Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Goddess Group

Hi Happy Fasters!

So it's Wednesday again, time to flood, flush and FAST. This week I'm adding a little something to chew on - well, not exactly.

At Jivamukti, (my yoga school) we always offer our practice to something or someone and each month there's a different focus. The focus could be on "ahimsa" - the foundation of the yoga practice - on joy, meditation, it can even be something like gossip (who doesn't need to work on that!). When I focus my attention I get really grounded. Spiritual life takes work and my mind is a terrible thing to waste - especially on negative thoughts or delusional actions.

For all you glorious Goddesses out there, I'd like to offer a "Focus of the Day". If my focus feels right, swim in it. If not, create your own. Even if you decide not to fast with me, how about committing to a SUPER healthy day? Note: This is a comfort free zone so be willing to push beyond your voices.

Today's focus is DOUBT.

Truth be told, I was hoping a really soaring word would come to mind, something that invoked fire and inspiration. Doubt? Yucky. It's so yucky that it's right on target. I don't know about you, but I need to peel doubt down to it's teary onion core. Under my doubt lives fear, in my fear lives low self-esteem. "I doubt this or that will happen because I'm not good enough". Do you ever say those awful words to yourself? I know I do. Doubt is the veil that blurries my vision and blocks me from my dreams. Tragic.

So if I release my doubts what will happen?

1. I'll make it through the entire fast without cheating!
2. I'll get as much if not more work done because my mind will be sharper.
3. I'll honor and respect my body, remind myself that anything possible.
4. My manifestations will sprout and the job I'm waiting for will come effortlessly.
5. Joy will bubble to my surface like a fine champagne and I will drink it down.

What are YOUR doubts and what will happen if YOU release them?

So now that we have a focus, let's fast! Remember to set a schedule for yourself. 9 am, 11am, 1 pm, 4 pm and 6 pm work well for me. I drink about 16 oz of fresh, organic green juice at each sitting and then end the fast with some blended soup (all raw).

My soup is really simple: blend an avocado, cuke, greens, red pepper, cilantro - add braggs, 1 clove of garlic, a pinch of dulse and a pinch of cayenne. YUM!

Here's a great trick my husband created this week. JUICE PACKETS! Buy enough for the week, wash, and then separate each days portion into plastic bags. This way you're ready to go first thing in the AM. Takes a little effort but wow is it worth it!

Todays juice recipe:
Dandelion, Parsley, Ginger, Cuke, Broccoli Stem, Lemon

You can make smoothies if juicing isn't an option - just keep em green!

I also drink lots of alkalized water with lemon, cell food (oxygen) and aloe to soothe my intestines. Natural Calm is a great product to help keep the pooper moving and grooving.

Now that Edward (my elliptical) is in my life, exercise is a daily affair. OH YES! YES! YES! Though our love is still so new, so fragile, our sessions are getting harder and deeper and more lusciously satisfying. For the past 3 days Oprah kept us going. Yes, we had a three some with Oprah! Well, not exactly. Today it's Louise Hay's movie, "You Can Heal Your Life". FAB! Lola enjoyed it too.

Peace & clarity,


PS. I blogged about supplements in last weeks fast group. Check it out before posting a question. XO!

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