Monday, April 7, 2008

Stages of fasting & Pre-fasting

Good morning alkaline bunnies!

Just got back from an amazing speaking gig in Boston and a TV appearance in NYC yesterday - ABC Eye Witness News. Here's the link if ya missed it, ABC . Anyway, back to cleansing, fasting and what I'd like to call PRE-fasting. Yeah, a new CSL term!

I loved catching up with all of your cleansing tales from the previous blog, what a ride, what fun, what useful information you shared. This group is down right golden! As some of you found out it's really helpful to strategize and plan your day, especially if you're a wicked busier multi-tasker with a pack of kids, deadlines and hungry partners who pile drive pizza and tempting snickity snacks. Do yourself a favor and go places prepared. Bring your juice, smoothie, purified water with lemon, a blended soup etc. Have liquids will travel! Nothing worse than being stuck in a traffic jam on your first day of a fast. Your last liquid was at 7 AM and now it's noon and the freeway is a parking lot! Not good for you, your cells (cells are greatly effected by anger, hate and road rage) and not good for the bumper of the bitch ahead on you. Get the picture? So holster your potion to your hip and glide through your day the liquid way...

If you are new to the CSL diet and lifestyle or if you have any concerns about your ability to fast (check with your doctor) you may want to move slowly into liquid love by starting with a Pre-fast cleanse. In other words, transition into the fast. Ease in and take baby steps which lead to small victories and gradual changes.

Stages of cleansing...

Stage one: For some of you, moving to an 80/20 diet is a huge jump and this is your cleanse. So lets just kick that up a notch. Your mornings start with water lemon, cayenne, you have a raw lunch (salad) and then a huge salad for dinner with a small portion of cooked food (no animal products - this will stop all the cleansing).

Stage two: Same as above but instead of having raw solids at lunch you have more juice and make smoothies and/or bleneded soups through out the day, then for dinner you have a huge lovely salad with all your favorite raw nick nacks (note: favorite raw nick nacks for the above stages too). Stage two fasters remove all wheat products - even sprouted bread and manna. Remove ALL grain - even the best ones (millet, quinoa, Buckwheat, Amaranth, Teff). Remove ALL noodles too (grain!). Remove all cooked products.

Stage Three: Water with lemon, herbal teas (other stages can use too), green juices, smoothies, blended soups. As much as ya like. The more accustom you get to fasting the less hungry you will be and the less you will need. At first, don't stress yourself out, when hungry sip!

I consider stages 1 & 2 to be slow and steady wins the race steps to a more intense experience when you're ready. They are also considered pre-fast preps. Whatever you do is good enough for you. So when the group fasts on 4/15 (way to celebrate tax day - our wallets fast and so do our bodies), you choose what level is right for you and join in if you are able.

Note: For all stages it is important to omit ANY kind of sugar. To mop up the terrain and deal with yeast beasties- fruit, agave, honey etc are not recommended. STEVIA is your friend. GREEN GODDESS for 1-3 days, YOU can do it!

CSL group cleanses are a great idea and I will start a monthly group on the forum. The cleanses will last from 1-3 days and we all help each other through the rough cabbage patches. Use the blog and the group as your support system. Share recipes, symptoms, inspiration, tips and testimonials.

Questions, comments, thoughts, LOVE?

Peace and chlorophyll!


PS. Here's the link for the group or you can just find it on the forum.CSL cleanse group


Anonymous said...

Good Morning Everyone!
Is a fruit smoothie ok? If so, in which "levels" of fasting? I have cut all fruit out of my diet except for the apple I put in my green juice. During my fasting day (last Friday), I had a smoothie that included bananas. I am wondering if the sugar from fruit negatively effects the benefits of fasting. Thank you for all of this fantastic information:) I love CSL!

cancer cowgirl xo said...


How funny, I was just in the kitchen had a thought about fruit and came back to edit the post before reading your comment. As always, we are connected.

For people with health concerns it is best to omit fruit during the fast. Also, fruit cleanses faster than veggies so you may experience more detox effects with fruit. For CSL cleanses think GREEN GODDESS for 1-3 days. Add the fruit back in when you're done dumping the dust and crapola. Make sense?

Anonymous said...

Sounds great!

ps-Just watched the interview on ABC. The CSL message is spreading like wildfire! Its so exciting:) I love watching the love, light, and knowledge of this journey unfold.


cancer cowgirl xo said...

Just started the cleanse group on the forum, here's the link ya'll:

Debbie Young said...

Morning Kris and all cowpokes everywhere!
this is the perfect way to go... take it from a gal who tried to jump in the deep end of the pool way too soon, start with your floaties, then slowly move out of the shallow water!
Kris, wishing you light and love on your whirlwind tour of who knows where! Also, fantastic loving light for the entire retreat, cannot WAIT to see pictures of all the festivities.
much love and peace

David and Katrina Rainoshek said...

Hi Kris,

Have you heard about Juice Feasting yet? I just wrote about Stages yesterday on, but it combines emotional and physical stages.

Since you are into abundance and shifting into a new paradigm about healing, Katrina and I thought you might like to check it out.

Here is the Juice Feasting Stages Conception:

With peaceful steps,

David and Katrina Rainoshek

Kirsten (not Kristen) said...


I just joined the CLS Fasting Group. So excited! just wondering if someone could clarify the topic if water for are you all getting yours, ie. the difference between distilled vs. filtered, pH drops, etc?
Many thanks :)


Tragicomedy said...

Yucky Flavs is back with a not-so-subtle username on CSL.

Username: Treat Cancer with Flavonoids!!!

Is there a way to just ban his IP?

PS: Good morning!!! :D

Sabrina said...

This post/group comes at just the right time!! I have never done a juice-fast or cleanse & my body desperately needs it!!

Question about Juicing: After juicing, what is the time frame for when you should drink it by?? Can you save your juice overnight or have it pre-made the night before for the next day? Must you store it in the fridge?? Any suggestions??

cancer cowgirl xo said...

It's best to consume your juice with in 15-20 minutes otherwise it starts to oxidize and lose it's enzymatic kick. However, if you have to take it with you and store it - better than nothing! Yes, the fridge is best or maybe the freezer and let it thaw. Making the juice in the AM would be optimal. xo

Elizabeth M. said...

Hey - great timing for a fasting group! I'm planning to start on the 16th. I've got rehearsals on the 15th...not the best day to start. I'm really excited to be part of the fasting group! I'm going to run right over there and join! Right after I watch the abc spot...
I agree with tragiccomedy - old flavs has got to go...I worry about the new kids on the block who don't know what a pain in the @$#% he is. Don't want anyone to get hurt.
cheers all...

Sarah Mae Ives said...
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Anonymous said...

Hey! Awesome post and great timing! I started my FIRST ever juice feast yesterday!!! I needed to 'reboot' myself. For me, its been about 2 months of impeccable food combining and 80/20 (sometimes 70/30). This might not sound like much, but its been a huge change for me. I cannot even say how amazing I have felt. Unbelievable. I can't believe the way I was living before. Well, this past week was super stressful and I found myself eating 80/20....but the 80 was cooked! Yikes! After two days of that I thought 'Enough!'. Time to press the reset button.

So I'm on day 2 of my juice feast. I feel great. I have been doing a little experimenting with my juice recipes. Its been good to switch things up, but whoa. I made some gross ones. I just had to plug my nose and chug. Ew. And unfortunately I added apple this morning before I read that we should avoid all fruit. A bit of a bummer because I just bought some apples, melon, and oranges to juice with. But no biggie- I will just add them back later. Will it be a big setback to use a hint of fruit here and there? (an apple a day, or a bit of honeydew?)

Sabrina- I think the time frame we are supposed to drink our juice in is 15-20 minutes. But dont stress if that doesn't work out for you. Just do what you can.

That leads me to a question though.. If we juice in the morning and take our juice with us for the day... wont that be way too long to wait to drink the juice? Are there still all those delicious vitamins in there after all that time?

And does anyone juice beets? I juiced my first one yesterday. I have read a lot about how cleansing they are so I wanted to go for it. Well, it made my juice taste like... well like I went outside, got some soil from the garden and mixed it in my drink. Not too tasty. Are you supposed to peel them or something? The color is amazing though. Beautiful.

Anne said...

I did a juice/smoothie fast yesterday, and am just now beginning to break it with fruit. It was 36 hours long, from 9 p.m. Saturday to 9 a.m. today, Monday. (Had a banana about 9 this morning and an orange around 10 and now I'm having miso soup--unpasteurized miso, warm water that's not hot, a dash of namu shoyu)

I listed all the stuff I drank, up until the avocado/spinach/cilantro/garlic/cayenne/sea salt soup I had for dinner. (By this time I was so sick of green stuff that it looked and tasted gross to me.) After that, I just had hot water with lemon til bedtime. Went to bed feeling headachy and a little hungry.

I slept okay, but had a wicked headache. The headache started mid-day yesterday and I didn't take anything for it. It woke me up several times during the night, but it wasn't so bad that I couldn't get back to sleep. I've still got it today, but it's far less severe.

This morning I had a big green juice with dandelion, then went for my mile-long power walk and then had another detox reaction after I got back: diarrhea. (Sorry, TMI, but it seems like something people might wanna know.) I actually considered this a good thing, a good sign that my body was kicking out some crap, no pun intended.

I might join you guys for another fast on the 15th. I can see that the day of the fast requires planning and availability to juice, and so far in my experience, the day after the fast might require being near a bathroom--although those symptoms have not continued.

I did omit sugary fruit yesterday, except for one apple in my first green juice. I'm using the fast as a jumping-off point for a couple things:

•Staying off processed sugar. That's been a toughie for me.
•Staying off meat and dairy. I've done very little of this since I began following the CSC ways in October, but there have been a few times, and they've always led into my continuing to eat them for many more days.
•Upping the raw without upping the sugar. A little fruit in the morning is okay for me--I have no health issues and I'm on this plan because I want to keep it that way--but too much seems to set me up for cravings later in the day, at which point, I'm more inclined to hit the cookies.
•Drinking more water

Sundari, how was your experience on Friday?

Thanks for listening, everybody! I'll pop on over to CSL to check out the new group. Thanks, Kris!

Dharma said...

I'm all JUICED about this!!yeah ok, not too clever lol!But this is perfect timing, I was just talking to hubby about a cleanse.Question though, can we do coconut water and avocado? peace~tina

Michelle said...

Hiya Kris, you looked beautiful in your interview yesterday! Thanks for posting the link!

I am definitely in for the fast on the 15th! Green juice all the way! This is so motivating and wonderful so thanks Kris! Once again, and always you ROCK!!!

Lauren said...

A CSL group is an awesome idea! Why didn't I think of that? One day I hope to be as brilliant as you Kris :)

It's so motivating to do a fast with a group, so thank you.

Lauren said...

Fantastic job on ABC!!

Anne said...

Question: It's the day after my 36-hour juice fast and the headache is still with me--one side of my head, migraine-esque. What can I do to relieve it? I know ibuprofen would work, but that seems anti-fast, you know?

Anybody got any insight?

cancer cowgirl xo said...

Anne - gotta run, didn't read your whole thread will check back later tonight. If the head ache persists I would do an enema or a colonic - great way to get rid of the headache and toxins. Water, water, water too. Hope that helps. Advil would suppress the symptoms so if I were you I would hold off but only you can decide that. xo

Iffat said...

Hi Kris,

As always you looked great in the interview ........loved it. Thanx alot for posting it here.

I got a question, I am still confused when you say that you drink 32oz of juice everyday and it means every morning ....sometimes you drink in the evening as well...Right?
Now, should we be drinking 4 glasses (which I think is 32 oz) under 15-20 mins of juicing?
wouldn't it too much?

Sorry ......If I sound too dumb, but I was so confused and I had to ask this.

Love and Green Cheers to ya Girl.

Kristen's Raw said...

You shine!

Thank you :)

bav said...

Sign me up for the 15th. Since I will be getting on a plane at 5:45 in the morning, heading down to Texas, I think a juice fast will be perfect for my travel day!! I've got my Klean Kanteens ready to go....


Anonymous said...

Hi Anne (and everyone:)),

My fast went well, but I think I'm in need of a 2-3 day detox. I have trouble with cravings (especially for breads, processed sugar, and baked goods). I hope that a longer fast will diminish these cravings. Once I fall of the wagon, I lose all common sense.

Has anyone kicked their cravings with a fast?


cancer cowgirl xo said...

Iffat - great question honey. No, I drink 2 in the morning, takes me about 20 minutes and then 1-2 in the afternoon. I work from home right now so it's easy for me to juice again. Otherwise their is a juice bar down the street - I am LUCKY! Does that help?

32 oz works for me but do what you can. Ideally 16 oz is a good start.

cancer cowgirl xo said...

Anne- Also, garlic is tough. I love it but can't do too much when I fast. Makes me ill. Very strong, very cleansing. Maybe peel back. How's your headache now? Did you read my suggestion about your colon?

Unknown said...

Kris --
what is your FAVORITE green juice?
I'm having such a hard time making my daily Green Lemonade without adding an Apple!! I guess I have to get used to Stevia!!!

you looked absolutely beautiful on your interview!!!! xoxo

- Britanie

Anonymous said...

Sundari- One thing that I suspect is behind squashing my cravings is actually pretty simple. Mixed greens! I noticed that I was eating a TON of mixed greens, spinach and some romaine. I have no idea if this there is any validity to this but its worth a shot. I just suddenly realized that I had zero cravings! I couldn't believe it to be honest. Then when I started slacking on the salads I noticed I was craving things again. I'm not sure if there is something in the salads that is meeting a certain need for me or what. All I know is that it seems to help!

Jodi said...

Kris....this is SO extremely helpful. Not only is raw foods new to me but fasting is a foreign language. I have signed up for the CSL group as well so I can begin my journey surrounded by friends. Thanks for the help!

Jamie said...

Sundari - I have huge problems with cravings. I still am moving slowly but last week was an off the wagon week - too much stress and just bombed with a junk food binge this weekend. I am still saving to buy a juicer so I can't do that yet. I'd really like to get a blender but am indecisive about what kind to get as I want a good one but can't afford a vitamix.

I just wanted to let ya know that there are those of us that have the cravings and...well... I have a hard time not giving in! Let me know what works for you. I find i have to be very organized and plan out my meals - that sometimes helps. Except in the evenings :S

Anonymous said...

JustMe117-Thanks for the tip:) I love my greens too!

Jamie-The only thing that works for me is cold turkey. It was the same situation when I kicked cigs and alcohol. I had to say goodbye for good because its all or nothing for me. Even fruit can be too enticing...and if I eat too much I feel terrible. I try not to beat myself up when I do fall off the CSL wagon and just brush off and jump back on as soon as possible, which is what I am doing right now:)

When it comes to the foods that nourish me, I don't become addicted to them and that has a become a good indicator of what is healthy for my body AND mind.


Anne said...

Hi everybody,

Feeling much better tonight. I know I had a detox headache yesterday, but I think at some point during the night it morphed into a migraine. It gradually heated up all day today, then by this afternoon, it was all on one side of my head, stabbing and throbbing away behind my left eye. I haven't had a migraine in years, and only three or four in my whole 45-year life, and they've all been the same: like this one.

I drank a bunch of water and finally about 5 o'clock was feeling pretty ragged from the pain and took 400 mg of ibuprofen just to take the edge off. It helped, and the headache receded a little. It's been steadily getting better and now at 11 o'clock is just about gone.

Yes, Kris, I saw your suggestion about a colonic. I actually considered that, but I've never had one and my head was hurting too much for me to figure out how to find a gravity-method colonics person at 4 o'clock for a same-day appointment. And the last time I did an enema, I felt gassy and like diarrhea was impending for the rest of the day. I already had that experience this morning (see above) and wasn't ready to face it WITH a killer headache to boot!

Sundari, I've had no cravings today, but I also haven't been at my best, post-fast. I'll be curious to see how I feel tomorrow.

After easing off the fast with fruit and miso soup, I had a salad (greens, sprouts, avo, tomato, carrots, sugar peas) for lunch today, then a piece of Ezekiel bread. For dinner, I had another salad with just sprouts, plus some lightly steamed broccoli and asparagus over soba noodles. I felt a little wonky in the stomach and weak all day until I ate dinner. All in all, more cooked food today than I would've liked, but tomorrow is a new day, and I'm grateful I'm likely to be free of this headache.

Tell me this: Does fasting get easier the more times you do it? I'd be up for doing it again, but I'd like to avoid getting a migraine that leads me to put acidic poisons (pain-killers) into my body right after a day of suffering for the sake of detoxing! I feel like I may have shot all my progress by popping those pills this afternoon. I'm just now starting to feel as well as I did before I began the fast. I wanted to feel better.

Maybe I will tomorrow, though. Maybe today was just a day of recovery.

Good night and sleep tight, everybody!

Iffat said...

Hey Kris,

Thanks a bunch honey. I just finished my juice and cleaned up my juicer. Now, I am going to try to juice twice a day and slowly going go up to 32 oz. You're such a Inspiration.

Love you Girl.
A BIG big Giant Hug to ya.

Anonymous said...

I just made some juice without an apple (substituted Stevia) and I can't tell the difference! I'm so happy that I discovered this. The less fruit in my diet, the better I feel. I also added coconut water (O.N.E.). My juice included: two BIG handfuls of baby greens, half a cucumber, 6 stalks of celery, ginger, stevia, one lemon, and one lime. I am loving every sip:)

Debbie Young said...

Hi fasters and prefasters!
I have to say that ONE coconut water is the secret weapon, along with cukes, lemon, ginger and broccoli stems.. yum!
Just finished my green love.. plan to get a Dr Oz with the kids at WF later.. so blessed that they have a real juice bar.

on colonics: go to my blog on how we will get better.. link to Natalia Rose's colonic directory, Kris has one here too...
love deb
Ready to Fast APRIL 15th Whooo Hoooo!

Anonymous said...

I'm going to try juicing broccoli stems later today! Should we avoid juicing carrots and other veggies with higher sugar content during a fast?

lurky me said...

I did it! Just ended my 40 hour fast. I feel great! Anytime I felt hunger pangs I juiced. Twice the juice didn't feel like enough, so I made a soup in the cuisinart and gently warmed it. I've never done that before and was surprised how tasty it was. I threw in a red bell pepper, a garlic clove, 1/2 cuke, 1/2 lemon, handfuls of spinach, and a drizzle of EVOO, and gently warmed it. Maybe that was cheating, I don't know! It was so good and satisfying, and kept me full for hours. I didn't have any side effects from the detox. Best of all I've lost 3 pounds since Sunday! Woot woot!! I will definately join you guys on the 15th, I'd love to see if I can last 3days. I just ended my fast with a toasted english muffin slathered with melty organic crunchy peanut butter. I almost licked the plate!

helen said...

Kris, I just watched your interview from the link. You look terrific hon and the interview went great!

As always your blog entry has a wealth of info. I love how you broke it down into "levels" of fasting. great for a newbie like me.


Debbie Young said...

Lurky, High fives to you my friend!
Substitute raw almond butter (they have it at trader joes) for that peanut butter.. stay away from peanuts for a myriad of reasons.. see PH miracle by Dr Robert Young for more info.
Good Job, see ya on the 15th for more fasting!
love deb

lurky me said...

Hi Deb, thanks! I have raw almond butter on my grocery list, really I do!! I can't wait to try it. Slowly but surely the contents of my cabinets are a changin' thanks to all the good info here! Keep it coming sista! xo

Anne said...

Oh, Lurky, I'm glad your fasting experience was good.
Mine, I believe, was complicated by hormones--Aunt Flo arrived yesterday along with the migraine. But today is better. Headache is completely gone, I slept like a stone last night.

One thing I like about the fast is that it feels like a clean slate. That makes me less inclined to hit the dark chocolate or pour a glass of wine or take a bite of hubby's grilled cheese sandwich. I don't want to ruin the temple!

lurky me said...

Hi Anne, well, my p.b. english muffin was as bad as it gets as far as ruining the temple! I just juiced and I'm back on the clean slate program. I too get a massive PMS headache every month. It's awful. Turns me into a completely cranky biotch. I can't imagine doing a fast during it! So congrats for surviving both!! You ready to go again on the 15th?

Debbie Young said...

Hi Lurky.. ummm,btw now that you are no longer lurky.. how about a new handle?
Ok, just after I went after the peanuts, I had to double back to the ranch to mention the english muffin.. how about ezekial or essense bread or ezekial sprouted tortilla? Baby steps, I'm just sayin...

There, I feel better to keep those pipes clean.. especially after a cleansing fast!
deb xoxoxoox

Debbie Young said...

and by the way Mrs. Brian Fasset aka Ms. Kris Carr.. you looked stunning on the clip and what a great interview....handled like a pro!
love you big

lurky me said...

Kris, Deb, and all you crazy fasters, I do have one question. Since my fast I'm completely constipated. This is going into the TMI territory, I know, but who else can a gal ask about this stuff? Is that normal? Should I just be patient? I'm drinking lots of water and I even choked down a cup of Kombucha this afternoon. I know some of you love that stuff, but, it must be an acquired taste! I have never done an enema, can't even imagine removing the "do not enter" sign from my butt. Deb, hm, good point, lurky sounds kinda sketchy!

Debbie Young said...

Ok Lurkster, you have hit the place I came to as well.. I went and found myself a colonic therapist.. works wonders my friend. Once you are mostly raw and drinking lots of pure water and exercising a lot all should go...well, you know, well!
as for your profile name.. how about something that tells us something about you or what you love?

Anonymous said...

Deb- I had a quick question for you... you mentioned the ezekial breads and the essence bread being baby steps. Is it best to eventually cut those out? Is there an even better alternative to those? Right now I eat the ezekial bread. I usually have it will some avocado or a little bit of olive oil. But I would want to 'phase it out' if thats better.... or i guess replace it with something even better!

Debbie Young said...

Hi justme!
Here is the all depends on how raw you want to be and how alkaline you want to be or need to be. Baby steps meaning (to Lurky) if she has to have an english muffin, at least use raw almond butter, next step, if you have to eat breads, eat ezekiel or manna/essene or home made raw breads. I won't even try to go into food combining, but Natalia Rose says it perfectly.. she does have an informational website.
If you can get alkaline on 70% raw foods that is great, if you feel great at 80%, that's where you can stay. Use the ph test strips(online or at whole foods) to judge your alkalinity, test your pee first thing in the am.

Ezekiel is not strictly raw, but it is made of sprouted beans and grains and is light years better than any yeast containing bread, even whole grains. You can make dehydrated breads, Rawvolution's onion bread is awesome.. go to for the recipe or his book. I like to use big collard leaves for my wraps instead of Ezekiel.
As I said on my blog yesterday, this is not a zero sum game.. be flexible and give yourself room to experiment to find your balance of cooked and raw.
I must say that the first book I read and the one that helped me the most with these choices is PH miracle by Dr Robert Young.. Kris went to him, it is on the documentary. She led me to him and Kris follows his dictates.
There is no magic % of raw, save for the one that keeps you alkaline and feeling and looking great.

In the words of Micheal Pollan:
"Eat food, not a lot, mostly plants."
and T Colin Campbell:
"Eat a whole foods, plant based diet."
let those be words to live by for us all!
love ya

Pam said...

Good evening! Since I have been juicing, actually I'm probably only about 50-50%, it's hard for me to keep from losing weight. So, I cannot imagine how it would be if I fasted. Any suggestions?
Thanks! Pam

Lauren said...

I have a question that goes off topic a bit (sorry), but Anne talked about painkillers and it got me wondering. I don't really pop painkillers often, but recently I had a tooth infection and I popped Aleve for days. When I finally went to the dentist, he was annoyed that I was taking Aleve. Maybe I'm a big baby, but to me it Hurt, major ouch factor!
So how bad are painkillers? I know taking too many is not a good thing, but what about if you take the correct dosage? Are they a worse acid bath than coffee? Is that the problem?

Anonymous said...

Deb!! Thanks so much!! That helps a lot. I will look into making my own raw bread. I have been correctly food combining for a while now and I really love it. Its hard sometimes (because Im a middle eastern girl and I love kabobs and hummus! together!!) but I love it and I am enjoying becoming more in tune with my body.

And that idea with the huge collard leaves is great!! It sounds so good!! What do you put in your wraps? (sorry for the bazillion questions- im hard up for some tasty recipes) Thanks again for all of that info! Im going to keep your comment for reference!

Anonymous said...

lurkey!!! I was in the same boat as you with the 'do not enter' sign!!! I was terrified!!!! But Kris encouraged me and I went for it. I had my first colonic series last week!! It was great. I was really scared the first time but after that it was a breeze. And its great knowing you are flushing all of those toxins out. Right now I am on a juice feast (now I realize I should have done my juice feast and THEN done my colonics but oh well)... but my juice feast has made me stop up too. The colon therapist recommended that I take this supplement called Oxy-Powder to make sure I keep droppin the kids at the pool during my feast. Another thing she recommended was Garden of Life Fiber, and this calcium mag stuff called CALM. I cant remember the brand name of the calm stuff but Ill tell you when I remember. I have a sluggish colon so these things help a ton!!

lurky me said...

Justme- thanks! If I'm not "dropping the kids at the pool" (giggle) by this afternoon I'm shopping for the oxy-powder, etc. I'm going to Trader Joe's today anyway! I am also going to, gulp, check out the colonic directory for the post April fast.

Anonymous said...

Good Morning:)

A friend of mine had a colonic and said that it was painful (bad cramping). Is this common? Should I be prepared for an uncomfortable experience?


Debbie Young said...

Good quetions Sundari!
First, make sure you have a good experienced colonic therapist. I would reccommend a mini fast, say make the appt in the evening or first thing in the morning after you have had only liquids for 4-8 hours. Also, if you tend to be constipated you may have more trouble at first. If it hurts, tell your therapist so she can slow down and give you a break.. it will feel like you have to "go" but usually you will it just takes some getting used to .
Giving yourself an enema 8 hours before may be a good idea too.
What you don't want is too much 'stuff" sitting there or in your tummy. Think of how you like to feel before running or doing yoga, light and empty.

I have had both things, once I was fine, just minor cramping, another time, I had major cramping and ended up running to the bathroom. That time I was constipated for a few days before so I had to much to "release" if you will.
Hope this helps you all,
PS on the "other end" of things, with my collard leaves, I put avocado, then sprouts, shredded carrots, any salad mix, dressing, etc..just like you would a veggie sandwich.. make a wrap or a taco.

Barbara said...

I tried the green smoothie last night. I even added apple for starters! It came out great, but I was really disappointed that I couldn't get used to the taste. Hopefully it is something that will grow on me.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Deb! Your information is so helpful:)

Debbie Young said...

Hi Barbara
Did you use coconut water? Try using less greens, make sure they are mild sweet ones, like romaine, spinach or collards. I have also used swiss chard.
You may need a squirt of agave or more stevia.. not too much though!
Good smoothie making to you!

Unknown said...

Hi all. I have not had time to post much of late- too busy workin'...

Just wanted to say that you all are doing great and you are an inspiration! All the questions, concerns, information- it's great! You all are so much of an inspiration I'm now off to juice (again)!

Count me in for the fast, cannot wait.


apoopslingingmonkey said...

Hi Kris!!!!! GEEZ! I have missed you & your blog so much! I have read all the entries that have been posted while I've been "gone" lol, I don't have time to comment on all the posts right now- but I love them all! and I plan to comment-so I can subscribe to the threads... Anyway, I love your fasting posts- whats so crazy was tonight, I was just thinking of starting a juice fast tomorrow... my body is on sugar & dairy overload lately. yuck! I feel so gross inside- anyway, just wanted to send a note and say HI! & LOVE U! and to also say the forum rocks! now and then I've had time to pop on for a few minutes to try and read some stuff- man, theres so much going on there! its so cool, anyway, I'm hoping I'm gonna start to have a bit of time to spend on the blog and forum :)

And hi to everyone!! missed you all too! :) hope everyone is doing great! please fill me in on any huge news I may have missed out on please- I feel so out of the loop on this blog...

see ya later!

Sarah Mae Ives said...
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Mandy said...

I was doing well juicing at about 50%, but fell off the wagon. Since my diagnosis I have been drinking a lot of beer (something I didn't do before). I would laugh and say I wasn't going to live long enough to become an alcoholic. Well, now it looks like I might (3 years and counting). I read a lot about the fasting and cleansing and I know I need to do that. The thing that scares me is coming off the beer and the medications I take regularly antidepressants. Can I do the detox and still take the meds? I want to get off the beer. I admit to you folks that there have been a few times when I tried to go cold turkey and have actually gotten the trembles.
I don't want my family or doctors to know about my alcohol concern. I don't get drunk... I just sip on some beer in the afternoons and sometimes at night. Any advice for this wayward soul?

Thanks for any suggestions.



Loud-e said...

I'm new to this and have a few questions...Do you use a juicer that strains the pulp or do you use a blender and drink the thick stuff too? If a juicer is good, any recommendations on what to look for? Also, what good books are out there for beginners? I don't have health issues other than my weight. Can I include fruit? What side effects should I expect during my first cleanse? I've read some folks get nasty headaches and such... finally, I have a husband and 3 kids and have really been making an effort to eat healthier. Any thoughts on striking a balance with other foods in the house? My kids love green salads but not all the time...

Debbie Young said...

Hi there, don't get overwhelmed.. try reading Raw Family by victoria boutenko for the family issues.
try raw food detox diet by Natalia rose for staring out raw.
get a good juicer and a high speed blender at
I like the omega juicer and the jack la lanne blender.
just my opinion

Barbara said...

i would love to participate in a group fast. Are you still doing it?

Debbie Young said...

Hey Barbara
Go to crazy sexy life, there is a monthly group cleanse group, just do a search and you will find it.
It is nice to have support:)

Barbara said...

hi debbie,

thanks. i'm going to try it!