Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Organic is muy expensivo Mamita! Oiy.

Righteous Cowgirls and Chaps,

I found this handy little chart online - you can print it out and put it on your fridge. They rank produce for pesticide content. If you find yourself confounded by the organic question, this is a good guide to make life easier: apparently, you can lower your pesticide exposure by 90% just by buying organic for the 12 worst on the list! We're all trying to save some cashola so this is a good little diddy.

I try and rationalize my OUTRAGEOUS grocery bill by reminding myself that my medicine cabinet is empty. That's me and ya'll know my sitch. Do what you can and do not stress. Peel your food in some cases, but the best option is to eat a varied diet and buy organic - when possible. Remember, all this stuff can make ya a little fruity. Change one thing at a time and for heaven's sake try not to get too stressed out. Stress makes me cranky.

For a full list, go to:

More about blenders, juicers and some (low sugar recipes in a wee bit...)

Back to work!

Peace and Veggies,



bav said...

Great resource, Kris!

Once again, thanks for all you do. It's lots of energy and effort on your end, but oh so appreciated on this end!


cancer cowgirl xo said...

You know it sister! I like sharing my nuggets. Thanks for your GREAT questions. xo

Wait, what was the one I missed on last blog? Love that another gal told ya about Whole Foods as a resource for YOUNG Coconuts. They are white and big and shave. The little hairy ones taste yucky and don't have the healing properties because they are old. Coconut water is antimicrobial, anti fungal AND in WW II they used it for transfusions because it is so close (if not exactly similar) to human blood plasma.

OH! Brain foods for you. Omega 3's (like flax) E 3 live (algae) too - that is TOP notch. You should def. look into it. Freezer section of WF or health food store.

There is a great suppliment that the wonderful Dr. Mehmet OZ gave me. Check this out, it's called Life's DHA and it's veggie form. Go to

Michelle J said...

Hey Kris, Thanks for posting that link to, lots of great info there. I cannot believe that peaches and apples have the highest pesticide load. My two favorite fruits..question: what are some low sugar fruits? I am also interested in starting wheatgrass and just emailed Michael with a few questions. Also, do you eat fish? And if yes, what fish do you tend to eat? By the way, i just finished watching CSC with my mom who is struggling with leukemia. She feels so inspired by you and wanted to thank you!!!! YOU ROCK KRIS!!!
Love Michelle

Michelle J said...

Hi, Michelle again...i just looked at the site for Life's you take the supplement that is shown in the site? I do not have cancer but i am trying to start eating healthy and to help my mom eat the way you do. I know i should start slowly and i fully intend to but i want to know where to start???? I will order the DHA immediately to start!!! I guess you can see i am anxious (not stressed though). Thanks Kris!

Michelle J said...

One last: When you say you eat salad, what do you put in your salad??
Thanks, Michelle

tryingtobeme said...


I love that you are so enthusiastic about starting on a healthier path. I have so many questions becuase I don't know which is the best and most cost effectice juicer, whether my husband will tak one look at me juicing asparagus and try to have me committed - you get the idea. Thanks again Kris for all your encouragement and patience with us newbies!

cancer cowgirl xo said...

Hi honies,

No need to juice asparagus! GROSS. Best juice ever: Cukes, celery,Sweet pea sprout. Will blow your mind and is really tasty and sweet.

Juicers - I like Breville and greenstar, but you can also go to Target and just get one. Don't worry about getting the "right" one, just juice.

Salads - make it like rainbow, the more color the better. Check out my nutrition section in the book, good tips and basics, a few recipes in the back but I will post more in a day or so.

Fish- I don't, but you can. Proper food comining will help big time with flesh foods. Try wild alaskan salmon- not farm raised - diseased.

Low sugar fruits - lemon, grapefruit, and I think berries, have to check on that. Hold please...
Apples, peaches, grapes too. There are more, go to the University of Google and type in Glycemic index.

LIfe's DHA :
It says "supports a healthy brain eyes and heart.

You can make green smoothies (with avo and veggies) and add stevia (natural sweet herb, no sugar) and some Frontier brand drops - vanilla flavor, cocomut, you name it. I usually rotate. One day smoothie, one day juice. DONE. Easy breezy.


generosa717 said...

hi kris,
great film! i've learn a lot. but question for you, you said coffee can cause acid in our system...i drink coffee only in the morning, just to make my day going....can i drink decaf coffee instead, is there any difference? and also i'm drinking powder green veggies, 100%organic, is it good?
thank you,
god bless

Obsessedwithlife said...

Saw this quote...thought of you!

Vegetables are a must on a diet. I suggest carrot cake, zucchini bread and pumpkin pie.
— Jim Davis



Joerg said...

Kris, thank you so much for everything you're sharing. You're such an inspiration and great resource. This from a guy who's wife has been diagnosed with breast cancer a couple of months ago and now we're on the cancer roller coaster of emotions and all the other good stuff, like lung needle biopsy, lumpectomy, chemo, awaiting mastectomy, radiation, hormon therapy, you name it. And yes, as my friend Julie calls it, we are now full customers at Whole-Paycheck-Foods.

lisa said...

Oh the cost of eating well...! But, take a family of four to a fast food joint and you will spend near $20 (a half-decent restaurant -- at least $50). That same $$ will by a couple of days worth of veggies. And when I hear that sucking drain sound as I swipe my debit card at the grocery store, I always think, "Pay now or pay later." Now, please.

Rock on, sister! Peace.

cancer cowgirl xo said...

Lisa! You are so cool. Love it, say it, yell it.

Generosa- To upgrade your diet, start slowly. Coffee is a crutch (i love it too), it is acidic and it weakens your peristalsis over time. Can you stick to one cup in the am and slowly move to green tea and then herbal? I will say that if the rest of your diet is looking pretty good and you are doing the juicing you're stacking the odds in your favor. Not sure if you re a canSer cowgirl or not, if so ya might want to think about cutting it out or at least back. This is the time to be alkalized. Also, decaf isn't good, just like diet sodas, the chemical process to remove the zoom zoom.

"Whole paycheck Foods" Ain't that the truth! Bless you.

coloredsock said...

hey there. found you thru a friend's link. you are really inspiring. just wanted to say we have a huge organic garden and really, that is our 'health ins"--their is soooo much prana in fresh picked veggies. we are making coldframes to continue growing in the winter and eventually hope to get a geodesic dome greenhouse so we can eat the food we grow all winter. in the meantime, i learned how to can and have been canning ALL our garden food. if you ever travel thru new mexico, you can share a garden meal with us... peace, jennysue

Laurie said...

It's amazing how each of our 'paths' unfold as the universe dictates. I saw "CSC" last night on TLC, and even though I believe I am healthy now, I am going out this week & buy a juicer. I became a vegan in August, and this seems like the next step. Thank you, Kris - you are an inspiration, and a lovely person. Bless you on this journey, and for being a source of strength for so many people. ♥