Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Hi Juice Vixens,

This is a just a quickie cause I have to go to the gyno this morning. YUCK! Cold stir-ups in the AM. HOW RUDE.

Anyway, ever since I left HHI I've been fasting once a week. FEASTING I should say and it has been wonderful, a total physical and emotional break from food. I consume tons of green drinks during the day and a blended veggie soup for dinner.

But I'm wondering, what's the LONGEST time you've ever fasted? I ask because I'm planning a LONG fast (God help me) and I'm hoping there are some coaches in my cyber following!

Thankfully my liquid experience will be supervised at a treatment center. Yup, I ship out Feb 1st and will be gone for a month-ish. More on THAT soon. But back to my question. Any Fast-a-thons out there?

Ps. Wednesdays are my weekly fast days. If you care to join me then I'll start blogging about it, I just figured it might be a snore.

Peace and liquid,

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