Friday, November 9, 2007

Groovy lube and garbage removal

You asked for it, you got it, we're talking poo and I don't mean Winnie. LOL. The past few blogs have been about balancing the drive for perfection and the "I'm not better fast enough - make it go away" blues. Elimination is the key to recovery and I don't just mean wash room visits. What junk are you holding emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually? Junk is junk, whether it's in your trunk, your noggin' or your bloodstream, it's time to say adios! We will roll up our sleeves and chat n' chew about ALL these topics over the coming months, but since I promised our posse gal AP Monkey the scoop on the poop, let's start with my favorite topic - the toilet.

No matter how healthy our diets if our inner sewer system is clogged we break down. Colon cleansing is another terrific tool to create a vibrant river (aka bloodstream) and cells. Ya know when your trash can is full of stinky stank because it hasn't been emptied in a while? Picture it, there's leaks (maybe even holes from erosian), it's a hot summer day and there's spoiled milk, rotten hot dogs and cat litter involved? You open the lid and fall queasy. Nothing but the garden hose makes the smell and crusted crap go away. Well, the same thing goes on in your body.

Most of us have debris in our colons from years of eating too much meat, pasteurized dairy, processed foods, white stuff, breads, candies, cookies, bad oils, pesticides, fungicides and suicides! When the pipes get backed up, the stagnant food rots and ferments causing a slew of problems like trapped toxic gas, lack of absorption and an imbalance of the good/bad bacteria. The Good guys and the bad guys (bacteria) share housing in our colons. But if we compromise the terrain through poor food choices, drugs, environmental toxins, chemicals etc, the houligans take over.

Get this, if you aren’t moving your bowels bet 1-3 times per day consider yourself constipated. Now, I don't know many people who have 3 successful "meetings" on the can Monday-Sunday. If it ever happens for me I'm gonna throw a bash complete with a DJ and a magician! So 3 may equal a party, but 1 groove move per day is a must. When you begin the detox process the garbage that's been swimming around in your bloodstream or stored in your organs gets kicked up and looks for an outlet to escape. Let's do another little visualization exercise for clarity - Imagine a room that has been locked up for years, its loaded with dust and weird hair bunnies, you take a broom to it (fiber) and what happens? A dust storm is kicked up making it seem/feel worse before it gets better. If you don't open a window and mop it all up you haven't made a change. Bad breathe, weird smelling sweat, break outs, all toxins movin out, headaches, rash, these are all symptoms of the broom in your room. Your clean colon will provide the biggest outlet for the stored poisons.

Drum roll please... The best way to take out the trash is through an internal bath: an enema or colonic. Enemas are a great way to get the lower bowels moving and grooving. Enemas are a snap. Just follow the directions on the box, deck out your bathroom detox ashram, and go to town.

Colonics are even better because they access the ascending, transverse, and descending intestines. An average session lasts from forty-five minutes to an hour. In the beginning it’s best to do a series; the number of treatments you’ll need really depends on the condition of your colon. Don't be shy, it's ok, we all have a butt, even the colon therapist and they just want to help ya feel better so relax, let go and dro your drawers!

Some people who oppose colon therapy claim that it’s unnatural, and that you can become dependent on it. The concern is that folks will overdo it, going too frequently. Another criticism is that it washes away good bacteria. First of all, it’s unnatural to be living in such a highly toxic time; we need to think outside the box, especially when we have something as unnatural as cancer to contend with. Next, colon therapy will not make you dependent. Think of it like a workout: The gentle pressure from the water actually tones and rebuilds your muscles by making peristalsis—the contraction of smooth muscles that propels stuff through the digestive tract—stronger. Once the initial cleansing process is complete, colonics need only be used for maintenance, upkeep and spring cleaning. Lastly, good bacteria can only breed in a clean environment. When the balance is off, what difference does it make? A probiotic can be taken after cleansing to help repopulate the colon with good bacteria. Eventually the colon will rebalance itself, especially when all the debris is cleared away. Until the invention of laxatives (which only exacerbate the situation and are harmful—they can cause dehydration, addiction, weaken peristalsis etc), enemas were widely used in the medical community! One other doubt you may get from your dr. or gastro is that they've done thousands of colonoscopies and have never seen the baked on impaction that alternative practioners discuss. Well there are many schools of thought on that - all valid, several interesing. But the biggest question I have is what do you drink before you have your colonoscopy? I had one - good grief, I felt like I was removing stuff from past lives as well as this one! Again, I am not an expert, just a curious gal with a good deal of education.

I recently became very interested in coffee enemas after a brilliant conversation with my new pal Dr. Nicholas Gonzlez (, if you saw my appearance on the Mike & Juliet show, Dr. gonzalez was their go-to expert. He is a pioneer in nutritional therapies, supplementation and most important - enzyme therapy for cancer patients. Dr. G is also a huge believer in coffee enemas. He even shared some funny trivia with me, apparently the western doctor who created the colonoscopy machine (and is a gazillionaire) does daily coffee enemas! As I understood it in a nutshell, the caffeine that is absorbed safely stimulates the liver and bile ducts to empty stagnant toxins into the colon for elimination. Vibrant and clean liver ducts make room for poisons from the body to enter the liver for detoxification.

Before our chat I had only considered doing enemas with either distilled water and or/wheatgrass implants, another highly effect way to cleanse. Wheatgrass juice heals and detoxifies the colon walls, adding oxygen (aka chlorophyll) and energy to the body, it also helps balance the flora. Wheatgrass is liquid sunshine! I was trained at Hippocrates and Wheatgrass is king there, coffee is a no no. But hey, everyone has an opinion and now I'm obsessed with trying something new as long as it sounds safe and valid, will report my findings as they come. Sadly, not my favorite way to injest a cup o' joe but maybe my tender little liver will feel differently - thanks Dr. Gonzalez! By the by, the NCI gave my pal a landmark (never been done before for alternative therapies) grant for his research, so he must be onto something!

A few notes to guide you:

1. Only used purified or distilled water. Remember that most tap water is loaded with Chlorine - talk about a way to wipe out good bacteria!

2. Find a colon therapists that uses the gravity method. A good resource is the Colon Therapists Network,

3. For enemas, look for Fleet or Cara enema bags, both usually available at your local pharmacy. I have also just read that there is a new 6 quart enemas bag - whoa and possibly yahoo! You can find out more about it on

4. Eat lightly before and after your treatment. Best to drink greens drinks or a green blended soup or smoothie.

5. Wheatgrass enemas - do a regular enema first, then implant 4-ounces of Wheat grass juice (with no water). Retain or 20 minutes.

6. Coffee enemas are different from drinking coffee, enemas stimulates the liver to let go of toxins, the other inhibits the liver. Please buy organic.

7. Sorry, gang I need to learn more about coffee enemas before I say exactly how much and for how long. Want to bring you the best, not just a quick google plug in.

8. Almost everyone, even if you are eating well now, still needs to clean out (it's the old waste that needs to be dealt with). Colon therapists may recommend a series of up to 8 depending on how toxic you are. Once you feel better you can do it once a month, once a season, whatever works for you. Remember to replenish with a probiotic.

9. Acceptable forms of natural laxatives - smooth move tea, natural calm (google for where to buy) or cal/mag citrate. HHI also sells a great natural supplement.

10. If you are going 2-3 times a day, it doesn't always mean that you are free of ancient waste, chemicals, gas and pharmaceuticals in your colon. You may want to try it and see how ya feel. If nothing happens the first time, don't assume you're the king/queen. Some people need a few sessions before the exercism (that's what my therapist calls it and we howl!)

* Remember we are what we eat but also what we don’t poop!

As I mentioned I will be teaching a class at Hippocrates next week and will be blogging from the center. If you have any questions that I don't feel capable of answering I'll take them to my posse of experts and we'll try to help sort ya all out.

Peace, veg and smooth moves!

Ps. I hope I didn't make you all shy and freaked. We gotta go there - taking charge inside and out, no taboos or untouched landscapes.


youvgotdale said...

I've recently re-discovered ALKA-SELTZER. It's like baking soda in tablet form - perfect to cut the acid from that Starbucks or glass of organic wine when we are not perfect and we are out and about. Ingredients are Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid and/or Potassium Bicarbonate. If you don't want the aspirin, the GOLD box is aspirin-free, just the antacid. I carry it in my purse now. What do you think?

Dee said...

Kris, I guess I totally deserve a DJ and a party in my honor (and maybe some odd, twisted jealousy of the number 3?) who knows. But the idea of throwing a party for my colon's activities and how it seems to thrive lately, definitely makes me want to pull out the confetti and some really good music. Or at least toot one of those party horns you know? No pun intended.

Good luck with the class! You'll be amazing like always.

And coffee enema? I officially totally am intrigued.

apoopslingingmonkey said...

Groovy post Kris!! Thanks! (love the title! and that pic!!! where was that taken-that is so cool lol!) Anyway, the post made alot of sense! Few questions if you get time...If you get a Colonic a couple of times a year or whatever is recommended, is there a need to even do enemas?
you mentioned spring cleaning. So you think a Colonic is good at least once a year? or would you say every 6 months? whats ideal for healthy eating people and whats ideal for unhealthy eating?
Also whats the ideal amount of enemas for someone who eats 80/20, what would you recommend - 1 a month? 1 every 3 months or what? and what about someone who eats totally unhealthy (my aunt says she has hard rabbit turds lol) ...I'm curious to see the contrasts of what the colon needs depending on the lifestyle.

What do you think of Senna? (natural herb that the body treats as a laxative.) I buy it for my grandma in a tea called "Smooth Move" and it works like a charm for we used to use Magnesium Citrate for her, but too much sodium! and plus Senna is an herb and seems to be so much safer (my grandma has had the rabbit turd syndrome all her life too...luckily I have not inherited that family trait. Thank God, I go 1-2x a day. And never have had a problem with constipation except for once- (I was at a 4 day outdoor festival sleeping in tents, living only on granola bars and water...Man I have never been so constipated in my life lol!)

I've heard about coffee enemas years ago, never understood the point, but you made it sound really healthy! I've heard drinking coffee simulates the colon, do you think it does what a coffee enema does-but just to a very tiny degree?...
so what coffee brand does Dr.G use? lol

you said "we are what we don't poop", never heard that one before! LOL! I love that, I can't wait to say that to someone today! :) I'll tell them to get their booty to this blog and find out more :)

Thanks again Kris! your 1000% PURE RAD!

clint said...

Hi Kris:

I agree... enemas are the way to go, especially when trying to speed up healing. I was curious though what quality or brand of coffee you'd recommend (Organic? plain ole Folgers, ... ??)

I usually take (before and after) Jarro-Dophilus (as it has all 8 species) to make sure I am replenished with the friendly bacteria.

Knock em dead at Hippocrates.. I know you will !


Kelli said...

I have been looking forward to this post - thanks. I am very interested, but also a little intimidated. I do not have a clue how to administer an enema. Ok, so here are my questions...

I am planning on a trying the wheatgrass enema. Is it 100% wheatgrass? Do I dilute it with purified water? How much do I need to prepare? I really appreciate your help and this blog. :)

BTW, do you recommend the program at Hippocrates Health Institute in Florida? I have looked into it but it seems like it requires you to get away from a regular work schedule for more time than I have vacation (for the teaching program). Just wondering your thoughts.

Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

I think I might be in over my head. If you go 2-3 times is it necessary still? I know the answer is probably yes, but what can I say I'm intimated and very self conscious. But, I'll be reading to gain courage and knowledge.

Kelli said...

I just found a website that talks about the type of coffee to use for the enema and the amount of wheatgrass to mix with water so I want to share what I found.

The coffee should be organic and lightly roasted and the temperature and dillutedness is all discussed at the following website ( Of course they are selling a product, but no obligation to buy their's. They give the instructions.

As for the wheatgrass, the site says to dilute 4 oz of fresh wheatgrass juice with 1 cup of purified water. You want to retain it for 10 minutes.

Kris, does this sound right? I don't want to pass on bad info. I have never done this.

cancer cowgirl xo said...

Hi Gang - for the first 7 comments please re-read the post. You're questions are good so I reworked into the original blog.

Alka seltzer - hmmm. I don't know. A pinch or 2 of baking soda in a glass of water I've done before. Would have to look into it.

HHI - is a wonderful program, it's about 10 weeks long and of all the programs I'm certified from it's the best. You can also just be a guest at their 3 week life change program. Wonderful, if you can only stay a few that's fine also. I recommend definitely staying 2 weeks, one isn't enough in my opinion.

Thanks clint! I love seeing more chaps on board.


Anonymous said...

Kris - thanks for all the info. I'm still confused about the "if/who".....if one has regular bowel-movements 1-3x/day are colonics still suggested?

apoopslingingmonkey said...

Thank you so much Kris! your just wonderful for answering all our questions! :) thanks for all your time and energy that you put into this blog!! Its so appriciated beyond words! :)

strongerthanit ~ hi :) yeah colonics are suggested, the answer is in note #8 and #10

Anonymous said...

Thank you, apoopslingingmonkey! (AKA:aposlimo for short?!?) And Kris, love the "...don't assume you're the king/queen...." regarding regular bowel-movements in #10 - oh, the fun we can have with these posts: I've never been the queen of "shit" even though I sit on a "throne"!! In all seriousness, even in the face of dealing with cancer, I've been fortunate to have a good digestive system, and regular bowel-movements. (TMI?) However, this was/is not the case during my recurrences, sepsis, MRSA, surgeries, radiation, chemo - constipation has/is a HUGE issue - Holy Cow....laxatives, enemas, nothing is effective for when the bowel becomes so impacted. Unfortunately being under anethesia, morphine, for extended periods of time - any narcotic or drug which shuts down, or slows, your central nervous system - will have this effect. And those of us who know about the pain I'm talking about most likely have had similar experiences. At times, being readmitted to the hospital was the only way to contend with being "full of shit", or so they say! Of course, this is just one of the many "side bars" of dealing with a deadly disease only learned through experience, shared stories, and reading: "Knowledge is Power" is always true. Never stop reading, talking, and learning.

Anonymous said...

Oops - forgot to add comments about the flip-side to bowel cleansing or excessive elimination:
If the intestines have an imbalance or lack of the microflora necessary for a healty digestive systems, things can go the other addition to the dangers of dehydration which was mentioned by someone earlier, the intestines become a wonderful breeding ground for a bacteria called: Clostridium difficle - better known as CDiff.- an extremely dangerous bug to have. Infection is a very serious side-effect of cancer treatments. I have had sepsis, osteo, MRSA, and gaping wounds from bacterial intrustion. The therapies for such illnesses are high-dose IV antibiotics for extended periods of time. I contracted Cdiff each and every time. It was so bad that at its worst I would eliminate over 2 dozen times a day - sometimes unable to exert enough muscle control to get to my "throne". I was more imobilized by this than I was with the worst chemo. I have read cases which describe this same Cdiff bacteria emerging and thriving in colons repeatedly cleansed through colonics or regular use of enemas. A sudden increase in fibrous foods - and increased eliminations -can also have the same effect on your bowel, and provide the same breeding ground for CDiff to thrive. Make certain you discuss this with a doctor - at the very least take acidophilus tablets to restore the destroyed "good flora" while doing anything which alters how your intestinal system is currently behaving.

Kathy said...

I'm thinking a person should always eat one or two meals a week with corn. That way, you can check your poop and if there's corn in it, you'll know that Monday's meal has passed. No? Food for thought. By the way - I love that you're blogging. Thank you!

Becky said...

I'm game! Why not? If it means more energy, I'm all for it. The green drinks have boosted me so far...I'll just lock myself into the bathroom, light some candles and away we go!

greeneyes said...

Hi Everyone..

Would just using the enema treatment be beneficial? Also, does this destroy the good bacteria (like colonics)? Is it necessary to take a probiotic after?

Over the past several weeks I have tried to improve my dietary habits. I've dramatically cut back on dairy, red meat, and processed foods. I've started taking a natural vitamin, green vibrance capsules; and am also drinking aloe vera juice. I'm definitely eating more veggies! I am still drinking coffee...which I have thought has always helped me in the "moves" department. In the past, I've often felt bloated and gassy. I have not noticed much of a change in this area, since I have changed my diet. Do you think that I am still detoxing? ...and even with continuing to stay on this dietary path will I never be rid of the toxins that have been building over the years...unless I incorporate enemas/colonics into my routine? Are enemas enough?

I bought some frozen wheatgrass cubes from WF? Is this adequate?

Kris..You're the greatest!!! You've given me the courage to take control; and try things that I would have never thought about before. Much love to all!

Lauren said...

Kathy, I think you're brilliant!
Dumb question: what's a probiotic?
So I've been following this new way of eating for just about a week (I slipped up last night -- calamari and choc. cake!), do I wait for detox symptoms before I try any of this poop stuff? And if I don't get detox symptoms does it mean I'm fabulous and don't have to do any of this? I did get a headache after 2 days and felt like I was coming down with something, but since then I've been symptom-free.

dmarie said...

Hi Kris--
I'm starting a get healthy challenge with some other bloggers on Monday. Anyway, I'm really interested in the cleansing portion of leading a healthier life. I drink prune juice daily b/c if I don't I won't go at all and I've been this way since childhood. I'm not really sure how much a colonic would benefit me? I've tried cleansing in the past and been rather unsuccessful. However, I'll definitely look into seeing a colon hydro-therapist. If I do it, at least I'll know I guess. Thanks for the link!

Kiki said...

What about the cleanses that start from the mouth?
Things like DrNatura's Colonix and Cleansesmart?

I've been looking in my area for some good colon hydrotherapy but I'm on a budget so I wondered if I could do both (the oral version is usually a month long detox and seems a little more pocketbook friendly for me).

clint said...

Kris said:
Thanks clint! I love seeing more chaps on board.

Thanks Kris. . . . am I really the only guy here ? Guess I must be comfortable with my feminine side ;-)

I was faced with a complete colon removal when I was 23, and they wanted to give me a colostomy, because of a badly ulcerated (possibly pre-cancerous) Colon. I had severe ulcerative colitis for 4 years. So, “poop talk” is not a funky subject.

A few years back, I was counseling people with canser and AIDS, and had suggested enemas... but also suggested that they get on a Psyllium colon cleansing product for daily maintenance. (which I'm sure you've heard of) This stuff is like scrub brushes for the walls of the colon, and very much keeps you "regular" as well as tonifies a lazy colon, after colonics and enemas have been administered.

In particular, I have used this product for years, and it works wonders:

Was curious Kris if you approved of, and what your thoughts were for people here (even as a 'Plan B') in taking a, or any, Psyllium product after they are done with the enemas/colonics ?


Lone guy

clint said...

Kiki . . . you must have been reading my mind !



Basic Me said...

I do no think this is crazy at all.. After the reading your book I began the enemas on myself and husband cutie pie.. as you all know now. Duncan is very sick and has ALS among other things and for years I have told him honey you smell sweet.. but not in a good way it was something that drove me nuts.. It is gone now..llike so many of his symptoms.. after the diet and detoc and the enemas.. we both feel like a million bucks..You just have to get over the stigma and they do not hurt.. It is not the best feeling but afterwards you feel like you are clean..

My family has begun teasing me that I have bowels on the brain.. how many poops today.. enough fiber and protien.. But It has been three months for me now. I am completely vegan and 80/20 raw husband is 3 oz of chicken or fish a night the rest the same..sugar gone.. milk products gone, and I swear swear... I feel like dancing everyday and to someone who has had to learn to walk again because of bone cancer I cannot tell you how good we felt. I am so thrilled that Kris has the courage to attach these stinky subjects she is truley rocking our worlds in more ways than one.

just a side note from the Mission add...My ladies went out armed with the knowledge and education to talk with others.. not raw haha.. and we had a great missionary hour on Monday. Many of the women we had met had not told a soul they were being scaned and needed a hand, ear or just a new friend.. We all were equiped with bat phones from the mission and had a nice lunch and turned some ladies on to this site and lifestyle. Monday will always be scan days for the ladies here at basic missions and we are going to incorparate massage coupons and lunch each time.. So this site has just changed part of my call and I am so grateful SO.. all of you out there wanting a voluunteer opportunity on your on schedule and your own dollar what you can do.. gets your cancer gals together and camp out in the scan rooms be quiet and listen.. if they want more share. Hold a hand. It is a blessed thing. Fear is an easy thing to tackle just be there..i bet you all know where you had your scans.. and scarey moments.. just a thought...remember privacy is the law and no noseyness...

No get moving and pooping .. happy poops to us all.. Callie and Duncan.. cleaned out and hoping to stay that way! hahaha

Anna said...

Kris, Such a joy to be pointed to your site. I've been dairy free for 9 years and am all about colon health. My family still thinks I'm absolutely nuts but I've gotten a lot more comfortable with it.

You're doing a wonderful job of introducing this material in a comprehensive, accessible way! Keep it up.

Anne said...

Okay, I'm going to be honest here: The idea of having a colonic scares the shit out of me.

And before I even consider it, I sure want to see the answer to strongerthanit's question about C. diff.

I'd also like someone to give details on what the experience is really like. What does it feel like? How do you evaluate the success? Do you get to SEE what came out and, if so, how does that get done--with a tech or by yourself? Can someone with hemorrhoids get a colonic?

As always, Kris, thanks for the great blog entry!

coloredsock said...

Hmmm, i (almost daily) celebrate that magic number THREE and credit that to 3 things:

1. drinking one quart of warm water upon waking EVERY morning

2. morning yoga

3. last but not least--TRIPHALA, which ironically is a mixture of 3 (that magic number again) ayurvedic herbs

My Ayurvedic teacher once said, "you can not live on Triphala alone, but, you can not live without Triphala!

clint said...

I agree coloredsock.....

drinking a glass of (room temperature !) water is KEY (for me at least) in starting the morning "process".

Thanks for bringing that up,


Samantha said...

I defintely need to become one with my poo. I go maybe twice a week, if I'm lucky. I've been that way for years. My dr. said everyone was different. They also thought it was related to my thyroid issues in conjunction with my cancer. But it def isn't healthy nor does it feel healthy to only go once every 4 or 5 days. I've had to do an enema for various health testing in the past. I'm definitely going to start doing so more often.

all these toxins got-to-go!

Nick Gonzalez said...

Kris -

Thanks for the great post. Remember, gastroenterologists require patients scheduled for colonoscopy first undego aggressive prep for at least one day because they know the colon is coated with all kinds of debris. Without the intense pre procedure detox, the gastroenterologist sees nothing but muck.

Ironically, the GI docs then say alt med practitioners are crazy to insist the colon is coated with toxic junk because when they go up with the tube, they don't see it. Of course they don't see it, they very effectively cleaned it out first. By their own actions and prescriptions, ironically they answer their own criticism and prove the point, the colon is coated with junk and stays that way unless cleaned.

Thanks for the kind words about our work.


Nick Gonzalez

Anonymous said...

Wow. Great post. I have always been poop challenged so it looks like I need to get cracking in this area! I have looked into colonics, but I will admit--I am afraid! I guess I'll just have to get over it though! I also have been struggling with my diet (which is uber frustrating me). I dont know what my deal is... So I am hesitant to get a colonic and then just mess up the results by not sticking to my diet. Grrrrrrrrrr. I need to get my butt in line! Literally!

Jaime said...

Hey there everyone,
Kris - great post.....although I admit, the topic is, um, not a comfortable for many people (myself included). But since rereading your book a few weeks ago and seeing a nutritionist here at school (it's free, which is AWESOME), I am trying to include more fruits, veggies, nuts, etc, into my life. And my dad knows all about the whole ph balance thing, so I will talk to him! I just bought the book "What to eat if you have cancer".....anyone have any thoughts on this book? I found it at Whole FOods and it looked helpful, not a "cure-all" claim book, as I first thought it was.

But back to the topic of, um, waste.....I had my gallbladder out in June, and as a thin 26 year old, my doctors were shocked that I had multiple gallstones. My diet is vegetarian (with OCCASIONAL chicken, never fried), low-fat, etc. Since the surgery, my digestive system has been wonderful, and works almost like clockwork. But I realized that to have a cholecystectomy at 26, something must have been seriously wrong....and it was time to clean up my act - literally!

Anyone have any tips/favorite things to incorporate into a healthy lifestyle?
be well,

bav said...


I would NOT recommend alka-seltzer as a means of "cutting acid." The acidity/alkalinity that Kris talks about is of your body as a whole, but specifically in reference to your blood (correct me, if I'm wrong in saying that, Kris. I summarized incredibly to keep it simple).

Regardless, alka-seltzer works locally - meaning in the stomach. Which is going to completely change the action of your digestive enzymes b/c you are affecting the pH NOT systemically, but locally in the stomach. I would not suggest this. It is altering how your body "naturally works" by changing the milieu.

In addition, if you don't currently have reflux (heartburn) you may develop it by using alka-seltzer. The body works on feedback loops to turn just about everything on and off. The alka-seltzer will initially counterbalance the acid in your stomach, but when it reaches its threshold of action, the stomach is actually going to turn ON acid production!! I suggest, enjoy your occassional Starbucks or glass of wine, and then just juice green and get on with it. Your body will quickly return to an alkaline state if you live the lifestyle and don't indulge every day in the acid foods/beverages. Sorry, there is no quick fix!

Ok, strongerthanit....the likelihood of contracting c. diff from a colonic is very low. C. diff in and of itself is not "an extremely dangerous bug to have." It is dehydration which can be problematic. And yes, in the critically ill, it can be serious, but the incidence of that is incredibly low. Sounds like you had a severe run of it, and it is a horrible infection to get, so please don't misunderstand my comment. It's awful. But I don't want people to have fear for something that is likely not to happen. The number one cause of c. diff infection is from antibiotic use. Sounds like you had some bad infections, which would require "big gun" antibiotics, which is likely how you got c. diff. Or, you were exposed in the hospital - increasing numbers of "carriers" are being seen. With repeated infections, you may be "colonized," which means c. diff has taken up residence in your intestines. It is not in enough numbers to create constant infection, but a course of antibiotics, an infection elsewhere, stress can easily tip that number higher to cause infection to resurface again.

So, in summary, I don't think people should be concerned about developing c. diff from a colonic. If you are colonized with c. diff, honestly, that I am not sure about. I would check with a gastroenterologist regarding their thoughts.

Hope that helps.

Obsessedwithlife said...

Great post. Definitely something I struggle with-after treatment (all those years of cancer 3 times...), thyroid problems, pain meds...the list goes on!

Thanks again!


etklisa said...

Hi Kris,
I'm almost making the plunge to go to HI. I've finally gotten myself to the point that I can drink green juice every day and eat raw vegs along with some cooked. I'm trying to make sure I experience all the types of foods that could be given at HI to make sure I don't have any reactions to them that can trigger a huge RSD episode. Jodi A. sent me all the HI info that I need. I did have a problem with mung bean sprouts already so I'm trying to be really careful and cover all my bases.

However, I had some bizarre set back last week. I finally went to buy a Breville juicer and when juiced my vegs, the juice tasted like plastic. I soaked the pieces and juiced again and once again tasted plastic. Any suggestions on what to do or do you think I just got a bad juicer. Luckily my friendly neighborhood health store allowed me to bring my produce and use their juicer.

Basic Me said...

Hello everyone!
Hey new guys.. great to have more guys.. I tell you bav. once again nails it. You have got it rockin sista.. Wow...

Ok.. I am going out on a limb here and say that we have all kinds of diets posting in. So I have a thought. Lets poll how many folks doing 80/20 veggie no dairy and no meat
80/20 veggie and small portions of meat and dairy in the 20 percent

what are the others.. I am trying to do 80/20 dairy no meat
husband has one serving meat a day.

The reason I am asking is I would like to know what the results have been for those not going type A on the diet.. All choice have support.. no judgements.. I choice this plan because our diet was superb before and I needed a jolt for it to work and I thought it would be easy for me and work with my health issues. Why did you chose your plan? What changes has each of you made that works for you all out there? The juicing is fab for me.. and the enemas..the change has made a huge difference. First I eat three meals a day instead of one. I drink more water. No caffene so I sleep and the drugs I have to take seem to last longer and I need fewer.

Anyway it would be nice to hear about your changes and progress. I am planning on going to HI and cannot wait. I have to go to the term in the summer after work slows down.

Thanks everyone. Peace love and eat well.. Callie

StarBright78 said...

I know I am experiencing spiritual growth when poo talk is exciting! :)

Thanks Kris - I have been waiting for this one...I have been chicken to actually do it. found a great place in Cleveland that subscribes to the gravity method but I was apprehensive. I think I am going to check it out.

Dee said...

I totally agree with what Clint and coloredsock said about the warm water. That definitely works.

But then again, I eat LOADS of veggies (and drink Aloe Vera juice) so I never really have a problem getting it started.

But I do usually do about 2 colonics a year and I've been wanting to up that number a bit just to feel more cleaned out. That's really the only way I can describe it. I want to say its rejuvenating and you feel brand new, but you really just feel...cleaned out. Maybe that's too graphic of a picture but hey, it's the truth.

I am definitely looking into the Coffee enema thing though.

You guys are the best!

Michelle J said...

Hello Kris and everybody..i was wondering, along the lines of poop talk does anybody take Natural Calm that Kris recommended? Also, i am thinking about starting to take Vitamineral green, crystal manna, and aloe vera juice. All of these can be googled. I discovered them through a blog i have been reading's cool and very informative. Not to mention good looking!!! Anyway, fellow bloggers opinions please!! Also, some recipes for green juicing in the morning. I tend to use cukes, celery, broccoli and something sweet like a small pear but i am always looking for different combos. Check out persimmons or sharon fruit. Both yummy!!

Sandra Joseph said...

I'm mad for you, girl! I have never posted here before, but I already feel welcomed to the righteous blogosphere you've created. I am an ex-Broadway Chick myself (played the lead in Phantom-the girl, not the dude with the gnarly face- for about a hundred years). THANK YOU for taking time out of your busy life to blog us such helpful info. I am not a cowgirl, but a pre-cancerous cell gal trying to clean up my act. In addition to all of the canSer peeps you are helping, you are helping some of us to get as healthy as we can and maybe avoid having to climb on that pony. I am traveling (schlepping is a better word) all over the country right now with my husband (he's in the Nat'l Tour of Disney's High School Musical) and our two dogs. We are road trippin' and living out of hotels and I will have you know that even though I am a certified fashionista, thanks to you I decided to forego precious clothing space and fill almost an entire suitcase with my new Breville juicer. I got the compact one, but it still sucks up some room! I am exercising my ass off, meditating, making colonic appointments, and attempting to gradually take the supplements you've recommended. My question is this: will the runs ever slow down? The juicing alone has me on the terlet with green softies every day. Way TMI, I know, but I feel I can discuss the poops with your peeps. Am I just detoxing right now? Is it normal to have soft floaters after downing kale and cucumber cocktails? Could someone please tell me if they've had a similar stinkalotta experience?
I know you're busy as hell, Miss Kris, but please do post the links on the site so I can find out where to buy the supplements you mentioned. And, yes, please recap the beauty products info. You are the queen of blogs. Yours inspired me so much that I started one of my own- It is humble by comparison, but maybe you'll stop by sometime.

Mal said...

Hey Clint your not the only gye who thinks Kris is a legend my name is Mal I am from Australia 29 and living with cancer.

Anonymous said...

Bav: Thanks for your thoughts and response.

Blog: Having cancer is never black and white; we learn from our own, and others', experiences and knowledge. Information which we process for use into our own situations should be well thought out and considered; and in the case of putting a foreign object into ones' body - risking perforation to the colon and infection - should definitely be discussed with trained and licensed persons well experienced in this practice. For those who are concerned about colon cleansing, here is a thought-compelling medical abstract to check out, passed along to me by my Naturopathic Internist and Oncologist:

Susan said...

Hi All, to me talking poop is so natural, I had crohns disease for so long before my colon cancer that it seemed I was always saying "I gotta poop":) My hat is off to all who can do the colonics, I gues I had so many upper GIs and colonostomies the last thing I'd do is volunteer for it. But I do understand the bennies from it. BUT since I no longer have a colon, I am curious, what would one do to ultracleanse with an ilestomy? I will also admit that I am not really a follower of the "plan" YET, I guess I am still searching. I know I love coming here and I have learned so much and met soooo many awesome peeps. I hope everything comes out great for everyone!! Take Care and Be Blessed. Susan

clint said...

Hi Mal !

Thanks for the Hello !... Ok now I don't feel so alone here in the 'Poop Forum'.

I have always found it interesting the reactions when the poop subject is brought up when talking to someone in person ...people pretty much go Catatonic when the subject is brought up... I think it's hilarious myself... but at the same time, I try to have respect on where the person is at.

I know when I started my "Journey' 20 years ago with a severely ulcerated colon, I realized early on that finding the right Path for me was going to be an experiment... with food, with supplements, even cooking methods.

Everyone is different and what works great for one person, my irritate the heck out of another person. Which is why I have always tried to support people to not be afraid to take risks, but to do so slowly and not expect to be well yesterday. Heck, it took me 3 years before I realized that I could NOT eat brown rice.. nor could I even tolerate fruit.. very weird.

I had my first colonic when I was in Boston...... and I will never forget the good hearted Irish woman that was giving me the colonic, uttered the 6 words a person NEVER wants to hear when getting a colonic for the first time....."Hmmm..I've never seen that happen before" ??!!?

Evidently, the wing-nut broke off from the anchor valve that went up inside me... and I couldn't get free from the table....and I was SO ready to get off the table at that point (if you know what I mean) I aged 5 years in that moment..... but, all was well in the end.

I know, I know... too much info right ;-)

And Anne... God Speed to you girl... "getting the shit scared out of you" is the right idea !

Best advice ? Please remember to breathe... everyone forgets to do that ... but it's SO important.



Marla said...

Maybe someone has asked this, I didn't have time to read through ALL the posts and I just found this blog and haven't read but the last few entries... So if this is a repeat, I'm sorry. I want to know if you have heard of "Colonix" which is here

I did this for 60 days earlier this year and LOVED the results, but if a simple enema would just as well do the trick, it would be so much cheaper and less time consuming! What'd'ya think???

clint said...

Hi Marla,

A few people had posted here about Colonix... I use the it religiously, and think it's great stuff !

I usually suggest people start taking it after they do a few colonics, but I guess it depends on what your condition/situation is, and what your trying to address.

It is amazing what old junk comes off the colon wall after taking the Natura product (Colonix) The Colonix product can tonify the colon as well.... which (in my opinion) a colonic cannot.

I also suggest that people try to wean off of Colonix and let their colon work on it's own after the desired results have been achieved.... and eating a reasonably high fiber diet is key.

Cheers Marla,


Basic Me said...

Good Morning and Happy Veterans Day!

I hope we are all pooping and just plan happy. Things are going well on my end. I am still curious about the diet's we are following.

The one big question of the day is..because cancer is a disease that has so many meds. attached how do ou know if you get the body clear of the past toxins. I am doing the enemas and have a colonic appointment but it is next week. I think it is important to ge the meds or steriods for some to clear the body quickly. The other question and this one is weird... how much poop is normal.. Since we are eating foods that do not come with tons of waste.. SHould we have tons of poo. I am going twice a day. But not tons..
So Kris.. have we a poop marker for all your TYPE A girls and guys...


Everyone have a nice day and at 6:00 light a candle place it in your window and say a prayer for all the veterans.. I am trying to get a movement other than my bowels going today.

XOXO and Veggies. Callie said...

Treat Cancer with Flavonoids:

Cravin' Veggies said...

I also used Colonix (with Toxinout) for two months earlier this year. It is amazing. It is quite expensive and involved, but I really think it was worth every penny. I think it will be something I do each year from now on for a bit of "spring cleaning"!!

Mel said...

I'm googling colonix out of curiosity, and they have some pretty horrifying pictures in their picture gallery of "stuff" people have passed while taking this stuff. Some people also pass parasites? I was wondering whether any of you who are taking or have taken this product experienced anything this dramatic. Are those results the norm?

Miss Mrs...a blog of everyday delights said...

Is there some sort of detox fast or something I can do that is good for my colon? I'm a little scared of colonics and enemas but maybe if I ease my way into it. haha. Thanks Kris!

cancer cowgirl xo said...

Hi Posse!

Just left LAF (which was AWESOME) and arrived at Hippocrates. I already feel better. Guess what they are teaching first thing in the AM? Colon cleansing, how timely! I will gather a few more nuggets for you and then I suggest you take your curiosity and start to educate yourselves further. My job is to plant seeds, yours is to make them grow. I'll move onto another topic by tomorrow night. Xo K

Dee said...

Miss Mrs- there's a lot of good teas that have been posted, I think even Kris posted some in her entry, that can help you 'ease' into it if you want.

Marla said...

Clint, thanks for your reply! I'm glad you had a good experience with Colonix, mine was great too. Mel, to address your question about typical results... my husband and I both did the program. dh is a 2 or 3 times a day person anyways and has been all his life, so he didn't see much change with the product but felt it was good for him anyways. I used to be a once or twice a week person but since eating more healthy the last few years have gone to about once a day. colonix was great and cleaned out some odd colored things, what lookes like old junk, but I did not see any parasites. My mother and a couple other friends who did the program also saw old junk, but did not see parasites. I actually expected to see them since I grew up on lots of meet, and lots of rare beef in my diet. I don't know how typical those results on the website are, but I just thought the fiber in the colonix program was great, and the tee that helps with movement was very gentle and effective.

But again, if a simple enema now and again would be just as effective I'd rather do that than all the daily potions and teas that the colonix program involves...

Thanks for your replies folks!

clint said...


I am pretty sure those pics on the website (of the loooong green stringy stuff) that came out of peoples colons, is the result of a long cleaning program that started with a fast, possibly Bentonite clay, and maybe a few other things.

Anyone who passes stuff like that from their body, HAS to have a very good constitution and is usually suffering from a degenerative illness. It usually takes at least 2 - 4 weeks to pass the 3' green stuff.

All that being said... am glad your "regular" again Marla.



scnewme said...

Hey Kris,

Your work is amazing, and the blog has started a dialogue on so many important issues. As a cowgirl who recently finished 8 very intensive chemo treatments for a rare type of NHL...current status Remission and full intention to remain this way, I have a concern to share with others who have recently completed chemo.

I was reading alot of info from The Gerson Institute and one thing mentioned was that during detox, the toxins that have remained in your body from treatment will be re-released, possibly causing toxin overdose and affecting organs such as the liver. (There is too much info to put into comments here).

Scary stuff for those who want to rid themselves of the bad crap, so I just wanted to know your thoughts on this, and also tell peeps to talk to some type of medical professional if they are in a similar situation.

Understand that I'm not trying to discourage anyone from this livestyle (I am embracing it whole-heartedly, just cautiously), only wanted to throw it out there for comment.



Basic Me said...

So happy your flight went well and the meetings. Just dropping in beofe scan moring for basic missions. I hope we have good luck again this week. Anywho..Isn't it apres POO haha you are studying poo..

Looking forward to the next subject.
Blessings and Light. Callie

goony said...

I started taking a probiotic a couple of years ago. It is called acidophilus and I get it from GNC. It has changed me from being a 2 to 3 times a week person to a once a day and sometimes 2x a day person. My only problem right now are the mulit vitamins I bought. They are whole food derived and cost a fortune, and they are constipating me. I think it might be the iron in them. I had a hysterectomy 3 years ago, so I don't think I need iron anymore. Anyone else have this problem?

Alissa said...


Thanks again for all the great info on your blog. It’s amazing to see the many people you have touched & encouraged along their journey. I am happy to report that I finished my last round of chemo, after a long 6 months. I also had my 6 month CT Scan & the results looked very good. For all those currently undergoing treatments, there is an end in sight! Hang in there. Enjoy your time at Hippocrates, I’m sure it will be a wonderful week.


Sandra Joseph said...

Oh, BAV! You have just explained to me why I have developed reflux. I've been taking Prevacid (prescription anti-reflux pill) daily for several years. As a professional singer, every time I had my vocal cords looked at, the doc said he saw signs of acid reflux (which can make singing difficult) so he put me on the pills. I never felt the reflux, though. Now that I am not singing for a living, I've tried to go off of the pills and whenever I do, I feel the reflux so badly that I have to go back on the drugs. They've made an addict of me! You seem to know so much about this stuff (how is that?) and I'm wondering if you might have some insight for me. I confess to morning coffee (followed by veg juice!) and red wine on some nights. (Dr. Oz and Dr. Roizen are advocates of coffee and red wine for health.) I want to get off of the Prevacid and get my ph balanced. Is there any hope or will I be an addict for life? Thanks so much for your comments.

Basic Me said...

Bav will have to be the expert but I thought I might share with you my experience. The year before I was diag. with bone cancer I had so many problems. Bleeding ulcers in my stomach, polyps in my throat frm acid that made me feel like I was strangling all the time and ulcerated colitius. UgHHHH One the the Dr. did was pup me on reglan and prevacid and everything else to stop producing acid. Well nothing worked for me and I was abusing the heck out of peto bismal and maalox. Well I went to a friend who is a natropath and he gave me an odd plan.. He wanted me to use epsom salt 1/4 a teaspoon a day to clear my colon and reid myslef of the constipation and constant irritable bowel syndrome and then he wanted me to get all the acid out of my body the first week we did nothing but brocalli and chicken broth, the second week he added chicken the third week he added other veggies. Nothing acidic though. NO tomatoes or fruit avacodo saved my life. This diet really did finally regulate my acid and the polyps collasped and went away. I do not recommend this diet but this long story is to say that if you go slow and get your body to the right ph level the acid refluc should go away.. Make sure you dont have a hiatial hernia or underlying problem. I am now following the raw food 80/20 program all vegan and I have never felt better. I know BAV or Kris will be able to give you suitable advice I just wanted you to know that you dont have to give up.. peace and no reflux is possible. I relate and am keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. It must be hard to sing with reflux a friend of mine is an opera singer and she gets nuts if her vocal cords even feel off.. They pay the rent.. Blessings .. Callie

bav said...


Ok, you actually have a different case than Dale with the alka-seltzer who was just trying to counteract specific acidic foods.

Some people do OVER produce acid, for various reasons. And your prevacid is what is known as a proton pump inhibitor. There is a pump in the wall of the stomach that is an ion (a charged particle) exchanger. This pump moves these particles back and forth, in and out of the stomach juice, to change the pH, triggered by contents entering the stomach. Your medication blocks the pump, thereby inhibiting the movement of charged particles into the stomach, decreasing the acidity.

If you want to get off the meds, I won't lie, you may likely experience some rebound acidity at first. But the good news, that is temporary. It should calm down and regulate itself, but you may have a rough few weeks. But there is hope, you are NOT sentenced to a life of PPI addiction!!

What I always recommend, as Callie suggested, is to first do the basic things (although not easy to do) - which is eliminate everything you can that you are ingesting that increases acid production. Caffeine is a HUGE no-no for people with GERD (gastro-esophageal reflux disease). No, decaf coffee isn't ok either. Switch to herbal tea, girlfriend, now. No soda. No chocolate. No alcohol. No citrus (that includes juice). Tomatoes are highly acidic, so I usually tell people to eliminate those as well, etc. Basically, avoid all acidic foods and beverages.

Make sure you do not lay down shortly after eating. Depending on what you ingest, you should try to remain upright at least 2 hours after eating. Use gravity to your advantage, keep your stomach contents where they belong, in your stomach, not swishing back up into your esophagus.

Food combining will be critical for you. If you don't have it already, get one of Natalia Rose's books, either Raw Food Detox Diet or Raw Food Life Force Energy. You want your food to be efficiently digested, quickly exiting your stomach, so your stomach doesn't keep churning out the digestive (acidic) juice. The Reglan that Callie mentioned is a "pro-motility" agent, it increases the speed of gastric emptying. I would encourage you to help your body do the same thing naturally, by getting the quick-exit food combining techniques down. (Natalia means quick-exit as in pooping, but that is only b/c the food leaves your stomach in an efficient timely manner, so I have overlayed my own meaning here for your specific needs.)

Have you been screened for anatomical problems? Diaphragmatic weakness at the junction? Decreased lower esophageal sphincter tone? Hiatal hernia? Esophageal stricture? Barrett's esophagus? If not, you may want to press your PCP for a referral to a gastroenterologist.

Because I never assume, if you smoke, or are exposed second hand, your reflux will not go away until you quit. Sorry, but it's the truth.

I am a huge fan of acupuncture. I strongly believe in finding the appropriate practitioner for you, however. So if you are going to try it, do your research. Interview people first. Find the one that you communicate well with, that has accredited training, that will work WITH you.
Ask around, I am a big fan of good word of mouth.

Callie's idea of a naturopath is also something I support. However, my only note on that is this... If you change too many things at once (stop some things, start some others) all at the same time, you can't differentiate what is working and what is possibly continuing to cause a problem. I would suggest working on your nutrition/beverage things first, getting yourself cleared of all that acid, before you start adding herbs/supplements. You can do this WITH a naturopath, but I am suggesting a step-wise approach as opposed to doing everything at once.

And the ever-present mucus. If we have lots of mucus, it can gunk up the efficiency of our stomach lining doing its job, ie digesting. I do think this could contribute in a parallel manner to acidity issues. So, get off the moo. Yup, no dairy.

Depending on how far you want to take it, I do think a vegan, raw lifestyle would be ideal for you. But if you aren't ready for that leap, I still think you can get off the meds and be comfortable with the above suggestions. Read Natalia's book, she gives you the tools on how to eat however you want, but in a way that works with the nature of our digestive system, not against it.

Having said all this, you need to work alongside your doctor. I would not stop your PPI cold turkey on your own. I don't know the particulars of your case, so you need to do this in conjunction with your providers. There are some people with compelling reasons to remain on these drugs if they are working for them, and if they are unable to adhere to lifestyle changes to eliminate the reflux.

If your doc has not explained it, the big risk of reflux is this.... increased acidity in the lower esophagus, which has a different cellular lining than in the stomach, can lead to metaplasia, a shift from one kind of cell to another. Meaning, you can end up with cells like your stomach-lining in your esophagus. This is Barrett's esophagus. This can become a nasty kind of esophageal cancer.

Thus, since I don't know your sitch, that is why you get your doc on board with your goal of getting off the meds. If your doc is not game, then, well, that is a whole other conversation.

I hope that answers your questions and helps give you some direction.

Oh yeah, ask your doc for a referral to a nutrionist too. Docs get "nutrition" in med school, but not in the same manner as what a nutrionist does. They often underutilize the valuable resource of the specifically trained nutrionist. He/she can go over the acidic foods to avoid, menu plans, etc etc.


Anne said...

I feel compelled to reply here after reading Bav's response to Sandra. I do not have cancer, and my main reason for visiting Kris's website and blog is because I wanted to fine-tune my health.

For years, I've had issues with my upper GI tract--heartburn, acid stomach, nausea out of the blue. Whenever I discussed it with my GP, out came the prescription pad and bored expression. My discomfort was written off as "age-related."

Well, I thought that was crap. I'm 44, and come from old bones--my ascendants typically live into their 90s. I couldn't see living the next 40 years on pills. Or with life-limiting stomach issues. So I set out to change my own destiny.

I needed to heal my stomach and I chose to do it myself, without medication. I didn't want to simply squash symptoms. I wanted to get things working properly.

Everything Bav says is right on. Coffee was the first thing to go. Then I began gradually cutting back on wine. Had to give up late-night dinner hour. Quit dairy for the most part. Cut way back on meat. Began drinking green smoothies. With each change came fewer bad days.

I'm now a very low Level 3 in Natalia Rose's book, eating raw 70 to 80 percent of the time, off coffee, off alcohol except for on rare special occasions. Feeling great. Haven't had a true stomach episode in over two months--not since I went out to a fancy French dinner with my husband, had two glasses of wine and way too much rich, fatty, fleshy "food."

My stomach is always the first place I feel any detox symptoms, which can be frustrating, but now that I'm on to that, I know that if I can ride out any rough stuff, the next day will be exponentially better. With my latest twist of the screw (increasing raw), the only detox symptom I had was a little insomnia. Too much energy to sleep effectively. How nice it was not to have it be nausea or that feeling of having swallowed battery acid!

A dear friend of mine died of esophageal cancer 12 years ago, after muscling through heartburn and reflux symptoms for many years, and gobbling antacids the whole time. I feel very strongly that people should refuse to accept "it's age-related" and that bored shrug from their doc. It's a crime that GERD is so common, and that no one's being taught to approach it with a healing diet/lifestyle approach rather than pills. Prilosec, Prevacid, Zantac, Pepcid = Big Business. I dunno--there's something fishy about the whole situation.

SurvivingStrongSince05 said...

WAAAAAH! Ever since I started Gleevec 2.5 years ago, I thought my innards were just pissed at me. Which they should be, because even though it is keeping me alive, it is wreaking havoc in my kidneys, liver and not to mention everywhere else. I also have 2 autoimmune diseases, so I have to be careful what I eat. I watched Kris juice in the documentary, I have to admit, it made me cringe. I have since gotten tired of the Dr's. guessing what is wrong with me, you are lactose intolerant, not the meds, it is the meds, stress, nerves blah, blah, blah. So our local grocery store has started to add a huge amount of organics to their stock and it's not so incredibly over expensive. I have even bought the kids organic cookies. So I will slowly work up to juicing. I don't think I can be as religious about it as some of you, but the thought of putting healthy, organic vitamins and good stuff in my body is very enticing. Milk, dairy, is a no no because I am now lactose intolerant so no more of that not to mention what I've read on this blog. I do drink soy and I am patiently waiting to hear why some don't think soy is so great. Isn't it good if you are in peri-menopause?

bav said...

Surviving strong,

Soy is the MOST mucus-producing plant-based material on the planet. My mantra (which may be a bit dramatic), "soy is evil."

Soy is a no-no for canSer babes, esp breast or gynecologic cancers, b/c it is estrogenic. It continues to be researched, so not all data is in, but is not the end-all and be-all that it has been touted to be.

On the flip side, b/c it is estrogenic, that is probably why it mitigates some of your peri-menopausal symptoms.

However, I think there are other ways of dealing with "The Change."

Kris, Natalia Rose, the medical community, practitioners in-the-know will tell you to avoid or really limit it.

Having said that, like anything, what you consume is a personal choice. I know lots of people who eat lots of soy and are happy and healthy. I would encourage you to read about it and decide what is right for you.


Dee said...

While I agree with what Bav said I also have to add that regardless of whether or not it works for some people, or works AGAINST others, you'll never if it's for you or your body unless you try it. You can do all the research in the world but research won't tell you how your body will react. The body is a very interesting thing.

clint said...

This is in response to SurvivingStrongSince05 comment about soy milk.... I know this is unsolicited advice, but I'd highly recommend getting OFF of the soy milk, and maybe substitute it with say, Rice Dream (rice milk).... it's a much healthier alternative than the concentrated, oily, hard to digest protein Soy Milk.

Here's a few interesting tidbits about soy:

1. Soy contains goitrogens substances that depress thyroid function.

2. Soybeans are high in phytic acid, a substance that blocks the uptake of essential minerals calcium, magnesium, copper, iron and especially zinc in the intestinal tract.

Some even claimed that soy prevented osteoporosis, which is extraordinary, given that soy foods block calcium and cause vitamin D deficiencies.

I could go on....

To sum up... Soy milk is hard to digest, and is not a suggested food to be on when recovering from a degenerative illness.

If anything... Rice Milk.


Dee said...

Clint does have points, you can also counter-act those points with a ton of positives as well.

Like I said before, it depends on YOUR body.

I personally don't drink Soy milk, and I rarely eat 'soy' anything (if any soy at all) but I don't agree that it is bad for EVERYBODY.

Every single person is different you can't dictate what that person should do and you can't predict how that specific person's body will react.

I don't think it's fair that a lot of people on here just say point blank 'you shouldn't do this' like that person is doing something awful. If it works for them, so be it. Should they try another option? Sure they SHOULD but that doesn't mean that they HAVE to. And it doesn't mean that if they do make that change, that it will do something magical to their system.

Every single body and every body's reaction is completely different. You can't base everything off of statistics and facts because to every negative fact, you can find a positive one.

Try Soy Milk, try Rice Milk, try whatever milk you want and find what works best for YOUR body and YOUR system.

I know everyone on here is just trying to be helpful and offer their suggestions, but I don't agree with dictating specifically what people should and shouldn't do. I think the point of suggestions is just that, to be a suggestion. And to help. Most of all, be supportive.

Those things tend to get lost in the midst of all these 'suggestions' very often. And I know that all the posters on here really are trying to be supportive and help, and don't mean for it to come off that way. It's all open to interpretation.

This is easily the longest comment ever. So I apologize for the novel but it had to be said.

And Clint, I do agree that Rice milk is better than Soy milk (for my specific body) but I actually don't use either. But I don't agree that Soy is an awful horrible thing. It goes back to the whole you can post a bad fact, just as easily as a good fact and have it go back and forth on and on. It comes down to what works best for each individual and the only way to find that out is through trial and error.

Jamie said...

Hi all. I'm glad that many ppl mentioned the Dr. Natura colonix. I started it 2 days ago. So far I haven't noticed too much but I just started and I know that it can often take a week or so b4 things start to REALLY happen.

I think it's a good start for me. As I move to increasing veggies and eventually include green smoothies (which I'm terrified about - just the thought of drinking something like that makes me nearly gag - how can that taste even remotely good? Do you just choke it down?) - well as I get more healthy i want to eventually do a bit of a juice fast as well.

I love reading everyones comments. I'm learning so much and more than that I'm learning HOW to become more educated and how important it is to really educate yourself.

Dee said...

Jamie- I found after awhile that I really grew to love the taste of the green smoothies. A LOT. At first it may freak you out, but hopefully it will work well for you and you'll find out the positive effect it has on your body and your system.

clint said...

I agree Dee, I was a bit strong with all the Soy propaganda ;-)

What I was trying to make clear was (and I did poor job) was that some people, when diagnosed with a degenerative illness, stage IV cancer, or whatever, don't have a lot of time to get well.... and time simply isn't on their side.

So, if thy are wanting to lessen their risk of ingesting foods that accelerate cancer, (adding fuel to the fire) the Rice Dream choice would be the way to go... this I know from experience (12 years) There is more studies against Soy, than there is for Soy...and yet... little to none against Rice (Dream) Milk.

I agree, it is about trial and error...and seeing what works and what doesn't... I did this very trek years ago with my own journey.... but.... not everyone can afford that many errors.

We might have to agree to disagree on this one dee ;-)

most sincerely,


SurvivingStrongSince05 said...

Thanks for all of your opinions. And everyone's body is different. My leukemia is actually a DNA mutation, so as far as cancer cells, the Gleevec has been keeping that in check. I am just trying to get something that stays in my stomach with the benefits of fortified vitamins, calcium, vit. D, B12, but gives me a few extras. I am more than will to try rice milk, Almond milk or anything like that. It may rest better in my stomach. It is true, you don't know until you try. I appreciate all of your thoughts on this and keep them coming. It's hard enough trying to get into the frame of mind where you want to eat better. BABY STEPS.

Sarahs said...

For all of those who want to know what a colonic experience/process is really like, here is what I have experienced:

The certified professional will show you all of the equipment and explain the entire procedure to you. During the colonic, you'll be fully covered, and you'll actually be left in privacy for a good deal of it.

I felt no pain, but I did experience cramping from time to time.

It took about 45 minutes, and A LOT came out! In the end, it was awesome, and I plan to get them on a regular basis.

Someone earlier mentioned Triphala. I take that as well, and think it is great.

I believe it was basicme that asked for people to share what their eating habits have been (if it was someone else, I apologize!!)

I have found in the past that if I adjust slowly, I'm much more apt to maintain a lifetsyle change. I have not been counting percentages, but have been eating a great deal raw. I still eat meat, but mostly fish. I also use Whey protein powder. I put brewers yeast, flax seed oil, and pure psyillium husk in all of my green drinks. I have been eating almonds and almond butter, black beans, lentils. I'm still eating whole grains. I find that tabouli always makes me feel fantastic, and even since altering my eating habits thus far, I still have the same positive results from this. Any thoughts on Tabouli? I love it!! I also usually have a glass of red wine every other night or so.

I have been feeling fantastic!!

I would love to hear feedback from anyone!


dmarie said...

My hubby and I drank the "green stuff" today for the first time and it wasn't bad at all. Actually, it was rather tasty. Good Luck!

Anonymous said...

Hey Kris! Question for ya...... I was looking through older posts for juicing recipes and I found one that looks great--you recommended one with coconut water, banana, sprouts, avocado, spinach, stevia, cinnamon, and ice. Is this a blender one? Or do you juice some and blend some? Like juice the greens and then put it in the blender with the banana, coconut water, and avacado? It looks good I just wasnt sure how to make it!

Basic Me said...

Well sandra, I knew bav would know she is brilliant. Just thought I would check in and let you all know I will be gone or a week working with the misssion hands on.. If it has my name on it I go over eveything with a fine tooth comb. Enjoy your week stay!!!! well !!!! Peace. Callie

bav said...

No, Callie, not brilliant, just know a couple of things. And so tired I can't even spell nutritionist!! But thanks much for the compliment.

I hope you have a great week. Lots of light.

And Sandra, I should have more clearly stated that being hardcore in your food choices in the beginning will be crucial in helping you get off the med, but in a few months you can then slowly start to reintroduce foods one at a time and see how your stomach responds. So, the short term will require discipline, but you can perhaps enjoy greater latitude in the longterm, if you so choose.


Anonymous said...

Anyone! Sorry I am full of questions!! I am wondering if anyone has an opinion on what juicer is better! The Breville Elite or the Breville Ikon???? Let me know if you have an opinion! Thanks! xo

Becky said...

In regards to the enemas, which I am very interested in,I am on a chemo drug called Avastin that possibly thins the intestine walls. One of the possible side effects (which I don't think are happening to me)is punctures in Intestines. Would an enema not be safe then? I need to re-reead the do's and don'ts on the little sheet of paper, but thought I'd ask while I was up.

Barbara said...

Hey Kris. Have you ever tried the drink Naked? Do you advocate it? I have been a big fan as I currently don't have the resources or money to juice (yet!)

halo said...

Thank you Kris for your posts - love this blog!Enjoy reading everyone's comments on the different subjects so far and great to learn so much from you and others who are willing to share.

As for this subject, I have also used Triphala and it works gently/effectively overnight. I haven't had to use it a lot since making better diet changes (though it's still evolving), but it's helped when needed.

Never heard of Colonix until reading these posts. Their site shows some incredible pictures, though not sure if that is the typical result. For those that have used it, just wondering how hard it is on your system? Have wasted money before on a colon cleansing product that led to explosions & diarhhea, even though I was told it would be easy on the system.

Regarding stomach acid - I'm no expert, but a trick that I learned from my mom is to drink a mixture of apple cider vinegar (just a spoon or two) diluted in a little water. At least it has worked for me when I've needed it. Cutting out coffee has really helped. (Bav - does this pose any problems, like what you mentioned with Alka Seltzer)

Thanks all!

Jamie said...

Thanks for the comments on the green smoothies. You've all given me a bit more confidence in wanting to try it out :)

Basic Me - about the diet stuff. I myself am not following an 80/20 diet as of yet. I know that I have digestive issues and actually find it hard to digest a lot of raw veggies. This (as has been explained to me by a naturopath) has led to my lack of absorbing a lot of the nutrients from food. His suggestion is that right now I should cook most of my veggies as although it may destroy some of the stuff, I’d be able to absorb more anyway as I’ll be able to fully digest it. The second naturopath (who I’m going back to see in Feb as he is GREAT) explained it better by stating that I'm missing an active enzyme. He had me take a few drops of phosfood in water before meals and that helped a lot! Really reduced my constant bloating and gas and stomach aches. However I couldn't afford to keep purchasing it but I'm going back to the naturopath in Feb. so hopefully we’ll be able to work on that more. It makes sense as he explained that if my stomach isn't digesting, my intestines will get backed up with explains my constipation.
So I guess for veggies I eat about ½ cooked and ½ raw. I try and eat a lot of fruit and whole grains (in terms of pasta, rice or cereal) and I do still eat meat (mostly chicken)– about 4-5 times a week right now but am slowly cutting back on that. I don’t eat dairy (except for the occasional ice cream!).
That is my biggest issue right now – eating treats like chocolate or cookies. I’m working on it!
Ok enough of my long posts!

Thanks again for all the great info everyone! I’ve been copy tidbits here and there and making my own like point sheet :)

Laura said...

Although I have been following these blogs and posts for quite sometime, this is my first comment. I, like many of you are a cancer survivor. At 34 years old, mother of 2 small children (4 and 1 at the time) I was diagnosed with a very aggressive form of breast cancer. Fortunately, I knew enough to do self exams and found this lump myself. Although the cancer invaded my muscle, it did not invade my lymph nodes! Now, a little over a year later (my children are now 5 and 2) I have 1 infusion left, with intense chemo ending last January and radiation ending last March! I have undergone a bi-lateral mastectomy and because of complications I have not been able to reconstruct....but with some healing I hope to be able to before a few years are up.

I really enjoyed the movie and as it has done for so many, inspired me to continue healing and try new things too. Just before I saw the movie I started juicing and investigating the raw diet. I am saving and saving for a trip to Hipprocrates (medical bills and childcare through treatments have set me back quite a bit.) It was so reassuring to see the movie and to have my aspirations confirmed. I LOVE my green juice and really look forward to drinking it everyday. I was turned onto wheatgrass from a fellow breast cancer friend and have been enjoying that too, really noticing the effects. I have been transitioning my diet for a while and am close to a raw diet, although I still can't seem to figure out what to have for dinner. I have an intense cleanse planned for immediately after Thanksgiving, I actually can't wait.

I do want some feedback from people about this ongoing question about juicers. I have used the Breville and the Omega 8005. They are different types of juicers and both easy to use and clean. I find the Breville easier to use because of the wide mouth, but all the 'top dog' nutritionist push the masticating type like the Omega model. The Breville does not do wheatgrass, but I have a manual one I use that it is just fine. Does anyone have an opinion on the how the Breville does leafy greens and if the masticating kind IS more nutritious? The Breville claims it does leafy greens because you can change the speed. With an option of both kinds which do you all prefer?

So, Kris thanks for keeping us cancer folks together. It is important to stay together and keep living for the moment. I am sorry that I missed seeing you at your premiere in New Milford, Ct. (I was running in the Race for the Cure in Boston and couldn't get back in time.) I also go to Joe's Salon. Everyone there is terrific and have wonderful things to say about you. Hopefully one day our paths will cross.

Sandra Joseph said...

To the goddess BAV and other friends on the wellness path: Thank you so much for your generous advice. Bav, are you a doctor? How on earth do you know so much? I am the most health-conscious/nutritonally informed of my friends and family, but you folks make it clear what a rookie I truly am! Yowza- so well-informed you are, my new friends. I will take all of your suggestions to heart. Bav, I must state for the record, I certainly do not smoke! I have to catch myself when I see people on the street puffing away, it makes me angry. Here we all are trying to detox in every conceivable way, and people still actually smoke! I have to keep my judgments in check. I know we are each on our own path. I have to keep a yogic mindset and remember not to compare. It works in both directions, after all. Compared to many of you, I am not eating well at all. I am a veg-head, except for the occasional fish (which I've now learned is pretty acidic) but I do indulge in dark chocolate, coffee, and cheese on occasion. I've been adding more and more raw foods and will continue to do so. I will totally pick up one of Natalia's books pronto. I love a book recommendation-thank you! I'm also going to order the ph harmonizer from ph Quintessence that's listed in the "Good Stuff" section of Kris's site. There is a link where you can email a question to their medical team. I asked about the reflux sitch and the nice man who wrote me back said that their product might help, but that I should also avoid acidic foods, (just as you said, Bav). He very kindly emailed me a chart that rates foods in six categories from Extremely Alkaline to extremely Acidic. So helpful! I am so grateful to all of you for your input.
If anyone is still reading, I wanted to weigh in on the juicers. I bought the Breville compact and I love love love it! I don't know about the exact nutrients extracted versus other juicers, but I know I'm gettin' lots o' green in my body. To my amazement, my carnivore husband is drinking them daily along with me. Let's stay on the path together, everyone. It helps so much to know we're not alone.
HUGE LOVE and Gratitude-
Sandra aka The Acid Queen

Lauren said...

I don't think my body digests veggies well either. I still have minor stomach issues after eating mostly raw for a little while now. Any suggestions from anybody?
The other day after only eating a salad (no cheese), my stomach was very uncomfortable like 20 min. after I ate. Usually, it's not that uncomfortable, but there's still slight discomfort in general.

clint said...

Re Laren's Question:

I had some trouble digesting veggies in the beginning of eating a healthy diet as well. My digestive tract seemed to need to ease into it more slowly than others.

What really helped me a lot was Digestive Enzymes. In particular, a digestive enzyme that contains :

Amylase, Lipase, Protease and Cellulase.

Almost immediately I started noticing results, as the enzymes started to help me break down my food.

It's not habit forming, you can't overdose on them and you can take them with every meal til you feel better.

I get them from a Chiropractor, as they can't be bought at a healthfood store... cause they are more potent.

Hope this helps,


alix said...

Hi Laura-

I'm interested in revisiting juicers as well. You brought up wheatgrass and that hasn't come up too much. I brought a Breville 800EXL and I don't have anything to compare it to. But, it seems to do a great job with everything, including leafy greens. I'm really not crazy about the taste of "green juice" (although I'm determined to stick with it) so I've been easing into it by making green smoothies more often which I really like. I also love wheatgrass but of course the Breville doesn't juice that. So, I bought a manual juicer and have been incredibly disappointed. I find the juice output to be extremely low and juice seems to leak out of it in all directions. Has anyone else had that experience or have suggestions for a great wheatgrass juicer? Perhaps I just bought a crummy one. I'd be willing to purchase an electric one if the results are that much better.

I'm also curious how/when you drink your wheatgrass. It's my understanding that it should be drank on an empty stomach just like the "green juice". So, can you drink them at the same time or do you space it out?

Sandra Joseph said...

Great question about combining wheat grass and green juice. I'm amazed that you like the taste of wheat grass but don't like the veg juice. I am the exact opposite. Do you add an apple and maybe a lemon to your veg juice? I think it really helps the flavor. Even thought lemon seems acidic, it actually leaves an alkaline residue in the body. (I just learned that!)
I'm curious about how long you are supposed to wait after drinking the juice in the morning before you eat anything. Is it important to let the juice do its thing before adding food? I am pretty hungry in the morning!

CarolMcC said...

I'd like to know too: do we drink green only on an empty stomach and how long do we wait until we eat?
IDEA: how about a 3-4 day Kris Carr bootcamp, rent hotel meeting space, sleep in the rooms -- one BIG pj party, we can swap stories, recipes, how-to's, etc. What do you think babes and beaus?

apoopslingingmonkey said...

Hey blogger peeps!

someone mentioned eating corn to check your poop lol! eat a bag popcorn, that will do the job-lol, I know for me it'll clean me out with in 6 hours- so much fiber... but as far as the alkaline and acidity levels -lol- if your on a strick alkaline diet then corn is a no no. corn is acid...
here's a good quick check list of acid and alkaline foods-

I looked at those pics on that colonic site- geez those are outrageous photos! LOL!

Basic Me ~ my diet is soooo all over the place! lol I'm trying to follow 80/20, lately though-somedays its 70/30 , and somedays even 50/50 (a day of 50/50 for me is more like a 'cheat day' now)
No dairy(except for pizza every now and then- and that'd be a cheat day,lol, and on that day I'd drink even juice more greens, and even eat a pound of greens salad to try to make up for the evil pizza lol!)
No soy (i can't wait until Kris' soy post! :) but I still eat fish, and chicken,
No beef (but in a perfect world where we could eat what ever we wanted and have no bad health effects I'd eat beef! lol! although actually, in a perfect world no animals would die and we'd all be vegans! long -live the animals!)...
I do alot of weight lifting and muay thai and my body just craves for protein 'meat' lol, I'm not sure if I'll ever be able to give it up...Although many times over the last 10 years I have gone vegetarian and even vegan for long periods of time... but I can never stick with it for good. But I'm happy to announce I'm officially free from my starbucks addiction, the thought of drinking a venti-puss filled latte really makes me wanna hurl! lol! But I do still drink 1 cup of coffee in the morning, I do drink tea also. (which is on the acid list too boohoo)
But I do make sure I'm juicing greens everyday at least 16 oz 1-2x a day,
and I have never in life bought so much produce in my life LOL! I'm in love with my juicer fo sho!
And by far I'm eating healthier now than I ever have in my life.

Smoking ~ I don't smoke... but I used too. I started smoking when I was 10 (yeah i know yikes!) and quit finally when I was 26, and in my teen years I smoked alot of other things too lol. (I was every parents worse nightmare for a child lol! Thank God my crazy past is behind me:) My mother thanks God too! LOL!)
And yet again if in a perfect world, if I could smoke cigarettes now and not have any negative health effects, believe me- I'd be a walking chimney LOL!
I'm hoping and praying I wont get lung canSer due to my past stupidity...And I'm hoping my green juice will start to repair some of the damage I have done, and maybe fight off pre-canser cells that are probably at work. Lungs do heal after 7-10 years and chance of lung cancer is hugely decreased.

Now on the other hand, the other side of the coin- look at the Native Amercian Indians back in history... they smoked tons of tobacco among other things too,lol, and they lived long long healthy lives. But they also ate very healthy-and they had no pesticides and chemicals in their tobacco and all no toxins in their fresh fruit and veggie food...
And they didn't even have filters for their pipes lol- (well water maybe) they smoked straight herbs in a pipe, no chemicals, no crappy toxins- and no toxic crap a cigarette company would add..
It makes me wonder if someone ate 80/20 vegan, and only smoked home grown organic tobacco in a pipe how long they'd live...I bet they'd be healthier than most americans! lol!

So really I think the question is -what is really killing smokers- the actual tobacco? or all the toxins the companies add like Formaldehyde , Arsenic (rat poison), Hydrogen Cyanide (gas chamber poison),Ammonia (toilet cleaner),Benzene (petrol additive) those cig companies add? those are some of the deadliest canser risk crap among other hundreds of chemicals, some even say up to about 4000 other chemicals they add...

And here's something even crazier to think about, some studies have shown that just being overweight/obese is more of a death sentence than actual smoking. Something to think about too.

I know for my family history- my grandpa smoked for 40 something years, and lived until he was 83- he quit smoking for 30 years and when he died his lungs were in great condition- (lungs due heal if given the chance and time) he died due his diabetes... same with my great aunt she died at 75 and chain smoker her whole life-filterless cigarettes even, and she died due to complicated heart surgery.

I'm not advocating smoking at all, but I do think smokers get a bad wrap, and are picked on quite a bit in society these last few years. To me there are wost things in life than smoking lol....smoking drivers don't usually kill innocent people on the road, but drunk drivers kill people everyday!....Even one drink impairs your ability of time/reaction, and everyday people leave restaurants, and clubs etc. and without even a thought they get behind the wheel and drive a 5000 pound death trap home. (And unfortunately its usually the the sober person who ends up dead or horribly injured) But on the other hand smokers who expose their poor kids to secondhand smoke(and again is it the second hand tobacco smoke hurting them or the second hand smoke of Formaldehyde, Arsenic, Hydrogen Cyanide,,Ammonia,Benzene) smoking in your house its pretty awful and can kill or ruin your kids lungs, or other loved family members in the house exposed to the smoke... but also an alcoholic ruins their families in other ways, and cause just as much pain in a child's life, and family. And any person here who has had an alcoholic parent or an alcoholic family member knows exactly what I mean. (and I'm not saying one drink makes someone an alcoholic, and I am not saying drunk drivers are alcoholics either. A drunk driver could be anyone who decides to drink and drive on that certain day, and ironically alot of the drunk drivers are 'social drinkers' are not really alcoholics, but yet sometimes they are)
And if your really eating a strict ph diet alcohol is a no no anyway lol...and it isn't illegal to drink your greens and drive lol!
and I'm not trying to pick on people who drink either, what about people text and drive at the same time!lol! opps shame on me! I do that! (which I've started to stop) Talking on your cell phone, and texting on your phone etc, all these things while you drive is bad.
You can eat your 80/20 diet to perfection and be the best example of perfect health but yet you could get in a car wreck and die because you were texting and driving and not watching where you where going at that certain moment, and yet a drinking smoker driver can still live longer because they don't text and drive lol!
I'd rather be in a car with a smoker than someone who's driving and texting at the same time! I'd rather be standing next to a smoker on the sidewalk inhaling all their secondhand smoke, than being a passenger in a drunk drivers car...

So with all that said, I wonder how many people I have offended today LOL! Also gotta add I love all you bloggers here, your all awesome, and I really do hope you know I'm not trying to offend anyone, just trying to bring up some valid points :) and just to think about things maybe a bit differently.

long live the animals! (vegans you rock- I hope I can be like you someday!)
long live the native americans and their organic tobacco smokin' ways!
down with the chemicals and pesticides!
down with drunk drivers! (who I think are 1000000% worse than a smoker standing on a sidewalk)

aka- pot stirrer ;)

granola said...

poopslinger--luvin' it!
colonics--not luvin' it!
animals--luvin them!
rice milk--want to but not yet luvin' it--read the ingredients--is it really good 4 u?
vegans--luvin it!
juicing--luvin' it!
homemade huummus--luvin it!
electric cars & solar energy & anything that reduces pollution--luvin' it!!!
this blog, bloggers & kris carr--luvin' it!

And to think that American Indian has had that tear in his eye since the 1970s. How long before the human race decides to save itself & the planet?

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if mature coconut combines with avacado? I know avacado mixes in the dried fruit, nut and seed category...only not with nuts....does coconut count as a nut? This might be the dumbest question ever...just curious though.

robin said...

has anyone heard of oxy-powder? does anyone use this?

clint said...

Het Robin:

Here's a peek at the label of Oxy Clean, and what's in it....

Far as I can tell... they've ozonated Magnesium (heavily Oxygenated) and put it in a capsule.

Can't see how this would be effective by the time it made it to the colon... but...

my 2c


Eric said...

Kris you seem like a smart, nice person. I give you this link to make of it what you will. It is re: cleansing the colon.
PS Doctors do not give you drugs to clean the colon prior to GI procedures because of "caked on food." For goodness sakes, they know food passes through the colon! They need the *recently* eaten food to be cleared out. That's all.

apoopslingingmonkey said...

granola ~ lol! luvin you lol, try almond milk or even hazelnut milk- both made by "Pacific"
the almond is healthier though- less fat,less sugar, less calories than the rice milk, and the hazelnut milk. The almond milk tastes alot better than the rice milk too! :)

Justme117 ~ lol! I'd like to know the answer to that question too! lol! :)

Susan For HHI said...


It was great meeting you at Hippocrates this week. Your time and words of wisdom are greatly appreciated. I had my breast thermal imaging (thermography)today and at first glance it looks like the heat measured in the breast tissue (which is inflamation) has slightly improved! The fearfull nelly u meet has seen the light (again) so she has been banished once and for all, can i get an amen!! Regarding coffee enemas. When I was diagnosed with breast canser 4 years ago one of the first books i read was by Dr Max Gearson "The Gearson Therapy" Dr Gearson opened a clinic in Mexico where coffee enemas are a major part of the program.I did them for 3 years. I felt and believed i was detoxing at a very deep level. I could feel my liver waking up (ha ha) I also saw a difference in my eyes. I stopped the past year since comming to Hippocrates, i was using the wheatgrass in my enemas. Although, from time to time I would do a coffee enema because i felt i needed to. I clearly felt the difference. I would do a wheatgrass implant after the coffee enema. I have decided over the past couple of weeks that i was going to use the coffe enemas again as part of my arsenol against the "enemy". Again i want to thank you, you are truly a bright white light for anyone who finds themself in the dark on the canser journey to living!!! May God continue to bless you.

StarBright78 said...

Hey guys and gals,

This may seem like a silly question but when fasting (24 hrs) should you still take your vitamins???