Thursday, November 1, 2007

Got Mucus?

My nightstand is always overflowing with cookbooks, diet books, nutrition guides and stats. I am obsessed! Plus I'm doing research for my book Crazy Sexy Detox (or Diet) not sure what to call it yet. Ya'll will help me choose. Anyway, I'm reading a funny, fluff and fad, diet book right now and finding it to be pretty darn accurate, especially when it comes to the dairy devil. It's called Skinny Bitch and we've all seen it in every store. I'm gonna water down their analogy on dairy (cause it's wicked gross) but to me it was one of those AH HA moments.

So Thanksgiving is coming up, you may go home and visit your mom, when you arrive and need a snack will you latch on and suckle? EW!!!! When we look at nature do we see animals nursing beyond their youth? The answer is no. Also, do you see a gorilla milking a rabbit? A deer suckling a tiger? Nope. Breast milk of any kind is intended for the specific species and it is only for the early stages of life during the baby's biggest growth spurt. Cow's milk grows a 90 pound calf into a 2000 pound cow over the course of 2 years. And we wonder why we're overweight!

Here's a good factoid: We need the lactase enzyme to digest lactose but between the ages of 18 months and 4 years we lose 90-95% of that enzyme. So basically we are all pretty much lactose intolerant. But it's MUCH bigger than that and it's quite simple too. Dairy products are disease producing. High protein diets (dairy and animal meat) create a highly acidic state in the body (remember we're all about the pH and alkalinity), dairy load us up with mucus, stops up our colons and creates an environment for cancer cells to thrive in.

But where will I get my calcium Kris? Dairy ain't the place loves! Moo juice actually leaches calcium from your body. Check this out, the countries with the highest consumption of dairy also have soaring rates of osteoporosis. Are ya connecting the dots? Milk is also one of the most common causes of food allergies and congestion (mucus) and high cholesterol. Got milk? No thanks. I get my abundant amounts of calicum from leafy greens like kale, collards, cabbage, kelp, mustard greens, seaweeds, sesame seeds (the best source), chickpeas, broccoli, watercress, raw nuts and lots of other plant friends. No stress on the body, mind, colon or environment. How nice!

We have been led to believe that milk is an essential part of good health. In reality, dairy milk contributes to the overall breakdown of our systems. If you really can’t see yourself giving up milk and meat, at least choose the best quality. Raw foodies advocate the use of raw (unpasteurized) goat’s milk as an alternative to cow’s milk because it doesn't have casein, it’s much easier to digest and it is closer to the consistency of human milk. You can also wean yourself off cow’s milk with rice, oat, almond, or soy (in moderation, I'm not a big advocate) as well. Meat should be organic, grass fed, and consumed in SMALL portions that are properly combined. It's a hard thing todiegst and take way more time so don't gum it up with a potato. Picture it as a side dish next to loads of veggies and a big salad. The American Dietetic Association came up with a good visual: The average serving of meat, it says, should be to the size of a deck of cards. Not a football or shingle. Capiche?

This information can be tough to swallow for folks who were raised on animal products. It certainly was for me. I grew up across the street from a dairy farm! My grandmother was a chef who cook up a hunk of fleshs daily. Tongue-and-Spam sandwiches were a favorite in our house. Looking back, I can see why becoming a veggie-head was easy for me!

Agribusiness doesn't rely on quality, they push quantity, speed, and the increasing demands for cheaper products. As a result, the animals now raised for our consumption are jacked up with hormones, antibiotics, herbicides, pesticides, and other medications that ultimately find their way into our rivers, land, and bloodstreams. We shouldn't just ask why organics are so damn expensive, we should ask why crap food is sooo cheap!

On more factoid and off ya go: Dr. T. Colin Campbell, professor emeritus of nutritional biochemistry at Cornell University (my guru) teaches that one of the biggest causes cancer is a diet that is higher than 10 percent animal protein! Americans eat way more than that. He estimates that “80% to 90% of all cancers, cardiovascular diseases, and other degenerative illness can be prevented, at least until very old age, simply by adopting a plant-based diet. WOW!

Big food for thought today. What do you think?

Peace & Veggies and no moo juice,

PS. Here's a few good alternatives to get you started, if you have any please share with your posse gals.

Earth Balance Natural Buttery Spread
Heart's Vegan Gourmet, they have a decent mozzarella substitute.
Soy Delicious Ice Cream if you're really out of your mind and just need it.
*Make sure you check soy products for casein. They sneak it in for texture.
Alta Dena Raw Goat Cheese cheddar flavor.


cuponooodle said...

thanks kris! awesome post! i cant wait for your new book :)

Kris have you ever heard of this website its INCREDIABLE! please check it out :)

Sarahs said...

What about yogurt?

Cravin' Veggies said...

Excellent post Kris!

The beginning reminded me of a Little Britain skit. I am going to look for it on you tube and post a link.

Also, cow's milk has millions of skin and pus cells in every single glass. Nasty.



Cravin' Veggies said...

Same $h!t, different animal...

DE said...

Thanks for this post - I haven't given up cheese entirely yet, but milk went out the window years ago after reading a bunch of all the scary stuff you mention. In addition, all the hormones that they put into cows to make the grow? Ugh...lots of possible links to health conditions, and who knows if there are links between growth hormones and ongoing abnormal cell growth?

I guess mom's demand that I eat my greens is as good as ever, if not more so...

Keep rockin'!

cuponooodle said...

heres a bit of info too for everyone from
that will scare the milk outta you!

Uterine & Ovarian Cancer

Women between the ages of 25 and 65 have been successfully targeted by the marketing representatives of the dairy industry's milk promotion board. What the dairy industry neglects to advertise is the fact that cow's milk contains a very powerful growth hormone, insulin-like growth factor-I (IGF- I). IGF-I is identical in humans and cows, and this hormone has been identified as a key factor in tumor growth.

"Poor absorption of lactose may more than double the risk of ovarian cancer in women."

American Journal of Epidemiology, 1999;150

"IGF-I can stimulate normally slow-growing cancers (like breast, ovarian, and prostate) to grow very quickly, causing them to appear in a decade or two or even less."

Delicious 12/95

"IGFs may be important in carcinogenesis, possibly by increasing the risk of cellular transformation by enhancing cell turnover. These emerging epidemiologic data indicate that high levels of IGF-I are associated with an increased risk of at least several types of carcinoma that are common in economically developed countries."

Horm Res, 1999, 51 Suppl 3

"The uterus and ovary, like the breast, are hormone-sensitive organs. Not surprisingly, uterine and ovarian cancers are both linked to fatty diets in epidemiologic studies."

Cancer 1966;19

"IGFs regulate important cellular activities involving cell proliferation, differentiation, and apoptosis. Emerging evidence suggests that members of the IGF family play important roles in the development and progression of cancer. Diet, nutrition, and other lifestyle features affect the expression and production of IGF-1 and other members of the IGF family. This may provide new approaches for cancer prevention. Growth hormone (GH) stimulates the production of IGF-1. Use of GH replacement therapy to improve physiological and psychological well-being and to prevent aging-related diseases has been recommended. Given the close relationship between GH and IGF-1, the long-term safety of GH treatment warrants a serious concern."

J La State Med Soc, 1999 Apr, 151:4

"Galactose is linked both to ovarian cancer and infertility...women who consume dairy products on a regular basis, have triple the risk of ovarian cancer than other women."

The Lancet 1989; 2

"Interest in the role of the IGF axis in growth control and carcinogenesis has recently been increased by the finding of elevated serum (IGF-I) levels in association with three of the most prevalent cancers in the United States: prostate cancer, colorectal cancer, and lung cancer. IGFs serve as endocrine, autocrine, and paracrine stimulators of mitogenesis, survival, and cellular transformation."

J Cell Physiol, 2000 Apr, 183:1

"IGF-I reacts in a synergistic manner with estrogen, and plays a role in the growth and proliferation of ovarian cancer."

J-Clin-Endocrinol-Metab, Feb. 1994, 78(2)

Robert Cohen author of: MILK A-Z
Executive Director (
Dairy Education Board

Do you know of a friend or family member with one or more of these milk-related problems? Do them a huge favor and forward the URL or this entire file to them.

Do you know of someone who should read these newsletters? If so, have them send an empty Email to and they will receive it (automatically)!

Mel said...

This article from the Harvard School of Public Health, though not advocating a dairy-free diet, corroborates a lot of what Kris is saying here. It's not a long read and is quite interesting:

Esp. of interest: High levels of galactose, a sugar released by the digestion of lactose in milk, MIGHT be linked to ovarian cancer, according to a couple of studies.

RawMama said...

It think you are absolutely right about pasturized milk. I had the same Ah Ha moment a couple months back. But there is a difference between dead pasturized milk and raw milk from cows that are pasture fed. Pasturization bad. RAW GOOD!

Basic Me said...

I have to tell you it has been again... lifechanging.. I thought I ate well. Lots of veggies, fruit.. food combineing haha.. no steak with potatoe.. and now 17 days into complete plan you advice in book..LAst night fell off the wagon.. friends having cheese pizza and I had 1/2 a slice.. I was so nuts.. my insides where humming like I was attached to an electrical outlet and I was in sugar and mucus overload. YUK>>> now I know my body is responding and healing... It took hours for the headache and the buzz to go away and peace to return.. got up to hot water with lemon and my wheatgrass...happy happy joy joy.. never again.. will I cheat.. I think you should call it the DETOX it certainly does that but you willl make the right choice.. you have done a great job so far. Peace love and don't work to hard. Callie and Duncan

Linda said...

I vote for Crazy Sexy Detox as well! The word "diet" is overused and (too often) misunderstood!

Thankfully, I never liked milk, nor did my mother or grandmother, so they never forced me to drink it as a child! Funny part of that story is that I'm 35 and NEVER broke or fractured any bone in my life (knock on wood!!) lol!

I love cheese, but it never really liked me, so I only eat it on rare occasions....such as when something like lasagne becomes temptation too great to resist!!

For those of you who can't imagine life without a milkshake or a big bowl of cereal, I highly recommend almond milk or fresh young coconut water
(blended with the soft meat).Almond milk is great for cereal and strawberry "milkshakes"...coconut water works great with fresh pineapple or mango for smoothies! YUM!

Kris - I picked up a bottle of the daily vitamins that you take (from the Whole Foods mecca, of course!) and I love them!! Thanks for the tip! Seriously, girl, WF should let you shop for free!! You are a one-woman advertising campaign!

I also found this nifty site on the web with the skinny on the nutrition from all different kinds of veggies and juicing....a beginner's nutritional guide, I s'pose!! Some interesting factiods:

Kris, we're udder-ly grateful for all your help!! (tee-hee)

luv & peas!

GreenGoddess said...

I'm right there with ya, Kris. Thanks for the posting!

A couple years before I was diagnosed w/breast cancer, I was diagnosed (by a Chinese herbalist and confirmed by a medical doctor) as anemic. At that time I was eating dairy, coffee, animal products, etc. (don't worry, i'm almost 100% raw vegan now). I have no doubt that the dairy contributed to my anemia, given that casein found in dairy (the main product in superglue)was probably lining my small intestines (not to mention stomach, colon, and large intestines), preventing my poor body from absorbing nutrients (and from eliminating too..).

No wonder my body said "Enough!"

apoopslingingmonkey said...
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cancer cowgirl xo said...

Hi cuties! Thanks for not revolting! Wow, I am so excited you are open to this. Can't wait to read all the sites you recommended. I LOVE that you think it should be called Detox. Me too.

Couple o notes: yogurt is milk so it's on the poo poo list. You can get probiotics from supplements, saurkraut, kim chi and other sources. Truthfully when the colon is balanced you don't need to take extra. All you need will be produced, but we've got some detoxing to do before that can happen.

Raw goat is way better than raw cow, but unpasteurized is certainly better than the regular goo. Pasteurized is completely cooked and dead.

And yes, there is pus and blood in the milk! Gross! Those poor little utters boobies get chaffed and cut due to constant milking. Can you imagine if someone kept you pregnant all the time? Those cows are fed cow blood and corn and other crap they can't digest. They develope grave illnesses and are kept alive with drugs. Did you know that many of the factory farm animals we eat have cancer! Oiy. Does that make sense to you? Not me. I got enough canSer thank ya very much.

Off to give a speech in NYC. I'll check in later. Missing you already.

Kiki said...

O and more about the state of our beef......
Monsanto Bovine Growth Hormone (antibiotic)

apoopslingingmonkey said...

milk is evil, and links every kind of ailment and disease to milk with research.

I like crazy sexy detox! thats my vote :)

OH YEAH! I got my new crazy sexy Breville juicer lol :)
SWEEEEEET! I got it for $149 at bed, bath and beyond, with my 20% mail coupon, so i saved 30 bucks...I got the plus model. I love it! thanks Kris for everything! I plan to email Breville and tell them I only got this juicer do to you and your influence! and to thank them also for giving you 10 juicers for your give-away!
So yesterday I juiced everything in my crisper LOL! it ALL tasted so good! I expected it to be gross, and to have to develop a taste for it etc- but actually I loved it all!
I juiced cukes, alot of kale, radish, house plants are lucky they didn't end up in my juicer lol!
watch out veggies here I come! veggie massacre

(what really weird is i hate radishes, and beets- but i bought them for specifically the juicer, and in the juicer i actually liked them- whats up with that! i even added an apple to my 4th concoction, and whats really weird is i liked my juice better without the apple! what a surprise!)

oh i forgot to say something else too- (so i deleted my other comment just to add to this one that way it saves on all my different posts lol)

basic me~ lol! I also cheated last night by dipping just 2 baked tortilla chips in velveeta cheese sauce, and Im in pain this morning too! its so crazy how the body really once clean and free from dairy reacts to the slightest bit of cheese! although I am lactose intolerant- but in my teens, and adult life I always ate it anyway, my mom told me that when I was a young young kid I was raised on goat milk because the doc said I was lactose intolerant but also allergic.)


Lauren said...

I prefer Detox too because most people associate diet with losing weight. When I read a diet book people think I have food issues.

So I haven't drunk milk since I was an infant cuz it makes me gag. Didn't start yogurt until I was a young adult. But Ice Cream has been my therapist all through the years. Ben & Jerry's mint chocolate cookie -- I don't know if I could give that up. I don't know if I'm buying the "delicious" part of the soy ice cream.

Question (I sound like Dwight from the office): So what does everyone here put in their salads to make them interesting. Cheese has always been what I use to entice me to eat salad, so now I need a different way to go.

rough olive said...

Wow Kris!
I have been hoping you would do a book on your diet. I can't wait till it is out. Do you have any estimated dates in mind for the release?

Lauren said...

If anyone has time to answer my silly little questions --
Do you think almond milk would taste good in coffee (eventually I'll give it up)?

Back to the title of kris's awesome book: does detox usually mean a diet that is temporary?
Kris you may have to invent a new word.

apoopslingingmonkey said...

Lauren ~ for my salad I use organic flaxseeds, organic raisins,organic-non treated/no sugar added shredded coconut, mashed avocado
tastes sooo good..

and I tried almond milk as a creamer- tastes good, but looks strange lol! it stays swirly in appearance? its weird but tastes good...i currently use rice milk as my creamer for my one cup of coffee- tastes good too... i have been off of my coffeemate creamer for 1 month now... I tried it the other day just for the heck of it and now its so gross to me! coffeemate once your off of it then try it- its so oily and nasty...not only that but it also has msg! msg shrinks your blood vessels in your brain. which was why i stopped using it. and the fact that it has hydrogenated oil.

apoopslingingmonkey said...

Kris can you post your speeches on youtube?

one more question I have tried to figure out on the web but haven't found an answer, maybe with all you know you may know this- do you think being allergic to milk always has to show in an allergic reaction? like I said earlier supposedly I was allergic to milk when I was young, but as a teen and adult I always ate it with no bad effects- like hives or rashes etc,..but yet I am lactose intolerant- bloating,gas pain etc... think its the same or no? I always wondered if my actual insides of my gut had the allergic reaction like hives or rash?
or can an allergic reaction can just go away? or maybe my doc was wrong and I wasn't allergic- but lactose intolerant...hmm

Lauren said...

Thanks apoopslingingmonkey!
Love your name!
Can I call you poopmonkey for short? :)

Kiki said...

Not related to dairy but what about honey?
For years I have always heard that honey is so good for you, not sure why really. Not too long ago, and I can't remember where, I heard the opposite, that the preservatives that the bees use to make the honey isn't actually good for us.

LNastasi519 said...

I am with you this one!! I don't eat any animal products (besides fish on occasion) and I think that milk is repulsive!! I love Skinny Bitch, it was one of the first books I read when I decieded to eat this way. I also found that I have had barely any Crohn's flare ups since cutting out animal products!


Diane said...

Kris, I vote for 'Knockout'. Detox and diet are thrown around everywhere. You were so creative in coming up with 'crazy, sexy cancer'- think up something just as startling!

Lauren - I like raw sunflower seeds on my salad.

There's a great website called ''. I've learned alot from it.

Justme117 said...

Oh my gosh I couldn't agree more! I had this AH HA moment a while ago (I read The China Study). It is actually shocking how in the dark we are kept about food. We are brought up being taught that our diet is normal and healthy-and it couldn't be farther from the truth! The normal American diet is chock full of chemicals! If you had a capsule of some random chemical, you wouldn't swallow it. But we are ok swallowing that same chemical as long as it is mixed into our food. I have been thinking about this so much lately. Its frightening and sad. And its something that nobody knows about. People think a natural diet is "weird". I have been reading the Raw Food Detox Diet and Natalia Rose talks about the same thing with dairy. She also says that soy is the most mucus forming food on the planet! We get plenty of calcium from leafy greens AND we get it in perfect ratio to magnesium which allows us to absorb the calcium! Bonus!!

I am going to repost a couple of questions I had from yesterday because I posted them at the end of the day and I really need help with the they are:

Hey! I have 2 questions.... 1. What is the 21 day detox that you did on your documentry? I want to do something like that right now really bad-just a way to detox and center myself. Could you let me know?

2. I am looking at juicers trying to figure out which one to buy. I dont know what to do because there are so many and they are so expensive so I want to get the one that will serve me the best long term! I am looking at the Samson masticating juicer, the Green Star triturating kind, and the Breville. Any suggestions? Advantages disadvantages? --also I thought the breville was a centrifugal machine...meaning less nutrition-does that matter??


summer said...


where do you get your Ph strips from????

Kim said...


I found my ph strips at Whole Foods. Just ask the person working in the body section and he/she can help you. If you don't have a WF, I bet your local pharmacy may have them as well. Good luck.

Obsessedwithlife said...

Question: If you have a weakened immune system, like many cancer patient, isn't unpasteurized a no-no??



apoopslingingmonkey said...

Lauren ~ lol! funny! yeah i dont mind

Linda~ thats a great link! thanks
i didnt't know you can juice a yam?! or even a plain potato!
i thought all "potato's" in the family had to be cooked

Gastric issues~
POTATO They are in the same family as tomatoes and peppers. An excellent source of vitamin C and high in carbohydrates, potassium, calcium and iron. The most nutritious part of the potato is the skin. During World War I, a group of German soldiers, near starvation, were forced to live on raw potatoes. The soldiers with gastric disorders were relieved and cured. After the war, Dr. J. F. Magerl began treating gastric patients with raw potato juice. After 10 days of the treatment, most of the patients showed no symptoms.

Acne issues~
looks like beets,cabbage,brussel sprouts are high in sulfer- (which for some people treats acne)

for those of you who may have missed Linda's link here it is again-

yogini in all said...


What about Crazy Sexy Wellness, Crazy Sexy Live, or Crazy Sexy Now?

I do agree with Lauren that detox usually means temporary and not a way of life. I think Crazy Sexy Detox sounds good, but I'm not sure if you are wanting people to think it's just a detox vs. a way of life.

Anyway, you will find what's best. You rock! You are doing amazing things!!!!

Also, can you talk about food pairings?

Love and Peace,


GreenGoddess said...

Hey Kris & wise women,

I know caffeine in general is not good - what's your view on green tea?

By the way, there's a great section on dairy in the book 'Fit for Life 2' by Harvey Diamond. In fact, for anyone with cancer, I recommend reading the chapter, 'the 6 states of disease'

Sarahs said...

I love the idea stated earlier of calling the book Crazy Sexy Wellness. The first 3 letters of the word Diet spell DIE, and a detox is generally temporary.

What if the book starts with: "First step to wellness: Detox"

Kris, I believe there is SO much that you can contribute with this book!!

StarBright78 said...

See this - more Cohen:

Why are we still drinking it??? Beats me. Put down the dairy and pick up some green lemonade!!!

SS said...

Great blog!! I think it should be called Crazy Sexy Eating or Get Crazy Sexy about Health! Anyway, even though I have the info that dairy is not good even organic...I sometimes feel guilty about calcium and such it's so weird! anyone else?? ya know because Dr.'s say so!! heheh it sounds silly but I guess just trust your gut and keep learning...

shelleafy said...

Thank you Kris!
Thank you EVERYONE who is posting here. I really am learning a ton from all of you. What a great community! I love all the links and book recommendations.

I have one word for all the ice cream junkies out there. SORBET! It is a cold and tasty treat that is dairy-free!

For those of you experimenting with juicers.... Fennel is yummy... Like ginger it is strong; a little goes a long way

Lauren~ I LOVE almond milk in coffee, that said I am trying to give up the coffee....
Also for salads... I like to dress them add seeds or nuts and fruit(fresh and dried).

Basic Me said...

Good Luck on your speech and get that book written pronto... hahaha.. that is what I am always telling my husband who writes novels... now.. pronto.. ha. We canSer chicks want it all and right now.. Living the sprouted life today.. many blessings gals and guys with the little puney uckky c. Callie and Duncan

Cravin' Veggies said...

Lauren: Salads with EVERYTHING!! Nuts, seeds, mixed greens, fennel, carrot, pepper, leek, beets, kohlrabi, broccoli, sometimes craisins, etc. etc.

If it is in the produce aisle, it can go in your salad!


Joan said...

Summer - I had the darndest time finding ph sticks...and ended up ordering them from

Liz said...

Hi Kris,
First, wonderful blog and website, but truelly amazing story. You are an inspiration. Your nightstand sounds like mine. I have been devouring similar type books ever since stumbling upon Natalia Rose's Detox Diet bood early last spring. Anyway, interesting post today. Have you tried raw milk? I tried it about a month ago and did a similar post on my blog about amonth ago regaring my experience.

Anyway, I've but back on the dairy thing and am not suffering from a lack of calcium as far as I know, of course I have included tons of green veggies in my diet since then.

Keep it up Kris, you Rock!

Cathy said...

Kris, Great post! I am trying to cut out the dairy but dam its hard, love yogurt and my icecream. Yikes, I keep tryin though and have cut back lots. I didnt think I would like almond milk or rice milk but they are a great alternative to dairy.

How about Crazy Sexy Lifestyle: Its not a diet, its a way of life...
I like Detox but agree with Lauren that detox can be temporary and not send the message that it is a lifestyle.

I am so excited you are writing another book about all this good nutrition stuff!

You rock girl!!

granola said...

Hi Kris & fellow bloggers,
Just have to share a story. I work in an elementary school, & brought in my green juice into school for Halloween. They (1st graders) thought it was cool & they want to try it! I will be doing a little demo for them soon!
OK, dairy topic. I don't eat much & will continue to try to decrease. Great info! Thanks for the motivation!
Ok, now I have to recommend that if you buy something through Amazon, please link through Pigs Peace Sanctuary at:
It is a nonprofit dedicated to providing a safe home for unwanted, abused or neglected animals in need and is committed to spreading the message of compassion and respect for all animals. The sanctuary provides medical care, a healthy diet, socialization and a permanent home with loving kindness. If you use this link to buy through Amazon, you will still link to your profile & Pigs Peace Sanctuary gets a donation from Amazon. Thanks!
Peace, Veggies, & a Healthy Body & Planet to you all! You all rock!!

Lauren said...

Everybody here is so nice!
Thanks for all the suggestions. Whenever I get into a salad kick, I'll put the same thing in it over and over until I get sick of it. Then it's back to muffins and pizza (not together).
Some other people's title ideas made me think of
Crazy Sexy Food for your Crazy Sexy Body.
Or maybe crazy sexy delights (or bites) for your crazy sexy body.
Or Crazy Sexy Food? Bring it on!

Sorry it's just fun coming up with titles.

Anne said...

I wish my juicer would get here. I think I'm going to want to do a juice fast tomorrow. Ate two pieces of veggie pizza tonight and now I feel like crap. After two months of mostly strict vegetarianism (no meat, no dairy), with the big increase in raw in the last two weeks . . . well, pizza made me feel yucky. Overful, thirsty, a little nauseated.

Figures, I do that, then log into here and read about mucus. Thanks, everyone! :)

Oh, well. What's done is done. Tomorrow is a new day.

Meg said...

Hey everyone! I love your titles for the new book!! I've never liked drinking milk...apparently that's a good thing! Now, if only I could cut out the yogurt and ice cream! :) I've been pricing juicers recently, and holy crap! I'm a poor college student, and I can't afford those! But after thyroid cancer, I know I need to make a change. I wonder if I can get my friends to donate to my juicer cause...:)

fear-free said...

I use an almond milk with no sugar added and I think it tastes the closest to non-fat milk of all the substitutes. Rice milk tastes like baby formula and I'm allergic to soy, but wouldn't consume it even if I wasn't. I have always had serious digestive issues and cutting out wheat and other gluten containing things and staying away from dairy has helped a lot. I have cheated from time to time and usually pay for it.

cuponooodle said...

I think alot of people have some good ideas but I still like crazy sexy detox- it just goes good together- and everyone knows what detox is.
Also once the person reads the book most likely they will continue with that lifestyle... And alot of unhealthy people like the idea of a 'quick' detox- they know they are unhealthy and think "hey I'll buy this book and clean out my system, be a bit healthier, and move on with my life, and not have to change alot of things" but little do they know once they read it their life will change! and you trick them lol!

Also alot of unhealthy people know they need a detox. At least for a few weeks... but alot of unhealthy people don't think they need a whole new life change, they just think they need to make a few changes, but don't really care that much. But they would know a detox would be good for them, and once they are several chapters into that book they "see the light" lol

I think the words "wellness" and "lifestyle" scare people and they will stay away- they'll think it one of those "weird" kinda books that aren't for them....
but most unhealthy people are open to a detox just for bit- and like I said once they start reading it they will realize that you can actually live a life in continual detox.

Living a life of continual detox is really what Kris's message is...

Azura Skye said...

that was one fantastic post!

I'm currently reading a wonderful book, which you have probably read, if not maybe you'd like to take a look at it.

The New Ageless Ageing - by Leslie Kenton.

In the first two chapters it goes into detail about what you just said.

thanks! AS x

Hilary said...

I've long believed that we humans do not need cow's milk in order to survive... contrary to what doctors, media, etc, will lead you to believe. I did not know of a link between milk consumption and high cholesterol. I'd love to know where you got that research, so I could pass it on to my milk drinkin' mom.
BTW... there are some of us who do need to eat meat. I felt awful on a veggie diet. A naturopath told me that my blood type, O, was the meat eater and my body needed it. My meat sources are hormone free, and my beef is grass fed. Moderation is key.

apoopslingingmonkey said...

Hi Kris and everyone! :)

Alot of people have remarked about how soy is really bad, and someone even talked about in a book they were reading how soy is mucus forming just like milk etc...

exactly why is soy so bad?
maybe Kris you can do a post on soy?

thanks! have a crazy sexy wonderful day! you all rock!

Liz said...

to apoopslingingmonkey - I have read a little about soy milk and from what I remember I think it is "bad" because it has been so genetically modified at this point, it is afterall one of the trendy so called diet foods these days!

Other alternatives to traditional cow's milk though include nut milk such as almond milk. I like Almond Breeze and Pacific brand but you can make your own by blending 1 part raw almonds to 3 parts water and straining through a nut milk bag.

cancer cowgirl xo said...

Good morning friends!

Back in the saddle, my speech on cancer and fertility(for 400 people!) went really well and I promise to post on youtube when they are recorded. Great idea.

Love the book title ideas! You chickadees rock. I think this book will write itself through our awesome blog community! Crazy Sexy Detox, still my fave but I life lifstyle, wellness AND REVOLUTION. Not sure if people will get that though, it will need a subtitle too.
I have one more book due Dec. 14th and then I start the diet book. Believe me you will all hear about it on a weekly basis cause I'm a little intimidated by the topic. I want it to be THE BEST! My next book is a companion piece to CSCT with lots of new stuff and space for you to journal and excavate your own stories.

Ok, now to some of your questions....

Raw Goats cheese is a better alternative than moo cow cheese. But let's be clear, it is still acid forming, aka mucus forming. A little on a salad as you transition is fine, especially if you are cutting out all the moo dairy and cheese is a crutch for you. To answer the question about it being unpasteurized and safe. Well I think it is but if you are on chemo or radiation currently, I'd steer clear. No way to knwo for sure. Best to be caustious.

I love avocados (I eat an entire one on the salad), oil cured olives, raw seeds and nuts etc. I even make little croutons from time to time with sprouted ezekiel bread toasted and slathered with organic cold pressed olive oil, sea salt and fresh pressed garlic. One of these days I'm going to go grain free, not there yet but the grains I consume are very high quality. Breads are always sprouted or gluten free, NOTHING WHITE. Quinoa and millet are amongst the best grains you can eat. Quinoa is loaded with protein and millet is alkalizing. I do brown rice on occasion and brown rice pasta. Tinkyada is my favorite brand. That's about it for grain for me.

Almond milk is delish! I'll quote our posse gal liz on this one, she is spot on:

"Almond Breeze and Pacific brand but you can make your own by blending 1 part raw almonds to 3 parts water and straining through a nut milk bag."

You can also try macadamia nut milk, easy to make too.

Soy - OK, that's an entire blog and it is on the list officially. Let's hold off till we can all chime in. OK?

Honey - VERY sweet, not for cancer patients and I think I need to do a blog on how sugar feeds cancer. Do you agree? I would use agave (less sugar and doesn't raise your blood sugar as fast) BUT my favorite is stevia - totally benign. A pinch goes a long way, it is UBER sweet without the reprecussions. It's an herb.

21 day fast - that is an entire post as well. Check out the pH miracle by Robert Young until I hit that one. Not everyone needs to fast and you MUST fast with nutrition. Green drinks, blended green soups. The master cleanse and fasts like this are insane and the worst for cancer patient. No nurishment and loads of sugar. I recommend 1-3 days fasts for most people now. More soon, I promise. If ya dont see this post in a week or so, hound moi! Secretaries - just pool the collective questions and make suggests. OK? xo

Breville juicer is my favorite and I will tell you why. It is easy to clean! It really doesn't heat up veggies, maybe slightly but I'm pretty relaxed about it. I have the greenstar too but I only drag it out these days for nut pates, wheatgrass. It has lots of parts and is twice the price. Be realistic, what are you really going to do? I also have a $25 hand crank for WG that I love. You can buy the Breville through my site BUT so many gals are getting it for less at Bed Bath and Linens and Things plus you get a coupon. Go there and I'm gonna chat with Breville and see if they will offer us the same discount. I got like 500 emails about the free juicers! Waiting for them to arrive and then I think I gotta grab a hat and pick names - after I weed through some of the "I don't have cancer but I want a free juicer" lol

pH strips - WF's, your local health food store OR

A.P. Monkey - Honey I love how active you are on this blog! Go girl! This is what my intuition tells me about your allergies. Allergic reactions present in many ways, they don't have to be skin erruptions. Pain, bloating, gas, this is your body saying ouch, don't eat that. Move on from the moo hon. xo

Green tea is the best form of caff, but it is still a stimulant and still acidic. Don't beat yoursefl up though, if you are changing your diet do it slowly, knock things out little by little. BEst to get off the big dangerous guns first. I still rely on tea but I only have one cup. Ideally the day would start with a cup of warm water with lemon and a wee dash of cayenne. Great liver flush and circulatory stimulant. Go sloe, we want you to glow, not crash! I have thrown myself into hard core cleansing for years and I can tell you from experience it is very emotionally draining and at times I had to get in the car at midnight and find chocolate like a serial killer needs their next victim. Why? Too much too fast and too much movint through my system with no way out. Cheating slows the detox process down.

Ok, how do we start a wholefoods campaign? We all send each other there on a daily basis! Maybe they could sponsor someting for us. Let's think!


Becky said...

Kris - you have been an inspiration to me! Thank you times a million, trillion!! My poor little, old body is so tired of fighting, but you have given me new hope, new ideas, and a new outlook.....bless you!

Vincent Flack said...

Hey kris
Had to share.. I have been following the ph miracle and going all raw(like 99%) for two weeks. for several years I have had this lump on my thumb. I have been massaging it daily and this morning it dissolved right before my eyes! I can only take this as a positive sign that my diet is changing my body! My lower back pain is gone, I have more energy than ever and feel fantastic! I no longer need my afternoon nap! I have chronic leukemia but hope to find my blood work improved when I go to my onc in Dec. I would love to kiss him goodbye FOREVER!!!
You are helping all of us get better, you deserve an honorary doctorate!
love Debbie

LNastasi519 said...

Hi Kris,

I was just wondering. What the heck do you do when you have a craving for something sweet? I cant seem to get away from sweets.. I would love to hear your alternative to the sugary stuff!


jlcnorthcutt said...

Yes, what about yougurt?

Also, I agree with much of what you say, but the practical applications are so difficult! We're a young family of five, and we have trouble just keeping enough food on the table, let alone any special, organic stuff. I do try, or course, where ever possible, but high quality and organic foods are ridiculously expensive!

Also, how do you convince the world's pickiest husband and children that kale is the new milk?

Someone needs to write "The Very Busy Mom's Guide to Extreme Good Health!"

Kiki said...

I absolutely can not wait for the forum to be ready.
That is going to be one seriously, amazing resource.

J said...

Hi all.

jlcnorthcutt – I hear ya on the difficulties of time and family! My sister is trying to transition herself and her boy to a healthier and gluten free diet, but as a single mom who works full time she’s often mentioned how hard it is to find time to actual prepare good meals!

Hilary - Thanks for mentioning the meat issue! I've also been told that my constitution requires meat and high veggies and fewer grains.

I am curious to know what people might think about the idea that we should eat a wide variety of foods - not so limited. I know that the idea is that we should be getting our nutrients from a wide variety of sources. There are so many people that advocate whole wheat grains - what do you feel about things like that? Would it be more in the sense that technically if our bodies were fully healthy & we only had organic we'd be processing foods better and wouldn't need supplements?

Also - thanks to all the mentioning of Whole Foods I decided to take a look at their website (the nearest one for me is the other side of Canada! lol) - really informative. I actually learned that two of the things I've been found low in (iron and B-12) are contributors to depression! I am finding it a bit frustrating and disheartening - I've "had" depression for Years but have been mostly stable on medication. However, things have been going down hill again and I want to take care of it before it gets to the bad point again. I talked to my doctor who manages my meds about this and also mentioned that I have a naturopath appt in Feb and that I'd like to explore other more natural forms of treatment such as acupuncture. His response "Acupuncture?! That stuff doesn't do anything!" So basically he threw me a prescription of something else he wants me to transition to as it will also provide fewer side effects etc... I left that appointment feeling even more down and upset that I’m trying to do something that I feel is good for me and to manage my condition in a healthier manner. I have to travel over 10 hours to the nearest good naturopath and he’s hard to get appointments with so I just feel like there is so little support here for alternative health. I’m really glad that I’ve found this blog.

stacie said...

hey kris,

i'm actually studying to be a doctor and wanted to follow a path of naturopathic medicine and proper nutrition. i am just so happy that you are spreading the message of healthy living through natural products and proper nutrition. Thank you thank you !!!

Lauren said...

Wow Kris you're the coolest. You write these long, extremely helpful fabulous blogs and then you take a lot of time to respond to people's comments. It really shows how passionate you are about all of this stuff and how much you care about people. It makes me really want to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

AnnaBegonia said...

I have this book too! It is fabulous :) I have gone vegetarian and am trying to hit vegan status (still working on giving up cheese) gave up milk and don't miss it at all!!!

granola said...

Hello Awesome Bloggers,
As for what I put on my salad--I am very OCD in having it every day for lunch--is arugula, mustard greens, cilantro, dried cranberries, raw walnuts, granny smith apple, and broccoli sprouts. I am very fortunate in that the local farmer's market has an awesome farm that grows these organic greens. The other things I get at the local health food store--also organic. It is a spicy salad & I just put 2 tsp. of extra virgin olive oil on it. The dead of winter is a lot tougher, so I tend to make homemade soups--esp. bean soup. I use raw beans because canned are processed and use too much sodium. It is so easy to make a big batch for the week.

As for juicers--found one at a garage sale--Krups--never used! It was a wedding gift & the couple never used it. Seems to work good enough, though someday I am hoping for a Breville. So, I suggest to check out garage sales (especially moving sales) to find a cheap juicer, or ask around. You never know!

As for book name, how about Crazy Sexy Healthy Bodies or Crazy Sexy Living?

Peace, Veggies, & Green Living to you all,

Anne said...

Oh, no! Green tea is acidifying?! What about yerba mate? I love my afternoon mate. I drink it straight, preferably beside a Larabar.

Tried to make my own Larabars today. I mean, the ingredients list nuts and dates, and only nuts and dates. I figured, how hard could it be? Well, I'm sitting here eating my homemade "Larabar" out of a dish, with a spoon! It came out like granola! It's just raw organic almonds and raw dates and cinnamon--tastes great; it's just definitely not a bar.

Getting enough calories seems to be an issue for me. I don't have weight to lose, and I have lost some in the last couple weeks. (Oh, where, oh where, have the boobies gone . . .) Keyed in all my food to fitday the other day and only came up to 1400. (Except for last night's pizza slip, I've done vegan, 80/20 raw for the last three weeks.) I've had some lightheadedness, too. So I'm trying to cram another fruit in each morning and doing an afternoon snack of nuts/dried fruit, in hopes of getting another few hundred calories in.

Kris, thank you for your blog subjects and thoughtful responses. It's great to have you to help guide us on this wellness journey.

cancer cowgirl xo said...

Debbie - You go girrrl! That is fantastic news, keep us posted love.

J - If you've been told you need meat, then eat it love, but choose organic or you are taking big risks. I actually don't subscribe to the Eat for Your Type Diet, but you have to listen to YOUR gut. I do suggest that you eat small amounts and absolutely food combine. It's hard to make the transition and I am not saying that you all have to be vegan. 80/20. 70/30. Hey even 50/50 at first. Ideally, 80% greens, vegs, salads, 20% cooked. So if cooked is meat, keep to those numbers and see how you feel love. And your doctor, well take the best and leave the best. I hate to hear stuff like that. It's just sad and ignorant. Once you get really clear and clean and your diet is full of vibrance the blues will melt away. Also gang, remember, we love docs, need them too, but they get ZERO nutrition or education on integrative med in dr. school. It's very threatening to them. Bless them, love them and fill your tool box by educating yourself and rounding out your care. Wellness and happiness take place on many levels, not just pills, the less pills the better! Big xo's to you J.

Sweets...ah, that's a tough one. Once you detox you crave less. If you really need a fix I would say occasionally have some dark 70% cacao chocolate (organic). It cobines well with everything and leaves little residue. Diet is all about balance, not habits. Keep the train moving forward, but see if you can clean out a bit before you succumb. Fruits should be till noon and always alone, bad ass food comining together. I know these answers kinda suck and that you want some magic secret, if I had it I'd be rich. Sugar is crack and we all love the dope. When I need something I usually squeze lemon in water and add stevia. Delish, in the summer I throw in some mint and a few strawberries - blender and yum. Sometimes when I get a crack attack I just go brush my teeth and press reset. Silly tip but it does works for me. There is a great company in woodstock that makes real, raw, dairy free ice cream (made from fruits nuts, love) and sorbets. Very expensive but to die for. They're called Organic Nectars and I think they ship everywhere. Check that out too. xo

I love answering all your questions. Yes, it is my passion, I'm happy to help and glad to be useful. Thanks gang.

Have a blessed night. Tomorrow we're gonna dive into colonics. Oh yeah, holy crap! :)

cancer cowgirl xo said...

oops, one more! Anne - Add more fat to your diet. Olive oils, oil cured olives, avocados, flax oil, seeds, nuts. If you are light headed you may be hypoglycemic. Keeps some almonds with you. I was really light headed in the beginning and I now know that it was a product of detoxing and moving waste. But if you are concerned add more chow. Sprouted grain sandwich with avocado, tomato, sprouts, sea salt. Yum. 70/30 or 60/40 for you and don't push it. I lost the boobies too. Oiy. I'm actually too thin right now and have been trying to add a few, but I'm just not hungry. So, is this my natural weight? The clothes look good, butt too but the boobs. Pancakes! Floppy! Time for more fats for me. Does that help at all? larabars are great and I adore that you made your own. How inspired! xo

cancer cowgirl xo said...

More for Anne- I'm making dinner and can't stop thinking about you! Raw nut butters, sprouted grain cereal with almond milk or oat milk, Smoothies with avocado! These will all help you put weight on. Even some oatmeal after your green drink in the AM. Grains add weight. Just choose good ones. Wait 30 mins though. Also, are you doing any weight training or exercise?

These are just my tips, not prescribing... Ok, back to making chow for me and the hubby. xo

And don't worry about the tea, take it slow.

Lauren said...

So I went to the corner store that I thought was organic and it was not. oh well. i tried. I'll try again tomorrow.
So can anybody recommend a premade salad dressing that's not acidic? Is that possible? I ate my salad today with lemon and olive oil. It wasn't that exciting.
Oh I am a mess. I gotta call my mother(sad) so she can walk me through cutting an avocado! I know there's a pit in there, but I had problems. It wasn't ripe either. In the garbage!
Oh, are garden of eatin' tortilla chips okay?

LNastasi519 said...

Thanks for the quick response Kris!! It's so great that you come here and socialize with everyone and answer all of our questions. Tonight (being that it's Friday night) I needed my sweets. I ended up getting some organic dates with coconut from the grocery store.. figured it was a lot better then the usual rice dream I have!


RawBound said...

WOW, Kris! I literally stumbled upon your AMAZING documentary, and have been hooked ever since. THANK YOU! I've been on a self journey to a better me for almost a year now. Once a die-hard Atkins advocate (heck, I lost 67lbs!), I had my AH-HA moment when I went to my Doctor expecting rave reviews regarding my overall health. Instead, he punched me in the gut with a laundry list of ailments including precancerous nodules settin' up camp like Cubscouts on my ovaries.
After peeling myself up off the floor, which took a few "why me" weeks, I knew I was indeed an "F-in Moron" (Skinny Bitch - love it!) for thinking all the 'bleck' I was devouring could be healthy.
I began the endless dive into the 'wellness' section at Barnes & Noble and spent countless hours scouring the web for answers. The word "diet" no longer appealed to me. I was on a mission and decided Vegan was the only way to go.

Luckily, I've been blessed with a strong will. In one day I went from a blood-juicy, decomposed, carcass filet - smothered in cheese (no doubt!) to huge troughs of leafy greens that kept me chained to my water-closet for over two week. Once off the gravy-train, I never once cheated, although I have had a few instances where labeling 'tricked' me into dairy consumption. Damn them! A typical day for me goes like this: a piece of fruit for breakfast, a single piece of 7-grain, whole wheat with flax seed toast topped with "better than cream cheese" spread for a mid-morn snack, a big ole' loaded salad for lunch and usually tempeh, veggie burger or tofu 'something' for dinner with some sort of lightly steamed veggie. I also love Miso soup. I Eat handfuls of organic roasted edamame, sunflower and pumpkin seeds for quickies.

Ok, time to get up from your 'couch'. Here's the ROOT reason for my I hear I shouldn't eat soy products? OH NO!! My consumptions are so limitted and frankly boring already. I don't 'juice'. I plan to... But do you have to? I don't really eat pasta (except in my soup) or rice (except in my tempeh). I absolutely feel like I could go completely raw, but fear I'll wilt away like the kale in the back of my crisper.

If NO soy, what? It seems every meat-ish thing I make has it.

HELP!!! and then I promise to not ramble so much in the future!

Oops!... one more. Do you have any home remedies for cleaning out the 'basement' that you can recommend?

I've caught your glitter...


Nicole said...

I love Skinny Bitch - Rory writes in VegNews all the time.

Also, do you think that soymilk is not good for you either? Just curious - little confused by what you wrote.

Also, I think detox is the better option - diet I think is very confusing these days.

LIFE Group said...

Love your blog and book and film. Have you ever heard of the company Blueprint Cleanse in New York? Bottom line, they are an organic fruit and veggie detox cleanse that delivers fresh daily in the city. I just got done doing it. Have you ever considered partnering with someone like that to create the very Crazy Sexy detox you are talking about creating. I know I would order it in a heartbeat. (Thyroid, Cervical and a lump in my breast all in the same summer is my story). You should check them out. Erica at BluePrint is great and I think it would be awesome and amazing!!

Anne said...

Thanks for thinking about me, Kris. Yes, I'm buying avocados by the bagful, using cold pressed evoo regularly, going to look into millet. Oatmeal, oddly, doesn't seem to agree with me. Gives me a terrible stomach ache every. single. time.

As for the light-headedness, now that you mention it, I bet some of it's detox. It was bad week before last, better last week and almost gone this week.

I love to cook and, in fact, it's one of the things I've missed a little doing all this raw. (Awful lot of cutting up versus cooking.) So making the Larabars--failure that it was--was actually fun. And the crumbly stuff is really good. Hard to put in my purse and eat on the run, but great for an afternoon snack at home or work in front of the computer.

Goal for the weekend: Increase the fats, the calories . . . and the boobs!

Happy weekend, everyone.

Justme117 said...

Kris! Thank you for getting back to me!! Such a HUGE help. I feel bad with all of my questions-but I have so many!! I read The Raw Food Detox Diet and love love love it. Wow. I am a 'Level 3' and feel GREAT eating this way. I am in love. And it feels great to have some control! I am helping my body and it feels great. Its sort of confusing though. I am a bit fuzzy on the food combining. Its a bit overwhelming, and I am not creative enough with all the options yet so its hard for me to know what to eat besides fruit and veggies! Maybe a post on that would be cool! Its so interesting to me. I cant wait for your book!

Nicole--I dont know what anyone else thinks but from my own research soy milk is not the greatest. I think it is one of the most mucus forming foods there is. Not good. Also it contains a hormone similar to estrogen so the body reacts and is sort of overloaded by it. Some women who eat/drink a lot of soy have their menstral flow interupted! Almond milk is a GREAT alternative. I think it is way better for you than soy milk. And yummy too! Thats just my opinion though....I hope it helps a little!

apoopslingingmonkey said...

So whats better than coming home on friday night and catching up on crazy sexy blog comment posts? nothing! lol, well maybe a trip to Hawaii or something...but besides that nothing :)

Thanks Kris for your allergy wisdom info! :) yeah no more dairy, my main source was from my daily starbucks lol, (otherwise at home i have been drinking rice milk for years) but starbucks yeah yikes! lots of sugar and milk,bad,bad.. (a blog post about Sugar effects in the body would be cool) but now all my starbucks money will now be used for veggies in my awesome new juicer lol MAN I LOVE my juicer! I have spent 40 bucks on veggies in 3 days and they are all gone and juiced already! i could drink a gallon of that stuff every morning if funds permitted! Anyway, I cant wait until the youtube speech thing! and more books on the way!?! very cool and exciting! (i watched all the Dr. Young videos on youtube several weeks ago, really good'll be great when you can start posting your various speeches, etc on youtube maybe even V-loging?)

Wholefoods promotion idea..Hey what about if Wholefoods gave you a coupon that you could post on your website that people can print out from their printers from your site and bring it in when they shop at WF.. There are stores that do this kinda thing, they have coupons you can print out at home and bring it into the store when you shop. Maybe they could hook you up with a %5 off coupon, or %10 percent, or cross our fingers and toes for a %20 coupon lol! Maybe Breville would do the same for you too?
Maybe they could even donate a certain percent from the coupon savings to cancer research!? etc. something cool like that!

And the Breville juicers- I was looking and figured out that Brevilles online store linked through your site has the same prices as Bed Bath & Beyond except for one model which is cheaper at BBB and thats the compact one. heres the prices:
at Breville 900 watt ikon multi-speed 5 speed $199 at BBB same price
at Breville 700 watt Juice Fountain Compact 1 speed $99 at BBB its $79.99
at Breville 1000 watt Juice Fountain elite 2 speed $299 at BBB same price
at Breville 850 watt Juice fountain Plus 2 speed $149 at BBB same price

it just so happens that your site is linked to the 900 watt 5 speed for $199. thats all,its not higher priced, its just that those of us who got ours for $149 at BBB just got the 2 speed plus our junk mail BBB coupon...
hey peeps if look in your junk mail- that's where the bed bath beyond coupon is hidden :)
if you don't live near one, you can order one online and
if you dont get BBB junk mail lol then go to their home page because you can get special offers by email-

ROFL @ the boobs! I can relate! I have already lost almost a cup size in 3 weeks and had to get new bras, thats about all the fat I had to lose, and my body is taking them quickly...eating raw equals no boobs I guess lol! also one more thing, as a non-cancer chick here-I just wanted to say-I did NOT email you for a free juicer :)lol! but I'm still trying to get my aunt who is in remission to email you,is that ok?...but i did email for the newsletter :) lol...

Kiki said...

I can't wait to get som einfo on colonics.
I was looking up colon hydrotherapy today and trying to figure out how to pick the best of the dozen or so places that offer it near me.
It's like quantum physics. It seems as soon as I think about it you're ready to blog about it.
Love it!

shelley Pagitt said...

I appreciate your blog, your work to heal yourself in cooperation with creation and your vulnerability to share with others!
I have a different opinion about dairy and I'd like to share a bit a few resources for further review.
First, I agree that when a person has cancer and some other illnesses, it is a good idea to eliminate all dairy and meat and white flour, sugar, rice, preservatives, etc... for at least 6 months, and to replace these foods with greens (bitter ones too) and other nourishing foods and juices.
Second, I know there are are huge anti-milk campaigns out there, however, there is a mounting research and energy supporting the use of raw dairy products, grass fed beef, pastured chicken/eggs for nourishment. Raw milk products have many essential nutrients (more vitamin C than a glass of orange juice, live enzymes for digestion, vit A and D which most people are lacking and need for immune function, and calcium as well as lactic acid which supports the good intestinal flora) that we cannot get from plants alone.
I was very sick myself 13 years ago and have been on a healing journey ever since. I didn't consume any dairy for 6 years and then began learning more and was able to find real milk in my area. I am now a fan except for a few times a year when I am liver or colon cleansing.

The book, REAL FOOD - WHAT TO EAT AND WHY, is wonderful as is Nourishing Traditions,, and

These are wonderful, historical and scientific resources. Check them out. We are all on a journey and I hope this is helpful for some.


IslandGirl43 said...

Hi Kris, like many of my fellow bloggers, you had me at Hello with your first CSC showing :-) I've been a daily visitor to your site and blog ever since. You and everyone here are WONDERFUL!

Like Rawbound, I also went vegan overnight -- Easter Sunday no less -- for health reasons (not for cancer but weight/cholesterol/diabetes). I'm jumping back to a previous topic, but my question is, as vegheads, do we need to worry about vitamin A supplementation because we get so much from our leafy greens, etc? From what I've read, one school says that it's the retinol (meat source) that is toxic, but can we OD on the beta source? Are there whole food vitamins out there without vitamin A?

And I know this isn't exactly healthy, but for those who are relunctant to give up the moo because of ice cream. Purely Decadent has many of those flavours we cherish -- mint/cookie dough and many others. Their site is:

Just for those times when we have the "I can't help its". I keep well away from them because I tend to eat the whole thing, but for those without my issues -- these could help with the transition.

I'm so excited coz I've received notice that Amazon has delivered my CSC Tips so I'll be diving in this weekend.

Wishing you all the best.


Sweetlife said...

A great website that deals with preventing and surviving cancer through nutrition is:

apoopslingingmonkey said...

For those of you with no Wholefoods near you or healthfood stores, like ~J~ mentioned- shop at For example the Green Vibrance is alot cheaper through amazon than at the actual company website...although- you have to consider shipping so maybe it will still even out in price (but most products even with shipping costs will still be cheaper)... but at least those of you with no WF near you at least you can order some of the supplements online... I dont think WF has an online store- bummer! but Amazon has been a good friend to me or should I say - me to them lol- they are usually at least once on my bank statement each month for something or other.

Carmen and Dante Pagano said...

Hi Kris

My Name is cARMEN AND i LIVE IN LOOONNNG ISLAND New York...1st i want to first say " I ADMIRE YOU" I saw your documentary and I am in aw by you .....You are an amazing " Human Being" and I know taht we can and will learn so much from you..When I saw your documentary I had not felt the " lump in my breast yet , and I had not had my MAMO yet...I was skimming trough the channel and there you were....As I continued to watch , I could not help but be amazed by you...well since then , 2 week ago I felt " Mr. Lump " and after that I had my MAMO and that came out positive ....there were 2 "Mr. Lumps" ....a few days later I had a another mamo and that one came out neg , but I can still feel that now I am waiting for my Biopsy appointmenet....I am hoping for the best, but preparing myself for the worst....but I have to say if I find out that I indeed do have cancer, I can only hope that I can take it on , and be as positive as you are...I have 2 sons and I just adopted my little girl from China 6 months ago....and really Mr. Lump ( I named it, nutty hugh? ) just needs to leave....or else I gonna start charging him rent : ) Have to have a sense of humor.....anyway my e-mail is ....and I just wanted to thank you and all of the sexy crazy ladies who have so much to teach me who write on your blog.....


cancer cowgirl xo said...

Happy Sunday! Where is our forum already?! Quick chat and then it's time for another blog.

A.P. Monkey - Thanks you for ALL your research girrrl. Wow, do you want a job?!? lol. I'd hire you if I could afford ya toots! WF coupons, I love it and I'm going to ask my publicist to reach out and do magic. WF is very difficult to approach but considering I've called them my pharmacy in my book and film - pony up people! Good thinking, keep the ideas flowing A.P. Monkey. Which by the by, great name!

Island Girl - Hiya toots! Glad you're with us and drive by daily, I promise to blog DAILY as soon as I'm done shooting this new film. Very soon, but not soon enough! To your question, ya know, this is how I look at it. When you eat a well rounded plant based diet you really don't have to worry about ODing on certain things. You don't have to count calories, fat grams or fiber. You can let it all go. Do you see animals in nature pulling out their handy charts to make sure their intake is optimum? Heck no. We've been turned inside out by so many fad diets and false facts that we feel like we need to be scientists in order to just get by. It's simpler. Are you really rotating and eating an abundance of different whole grains, vegs, good fats and fruits? If so, let go. Now that said, I will share my OD carrot story. I went on a bender with a carrot juice fast (not recommended, high in sugar, a carrot in juice great, 15 no) so after a few weeks my palms turned orange, bottom of my feet too. Guess what? Too much beta. But look how I got there. Does this make sense? xo

Just to wrap it up on the dairy and then we'll move on. Raw dairy that is unpasteurized and is FAR BETTER than conventional dairy. Raw GOAT's MILK is far better than cow. Raw products still contain the enzymes, vitamins, minerals and probiotics so they are a better choice hands down. That said, dairy is HIGHLY ACIDIC AND MUCUS FORMING. This is undisputable. It causes disease end of story. If you want to see changes in your health, get off the dairy. Go to goat's cheese and stay there as long as you need to till you can ween - or not, your choice. What we are looking for isn't places to get certain this that or the other thing, we can get these important components from plant based sources and if need be supplements. What we are focuing on is clean and healthy cells and bloodstreams. When we have a clean body free from acid, microorganisms, mucus and toxic debris we can achieve ultimate health. So think of your cells not your calcium intake. Again, you will get calcium else where. When transitioning go to raw and/ or then go to Goat. Take the time you need because when you feel deprived you snap. This is a practice, it takes time and you will clean out and grow in the process. If you are very sick, speed up your commitment and cut ALL DAIRY PRODUCTS as soon as possible. But if you are stable and already on the detox path go to raw products and then transition from there. Don't push the river, change takes time. You may eat raw goat's cheese for years and then as you feel cleaner and cleaner you leave it and then experience the next level of vibration.

OK gang. I think that wraps it up and we're ready for more. Will post tonight. Off to direct a shoot.

Big love and have a great Sunday all. Do something active, 30 minutes of you moving through space and time joyfully. OK? I'm going to picture you all flying today! XO K

Miss Mrs...a blog of everyday delights said...

Thanks so much for this post! I loved the book Skinny Bitch and have been cutting dairy out. I wish everyone could understand that calcium can come from more than just milk. LOL. My friends are all flabbergasted that my bones aren't breaking apart. :)

Basic Me said...

Hey Kris,
Well to living for health lovers have been married 23 years today. can you belive that my husband cutiepie was my first date has hung with it thru my cancer and is kicking it here with my while we are both battling illness. It is funny we are so blessed. I though of how much you sharing your journey with me has given us an anniversary where we weren't both sick in bed and are actually not gong to order steak out and eat it while watching a movies. It had all changed for us now and it is so nice. I thought this morning that this had nothing to do with your blog. But I wanted you to know that because you challenged me and being the type a that I am I saw my little "crum" and made an anniversary out of it. ha..So thank you for the inspiration. I am not into kissing peoples asses so know this is from the heart. SO I share with you all that 23 years ago today I was charting my feelings on what my life would hold and today I am sharing with you blessings. Peace and have a sprouting good day and everyone enjoy the love of your life while you have he she or it. Much joy Callie and Duncan

Delnorth Gargan said...

Kris!! and all you amazing blogger chicks..thank you so much. You have all helped me a great deal with all your amazing tips in detoxing and getting rid of the toxins. I'm already slowly on my way to detoxing.

Kris, I watched your show and have been keeping up with your're such a beautiful soul to care so much about others and taking the time to give of yourself. Its great to see you and others winning....keep on going, girl!! I just love you.

I'm from the Northwest Territories, CANADA and have always been fasinated about what I eat and my body, because of my Rhuematoid Arthritis. I've had it for 18 years. So far, no operations other than one costmetic one that I wanted(and regret). I have been on so many diets to try to control my RA, and this one is finally making sense.

I follow the blog, deligently now and can't live without it. Its become my daily life.

I do have a question, what about the pots and pans we cook in. I have done so many research, and can't seem to find valid research on what we should use or shouldn't use. Do yo have any tips/or suggestions.

Love yeah,


stephani said...

I vote Crazy Sexy Living! Also, you mad juicers out there.. try juicing a pumpkin. Yes, a pumpkin... Cut in slices (minus seeds) and juice with either an apple, or carrot and ginger. YUMMY! I promise! Also, a bit of, so good!

Jennifer said...

hi kris

first of all, you're my hero :D

but i have a question...can being alkaline ever be a bad thing?
i'm not doubting everything ive been reading from you and other doctors. or maybe im crazy but i'm just wondering.


blackeyedsusan said...

I caught your chat with Oprah and Oz.....WOW! I was then compelled to watch CSC on Discovery...WOW WOW! I googled you and found this site/blog. Just want to say a BIG THANK YOU for inspiring people with canser, those touched by canser, and others to take control of their lives and nourish themselves physically and mentally. I just hope and pray that I would deal with one of life's unexpected detours with as much style,grace, and spunk as you and the other cowgirls have. I dusted off my juicer, fell in love with being good to myself , and try to give a hug or smile to as many people as possible everyday. Thanks for spreading energy.


Obsessedwithlife said...

Hi there-Doing my daily check-in. Have you heard of (sorry if you've mentioned this before) FRS antioxidant chews/drinks?? Thanks!


Jennifer said...

dI also vote Crazy Sexy Living!

Thanks for the post on moo-juice! I've never been a milk drinker and have gotten the lecture a "your bones will be so brittle!" no thanks they'll survive thanks to the amazing power of leafy greens (yummers).

Meg said...

Carmen- Best of luck to you this week when you find out about your biopsy. Trust me when I say, I know the feeling of waiting. Try your best to keep a positive outlook, and you'll be fine in the end!:)

annabelle said...

thanks! as a future naturopathic physician i'm pretty in tune with your views. people usually respond with shock and disbelief that you can and should get calcium from another source. please keep up the great work! we need more people educating the public.

granola said...

Hello CSBloggers,
Del-I know what you are talking about re:pots & pans. I stay away from teflon. A past blogger wrote that there is teflon on dental floss and that just blew me away--so, ran to the store & bought Tom's of Maine dental floss. Anyway, on the news there was info about a study that said all Americans have a certain percentage of a chemical related to teflon in our blood streams!Yikes! Seems everytime I think I am doing pretty well with healthy living, I find out something else I do that is bad for me--using teflon coated dental floss--just never thought about it!

Carmen--My best to you! Keep your awesome positive attitude!

Blogger Question--How do you all handle social outings at restaurants? What do you order? This is a tough one for me. Do you ever get past feeling peer pressure?!

Health, Peace, Veggies, & Green Living to you all! Thank you for all the great info!

P.S. Castaway on TNT tonight-Awesome!

Cravin' Veggies said...

Restaurants do sometimes prove to be difficult. We have ZERO vegetarian restaurants here, so when we go out we usually order a salad and if necessary supplement it with fish and veggies or pasta w/ veggies.

Susan said...

Wow, I have just gotten used to soymilk and now I have to give that up too?? :) I'm a newbie at this stuff and am still far far from perfect. Kris, I just finished your book and have seen the Docu. twice, you are my Cancer Cowgirl Queen!!! Thank you, Susan

J said...

Kris - thank you for presonally responding to my comment and post. I really do believe that I can beat my issue by continuing to move to a healther life style.
I actually found out that there is a farm about 4 hours from where I live that sells organic meat. However, right now I really am trying to cut back on my meat intake anyway but at least i know I have that option.

Thank you Kris and all you fellow commenters on sharing your findings and being so encouraging and support of all of us! This really is a great community :)

Kelli said...

Hi Ladies and Gents,

Just wanted to mention that I picked up Dr. Young's PH MIracle book after seeing Kris's show and eliminated sugar and processed foods from me and my husband's diet right away. After about 3 weeks of this (lots of raw veggies, green drinks, and home grown wheatgrass juice) my husband's warts on his feet disappeared. He had three surgeries and many prescriptions for this over the past 4 years and nothing worked. I am sure it goes back to the idea of balancing your PH so "bad" things can't survive in the environment. CRAZY and wonderful!!! I wanted to share that because the changes produce results and FAST!!!

My vote is "Crazy Sexy Detox...for Life" because that brings in the health size of it as well as the longevity.

One more thing - I struggle with time limits on preparing salads, juices, snacks, etc... Does anyone have tips on how to fit this into a VERY hectic schedule (which is all of us)?

scnewme said...

Hey Kris and all - I've been reading the blogs for days and thought I'd share.

Seems like alot of peeps have some problems getting the organic veggies from local stores. Saw an awesome site called, and they deliver weekly to your door! How cool is that, especially with the winter coming and some who can't get out themselves, you have no excuse to keep up the good work!

New at this myself and really appreciating the wealth of knowledge - thanks!!

apoopslingingmonkey said...

Thanks Kris! I'm happy to be of help! and I'd work for ya anyday! :)

Sweetlife said...

Hi Everyone...Here's a tip I want to share.... Replace eggs in recipes w/:

1tbsp. ground flax seed and 3 tbsp. water (To replace 1 egg)

I've tried it in buckwheat pancakes and baking & it's great!

Basic Me said...

Cannot wait for your blog on colonics. Ran around to all the health food stores and finally found a practictioner. Do monthly colonics equal happy anniversary present ... yepper when you obsessed with health. haha.. husband cutie pie is really working with me on this one.. I thought he would freak..Am really looking forward to your blog about them. I did some research here and so many of the physical therapist I spoke to recommend them because they say the poisons after drug build from surgery or long illness poison the system. I think that is very true. Many of us have to take prescribed meds and need a way to get them out of our bodies. I know. My whole body feels better with the diet. I wonder how much better it will feel to be free and cleaned. Was wondering... how often should you have a colonic? have a happy and blessed sunday and peace and veggies to you..with a dollop of daisies...callie and duncan

Lauren said...

I bought a juicer online yesterday! Hopefully I'll use it. If it ends up collecting dust maybe I can donate it to the crazy sexy club.
I'm eager to get started. I've got a few minor issues that I would love to see go away! said...

Treat Cancer with Flavonoids:

juli said...

Hi Kris :)
I love reading your blogs and thought I would say 'heya lady'
I'm a practitioner of TCM (traditional chinese medicine) and have been a student of ayurvedic, mayan, chinese, native american and western herbal medicine and lifestyles since I was 19. (I'm 30 now)
Hearing about your progress and your views on health (especially this one on dairy) is awesome! It really solidifies everything I've learned about Cancer and how to treat it. What I've learned through the way of TCM and reading case studies is that Cancer is primarily a emotional stagnation combined with depressed immune system unable to (or overloaded by) a toxic environment.
Your story is definitely something I will love to pass on to my patients to encourage them to live. All of the patients that I have treated that made amazing progress...really were the ones who stayed positive and realized their role in their own illness. Usually, it takes something (an idea, emotion, lifestyle choice) that one has to give up to change their health.
I'm curious if you have had any acupuncture or herbal therapy?
many many blessings!!!

NYCDiva said...

Hi Kris and EVERYONE ELSE ! NYC Diva signing in here - bilateral breast cancer, 2 hot nodes and a little leakage from them...finished chemo but rethinking radiation - has anyone been to the Burzynski Clinic in Houston ? Outstanding 21st century stuff going on down there - you want tumor suppression ??

Talk to you all soon !

gshoemate said...

Kelli - I know it's very hard to fit all this healthy stuff into my schedule, between 2 kids, work and numerous canSer doc appointments but this seems to work for me.

On Sundays I do my shopping for my organic veggies. What I am going to use in my juices I was and place in an individual bag for each day of the week (for me it's one cuke, 2 stalks of celery, some broc, a small apple and this week a 1/2 lemon). Then each morning all I have to do is grab a preloaded ziploc bag and don't have to do much thinking.

My snacks consist of celery, carrots and some pre-packaged salad mix (still trying to locate organic but it's better then junk food) and walnuts. Sugarsnap peas are a yummy snack for on the go as well.

Still working on the dinner aspect of it. By time I get home from work we usually end up ordering out so I still need to work on that.

Hope this helps a bit.


apoopslingingmonkey said...

Hey everyone :) I was reading through some more of Kris' blog posts that I need to catch up on, Im now into the october posts lol...anyway I have noticed that a certain "blogger" more like a total spammer keeps spamming Kris's posts- I'm talking 4-5 posts in a row with their website etc. right now blogger doesnt have a feature to block certain bloggers who spam etc.. (theres nothing wrong with sharing a website but dont spam it everywhere) but you can request this feature, and any other feature you'd like to have etc. to bloggers wishlist- heres the link below-
Kris has better things to do with her time and energy than spend it removing lets all help out and email blogger!

in the bottom box say something to the effect of being able to block spammers, or certain bloggers etc..

just so you can see a good example- these are spam that Kris even removed but it just keeps coming back, and these posts are everywhere at least 1-3 times on every single post..look at this-Im mean-common this is ridicoulus-this is all on the same day-

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> said...
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> said...

Treat Cancer with Flavonoids:
September 16, 2007 3:12 PM


Thanks everyone!!

Hilary said...

I've been hearing lately that part of the problem with osteoporosis is not about how much calcium your body has but how much magnesium your body has. Basically that if you don't have enough magnesium you start essentially leeching calcium from your bones causing osteoporosis. This is the short explanation at least and I haven't done a lot of follow-up research on it either.

I would love to see if anyone else has heard this or can find some solid research on it.

THE biggest problem with dairy in my opinion is about how our dairy comes from unhealthy cows, fed an unhealthy diet and then heat treated and homogenized in order for it to not make us obviously sick. Someone else already mentioned the skin and pus.

I will admit that I "bought" a cow ... cow share that is and get un-pasturized, un-homogenized, organic, grass fed, no hormones or antibiotics cow - milk that I make my yogurt, vinegar cheese, yogurt cheese and sometimes even make my own butter from (and where there's homemade butter there's old fashioned buttermilk.) I haven't made ghee from the butter yet... I use the raw milk in my coffee or teas and drink an occasional glass without any of the allergic repercussions I had with grocery milk (mucous and sneezing.) I'm personally pretty miserable without dairy and meat though (I've tried going completely without before and it's just not good for me overall personally. I'm not saying this is the best nutritional choice for everyone.)

Raw goats milk is harder to find and is more expensive even not raw. Honestly I haven't found any around here not even as a goat share. Closest I can come is pasteurized organic, grass fed at the local co-op grocery.

Raw local honey is getting easier to find. I like Stevia but for some things it just doesn't replace the sugar for me. Same goes for the agave syrup. I tend to hit up the honey and dark brown sugar more than those two but I do keep them all because the less white sugar (beet sugar) the better. I also keep real maple syrup on hand.

As for soy, I don't eat it unless it's fermented soy such as real soy sauce, real tofu or real miso and non GMO. Otherwise I get mucous-y from eating soy products like soy milk.

I have a breville juicer - run it through the dishwasher top rack and scrub the blade so it's super simple the clean. Love it and my cuisinart blender/food processor. INVEST in your health. Good tools will last a long time too.

A good resource for veggies is
Even if you don't want to do a community supported agriculture program (CSA) this may help you find organic farmers. Also - farmers markets and locally owned co-op groceries are a good resource as well (there's a national co-op directory for those who travel a lot and need to be able to find them across the country.)

BTW - I don't have cancer ... I just somehow came across this blog and saw that a lot was really similar to my recent nutritional interests. I am eating more raw, more veggies, a little less meat, a lot less wheat (and when I do eat it I try for whole grains instead of bleached white), less hydrogenated oils (I try not to buy these all together but sometimes something will sneak in), less high fructose corn syrup, and no splenda (chemically altered sugar makes me sleepy.)

Oh I almost forgot: Ezekiel 4:9 and Genesis 1:29 breads are sprouted grain breads made by a company called Food for Life. They're available many places that sell organic foods but you have to think to check the freezer for them instead of where you normally find bread.

ALSO don't forget your PETS' nutrition!!!

I was somewhat interested in nutrition in the last few years as it's helped me decrease my allergies immensely but I have become a little obsessive about nutrition since one of my cats had acute on chronic kidney failure at the end of August. I did a lot of research for him and they now get an organic canned soft food. I tried the home cooked route (if you go home cooked you need to supplement) and also tried a little organic chicken raw and they wouldn't eat it so canned organic soft food was the compromise and it's easier on me ... he has to have sub-q fluids daily as it is but otherwise he's running around as if he were perfectly healthy now.

You would be disgusted by what they are allowed to put in pet food! Even the expensive stuff - EVEN THE PRESCRIPTION PET FOOD! ICK!

I'm sure I'll end up thinking of more later... there's so much to say about nutrition!

Hilary said...

PS - I'm not the same Hilary that posted earlier either ... I just realized we both said we need meat which between the name and that comment makes us look like the same person.

The more recent comment was Hilary Baumann (me!) And I'll sign my full name if I comment again in the future. :)

Do all Hilarys need beef now and again I wonder? :) Actually my blood type is O as well.

Hilary Baumann said...

I did find a little information on Magnesium and how it interacts with Calcium. Also this seems like a pretty good site for base information on nutrients and some foods.

Also heres the info on Calcium (it has a list of foods' calcium levels so you can find some milk alternatives for your calcium needs):