Saturday, January 10, 2009

Lola's Weekend Update


This is me at my parent's office last week. I go to work with them everyday. Sometimes it's fun, sometimes it's REALLY boring. They spend way too much time staring at electric boxes with apples on them. It's weird.

My smother attacks me with hugs and kisses. I think that's GROSS. When she isn't looking I jump on the furniture and steal cookies from her coat pocket.

For the most part I bug people to play with me non-stop. I also guard the door, look for stuff to chew, rip the guts out of my stuffed animals, and bark at the UPS man. At lunch time I go to the dog park and get tackled by bigger pooches. I love it! Well, I love it when it's dry out. On rainy days my smother makes me wear a red raincoat which is dumb and embarrassing.

They gave me a job but I often sleep through my responsibilities.

Ok, I'm off for a walk in the snow...

Have a great weekend!

Peace & paws,


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