Saturday, April 12, 2008


Greetings from New Orleans family!

Have you ever walked through a giant VAGINA in a super dome arena? If not, I highly recommend the experience! Put it on your LIFE list tootsie. I'm down in the big easy with Donna Karan, Rodney Yee, Colleen Saidman and the fabulous folks of Urban Zen, bringing yoga, massage, aromatherapy, SMOOTHIES and BIG love to thousands of abused or displaced women of hurricane Katrina. This magical event is all part of Dame Eve Ensler's legendary, revolutionary, mega life changing V-day extravaganza! My job: listen to amazing stories, worship unbelievable survivors, teach CSL nutrition and blend, blend, blend alkaline love and health for these remarkable gals. Guess who else is with me? My homegal CSL coach Terri! I think she must have done Reiki on hundreds of women on her biomats yesterday. Each time I visited her station she was healin', lovin' and huggin' somebody. Terri's out cold in the double bed next to me while I'm sneaking a quick HELLLLOOOO to you! It's total love madness down here. We get there at 7 am prep for hours, doors open at 10 am and then it's ON! I don't think I have ever run so fast or felt such exhilaration.

Endless giving to the RIGHT people fills YOU with more energy than you expend. It's the beating heart of the divine phenomenon and oh yeah does it feel delicious. If I ever forget that each of us goes through the fire, well then I will bonk myself on the head and remember the opportunity I had to serve this heroic group of survivors. Rebuild they will. Rebuild we will. Together.

How? One smoothies at a time baby!!!!!

My custom Superlove smoothie recipe:

fresh mint

The generous folks from Vitamix gave me 5 new blenders to use for the event and guess who gets them when I'm done? YOU. The folks of Breville ponied up too so we're rollin' in style. Once a month in my cleansing/fasting group I will give away a blender or a juicers to one lucky CSL member - OH YEAH! More on this tres tres soon.....A family that cleanses together stays together in health wealth and TRUE happiness. AMEN/Hip shake!!

My biggest revelation about serving the thousands of people who come to our smoothie station is that we ALL eat way too much sugar! Until I added agave (and sent my volunteers out on an emergency WF's run to get it), many of the gals couldn't even choke my vibrant recipe down. Our tastes buds have been so distorted by pounds and mounds of white devil sugar madness that a simple watermelon just isn't enough, in fact, it's accosting! What do we do? Ween babe, ween, disco inferno. I got plenty O' smiles when I said "baby, you're sweet enough!"

Peace and service,

For more on the event:

Ps. 4 days till Austin!!!! Woo Hoo!!!!!

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