Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Hellloooo healthy warriors!

To fast or not to fast, that is the question! Why? What's so dang scary about not eating a meal? We're all so attached to food for so many different reasons that the idea of skipping solids brings waves of panic and visions of hospitalization. Here's the deal. Don't fast without nutrition. It's that simple. water, maple syrup, cayenne, vinegar - THAT AIN'T nutrition. Obviously, I'm referencing a few common plans rolled into one taco.

I base my fasting protocol on what I learned during my health educator program at Hippocrates. This is what Brian Clement says in his AWESOME book, "Living foods for optimum health":

Fast one day a every week, consuming only freshly squeezed green drinks, vegetable juices, purified water, herbal teas. These fasting days will allow any potential long term toxins to be released before they can cause serious damage. It's like changing the oil in your car BEFORE your engine fails. (Note: I would add blended foods too - and kick in 2-4 oz of wheat grass)

Remember, when you give your body a break from the difficult task of digesting food - especially meat, dairy & poorly combined foods, you allow it to focus on healing and repair. Since lots of toxins are dumped into the blood stream during a fast it's a good idea to follow it with an enema or a colonic. Keeping the pipeline clear allows for better evacuation of that which does not serve you. If you are clogged up the toxins will back up.

Many people do longer fasts. Common durations include one day, a week, ten days, twenty one days and even 92 days (like our pal Philip on the forum). I think baby steps are important. If you are interested, I would start with 1-3 days. If your health is currently weak, fasting is not recommended. Be realistic and if you have any concerns check with your doctor. Make sure you mention that you will be getting nutrients, just in liquid or blended form. Most people think that fasting = abstaining from food. CSL fasts = resting from food while still receiving optimum plant based nutrition.

Here's a basic sample of a fast day por moi:

Upon rising drink 8 oz of purified water with lemon and a dash of cayenne - gets the circulation going - lemon cleanses the liver. Drink herbal tea if you like and then get ready to juice, juice, juice!

Ingredients for the juice, juice, juice:
Sunflower & or Sweet pea sprouts
brocoli stems
dandelion greens

Drink as much as you like and change the menu to suit your palate. Eight 6-8 oz glasses is what works for me. At night I blend a green soup or a smoothie.

Ingredients for soup:
1 large avocado
2 cups salad greens
purified water
1 tsp kelp or dulse
1 tsp nama shoyu or a pinch of sea salt
1 clove of crushed garlic
Fresh herbs - like dill, thyme, BASIL - yum!

Get creative sassy pants! Ya don't have to follow this - make your own, what veggies do you love? If you don't use the avocado add some EVOO or Flax oil.

Ingredients for my go-to green smoothie:
1 avocado
fresh mint
1 cucumber
a bit of kale
coconut water (or purified)
Stevia to taste

If you can't get mint try adding lime - awesome.

Happy fasting! It's great to do it together. Maybe we should do a CSL fast????

Peace & liquid,

PS. Toss an inch of ginger in the mix too!


Rhonda Radliff said...

Awesome recipes.

Fasting is not 'giving up' stuff to me anymore. Fasting is making room for abundance. It's a spring cleaning, even if you don't think you need it.

Chemo can do a number on the liver and I am a huge fan of the lemon and agave drink. My liver tests, even on twice a day chemo, are 'better than normal' and the docs are amazed.

Bring on the group fast. I'm in.

I juice at work and folks come into the kitchen all the time and say "it smells like cut grass in here." What a great summer image! Some folks come in to get a 'whif' but won't taste. Now they are coming in to get a 'sip' of kale juice. How funny.

May juice fasts be 'contagious'. Cheers to the green juice.

leenda said...

Mornin Kris,

I haven't done a fast for years,but i remember I love it.Day three I had a pretty groovy feeling going on,can't quite describe it.
CSC fast will be a big hit.We can hand hold and support,share different tips,we love that kind of stuff.
I had a crystal clear PET yesterday,I thank you a kagillion times for all you have done for me.
My hemoglobin was 12.6!!!! It's never been that high..not even BC!!
thank you

scnewme said...

Love the idea of a group fast!! I'm in...did it the last time and felt so rejuvenated. I'm trying so hard to work on the smoothies (Kris, these recipes sound awesome!!) and the enema/colonics too. This time would be perfect to give it a go. How about this weekend??

Anonymous said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I am very excited to fast for a day this week:) There is so much scattered information about fasting out there. This post helped me connect the dots. Can you believe that I still have never eaten an avocado? I have to get over this bizarre notion that I don't like them!

bav said...

Sign me up!! I am pretty good about the fasting part, not so good about washing out the pooper! One of these days I'll get it all together!

Sundari - NEVER eaten an avocado?? Really?? I can't imagine my life without them! :) GO on, girl, be brave....

And let us know how it goes!


Lauren said...

Great information!!
Thanks again Kris!
Anybody want to do a fast this Saturday??

Anne said...

I have a couple questions:

•How will I feel during a fast? Tired? Full of energy? Dizzy?

•Will detox symptoms set in? For me, that's headache and nausea.

•How necessary is it to be close to the bathroom at all times during a fast?

•What's the best way to get back onto solid food? I would guess slowly, with all raw first?

•Is it okay to practice yoga or go for vigorous walks during a fast?

I might do this on Sunday. Not a workday, nothing scheduled, could theoretically stay home all day if necessary.

Thanks for the post, Kris. I really appreciate it.

Debbie Young said...

Hey gang
Wow what a day yesterday was! Rhonda I love love love that you are greening up the workplace, awesome work!

I plan to do a juice feast starting april 15th.. also plan to have a colonic the night before.

I will help anyone who wants to do it with me. . right Lauren!!??
love deb

cancer cowgirl xo said...


Great questions! Here ya go....

•How will I feel during a fast? Tired? Full of energy? Dizzy? - You may feel all of these things. Really depends on how toxic you are. Detoxing isn't always pleasant but it can be useful.

•Will detox symptoms set in? For me, that's headache and nausea. - Again, since I don't know what your diet and lifestyle is like I really can't say. I usually get a headache in the afternoon, so I make another green drink or have some water with lemon. For nausea I drink mint tea.

•How necessary is it to be close to the bathroom at all times during a fast? - This really depends on how much you drink. I still have a really active day. I never use the hunker down mentality - seems harder when I do. It's a normal day, I'm just going to consume liquids & blended food.

•What's the best way to get back onto solid food? I would guess slowly, with all raw first? - Break your fast with a salad and some soup. Getting back onto solids slowly is really for longer fast. 1-3 days - you'll have no problem.

•Is it okay to practice yoga or go for vigorous walks during a fast? - Of course, just listen to your body.

I might do this on Sunday. Not a workday, nothing scheduled, could theoretically stay home all day if necessary. - Good idea!

DSoliman said...

I'm terrified of fasting while on chemo. Have this fear of noxious chemicals being released too quickly. And the thought of having nausea on a non-chemo day is not appealing! How can one do this gently?

Rhonda--what is your lemon and agave drink?
Kris--don't have a juicer, but love your blended drink recipe!

Anne said...

Thanks SO MUCH for the answers, Kris. I expect it'll go fine for me. I've been following the CSC diet for about six months, with a few falls from grace, although even those have been pretty minimal compared to the old days of the SAD. I'm mostly vegan, over 50 percent raw, very accustomed to green juices--even have done dandelion greens without any ill effects. I want to fast, though, because I think it might help me break the sugar cravings that I tend to get in the afternoons.

Rhonda, you inspire me. Now I want a second juicer so I can keep one at work. Might have to do some garage-sale scouring.

lurky me said...

Kris, thank you so much for all the info. I got a good laugh at myself because I've never missed a meal in my life and the thought of a 24hr fast does throw me into "waves of panic" with "visions of hospitalization"! I'm a Virgin Faster!! I'm so relieved actually to have your sample plan that consists of more than water/cider vinegar, makes SO much more sense to fast with nutrition to stave off the nausea. I still want to do it this Monday because that's an busy day for me and I'm much better off when there's little time to obsess about all the food I'm not eating! Plus, weekends with hungry teenagers and hubby - too many opportunities to cheat. So good luck all you crazy sexy fasters! And Kris, thank you again, you are fabulous and I'm grateful for all you do for us. xo

Lauren said...

You're right Debbie!! When did we do the last fast, so I can look on your blog? I actually didn't do a juice/smoothie fast last time, but that organic renew life cleanse, which was just a bunch of pills. I think I also ate all raw and stayed away from dairy. I can't say renew life changed my life. I didn't feel any different. Although, I did end it a few days early. Throw poop on me! Where's apoopslingingmonkey??

So I think it's cool we're going to fast on different days because those of us who do it sooner can report how we feel. Then maybe the rest of you won't be as nervous. If I don't leave any comments on Saturday, I may be in the hospital with a feeding tube hooked up to me. That probably won't happen though.

LauraB said...

I'm in! Deb and I agreed starting a fast April 15th. (We did this as a group on the blog in January.) The group support was great, right Deb. Couldn't have gotten through it without you.....I'm in for about 3-5 days, probably closer to 3! Just think of it as spring cleaning!

thanks for the tips and recipes Kris, the more creative you can be with this the easier it is!

cancer cowgirl xo said...

Rhonda! YEAH WOMAN! YEAH! Can't wait to hug you in person AND you are getting a massage on me and the CSL team. End of story.

Dsoliman: When is your Chemo over? Maybe you should wait. Honey, we have plenty of time to clean up. Go easy. xoxoxo

Whole_Body_Healer said...

I've done a fast before with juices & it was fine. I think it was more for my mind to "let go" of needing to eat solid food at a certain time, but after about 3pm on the 1st day, I'd gotten over that. The other thing this does is it helps "reset" your palate, so you're not cravin sweets or salts so much. I find if I "test" these things after a fast, my mouth is like, "you gotta be kidding! Get that sh#$t outa here! That's WAY too sweet/salty as the case may be!" I agree that colonics or enemas are a very good add-on, especially for the detox symptoms.

DSoliman, I totally appreciate what you're saying about the nausea. I did green smoothies when I was on chemo & I feel this was very helpful. My feeling is the drink was easy on my digestive system (very helpful with chemo-also added L-Glutamine powder to support my intestinal tract), high in nutrient value & the fiber assisted in carrying out toxins. I did not experience any additional detox symptoms & I feel like it helped my body handle the toxic onslaught. I also had blended soups as well. I was eating this way prior to chemo, so I don't know how much that entered into the picture & I didn't do the juicing during chemo.

My feeling was that this approach was medicinally very supportive to my body during this time & was a bigger bang for the buck & easier on my system than eating solid food, but everyone is different & has different stuff going on. In my experience, juicing is more powerful as it goes more directly into your system, so if you don't think your body could handle this right now, blending might be a healthy, supportive alternative. And of course, you could wait til chemo is done too. Listen to your bod...

Michelle said...

Hey Kris, this sounds great!! I was thinking of doing a juice feast in the summer, because i know in the summer time i am not nearly as hungry as the winter! But, i am IN for a juice feast or fast before that time too!!! Great post, thanks!

Carefree Lifestyle said...

I am a recent green juice drinker and am still learning about fasting. When I heard that term before, I always thought it meant no food whatsover. Now I understand that I can "fast" and still give my body great nutrition. I drink another green juice, INS Wheatgrass. It comes in powder form and I mix it with cold water. I enjoy the taste, it is smooth and it is the only wheatgrass product I know of that includes the root and the leaves. As a complete food, it would be a great addition to your fasting beverages. I look forward to trying the recipes listed on the blog!

Thanks for all the great information. I really appreciate learning more about how to improve my health.

Carrie Nicole said...

Count me in as always. I'm always in for buddying up on a great CSL adventure.

Deb, how long of a juice feast are you doing starting 4/15?

This week, I'm starting to do a juice fast once per week, on Saturdays most likely. I would like to start incorporating some 3-4 dayers monthly too but I have been toying with the idea of doing a full on 92+ day juice feast starting in June (all the farmer's markets are open and so lots more availability of fresh, local, organic produce...and a bit cheaper too!)

Debbie Young said...

Hi LB,
three days does it for me... I do the daily juice, water etc till noon most days. My stomach seems very sensitive these being a not so great one.

more later,
love deb

Debbie Young said...

Ok folks, how cool is it that cowgirl Rhonda will get a MASSAGE TOO!!
It just keeps getting ya kris, so generous of you!
love deb

Whole_Body_Healer said...

Kris your comment about mint tea for nausea reminded me that rubbing essential oil of peppermint on your abdomen sometimes does the trick as well. Ginger is another good thing for nausea.

Debbie Young said...

HI I think we did the fast in January?

Unknown said...

This is great info Kris. Thank you so much. I've been wanting to do this but really wasn't sure what to drink.

You are such a superstar!



Liz R said...

Kris, Great recipes! I can't wait to try the mint. We grow mint in a big bucket all spring and summer and freeze some for the fall. Your book and our local raw bar inspired me to start juicing three weeks ago. Yesterday my cat scan showed that some of my lymph nodes were actually smaller and a spleen that was less swollen. My blood count was at an all time high (for me) of 10. I told my onc docs that I owe it all to juice and healthy living.
WOOHOO! I can now wait a year before I have to get another scan! WOOHOO!! Thanks for getting me started, Kris! Peace, Liz

Debbie Young said...

Hi all
Brian Clement (Hippocrates Health Ins.) will be doing a two hour is here
he is an amazing man, lots of great info.

American Yogini said...

Would love to welcome you to a juice fast retreat here at American Yogini sometime. Lot's of people benefit and succeed at fasting, actually enjoying it more than any other time of thier year because they can get away from not only food but all routines and stress and cares. Visit us soon!

Debbie Young said...

well gang, I guess I fasted today.. am sipping a cuke apple asian pear lemon ginger cocktail, first thing I have "eaten" in 24 hours. This was not on purpose, my stomach went south on me and has been wonky all day.. not feeling too great.
Top Chef is on tonight, so off to take a long soak, sip my green cocktail and watch 'reality tv'.
love to ya all
deb xoxoxoxoxo

Jodi said...

I'm down for a CSL fast for sure. Fasting scares me a bit b/c I've never actually tried it and I'm new to the Live Foods Extravaganza. It would be fun to know I wasn't the only one stepping two by two off that particular plank! :)

Rhonda Radliff said...

Yeah is right!
Wow thanks. Looking forward to lots of hugs and good chatting. I love massage so what a treat!

My favorite drink is lemon juice (fresh lemons are great), water (hot) and agave nectar. I like the agave because it also helps flush things out and it tastes sweet too! I make the drink like tea, lemon and agave in the mug, then pour the hot water. Sometimes I add mint or spice. It's all good cold too.

About the 'fast' and chemo. Yes, I was worried too at first and talked with my medical team. I'm guessing your medical team will be happy to talk with you as well.

In general it depends on your health now, the type of chemo, etc. Go slow and keep nutrients flowing through you. As you slowly flush things out it may stir up a headache, but nothing like what we have from chemo!

Slow and steady, tiny steps forward. Also you can go slow and work to earn the trust of your medical team so that they too are comfortable that you are taking good care.

Ask lots of questions and check out some books from the library. Try Gabriel Cousens, rainbow green live foods. Or maybe 'green for life'. But take it easy.

Keep up the good work.... and
thanks to all for such great support getting to Austin. I'm packing already.

Debbie Young said...

if you are new to raw here is the book list:
1. Kris Carrs cscanser and this blog and forum
2. PH miracle by dr Robert Young
3. Raw Food Detox Diet by Natalia Rose

That will get you going very quickly and safely.
Then go to these websites:
1. Kris's forum and blog (here)

If you go to my blog i have lots of raw food links for great raw fun
hope that helps, it is not as hard as you think and the rewards are MANY!!!

DSoliman said...

thanks for all the great tips gang--I finished my chemo regiment yesterday, and will resume on the 14th. But I have been told I will be in chemo indefinitely. (not!) I am in great health otherwise.

wholebodyhealer--I like your idea of green smoothies w/glutamine. I think I could handle that. Can't wait to try Kris's recipe!

carefreelifestyle: where do you get that INS wheatgrass powder?

rhonda: I'm going to try that agave stuff--I have been drinking straight lemon and water, but this sounds yummy! As for my medical team--I think I would shock them. I don't see much difference in this than being on the liquid diet that is recommended for gastrointestinal distress.

I'm getting massage this week too--another way to get the nasties out! And I may try a steam bath too...getting back to my exercise class today, walk in the fresh spring air..,it's all good!

Debbie Young said...

D soliman:
I have the Ins wheatgrass powder.. email me at
I am giving it for wholesale to all csc people only!

Lauren said...

Hi Roadgoing-gypsy! I've been in your shoes :) I'm still a newbie at this, but the longer I do it the more I want to stick with it. I still slide quite a bit more than probably the rest, but in general I've been loving the green life! Those books that Debbie recommended are perfect to get you started.
I read Kris' book first and then Natalia Rose. A few months later I read pH miracle. They are all important reads.
Another book, Skinny Bitch is such a fun read and got me off of meat real fast!

Debbie Young said...

Hi all
I am now suffering from a bad case of flatbutt itis from writing my blog today.
I did a two parter this time, in honor of my cansserversary tomorrow.

Please read it, it may save your life or someone's you love.. I know that sounds oh so dramatic.. just go and see for yourself.
love to all

Anne said...

Debbie, I loved your blog today. Happy cancerversary. I hope your tummy is feeling better today. Maybe a little virus? I'm north of you, up near Sacramento, and there's been something vicious going around here . . .

Looking forward to picking up those books you recommended, too. I've never heard of the 100 Years one, and have never gotten around to reading Omnivore's Dilemma, although I read In Defense of Food.

Rhonda, enjoy your weekend. It all sounds very fun and inspiring.

Barbara said...

I got a blender and your documentary for my birthday! I can't wait to watch it since I haven't seen the whole thing yet. I watch your trailer a lot for inspiration. I think I'm also going to try your smoothie. I still need a juicer!!

Barbara said...

also, what form of stevia do you use? leaves?

scnewme said...

OK....I'm making Sunday my Fastday - any joiners? I'm only gonna go one day - but a full day this time. Post-chemo seven months, getting my port removed on Monday (scary but very happy) and ready for another baby step. Gulp, I signed up for a colonic for next week :)

Anne said...

scnew me, I'm doing Sunday, too.

Basic Me said...

Hey Guys,
Been MIA.. Long week. Server crash and everyone is having an emergency after thier xmas finacial bender, plus we are trying to get Mobile on the one server systems so all of us can work together. The fast in Jan was awesome. We may be rare but duncan and I never had any detox symptoms I really felt a lot more energy. I guess we had been raw for a long time and strict but it was great. I loved it. Will be joining you all this weekend on the fast. Would give an arm and a leg to be seeing you all at the retreat. Have a blast. Duncan and I will be thinking about you. Go rhonda it is the universe rewarding all that love you give out. Enjoy and talk, live laugh and eat... the crossings is gorgeous. Ms. Kris and bav wish I was there Duncan too. haha maybe next go round. Be talking to everyone tomorrow morning. Love you all. Callie

Unknown said...

Love the topic!

Rhonda- I would love to juice at work, but I cannot imagine the reaction I'd get from my librarian co-workers!

Leenda- Wow, congrats on those awesome test results.

Bav- I agree, fasting, what goes in, not so much of a problem, but the delay in what comes out has always been an issue! I'm a "poop once every other day" kinda gal, and it seems nothing I do can change that!

Lurky me and all the other "virgin fasters" out there. Ease into it. You don't even need to do a fast if you don't want to start there. Go raw for a day if you don't do so already, try some new juices or green smoothies. It's not so much about where you are, we are all at different points in our journey, but where you came from and where you are headed!

Deb- how's that tummy feeling? Any better? Sending good thoughts your way. Great recommendations on basic sites and books.

I believe the last group detox/fast we did began January 14th?

Lauren- I did the same cleanse as you did the last time. I did not notice any results, either... Bummer, I was so psyched! It could have been because I have been mostly raw for a long time, but it also could have been due to the cleanse product.

Kris- thanks for the sample detox/fast recipes. I am always interested in reading what other people are doing, either for new ideas or for confirmation that I am on the right track.

lurky me said...

Librarymom, thanks for the the good advice. I gave myself a little trial run yesterday. Not so good. I kinda suck at fasting. My plan was: juice and eat raw through lunch, which I did no prob, then just skip dinner by substituting green drinks/smoothies til bedtime. Yah... by 6:30 I was famished and in between sports practices with 3 kids and a team meeting at 7pm, no time to go home and feed everyone healthy food. Straight to House of Pizza. Dang. I'm working out my game plan for Monday with a little more "strategery" and forethought than yesterday now that I know I am lacking willpower and some organizational skills. I really want to succeed on my 24hour fast on Monday because it's my kickoff to getting serious about diet changes. But you're right, it's all about the journey, it's not a sprint it's a marathon! So thank you for the reminder!

Debbie Young said...

Hi friends
Ok, part two of War and Peace.. uhmm errrr. I mean my blog that featured part one yesterday is FINALLY DONE!
Go here to read it and comment at will:

From Sam:
Hi everybody!!! Come see my picture on my moms blog also pleas read my moms blog it is very fascinating but don't be surprised because it is very very VERY long and guess what...
it took her Two hole days to write it thats what. When you read my moms blog you will learn a lot about it. my mom read it to me and i enjoyed very much.I hope you enjoy it to when you read it.
LOVE: Samantha XoXoXo

Wow, I guess I need to give her a raise!
love deb

Unknown said...

Lurky me-

I totally get what you are saying. It's SO much more complicated and difficult to eat healthy, not to mentioning trying to go raw or fast, when you have kids to care for, a household to maintain and a family to keep afloat!

I have two kids, a 10 year old son and an almost 13 year old daughter. I also work two part-time jobs (one from home), commute two hours a day to one child's school, and homeschool the other. Throw in children's choir, swim team, Cub Scouts, basketball, etc. and WOW...

I and all the other moms out there are here for one another. You are doing wonderfully well, and you are providing a great example of wellness and determination to be healthy for your kids.

Don't be hard on yourself- I am not. When I decide to have pizza at Whole Foods with the family for dinner on a Saturday night, I am okay with that. I have a foundation, things I do everyday such as juicing, 1/2 gallon of pure water, huge salad for lunch or dinner, hopefully some veggies, nuts/seeds, raw soup or nori rolls, etc. Beyond that, if I find myself starving because I've been chasing in the car all day, or working all day, or dealing with stressed kids all day, I might throw in whatever semi-healthy food I can before I literally pass out due to hunger.

I have tried all my life to be superhuman, and have found that it probably contributed to not so good results (due to stress, working all nighters and several jobs at once, working in toxic environments), like, ah, brain cancer. So, be happy, keep going, and good job!


Unknown said...

Kris! I know you don't eat too much Fruit, and I just recently had a consult with natalia rose and she wants me to stay clear of fruits for awhile (candida, ugh) so I was wondering if you have any more good smoothie or juice recipes that do not contain any fruit? (besides lemons & limes)... I miss my smoothies and I cant seem to find any that taste good without a banana!!!

thanks love,

- Britanie

Lauren said...

I'm on my fourth green drink today! My fast is going well. So far I'm not in panic mode about not having food. I think the real test will be at bedtime :) Will I wake up run to the nearest pizza joint?? Naaahh!
So I have to bottle up two green drinks to take with me tonight. Does anyone know if there's still a good amount of nutritional benefit if you don't drink it right away? I know the enzymes will be gone, but it's still gotta have vitamin and minerals right? I hope so!
Happy Fasting Everybody!!

Lauren said...

Hey Raw Faith!

I've just started drinking green smoothies within the past couple weeks and the first time I didn't like it at all. Then I tried it with cocoa powder and liked it better. Then that made me nauseas and tried just the green one again, which I liked but couldn't finish it. Now today I've been been drinking juice all day and I had the green smoothie and loved it! I think for some it may take getting used to. I really really liked the taste tonight. I'm not lying :)
Good luck!

Anne said...

What is pure water?

Librarymom mentions it, I've seen it mentioned elsewhere. How do I know what is pure water?

I doubt it's what I get from my tap. Is it what I'd get from a pitcher/filter system? Is it what I'd get from a sink filter system? From a bottle?

I'd love to hear more about this. Meanwhile, starting a juice fast tomorrow. Looking forward to it, but a little nervous, too. I'm a wimp about feeling crappy, so I hope I don't.

lurky me said...

librarymom, sheeesh, I thought I was busy! It sounds like you are really centered in the midst of all the crazy sexiness of your life. Thank you for the support. I love this community! It's like having the verizon network - only it's a bunch of really cool cowgirls!

Sandra said...

Hey, y'all! Loving the conversation here. I may join in the fast starting on the 15th. The issue I'm having at the moment is that I'm still so in love with eating out. My husband and I are traveling around the country and one of our favorite things to do is check out the great restaurants in each city. Next stop: San Francisco. I'm looking forward to Cafe Gratitude which, I understand, is super healthy and faboo. But we also have reservations at some fine dining establishments where I am sure to indulge in the bread basket and a glass or two of wine. I am proud that I schlep my juicer around in the suitcase and stuff organic greens into hotel mini-fridges, but I could do so much better.
Lori from the library- I LOVE what you said about trying to be perfect all your life. I'm learning to cut myself some slack as I continue on the path toward the healthiest I can be.
Rhonda, I always love reading your insights.
Deb, how's the tum? Top Chef awaits on my tivo...can't wait to catch up with you.
Callie, I miss you sistah.
Everyone else, peace out.

Lauren said...

I made it through my fast!! I was sooo tempted last night to break it because I was surrounded by goodies, but I didn't do it! I was surprised that I was feeling a little hungry when I went to bed, but not so much that it kept me from sleeping.
Maybe next time I'll try for 3 days! Then one day 2weeks!

Happy Fasting!

lurky me said...

Lauren, congrats on making it! You've given me hope for the big day tomorrow!! How do you feel today?

Debbie Young said...

Lauren, good going,you are doing so well with the fasting! Shorter ones are better I think, give you more sense of success.
Hey all: I have to do my Taxes today.. may not be online so much as usual.
Wish me luck and a good RETURN.. ie: cash money honey.
love deb xooxoxoxxo

Debbie Young said...

hi all
If you read my two part blog at
you will want to see what Dhurmil posted. please watch this.. we all need to get aware before change can happen:

Anne said...

Hi all,

I'm partway through a one or one-and-a-half day fast. (Last time I had anything solid was last night about 8 o'clock. So I'm about 16 hours in.

I'm feeling okay. Not great; not awful. I have a slight headache. I definitely feel a little weak and dizzy and shaky. I have moments when I think this is just too hard and dizzy-making, and I can't imagine how anyone does it for longer than a day. Then a few minutes later I think, hey, this is not that bad, it's good for me, I feel pure. I do not see how anyone could do it for 92 days!

So far today I've had:

12 ounces purified water with juice from half a lemon and some cayenne.
16 ounces green juice--apple, lemon, broccoli stem, celery, cucumber, spinach
8 ounces coconut water
14 ounces beet/carrot/orange juice
4 ounces chamomile tea

I also did a little meditation this morning, an hour of yoga, a major dry brushing and took a bath in Epsom salts.

Anyone else fasting today?

lurky me said...

Anne, girl, wow you're almost there! You did it!! I just came back from grocery shopping so I am ready for my fast tomorrow. By the way I got a bigass armload of kale and it was only 52 cents. How can that be? What is purified water? Boiled? Bottled? Blessed?!

Anne said...

I don't know what purified water is, exactly. I have a gallon that I bought at the regular grocery store awhile ago (for enema purposes) that says "purified water." The label also says something about filtered and reverse osmosis. I don't know if it's the right stuff, but I figure for today's detox purposes, it's better than tap water. (I really need to get a filter carafe.)

I'm going to continue this fast til tomorrow mid-morning. I'm feeling better now that I made myself one of Kris's green smoothies--mine had avocado, cucumber, half a lemon and chard. I'm craving salt, though, and actually looking forward to a raw soup for dinner.

52 cents for kale is awesome!

Lauren said...

Thanks Debbie and Lurky me for the congratulations!
I feel good today. Sorry I couldn't comment earlier to motivate you guys who are doing the fast today. I've been busy. I didn't have much sleep last night, but I felt okay today. Maybe it was all my green juice yesterday!
Oh boy...have I said how much I'm loving green smoothies?! I had another one today. I can't believe that not too long ago I was barely keeping it down, and now I totally love the taste! I think that's crazy :)

Lauren said...

Good luck with your taxes Debbie!!
I'm visualizing mucho dinero coming your way!

Anne said...

Okay, adding to my totals for this day of juice fasting. Here it is in order:

12 ounces purified water with juice from half a lemon and some cayenne.
16 ounces green juice--apple, lemon, broccoli stem, celery, cucumber, spinach
8 ounces coconut water
14 ounces beet/carrot/orange juice
4 ounces chamomile tea
16 ounces green smoothie--avocado, half lemon, big cucumber, chard
6 ounces miso soup with 100-degree water and unpasteurized miso
16 ounces green smoothie--same as above, just the other half of the quart
6 ounces purified water
10 ounces coconut water

Closing in on the dinner hour, planning an avocado/cilantro soup and hoping I can sleep tonight. Between feeling hungry and headachy and light-headed, I'm also afraid I'll be up to pee every five minutes.

That list of stuff I drank today looks so huge to me . . . how can I be hungry?

Lurkyme, good luck tomorrow!

Kristen's Raw said...

Drinking some Plant Blood myself right now...YUM!!!

Kristen's Raw

clint said...

Ok... Plant Blood ?

Dang....that is right to the point, isn't it ?

Lauren said...

Good job Anne! How did you feel at bedtime?