for all your info too!! :) i got more specifics- real quick then I gotta go,
Heart not enlarged but has left ventricular ejection fraction 73% .
She's down to only 2.5 mg 1x a day of glyburide (it used to be 5, but since the omega 3 regimen her blood sugar is way better).
She's only had a racing heart once (recently, which is what made her go see her doc.), palpitations now and then, and she said she doesn't get light headed, but does get short breath only if extremely overexerted.
her A1C fluctuates from 6.5-7.0
(currently its 7.0)

Oh and Kris she thought your "Big love and crazy sexy hugs to your aunt." was just in her words "ahhh thats so sweet!"
thanks again for everything!

Basic Me said...

Happy Friday!!!
The week is over!! I stayed so late anf finished for the week. So I am offically off for three days. I am thrilled. I was exhausted. I think we learned alesson last night.. My husband cutie pie was dying for a blueberry muffin and he ate one and heacache and lack of sleep and feeling drugged hit him like a tons of briks. But those bricks are the brick os knowledge=white flour, white sugar, fruit after supper, chemicals and additives including msg. Bless his heart he hardly slept all night. I swore he wasn't doing that again he has been feeling to good,

Well ladies I am heading to the univesity library to do some hevy duty research on the new initiative (Basic Health) Give me ten days and I will have a mandate written and be on the spot with hustling for donations for hospitals to change thier food and lobbying. I no longer thinnnnk small.. I really reached wtih basic Missions and boom it has given me a life i can run from my home most of the week. So I am reaching for the stars. Have a juicy, greem, wheatgrassy, sassy Day!
Hugs and peace.

Christin ><> said...

how expensive is a three week stay at Hippocrates? I'm seriously considering going....

Jamie said...

Hi everyone. I have to confess. My boyfriend and I broke down yesterday & had fast food. I just keep telling myself that we have to just keep trying and just keep taking little steps. So I figure we had our first green smoothie yesterday, we're doing the Colonix cleanse and we slipped up but we're still making some good changes too. *phew* My bday is tomorrow so I'm gonna have some cake with friends, but I'm also gonna try another green smoothie. Hopefully my avocado is ripe enough and I can tweak the ingredients to make it a little more drinkable!

Michelle J - My friends tried the one of the programs through and really really liked it. Said she was shocked at the stuff that came out of her! . I was considering it but right now my bf and I are doing the Dr. Natura colonix. It's working on him really well but so far not much on me. This might be to much info but I'm generally constipated as is so I guess maybe that's why it's not doing quite as much as it would on a regular person? But it's only Day 6 and at least I'm having a bm everyday instead of 2-3xweek. :|

Jamie said...

PS: Christin ><>
Depends on your finances I guess. It's far to much for me. I emailed them for information and the lady who emailed me back was really helpful. The cost depends on the type of room you book as well (if it's by yourself or if you're willing to share a room). I would suggest emailing their info email.

Missy said...

Hi Kris,

I really love your blog and all your advice. I don't have cancer, but am really scared of it, so I try to take (somewhat) good care of myself and eat good things. I haven't kicked all bad food away yet, but I definitely eat a lot of raw veggies, and hardy any meat.

I have a little question about the lemon... how can it help alkalinity, when it's sooooo acidic (between pH 2-3)?

Thanks! And as you say it so well, peace and veggies!

DY said...

Hey Kris and all you canser chronic gals and chaps!
Today I am 4 weeks at about 99% all raw and it ROCKS! I have a onc appt on Dec 19th and I hope to report that my white blood cell is on it's way down.. I feel so much energy even the craziest day seems easy! Now to take over the world.. well, at least elimanate the remains of the SAD in my home and convert my family...

I am inspired to start a blog...wait for it...Debbie Does Raw...better to make yourself the punchline before everyone else does..ha ha!

BTW, the 30 Day Raw trailer made me cry.. wish my Dad who was insulin dependent most of his life would have had a chance to try that.. he died at 58, also with a form of leukemia...That is not the way I intend to go out people!

Look for my blog link in my next comment,

Thanks and loads of love and veggie to Kris, you set me on this path and may have saved my life..if you ever come to southern cal, you and your hubby always have a place to stay with my family! Come see the Rose Parade!
love and kisses
CLL survivor and chronic liver of life xoxooxoxoxo

Laura said...

Hey Cheryl,
West of Boston....that is where I grew up. What local hospital are you going to other than the Farber. We should connect. I go back to the Farber every few months for follows ups and to visit my family who is in Wayland and Newton. I now live in Connecticut Are you having chemo at the Farber? If so, I know Dana 10 quite well. If you don't mind me asking, what type of cancer do you have? Be strong through these last treatments and treat your body right. I know how hard it is to resist certain foods during treatments, but do what you can and think positive. You WILL feel like your old self again, probably stronger. I have found that this horrible experience of cancer, chemo, radiation, scars and the emotionality of realizing the finality of life to have turned into a positive experience of health and vitality. Of course I look so different now. I have literally no breasts and am still growing in my hair from chemo. I feel different because of the hormone therapy I am on....but I can truly say I have a truly different outlook on life. I didn't feel this way during treatments, but now that I am continuing to heal and enjoy the daily pleasures of life I can say it and mean it. I feel fortunate to have had the resources of Dana Farber and now I feel just as fortunate to be part of this group of people who strive for full health and vitality.

I want to share with all of you the mantra from my Yoga class today. It was "That I am....I am that." "So H-am, H-am So" It was very spiritual being able to go deep inside myself and decide who I am and what I am. With each posture, stretch, breath in and out we said those words to ourselves. I know I am healthy, I know I will live beyond survival and I know I will continue to cleanse and heal from the inside. I know you all will too. Just checking into this blog and into each other is a huge component of our vitality. When the days get dark, and they will, keep checking in and remembering each other's survival. Have your veggies and drinks and continue to live for the moment, each and every moment. Be strong and kick cancers ass please!

PS: My 5-year old JUST (about 10 minutes) lost his FIRST tooth.....what a great reminder of the simple excitements and innocence of life. The look of accomplishment on his face was priceless!

Michelle J said...

Hello everybody!!!
Jamie: thanks for the suggestion, i think there is some sort of juice bar near me called Fuel, i will check it out...
Justme117: I juiced this morning and put a whole lemon in with the greens and i found it way to sour for my taste! I even added a small apple for sweetness and didn't taste it at all. Hey, but i feel healthy!!!! :O)
Debbie: You ROCK, i am so glad you are doing well with your CLL, i think i told you my mom has CLL and i am slowly getting her to incorporate more green juice and raw into her diet.
So, all in all i am lovin the juicer i got for my birthday and all the fun stuff changing my diet.
Oh and Jamie thanks for the info on Blessedherbs. I am thinking i may try it. I want to feel clean on the inside too!!! Love to Kris, you ROCK my friend, and to all of us crazy sexy lovers of life!

goony said...

I've been juicing for a couple of weeks now, and I am one mad juicer! This morning I took the pulp and ran it through my juicer 4 more times, and each time I got more juice! Is it OK to use lime instead of lemon? I just like it better. Can anyone tell me if the wheatgrass capsules are as good as the real thing, or close? My grocery store sells wheat grass in this little 4"x4" package, and it doesn't seem like that would go very far. And our local Smoothie King sells shots of it, but it is $2.00 for 1 oz.

Kris, I just bought your book yesterday, and I'm already half way done! I've needed some tissues, but I laugh a lot too. I just love that you aren't all polite and tip-toeing around the subject. Cancer is all around me. My Grandma is a breast canser survivor! (She Rocks!) My father-in-law is currently going through chemo for a tumor in his lung. I lost my step-father (he raised me) and last year my husband lost his mom, all to canser.
It has made me realize how fragile our bodies are. Srong, and yet so fragile, you know, and how we need to WAKE UP and smell the veggies!. The old saying you are what you eat!


Basic Me said...

ok just me... so is it the green taste like your drinking your lawn clipping part that is not working for you. Try this... I think of my favorite green salad and dont go bitter... say 2 cucumbers, squeeze of lemon, celery stalk, spinach, avacado. If you like mexican guacamole hit for that taster. remember the food combos you love .. what fav. salad dressing add some tastes to get you going.. cilantro will make it bright. and rosemary woody.. so stay away from woody. Mint would be lovely with the lemon and cukes.. take down regular cook book and modify your favorite reciepts or soups into your spring juice and it will be far better than a v-8 if oyu like a touch of heat add cayenne in small amounts and garlic. I love a savory breakfast so I love avacodo, cilantro, shallot, lemon juice, wasabi the radish not the paste, celery and turnip greens, makes you want to heat it.. as a matter of fact one of those spicey little 500 dollar vitamix mixers I am dying to have will heat it for you. Oh I will have ro dream for that until after xmas.. hope this helps..and remember you can add sprouts to anything hot or cold and they tend to take on the common taste in the food they are very food neutral. I have just been writing some reciepts for a friend who has to pack her lunch and delish...take nori for sushi and fill with wasabi root to taste, spinach, sprouts, cilantro, cucumbers and roll up a great mind morning pick me up that would make a great green drink. enjoy and peace and veggies and blessings. Callie

Anonymous said...


I am receiving my chemo at Emerson Hospital in Concord. Only 20 minutes from my house vs. 1 hour. Dana Farber and the oncology unit at Emerson are affiliated, and my 2 oncologists were in complete agreement as to the course of action so it made sense to get the treatment locally.
I was diagnosed last Feb with stage IV colon cancer. Mets to the liver. I had colon surgery during which about 20% of my colon was removed and the fewer-than-thought lymph nodes. Followed by 12 week course of chemo. After the chemo, the 2 spots on my liver had shrunk dramatically (barely visible on cat scan) but surgery was recommended anyway. Surgery was in August. Pathology report post surgery showed no cancer.
I am currently starting a 2nd round of chemo (same cocktail as the last time). I thought a good long time about doing the chemo again. My Dana Farber onc. is a specialist in colon cancer that spreads to the liver, and he strongly recommended this (hopefully) final course.
I keep telling myself that, compared to others' stories, I tolerate chemo OK. There's no denying it totally fucks up your life, though. Mentally and physically. I get frustrated that I don't have the energy to enjoy a gorgeous fall day. Or, instead of hanging out with my kids who are home from college for the weekend, I really need to just lie down.
It helps tremendously to hear the "after the treatment" stories. Despite my whining here, my state of mind is actually very positive and good. Sense of humor is essential! This blog is essential! Veggie juice is essential!

Laura said...

We really should connect. I know Emerson Hospital quite well and since I grew up in Wayland and my family is still there we have a lot in common. (I go up to visit all the time and also go to the Farber for follow ups on a regular basis/) Also, my uncle is an Oncologist for GI/Colon Cancer at the Farber. In fact, he is the director of the clinic. Small small world. It sounds like you have everything under control, but please let me know if you need anything at the Farber. My uncle and sister possibly could help. Also, my aunt who is young (in her 40's) was diagnosed with colon cancer last year and is always looking for other young women to connect with. Feel free to email me directly, I would love to further this fact anyone can email me directly at

Be strong and be well to all! Eat your veggies and drink your juice!

wheatgrassking said...

Hi all. Michael from Hippocrates here. Just a two quickies. YES, my blog is just about finished and will be up soon. My personal website is (not org) and for the best wheatgrass juicer at the right price ($45) it is on my main page. More to come soon. =)

cindytzvi said...

Cheryl, you and my husband are going through the same thing. He's 38 and was diagnosed with stage IV colon with spread to the liver in June. He's been through 4 initial rounds of chemo, surgery to remove 40% of his liver and part of his colon, and his now doing the follow-up chemo (he's completed one horrific round so far). I totally dreaded restarting chemo so I understand where you're coming from. Although it isn't me actually going through the exhaustion, nausea, neuropathy, and general malaise, it's horrible to watch someone you love go through it. Feel free to email me directly at Take care and stay strong. We're in this fight too!

Becky said...

Cheryl, what chemo drugs did they give you? I was diganosed with Stage IV Andeno Carcinoma, unknown primary, mets to the liver. It is not colon, however...maybe gynocological? Anyway, I had a slow response with Cysplatin and Gemzytabin this summer and now I am on Taxol, Avastin and Carboplatyn. Small response so far! BUT, I am always interested when someone says they're liver tumors shrunk. Mine are too big to do surgery or RFA at the moment and that is discouraging, but at least we finally had some response and apparently no spread....I am swearing by this new green in my life.

Anyway, Good luck!!! I am having my treatment in York and working in conjunction with MGH and Dartmouth Hitchcock.

Good luck.


Laura said...

Hi Folks,
I use the manual juicer that Michael from Hipprocates endorses and I it is really nice for wheatgrass. It is easy to use and clean. I haven't used it for other leafy greens because I have an electric juicer, but it is supposed to work for that too....just thought I would share.


rinne said...

Hi, kris! Love your blog!

I have a question about wheatgrass. I tried taking it 3 yrs ago when I was diagnosed with treatment resistant thyroid cancer. I would take a small shot on an empty stomach and immediately start heaving. I'd be nausous for hours. Is there any way to remedy this?


leila said...

For the healthiest juicer, the most minerals in your juice by leaps and bounds, I use a champion juicer as a grinder and a juice press, from the juice press factory. Gerson therapy patients get a discount from them It's more labor intensive though. The easiest juicer I've had is a Breville but you're throwing out most of the nutrition and have to drink a lot more juice for the same effect.

cancer cowgirl xo said...

Hi loves!

Massive squeezes to each of you! I leave HHI tomorrow. Off to Boston then back home. WOW! We need a forum asap. I am so sorry it has taken this long. Whiping my designer as hard as I can. Screw non-violence and ahimsa, we need a forum!

So our first Guest blogger is stopping by tomorrow! Michael Bergonzi is THE BEST wheat grass and sprout grower in the country. Yes! Knowledge from the source - just like I like it! Thank's Michael.

Laura - Girrrrl. You know I'd like to get my hands on Farber's chow. My big thought is juice bars, easy, low cost, they could even be carts. Can you imagine? I have a few hospitals interested. Meeting with my onco Monday. No scans, dinner and the Bruce Springsteen concert! LOL....Let's keep chatting. I will bring it up. In fact, I will pring your blog post! xoxoxo Anyone else have scary hospital food stories? I should do a blog on that, just to record it for the powes that be.

PS. Thank you all for always sending a bright note my way. I really appreciate it. I adore each of you.

PSS. Lemon is funny, lime too, once IN the body it is highly alkaline. Outside acidic.

Such personality on this blog!

Laura said...

Kris, Good luck in Boston. I don't know about you but I get "agita" everytime I step-foot back in that hospital. I can't even smell the soap without wanting to throw. It is not that it smells bad, but I have this psycho-sematic response to it.) I was just at the Farber last week for a follow-up. Dana-9 (the breast center) has a wonderful boutique for cancer patients. It is where they have hats and scarfs for chemo-patients, and wonderful help for getting wigs and breast forms for after mastectomy surgery. I noticed they did not have your book. I think it would not only do well there, but would help a lot of patients. While I was going through treatments they were selling RAMY's book and DVD, so I think they should have some Crazy Sexy Cancer too.....go check it out if you haven't already. They are super nice!

Let us know how it goes at the Farber and how and when I can help with the Outreach et al. It is in my blood to talk and inspire.....and it helps my psyche along the way too.

When you have a chance can you do an entry on food combining and some how to's and how not to's. My husband and I are always having 'food combining' conversations. We have so many books, but still find it overwhelming. Looking forward to Crazy Sexy Nutrition.....I find it so hard to figure out what to have for dinner....and what to serve the kids so they will not only eat but eat healthy too....if anyone has ideas PLEASE pass them along.

cheers (green juice of course!)

halo said...

Scary hospital food stories:
On the morning after I had surgery, I was given black coffee and a packet of sugar for breakfast (nothing else - no food, no milk). I had not eaten anything since the night before my surgery. I could not believe it - holy acid batman! Got hubby to pour it down the sink.

During a chemo treatment over the lunch hour, the volunteers brought sandwiches to the chemo patients. White bread and processed cheese - as if chemo wasn't enough to make you nauseous and constipated.

Makes me wonder who puts the hospital menus together...

Lauren said...

I looked up hospital + organic food and found out that some hospitals are starting to go organic.
Here's the article:,9171,1194018,00.html

Since I'll work at a hosp. in the future I'm thinking I'll try to work at one that does serve organic food cuz then it means they might be receptive to more change. Then maybe someone will do a study on it to see the benefits. Maybe someone already is doing a study!

So, my favorite over-the-top show House is trying to give organic vegetarians a bad name! Still love the show though. If you want to know what I mean you can watch it online on The title of the episode is Guardian Angel.
It's about this young woman who's having major hallucinations.

Sandra Joseph said...

You are so generous about answering all the gazillions of questions we bloggers throw your way. I'm sure it gets to feel like a full time job sometimes. I wonder if you're planning to do an FAQ section. I just noticed one on Rosie O'Donnell's blog and thought of you right away. (Go to if ya wanna see what I'm referring to.) There's a place right on the homepage that you can click on for "the top q&a; answers to the most popular questions people ask on the blog." Maybe when your schedule allows, you could create a similar section so people can read before they ask. Better yet, have someone create it for you. Might save you some time and the nuisance of being asked the same questions over and over. I hope you feel how grateful we all are for the time you put into this blog. I hope it doesn't ever become a pain in your (already busy) behind.

Hilary Baumann said...

thanks for the tip on the manual wheatgrass juicer called the 'Healthy Juicer'. I've added it to my Christmas wishlist. :)

As for raw on the go breakfast... some raw foodies will do dehydrated items like dried fruit, dried fruit bars and that sort of thing. Some raw foodies don't do dehydrated so I guess it just depends on how much nutrition you are trying to get. You could probably adjust some raw cookie type recipes to be more breakfast like as well. It would take some advanced planning to make.

Bav might have been talking about another one but the sprouted grain pasta and breads I buy are from Look for Ezekiel 4:9 or Genesis 1:29 - The pasta is dried so it's on the shelf with the organic pastas but the breads and tortillas are in the freezer section usually. I swear they even taste healthier and better than even the high end breads and I bought some pasta but haven't tried it yet so I can't comment on it.

Trisha said...

My daughter was diagnosed with cervical cancer 3 years ago, it went into remission, then came back last year and spread to her stomach. Her immune system is too low to operate so she is getting a series of shots. She is only 27.

Anyone out there with stomach cancer? I just talked to my daughter and she said the doctor told her not to eat salads because they were too hard for her to digest. I was wondering if the juices without the fiber would be easier.

Also, on the juicers, I bought a Hamilton Beach Big Mouth juicer at Wal-Mart for $50 and made our very own green juice. It did a very good job on everything except the spinach. My husbands comment "This could be addicting".

I want to thank all of you. I feel so relieved to have someone to talk to. My daughter didn't want to talk about it. Now I'm getting her to open up more. Is that common? It will go away if I don't talk about it?


Anonymous said...

Kris - The interest in, and support of, providing organic foods and fresh-pressed juices in hospitals is enormous, and long overdue. It is obvious through these numerous posts that there are many in your wake ready and willing to espouse such virtues!

If/when you are ready to ignite the catalytic coals, I would like to introduce you to professional and personal contacts I have in the Wash.DC Metro Area - the presidents of two major teaching hospitals, the director of nutrition and food services of another, the director of marketing at another, the director of communications at another, and a variety of division/research directors. Additionally, if you are interested in increasing your print/television press coverage in this market, let me know. No doubt there are others following this blog who have a variety of connections as well, through their own experiences - both professionally and personally - while dealing with cancer.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for your good thoughts! Right back at you. My oncologist at DF is Jeffrey Meyerhardt.


I am on Avastin and Folfox, which is made up of 3 different drugs: 5-FU, Oxaliplatin, and Levcovorin. The spots on my liver were very small to begin with.

I must admit this blog is becoming somewhat of an obsession! I check it at least once daily. There is so much support and LIFE here!

Thanks to all.

Anonymous said...


My email is if you want to contact me as well. Did your husband have any symptoms? I didn't think I did, but in retrospect, some minor indications.
Stay strong! I'm a bit worried about going through treatment during winter months, with the neuropathy side effects.

Dee said...

I'd highly suggest NOT licking the deodorant, as tempting as it may be. The cravings should have diminished by now though!

And this post makes me want a really giant delicious salad *mouth waters*.

Jamie said...

Halo - Thanks for your instructions and suggestions on Quinoa. I actually found some and tried it this weekend. I looked up some recipes and tossed the quinoa with some olive oil and the juice and zest of an organic lemon. It was great! In fact even a few other family members who are a little leary of trying new stuff liked it! I do believe this will become one of my new fave things to use for meals.

Jecca said...

I thought that the original Hippocrates was in Boston, but I'm having trouble locating it online. i live in MA and I am inspired to check it out b/c of your experience. Any ideas?

PS-You are incredible!