Monday, January 19, 2009


Happy Monday!

To say that last week was AWFUL is to put it mildly. I think I hit an all-time low and for about 24 hours I questioned whether or not I wanted to...

1. Saw off my fingers so I could never write again.
2. BLOW UP the forum.
3. Over dose on raw chocolate AND wine.
4. Trade sexual favors for I.T. expertise.
5. Sew a bucket to Lola's diarrhea infested ass.
6. Die my hair black and hit the highway - with CIGS!
7. Dust off my resume and send it to QVC.
8. Find a cult somewhere, join and buy some repressed flowered dress.
9. Shoplift at CVS - just a lip gloss, nothing big.
10. Go off the grid, live off the land, and NEVER pay my taxes or bills again. Bascially, embrace the warrants for my arrest. "BRING IT ON!" (Oh, thank God he's almost gone)

Ok, I know this all sounds a little dramatic but the truth is, I AM DRAMATIC and kinda extreme. My temper has been shorter than a wick on a candle. I even get mad at my angel cards! Keep pullin' good cards and yelling at them. In these times (and I know you've all been there) I literally have to have a come to JBEE (Jesus, Buddha, Elvis, ETC) with myself. "What's really going on here destruct-o-sassy?" Well, tons of things that I'm not gonna go into because I would literally fall asleep blogging. My problems are an excruciating BORE and I don't want to marinate in them.

So last night my dad told me to check out the HBO We Are One Inaugural Concert. HOLY SHITAKE! Now that was inspiring. It was just what the doctor ordered, a prescription to SNAP OUT OF IT! And so I did. It was that easy. I changed my mind. The cup is running over, spilling everywhere and making a beautiful poet mess.

Today is MLK day, tomorrow a new man, an inspired man, will be leading our country back to sanity and "Yes We Can". Obama is so cool he even earned a spot on my vision board. I placed him there to remind me to be diplomatic and to reach into the next universe. It's possible. All of it. Every dream. Possible as long as I see it, feel it, believe it, GO FOR IT.

I welcome the buoyant spring in my step and I'm gonna take advantage of it! Join the gym (yet again - but go this time), plan our Wednesday group fast (thanks RawFitMama for naming it THE GODDESS GROUP) and work on our new website with patience and gratitude.

I know why I've been a pimple, I want to be somewhere I'm not (yet) and I'm an impatient child about it. Growing up is sticky and sweet.

Peace and sunlight,

PS. Dear Martin Luther King,

Thank you for teaching me that thinking outside-the-box and going my own way, (no matter who wants to rip me apart) is righteous and HOT! I think that you are a mega-angel. And I am so lucky that you visited for a spell.

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