Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Goddess Group Fasting Day!

Hi people who are looking for a change inside and out!

What a GREAT day to start this national (perhaps, international) weekly re-boot mini-cleanse. So far I've cruised by all my favorite papers and internet hubs devouring as much Inaugural eye candy as possible.  Yesterday was tear jerking amazing!  We moved the office to our home and camped out in front of the flat screen.  Each of us glued to the regal first family and the ground swell of love and hope that poured from the nation.  Ahhh, inspiration.  

So now we start anew by answering our president's call to service and participation.  How I will participate today (in a small way) is by taking care of myself.  Either I do it or someone else will have to in the long run.  The same holds true for each of us!  So with that, here's what I'm planning...  GODDESS GROUP FAST DAY!

Daily Supplements:
Enzymes (Theramedix or Enzymetica or HHI brand)
Omega 3 (Lifes DHA)
D3 (Innate)
Vitamin C (Vita Synergy)
B12 (New Chapter B complex)
Chlorella (about 20 small tablets - Sunfood or HHI brand)
Probiotic - (Dr. Ohira's or Garden of Life Primal Defense)
Cell food & Aloe - I fill my large Kleen Kanteen with alkalized water and both of these products

Breakfast: (already consumed, YUM)...
7 am 10 oz water with lemon and herbal tea 
9 am: 20 oz of cuke, celery, broccoli stems, kale, romaine, 1 pear, 1/2 inch of ginger

Mid Morning pick me up:
11 am: 16 oz Smoothie 1/2 avocado, coconut water, cuke, romaine, stevia (a wee bit of cacao or cinnamon), 1 cuke of frozen E-3 Live

Afternoon Delight:
1 pm: 16-20 oz Green drink - I need more groceries so I gotta go see what looks good at the store!
4 pm: 16- 20 oz Green Juice

6 pm: 1-2 cups of blended Soup (in my vitamix) - Avocado, cuke juice, spinach, 1 clove garlic, Braggs, pinch of Cayenne, sprinkle of dulse flakes.

Some of you may only want to consume juice.  Great!  Others may want to include a smoothie. Great!  You can break the fast with some streamed veggies or a salad if a blended soup isn't an option.  I used to be really strict about my fast days but I've lightened up a great deal.  Do what works for you.  The weekly commitment is what matters most (to me).  Also, making sure I'm consuming plenty of liquids and nutrients in either juiced or blended form.  2 quarts minimum (that's 8, 8 oz glasses).  

Fasting gives your body a rest from the enormous energy it takes to digest food, especially the ridiculous quantities we consume in this country!  When our body isn't busy undoing the damage that we or the environment have done, it can focus on repair.  YEAH!
Can't wait to hear your stories, read your recipes and flood and flush together.  On that note, an enema or a colonic is in my future tomorrow - YIPPEE!

Peace and liquid sunlight,

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