Monday, April 21, 2008

Our first workshop was a total success!

Glorious Monday!

Sitting in a little cafe in New York City sipping tea and feeling waves of emotions and joy for the success of our first ever Crazy Sexy Cancer Bootcamp workshop at The Crossings. Since I only have a few moments to blog I'll just give ya a stream of memories...

Happy, nervous, scared, excited people arriving and introducing themselves in a sacred circle. Making green juice for everyone and serving E3 Live. Nutrition class with lots of open minds, massive amounts of information (next time we'll make it a 2 day affair) and GREAT questions - oh, and a show and tell enema bag! He he he....Raffling off a juicer to one lucky (and very happy) warrior goddess. Pool, spa, massages, facials, lovely food, beautiful surroundings, friendships blossoming....

Unbelievable rituals, altar, candles, sharing, giggling, crying, reiki, burning fears and hugging tight.

Creative writing, journal tickling, excavating the hero and meeting the best friend that is you - huge leaps!

Beth's class and the deep wisdom that streams and flows out when the doctor becomes the patient. Brilliant, one of the highlights of the weekend. Look for our program born from her monumental talk.

TRAPEZE, TRAPEZE, TRAPEZE!!! Seeing my Austin family fly made me finally get it. I turned to Beth and Terri and said for the first time in all the years that I have been creating the Crazy Sexy world I am really proud of me. I too learned big transformative stuff - OWN IT GIRL.

Trance dance - whoa, blind folded...

Manifesting made clear, real, and practical by our AMAZING Terri. Wow. I felt so lucky to be in the class when my other two facilitators taught. I learned so much.

Closing ceremony...Ahhh, we buried all our beautiful intentions in the ground. The seeds that will become our Oaks, strong, solid, tangible oaks, are working their magic right now, in this very moment. What comfort.

Prayers, hugs, more tears (I think we drained their kleenex supply).

Good bye - but just for now.

I hope to see you all at The Omega Institute this July, independence day actually!! We'll be working on MASSIVE liberation in honor of the holiday.

More soon....Off to work on grants for all the magic we want to bring to YOU.

Peace and total inspiration,

PS. This pix of me and Beth making juice for everyone was the only shot I had on my camera. Luckily everyone snapped many. I'll post an entire album in the next day or so.

PSS. Debbie sent us wheatgrass to get us through and keep us charged. What a Crazy Sexy Generous Friend! THANK YOU MAYOR DEBBIE. We love you......

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