Monday, October 29, 2007


First of all gals, you rock my world! I have been under the weather for a few days PLUS we're in the middle of production for a series of wellness movies that will be included on the DVD extras released in March by Gaiam. Needless to say, life hasn't really slowed down for me, soon very soon I keep telling myself. But that's not the point, the point is I JUST LIVE FOR YOU ALL AND THIS RIGHTEOUS BLOG PARTY! I stepped away for 2 days BAM! gazillions of helpful responses on the make-up post. I learned so much AND am so happy to see ya'll socializing! I promise the forum will be up soon and that we will create a crazy sexy support group model that you can bring to your community. Your health is my mission. Rock on chiquitas!

Now for some supplement 101. I can't say I am the most knowledgable about this but I do know a few things and want to open the conversation. When I was first diagnosed I took a lot of supplements, herbs, tonics, potions - you name it, I poured it down my throat. Now I only take a few, although I am open to taking more. However, I do believe that supplements are just that, a supplement to our diets, and not the main course. Too many folks think they can run their bodies into the dumpster and patch it up with a One A Day. Nope. You must, must, must get the majority of your vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and ENZYMES from your food. Real, whole food. Live, raw, yummy food. That said, these are difficult times, the environment is full of toxins, our water is polluted, air too. Much of our food is void of the 'umph it used to have back in the good ole days. Plus, if you're a canSer cowgirl you've got a depressed immune system that needs a little more huggin' and lovin'. So long story short... pop some pills!

My suggestion is to find a naturopath in your town who can evaluate your specific needs and prescribe the right combination of supplements for your body. Nothing worse than taking a shot in the dark with the gazillion recommendations out there.

To get you started, here's a tiny list of great products that will put you on the right path. They are basic tools good for all tool boxes. PS. I will have links to most of these products through "good stuff" on the csc site by the end of the week. If YOU have any suggestions please post!

Digestive Enzymes - I use the ones from the Hippocrates Health Institute. I think they are the best on the market.

Omega 3 - Life's DHA brand, awesome, Dr. Mehmet Oz gave me a sample and I love it.

E3 Live - (aka algae) this stuff is amazing, great for brain function and body repair, boosts immune system and oxygenates and cleanses the blood. Read about it. I love love love it!

Chlorella -also a great to detox and cleanse the blood, especially after a scan or radiation or dental work. I loaded up on it when I got my mercury fillings removed. It's also a wonderful source of chlorophyll.

Multivitamin - whole food source only ladies and gents, I take Women's One Daily by Daily Foods (I get it at Wholefoods)

Probiotics - Gotta keep the good guys in the gut for overall colon function and health. I am still looking for the best though. chatting with a great company and should have more info in the next day or so. I only want to bring you the tip top best! I hear Pro B8 is good, so is Jarrow Formulas (which is what I use now and the trains keep running on time so to speak. LOL!

Aloe - I use Aloe Life (orange papaya flavor). I put it in my purified water everyday for my digestive system as I tend to get constipated and a toxic colon is bad (stinky) news. The flavor is great and actually makes me drink more water. Win win!

B-12 - since I'm a veg head this is the one must have that is hard to get from the diet.

You may need others, this is my paired down list. Please look into "super foods" and green powders, they contain powerful kick ass nutrients! I particularly like Green Vibrance which you can also find at Whole Foods (maybe Whole Foods should sponsor this blog! Don't ya think? We recommend the store enough! Free products please!) I have also taken a product called Ambrotose sold by distributors of Mannatech, which is said to help your immune system. Recently I started taking Natural pH Body Harmonizer by a company called Quintessence (you can order in the "Good Stuff" area of the CSC site). I really like it and have noticed a difference in my energy. You might also look into a product called Cell Food. I took it for a while and felt great, this product literally oxygenate your cells! Which reminds me, I gotta get some more. :)

Run these by your doctor or naturopath if you have any questions or concerns. Remember, I'm not a MD, but these things have made a differnece in my life so I'm just gonna share with my peeps!

PS. There were so many great make-up tips and suggestions. Do you want me to do another post with a recap for everyone?
PSS. Now that I'm back I will dig into the Juicer contest! I actually made a mistake about Vitamix- they aren't giving any away but we're gonna ask them again and see if we can get Breville to encourage them to be cool and great and help folks who just need a little encouragement to upgrade their lifestyles! Maybe this squeaky wheel will get the oil for ya. Big xo's....

Peace & vegs!


Jenn said...

When I had a cancer scare/pre-cancer thing, I started doing lots of research too. A few things that I found, in addition to diet and more exercise, were antioxidants and folate, which is supposed to regulate and normalize cell growth (hence, taking it for pregnancy.) Again, these should probably be checked with a knowledgeable and open doctor, but they're other options, and thanks for the suggestions for more things to look into!

gshoemate said...

Thanks for all the wonderful info Kris. I went into Chamberlins the other day looking for a multi vitamin and was totally lost. Left with lots of veggies but no vitamins.

Love my Breville, still playing with the right combo of veggies for my taste buds but i'm getting there. And the best thing, I can clean it in like 5 minutes. But I do have a few questions. The way my schedule works out is this: 6:00 am make juice and drink while I'm getting the kiddies ready for school, drink my thawed frozed wheat grass (still working on getting fresh) on the way to the gym. 7:30-8:30 workout then off to work where I snack on raw veggies or walnuts. I know wheat grass is best on an empty stomach but will this schedule of events work? And can I put fresh wheatgrass in my Breville or do I need the special juicer for that? Still a bit overwhelmed ut you are making this transition so so so much smoother.

Hubby just reserved us a Thanksgiving vacation in the Smokey Mountains and I can't wait to run away from canSer for a few days.

Thanks again Kris, you are so great to take your time to do this for all of us canSer cowgirls. I hope to one day be able to thank you in person for changing my life and way of thinking.

And I hope you are back to feeling 100% yourself, under the weather stinks.


P.S. I have started to listening to my Ipod when the kiddies go to bed and that daily dance is doing wonders for the mind.

alana said...

This post was great! Also, Cell Food is awesome. I keep my little bottle on my desk at all times to make sure I don't forget, so I'm pleased it got a shoutout :)

I'd also like to say that your recommendation to ditch synthetic multi-vitamins for those that are whole-food derived was incredibly valuable. I didn't even know there was a difference until you mentioned it, and after doing a little research, I made the switch right away.

Thanks for all the great suggestions and info!

cancer cowgirl xo said...

gshoemate - Honey bunny give yourself a pat on the back! Wow, what a difference you have made, what changes! Yes, keep experimenting on your veggie combo, more cukes make the juice sweeter and if you still have trouble a little carrot or apple is ok. For wheatgrass you need a different juicer (I KNOW!) but I use a handy hand crank that only cost me $25 clams. You can get it through my pal Michael at the Hippocrates Green House. If you can't get the WG in on an empty tummy, don't fret. You are doing so well! Have great fun on your trip. xo

Alana - Cell food! Glad you like it too. Yes synthetic vitamins are very toxic. I've read and studied that your body actually sees them like a virus. Talk about a waste of healing energy and MONEY! xo

De - Will look into your recommends. Thanks love.

Jaki said...

I've been taking a probiotic for over a year and feel that it has greatly helped my IBS. (irritable bowel) Gotta have that good flora!! I use Primal Defense by Garden of Life.

Anonymous said...

The wonderful world of supplements. I admit that I've been a veg head for 2 years and have just started taking supplements but just the basics - multivitamin, flaxseed oil for my omegas, and after having a weird stomach bug probiotics.
I just bought my first bottle of kombucha from everyone's favorite - Whole Foods. I've yet to try it but it is suppose to be like a miracle in a bottle - details to come as soon as I try it.
Yet, I'm going to a dietitian to get my diet checked out for more information - let you know if I get any good info.
Also, I've asked for a Vitamix for Christmas but is Breville the way to go????

Lauren said...

Wait...mercury fillings? The silver ones right? Should I get mine removed?

Sorry, that's kinda off topic.

Kim said...

Thanks for all the supplement info - do you ever sleep darlin?

Hope you are feeling better.

Tried out the Breville this a.m for the first time and made a tasty combo if I say so myself. I was smiling the whole time! :)

Did another Whole Foods run and found some body products, more veggies as well as Green Vibrance (also bought a kids version for my 3 yr old who has digestive issues), hemp powder and some misc goodies for the fam.

I got an instant energy kick and it fueled me well for a hike with my pup.

I am looking forward to mixing up a good smoothie tomorrow with the powders.

Also reading Ph Balance and Raw Foods Detox Diet - I am crusing girlfriends.

Nicole - I think you need both the Breville (for juicing) and the Vitamix or other blender for smoothies, etc. Good luck. I got my Breville for $149. Good deal and I love it.

Peace and love to all,

Meg said...

I've been thinking about ways to move slowly into the juicing thing. I'm not terribly keen on green things, but I figure if it will help me in the long run, I can do this. I'm pricing juicers now, and am ready for the challenge. I think if I just start with cukes, carrots, and apples, I'll be fine...I'm just scared that it's gonna turn out bad! Also, thanks for the post on the vitamins. I take a multi-vitamin now (when I don't forget!)and think I should research some of the natural brands to see if they're better!
*Can you buy frozen wheat grass at Whole Foods? Don't laugh...I'm new to this!

apoopslingingmonkey said...

Kris you rock! Thanks for the awesome post! Its so easily laid out,just perfect! I'm going to print it out and take it to WF, (and yeah wholefoods needs to HOOK YOU UP! with something! and least a coupon lol!) and whatever I can't find there I'll order online. (like the Enzymes)
do you take calcium?what kind?

Oprah needs to have you back for the full hour when it releases!! please,please Oprah! I'm sure Dr.Oz got your back! :) lol

Hey everyone- lets all email Oprah to have Kris back on for the hour when the dvd comes out!!

Lauren~ gotta read Dr.Mercola's info on dental work/mercury etc..
He's got awesome info on there!

apoopslingingmonkey said...

I was just reading more of your posts, I gotta lot of catching up to do lol!

I have just one more question please-
do you use air purifiers in your home? what kind?

(where I live I'm constantly surrounded by chimney smoke in a sunken hole in the valley it's horrible! I cough all day due to it! it totally sucks! I'm either moving, or buying an air purifier- but I had heard alot of purifiers do more harm to your health than good- because they themselves emit some kinda toxic crap or something... I don't know what to do... anyway thanks!

oh and I just wanted to say also I love your supplement photo! its so homey, and I'm lovin' the bright red strawberries, and the beautiful flowers behind with the bright green leaves. also love your counter top! lol.. love the details! :)

lots of love and blessings to you and your hubby, your both wonderful!

Dani Glaser said...

Hey Kris, A recap of the makeup blog would be great. Someone asked about suncreens... once again the Environmental Working Group site conducted a study: I've learned so much in the past few days from this wonderful community. Thanks for bringing all of us together. You are an incredible woman!

Basic Me said...

Kris I know i say this daily but thanks.. dont forget me on the juicer and I cannot beleive how good my brain and body feel I will never stray from this diet. Hubby wanted some real food and ate and was so sick.. learned the hard way you were right on! I am heading out for suppliment day... I have never taken any but with my cancers and conditions it seems like the time to start. Actually got to take the dog for a power walk yesterday thanks to CSC and am so grateful 63 days inside and feeling poorly are gone with the wind.. yippy. Hope you feel better and take your own advise.. rest dont stress and take your time. The worl will transform to meet you. Look how much it already has... you are creating your own reality now.. enjoy and do so in health and peace. Blessings and thnks... Callie and Duncan

Lisa -- Cravin' Veggies said...

I just love coming here and reading Kris's post AND all the comments! So many people with so many useful recommendations!! It reminds me of a teenage slumber party -- a bunch of girls sharing their beauty tips and snacks! Weren't they the best?!

cancer cowgirl xo said...

Kim - where did you get the Breville for $149? Maybe I can get them to offer it cheaper through my site. xo

Dental filings - I should really do an entire post on that. Both my husband and I had them removed last year, I didn't feel different but he did immediately. Less aches, pains, stiffness and fatigue. Mercury filings are pretty dangerous. But it is really important to find a holistic dentist who knows exactly how to remove them otherwise you can get poisoned. Not to scare you, just look into it and maybe have them removed over a few sessions. xo

Meg - don't be afraid honey, it's just juice! If ya fuck it up throw it out and laugh. Put one more green thing in that combo you wrote ok? celery or kale, even Romaine if the Kale tastes too strong. Sweet pea sprouts are my favorite and ya get tons of protein. Definitely get a better multi hon. xo

A crazy Sexy Slumber party - TOTALLY! LOL :)

Providence said...

Have you looked into getting your probiotics from food sources? You can make yogurt, sauerkraut, kvass, kefir, kombucha and all sorts of other yummies and get crazy mounts of probiotics! This book is very informative: "Nourishing Traditions".
You can take what you need from the book and leave the rest out.


Sweetlife said...

Hi Kris! I love your CSc doc and I just bought your book at Target. Where else is it being sold? I couldn't find it anywhere & got the last copy at Target. I love it! I've been living w/ breast cancer for 3 years w/ recent mets to liver and bone. You have made it "cool" for my 2 teenage daughters (I'm 38) to talk and read about what our family is going through. I've caught them both reading your book when they thought I wasn't looking. Can you say more about why it's ok for someone getting chemo and radiation to be vegan and eat raw? I really want to, but everything I've read and been told says not to. Also, my docs have told me not to take supplements during treatment....and to never take a supplement w/ iron or copper. How do I get in the running for a juicer giveaway??? Will you be doing more book signings/talks in NY? I live in Upstate NY...we're neighbors! Keep Kickin, Jennifer A

Sweetlife said...

What does anyone think about the Jack LaLane juicer?? I see it in every mega store for $100. Has anyone tried it??? Thanks- Jen

gshoemate said...

Hey Meg, I was scared of juicing as well, it all seem so overwhelming. I purchased the Breville compact and love it. Take 5 minutes to clean up and produces lots of juice. Start with veggies that you like and go from there. My first try included kale..which I have never eaten before in my life and it made my juice very hard to drink. Right now I do cukes, celery, broccoli and a small apple. I hope to introduce other veggies soon. One thing that has helped me is to get like 3 days worth of veggies, clean them up good and then decided what i'm going to put in my juice for those 3 days and put them in individual ziploc bags. Makes it easy in the morning to just grab the bag and throw the veggies in the juicer.

Don't fear the juice:)


cancer cowgirl xo said...

Hi Sweetlife - This is what I know about the Jack LaLne juicer - it's messy and you lose a lot of juice. Check out a recent blog post on juicing.

Raw foods for chemo and radiation. A carrot never killed anyone. I was just talking with one of the top oncologists in the country about this yesterday. I will be helping their hospital come up with a nutrition protocol. Everyone is afraid of the bacteria so the sterilize the food. This oncologist did a study on that so called sterile food and it was loaded with bad stuff. Bottom line wash your veggies well and you should be fine OR take extra precautions and use food grade hydrogen peroxide. Glad you like the book honey, you can get it at barnes & Noble, borders and amazon too.

Michelle - great suggestion about probiotics from your food. Sauerkraut would be best cause remember, we're trying to get off all dairy. I gotta blog about that next don't I? Hmmm. xo

juls said...
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Kim said...


I got the Breville at Bed Bath & Beyond. It is the middle model on their website - juice fountain - has two speeds (850), wide chute (does apples whole), and easy-peasy to clean...bonus!! It sells for $149 and they mail out 20% off coupons monthly which makes it a sweeter deal!

Just whipped up another of kale, sprouts, cuke, celery and half an apple - TASTY! :)

I know we all say this over and over, but Kris you are such a blessing. I give thanks for you every single day - no kidding.

Hoping you are on the meand and it wasn't anything serious. Be good to yourself.

Gotta run! You all are the best....all such an inspiration and I just love coming home and blogging!!

Lots of love,

juls said...


I hope you are feeling better- you were missed! I love blogging as well (but I'm at work- shhhh)

As for getting off dairy? oh no.... I've had bronchitis for over a month and was told to stay away from dairy because of the mucus it creates. Its been a long month :( but the upside is that I'm already off dairy!

With supplements- I've stuck my head in the sand after buying what I thought were "good" vitamins (womens ultra- mega- yada yada at GNC) and realized that each pill was bigger than my fist!

Does anyone else have trouble swallowing after chemo & radiation? Do any of these pills come in easy-to-swallow sizes or capsules?


Sweetlife said...

Thanks Kris! I'll read more back-posts & in the meantime I'm saving for a juicer.
I went to Borders and Barnes and Noble & neither had your book! I went on amazon & I knew it had to be a mistake, but they gave me delivery estimate of June 2008!
Like I said, found the last copy at Target. In the meantime I was on a wait list to borrow it from the library.
I'm sure you're selling lots of copies, but I had to work to find mine! :-) Sweetlife, Jen

Lisa -- Cravin' Veggies said...


Please, please do a post about mercury fillings and how/where to find a good holistic dentist. I have heard from several people and read about how dangerous they are. Thanks!!



Unknown said...

Hi Kris,

I just wanted to join the chorus singing your praises. Thank you for being such a valuable information resource! I don't have cancer, but have symptomatic uterine fibroids. I'm still young (33) and hope to have kids, so I'm trying to get things under control through diet and lifestyle. Though I'm not totally consistent, I eat pretty healthfully and use organic products as much as I can. I bought a juicer last week and have started having green juices every morning!

I guess my main question is this: Two months ago, I finally broke down and went on birth control pills. I had been having pain, crying spells, etc, for a long time. I also had cysts on both ovaries causing pain. Though I've been staunchly anti-synthetic hormones, I went on Yaz. And so far, I do feel MUCH better. But, at what cost? And am I ridiculous to keep trying to avoid xenoestrogens in foods and other products, when I'm putting synthetic hormones into my body willingly every day? I'm really conflicted about this. Any thoughts?

alix said...


I hope you don't get tired of hearing it but I wanted to thank you as well for all of the amazing information you are putting out there. It's all of the info I've been looking for conveniently located in once place!

I have a couple of questions for you or anyone else out there. First, what do you know about Essiac Tea? I've been drinking it each morning since being diagnosed (stage IV, incurable, slow growing, doctors want to watch and wait- sound familiar?!?!). I was given a book that touted its healing properties but of course there's also lots of stuff out there on the internet saying that it's all a bunch of boloney.

And second, speaking of tea, I switched from coffee to naturally decaffeinated organic green tea thinking that all of the antioxidants are good for me. However, I've read on your blog a couple of times that herbal tea is better than decaf green. Could you explain the reasoning behind that?

Just bought a juicer and am going to make up my first batch tomorrow morning (I live in the stix and have to wait for my weekly organic produce delivery to arrive this afternoon!).

Thanks again for everything. I saw CSC the first time it aired and it truly gave me a kick in the rear to take charge of my health! My best to everyone out there- Alix

Providence said...

I should have said you can make coconut or water kefir, and kombucha is green tea fermented with kombucha "scoobies"..:)


Christina said...

Hey Ladies

One topic I would like to include - and this might not be the greatest spot, but hey - is

I've been researching, experimenting and going absolutely crazy for about 2 years now.

Products I love: (I make my own, tho)
and all those other cloth pad suppliers. (Lunapads gives out free samples, if you do the following:

In your face Tampax and Johnson bros!

Christina said...


that is...

joan said...

What timing! I've been doing veggies forever and after the breast cancer scare, just went back to my normal routine.

Thanks Kris for sharing yourself with us. It's made all the difference in helping me understand what else I can/have to do. I've been juicing for 4 weeks now and feel fab. XXX

I'm now just starting to think about naturopaths. Does anyone know anyone in Fairfield County, CT to recommend? said...

Treat Cancer with Flavonoids:

Anne said...

Okay, everybody, are you REALLY loving your Breville juicers? I'm getting ready to take the leap and plan to buy one tomorrow. (Can't bring myself to write in for a giveaway from Kris when I don't have cancer.) Does it really do fruits AND greens well? Any comments from anyone with juicers about which ones do the most variety of stuff AND preserve the most nutrition?

jengrl said...

Greetings everyone! :)

I just wanted to share with you another source where you can get some of the products mentioned (Digestive Enzymes, Omega-3's, etc.) Here is the website:

A close family friend was diagnosed with a rare form of skin cancer a few years ago, and by taking these products she was able to take on the chemo strong and conquer the cancer bug! I also take the products everyday and feel like a million bucks! If you would like to know more about them, here is a great site to check out:

If you have any questions, comments, etc. I'd be more than happy to talk with you! I'm very excited and happy to have learned about Kris and all she is doing! Keep it up, you are an inspiration! :)

writestuff said...

Dear Kris,

I've been lurking on your blog for a couple of weeks now. Fabulous girl!

I want to recommend a probiotic. The company is Natren, based in Santa Monica, CA. My brother knows the owners personally, who are very honest, trustworthy people commited to probiotics. I took them all through chemo and it really helped.

And since then, if I feel like I'm getting the dreaded yeast infection, one pill at night and the next morning it's gone. No kidding. Amazing stuff.

Thanks for all the great info on vitamins, etc. I'm thinking of trying Dr. Schulze's new Superfood capsules. I tried the powder and it was so bad I just couldn't down it, even in the sweetest of smoothies. But I like his herbal products...

And GUESS WHAT? I've started juicing green every morning! This is all thanks to you. I loved the show and the book. Incredible, Kris.

And I LOVE my green juice and already feel like I can't live without it. I've been doing kale (not objectionable at all to me), cuke, celery, ginger and a small apple. This morning I added French sorrel, and amazing green leafy thing that tastes like lemons. I also tried this morning, thanks to your suggestions, a big ol' broccoli stalk. Yummy girl. Thank you from the bottom of my tummy.


Lauren said...

I personally would love a whole post on holistic dentists. Besides my mercury fillings (although I checked and silly me most of them were replaced), I probably need to get a root canal. I'm so scared to go to a dentist in nyc because I don't know who's good. I'm a big baby. I do all my dental work back in my hometown, and they did not fix my problem!
thanks everybody! I got one of the books I ordered today! Yeah!

Jamie said...

Thanks for this post Kris. Very informative. I really liked that you stressed that ppl should be getting the majority of their nutrients from real food - not just from supplements. I'll be seeing my naturopath in February for the second time and am going to be sure to ask him about what would be good for me.

A few questions for whoever can answer:
1. Can you juice ahead of time and keep it in the fridge or does this destroy the nutrients? Also do you have anything else for breakfast? I think I'd get so hungry having just juice.
2. I'm a runner and also weight train so how can I be sure I'm still getting enough protein? I'm also low in iron and B-12 already so what foods should I be really focusing on? (I am a meat eater...right now - this could change :))

And this relates to the previous post and comment from Raw Vegan Mama - good to point that out! I was checking out products and one advertised as only organic plant ingredients. But ingredients showed SLS and parabens.

Jamie said...

Where do you blog? I love visiting new blogs so if it's it not a private one I'd like to request the link! If you don't want to post it here you can email it to my public email:

bav said...

I just want to underscore what Kris said, PLEASE, check with your doctor, BEFORE you start anything. Supplements are great, but they are still a "drug," a substance from an exogenous source (outside the body), even if a natural one. Which by definition, means it will have a metabolic pathway, an effect, possible side effects, and interact with anything else in your system.

I am not trying to scare or discourage anyone, I just want everyone to be safe in their search for health. So just check first.

Supplements, herbs, even some foods can interact with medications in sometimes not so great ways. (Grapefruits with some cardiac meds, a class of psych drugs, MAOIs, with chocolate, red wine for example). You need to be well-informed about the constellation of things you are putting into your body together.

Folate, for example, is great for women of child-bearing age to reduce neural tube defects. However, in the landscape of canSer, I am not sure extra folate would be a good idea. It is an integral part of the synthesis of DNA and RNA in the body. Some chemotherapeutic agents are folate analogs, they budge endogenous folate out of the way to disrupt DNA synthesis. So taking extra as a supplement, could potentially have an effect on your treatment, depending on your personal case.

My point, I guess, please, educate yourself, and then talk to your doctors. Personally, I highly recommend having a naturopath AND an allopathic (traditional M.D.) doctor. Unfortunately, in this country, alternative and allopathic medicine function independently. This can potentially be harmful to you, sort of operating in 2 vacuums.

It is more than likely your M.D. may not fully understand the benefits or the risks of supplements, alternative therapies etc. Med school just doesn't cover it. It is likely your naturopath may not understand the intricacies of all the cancer treatments out there. Thus, I think it is vital to have both people on your healin' team.

I hope someday, this country will bring together these two necessary arms of health and well-being into a combined form of healthcare. But for now, it is up to you, the consumer, to be the conduit for communication and education between the two worlds.

Be clear on what supplement you want to take, what it does in your body, and why you want to take it. And talk to your providers. You may need to get in their face a bit, but that is ok, advocate for yourself. Until we start demanding this knowledge and answers from our healthcare system, it won't evolve.

So listen to Kris, talk to your peeps about your supplement regimen to make sure all is hunky dory with your specific case.


Anonymous said...

Hey Guys!

I cant get enough of this place! Kris-I hope you are having a great "shake your ass" kind of day!! I just wanted to write about some of the product stuff from the other day. I read a lot of peoples comments about a good moisturizer for the face. I have oily, acne prone skin (Im 26)-but I have found the mamasita of products. I started reading about a method of washing the face called the "Oil Cleansing Method". At first I was like....what?! I couldn't imagine putting oil all over my face (and zits)...but wow! It works wonders. I only wash my face that way once or twice a week-the rest of the time I use a gentle cleanser. But for a moisturizer I use a bit of Jojoba oil. Sometimes I will mix in a bit of tee trea oil if I have a breakout. It has taken away all of the inflamation and settled down my acne. You can use Jojoba oil on your face, body, hair,--in your bath, whatever! Its amazing. There are many other oils out there that are awesome too! Just google 'carrier oils' and you will find tons of info about all of there properties so you can find the best one for you!

I wish I could meet you guys. You are all so inspiring. I feel a bit weird writing in here sometimes--basically because a lot of this is about cancer and I have a heart problem. But then I think. We are all here for health. We are all here for life! Anyway. I know we all have bad days. Today was one for me. I felt like I was run over by a bus. Then a plower. Then maybe a train. And I felt so alone I just wanted to punch something. And I felt scared. But then I came here--and I just have to say thank you! You are all inspiring and strong! Kris-I wish I could give you a huge hug today! Its one of those days!

Unknown said...

Kris, Darlin" ~ !!
Not related to the original post exactly, but I didn't know where else to leave this message for you!

Levon Helm from The Band has a new album coming out tomorrow, which I had the privilege to preview's astonishing! He had throat cancer a while back but sounds *incredible* on this album, as does the music and the instrumentals.....I know you love The Band, and I wanted to let you know about this in case you didn't know about this release.

It's magical, for lack of a better word.
Much love, Lisa from Long Island.

Thanks again for endless inspiration.
I love your spirit.

jengrl said...

Hi again! :)
Just a quick disclaimer (not sure if it's needed or not, but just in case...)
The products that I had mentioned in my first comment did not, themselves, cure my friend of cancer. They just helped her do so by keeping her immune system strong and healthy overall. Good stuff!

JenFrear said...

Hey Gals! I have been lurking around as well and have found so much comfort and peace in everything I read - you all rock!

I got my CSC book from Whole Foods in Cleveland. (Not sure if all WFs stock it.)

JustMe117: I can relate. I dont have cancer but am recovering from liver and kidney failure and really needed to re-evaluate my life. I have been eating a lot of raw foods (not 100% yet, more like 70/30) and feeling great! My Dr also says that I am recovering nicely. I am so excited about taking a holistic approach to not only my treatment but my life.

Thanks Kris for all your work - you are making a difference in so many lives.

-Jen in Cleveland

thejuicechick said...



There are three different kinds of juicers:

1) CENTRIFUGAL (like JuiceMan)--cheapest (therefore often affordable)--not recommended if want high quality juice or if you are juicing daily. Too much heat so it kills more live enzymes (which are key to healing)

2) MASTICATING (like The Champion) - slower speed. They "chew up" the fruits and veggies fibers and extract the juice. Quality of juice is high, more juice is removed from pulp. More nutritious since it retains more fiber, enzymes, and the vits & mins.

3) PRESS JUICERS (like Omega 8000) -- most efficient & most expensive. They crush the produce and then press them. They are the slowest so less friction means less heat which means less loss of enzymes during the juicing process. Nutritional value is very high.

Blenders do not extract juice so I am not including them as "juicers".

Personally I have a Champion and like it much better than the JuiceMan I had years ago. With the champion I can keep putting the pulp back into the chute to extract even more juice.

I don't know anything about the Breville so I can't vote on that one.

peace, emily the juice chick

(canSer free from colon cancer 6 years 2 months but who's counting?)

Peggy said...

I was diagnosed with vagina cancer. I will be going thru Rad/chemo starting this week. I was at boarders and read Kris Carr's book. I laughed. It was great. Is there anyone else who has this type of cancer? Please write. Would love to hear from you and anyone with encouraging words. Kris your book made me laugh. Your an inspiration to us all.

cancer cowgirl xo said...

You gals are da bomb! Just got back from a shoot and I couldn't wait to check in with my pals.

Keep on juicin' angels and drink the juice within about 20 minutes as it starts to oxidize.

Check with your peeps about supplements but the ones I posted are pretty safe and basic. I'm starting a new protocol in a few weeks with a butt load of supps. Will keep ya'll posted.

I will also write about filings too, but need to research a little more before i give you the best scoop. I have a ton of notes I just need to dig up.

I do love the breville cause its so darn easy to clean and I will see if they will give csc peeps a better price!

Birth control...Well, I think that's a very personal choice love and if you feel better then you have your answer. If I was you I would find out how safe it is long term. I was on BC's for decades and went off when I was diagnosed. It just didn't feel good in MY system. Beth (our resident MD) what do you think?

Decaf Green tea. This is fine, really, I think I was talking about decaf coffee. Sorry if I confused you. Sometimes the decafinating process creates more chemicals but I hear decaf green is actually ok as are herbals. I will confess that I still drink one cup of black tea in the am. I'm a bear without it but I am about to go to Hippocrates to lecture and stay for a week so I know I'll have to kick it. That place is as pure as snow! It rocks though, I got my health educator certification there. 10 weeks of pure detox (tons of colonics - oh yeah!) and classes on nutrition and healing. HEAVEN for this wellness junkie!

Juice chick - thanks for the tutorial mama! Right on.

Also, I emailed my publishers about where the heck the book is, should get word soon. Wow, is it already sold out? There are 100,000 copies in print!

By the by, if any of you want to post a review on Amazon go for it! I feel like you are all my family, my inner circle crew and will represent like champs! One gal gave me the nastiest write up. Ouch. For the most part it's all glowing. Nasty people are so silly. right? Why bother to spray bile, such a waste o spirit time. Oh well.

Thanks gang, sleep tight, I love you!

Posting on Dairy tomorrow! DOH.

PS. Someone keep track of all the posts people are requesting. We need a blog secretary! Who wants to volunteer??? xooxox

sunnyday said...

Hi Kris,
This is really ironic. I never watch Oprah as I have 2 small children yet the other day I happened to turn the television on and you were on Oprah telling your story. I was just amazed at your strength and perservance. I ended up telling my husband your story that night while we were having dinner. I work as an ultrasound tech, so I see a lot of cancer, and I am also into holistic approaches to health. I was a ballerina for years and have used yoga and pilates to regain my strength after a back injury as well as after my pregnancies. Anyway, there is a new product out there that you might find attractive. You can find the information through the following links:
The product is called Zrii™ and it has been endorsed by Chopra Center for Well-being™. I hope that you are doing well and I plan to give your book as Christmas gifts as it is such a wonderful story of the human spirit.

Lauren said...

Kris I just got your bookie in the mail today. Just read a few pages and love it already.
Your mom asking about using a 92 year old's liver was fabulous. Granny's still alive!!
Blog secretary...maybe me cuz I'm unemployed at the moment. Tomorrow I won't be good at it cuz going to the children's hosp! All the kiddies will be dressed up! Can't wait.
Happy Halloween!!!
p.s. can i start raw food or ph balanced after halloween??

Lauren said...

I have never called a "Book" a "Bookie" in my life. I don't know where that came from.
I apologize.

Anne said...

After pooling opinions from a couple raw friends and some online buddies, I ordered my juicer this afternoon. An Omega 8003. Low RPM, does wheatgrass, not terribly hard to clean, pulp ejector, $199 with free shipping, awesome warranty. Thanks for the info, Emily--masticating seemed like the way to go, given my priorities. I hope I like it! If not, I guess I've got a $200 boat anchor!

On supplements, I just do Green Vibrance and hemp protein right now--in fact, I set aside my regular probiotic because Green Vibrance has something like 25 billion CFUs. Like you, Kris, I was doing Jarrow. Seemed to work fine.

Otherwise, I'm not doing any supplements since I decided about two weeks ago that my Trader Joe's ones were probably synthetic and toxic and quite possibly coming from a questionable source in China. I've been off meat and dairy for the most part, though, so I probably better get after a B-12 soon.

Is B-12 available in a whole foods form?

Sleep tight, everybody! Kris, I hope you're back on top of the weather!

erika said...

I am going to Whole Foods with my list on Thursday and I couldn't be more excited! Thank you for all this valuable information! You rock! I am enlightened and I thank you again!

Victoria said...

I can't begin to tell you what an inspiration you have become to me. I woke up from an impromptu nap and my TV just happened to be on TLC. I was instantly captivated. I briefly tried my hand at being a vegetarian, and quickly lost interest, but going through this blog and your website, my sense of self preservation has kicked in. Thank you for teaching and inspiring others to live healthy and happy.

I actually had a purpose in commenting, other than to babble my praise. I have a question for you: I am slowly getting back into shape, and swimming is my all time favorite sport. Is it safe to swim in a pool with all that chlorine?

generosa717 said...

hi kris,
thank you for the information that you have given us, i'm talking about you sharing all the supplements that you are taking. i'm an asian cancer patient, usually asian is a rice eater, but according to you starch can produce acid, and for me if i don't eat rice within the day, i feel weak, don't have energy. please give me an idea or any alternative that i could eat besides white rice.
please advice,
thank you and GOD BLESS,

Lisa -- Cravin' Veggies said...

Jean- White rice is stripped of all its nutritional value. Try brown rice, or even better - quinoa. Quinoa (kee-nwah) is loaded with fiber, protein and aminos. It is deee-lish!

Lisa -- Cravin' Veggies said...

Oh, and Kris...

I think I see the need for a second printing in the near future!!!

Go Kris... Go Kris!!

apoopslingingmonkey said...

Hey Kris, don't be bummed about your one negative review :) you mentioned spewing! well maybe they had a bit too much kale in their juicer that morning :)
I went to amazon and read that review...and this is what I gotta say-
Your book is called "Crazy Sexy Cancer TIPS" not "Crazy Sexy Cancer Encyclopedia"
the word 'tips' denotes a book of various helpful info, not a doctrine book of how to treat cancer. Its supposed to be a lighthearted, fun, yet informative book while confronting the seriousness of cancer, and I think the info is awesome! and I LOVE the fact that you told us readers what books to go out and read. I wanna learn what you have learned, and that's EXACTLY why I bought the book. And that's exactly what I got outta the book! I love the book, I don't have cancer, but my aunt is in remission from breast cancer, and I read alot of your book to her over the phone! lol and she loves it! she's going to get a copy soon. (and I'm trying to talk her into a juicer too lol!, I told her about your contest- I hope she emails you) anyway, my other aunt had ovarian cancer, and my mom had ovarian cancer, my grandpa had prostate cancer, and my great grandma died of breast cancer. So I bought your book to try to learn how you live today, be healthy, and just to LIVE, I wanted to know what n' how, you learned to be healthy, and joyful, and that's exactly what the book lives up too! .....we can only pray your one bad reviewer will find the joy in life that you have, despite the bumpy journey :) and I think that's why everyone has bought your book! And that's why everyone here is addicted to this blog! You have inspired so many lives! we love you from the bottom of our hearts, and your influence I'm sure will have a dominoe effect to our families, kids, husbands, wives,moms, sisters, brothers , aunts ,uncles, on and on... the fruit of your labor is beautiful!


Kim said...

Hey Girlfriends - good morning. Just a quickie. I was reading The Ph Miracle last night (a must read!) and he suggested if you are having a hard time adjusting to the taste of juicing (green stuff) to add a half of a lemon.

I did it and it worked! Did celery, cuke, kale, half an apple and half a lemon. Dee-lish!

Give it a go. Lots of love to you all....Kim

Jimsjoint said...

Hi Kris, A friend just back from China brought us a HUGE bag of herbs that are specific to fighting breast cancer. It is a combo of the following:


curcuma zedoaria




goji berry

ever heard of any of these? I know that the goji berry is high in anti-oxidents. I googled the rest but was wondering if you (or anyone) had first hand knowledge of any of these. If you look at it it looks like someone walked out into the forest and just scooped up a handful of foilage. Tastes like it too! YUK.

Thanks for all you are doing to educate. How about a post on caregiving?

jim at

Linda said...

Jim - I would recommend that you find a acupunture/Oriental Medicine specialist to find out about those herbs. I'm seeing a licensed acupuncturist for some infertility issues (and opted out of the fertility drug route), and she has told me about how detailed the schooling is for Chinese herb therapy....some of those herbs are nothing to play around with - find someone who knows what they're doing! I have been taking herbs for a few months now for a number of issues, and they have helped me tremendously...but I'm in the hands of someone who has a degree in Oriental Medicine and has studied the dosage, effects and interactions in depth! I believe there are websites like or that can help you find a licensed OM/Acupuncture specialist that might be able to help you with Q's about Chinese herbs...try to make sure that they have an educated background...the licensing standards vary from state to state (some states do not even license them!) Good luck!

Lauren said...

Can anybody tell me if this is the right juicer:


not to add to post topics, but that baby looks like a b*tch to clean. I need Cleaning your Juicer 101.
And I have to handwash, although probably can't put that monster in the dishwasher anyways.

Obsessedwithlife said...

Everything is so interesting! What type of shoot did you do?? So Cool! I have one Friday-an essay I wrote for CURE magazine is going to be a published book coming out in January! Yay!


Jamie said...

Kris wrote: "Someone keep track of all the posts people are requesting. We need a blog secretary! Who wants to volunteer??? xooxox"

Hey Kris - I'd love to do something like this! Might be a good idea if someone else were to help out and we could both do this b/c I'm sure I'll end up missing something. I don't know anything about all this stuff so I'd love to help out in another way!
email: and we can organize stuff :)

Kim said...


I bought the Breville JE95XL (Juice Fountain plus I think it is). I looked at the website you listed to make sure. It is a breeze to clean - no kidding. Top pulls off and you take out the basket with the blade and rinse. That easy, I swear. Takes a few min tops.

It has two speeds which is good depending on what you are juicing. For instance, apples use the high speed where as the softer fruits and veggies us the low speed. I love mine.

Order one and have fun. I found mine at Bed Bath & Beyond for $149. Add the 20% coupons they mail and it is a steal.

Good luck!

Kiki said...

Is all chlorella basicly the same?
I went into the health food store last night but was SO overwhelmed I didn't buy anything. there were at least a half dozen different brands of varying prices.
The thing that confused me was that the store had a lot of health food stuff, and the 'greens' line of products (is that healthful?) but also had a lot of the stuff I would expect to find at a GNC or vitamin section of a store.
How do we differentiate between what's really good and what isn't?
And don't even get me started on the soap and shampoo products, I want to switch but I have no clue where to start. Between all the brands they offer, and the list of companies that have signed on to healthy cosmetics I am lost in a maze.

Jamie Lynn said...

Hi Kris! My name is Jamie and I am coming up on my 20th anniversary surviving AML (Leukemia). I was given 6 weeks to live when I was first diagnosed at age 9....I am now 29, healthy and have two gorgeous daughters! I saw you on Oprah and have to say that you are my hero! I have a lot of long-term side effects emotionally that I battle with everyday and you are inspiring! I have been in the blog world for a while, but started a new "inspirational" blog right after I saw your show. I talked about your story in my first post (Car Accidents and Roses) and just wanted to let you know that you are my model of optimism! I LOVE the chord that you have struck with people. You are truly an inspiration to all!!!!!! Thank you!
PS I'm a VERY emotional eater and I HATE veggies (poo on me, I know)....any suggestions?

Anonymous said...

I could totally help out as 'blog secretary'! Let me know!

James Frame, Dr Henry Meissner, Dr Peter Bablis, Jan Roberts, Dr Corey Schuler and Dr Christina Youngren said...

Hi Jim,

I agree with Linda, but something that is often over looked in relation to breast cancer, which is easy to do, is removing all of the exogenous estrogenic products from your environment. You would be amazed at how many things have estrogenic compounds in them like hair products, cosmetics, plastics... the list goes on. The other thing is estrogen isn't bad. Like everything else you just need the right amount for you and from the safest source.

Linda re fertility I just happen to work with one of the most highly regarded women in fertility in the world. She is a best selling author and her natural protocols have an 85% success rate and 3.5% miscarriage rate versus the standard in the US of 20-25%.

Her Blog is

and if you want to get one of her books you can go to

Kris you are amazing! and I hope you feel better :)

Linda said...

James - Thank you for the websites..I put them in my favorites and will check them out when I'm not at work! My pregnancy/infertility track record is a mess, so every little bit of info helps...I'm especially interested in natural therapies and theories! Thanx!! xo

Meg said...

I went to Amazon to read the post that the lady wrote in regards to Kris's book. Eeesh. Kris, don't let it bother you...I loved your book and I think you're great! I believe that you were simply prompting people to get up off of their asses and take charge of their own lives when faced with crisis. I know it worked for me and I admire you for doing it yourself, because I know how hard it is! Keep it up :)

Unknown said...

I am a big fan of Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotics 12 PLUS.

apoopslingingmonkey said...

tmax ~
chlorine, here's a great video on the subject by dr. mercola-

generosa717 ~
maybe eat some sprouted whole grain bread like the brand Ezekiel, theres also other brands too. are you diabetic?

Root canal video/dentistry hazards etc- videos by dr.mercola

"Why You Want to Avoid Root Canals"

"Dental Updates"

more videos by mercola-here's his youtube video page, hes got
9 pages of video blogs he does on every subject you can think of

Michelle said...

Hi Kris, i read your list of supplements and have a quick question please...i am looking to start probiotics but do not know which one to start with...can you give me a hint as to which one to buy? I looked at and they have so many to choose from! Thanks Kris and YOU SO ROCK!!! Love ya Michelle

apoopslingingmonkey said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
apoopslingingmonkey said...

i know i felt the same but i have used this data base as a guide-

i basically started off searching some of the brands i know that are in my local stores and that are affordable (im on a real tight budget) so for me i just started looking up the brands - Jason, Burt Bee's, Avalon etc.. and basically i narrowed down my search by picking the products that were in the 0-4 ratings, then clicked each product of what i needed, and basically picked the products that didn't have the most boxes checked, especially none on the cancer check box.


Burt Bee's

Avalon- link to all their products-

Anonymous said...

Hey! I have 2 questions.... 1. What is the 21 day detox that you did on your documentry? I want to do something like that right now really bad-just a way to detox and center myself. Could you let me know?

2. I am looking at juicers trying to figure out which one to buy. I dont know what to do because there are so many and they are so expensive so I want to get the one that will serve me the best long term! I am looking at the Samson masticating juicer, the Green Star triturating kind, and the Breville. Any suggestions? Advantages disadvantages? --also I thought the breville was a centrifugal machine...meaning less nutrition-does that matter??

Unknown said...

Hello wonderful people!!

There are so many comments, so I'll try to keep this brief:

I didn't see anyone mention Brewers Yeast. I can't live without it!! It's got all of the B vitamins that you could ask for in one Tablespoon. I put it on/in just about anything: juice, smoothies, salad, steamed veggies, peanut (or almond) butter sandwiches, popcorn, soup, marinara, etc.

The best that I have found over the years is:
"Twinlab Super Rich Yeast Plus" which you can get at:

I have found the regular Twinlab yeast at many stores, but this is MUCH better.

Coupla things: If you are trying to go Candida-free, not to worry. This type of "yeast" is not alive, therefore it does not grow. It is a completely different classification and is very good for you. Also, it contains a good deal of protein and fiber, which makes it great for vegans and vegetarians! There are also some cookbooks out there that are specifically for vegan/vegetarian recipies made with nutritional yeast.

Jennifer White said...

Just finished watching the documentary I had TiVo'd from the TLC airing...

You inspire me. You amaze me. I need to look at life as clean, straightforward and pure as you do. I am looking so forward to being part of this blog!

juls said...

Hi Everyone-

I just went to purchase the Ph Miracle, and noticed that the Crazy Sexy Reading List has been updated. I think its doubled in size- you may want to check it out, if you haven't already.

JAIME- I'm so flattered that you want to read my blog :) Its on myspace, but I have it hiden for the time being because I started teaching 6th grade (a test-prep class on Saturdays). I don't need those kids reading my posts! lololol. I'll open it back up in Jan, and let you know when I do.

BAV- I'm glad that you're on our health team!


juls said...

oh, I had a question- (chemo brain) since we are going to be discussing dairy very soon-

It was recomended by a Dr treating my yeast infection to eat a lot of yogurt. Should I take a probiotic instead?

Danielle said...

Kris, I noticed that Dr Robert Young did your blood analysis in your documentary, but I didn't see any reference to InnerLight products in your daily routine. Is there a reason you chose other green food products over InnerLight SuperGreens? I have been using the SuperGreens, but if there's something better or comparable for a better price, I would like to know. Thanks!

cyndi said...

What's the advantage of having a juicer over a Vitamix? Would you need both, or would one be OK?


Ally said...

I hope it is ok to post I do not have cancer I have an auto immune disease called and Iga deficiency. What that means my immune system is really bad at fighting off invaders. I am trying to find a holistic Dr. in my area the San Fernando Valley that is near Los Angeles. I am on a very tight budget does anyone have any Dr. or supplement recommendations?

Thank you

James Frame, Dr Henry Meissner, Dr Peter Bablis, Jan Roberts, Dr Corey Schuler and Dr Christina Youngren said...

Hi Faye I have a slight bias as Kris would know to which supplements but in relation to a Holistic Doctor go to the California Association of Naturopathic Doctors as this will give you a list of the accredited NDs in your area.

Re your budget constraints - they are usually expensive and I am not sure how much of what they do i covered but give a few close to you a call to find out and it is better to get one good thing that works than several that dont... and it ends up being cheaper!

mud love said...

I have found a supplement that is a miracle for me in terms of helping with anxiety... that edgy, irritable, stressed feeling...

It's an amino acid called L-Theanine. Everyone is different, but this is a MATCH for my brain chemistry, inducing a wonderfully calm, but not at all sleepy state. I notice when it kicks in I automatically start breathing deep sighs of relief.

I truly can't recommend it highly enough.

Ally said...

Thank you James

thejuicechick said...

I hope it's not too late to correct a boo-boo from my previous post:

The Norwalk Juicer is a Hydrualic Press type juicer--NOT the Omega. Sorry for the wrong info. Oops. Don't know how that slipped by me....

Bottoms up!

peace, emily the juice chick

Peggy said...

Hey Gals,
Since I have just recently been diagnosed with vaginal cancer (ouch), supplements are confusing. I read green tea is very good? I was taking supplements prior to my diagnosis (sooo what the heck happen :). Anyway, reading up on all blogs. This was my first week of chemo/Rad. Woww dont know if i want to sleep, watch tv or blog...or sleep, or sleep, or sleep.. haha
Later gals...
Peggy D.

Peggy said...

Hellooo...there. :) No one read my blogs. HHMMM hey everyone I know I am knew... oh well..
Peggy D

Mel said...

Hey Peggy--

Unfortunately, I don't have expertise when it comes to cancer and supplements. But please don't think the bloggers are ignoring you...I've noticed that once a new blog topic is posted, comments seem to stop on the older ones. I'm not sure people keep checking these old ones for new comments, so they probably haven't seen your question. I think Kris is in the process of setting up a forum that may better facilitate communicating.

:) Hope you're feeling better!

Sandra said...

How do I know if my multi is synthetic or whole food derived??? I'm taking Rite Aid Whole Source which was recommended in Nutrition Action Health Letter (put out by Centers for Science in the Public Interest).

Is frozen wheat grass juice nutritionally inferior to fresh?

Someone please advise! Thanks, friends!

James Frame, Dr Henry Meissner, Dr Peter Bablis, Jan Roberts, Dr Corey Schuler and Dr Christina Youngren said...

Peggy do you have Uterine or Ovarian cancer?

juls said...

James, Cervical cancer (HPV) causes lesions and dysplasia on the vagina, too.

Peggy said...

I have vaginal cancer. I had a hysterecomy when I was 37 and later diagnosed with vaginal cancer. (it would have been in the same location as the cervix would have been located. Right now I am going thru chem/rad. Its been really hard. It has been a rough 8 weeks since my diagnosis.
What type of cancer do you have?

Peggy said...

Yes your correct HPV causes cancer on the vaginal area as well. Any type of cancer is a scarry experiance. I was going to a GYN for several years for HPV and it STILL went to cancer. Very frustrated and angry i should say since i was going to the docs every three months to try to radicate the disease.
I hope everyone if doing well and feeling well too.

Just realized you were a male. So cool.

Everyone enjoy the day. Sunny 55 here is PA :)

Peggy said...

Sorry everyone.
English/spelling was very bad.
Today was chemo in the morn and rad at lunch..
I will spell better next time.
I just wanted to tell everyone a little about me since some have blog profiles that i can read.
I am a graduate from Eastern University from Philidelphia, PA.
I live in Manchester PA. I have a son 17 who thinks i am the coolist mom ever and I think he is the best kid. I know he is sometimes worried about me with being sick the last two months. I dont think he knows that to ask since its a GYN problem. Its not like he can ask how my legs doing ha ha :) .
I am an accountant for a distribution company in Harrisburg, PA. I have off leave for not and start work Dec 3rd. (i will be done chem by then buy not rad). Hopfully i wont fall asleep while working. Any advice on energy while working?
Sorry for the long blog. I hope this helps people get to know me better.
Enjoy the day everyone.