Thursday, November 22, 2007

I am Grateful

Happy THANKSgiving magnificent community!

I woke up in a meditation about all the people and things I am grateful for today. My dreams of gratitude swirled like a summer storm blowing the tune of "everything's gonna be alright". Popped open my peepers and thought I'd host an electronic grace at our community table.

So how about we open a collective dialogue with the universe today. Yammer with YOUR god, goddess, Jesus, Buddha and/or Elvis. When I connect with a higher source I'm reminded of my sacred divinity. I chat (AKA pray) to set clear intensions and goals for the universe to work on. The universe loves that! Less stuff for it to figure out. A prayer of thanks works like a charm. As I mentioned in a previous blog, instead of “PLEASE MAKE IT GO AWAY NOW!” I say, “thank you for my perfect health, wealth and happiness”. My life is abundant NOW, my cup runs over and floods my inner ashram with emerald rivers of stamina, strength, spirit and AMEN.

Your brain is a complex radio station broadcasting thoughts, directions and vibrations to your cells. What frequency are you on? Is your DJ a hell's angel or a minister? Think about this, how do you feel when you're flooded with jealousy or worse..envy? Can’t eat, enraged, insecure? How about when you're bursting with pure white light joy? The shape of these emotional states have an affect on your mind AND your body. Now, I’m not saying you have to be bliss boy/babe 24-7 and amputate negative emotions left and right. Impossible, we're energy beings being human. Sometimes mad-sad-rage is the ticket to self preservation and liberation. Just notice the puss and send positive energy to the source of the pain.

Now for the fun part! Let's breathe and say thanks for answered prayers as if they have already happened. Let's broadcast healing thoughts to the universe like Dick Clark on american bandstand, or like when he rings in the new year with a disco ball dropping in Times Square and we all yeah hooray! And so it is....

I am so grateful that we humans woke up and came to our senses in protection of mama earth and all her wee ones. We realized that there is no separation and that our part equals the big picture whole.

I am grateful that we retracted our knives and instead chose to extend hands of peace to hold our brothers and sisters in the middle east.

I am grateful that money is silly and that real currency is exchanged with a smile.

I am grateful for parents who taught me I could do anything and a mom who believes in the transformative power of sock monkeys.

I am grateful for a husband who is my best friend.

I am grateful for in-laws that hold grandparent wisdom and notice the birds.

I am grateful that a feather on the ground is a sign that the universe just answered a prayer.

I am grateful for the opportunity to serve.

I am grateful for my friends and for the people I don't like so much because I am temporarily still attached to simple thinking.

I am grateful for my kitty.

I am grateful for each of you, all the canser cowgirls and chaps who are seekers of truth, health and real deal happiness.

What are YOU grateful for? And so it is.....

Happy day.

Peace, veggies and turkey emancipation!

PS. Crazy Sexy Beth MD answered a bunch of questions on the last post so make sure to check it out. Feel free to continue the conversation on this one. XO!


Stacy said...

Thanks, Kris! Just what I needed today.


Nicole said...

I'm grateful for you sharing all the wealth of information you have. You are a rock star. Thank you.

Kay said...

I am grateful for my wonderful, new, first boyfriend. I am grateful for my family, even though they sometimes drive me nuts. I am thankful for my friends. I am thankful for creativity, which gives me the ability to create and write.

pottergirl said...

I also woke up counting my blessings today. Set my intention toward gratitude in my yoga practice. I juiced first thing and I am so grateful to you Kris for helping me and so many others strive to live better lives.
Happiness & Peace,

Episcopollyanna said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Kris.

I am thankful for you! :)

And if I were to make a list here, I'd miss my dinner of roasted veggies. ;)

Best wishes to all. - e

Liz said...

What a great post. Hope you and readers have a very Happy Thanksgiving!! :)
Kris, if you see this, could you tell me what your take on foot detox pads?? Or anyone here that might know a thing or two about them!!
Thanks greatly!

stephani said...

I am grateful for the change that my illness has created in my life. Grateful for my juicer, the creator of good health, and my mom who bought it for me. Grateful for yoga, my acupuncturist, Kris Carr and her wisdom, family support, and a raw food cafe in my backward town. Grateful for the new view of life, and appreciation for each moment. Grateful for the time it took me to recover, which was the time it took me to rediscover my passion for life. Grateful for my crazy sexy cancer blog friends!

Tae said...

+My family and the family I have inherited
+Being married to my soul mate and favorite person in the world
+My near and dear friends with whom I have grown with...and their expanding families :-)
+Having a job I love and that makes a difference in the world
+Having coworkers (and friends) that have become like family to me
+A cat that loves to snuggle (a little too much sometimes)
+My healthy lifestyle changes/choices
+People who let you in even when the traffic is unforgivable
+Parents who love me, inspire me and believe in me
+The genuine love in a hug from a child

cooper said...

Your wonderful words brightened my day. This week is a chemo week for me so I am having a hard time finding the bright light. However, after reading your post, I found my positive center and am thankful for having this beautiful day to enjoy.

Thank you for all you do for us.

GoGo said...

I absolutely Luuuuuuuuvvvvvvv your blog!!! So informational and inspirational. I'm blogging about my own journey through depression. I hope you'll check it out :)

Basic Me said...

I am going to follow your lead.
I am so grateful the ability to be present in every day. For the ability to connect with each person I met with love. I am grateful for all I learn daily from those who have nothing and are willing to give to each other. And those who have everything and bless others with gracious love and intention. I am so grateful for my own act of becoming because if I wouldn't have accepted the universe's invitation to be the imperfect but perfect example of me I would be lost. I am grateful for my beloved husband and his gift of love each and everyday since I was 13 years old. I am grateful I can still hold my fathers hand he turns 70 tomorrow and today I listened to him recall being across the street in Dallas when JFK was shot. I am grateful for my family and sister and nephew that I filmed come into this world. I am grateful for the cancer that saved me from wasting my gifts and the ability to beat this ALS my husband has and see the beauty in his life. I am grateful for MOJO and her life that ended this year. She saved mine and then worked as a helping hands dog for 8 years to make life special! I am grateful for friends that love you life family and family you don't want to kill half the time. I could never stop but blogger babes and dudes I am so grateful to you all for this new set of friends.. beth, susan, annalin, kay, everyone else and of course Kris. May this be the best year of all our lives and since intent is already a prayer answered! If we believe may all prayers return with grace.. from graceland.. where ever that may be. Love to you all. Happy Thanksgiving. Callie, Duncan and Saatchi the wonder dog and her pack
Pakacka, Casey, Kya, Max, and Bently

Lisa said...

I love you, Kris!
Your words today actually made me cry happy tears. You are such an inspiration to me.
Happy Thanksgiving.
Much love

Anne said...

Great posts, Kris and everyone. I've been reading in many places lately about the power of gratitude. I can be very negative sometimes, which--now that I've gotten a diet change well undereway--I intend to tackle as my next healing project. I'm a writer at heart, an editor by trade, and it's absolutely time that I got back to journaling. I did it religiously while in college and in the years directly after, but since I got married and had kids, it's fallen by the wayside.

Starting soon: a gratitude journal.

Today, on Thanksgiving Day two weeks before my 45th birthday, I am thankful for:

•my health, which is darn near perfect

•my husband, sweet and gentle guy that he is and my friend for--gulp--30 years

•my daughters--they're smart and funny and gorgeous and they smell so good

•my parents, who I saw today--healthy in their 70s, and fine examples of how life choices can pave your path to wellness

•my sister, who I also saw today--no one else in this world understands like she does what I mean when I say "Mom used that tone" or "you should see my hair today"

•my best friend, who I saw yesterday and who is a huge inspiration to me as a mother

•my other best friends, one of whom I will see in a couple days, who love me despite our history and who make me laugh just as hard as they did back when we were wild young girls

•my old friend and lab partner from college, who I learned last Thanksgiving had died of cancer six months before, with whom I experienced, 20 years ago, the beautiful simplicity of great sex with no heavy commitment. Of all the people who I've lost touch with, I miss him the most and I'm grateful that he visits me in my dreams sometimes.

•my cats--one black, one gray

•this blog and all the talented, inspiring people who post

clint said...

Hi Kris,

Great post... thanks So much for continuously sharing part of yourself with us here. Hope your thanks Giving was a great one !!

Something you said in this post sparked a memory that I wanted to share ....

Your comment .. "Your brain is a complex radio station broadcasting thoughts, directions and vibrations to your cells."....

The above comment reminds me of the line in the incredible movie/documentary "What The Bleep Do We Know"..and in particular, the scene where they are in the subway and looking at Masaru Emoto's 'Messages from Water' Pictures, and what the water cells look like when there is a Positive & Negative influence put into the water.

The camera then turned to 2 people looking at the pictures of the water crystals, and one person said to the other:

"if Emotions can do this to water, imagine what they can do to us" ???
Seventy-five to eighty-five percent (75%-85%) of the human body is Water.
(emphasis added)

I was floored by this !

If anyones interested in a deeper explanation, here's the pictures of the water:



Joy said...

I am so grateful for my radiant health, abundant wealth, my amazing family who I smother with kisses whenever I get the chance, my guru and my life and for you Kris:) Happy Thanksgiving.

StarBright78 said...

I am grateful that we are all spiritual beings having a human experience.

Peace Out, Bliss Out~ said...

I have been a secret peeper to your blog for a bit and thought this a perfect time to wave Hello.....I am grateful for many things, but as I read today, my first thought that came was, I am grateful for you, Kris. :)

Love to all........

One Mother with Cancer said...

I am thankful for the cancer that has touched my life, I know that’s a little weird to say, but I have met many wonderful people through my experience. I was shown a strength that I never knew that I possessed. I have learned to not take today for granted, every morning that I wake up I know today is a good day, because I could have lost my battle with cancer and I would not have had two more years with my family. I have learned not to take what a doctor tells you as the final word, because God my have something else in mind for you. It’s up to you to figure out what that is, but at least you’re given the chance to discover what that purpose is.

cancer cowgirl xo said...

GREAT! Keep posting gang. It fills us all up. Keep sharing your gratitude, let it shine and spread!!! xo K

Basic Me said...

Want to pull the cancer card and do some shopping therapy. Today is the best day of the year not for gifts which do make the heart sing. But for shoes... which make the soul dance... comforters.. and pillows and scented candles dance in my head. Today is my shopping day. I go alone dressed to the nines and carry a laiz e faire attitude.. Today I am a baroness throwing it away. Hahaha.. But keep the fantasy.. I am.. tomorrow my feet will acke from the heels and suit but the endorphins will fly. I am thankful for saving. hah

Hello world.. See I had to keep that leg.. ha. Love to you all.

And forgive me this dylexic cannot spell in english so butchering french is unforgiveable. Hugs :)

Oh and I loved the water picture.. have to see this movie.. cool..

Laura said...

I am grateful for those in my life; my endearing husband, beautiful children who keep me young and energetic, loving and supporting parents, loveable and laughable sisters and the men who make them so happy....and who are the most fabulous aunts and uncles to my children. I am grateful for my inlaws who love their children and grandchildren to the end of the earth. I am grateful for my health and battles fought and won. I am grateful for my hair....a year ago I had none. I am grateful for modern medicine and alternative thinking and healing. I am grateful to happily exercise and practice yoga. I am grateful that my journey of healing, health and vitality is working. I am grateful that I love life and those who are on this journey with me. I am grateful for my memories and all that I have to live for.

I know it is a bit cliche, but"live well, laugh often and love much".....and eat your veggies ofo course!

Sophie said...

I'm grateful for learning yesterday that my cervical canSer has finally cleared up!!!

I'm grateful for finding out about you Kris and being inspired by your message. I couldn't thank you enough...

I'm grateful for planet earth that supplies everything to keep me alive and well.

Peace, love and veggies!!!

apoopslingingmonkey said...

Kris wonderful post! Yesterday and the day before was the first 2 days in a month that I didn't happen to check the blog and I missed the info about the montel show! BUMMER! I cant believe it! lol! the one time I don't check the blog- oh well! lol! I hope it airs again.
Crazy busy holiday week, and I still don't quite have time to read everyone comments from bavs post or this one yet-lol

What I'm grateful for- EVERYTHING! in life, the good, bad, and the ugly! the good- because its good!, the bad because God uses bad to work out for good, and the ugly because God uses the ugly to teach us to become better- get better not bitter!
God bless you all, and I look forward to having time next week to catch up on all the blog comments :)

Journey to Jian Hong said...

Happy Thanksgiving Kris!

This is my first time posting to your blog. I am almost 3 weeks out of extensive abdominal surgery for stage3 rectal cancer (im 33!!)I want to adapt to the lifestyle changes you reccomend but am on a lot of dietary limitations (low residue...they want me to eat white bread...arghhh!!!)I am also in NY, Queens to be exact. Is there anyone outhere that can guide me that you know of? Is this a long shot? Chemo loom on the horizon, oh woe is me, and I am scared $hitle$$.

Becky said...

I am grateful for the strength and light I have felt for the last couple of months.

I am grateful that I am not afraid anymore. That's a biggie for me.

I am grateful that I have opened my eyes and ears to the signs that God is leaving like a little trail of breadcrumbs for me to follow.

I am grateful for my family. For my daughters who are so brave and believe in me so unconditionally to pull through this situation.

I am grateful for my husband who also believes in me and also still thinks I am sexy and wants to make love almost all of the time.

I am grateful for my mom who is going through a parallel universe at the moment and who misses her husband terribly, but has show me how to have the strength to be in the face of the medical field and not take "I don't know" for an answer.

I am grateful for my oncologist who is open to listen to all of the docs I have assembeled (thanks to my family and friends) and I think saved my life this August by listening to his gut and changing my drugs.

I could go on, but want to end with : I am grateful, Kris that your book and blog and movie came out when it did. It validates my crazy sexy self and how I have been approaching my diagnosis. I have changed (for the most part) my eating habits, I dare to swim in the Maine ocean, I am training for the PANMASS challenge next summer, I just finished illustrating my first kids book (diagnosed midway through project but kept on going). I can say fuck cancer and not feel ike I am offending anyone. Mostly I feel like I am stronger than these blips that are in my body. So thank you and ALL of the cancer cowgirls and chaps for listening to one another and cheering each other on.

Thank you.

Mel said...

I’ve been in the mountains the past couple of days without Internet access…I am enjoying catching up with everyone’s postings. I would like to send my thanks out to the universe:

I am grateful for my health and that I will be able to have healthy children in the next couple of years without any problems.

I am grateful for my parents’ health, love, and support.

I am grateful for my fiancĂ©’s love and health.

I am grateful for a strong and happy marriage that lasts forever.

I am grateful that I am going to have my doctorate two years from now.

I am grateful that my fiancé is going to graduate in May and start a new career that fulfills him.

I am grateful for my two brothers, one of whom prayed every night when my mom was pregnant with me that he would have a little sister.

I am grateful that my middle brother is happy, does not abuse alcohol, cherishes his family, and respects our parents.

I am grateful for my future in-laws who treat me like one of their family.

I am grateful that my father and future father-in-law have healthy hearts and will live many, many more years and have lots of opportunities to play with my children and see them grow up.

I am grateful for the healthy, amazing baby I am going to have one day.

I am grateful for my academic advisor and close friend who guides me through so many decisions.

I am grateful for peace, health, and food for all in the world.

I am grateful that everyone has affordable health care and education.

I am grateful that there are so many brilliant, talented, sensitive people in the world like the ones on this blog, and I am thankful for all that they will teach me.

Finally, I am grateful that I will make a contribution to this world.

Basic Me said...

Well I have to say that each morning I am so grateful to have this lovely spot to come to and connect with such brave and inspiring people. Update on the shoe shopping. The men and women at the mission needed sneakers and jackets and the grant is out until jan sooo. We all went shoppping.. Better high.. buy for others. I am so blessed with these folks I will miss the everyday when we go global.. although I am sure I will find a way to stay involved peronally here.

Peace and good Sneakers and thanks Shoe Station.

Blessings Callie

Amy said...

Your blogs are awesome.
I just celebrated 4 years canser free and I am reminded by your post to make sure i keep sending healing light into the universe. It always comes back to me.
Abundant blessings.

Lauren said...

I am grateful for...
My wonderful family, need to give a special shout out to my cute, McCutie godson (Oh Danny Boy), my great friends, being able to spend time with my fabulous doggie at the beginning of the year (RIP Teddy Bear :) - luv ya!), I FiNaLlY figured out what I want to do with my life this year, for that I am very grateful, all the great kids I get to see every week who are amazing, what else...
Avocado wraps
Tv Shows House, The Office cheers me up every week!
Child Life Club
Dark chocolate
Green Lemonade!
My hat that keeps me warm
My new designer jeans that I got half off
Lost is gonna start soon!
My ability to procrastinate -- it's me gotta love it!
My journals with the sun pics -- the sun is my inspiration
Sharpie highlighters
That's about it.

nadia said...

I am grateful I found you and thank you for all your information. I am a slow mover. I bought some frozen wheat grass the other day and a brand new juicer (breville) and am wondering if I can throw the frozen wheat grass in when I am juicing my fruits and veggies? baby steps for me, but each step is a step in the right direction. Thanks again Kris!

Sionito Rhonda said...

Thanks for all the great wisdom and laughs! I got your book on Wed, and read on Thanksgiving morning. It's been three weeks since I was diagnosed with Leukemia. Starting chemo on Monday, getting more test results. Going back to vegetarian raw life. Thankful for your links to good juicers and great veg resources.

Thankful for the friends and family support!

Thankful for the most awesome kid in the world, who is 14 and has a loving soul of Jesus and Buddha all rolled into one but with a cuter figure! She is an inspiration and is willing to fight the 'little c' with me all the way.

Thankful for the healing that occurs in big flashes and in micro minutes.

Thankful for a canser posse that i see forming around me. (still taking members!)

Thankful for the filmmaker taking on the challenge of filming my life as a single mom fighting canser and the benzene pollution that caused my cancer.

Thank you for your voice, your love of life, and for sharing the pain as well as the joy.

peace and veggies,

GoGo said...

PS, I'm thankful for this awesome blog, the smell of my dogs stinky head, my amazing friends, that my cousin was cured from cancer! Yay!

Basic Me said...

Hey Rhonda! Welcome.. Add me to you posse honey bun.. cannot be there in person but if you need a penpal you got one.. hang on.. hugs and love to all the new folks.. Mission Beth.. and Susan.. Hope all is well.. I am grateful tonight for the ability to finally clean every square in of my house.. we are all pooped and the huskies are all sleeping curled up with my hubby on the bed and they all smell like cocoa and warm milk. Precious snores and hums coming my way and the peace of being here to enjoy them!

Blessings all!

SurvivingStrongSince05 said...

I know I am thankful that I get the oppurtunity to get out of bed everyday, and start a new one. I started purging my house on Thanksgiving. I had a sudden push of energy and haven't stopped since. Since I work so much I am not home often, but I took some time off and I am making my place a serene, calm, thankful place to be. Also thanks to all of you. I read and may not post all the time so thanks again.

Mariareyes said...

Thank you sooooooo muchchchchch, Kris!
Thank you for your blog, for your uplifting energy, for your nutritional knowledge, for sharing your friends. Thanks for your eyes and for your tongue, but I'm afraid more is needed (sorry, but I couldn't help it, I just loooove "The Mommy"}.
Kris, I an going to take advantage of your knowledge, your contacts and your movility to ask you for a favor. It is about adapting to physical changes. I have been practically the same person, looking like the same person, since I was 13 (now I am 46): thin and elongated face. Now, the cortison that I take to tolerate more chemo is making me gain weight and my face is totally rounded. Of course, the rest of the medication made me bold and dark spots are showing on my face. I know that my hair will grow back, but my face will stay rounded. I accept it, and my sweet supportive husband is trying to deal with it. The problem is that when I am out, shoping, or going somewhere, I don't recognize myself when I see my reflection on glass doors or windows, mirrors, etc. It looks like mi mind doesn't want to accept the new myself.
Otherwise, I consider myself a total canSer cowgirl, since I survived an ovarian camZer at 28 an currently I am getting above an stage IV lung kamSer, and still happy.
Thank you.

cancer cowgirl xo said...

Mariareyes - doll, what's the favor? xo

Mariareyes said...

Hi, Kris.
I would like you to help me finding some answers to the following questions:
How to deal with big changes in the way you look? How to stop seeing myself as a stranger?
I know that some changes are reversible (my hair will grow back), but other are permanent, like the apple-pie-face that the cortisone is giving me.
Thank you.

livelovelaughoften said...

This is my first post.however i have attempted to post many other times and my old computer always crashes on me..oh technology! I guess i need to break down & buy a new one soon.
I just wanted to say THANK YOU to you Kris and to all the other Cowgirls and Chaps out there that have been so brave, so kind, considerate and helpful.Not to mention so AMAZING! each of you are! I have been struggling with health issues for 10 months now & have yet to receive a diagnosis. not that I want something to be wrong..however bloodwork & health issues show there is but what it is is not known yet.(i live in a small town in MI and am in search of a better Dr.I just don't think the ones in this town know anything besides the common cold..many just get stumped and say "I don't know" ..I don't want to hear that...I want an answer as to why things are hapenning and why my bloodwork shows abnormal results and why I see spots in my vision, why I have a rash on my arms and legs and why my d-dimer is elevated...all I get for the most part is I don't know & send me on my way...if anyone know s a good Dr. in MI or have had these health issues and have received a diagnosis yourself please PLEASE give me a shout..I am in need of one..I research on the internet & have had to stop b/c there is too much out there as to what it could possibly be I'm driving myself and my husband crazy) I have been struggling with depression and the why me attitude for some of the 10 months and your blog,this community has helped me to see the up side of things. To see hope, to see change and to embrace this moment in my life as something God has presented to me to maybe even give me a wake up call to change in other areas. I have a beautiful 18month old and he is the main reason why I am being so persistant on trying to find out what's happening to me. He brings so much joy to me(he was born 3 1/2 months early..we lost his twin and had a rocky start with him and I just can't bear the thought of me just accepting the I don't know answer from the Dr's and not being here for him b/c he went through so much and overcame so many obstacles to be here with me. I am determined to find out what's happening & have to overcome whatever it is to be here to raise him.
Your blog and everyone out there had helped me to stay determined and keep my chin up too ...and even a few laughs here & there . not to mention the great nutritional insight.I actually like the taste of wheatgrss..i just need to get more(i live over an hour away from whole foods)..I have a juicer listed on my wish list as well as the wheatgrass kit too...I hope to have it before christmas but if not I'm sure Santa will bring at least one for me:-).
So enough of me rambling ....All in all I just want to say thanks to everyone for sharing everything & helping everyone in one way or another. ..I also just needed to vent ....sorry I always tend to ramble....If i post again next posts will be shorter i promise. I wish all of you the best!

Kimberly said...

Kris: Thanks for you your infomation and sharing your story with us. It is so inspirational. I had taped it and just watched it yesterday. It is so awesome. You have taught me how to live. Thanks: Kimberly

Bobbi said...

I'm one of the old ones, 62, but a very young heart is attached...hmmm, 34! Cancer joined me this year on my right breast, and is leaving as I type this note to you. I wake up grateful every day, for friends, for my children, for the one sexy breast and one smaller one! I'm working on a program for our local hospital for cancer patients, both during and in recovery. It will be for information, connections with new people, meditation, journaling and a host of other helpful information. I'd love to see you at one of our meetings. I'll cook for bring the veges! I'll bring the red wine.

Thank you for a wonderful book.
360-791-9000 cell

Basic Me said...

Hey you sound like an incredible fighter! I hate you are having trouble with a dx. My husband had the same problem took him years. He just soooo wanted to hear it was not in his head. It wasn't but ALS is not a party. At least he knows how to treat it. Have you tried a dr. who can look for lupus, ms, als.. some hidden auto-immune disease. If you can try University of Alabama Birmingham, or Mayo in Rochester Minn. Both are worth the drive. Good luck and keep fighting. Stay well. Callie

cooper said...

So sorry to hear you are not getting to the root of your health problems. are you close to ann arbor to get hook up with an MD at the U of Michigan? Since it is a teaching hospital, I bet you will get the answers you need.


Tracy said...

Thanks Kris! I am a little miss cancer pants myself. I counted all my blessings this thanksgiving! I also read your book over the weekend! You make me feel more "normal"! Keep rockin' Sistah!

Suzanna said...

Hi :) I just wanted to say thank you so much to all of you-this blog is exactly what I need. My husband was diagnosed with rectal cancer April '06 (stage III) and it has definately been a roller-coaster ride of emotions (we were newly married at the time- now he's 30/ I'm 32.) I have been trying to help him change his diet etc. for over a year now, and after reading this blog/telling him about CSC etc. he has FINALLY agreed to change- TOMORROW! My mother is a colon cancer survivor- 2 years this Jan. & I believe whole-heartedly in the power of women & the comradery (sp??) that we share- just being at a Koman race and looking around at all of us is inspiring! I guess what I am trying to say, is that I broke down to him today & asked him to please come over to "our side"-the girl's side & to be part of this CSC and raw diet & lifestyle- to stop ignoring and start living & taking charge of this battle & new life...... thank you to all that have written here and to you Kris- I read this to him tonight and he finally agreed! I am so happy & just had to write in :) I hope everyone had a peaceful Thanksgiving & we all have so many things to be grateful for- right now, I am thankful for my husband's very loud SNORE! :)

jodi said...
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jodi said...

Dear MK/Journey to Jian Hong - I am a friend of Kris' and had a similar surgery for stage 3 colorectal cancer when i was 37.

I was similarly mortified by the suggestion I received post-surgery to eat candy, pudding, white bread and the like, and no vegetables. Don't worry too much about this. (I actually started to cry when somebody gave me that list of low residue food!). I found I was able to pretty much disregard that list and eat what i wanted to. Granted, sometimes what I wanted to eat during chemo was ice cream and not spinach, but I *could have* eaten spinach with no ill effect.

I do know that it is shocking to hear that kind of nutritional recommendation, especially for healing from a GI cancer. My doctor's recommendation for healthy eating was to drink Carnation Instant Breakfast. I would take the doctors' nutritional advice with a grain of salt (oh, good pun!) and eat what makes you feel good, what appeals to you, what you are comfortable digesting, and what makes sense to you.

I just moved from NYC, but would be happy to speak with you. You can email me --> jodi at thelifelab dot org. Hang tough, you will get through it, especially with all of the wonderful info & support here.

And Kris - I miss you girl, and send big love. This is my first visit here. Wow darlin', you're lighting the world on fire!!! don't be a stranger. i am so incredibly proud. xoxo

bav said...

Wow! A few people I want to give shout-outs to tonight....

Sophie - YEAH!!! Rock on, sister! Way to kick canSer butt! I am soooo pleased for you!

Suzanna, way to bring the hubby over to "our" side. When he starts to feel better, he will really see the light. It is just as much a journey for you, as the caregiver, the supporter, the woman that loves him. Big kudos for you for YOUR strength, your pushing for what you know to be right for both of you. Don't forget to take care of you too! :)

MK - ok, "low residue" diet means they don't want you getting what I call "bunged up." Yes, constipated. I highly encourage you to get one of Natalia Rose's books, either Raw Food Detox Diet or Raw Food Life Force Energy, and read the sections about food combining for "quick exit". I think you can eat anything you want, it is just going to be a matter of how you pair it. You do NOT want to eat things in combination that are going to compete for digestion. You want to eat in combo so that your body can quickly, efficiently break it down, poop it out. ie low residue. As for being scared shitless about chemo, girl, that was me 1 year ago. Seems like forever ago. I had seen it from the caregiver's perspective, so having the tables turned on me and being the patient had me hanging on with white knuckles. It was almost a case of TMI. One day at a time, girl, one day. I know it's cliche, but ain't it the truth?? You ARE strong. Look at what you have come through already. You CAN and WILL get through this. Assemble your healin' team that will help you get through chemo. If you haven't read Kris' book, I would get it pronto and learn some tips. Find whatever tools/people you need to help you through this time. And remember, we are all here for you.

Maria, the "moon facies" - ie the rounded face you describe, courtesy of your steroids, is NOT permanent. Unless you have to be on steroids the rest of your life. But I think you said they were for your chemo. A large majority of people who go through chemo get the chipmunk cheeks, myself included. Once you come off the steroids, your cheeks will disappear! Having said that, I think coming to peace with how canSer changes us physically is something we all struggle with. I know I did. But it really forced me to embrace me from the inside, from the essence of who I am, from my spirit. And to not define myself from the outside in. It isn't easy, I even still look at myself and immediately compare to how I looked BC (before canSer). But I much more quickly remind myself, in the grand scheme of things, how even MORE fabulous I am b/c of all the changes, b/c of everything I have been through, b/c I have survived. I don't know if that helps. I relate, I think we all do. All I can tell you is, I don't know what you look like, but I can see your beauty from here.

Livelovelaugh, ok, sounds like you have a frustrating, tough sitch on your hands. First, if you haven't already, find a good doctor trained in internal medicine. Go see them for comprehensive physical exam and let them try to sort out all the bits and pieces. If you have done that, and still haven't gotten anywhere, time for a second opinion in a bigger, more current medical facility. If that means you need to find childcare for a day and take a road trip, do it. Let's find some answers. Next, the symptoms you described can be atrributed to lots of different things, which is in part, what makes it hard to narrow it down to one cause. That is why I suggested a really strong internist, they are super smart about lots. The d dimer is a fibrin degradation product, it is a breakdown product from clot. It is usually only used as a screen for bloodclots, or a condition called Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation. It can artifactually be elevated in infection, pregnancy, hemolysis, hypercoaguable conditions, increased rheumatoid factor and a bunch of other things. It is not a super specific or sensitive test, so please, take it in context. You need a good doctor to help you sort this out. I encourage you to go for a second opinion in a bigger, academic, if possible, medical facility. (I would start there, but also wonder about a good rheumatologist for you, given the d-dimer and the rash.) I understand your frustration, believe me. It took them 7 years to diagnose me! Looking back, I would do things very differently now. Please, keep looking for a provider. Don't stop until you find someone who will listen to you and reassure you one way or the other.

Hugs to all!

bav said...


I answered your question on other post!


Basic Me said...

What a wonderful job you are doing. I have a question for you. Ok.. you stated earlier that people in lots of pain need to eat less often than those not. I have found that my husband has a tremendous increase in pain after he eats. Extra means he can pass out from it.. Funny though when we stay 80/20 raw he doesn't have this problem. Since he cheated on the diet at thanksgiving he has been so sick.. Pain a ten.. and seizing.. funny (ironically) when his body was clean he had less ALS symptoms, and only one siezure in three months.. The question is.. is digestion such a complicated thing that others have had this happen. I often wonder if others have found this diet to be a miracle. No way this is in our heads.. We both have a tough row to dig some days with pain.. and the diet and ex. makes it so much better. I cannot beleive this could have helped ages ago.. Why is it that digesting food would cause his nerves to send out signals for pain? I am assuming just like the other nerves in his body that have lost the mylin shealth that this is happening all over? I have always wanted to ask you but didn't want to impose. Thanks And keep rocking the Blog. Callie and Duncan

bav said...

Callie, impose, woman, please!!

What I said before was not that people in pain need to eat less, but that often, people who are in lots of pain DO eat less, simply b/c they have no appetite when they hurt so much. Sorry if I wasn't clear.

I think what Duncan experiences after not sticking to his diet is not necessarily explicitly related to digesting. I think it has more to do with what he is digesting, not the fact he is digesting it. Duncan, and his comfort, is going to be very closely linked to his overall systemic level of inflammation and immune function. When he eats the mainstream american diet, he is eating all the preservatives, the colorings, the pesticides, that trigger inflammatory markers in our system, immune mediators, mucus production etc. It completely disrupts his delicate zen balance. Because of his constellation of health problems, he is going to be super sensitive. He will easily be tipped off balance, resulting in discomfort.

Also, if he doesn't food combine well, so that his system is having to work harder to digest, so food is sitting in his intestines longer, I could reason why that could increase his pain. If his intestines are having to contract more, harder, trying to move poop out, I could hypothesize how this could trigger myenteric nerves, possibly creating an increase in pain. But I don't have data to back that up, that's my theory. I also bet he has increased seizures b/c of the toxicity of the food sitting in his gut, b/c the system is slowed down. The point, in addition to eating according to Kris' recs, I think food combining will be crucial in keeping Duncan comfortable.

I really do think it is that simple, meaning our nutrition. The quality of our lives, our health, is dependent on the quality of the food we put in to our system. End of story. How beautiful is that?

Viva la Crazy Sexy Lifestyle!!

Big hugs!

Anne said...

Not being a cancer babe and after reading posts about chronic pain and cancer diagnoses, I feel a little puny even posting this, but I'm on Day 4 of a COLD and wanted to share some thoughts.

•When the symptoms started, I was really angry that I even caught it. After all, I'd been juicing, taking that damn horsepill whole foods multi, combining foods to the point of undereating because the timing wasn't right ("Don't eat nuts now, Anne, they'll clash with the soba noodles you had an hour ago."), adding Green Vibrance to smoothies, upping the raw. How could I have caught a cold?!

•Then I got more real and looked a little more closely at my habits. Yes, I was doing all those Crazy Sexy things, but I also was slipping in several ways: grabbing a few afternoon cookies off the counter at work, doing too many trips to Costco/Trader Joe's and partaking in those toxic samples (and regarding them as harmless because they're just samples), not making my stretching and walking a priority, not getting adequate sleep, eating out too many times. In reality, my raw intake probably slid to less than 50 percent in the days before Thanksgiving.

•Then Thanksgiving was a day of total slippage. I did not even attempt to eat raw or even vegan or even vegetarian! Ate SAD all day.

•Thanksgiving with the family reminded me of the stress of the holidays to come. Felt that welling up.

•Came down with cold symptoms on Friday. Still got 'em. Feeling too skinny to do a juice/smoothie fast, even though it's probably what my body needs to heal. And if I could stay out of the @&*#% cookies on the counter, that would probably do me a world of good, too.

I know it's just a cold, and I won't have it forever, and I'm really grateful it's just a cold and not something bigger. But I gotta view it as a message to GET BACK ON THE PROGRAM.

My whole goal in doing the Crazy Sexy lifestyle is to be healthy. And right now I'm not. And I think it's my body's way of giving me a little wakeup call. I'm thankful it's a gentle one.

etklisa said...

Hi Bav,
Can I ask a question? I totally understand how the raw foods and especially the juices help my RSD probably for all the enzymes they provide. One doctor (who dabbles in alternative health) told me protein powders would help me. He also happens to manufacture and sell them. I started on a rice powder protein and peptide and I swear my body went in to the worse pain condition it has been in a while. It took over 2 weeks for it to calm down. I think the protein powder was devoid of enzymes and therefor my body didn't have the ability to digest it. What is your feeling on this? What do you think happened?

Is there a way to naturally build up the GABA in my body?

thank you for answering


Hilary said...

Love your column. Thanks for the postive attitude...its refreshing to see. I lost my father to cancer 16 years ago and getting it is still my biggest fear. It is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo wonderful to read a cancer blog written by someone such a wonderful, upbeat positive attitude. Happy Holidays!

Charleen said...

I'm thankful God has given me life! No matter how long or short our stay or journey might be, each day is a gift and a blessing.
I continue to be thankful that God continues to hold my hand and carry me when I feel too weak to walk. I'm thankful for my husband, family and friends that have been my rock. I'm thankful that I feel good (now that I've been kicked out to the clinical trial). I'm thankful that I have come to know all of you awesome and incredible cowgirls and chaps. What strength and inspiration you are to me and everyone you share your heart and soul with.

When the journey seems to difficult to bear, remember....
“… You meant evil against me, but God meant it for good in order to bring about this present result …” Genesis 50:20 (NIV)

Mariareyes said...

Oh, BAV, thank you!

To tell you the truth, I look kind of cute with this "moon face", it is just very difficult to identify myself with it. I usually had a small face with big eyes, big nose and big mouth. But now I can only see small features buried into big chicks and surrounded by baldness. It is not ugly, just strange.

Thank you for your information. I really don't remember where I got that that was permanent. But you convince me of the opposite. That is nice, because I don't have to do anything to try to convince my mind that I changed forever. It is only a crazy sexy temporary cute change.

Also I want to say hello to all the cancer pants, babes, cowgirls and cowboys. Remember to stay happy.

Thank you,


Kimmie said...
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Kimmie said...

OK... I just posted and cannot find it. After work today I am going to a healthy store to find some greens. It should be fun. i am going to eat healthy through the holidays. As I said in my lost blog, my Mom is a "c" stayer and others I won't talk about.
Gave away a juicer a few years ago could not stand cleaning it. Crazy huh.... will look for a new one. As for now I will blend blend blend....
Thanks to all for inspiration, information and togetherness.
God Bless Kimmie

Sionito Rhonda said...

Crazy Sexy canser Vixens!
Today is Chemo day 1. I just took the treatment and I am trying to consentrate and 'get to work' on other productive things this morning.

It's very difficult to not think of chemo... all the time.

I am trying to send positive energy and prayers to the meds and me so that the combo will be a great one and the meds will work and not cause side effects. It's scarey and feels not real since I can't see 'anything' that is 'canserous.'

With CML my whole body down to the core stem cells and DNA is effected. My entire being is flooded with the 'c' with each heartbeat. I can't cut anything out or get rid of anything except the smalled DNA fragment. Hard to believe that taking any medicine will target and destroy what's wrong in my DNA. It's science fiction that's for sure.

I am grateful. Grateful for medicine that has taken 40 years in the making and getting more and more potent every day. I am grateful for good doctors who are studying and working in this field.

This afternoon I speak in front of the EPA about the toxic air pollutants from refineries. Let's hope the side effects don't make an appearance during the testimony.

Also, they started filming the documentary about me and my daughter and how we are fighting to clean up the cancer risks in the US's most toxic city... Houston.

Live from Chemo Day 1....
WIshing you lots of love and life,

Basic Me said...

Thanks Beth-bav
I have alway wanted to know that answer. I called Emily his neurologist after your blog and we are friends and chatted about this and she had an AH HA MOMENT! She is researching the myenertic nerves now.. And we are going to UAB. tomorrow. She is the best.. Sounds a lot like you she is really behing our diet and getting your mind body and spirit working together. She never gives up and belives he is here by will right now. I love you both for being there. I tell you.. soem days.. you just wonder.. what the hell was I thinking! You cannot keep someone in a bubble and keep them from cheating on thier diet. But I wish I could reverse it. But that is a waste of time.. so today is fresh we will concentrate on it. I did understand what you meant about people in severe pain eating less because of the pain and not needing to eat less.. Boy is that true. I just mistated it not you. I drive Duncan crazy making sure his intake is balanced and his food requirements are met. But then I am attla the hun when it come to keeping him well. If he cannot move himself.. we move him into his yoga and keep hi strong. If he cannot walk I walk his legs while he lays on a mat. It is unbelievable the amount of time it takes but when he feels good he can walk to the bathroom and around the park slowly and with his cane. We want those muscles usable and he doesn't need any tone or tipping.. . I see to much of that here. Thank God he was a solider he is in boot camp daily around here. But he is happy and msotly doing ok.. the pain is bad and the seizures.. But we are blessed. When the immflamation goes down from T-giving.. he will feel much better. Hugs. and Thanks.. Have any mission questions feel free to ask. Love and ROCK on Love Bug!! Callie

Basic Me said...

Rhonda you go girl!! if t a susmptom shows up.. tell them it is from the chemicals they spew.. ha.. visual aid.. of what they are doing to thier bodies.. haha.. little payback. Oh on a serious note. You are so strong and so brave. pat yourself on the back from the basic mission staff. When your doc. is finished we would love to have you post on basic and sell the film.. I am sure thier will be lots of venues.. so watch out world our girl Rhonda is on the move. My first little Idocumentary is coming in edited today. It will be the first one featured on Basic Missions when the site opens on 12-15-07.. oh I hope it is good. I am a nervous wreck about it.. Sending good energy out.. well back to the subject you will kick chemos rear.. and dont let it spook you. I dont know about everyone but I was sick and lost every hair on my body and none on my head... but I threw up alot.. every one is diffent. Bav will know the answers. she knows everything. ;) Rcok the speech and we want to know how it goes. Love from one cancer cutie to the rest. Callie

bav said...


I don't know how bad your RSD is, or how hardcore you are interested in being about your diet, but I think the more raw you can go, the better. It is not only the fabu enzymes this provides, but the decrease in inflammation, the "normalization" (for lack of a better term) of your immune system, a decrease in substances that trigger pain (cytokines, prostaglandins, substance p) etc., that I think will vastly improve your sitch.

Protein powders, well, personally, I am no longer a fan. (Except for hemp, I love it!!) I used to have a whey protein smoothie almost every day, based on nutritional reading I did about 15 years ago. And then, in the last few years, I stopped b/c of new things I have read/learned. I don't know about the particular powder your doc makes, so I will direct my comments to most of the commercial protein powders out there. Well, they are just toxic. They are processed, artificial, refined, have a lot of crap added, chemical-laden, really of no nutritional value. Some reading I have done actually states they pack on pounds and cause disease. I never felt very well after I drank mine, bloated, lethargic. I always assumed it was b/c my body "didn't handle protein well." Oh, how naive I was.

So, I think your body wasn't lacking in any way b/c it reacted so strongly to the shake. I think it was telling you, "hey, we don't recognize this, we don't know how to break this down, this isn't "food", we don't like this." And I think that is all you need to know. It didn't work for you.

If you are trying to increase your protein intake per your docs recs, hemp powder. Natural, yummy, nutty flavor, your body will recognize it as a food source and know exactly how to digest it, and lots of protein. Add it to a green smoothie, sprinkle on salad, whatever floats your boat.

Anyways, that is my 2 cents. Hope that helps.

Rhonda - congratulations on your "birthday." Yup, your fresh start, your new beginning, your rebirth. I called my chemo "life juice." I viewed it with love and gratitude, I visualized it going directly to the DNA and zapping the "dark" canSer and instead infusing the cells with bright, white healing light. Ok, maybe a bit la-la for some, but hey, it worked for me. I am a big believer in the power of intention. I was very sick through my chemo, so I struggled. But maintaining my positive thoughts towards the drugs themselves, the process as my new lease on life, helped me. I hope in some way, that will help you.

Hugs to all!

livelovelaughoften said...

Hmmmm. I am not sure as to where my last post went so if it's duplicated sorry.
Just wanted to say thank you to Callie, Mary & Bav....I am looking into the University of Michigan Hospital(they are still far but the closest) for an Internist first. Hopefully i will get answers from them. I appreciate all your suggestions.Best wishes to all of you as well.
Kris, I was navigating through Hippocrates and saw you on the front page. Horray! and congrats! Great job on being certified! You are doing such wonderful things for not only yourself but so many others as well and we are truly greatful. You rock !!!

apoopslingingmonkey said...

Bav- you are officially a Super Star Rock Star :) if all the docs in the country cared about people as much as you do, and took the time for people like you do- this world would be such a better place! :)
Thanks for all the info and help you have given to all of us!

Suzanna said...

Hi again :)

Bav- you really have such a positive energy to your writing! Please rub some of that positivity on me- I need it! We just got back from a mtg. with the oncologist at Sloan- my husband in now on treatment #2 of a new chemo (Erbetux/Irinotecan)- they have always said that he is not a surgical candidate (which I just cannot understand!) so our option is for shrinkage of the rectal tumor again. He was on avastin/Folfox, but now it has returned. My question to you is- how should we start? I am off to buy a juicer, but should we head off to Hippocrates ASAP to get his body in that alkaline state as soon as possible? We are thinking of heading to Dana Farber for another opinion, but I think we are seeing 1 of the best guys out there...I always feel like there are always options, but the oncologist didnt seem to think that way today. I try to keep strong and positive, but sometimes it is really hard!

Callie- I love reading your entries- they give me strength. Thanks for that uplift!

bav said...


It IS really hard. And believe me, I have my moments when I struggle to keep the positive flowing. Because contrary to what Callie says :), I do NOT have all the answers. Far from it. I struggle right along with all of you. But for me, in my canSer escapade, b/c of my circumstances, it all came down to choice. How was I going to face it? How in the world was I going to get treatment when there was no precedent? Who in the world was going to give it to me? etc etc.
I realized I was going to have to actively choose how I was going to approach this whole canSer ride.
And I decided to choose what I call, "the light." For me, that means all the beauty, the joy, the spirit, the vitality that there is in the world for me, regardless of the canSer. That is all there for me if I live 2 months, 2 years or 2 decades. Once I integrated that, I mean really absorbed it, the rest just got easier. I do various things to keep me connected to the "light" - yoga, surfing, meditating, journaling, getting out in nature with my dogs, my crazy, sexy, lifestyle etc, so for the most part, I keep positive. But as I said, some days it is harder to do than others. Allow yourself that frustration, that anger, that grief, so you can then let it go.
Because all the strength, the positivity you need, is there inside you. Reread your post, you talk of action, getting the juicer, where to go, who to see, you're mustering up for a fight. That is strength, that is positive, that is YOU.

If you can do Hippocrates, yes, I would head there pronto. Until then, I would run out to Bed, Bath & Beyond, or Linens & Things, get a Breville juicer, and start getting the green juice into him.
Especially since he has rectal ca, everything he takes in is literally going to contact his canSer, we want that to be the purest of foods. The intestines are highly vascularized, with a mainline to the liver. Which is why I think this nutrition thing is the "magic bullet." If your canSer is in your intestines, consider what you are physically going to bathe that tumor in by the food choices you make. Pretty powerful stuff.

Second opinions, I encourage them. Especially if you aren't entirely comfortable about the current plan of care. The second opinion will do one of two things, reassure you that you are on the right track with your current doctor, or make you feel confident in that a switch in game plan and possibly provider is necessary. Either way, you win, b/c you are clear on how you want to proceed.

I am biased towards the Dana Farber, that is where I received my care. I had an unheard of, nasty canSer, with bleak outlook. The folks at the DFCI have not only taken incredible care of me (I'm alive), but they were/are very kind to boot. And I love that they have the Zakim Center, which is all alternative therapies. I was referred for acupuncture during chemo b/c of my intractable puking. (I was doing it anyway at home, but bonus to get it during chemo week, when I needed it most.) And the acupuncturist was just down a couple of floors! I love that. Anyways, if you want to hear what someone else recommends, I say go for it.

Let me give my big disclaimer up front, I don't know the specifics of your husband's case, so I could be way off, but, generally speaking, people are not "surgical candidates" based on the stage of their disease. There are exceptions, but these guidelines have all been based on outcomes research. So if the canSer has crossed the midline, or extended a certain depth of invasion, spread beyond the wall of an organ, etc etc, outcomes have shown that these people do better with chemo or radiation first to treat their disease, surgery possibly later, or sometimes not at all. But if you are unclear on something, I encourage you to ask your doctor to explain it. Make a list of questions, docs love that. It is organized, focused, meets your agenda for the visit, and in the process, hopefully allows your doc to accomplish his/her goals for the visit too.

I hope that helps. If you don't have it yet, get Kris' book, her lifestyle tips are the key to health for all of us.

Big hugs. I am sending you twinkles of healing power, strength, and positivity!!


Basic Me said...

Darlin' Susann,
I dont know a twinkies worth about medicene. But I do understand so completely what it means to be taking every single breath of light and hope for another human being and loving them without end. All of this can pile up to a mountain of manic "what if and how to questions" that are so difficult. I think bav.. does have the answer. It is in the food and the intent. Don't think of this journey with your love as a fight for each day! Do that. Fight for him. But also think about it as a celebration of life for every moment. It may sound cheesy.. but when Duncan was in his diagnosis and everyone said " six weeks to a vent" we went to the Mayo and instead of being in hospital room we stayed at the Radisson and went ice skating while he could still walk pretty well. Rejoice in every minute. Even the healthy and strong are not promised the next minute of life. When I recieved my dx. Duncan had just gone into remission and Bless his heart when I was in surgery he was laying on a cot in my hospital room seizing. It is never easy to be a care giver.. so take this two cents and as hard as it is.. take a minute and remember that you are both living now!!!!! And tomorrow will come.. light and health will come ... and life will come... breath and re-boot every minute if you have too. And dont be afraid to talk to someone.. I wouldn't reach out.. can you belive it.. blabber box me..I wanted to be strong.. now from that day 15 years ago the "VENT" day.. we said no to it by the way.. we have been happy.. even when we have been in the house for literally 80 days.. (Dunc. not me) I wish you could feel the prayers I am sending your way.. I think there is a private room for us cancer babes in nirvana or heaven or whatever you believe.. I just know that we who hurt for our loves.. have king size tempurpedic perfection bed.. And while I am rambling.. Brava for you and your work with your husband..It may take ten opinions.. medically but as bav so brillantly put it.. I am paraphrasing.. HOPE is eternal and the light is healing. Get to juicing woman.. and make him drink the stuff.. Poor Duncan he should be on Time magazine as the most experimented-on man in history.. But he takes it in stride and eats what he calls Sprigs.. Sprouts and twigs.. but he is better...Just like all of us.. living foods nourish.

Love Love Love. Sending you a prayer for a night of peaceful dreams.

Much love too al you crazy sexy cowgirls, cowboys and our experts.... eat well and live..

Shalom. Callie

etklisa said...

Hi Bav,
Holy Cow she answered me! I'm laughing cause you picked up on that I NEED TO KNOW EVERYTHING. I am no longer going to this doctor. One try and your out! Yes, this doc was giving me the same protein crap that is on the market, I just payed more for it.

I don't believe I was protein deficient by his diagnosis just that he likes to sell protein powder. However, I do think I probably am protein deficient by recent allergy testing showing wheat, yeast, milk, and eggs.

I have never been able to eat raw vegs. and I always assumed it was the vegs. but I realized it was the salad dressing. I know in the past that I picked up the Ph miracle and other books on raw foods and I could just never eat that way

In the last month, I've been able to eat more raw foods using EVOO as salad dressing than in my whole life. They are like pain killers to me.

I know pain centers use GABA to help control pain and I"m wondering am I amino acid deficient and that is why the pain cycle persists and will I get all the necessary AAs that I need from raw vegetables to get this pain condition under control. In other words I understand the raw vegs help control the inflammation and cycle of pain but will it also eventually calm my sympathetic nervous system or should I add AAs. For example, I read about about msm and that sulfur is a precursor to some necessary AAs

I'm getting pretty hard core about this diet now that I can comfortably eat this way and lord help the person that screws up my schedule so that I can't juice or eat a salad.

You know, I guess I can just trust this diet and if I feel I need to add anything in the future I will.

thank you

Becky said...

Hi, I had a hard time too hearing that they couldn't do anything with the tumors in my liver until they shrunk! HUH? But you guys are supposed to be miracle workers! It wasn't until I finally had the courage to look at the scan did I understand that it was going to be just too damn dangerous. So we are staying on the chemo and have seen some shrinkage and continue to think positively. I also have been juicing and believe so strongly that that is working. If you can afford Hippocrates, go for it I say! Especially if your hubby is on board.

And second opinions??? I like three or four. Just looking for consensus and it makes me feel in defintely second opinion. I have liked Dana and also Mass General in Boston.

My question of the day, I had tons of energy for around 2-3 weeks, and for the past three days, not so much at all. Any suggestions? Of course I am afraid the cancer is winning and can't go down that path. I am still doing vitamins, juicing, forced myself for a walk yesterday even though I could have curled right up in a ball and fallen asleep. Do I go with the flow? Take a nap?

Not sure...would love some advice.

Bav, you are wonderful as always! I read everything you write twice.

Hang in there, everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!

just t said...

Kris- I have a quick question for you. In your book tip 22 you mention you have a medical binder for sale on your site, I would really like to buy one but I can't find it on your site ?! could you help me out ? Thank you, tina

Annalin said...

Hey everyone...

I have generalized anxiety disorder that has been really flaring for me since my canser diagnosis...I read when I feel out of it or stressed. Just wanted to throw out there that Lance Armstrong's book; "It's not about the bike, my journey back to life" is a good read for anyone that's interested.


Annalin said...

Oh I forgot to ask my question!

As everyone knows I wrote about my latest "nerve attack" and was on some pretty hardcore pain meds...loretabs and then oxycodone. I only take them as needed because they give me a pretty nasty/embarresing side effect... does anyone know of "natural ways" to get"moving" again. I've tried the whole fruits/veggies, bran, lots of water etc. thing...not working too well. Feeling real crampy and tired..and VERY against laxatives.

Didn't really wanna talk about my dilemma but oh well...any advice? haha.

Stacy said...

Hi Becky: I totally think the Hippocrates approach is great. You might also look into the book the 80/10/10 Diet by Doug Graham ( He also does private (albeit pricey) consultations. He is a giant in the raw foods arena, and basically recommends a high fruit diet with supplemental veggies and nuts, seeds (an approach called Natural Hygeine, which you can google). (80/10/10 means 80% carbs, 10% fat, and 10% fruit). The basic concept is that we are naturally frugivores, with supplemental veggies/nuts/seeds. His program has helped a lot of people, and I'm currently working my way into it to try to heal an autoimmune thyroid problem. He has also presented at Hippocrates, from what I understand. Although your average person might seem it's an "extreme" diet, many of my progressively worsening symptoms are, to me, more extreme. It's not a particularly complex program, but more than I could go into here. Just wanted to let people know about this version of the raw diet, in case anyone's interested.

mimuna said...

Hey Canser gals and guys-
I've been quiet lately, but I'm still here reading every day. I got a juicer two weeks ago, have been juicing every morning and enjoying the status quo.
That is, until about 5 minutes ago when I heard the message from my gyn/onc's nurse, "Calling to talk to you about the results of your last pap. Call me back at...." I had stage 2B cervical cancer, 18 months ago. My doctor doesn't call when my pap is OK. The worst part of this all is that my doctor (who has no bedside manner to speak of) told me that if cervical cancer comes back its incurable. He said this last week at my exam.
I could use some cosmic hugs, while I wait for the morning to come so I can call the doctor 9nurse) back.

Mel said...


I will be thinking of you tonight and sending positive thoughts out to the universe for you.

Hang in there!!!


just t said...

mimuna- I too will be thinking of you tonight and will be praying for you ! do something special for yourself tonight, even if it's just a bubble bath ! hang in there. love, tina

mimuna said...

Thanks girls :) It is nice to read your notes. I am so thankful for you all.
And Annalin, I just bought the Lance Armstrong book!

Lauren said...

I'm sending you a cosmic hug Mimuna. I really hope it's not what you think, but if it is, I wouldn't jump to believe your doc that it's uncurable. Doesn't everyone here say to get 2nd, 3rd, and 4th opinions!?

granola said...

Yes, cosmic hugs are with you!!! Let us know how everything turns out! Remember the awesome powerful spirit that you are!
How is the juicing going? Any favorite recipes?

Christine H. said...

Hey Kris and everyone. Its my first time posting. I'm still reading previous blogs and am not up to this one yet but I have a question. I can't remember, Kris are you planning on creating a juicer at some point. If so how far in the future until it would be available? I'm getting ready to buy a juicer but might try to buy a cheaper one that will be good enough for now until I can get the juicer you come out with. Thanks so much. You are such an inspiration.

bav said...


Knowing you, and how active you are, my two cents is listen to your body. Take a day, or two, and rest, nap, restore. I bet you will find you have increased energy stores afterwards. Don't run yourself down, be kind to yourself. Big hugs, woman!! We need a visit!

Mimuna, docs usually give you worst case scenario. They aren't trying to be negative, or lacking in hope, although I recognize that in translation, it often comes across as such. They sort of have the attitude of "plan for the worst, hope for the best" but many people have difficulties communicating that eloquently, in a positive fashion. Take the comments with a grain of salt, they are based on statistics, not specifically on you. If it helps, my doctors told me I would not survive my surgery and that I needed to take care of my personal affairs, say what I needed to say to people, find a home for my dogs etc. I planned my funeral with my family, the whole nine yards. Wasn't I surprised (as were they) when I not only lived through my surgery, but did really well.

So, let's wait and see what your sitch is, and then we'll all help you navigate, whatever it is. Please let us know how your talk goes. We are all behind you.

Big hugs all,

Sionito Rhonda said...

Thanks to each of you!
Hugs to all those who continue to share about your adventure called canser!
Mimuma hugs to you girl. I have SO been there in the waiting department! I lit a candle at home and said a wee prayer for each worry that they would all leave and in their place you would have comfort and a peace.

Here is what I tell myself about 'such times of waiting and struggle'...


Hard to believe, but it's true. It's also the working title of the movie of my cancer battle.

It's a perfect day, just as it is and how it unfolds. My challenge is to act and react to the perfect day. Perfect days of rain or shine, comfort or discomfort... my challenge is to find the peace in the midst of the storm. To be real and to dream at the same time. To be strong and to allow myself to reach out. THe perfect day for me...just is....because I have a day it is perfect as it is in that moment, and I am PERFECT as I am in every moment. Some moments are clearly more fun than others (perfect bone marrows, etc are a stretch of my theory, but it's possible!)

I hope you have a perfect day. May you have strength for whatever your journey presents.
Love and hugs to you all,

Laura said...

Hello all you crazy sexy I got to ring the bell. There is a bell in the cancer center at my local hospital that patients get to ring when they finish treatments.....and today I finished my treatments. I rang that bell so damn loud, 3 times too! I rang it for me, for my family, and for all of you.....I rang it strong and loud and wanted everyone to know that canser sucks and I kicked its ass! Although I finished 'major' chemo last January in Boston I have been having infusions of Herceptin for the past year at my local hospital. Although there not are major side effects to this medication I have been having skin issues that we think are related. I am just so thrilled to not have to go back to that chemo room and get stuck and weighed etc. There is an end to this madness. Fight hard, be strong, drink your juice and eat your veggies and kick it in the ass!

Annalin said...


I'm not a Dr. but I've been through the whole "Incurable" thing. These days CanSer is being treated like a chronic disease in a lot of cases. Something you will just have to deal with over the course of your many people deal with other illnesses. The thing is no Dr. knows the future for certain, and depending what you believe in, no one but the big man upstairs knows your future plans. So don't give up hope. Also, switch to a Dr. with a great bedside manner if you are able. Both of my Doc's are so caring and makes all the difference in the world. My surgeon told me they would not give up on me and told me there's a lot of hope left. This Jan. I will have been surviving it for a year! A doctor with good bedside manner will literally make you FEEL better. I'm wishing you all the hope and good luck in the world.

Horse Size Pills said...

Hi Kris -

I enjoyed this post and everyone's comments so much that it got me to thinking about all that gratitude for the rest of the day.

As I was driving around thinking about it, I had an idea. When you get your forum set up, maybe you can have a separate forum just for gratitude? It would be great because everyone could go there kind of like an online gratitude journal and post their thanks, and those that don't feel like posting can still go there for just to soak up all the warmth. I know I would go there again and again, especially after a hard day.

Suzanna said...

Thank you girls for words of encouragement! We have an appt. at Dana Farber w/ Dr. Thomas Abrams next month & I bought a juicer last night :)

Stay strong- the Lance Armstrong book was wonderful. I also carry "The Secret" w/ me & find it to be a wonderful uplift when I need it

Joan said...

Having a doctor you trust and can communicate with is vital... I've been juicing and went to visit a naturopath to be sure I was covering all bases.

I'm on tamoxifen and there's not much info to go by if you want to think about diet so I discussed it with my onc and he encouraged me to share with him the suggested supplements, etc. This is what he wrote -

"No published interactions of above with horomone therapy. Standard proviso applies that not well tested. I think the risk is likely very low, and in fact, may be beneficial, but without any evidence I don't feel qualified to recommend it, nor do I feel qualified to NOT reccomend it. Clear as mud? Go for it!"

I love this guy! Keep looking until you find someone who should be on your team - we all deserve the best.

Cheryl said...


Thinking of you - hang in there and keep us updated. Stay strong!


Ring that bell, baby! I'm halfway through my 2nd chemo round and was feeling sorry for myself this morning. Your post reminded me that the treatments will be over soon.

Basic Me said...

Laura Honey... I am in tears.. over your bell ringing.. I think we all need to ring that bell.. I couldn't stop rejoicing for you. Joy Joy JOY!!!

Mimuna- dont get discourage.. I had cervical and although I am missing many parts I am recovered.. after bone I had cervical then again with the cervical.. now no cervic and lining and a few spare parts are gone but I am still trucking..Every case is different but hope is always there. Listen to bav. I am going to by a stamp that says that. " Listen to Bav" !
Beth your a wonder woman.

Kris we have missed you check in canser cowgirl.. Hugs and tons of sparkley beautiful starry light I am sending your way.

Analin.. Try adding a bit of aloe to your mornings.. drink the pure aloe from the health food store. Adjust to how much works for you. I put a Tablespoon in Duncan's smoothies.. his pain meds. Oxy.. you..know and morphine.. do a number on you.. well NOOOO they dont let you do a number.. hah..

OK. Guys.. apologizing for spelling again.. I am sure names are spelled wrong and others.. Hubby is installing a spell check for my personal blogging.. Can't have eric do everything.. and this is peronal..Thanks for the patience.

Say a little prayer for Duncan he is down for the day. Pain is very bad and cannot walk today. So it is frustrating for him. Hugs to all. Callie

Becky said...

Thanks, everyone. OK, I just went to the accupunturist and she said just what Bav said, "Slow down and listen to your body"...It's hard with three girls, a hubby a dog and a business to run! But I pledge to listen and lie down one hour a day from now on.
Just borrow a real juicer from a friend and what a difference!!!!!!! wow!!!! I am so excited.
Next is a yoga class. Found a good place and now I just have to sign up.

Have a great day everyone and keep on blogging. I think we are really helping each other. What a blessing.

Annalin said...

hahaha thanks Callie.

Becky said...

Go Laura!!!!!!!!!!

Also, I found the book There's No Place Like Hope very good. (of course that was before Kris's book came along...)

JFernie said...

I am thankful for a great many things, things that I had no idea I had in my life, so let me say this first:

I am thankful for my diagnosis of breast cancer because it has opened my eyes and I can finally see!!! I have so many things in my life to be thankful for that it would take me all day to list.
I am thankful for my CRAZY mother, my retarded father, all of my nut-so friends, the most wonderful bosses anyone could ever have, and every day that I am able to share with them!!

And I am thankful for you Kris... I am currently reading your book and it's giving me such inspiration!! I bought some "fuck cancer" stuff and I can't wait to get it. Thank you for everything so far, and everything to come!!

Much Love,

mimuna said...

Thanks for your words of support and solace, gals. It turns out that there were not enough cells for a test (because of the radiation) So I have to go back for another pap, but I am thankful that it wasn't bad news.
But more than that, I am thankful for you all. When I wrote my comment last night, I was out of my head scared. I was in the same head space that I had when I was first diagnosed. And yet, I went sleep with a calm feeling last night.
You all are so special to me because I get from you what I cant get when I look to family and loved ones to support me. Usually they get as upset (sometimes more than me) and I have to calm them down- and end up feeling guilty for upsetting everyone.
But annalin, bav, callie, cheryl, laura, joan, tina, suzanna, mel, suzanna, granola, rhonda and everyone else, THANK YOU.
Thoughts, prayers, advice, candles ---support from around the country, from people I have never laid eyes on, whose words have never touched my ears, but your hearts have soothed me in a time of deep crisis and that makes me stonger and better and this load almost weightless.
Much love,

granola said...

CONGRATS! That is GREAT NEWS!!!! Why they couldn't just tell you that on the ans. mach. message is beyond me (even if they just said "nothing major--don't worry" knowing your history).
Regardless, I am so happy for you! And thank you for the kind words!
You rock girl!

Cynthia said...

I’ve been reading this blog since its beginning, it has been my secret weapon, a much-needed pick-me-up when things look bleak on my end. The positive energy that emanates from here is AMAZING! I’m so grateful for everyone’s input and cannot wait for the forum! Mimuna (Julie), your post caught my eye. I wish I had checked in yesterday when you were knee-deep in worry. I’m also a 2B cervical survivor (14 months since dx) and just received the inconclusive results from my latest pap (5th since treatment ended). They always say the sample could not be evaluated due to too few cells and too much inflammation from radiation. After the first one I totally freaked out, just knowing that the canSer had come back. It didn’t, of course, and now I keep reminding myself of what Kris said (on Oprah was it?) that worry is praying for what you don’t want. WOW! That’s really big. So now when I’m fearful about a test or a twinge, I shift the focus and recite the list of all I’m thankful for, including RADIANT health. I started doing it to try to “fake out” the universe, now I’m a believer!
Raising my glass of green lemonade to you all!!

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mimuna said...

Oh Cynthia! Really? I'd love to chat with you off-line. my email is

:-) said...

Hi Kris, I'm grateful for you. That's weird, right. But after seeing you on Oprah, whom I love, I am a changed women. Congrats. on all that you have accomplished. I was telling my mom the other day that you are "special", and I mean that in a good way. :-) I see the angel in your eyes. Anyways, from one fellow blogger to another keep up the good "GREAT" work. I'm also sharing your story on my blog, everyone needs to hear it.

Come take a look when you have time.

PS when are you coming to Texas again?