Tuesday, October 23, 2007

How do I top that?

Hi loves,

First of all I was so moved (once again) by your gracious emails and blog posts yesterday. Thank you friends. I have to say I was pretty scared to do that show, as you know it was intense and I had no idea how it would turn out. In the end, I am VERY proud. Meeting Randy was one of the best moments in my life. He is so generous to have let us glimpsed his important life.
Let's all do our best to remember the pearls he shared. Let your kids paint on the walls, and while they are at it, paint too.

I gotta say, I get so excited when I see how willing and how curious you all are. Stay curious, be your own detectives and advocates. Life is too short to get lost in the small mind. We ALL need to return to the house of health in some way. What is your way? What do you need to do to live a life free of inner and outer pain? And if you know, why aren't you doing it? For me, the first thing that leaps to my throat is usually the right anwer. I know what I need to do to stay strong and healthy because I plan on checking out a half a click past 90 (like my wicked cool granma did). Luckily, my oncologist agrees that that's a good number for me (he better, I got us backstage passes for Springsteen in November)! LOL

So once again, what is your thing? Do it now. Life will never wait for you and if you think it will you will wake up pretty disappointed one day. Though we've been chatting an awful lot about diet this past week, diet is only one spoke in your wheel. You can put 100% living and organic food into a deeply depressed body and see no results. For me, when I'm off in either my mind or my spirit my body takes a hit. I feel weak or I get injuries. It usually means that I am holding onto something stubbornly. Let go Kris. Let go.

Planting good thoughts, healing prayers and self honoring intensions for each of you...


Ps. Have you seen the AWESOME "Good Stuff" section of the website? Check it out! So many cool people have donated things for you and there is lots more coming. Jackies hats are in too! Next stop: THE FORUM! Yes, within the next week or so ya'll will be able to chat with each other too. Just don't forget little ole me out here on the blog. Have a sunny and VIBRANT day inside and out.


bav said...

Amen, Sister. When I was floating around in the ocean on my surfboard the other day, with the light shining through the clouds, I sat there and thought of all you canSer cowgirls and dudes. I wished for each of you the peace and tranquility I felt at that moment, as I let the sea hold me, and at the same time, release me. Release me of the fear that sometimes still creeps in and poisons my mind. I love that part of what you extoll, Kris, is that it is not only what we put in our bodies, but what we hold in our minds, our hearts. The Spirit is an amazing thing. Thank you for your gentle reminders to care for it, Kris. You soothe my soul, girl.


p.s. I have been at DFCI all day for tests, telling everyone they need to get on the Crazy Sexy bandwagon. I asked the bookstore why they don't have your book?! hehehe If you get a call, mea culpa, mea culpa.

gshoemate said...

Oh Kris, how do you stay so positive....would you like to adopt a sister, I need a positive one in my life. Ho Hum.

The Good Stuff section is great, I finally found the juicer for me and it fits into the budger(Breville). Can't wait to get it and start juicing.

What your doing is so amazing, you are changing lives girl...I know you've changed mine. I will not live canSer but will live life.


Michelle J said...

Kris, what can i say except thank you so very much! You have instilled in me something that has been missing for a long time. Not only did i buy a juicer, i feel good about myself because of you! I love you Kris, you so ROCK my world every single day. I wish you continued health and you were great on Oprah!! You looked cool, calm and collected!!

mimuna said...

Well I cant tell you how psyched I am for the forum. What an opportunity to form a posse! I have so many questions about juicing... Thank you Kris. You've started an amazing revolution and attracted so many like-minded people- its so exciting.

On a side note- I just got an email from Fertile Hope that you are on the agenda for their Sweet November fundraiser but its sold out. :( I've missed the opportunity to hear you speak so many times, and I'm so bummed out. What's next? I hope I get to see you soon.

I am so digging the calm and tranqulity of which you speak. I loooove the ocean and got tears in my eyes reading your prayer. I wish for you a lifetime of peace and tranquilty.


Cathy said...

Kris, You so rock! I am so glad to have found you and visit everyday for my fix! I know what you mean about not all being about the good greens and food you put in your body. I do really good with that and have alot more trouble with controlling my mind! It is so dam hard! Sometimes I cant figure out why! I recently went away for a few days and wasnt near my juicer, and wasnt eating as good as I should (tried what I could) and I wondered why my body still felt good..actually a little better than when I was home. I realized the power of my mind. I was happy, enjoying the stress free time away and I felt good! Even without all my good organic food and juices. I need to figure out how to feel that good in my mind everyday....that is the super hard part. What is your secret?? How do you get out of the dark fearful moments before you spiral down?
I love stopping by here cause it is all yellow, all light!


jennerjames said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you, for giving me the wake up call I needed to start living my life. All day today I've been repeating what you said on the show yesterday, "Life is too sweet to be bitter." I'm only 30 years old and already find myself so negative about everything, swallowed up by my couch each day after work, too tired and beaten to get on the floor with my beloved children that beg me to play Barbie's with them. Today I begin my journey to health and happiness and finally LIVE this incredible life I have been given.
You are awesome!

itsme said...

Great job on Oprah! The entire show was very inspirational. I have got to get into this whole juice thing. Don't have a whole lotta mula so I may give a hand crank a go.

peace love and healing energy to all


Cynthia said...

I watched Oprah yesterday and for some reason, I couldn't take my eyes off the t.v. Listening to your story and watching you talk about your journey moved me. You were amazing....so many things you said really hit home with me. We are all going to die. Why wait to give ourselves permission to LIVE!

I am not sick, I don't have cancer but for whatever reason I feel drawn toward leading a healthier lifestyle, including juicing, wheatgrass, living foods...the whole shebang! Your website is packed with amazing information and resources and I can't thank you enough. I am extremely blessed to be living this amazing life and yesterday was the wake-up call I needed. I have been taking my life, and most importantly my body, for granted.

I guess I wanted to say thank you!

Psychomom said...

Dangit, I missed the Oprah show but congratulations anyway. You Go Women!

Dhrumil Purohit said...

Congrats for sure! We love you at welikeitraw.com

cancer cowgirl xo said...

Hi gang! Just sending you all another hug! We gotta talk about stinkin' thinkin' for a bit before we go back to nurition....Ya'll need to let all that info sink in anyway. More in tomorrow's blog....

Mary Ann Wasil Nilan said...

Hey, "Survivor Sister", Mary Ann Nilan here - three and a half years ago I began my "wellness challenge" with breast cancer - augh. You are an amazing gal and I am so excited about all of the wonderful things you are doing! I started the Get In Touch Foundation - check out www.getintouchfoundation.com - and although our Mission is somewhat different, really, we're trying to do the same thing - help, help, help - help our sisters get through - LIVE through this. Gotta tell 'ya, I'm thinkin' your motto's the same as mine - "I have NEVER been more alive!" Bravo, Chicky! Give me a call sometime - I'm a Connecticut gal, too!
Hope Lives~ Mary Ann Wasil Nilan

Liz said...

You are truly amazing and inspiring. <~~ I don't use those words very often. But you are those in every way. Continue sharing your light and love with others. It really is healing for us too!!!

mimuna said...

I have a really dumb question about juicing vs. eating... do you get more nutrients by juicing? Why is juicing veggies better (different) than eating them?

emily said...

can I just say, you were fantastic on oprah. I am Emily. I am one of the many who has been on your mypace page begging to be added as a friend. I now have watched your documentary at least 6 times. It has helped me so much. I am 33 with stage 3 advanced ductale carcinoma in the breast. I carry the dreaded BRCA 1 gene (the breast cancer gene) so my chances of getting it back are high and getting it in the ovaries as well is high. Not to mention that it is HER2 NEU which again makes it aggressive. Everytime I get low or get the "cancer" blues I think of you! So thank you so much for putting this out there. I went to Dana Farber in Boston as well for my second opinion. I live about an hour away. ANYWAY, thank you so much and I wish you love, peace and light.

Barbie Scarlet said...

I'm not sure why but sometimes words resonate inside me.

I can read, listen to and seek out words of wisdom and inspiration and peaceful energy indefinitely, and it all makes sense to me intellectually. But then words that I didn't even see coming, will ring inside me with perfect pitch. I'm doing a lousy job of explaining it but the truth remains.

I wish, when this tone sounds within my heart, that I could capture the words and replay them over and over again. To remind me of what my soul is telling me is true, of what my life is shouting to me.

I do not know you. When I turned Oprah on after getting off work late yesterday, I was unaware of the topic or the guests. I typically unwind, undress and decompress from my day as I listen to her show. But I had to stop and tears fell from my eyes at the truth of your spirit and your outlook and your peace.

I wish I could replay your interview and when reruns begin I will record the show but until then I had to tell you how I soaked up your words and how true they rang within my soul.

Thank you for being brave enough to share. It was powerful and invaluable.

Tracey Robinson said...

Hi Kris - I heard about you from Dr. Barbara Jones, a professor at the University of Texas, Austin and current president of the Association of Pediatric Oncology Social Workers. I'm currently a graduate student specializing in pediatric oncology social work.

Love your site/blog!

Kiki said...

Kris you are amazing!!!
I started seeing your clips on TLC in August I think, I was intrigued but seeing you on Oprah was the light bulb moment for me.
I don't have cancer; yet (but with at least a 41.5% chance in my lifetime I think it's more 'when', not 'if') regardless, I feel like your advice is so wonderfully fitting.
I'm so looking forward to reading your book and watching the doc tomorrow night. I especially look forward to hearing more about the health changes you have made, In the last year I have worked hard to stay away from processed foods and to eat local, healthy produce I also think I may finally get a juicer once I read some reviews on which ones are easiest to clean ;).

Becky said...
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Becky said...

Hi, Kris and Everyone!

One thing I have learned since the dreaded diagnosis in March (with the help of CSC especially) is to pay attention to the signs that sometimes are put right in front of you that say,"You're going to be ok!"

First off, Bav and I have connected over our ocean experience and have continued to communicate outside the blog via phone and in person. You even signed my book thanks to her bringing it to NYC! It is like having a co-cowgirl only 40 minutes away!

Secondly, a friend approached me a couple of weeks ago and is trying to start a kind of cancer resource support center for our area just because she sees a need! She would like my help...

Thirdly, I have been wanting to ride for the big bike fund raiser out here for Dana Farber next summer. Next summer? First of all, we don't have the money for a sexy roadbike and second of all, there's the am-I -going-to-be-around fear that squeezes my heart. THEN out of the blue, a friend of a friend says that she has a brand new bike that she'd like to lend to me for the ride. At first I said no, not sure if I am even going to do it. Then the Canser Cowgirl in me slapped me upside the head and said, "Listen, girl! Free loan! It means you're going to be able to ride and you're going to be alive next summer!" I emailed her finally and she called me right away. I am trying it on Sunday.

My point is, these are all signs that life of going on NOW! Now I have more belief in my body and I am LOOKING FORWARD! I also believe that these are signs from above (and that's just my belief...you can take it from where ever your spiritual bent is..) SO, listen to the messages, pay attention to the signs.

As always, Kris, you have changed my outlook on this new life of mine. I can't thank you enough.

Oh and I read one bad review of the Breville but keep hearing good reports. Not sure where to go but I'm gonna have me a juicer soon.


Dana Detrick-Clark from Serious Vanity Music said...

Kris, to say you inspired me is a ridiculous understatement. Like many others, I saw your story and felt something in me change. I will live everyday like I'm on that trapeze! I want to honor you in that way.

Thank you so much for sharing your life with the world!

Peace out (and in),

Becky said...

Quick question to anyone out there.

what is the difference between the blender and the juicer? Do I need both? I'm leaning towards the juicer, but not sure.

bvintage said...

I truly enjoyed the show the other day...it was much needed. My mom have brain cancer and her and dad were at Duke in NC this past week to see the latest results. It was such an encouragement for me to see you, and I saw the film as well on TLC late one night. Its good to see past what you are dealing with in your life sometimes to see the glimmers of hope in others. Thank you for sharing and being such an incredible crazy sexy cool person!!!

cancer cowgirl xo said...

Thank you everyone.

Mimuna - The difference between eeating and jucing is huge. My morning juice which is highly alkaline and full of vitamins, minerals, chlorophyll (aka oxygen) and enzymes would take me hours to eat and I would never eat that much. By extacting the juice from the fiber the good stuff is absorbed in our systems almost instantly.

Becky - you need both a juicer and a blender love. Start with a juicer though. Juicers pull out all the juice and leave the fiber. Blenders allow for fiber and juice. It is good to mix it up, but juice, instant energy is best with healing. Blenders make wonderful green smoothies and blended soups etc. Make sense?

Lisa said...

Do you have any tips for eating raw in the fall and winter? I live in Maryland and the fresh produce choices here can be limiting during the off season!

Linda said...

Thanks for suggesting the book The Raw Foods Detox Diet by Natalie Rose...I picked it up a few days ago and I'm intrigued by the idea of properly combining foods...something I had never really thought about before, but I imagine it really lightens the load on our digestive systems. I especially like that I don't have to become vegetarian to do it...I don't eat a lot of flesh, but I do enjoy it (especially fish) and try to buy natural meats from WF (when $$$ allows!! lol).

I feel like I've learned so much from you and your suggested resources in just the past 2 weeks! My next step is learning something that I've always wanted to do, but never found the time for until now...yoga.

You're right..when your mind, body & spirit are in synch, your attitude complies, and the possibilities in life are endless. Thank you for opening up my eyes to it!

much love,

PS - So cool that you were able to meet Dr. Oz...I love him!!

mimuna said...

Thanks, Kris!

What about time of day? I've noticed that you mention juicing in the morning. Is tehre a specific reason for that? (My stomach is always gurgly in the morning since chemo- I often just have a piece of toast & jam) is it better to juice in the am vs. pm?


cancer cowgirl xo said...

mimuna- Morning is best as you are the most acidic in the morning and it is a great way to start your day. Try just a glass of cuke juice or cuke, a little celery and some sweetpea sprouts in the am. Sweet and light. Wait about an hour then have your toast. Sprouted grain is best and perhaps some avocado. Could you do that? Great fats and no sugar. You'll have far more energy with the breakfast I just described than toast and jam. If you crash around 4 pm - have another juice.

mimuna said...

aha! I think I see the light! And it shines, shines, shines. I am rearing to go ready to try juicing. Now to buy the juicer! And to check out some those books you mention.

Thank you so much, Kris.

Alfred said...

thank you, this was the most inspirational documentary I've ever seen. alfred

Amy said...

Thank You Kris! You are an inspiration. I work in radiology and live with the fact that I just took images of someone that will change their life forever. Not for a moment, for the rest of their life. It is something that stays with me, I don't forget the way I feel in that very moment I realize that something is wrong. I want to say so much to them, I can't. I just have to live with the realization that for the short time they have before they get the results they will have some peace. Now I know peace and still be had and you have done it. I wish that I could give others what you do. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.

Geoff said...


I happened upon your film and could not stop watching. In a world where attitude takes us so far, you bring a dose of positiveness that extends so far beyond you...and graces me and everyone who touches you.

Thanks for sharing so openly!

Geoff Cohen

yogini in all said...

First of all you are amazing! Your journey is a true inspiration. I do see you as a person that was given an amazing gift to spread the word-in voice and presense-to educate and inspire for a beautiful change in those that are humble enough to slow down and let it all sink in. Thank You!

Can you talk a little about proper pairings (balance/combinations) in a meal?

Also, do you buy Coconut Juice or a coconut and juice it yourself?

I can't wait for your cookbook and for some recipes online. :)

Peace and Love!!!


suhweetmango said...

Girl,You Rock

<3 Brookelynn

Glenn said...

Kris, excellent job on your video...you are a breath of fresh air and gave me so much inspiration for my own health battles. You define Tranquility!

Had lunch with you at Hippocrates and had the pleasure of bringing you juices one day. I had mercury poisoning...Wondering if you ever did a drip of EDTA chelation to see if any toxins are burdening your system...Met a gent who had leukemia--Alternative Doc found arsenic after standard medical treatments were failing. EDTA removed the arsenic and cured his body--that was 10 years ago....I have seen miracles since my days at Hippocrates and people like you have so much to offer to the World.

Through your inspiration I am working on a book--"The Toxic Load--thank you for all.

Can be reached at ggbaker4949@yahoo.com.

Glenn Baker

Betsy said...

Kris, I think you are one of the most beautiful, (inside and out, as cliche as that may sound), young women I've ever seen. Your genuine optimism, (not posed, fake "happiness"), humor and love for people came through loud and clear both on Oprah's show and in the special you did. I don't think I've seen anyone approach this disease with the attitude that you have. I think you are just wonderful.
I am praying for you honey. I mean that in the most sincere way possible. I've been a Christian for 28 years and I know that the Lord can carry you through ANYTHING!! I pray that you will feel the overwhelming love He has for you. That you'll be able to see that He is the One True God and will run to Him with open arms, so He can enfold you in His. You are a precious young lady. Thank you for all the encouragement you have been to many, many women facing the uphill battle of cancer. God Bless YOU today. With love, Betsy

Glenn said...


Greetings. After seeing your trailor I thought of a good business opportunity---if interested in hearing email me at globematrix@yahoo.com

Best, Glenn Baker, Hippocrates Jan-Feb 2006